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Found 18 results

  1. until
    11.02.2016 в 20:30 new and fresh Russian #FT10 Guilty Gear Xrd Plaha (Fa) vs Arsen Kamelot (Po) Plaha is a veteran of russian guilty gear community that takes good places at tournaments and has very strong faust with good neutral game and offence. Arsen is a some kind of "new comer" that already make his Potemkin strong and frightening to other players. This is hard for Potemkin to beat Faust, thats one of the worst match-up in the game, but then interesting for us to watch how Arsen going to overcome Plaha! you can watch stream at my site http://overkill013.ru/stream or youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OverKilL013 or twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/overkill013 #overkill013 #FT10 #Plaha #ArsenKamelot #1v1 #GGXrd #Xrd #GG #guiltygear
  2. until
    GGXrd 09-10-15 20:00 OverKilL (SO) vs Arsen Kamelot (PO) #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru http://goodgame.ru/channel/OverKilL013/10/ Fight between me and Arsen Kamelot. He give me a challenge and i can't refuse. Arsen quite a good player from Moscow that gives good challenge to them even through low tier of his character. The matchup in previous games of franchise was a little bit on Potemkin side. Now is all changed to sol side, but i still hate this matchup in memory of past years)) Will see what Arsen is prepared for this Match! ) twitch.tv/overkill013 #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru restream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013
  3. Location 2000 E Convention Center Way Ontario, CA 91764 Registration Game Lineup Hotel and Airport Information Schedule
  4. Original Version by @nage_pink Translated Version by @_tenkaiRe-post of Translated Version Hi there. I'm Nage. This article will be about "My Thought Processes During My Toshin Gekitotsu Match" *Annotated version by Robot SheKeiB Original Video Here - What I thought about before the match - What I thought about during the match I will be talking about these two points. I'll be doing one match per article, so you can expect the second match onward in the next update. This article will only be about the first match! - What I thought about before the match I thought about exactly what kind of player Kazunoko was. *My Thoughts -> At key moments, he will use his invincible reversals. -> If he thinks that I will dash forward into his space, he will come forward and attack. -> He will aim for reversal gold bursts. -> He is very good at deciding whether to go for aerial attacks or ground-based attacks. (He's very good at making his jump-ins work) These are my impressions of him that I thought about based on the previous versions we fought in. Also, I really didn't want bombs from my item throws, but in the end, a ridiculous amount of them came out. I will write about why I didn't want them a little later. - What I thought about during the match I'll be using the timestamps from the Youtube video when writing the point-by-point analyses below. 0:33 Counter throw -> He ran towards me, so I went for a [low block -> throw -> low block] sequence. (I input it as 1 > 4 throw> 1) 0:37 Command throw -> Since I already aimed to throw him, I tried the same method of attack twice to see how my opponent reacts and deals with it. It worked, so I was able to quickly calm my nervousness a little bit at the beginning of the match. 0:50 Burst -> This is a guaranteed burst point against Volcanic Viper. Since it's guaranteed, I used it to keep the situation at even and neutral. 0:53 6HS -> Here, instead of aiming to actually hit him with it, this was a 6HS just to keep the current situation. Hit or block, all I wanted was to keep the current space. ("Man, it'd be even better if hits!" is what I thought) Also, this was a 6HS from pretty far away, so it would be difficult for him to commit to a Volcanic Viper reversal. And even if he did uppercut me, it wouldn't be that terrible of a situation. That's what I thought. *This was a 6HS where I would get counterhit by VV, but I predicted that the followup 214K wouldn't connect. 