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Found 4 results

  1. General Overview: Many people look at Litchi and instantly ask themselves and others, "How do I use this character" straight from the get-go. To be honest, she does look crazy to use but as a general overview. She is not that bad but does require a lot of practice (like all characters) and you must understand how to use both her and her staff in harmony in order to truly use her as a character. She is overall, a very versatile character who can transition very well between applying heavy pressure, being a zoner and playing keep away because of the nature of her move-set. On top of this she has great Okizeme and can convert many of her hits in to long corner carry and side switching combos ending with the staff sitting beside the knocked down opponents. In addition to how versatile she can be, you will also find yourself ad-libbing and improvising quite often because of the nature of move-set. Her style of fighting includes a staff that can be thrown for being both offensive or defensive, leading to the opponent possibly getting hit at times you wouldn't expect. So this means you have to be aware of the options and routes you can use when the staff opens the opponent up at unpredictable times. With a good reaction and a nice hit confirm, you can convert an odd hit in to a full combo + a hard knockdown hence the reason why you must on your toes and be ready to perform ad-lib combos. Screen Positioning Explanation: Midscreen: These combos may vary, and not all of them will end in the corner. However, these are combos that can be done around the fullscreen-ish/midscreen-ish area without the need of the corner. Midscreen to Corner: These combos start around the midscreen-ish area and require the corner for full completion. Combos found in this sub-section will mostly end in human strings and are solid for regenerating wolf meter. Near Fullscreen: These combo's start around the 1/3rd-ish stage mark and will mostly end in the opposite corner. Combos found in this sub-section will mostly start from strong starters and have very good corner carry. Back to Corner: These combos start with your back being extremely close towards the corner. Combos found in this sub-section will mainly focus around bringing your opponent back into the corner behind you. Corner: These combos mostly start with your opponent being directly in the corner, but it is important to note that some work relatively close/near to the corner and have slight corner carry. Combos found in this sub-section have many different purposes, and Valkenhayn's most damaging combos can be found here. General Screen Positioning: - Notations j - Jump dj - Double Jump sj - Super Jump AD - Airdash IAD - Instant Air Dash jc - Jump Cancel sjc - Super Jump Cancel CH - Counter Hit FC - Fatal Counter RC - Rapid Cancel OD - Overdrive ODC - Overdrive cancel (activating OD after hitting someone [e] - Empty handed (while Staffless) [m] - Mantenbou / Staff is on back (While Staffed) 6C(1) - First Hit Of 6C Staffless (This is followed by a move that will cancel the 2nd hit from coming out) 6D(1) - First hit of 6D when the staff is equipped (Same Side note as 6C[1] ) TK - Tiger Knee (Example: Litchi doing TK.Chun would be 2367C) CT - Crush Trigger D - for Setting the staff or Launching it (No Hold) [D] - Holding the D button for a certain amount of time. ]D[ - Releasing the D button from holding it for a certain amount of time. Staff 2 -2nd hit of the staff after it has been thrown from a 5D staff set (The returning hit from the staff that goes up and over) Daisangen - 236A/B/C (Litchi's Rekkas) DMG - Damage - -Basic Combo Theory- In this version the main staple combos or combo theory tends to be the following:- (These are combos you're most likely to use most of the time because of the nature of her BnB) (Midscreen) xx > > Renchan B > Haku > Hatsu > RiichiA > IppatsuB > 6C(1) > [D] > 6C(2) > Hatsu > ]D[ > Chun > Staff 2 > 6C(1) > Tsubame (Corner) xx > Daisangen > 5B > 6C(1) > [D] > Kanchan > ]D[ > Chun > Staff 2 > Ender (Corner) 5B > 2C > ItsuuA > xx (Her new Itsuu A staple for the corner) -Combos via Different Starters (Normal Moves & Specials) - NOTE: Combos highlighted in RED are Fatal Counters OR Counters (FC / CH) -----------Midscreen----------------------- 5A/2A: 2A > 5B[m] > 