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Found 9 results

  1. Kagura vs. Ragna Kagura vs. Ragna Kagura vs. Izanami Kagura vs. Lambda Kagura vs. Jin Kagura vs. Naoto Kagura vs. Izayoi Kagura vs. Azrael/Haku/Azrael/Makoto Kagura vs. Kagura Kagura vs. Azrael Kagura vs. Celica Kagura vs. Izanami/Hakumen/Lambda Kagura vs. Valkenhayn/Haku Kagura vs. Hakumen/Kagura/Lambda/Azrael Kagura vs. Hakumen/Lambda/Azrael Kagura vs. Hazama Kagura vs Azrael Kagura vs Hazama
  2. please drop the video a view/like :)! and drop a sub if you would like to see more, will be making lots of videos for BBCF :D
  3. Discuss the match up here, any relevant information discussed in old posts will get carried over here.
  4. Discuss the Kagura Hakumen MU here. Both sides should help out.
  5. Debate The Mad Dog vs The Black Knight matchup here. Video Database: Azrael Frame Data: Kagura Frame Data:
  6. Discuss the matchup here. Don't be afraid to ask questions or List any issues either player may be havingPlease be civil, we're all here to improve.
  7. Discuss the Jin vs Kagura matchup here. Kagura and Jin perspectives welcome!
  8. Rachel Vs. Kagura Discuss the BBCPEX Rachel Vs. Kagura match up here. What Kagura can do and should be aware of: - - What Rachel can do and should be aware of: - -