1:03 j.2K against 2D -> I actually talked with Kazunoko about this some time later. This is a move that counters his habit where he uses Sol's 2D to stop Faust's approach. The drill will end up hitting Sol instead. This is one point where I punished Kazunoko's habits. I didn't really aim for this specific punish, but I was pretty glad that it hit. 1:19 Antiair 5K into air IB ground throw -> This is where I react to his IAD with 5K. Then I confirm the start of the divekick motion and change my antiair plan to air IB land ground throw. I wasn't so sure if I would get the air IB in this situation, but it ended up becoming a situation where I was able to switch from trying to punish an IAD approach into punishing his attempt at baiting my anti-IAD antiair with divekick. 1:37 YRC -> I had the lifelead and I wanted to make it more guaranteed that he would have to block the meteors (the YRC would make it difficult for him to get out of the way). During the YRC, I reacted to his 2D and went for an FD. 1:41 6HS -> I wasn't actually aiming for this 6HS. If you look at the input display, I was aiming for an airthrow at 1:40, then I messed up and got 6HS instead. I'm not too sure what I was thinking here, but it was something like "Wait, 6HS came out... wait, it beat divekick...?" And then in the next instant I won the round! lol This was the end of round 1. Overall, I was paying careful attention to not retreat too much if possible. (I wanted to keep a mid-to-far distance from my opponent at the middle of the stage) Watching this match again, it looks like I spent a lot of time around the circular part in the middle of the stage. I was also thinking about the point I mentioned where if he thinks I'll move forward into his space, he'll come forward and attack me. So I feel like I was trying to keep my space in the middle of the stage more than I usually do. 2:00 j.2K against 2D -> The same as what happened at 1:03 2:12 Scalpel Pull RC -> Here I thought far slash > hammer hit > scalpel pull would hit, so I did an RC but it didn't actually end up connecting. I did dash into item throw after this. This was a situation it would've been difficult for him to counterattack me from a forward airtech 2:16 Forward crawl 2S against Bandit Bringer -> This doesn't come up very often, but this is a situation where as I'm throwing out 5P, I'm watching my opponent and the current situation, so I was able to get the proper punish. I think Kazunoko did Bandit Bringer because he was aiming for me throwing out a far slash. 2:20 Mashing 6P+6HS throw OS -> You can see I'm mashing 6P+6HS here from the input display. Whenever I choose to not block, I fully commit to whatever move I decide to do. 2:21 5P losing to Gunflame -> I was too close, so the Gunflame hit. If I was a little bit farther, I could hit 5P and still block the Gunflame. 2:25 Mashing j.6P+6K -> When I try to airtech forward, I'm mashing P and K. This makes it so when I actually tech, I can get j.P into j.K if it connects, so I can easily blockconfirm or hitconfirm into a combo. If you hit P and K at the same time, P takes priority, so j.K won't come out and instead j.P into j.K is what will happen if it makes contact. 2:28 Downburst after the VV>214K -> I was being wary of VV>214K into red RC, so I went for a downburst. 2:30 Blocked 2HS>Blocked Poison>Item Throw -> There are situations where if 2HS hits, poison into scalpel pull would combo. So I went for 2HS>buffer scalpel pull input. If 2HS is blocked, I hit the button for item throw. If 2HS hits, I hit the button for the scalpel pull. Don't mind my sloppy 9 and 8 inputs when I did the item throw. A similar situation also happened at 1:30. But in this situation, the 2HS hit at roughly the same time as the poison, so I don't think the scalpel would've connected. So I still did the scalpel, but it's a situation where it's like "There's no time to hitconfirm, so just do it! (It probably won't connect, though...)" I thought it wouldn't work out, but I just kind of did it anyway. It was a mistake. 2:34 I got airthrown -> This is the reason why I didn't want bombs. Kazunoko is very good at airthrowing Faust players who jump to escape the bomb explosion. Even during the match, after it happened I was like "Ah, yeah... I thought that would probably happen." 2:40 Scalpel Pull (Buffer YRC) -> Here I buffer YRC just in case he uses Grand Viper or IAD to get past my scalpel pull. It got blocked, so the YRC didn't come out. 2:42 2HS hits -> This 2HS is a frametrap. I think I just went for the scalpel after it without really confirming. And then the combo into RC into victory. The first match went kinda like this! (Writing it was more tedious than I thought!) The second match onward will be coming next. Until next time!