5C[1] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A >236B > 214A~B > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2961 DMG] 5B[m]: 5B[m] > 5C[2] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3869 DMG] 5B[m] > 2C[m] > 6D[1] > 214B[m] > 236B[e] > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3060 dmg] CH 5B[M] > 6C > 2D > dash j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > 6C[1] > 62 Air CH 5B[m] > Dash > 5B[m] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame (NOTES: if they are too high to confirm the second 5B[m] > go straight in to 214B / During the "63214A~B > 6c[1]" , you have to delay the 6C in order of it to hit on the tip > before continuing the combo , to get that at a suitable height to finish the combo) 6B[m]: CH 6B[m] > j.IAD > j.B > J.A > 5A > 5B > 2C > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [2.8k dmg][3.8k w/ 6C[1]>Super] CH 6B[m] > j.IAD > j.B > J.C > 5B > 2C > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [3.5k dmg][4.4k with 6C[1]>Super] CH 6B[m] > 6C > 2D > D > dash j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > 6C[1] > 623D [3.9k dmg] 6C[m]: 6C[m] > 5D > Dash 5B[e] > 2C > 6c[1] > [D] > 5B > >236A > 236b > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3448 DMG] 6C[m] > 5D > Dash 5B[e] > 2C > 6c[1] > [D] > 5B > >236A > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 41236A > Wall Bounce > 6D[1] > Tsubame > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] [3659 DMG] NOTE: 6C[m] > 2D > Dash 6B[e] > 2C > 6C[2] > j.5D > dash j.b > J.C > j.b[m] > dash 5B[m] > 4B > Tsubame [3815 DMG] 6C[m] > 2D > 6B > 2C > 6C[2] > J.D > 6C[1] > 236C > 5B[m] > 2C[m] > Tsubame [3710 DMG] FC 6C > Dash 6C > 2D > Dash 3C > 5D > j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C ]D[ > j.236B > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [4.5k DMG] NOTE: During the "214B > 236B > 63214A~B" part. You should have the opponent in the corner but sometimes the "63214A~B" Hits them the opposite direction if you do it too fast. It doesn't mess with the combo route though. 4D: 4D > Dash 5B > 6C[1] > 5D > 3C > 236A > Staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [5D] > 6C > J.236B > ]D[ > J.236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [3k dmg] 6D: FC 6D > 5D > Dash > j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3.5K dmg][4.4K dmg W/ 6c[1] >632146D] J.2D: J.2D > 5B > 3C > 5D > Dash 5B > 6C > Staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [2.8k dmg] j.2D > 5B > 3C > 5D > 6C[1] > 236C > staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [2.7k dmg] -----Back to Corner-------------------- 4D: 4D > Dash 5B > 6C[1] > 5D > 3C > 236A > Staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [5D] > 6C > J.236B > ]D[ > J.236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [3k dmg] -----Facing the Corner------------------ 2A: 2A > 5B[m] > 2C > 6D[2] > 6C[2] > 236B > 236C > 5B > 6C > [D] > 6C[2] > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > Tsubame > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] [3K DMG] 2A > 5B[m] > 2C > 4D > 2C > 6C(2) > Hatsu > Chun > 5B > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C(2) > ]D[ > Chun > 6C(1) > 623D > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C [2.8k dmg] 6A[e]: 6A (w/ 2D set near):6A > 5D > 6C[1] > 236C > 5B[m] > 6D > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C(2) > j.236c ]D[ > 4b/6C[1] > 623D [3.2k dmg] 6A (w/ 5D set close to opponent): 6A > 5D >5B > 6B > 5C > 2C(m) > 6D > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C(2) > j.236c > ]D[ > 4B/6C > 623D [2.8k dmg] 6A[e]>(staff returns) itsuu B > RC(Rapid Cancel) > Dash >6C[M] > 2D > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[2] > 236B > 236C > 5B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2]> ]D[ > Staff 1 > 6C[1] > 623D [DMG : 4.5k] NOTES: (While staff is returning from a 5D staff launch , itsuu will come out as soon as the staff is back behind you after confirming the 6A) 5B[M]: 5B[m] > 2C > 4D > 236A > 236C > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[2] > 236B > 236C > 5B > 6C > [D] > 6C[2] > ]D[ 236C > Staff 2 > 4B > 623D [4.1K DMG] [Video Ref: ] 5B[m] > 2C > 6D > 236A > 236C > 236B > 43216A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > ]D[ > 236C > 6C > 623D [3.5K DMG] [4.4k with "6C(1) > 632146D" ender] 5B[m] > 