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Found 6 results

  1. until
    11.02.2016 в 20:30 new and fresh Russian #FT10 Guilty Gear Xrd Plaha (Fa) vs Arsen Kamelot (Po) Plaha is a veteran of russian guilty gear community that takes good places at tournaments and has very strong faust with good neutral game and offence. Arsen is a some kind of "new comer" that already make his Potemkin strong and frightening to other players. This is hard for Potemkin to beat Faust, thats one of the worst match-up in the game, but then interesting for us to watch how Arsen going to overcome Plaha! you can watch stream at my site http://overkill013.ru/stream or youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OverKilL013 or twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/overkill013 #overkill013 #FT10 #Plaha #ArsenKamelot #1v1 #GGXrd #Xrd #GG #guiltygear
  2. Long time no see. This is Nage again. It took a bit of time, but this article will also be about "What I Was Thinking During Toshin Gekitotsu" Please take a look at the videos below. (match videos linked) Today, I'll cover the second match. I already wrote about the first one, so please take a look at that one too. (blog post linked) *What I was thinking during the match I'll be using the Youtube video with the key display. The second match starts from around 2:50. 3:02 Blue burst -> Here I bursted against Volcanic Viper. I took damage, but I was being mindful of avoiding getting knocked down, so I used the burst here. 3:10 Drill cancel into drill -> To throw off his antiair timing, I used the drill cancel once here. Kazunoko's 6P ends up whiffing, and the drill hits him. Faust's ability to throw off antiair timings with moves like drill cancel and air bag throw (j.236P) is quite strong. After showing my opponents all these various air options, I'll even start going for things like jump forward j.P jumpins. 3:15 Dash blitz shield against the jump pad -> You can't throw items while the jump pad is active, so I used a dash blitz shield to get rid of it so I could throw items again. 3:16 Pogo -> It is a mystery... 3:20 Airtech j.K -> It's usually difficult getting return off of this, but you can use it to stop your opponent's dash like I did this time. 3:34 YRC -> Like I wrote in a past article, this was "inputting dead angle with 3 buttons." I ended up getting my turn back using this. (Link to article) 3:47 IAD j.K against Gunflame -> I feel like there are situations where you can react to Gunflame (not actually sure), but this situation was basically just a read. Faust can make Bandit Revolver whiff by crawling under it, but I think my reasoning is I felt sure he was going to do Gunflame, so I went for the IAD (not actually sure about this either lol) Usually I keep the IAD option in mind when my opponent has less than 25% meter, but this time he just barely got 25%. I didn't confirm it at all. After that, I was aiming for the [j.K > j.S > j.P > j.H > 2H > Pogo ... ] combo, but I was thinking I'd mess up, so I switched to an easier combo instead. 3:57 f.S into buffer YRC -> After I whiffed, I went for a 6P, but Kazunoko backed off. I feel like I overextended here and chased him too far. In the end he backdashed to put some distance between us and KO'd me. This was the first round. Overall, things weren't really working out, but I was able to do things that I'm usually able to do (like IADing over Gunflame), so I don't think I felt too nervous after that. 4:16 Burst -> Up until then, I was showing him that I burst after getting hit by certain moves [ed: he's talking about the Volcanic Viper burst point from earlier], so I foresaw that he wouldn't read my burst in that particular situation. (Link to another article: "Nage's Philosophy on Blue Burst") 4:32 Getting airthrown after airteching -> I knew this was a situation where he could pick me up with 5K after airthrowing me, but unfortunately I was just kinda mashing airtech here. Basically, since these two rounds weren't going so well and I was already up by a game, I wanted to see if I could challenge him with that airtech. These were a couple of reasons I did it. In this situation, I wanted to confirm if he could actually do the 5K pickup, but I wasn't looking at his meter, so it was a very "ah crap" moment when he did the RC. Seeing me suddenly stop spinning the stick around at 4:38 is kinda funny. The second match happened kinda like this. I got pushed into the corner, and even midscreen, I found myself kinda falling back and giving up my space. Bearing this in mind, I started the third match. I'll write about the third match onward in the next update. Until next time!
  3. Original Version by @nage_pink Translated Version by @_tenkaiRe-post of Translated Version Hi there. I'm Nage. This article will be about "My Thought Processes During My Toshin Gekitotsu Match" *Annotated version by Robot SheKeiB Original Video Here - What I thought about before the match - What I thought about during the match I will be talking about these two points. I'll be doing one match per article, so you can expect the second match onward in the next update. This article will only be about the first match! - What I thought about before the match I thought about exactly what kind of player Kazunoko was. *My Thoughts -> At key moments, he will use his invincible reversals. -> If he thinks that I will dash forward into his space, he will come forward and attack. -> He will aim for reversal gold bursts. -> He is very good at deciding whether to go for aerial attacks or ground-based attacks. (He's very good at making his jump-ins work) These are my impressions of him that I thought about based on the previous versions we fought in. Also, I really didn't want bombs from my item throws, but in the end, a ridiculous amount of them came out. I will write about why I didn't want them a little later. - What I thought about during the match I'll be using the timestamps from the Youtube video when writing the point-by-point analyses below. 0:33 Counter throw -> He ran towards me, so I went for a [low block -> throw -> low block] sequence. (I input it as 1 > 4 throw> 1) 0:37 Command throw -> Since I already aimed to throw him, I tried the same method of attack twice to see how my opponent reacts and deals with it. It worked, so I was able to quickly calm my nervousness a little bit at the beginning of the match. 