  5. Translated Document Re-post of Translated Document ** Editor's Note: Added pictures for each character. Translated by @GREATFERNMAN Translated pretty roughly just to get the info across so... also please forgive any possible mistakes I rushed through this kinda Pachi's comments on how each character would play if voted into Xrd. Everything stated by Pachi here is tentative A.B.AFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR ISUKA A character that uses both a weak normal mode and a strong, high-risk high-return Moroha mode. Blood packs are limited, so you have to decide when is a good time to use it and when it isn't. It might be interesting if her (or paracelsius'??) personality changed based on the blood type of the blood pack. IZUNAFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 A relatively all-rounded character, but because he has a special step called the Namba Step (I think this may be referencing Namba Aruki, which is a traditional Japanese walking style used in stage performances and martial arts etc.) and he has short range, he would probably be a character who uses his step to hit & run. I would like him to set a daruma on the opponent's wake up and get pressure that way. VALENTINEFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 She is originally a long ranged projectile character, the other Valentines took things like Zest and Calvados from her (lol), but if she is voted in I'd like to change her play style. She would have many aerial mobility options, so she would have a weak ground game and would specialize in the aerial game. KLIFF UNDERSNFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR He is a long ranged, high damage, slow movement character, and it might be interesting to give him a stamina meter. He is old after all. Personally, I'd like to add in more young Kliff moves because I'd like to see young Kliff in the new 3D graphics. ZAPPAFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX A tricky character who uses his 3 summons: triplets, dog and sword, with the objective of getting Raoh. I'm thinking that I'd like to maintain his trickiness, but I might redesign his three summons. JUSTICEFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR In GGACPR she was a pure projectile character, but if she is coming to Xrd, I'd like her to have a more mobile play style. She wouldn't have completely free movement, but it would be something like being able to pressure off N.B. HOLY ORDER SOLFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX SLASH A speedy character who continuously attacks with his specials powered up by his charge mechanic. While keeping his base that of a continuously offensive character, it would be interesting if his roman cancel made his charge bar reduction slower, so he could use more powered up moves. DIZZYFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR X A character who has a variety of projectiles that are good are beginning pressure and who also has mobility. She has been a setplay character and she probably has good affinity with the roman cancel system, but rather than backing off, I want her playstyle to involve more aggression. Also, she's a mother now, and her move names are amazing (lol). TESTAMENTFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR A character who plays at his own pace using his various traps while throwing the opponent into disorder with poison and his crow summon. His complexity has increased with each new version, so I'd like to make him easier to understand, by doing things like making it easier to make a decision of what to do while working together with the crow. DR. PARADIGMFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 In GG2, he was a character that depended on his tribe to fight while he ran away, but it would be interesting for him to fight with his tribe. Something like a charging move with Roller, an anti-air with Bower, or a delayed attack with Bonnie would be interesting. BAIKENFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR Her range is short overall, but she can gain momentum off her strong guard cancel moves. I'd like to keep her base style the same, but it would be interesting to rework her approach, starting from her guard cancels. Something like instead of getting immediate return, just seizing the pace of the match. FANNYFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR PETIT She is a character with similar style moves to Faust who fights up close. But if she was in Xrd she would have a full model change so she might become a completely different character. She has a lot of medical themed attacks so she could be a character that can make herself stronger or change her opponent with medicine. BRIDGETFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX A character who specializes in setting a yoyo, then, using that as an axis, running around the screen and playing a mid to long ranged hit & run game. While maintaining his mobility options, it would be interesting to give him more yoyo tricks. I'd like to give him options like more ways to call the yoyo back, and more Roger moves. ANJIFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR X His specialty is simultaneously defending and attacking with his guard point moves, and his followups from his rushing move. I would like to preserve his guard point followups like Kou, but change his style. A style that forces a close-ranged fight using guard points seems good. RAVENFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 In GG2 he was a long ranged projectile character who slowed down his opponent. In Xrd, he'll probably be changed into a mid-ranged character. Additionally, because of his personality, I'd like to include a move where he purposely takes a hit. ROBO-KYFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD He has a character specific electricity gauge, and his special attacks get stronger with the gauge. He's a low mobility character, but it'll be interesting if he can get stronger with his gauge. Something like a temporary mobility increase.
