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Found 2 results

  1. videoman

    Punch Planet

    It's a new fighting game for Steam with a Sci-Fi setting PunchPlanet.com https://youtu.be/1Ey_i3jMXRI https://youtu.be/5K5S2GeJ6yw https://youtu.be/8sp70ni-Ako
  2. JulianKPrime

    Wishmere - out now

    Hey everyone. I'm Julian from Crayder Studios and we're working on a new fighting game for the PC, Mac and Linux, called Wishmere. Wishmere is something of a love-letter to the fighting game genre: it's got elements of Street Fighter 2, Blazblue, Guilty Gear and Smash. We wanted to have a game that was slower paced that GG / BB, had the lower barrier to entry like Smash and to have some traditional fighting game sensibilities. Quick info: 9 characters, with their own Edge system: Edge works similar to Drive from Blazblue but they're always resource-based (count based like CS Hazama or gauge based like Valk) Fate system: a gauge that once filled, can be used to slow time for a few seconds or used to burst out of attacks Online coming soon: Online is a focus for us, as we know its very important. We'll be using a rollback system for online. Unfortunately we couldn't use GGPO as we're developing on Unity Smash similarities: easy execution of moves and up to 4 players simultaneously. So we wanted to help answer the issues of newcomers of the genre – 1) execution of moves and 2) fighting games always being 1v1. It's a little different than the usual fighter, but hopefully the nuances make sense. Plus point: is that this does open up the possibility of co-op with friends against hordes of AI-controlled enemies. Wishmere was originally a beat-em-up fighting game hybrid, but we found that the multi-plane aspect of a beat-em-up was largely hampering for the demands of a faster combat based game. So we're making changes to the system and will be rolling out the new version on Steam soon. Gameplay and Character Trailers: 1v1 Versus Gameplay The game is out, so do check it out on Steam if you think you might be interested. Thanks!