2C > Itsuu A > 6D > 214B > 236A > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > ]D[ > 236c > 6C[1] > 623D [3.3K dmg / 4.2k with "6C[1] > 632146D" Ender] 6A[M]: 6A[M] > 4B > Itsuu A > 6D[m] > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [5D] > 6C > J.236B > ]D[ > J.236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D 6C[m]: FC 6C > dash 6C > 2D > 6C[2] > 236A > 236B > 236C > 5B > 6C > J.236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > ]D[ > Staff 1 > 4B[e] > 623D [5.4K] FC 6C[m] > Dash 6C[m] > 5D > Dash 6C[2] > 236A >236C >236B >63214A~B > 6C >[D] > 6C[2] > 236B > ]D[ >236C > Staff2 > 6c[1] > Tsubame (6C[1] > 13Orphans > jump back/or back dash twice > OD > All Green) (If you're losing 100-200 dmg , it may be because you did "6C[m]>5D" too fast so it didn't get the maximum amount of hits) 4D[m]: 4D[m] > 2C > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C > J.236b > ]D[ > 236c > 6C[1] > 623D [2.9k] [3.9k dmg w/ 6C(1) > 63214D) Itsuu C FC Itsuu C > Dash 5C[2] > Itsuu A > 6D(2) > 6C[2] > 236B > 63214A~D > 6C > 5D[D] > 6C[2] > ]D[ > Staff 1 > 6C[1] > 623D [DMG: 4.2k (5D set oki Ender) ] Throw Combos ---------Litchi's Main Universal Throw combos (Ground and Air Throw Possible)--------- Ground Throw: B+C > Dash 5B[m] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2981 DMG] (Adding 6C[1] > 63214D = 3.8K Dmg) Air Throw: Main Air throw Combo staple (while Staffed): 2B[m] > 214B[m]> 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame NOTES: This combo works in the Corner/ Midscreen and Back to Corner Only difference is that the ""6C[2] >j236B and j236c" Part of the combo has to be done faster when doing it in the corner. While midscreen, the combo is normal to do , just like in all her main BnBs Ground Throws -----Midscreen------------------ B+C > Dash 5C[2] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3102 DMG] ----Back to Corner---------------- B+C > 6D[1] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [5D] > 6C > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C > 623D [2.7k dmg] (Add this on end for oki + 2.8kdmg:"6C[1] > [5D] > 6C" ----Corner Throws--------------- B+C > Dash 5B[m] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2981 DMG] Air Throws -----Back to Corner after Air Throw:------- 2B[m] > 6D > 214B[m]> 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2884 DMG] 2B[m] > 4B > 6Bf > Dash Under > 5B > 4B > 6Bf > 5B[m] > 4B > Tsubame [2578 DMG] [Puts opponent in the Corner] ---Mid-Screen Air Throw:---- 5C[2] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3102 DMG] [May Side Switch during the 63214A~B but continue the combo as usual] ---Facing the Corner after Air Throw-- OverDrive Combos Litchi's Max damage output in this version of Blazblue comes down to how many 6C[e] you can add to the combo within it's restrictions So it is HIGHLY ADVISED to learn the OD "6C[2] > 3D" Loop as it's apart of her most damaging and optimal OD combos. All other combos are still viable but are used for different situations but you still need "6C[2] > 3D" to maximize damage. NOTE: HP % is important as it allows you to roughly know how much time you have if you OD during a combo, 100% HP od will be short while having under 20% hp will make your OD last longer. That being said, Neutral OD activation adds on a bit more time compared to Canceling in to OD from a normal. Litchi doesn't really benefit from OD'ing in neutral without confirming a hit or getting the opponent to block and eat OD pressure mix up. So most of your OD usage will be fore combos / confirms / extensions and defensive situations. -----Midscreen---------------------- 5B[M]: [100% HP] 5B > 6D > ODC > 236A > 236B > 236C > 3D > 6C[2] > 3D > 6A[e] > 623D 6C[m] [70% HP] 6C[m] > 2D > 6B > 2C > 6C[2] > J.D > 6C[1] > 236C > 5B[m] > 6B > ODC > All Green > Dash forward > 632146C [5.7K DMG] ----Back to Corner------------------ ----Facing the Corner--------------- Combo / Tech Videos BBCF Litchi Faye Ling Combos By Geroshabu [Part 1] BBCF Litchi Faye Ling Combos By Geroshabu [Part 2] BBCF LITCHI COMBO VIDEO HD : KEY PLUS WORLD By Auredo BBCF LITCHI CMV BY MOLOKHIA BBCF: Litchi Combo (w/ active flow too) By EeveeFly BBCF - Litchi Option Selecting Nine's Wakeup By Uri_Woz BBCF - Litchi: FC 6D Corner Combo by Uri_Woz Uri Woz's Litchi Tech Dump video section via his twitter