  6. until
    Announcment! 22.09.15 GGXrd OverKilL (SO) vs Funky (BE) #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru This Thursday, you will see a fight between me and Funky. Funky is a good player and tournament organizer from Ural (somewhere in Russia). He recently took 3rd place in an annual Ural event called EFA. He uses Bedman - a new character in the classical GG roster, which was introduced in GGXrd. GGXrd OverKilL (SO) vs Funky (BE) #FT10 twitch.tv/overkill013 Funky - an old member of fighting.ru (russian FGC hub-forum). He is a good player who has leveled up dramatically in a very short time. He is a regular participant of Guilty Gear leagues and tournaments. Bedman is a very weird and versatile character with intersting mechanics and mobility. As always, I can assure you there will be hype and flames all over the stream and we will check who knows matchup better ) restream - youtube.com/overkill013
  7. A loketest of 1.01 will take place starting September 9th and continue for one week at three Club Sega arcades: Akihabara New Wing, Kagurazaka, and Nishiguchi The official website has also posted patch notes for 1.01 along with Jam's movelist. 1.01 Patch Information and Jam Movelist 1.01 Patch Translation by SoWL 1.01 Patch Jam Loketest Info by GREATFERNMAN (Translated movelist by notBaf0) (Pictures taken by Famitsu) Source: Famitsu, Shoryuken
  8. Location Comfort Inn 700 East Central Parkway Plano, Texas 75074 Event Schedule Games Featured Ultra Street Fighter IV – 360 ($1000 Bonus Pot) Mortal Kombat X – PS4 ($1000 Bonus Pot) Killer Instinct – XB1 (A World Cup Qualifier) Super Smash Bros WiiU – WiiU ($500 bonus pot) Dead or Alive 5 Last Round – PS4 (A World Cup Qualifier with a $500 bonus pot) Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – 360 Guilty Gear XRD – PS3 BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND – PS3 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – PS3 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – PS3 Registration Competitor Pass Registration Form $35 online $45 at the door. Spectator Pass Registration Form $10 online Pre-register as a competitor before September 14th and you will get pre-register bonuses which include custom player cards, an AB6 tee, and raffle tickets. After registering you can request your custom player card here. Stream Schedule ** All times posted are in CDT. Please use this timezone converter to check for your local time. Saturday 12PM-2PM Blazblue CPE Pools streamed by Salty Mayhem 4PM-6PM GGXrd -SIGN- Pools streamed by Salty Mayhem Sunday 10AM-12PM GGXrd -SIGN- Top 8 streamed by PandaxGaming 12PM-4PM P4U2 tourney streamed by Salty Mayhem
  9. until
    By tradition Tuesday and a new battles in the Guilty Gear Xrd! Welcome Kler - the best Russian Ramlethal player and Fidoskin - furious multifighter TOP 2 of MFA 2015 with his Leo Whitefang GGXrd - Kler (RA) vs Fidoskin (LE) [FT10] We giving away the game to 10 wins, the first scored 10 victories wins the battle. Kler and Fidoskin are not new to the fighting game scene. Kler was once get out of reload online (GGXXR) with his Jam and played pretty well in the tournaments, although the first serious results came to him in GGXrd then he choose Ramlethal awaiting for his character, the output of Jam is already planned in GGXrd Revalator. Fidoskin is multiple winner of various tournaments even of unknown to anyone fighting games and He has fame as the strongest multifighter of Russia for long time, who takes prizes at the newly emerged fighting disciplines. Both players know each other and live in Moscow, but in a serious battle, they will meet right here! Let us see who will win! stream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013
  10. HiagoX

    Heaven or Hell 2015

    Promotional poster drawn by NOi Main Information: Games: Guilty Gear Xrd, Blazblue, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Street Fighter III: 3rd strike, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (side)Date: October 10th and 11thStream: X-RevolutionAddress: Av. Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira, 1370 — Jabaquara (São Paulo/SP)Early Registration: http://bit.do/hoh2015 (R$20 per game) Right now, the brazilian Melty Blood scene is still accepting donations to pay for Rakuchan's flight expenses. They've already compromised to pay for all of the remaining expenses, but the donation drive will still go on until 10/09 in order to mitigate the amount as much as possible. With that said, if you're interested in supporting us, check out this page for more details on the donation drive, or you can directly send the amount through PayPal. Contact: For any questions or further details you can contact me @HiagoXYZ on Twitter, or directly on Dustloop.
