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Found 6 results

  1. So I have been reading a lot into Hakumen after having an argument with my brothers about who would win in a fight between him and the Dark Phoenix (Xmen) & White Phoenix of The Crown (also Xmen) and they bring up how the power of order protect him and how his Time Killer attack works. Not to mention his god killing weapon of course, is Hakumen basically untouchable to any living being ever?
  2. [CF] Hakumen Video Thread (Updated 07/16/2016)

    Useful links: Most recent videos with the "bbcf" tag on Youtube and Nico Nico: "ハクメン (Haku-men)" tag on Nico Nico: Haku-men players ranking: BBCF Video database: Information: If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Haku-men appears in the video (using the '&t=xxx' format if necessary), and I'll update this post with that video. Dates are in written in MM/DD/YYYY format, by date. If no date is present, upload date will be used. Feedback is appreciated to improve the video thread. Feel free to report any mistake. Notable players: Camelia Chibaken Chin Ciel Film JUN Oka Poroppicho Tenchi Combo videos: Day 1 combos BBCF Hakumen Mugen changes Original Nico link Hakumen combos by Nikki Hakumen combos by Nikki (2) BBCF Neta Combo video "Russian Roulette" Original Nico link BBCF Haku-men combo video BBCF Hakumen Combos By Nikki Part 2 BBCF ハクメン 夢幻ネタコンボムービー「Clear Mind」 - Neta combo movie by Nikki Matches: Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. Hibiki: Vs. Izanami: Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. Naoto: Vs. Nine: Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Back-up:
  3. [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    Use this thread for discussing BBCF Hakumen gameplay, videos, combos, new tech, general analysis, setting up games with other Hakumen players, your tournament performances, swapping tips, etc.
  4. [CF] Combo Theory thread.

    New game means a new combo thread. We're going to be doing things a bit differently this time however. With the advent of new applications like Evernote, Twitter, and Discord overtaking the Internet, I thought it'd be appropriate to do the same. So this thread will just be a header to introduce people to the combo theory of CF and some beginner/challenge mode combos to get people comfortable. After getting comfortable with those, it's recommended to use the combo evernote composed by yours truly and "The_undercover_beret" as it covers far more practical combos. So as in previous games, Hakumen's combos are primarily by the Magatama count; broadly speaking, "More Magatama used = Higher combo potential", in other words you get far more for using more Magatama per combo. However, you don't want to overextend and leave yourself with nothing at the end of every combo, so meter management is essential at higher levels of play. You want to get as much out of your combos with the amount of Magatama used, whether it's for damage, corner carry, okizeme, etc etc. Listed below are some practical BnB's to get a good idea, in addition to Challenge Mode: Special thanks to KirbyMorph for recording these for us to use. This is the combo Evernote, which is still being worked on and revamped as we speak, so please bare with us if some things are incomplete; Hakumen has a lot of combo potential that is continuously discovered, so it's impossible to list everything he can possibly do. Feel free to help and post your own combos and they will be added to the Evernote if it's deemed practical enough. It's also highly recommended to join the Hakumen Discord and to follow various players on Twitter, as it is a simple and easy way to get in contact with us whenever we aren't on the forums. If you need a link, it's located here.
  5. Hello there! My name is Uberejho and I am looking a partner to practice with. I am looking for a friend and rival around my skill level to play and practice with. I have been playing Blazblue Chronophantasma netplay for about 2 weeks now and I have clocked in about 270 games on Hakumen, and it's growing everyday. I play just about everyday and I am still learning some of the combos and strategies behind Hakumen, my main character. I am on Eastern Standard Time (EST(UTC-5:00)/ EDT(UTC-4:00)) from around 2:30 to 7:30 consistently everyday and I might be on depending on if I get any extra time before or after my usual activity. For anyone looking to Practice/Spar with me regularly then you can add me on Steam @ Uberejho or you can post your Steam in a reply.
  6. Hey everyone, it's Rob from Metaversal Studios. I wanted to start this thread to let you know that we've been developing BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ and it will be released in the near future, starting out on the App Store. We've been working closely with Arc System Works and Aksys Games to create a quality BlazBlue mobile game that feels both like a card battler and a fighting game. I'll be posting more updates as we get closer to release so please let us know if you have any questions or feedback! Cheers! -Rob BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ Pre-Launch Trailer Info Developer: Metaversal Studios / Alliance Digital Media Platform: iOS (iPad) Price: Free (with Purchasable Card Packs) Description BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ is an officially licensed digital card game based on Arc System Works / Aksys Games popular 2D fighting game series, BlazBlue. Capturing the epic intensity of both card battlers, and fighting games, players can choose from 9 uniquely customizable fighters and unleash devastating attacks online, in real-time, against opponents around the world.BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ will be launching on the App Store soon and will be available for download on the iPad. Features • Deep card-based gameplay that captures the epic intensity of BlazBlue. • A roster of 9 fan-favorite BlazBlue fighters; Azrael, Bang, Hakumen, Hazama, Jin, Noel, Ragna, Tager, and Taokaka. • Collect cards that include; attacks, defenses, counters, projectiles, specials and more. • Customizable card decks for creating the ultimate BlazBlue fighter. • Real-time online battles and leaderboards. • Official artwork and music from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma™ • Free to play, with the option to purchase card packs to collect even more fighting moves. • Post-launch content updates including additional iconic BlazBlue fighters.