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Found 5 results

  1. [CF] Bullet Combo Discussion Thread

    Post and discuss CF Bullet combos and combo theory here. Combos will be gathered on her wiki page. I'll provide a link to it here when her wiki has been setup. Bullet Dustloop Combo Wiki Page -
  2. [CF] Taokaka Combo Thread

    BlazBlue Central Fiction: Taokaka Combo Thread Starting the thread for BBCF Taokaka combos! Her combo routes have changed a lot since BBCP so please share your knowledge so other players can get better!! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
  3. Probably one of the first things to learn as a beginner are some combos. You can have all the basics, but if you can't capitalize on each one of your hits, the results will probably be underwhelming. However, WHEN can you step up your training to something different? I -as a beginner- would guess after learning: >2 or 3 ground combos so that you can start a chain with a high, a mid or a low hit >1 combo starting with an anti-air >1 combo that can hit air-to-air >2 combos that can start with throws. One for a ground throw and the other for an air throw I'd chose those first combos so that they can lead the oponent into the corner and then learn: >2 or 3 corner combos so that you can start a chain with a high, a mid or a low hit That would make for a total minimum of 8-10 combos, so that you can start practicing the basics AND capitalize on your damage while playing. What do experienced players think? What kind of combos did you learn before delving into other stuff?