  11. The player order is as follows: NicoNico Stream Twitch Stream Source: Zidane
  12. This is a collaboration project started by Ruu a famous Bridget player, and EVO 2015 GGXrd 8th place winner Zidane. Invited players feature Beautiful Dude (Zato-1), Nakkiel (Sol), MC|GC Yoshi (Bedman), Pain (Ramlethal), and Foo (Leo). Player Order is as follows: NicoNico Stream Twitch Stream Source: Shoryuken, Zidane, Tipped by: Nakkiel
  13. Dustloop Jack-O' video thread Dustloop Johnny General Thread
  14. Kuuhaku

    CEOtaku Info and Registation

    Games FeaturedInformation and Rules Here Main Games Blazblue Chronophantasma ExtendDegenki Bunko Fighting ClimaxUnder Night In-Birth Exe LateGuilty Gear Accent Core +RGuilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-Melty Blood Actress Again Current CodePersona 4 Arena UltimaxSkullgirls 2nd EncoreUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Side Games Vampire SaviorArcana Heart 3 Love MaxAquapazzaCatherineChaos CodeYatagasaruNaruto GNT: 4 Registration DeadlinesEarly Bird until September 1st $25Registration until October 1st $30Late Registration Until Online Registration Closes October 11th $35On Site Emergency Tournament Registration with only available byes being filled and no seeding $40 Registration Form and Info Here Hotel InformationCEOtaku takes place at the Orlando Wyndham Resort. They currently have a special going at $99 per night. Further Hotel Information Book Your Room Here
  15. Original Post Translated Document Repost of translated document below Once again anything in italics are my own addons (@GREATFERNMAN) From: http://nage.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/08/13/183045 Hi, it's Nage. The topic of this report is "my GGXrd tier list". I will write about the details and important points of each character and what I think about it overall. I apologize as the preface will probably be long; after reading, I hope you will arrive at your own ideas. ■ Why I wrote this The biggest reason is that I wanted to try and see what would happen if I compiled my own thoughts (on all the characters). Conversely, one reason why I have not written about this yet was because I thought " I can't write all I want with Twitter's character limit. I want to use a picture and explain as well, and I don't l want to separate them into multiple tweets." These problems weren't an issue once I started my blog, and there was the added merit of "clearly establishing the fact that the information originated from me", so I wrote this. Also, really fun events like Arc Revo 2015, Toushin Gekitotsu and a-cho anniversary are coming up, so this could function as collection of information for people who don't play Guilty Gear but are watching it to reference, or as a way for people starting Guilty Gear to choose a character. In that manner, because of the various reasons... I am writing this. ■ Important Point When you get down to it, I'm a Faust player. I can't use every character, and this is just the opinion of one Faust player. This is just "me compiling my thoughts". I do not know every matchup in detail. However, I have watched strong players of each character, and have had many opportunities to play against said players; those is the foundation of my thoughts. ■ My Tier List It looks like this when compiled into a picture I thought of the grouping myself. There are also parts where I wrote more, so I apologize if it's hard to understand. ・Hard to use but the strongest characters: Millia, Zato →Elphelt, Faust and Sol are also considerably strong, but Millia and Zato's maximum potential control over the game is slightly higher in my opinion. It's not that they're by far the strongest. Because of their low defense and executional difficulty, the possibility of the momentum being snatched away because of one mistake is not low. They would have a high win rate over ten or twenty games, but in one or two games, it may be difficult ・Considerably strong: Elphelt, Faust, Sol →Elphelt's explosiveness in the corner is close to Millia and Zato's, but she has to get you to the corner from midscreen. She has strong hitboxes and an option to force the opponent to move (rifle), but she has to feel it out on her own, and she cannot prevent a 1v2 situation (she has to take risks). (Sorry I have no idea what Nage means by 1v2) Sol has excellent normals and specials, can turn the situation in his favor with an invincible move, and has explosiveness in the corner, but he has to work to get in. Faust has the strength of his suppressiveness, his mixup, pokes, and antiairs, but compared to the other four characters, he doesn't have as many opportunities to do that kind of damage. He also the "random factor". ・Sufficiently strong: many Bedman has his