0:50 Burst -> This is a guaranteed burst point against Volcanic Viper. Since it's guaranteed, I used it to keep the situation at even and neutral. 0:53 6HS -> Here, instead of aiming to actually hit him with it, this was a 6HS just to keep the current situation. Hit or block, all I wanted was to keep the current space. ("Man, it'd be even better if hits!" is what I thought) Also, this was a 6HS from pretty far away, so it would be difficult for him to commit to a Volcanic Viper reversal. And even if he did uppercut me, it wouldn't be that terrible of a situation. That's what I thought. *This was a 6HS where I would get counterhit by VV, but I predicted that the followup 214K wouldn't connect. 1:03 j.2K against 2D -> I actually talked with Kazunoko about this some time later. This is a move that counters his habit where he uses Sol's 2D to stop Faust's approach. The drill will end up hitting Sol instead. This is one point where I punished Kazunoko's habits. I didn't really aim for this specific punish, but I was pretty glad that it hit. 1:19 Antiair 5K into air IB ground throw -> This is where I react to his IAD with 5K. Then I confirm the start of the divekick motion and change my antiair plan to air IB land ground throw. I wasn't so sure if I would get the air IB in this situation, but it ended up becoming a situation where I was able to switch from trying to punish an IAD approach into punishing his attempt at baiting my anti-IAD antiair with divekick. 1:37 YRC -> I had the lifelead and I wanted to make it more guaranteed that he would have to block the meteors (the YRC would make it difficult for him to get out of the way). During the YRC, I reacted to his 2D and went for an FD. 1:41 6HS -> I wasn't actually aiming for this 6HS. If you look at the input display, I was aiming for an airthrow at 1:40, then I messed up and got 6HS instead. I'm not too sure what I was thinking here, but it was something like "Wait, 6HS came out... wait, it beat divekick...?" And then in the next instant I won the round! lol This was the end of round 1. Overall, I was paying careful attention to not retreat too much if possible. (I wanted to keep a mid-to-far distance from my opponent at the middle of the stage) Watching this match again, it looks like I spent a lot of time around the circular part in the middle of the stage. I was also thinking about the point I mentioned where if he thinks I'll move forward into his space, he'll come forward and attack me. So I feel like I was trying to keep my space in the middle of the stage more than I usually do. 2:00 j.2K against 2D -> The same as what happened at 1:03 2:12 Scalpel Pull RC -> Here I thought far slash > hammer hit > scalpel pull would hit, so I did an RC but it didn't actually end up connecting. I did dash into item throw after this. This was a situation it would've been difficult for him to counterattack me from a forward airtech 2:16 Forward crawl 2S against Bandit Bringer -> This doesn't come up very often, but this is a situation where as I'm throwing out 5P, I'm watching my opponent and the current situation, so I was able to get the proper punish. I think Kazunoko did Bandit Bringer because he was aiming for me throwing out a far slash. 2:20 Mashing 6P+6HS throw OS -> You can see I'm mashing 6P+6HS here from the input display. Whenever I choose to not block, I fully commit to whatever move I decide to do. 2:21 5P losing to Gunflame -> I was too close, so the Gunflame hit. If I was a little bit farther, I could hit 5P and still block the Gunflame. 2:25 Mashing j.6P+6K -> When I try to airtech forward, I'm mashing P and K. This makes it so when I actually tech, I can get j.P into j.K if it connects, so I can easily blockconfirm or hitconfirm into a combo. If you hit P and K at the same time, P takes priority, so j.K won't come out and instead j.P into j.K is what will happen if it makes contact. 2:28 Downburst after the VV>214K -> I was being wary of VV>214K into red RC, so I went for a downburst. 2:30 Blocked 2HS>Blocked Poison>Item Throw -> There are situations where if 2HS hits, poison into scalpel pull would combo. So I went for 2HS>buffer scalpel pull input. If 2HS is blocked, I hit the button for item throw. If 2HS hits, I hit the button for the scalpel pull. Don't mind my sloppy 9 and 8 inputs when I did the item throw. A similar situation also happened at 1:30. But in this situation, the 2HS hit at roughly the same time as the poison, so I don't think the scalpel would've connected. So I still did the scalpel, but it's a situation where it's like "There's no time to hitconfirm, so just do it! (It probably won't connect, though...)" I thought it wouldn't work out, but I just kind of did it anyway. It was a mistake. 2:34 I got airthrown -> This is the reason why I didn't want bombs. Kazunoko is very good at airthrowing Faust players who jump to escape the bomb explosion. Even during the match, after it happened I was like "Ah, yeah... I thought that would probably happen." 2:40 Scalpel Pull (Buffer YRC) -> Here I buffer YRC just in case he uses Grand Viper or IAD to get past my scalpel pull. It got blocked, so the YRC didn't come out. 2:42 2HS hits -> This 2HS is a frametrap. I think I just went for the scalpel after it without really confirming. And then the combo into RC into victory. The first match went kinda like this! (Writing it was more tedious than I thought!) The second match onward will be coming next. Until next time!
  4. Wirya

    Xrd Faust Gameplay Encyclopedia

    Move explanations, movement tricks, basic gameplay flows, etc will go here.
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    Xrd Faust Combo Compendium

    This thread is for collecting Faust combos.
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    Xrd Faust Link Collection

    This thread is for collecting useful/interesting Faust links. *** VIDEO LINKS http://keeponrock.in/match/index/page/1/character1/fa#content A great collection of Faust match videos (you can also search for other character's videos):