setplay and confusion of his 8 way dash from his float, and his defense is high. However, his hurtbox is big, and if he gets caught it's hard for him to get out. Ky has all the standard moves. His pokes, antiairs, and frame traps are excellent, and he can continue his offense with Dipper RC or Stunedge YRC. However, in this game where many characters are strong, it's hard to have to act without ever breaking your concentration. Ky is not deceptive. I wrote the above, but even when compared to characters like El, Sol and Faust, Ky is a good character. Sin's strength is the damage he gets from his pokes. He also can gain momentum with his backdash and dp. After doing big damage, the opponent has to deal with Sin's pokes and antiairs. Calorie gauge management, lack of strong jump-ins (he has an anti-antiair), and his trouble with small movements(more detailed space adjustment I think, not sure about this) seem difficult. May can engage in both zoning with her set projectiles, or the close ranged battle. Her backdash is also excellent at getting out. However, it seems easy for her to lose momentum even after establishing it. When she competes against other projectile characters by zoning she loses because of the rate at which she can shoot her projectiles, and she has to work hard to get in close; she seems to have tough situations. She covers this by having damage, setplay and strong jump-ins. With his corner okizeme, find me, teleport YRC, alpha blade, jump-ins, and supers, Chipp can dictate the pace of the match with his strong options. In spite of that, if the opponent gets him once it hurts, and he has many situations where he has trouble getting the knockdown midscreen. He also has to deal with whether or not the opponent will blitz more than other characters. Axl has strong pokes, and an invincible reversal for when the opponent gets in. He has strong moves to force the opponent to act in the mid to long range battle such as Rensen YRC and Haitaka(sparrowhawk stance). However, he has trouble opening up the opponent, Axl's pokes are strong, but he has to get close to open the opponent up with not-so-great options. He also has trouble following up after running away, and has a problem when the opponent forces him back. I-no's specialty is her explosiveness after she sets up an extremely hard to escape situation (her setplay). Even if the opponent doesn't get opened up, after I-no builds meter on her offense, she can continue her offense with her super or note/HCL YRC. However, I-no uses her meter in neutral to catch the opponent and she cannot continue her offense if she doesn't have meter, so she can be meter dependent. Her dash is a hover, so it's hard for her to adjust space. Venom's stronger neutral thanks to YRC, ability to push the opponent to the corner after a knockdown and setplay, ability to use the meter he built up in neutral even if the opponent gets out... these are his strengths at setting the pace of the match. However, no matter who the opponent is playing, Venom has to keep the game in neutral (furthermore, in a slugfest, Venom's strengths are hard to demonstrate), and in situations where he used his meter in neutral but then gets caught, he has trouble getting out. ・Characters that have destructive power off one attack: Leo, Ramlethal, Slayer, Potemkin Leo is the only character with a meterless reversal in this group, and he also has high damage, so he's a little stronger than the other three characters. His jump-ins and rushing move is strong, and he has many options to open up the opponent. He has two different projectiles to use, and has considerably strong pressure with his very active moves. He has trouble getting in, and while his mixup in stance is strong, he always has to take risks. I think that while the opponent cannot relax, Leo is limited by the fact that he too cannot relax. Ramlethal, Slayer and Potemkin each have their strengths (Ramlethal has high low setplay and the option to set or not set swords, Slayer has high damage, invincible jumps (presumably from bdc) and making the opponent whiff with dandy step, Potemkin has his high single hit damage and his decisive power in the corner), and they can use those to decide the match. However, compared to the other characters, I think that there are many situations where they get dominated in a matchup. Because of that, they have to take risks alot, and having a stable win rate is hard. Leo is close to them, so he seems like he's just hanging there (on the tier list picture) ■ Overall thoughts I think every character has strong points, and hard points that can become a challenge. They're all worth playing. ........ That was my tier list, that's about it. Thank you very much for reading up to now. Bye.
  16. Nage's Twitlonger Translated Document Credits to TENMA for the translation Here I compile how I analyze ‘Why I Lost’, and what I do to fix them. I divide this note to: figuring out ‘Why I lost’; ‘when do I think about it’; and ‘philosophy on how to fix problems’. This is my thought as a ‘Player who wants to leave results at a tournament’. It’ll be great if this note can inspire other theories. Figuring out ‘Why I Lost’ I’m ‘continuously digging for reasons I lost’. Why I continue searching is due to these 3 points: What leads to ‘losing’ is due to multiple factors within a single match, and I want to find as many of those factors. To avoid difficult situations, theorize tactics that can prevent said situations. By determining the fine detail of the problem, be able to find counter tactics easier. For example: ‘First round, got setplayed to death and lost the round’. ‘Got setplayed to death’ = ‘got knocked down and lost’ -> What move caused me to get knocked down? -> Why did I get hit by that move? -> What can I do to prevent getting hit by this move? ‘Got setplayed to death’ = ‘Couldn’t get out of the setplay situation’ -> Why couldn’t I get out? -> Was there anything I could do get out? -> Where should I have used the burst? -> How did I use my meter? -> Could I have changed the situation if I prioritized on getting meter? Like so, even in a round that finished quickly, I try to think of multiple points that could have been improved. If the round didn’t end instantly, then there’s more to think about. Before analyzing ‘what to do in a difficult situation’ I think of ‘what to do before I’m in a difficult situation’. This example goes outside the game, but if you ‘overslept and got to work late’, before thinking about ‘how to prepare faster after waking up’, it’s better to think ‘how to avoid sleeping in’. Which then you can think of what to do after sleeping in, which may calm you down a bit too. I think about how to avoid dangerous situations, and then think of what to do when you’re in the dangerous situation. After generating few points, I pinpoint what should be fixed first, and then consider what the protocol should be. There are limits to how much I can think at once, so I prioritize on what I think are effective. When to think about ‘Why I Lost’ During the match (be aware). When re-watching the match to discover. Regardless of time and place, idea comes out of no where. Have someone else tell you. For me it’s just those four. (1) happens during a match, so usually leads to a loss. With (2), I find being able to watch yourself from 3rd person perspective is beneficial. Watching your own matches allow you to realize ‘what I should have done instead’. (3) happens randomly. When it does I take notes so I don’t forget, and when I get the chance I test it out. I do my best to come up with the solution(s) myself, but if you think your perspective is narrow, have a trusted player watch over your back. Also there are times losses cumulate (and become depressed about it), and you won’t be able to logically think of ‘Why I Lost’. When this happens (1) becomes impossible to do. When aggravated you can attempt to calm yourself by digging for reasons, but if that doesn’t work I take a break. Do other things to calm down, then think of ‘Why I Lost’. Even if I’m winning, I sometimes think about ‘If I do this and they do that I might lose, so I should think about what to do when they do that’. What I’m Conscious of When Fixing the Issue First, fixing the reason for losing does not directly lead to ‘winning’. As stated earlier, “What leads to ‘losing’ is due to multiple factors within a single match”. Even if you fix one problem, sometimes you’ll lose due to different reasons. Winning is great, but even if you lose again it’s best to tell yourself ‘I’m able to do something I couldn’t do before’, and appreciate your own development. I think the mentality of ‘I’m grinding but doesn’t feel like I’m improving’ comes from the disruption of the core motivation of ‘fun’, so regardless of win/loss, being positive about your improvement is key. If you eliminate reason of losing one by one, even if the results don’t come immediately, in the future your win rate stabilizes, and you become more confident in your decisions (have wider perspective). Think “You can’t never lose” No matter how much you fix, if you are facing a human, it’s impossible to have a 100% win rate. (This will be discussed in detail on another day). With that in mind, to be able to win at a tournament and other high stakes moment, it is important to eliminate uncertain situations (have countermeasures) one by one. My goal is to ‘leave results at a tournament’, so to achieve that I practice critical thinking during casuals, and be able to make confident decisions during tournaments. That’s about it for this time. TLDR: ‘I play games with longevity in mind’. Thank you for reading!