  2. (This Thread has been changed to the "BBCF: Litchi Faye Ling - Gameplay Discussion" thread) *Note* - When browsing the these forums please follow the rules of the site, failure to do so will result in an Infraction. If you do not know the rules you can check them here -> Site Rules. Gameplay Discussion Only Remember to keep the discussion strictly game-play related. Feel free to discuss Match Videos, Combos, Mix-ups, Strategies, etc. If you have a question or are unsure about something, please look on the wiki first. Her page can be found Here - Before asking And Please remember its a new update ~ Try not to make any final conclusions until there is more information available ~ Thanks EDIT: Blazblue CentralFiction is out in Arcades! This thread will be used to report and paste any findings you have found around the internet about Miss Litchi that you want to discuss~ That may be: Notes or Feedback from Japanese players Gameplay discoveries / New setups / Combo ideas / Anything you wish to know more about but don't understand etc Discussions on her changes / new moves / frame data Videos posted to discuss changes, you may wish to share with people in order to possibly ask a question or talk about theories. (but please be reasonable and avoid wishful thinking like "I hope she gets S tier / Is she worth using anymore? / I hope she gets back [X] so we can] Discuss. (And as Uri said "Please keep the discussions civil, and don't spam the thread with doomsday nonsense.")
  3. Combo Help

    So I'm trying to do the following combos with Litchi: 2A > 5B[m] > 5C[1] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A >236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2961 DMG] 6A > 4B > 6B (Feint) > 214B (m) > 6C (2 Hits) > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C (1 Hit) > [D] > 6C (2 Hits) > j. 236B > ]D[ > j. 236C > Staff 2 > Tsubame The problem I'm having with the 1st Combo is that everytime I try to land the 63214A ~ B, after the 2 Rekkas, it'll always miss Same problem I'm having with the 2nd Combo So if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it
  4. Litchi Faye Ling Guide This is just a small litchi guide. Will try to go through as much as possible but not too much. Just enough to hopefully help new players and a few old players that are returning or just remembering bits and pieces about Litchi-Faye-Ling. I want New Litchi players to be welcomed with open arms ! (Litchi World Domination!!!) Very Useful Litchi Related Links: Litchi's Dustloop Wiki [Here] Litchi's BBCP1.1 Video Thread [Here] Litchi's BBCP2.0 Video Thread [Here] Should I even play Litchi? As a litchi player i'll say Yes. As player, I can only help you understand her ~ Its your choice if you wish to venture in to the world of Litchi~ But here are some pros and cons to give you insight~ Strengths/Weaknesses Pros/Strengths Overall well rounded toolset Good corner carry Strong pressure, mixup, and okizeme Good at controlling space Strong Crush Trigger One of the best Overdrives in the game Cons/Weaknesses: Poor mixup tools while in Staff Mode Very slow normals while in Staff Mode Weak meterless defensive options when staffless Needs to be near the staff to deal good damage and hit-confirm consistently High learning curve High Execution Barrier (But not as High as Carl/Nu to be specific) Litchi specific Notations These Notations ONLY apply to Litchi - If you are looking at written combos, these will be used:- [m] - Refers to a move litchi uses whiles holding the Mantenbou. i.e. 6C[m] does a staff normal [e] - Refers to a move litchi does whiles not holding the staff i.e. 6C[e] does 2 kicks unless 6C[m] [D] - This is holding the staff in place by holding D, then releasing it after she recovers. [D], ]D[ - "[D]" is holding the "D" button and "]D[" is releasing (letting go of it). Normally this notation is only seen when she uses other moves in between holding and releasing the staff whiles doing her combos. Litchi Specials Moves Tsubame ~ Litchi's Dragon Punch - 623D[m] ItsuuA/B/C/D ~ Short for Ikkitsuukan, Litchi's guard point stance performed with 41236D~ (half circle forward) NOTE: D will Cancel the Itsuu Stance Haku 236A[e] / Hatsu 236B[e] / Chun 236C[e] - Litchi's Rekka's Kanchan - 421C[e] and 421c[e] (Hold) NOTE- when held, litchi crosses up the opponent and performs the move behind the opponent instead of the front 4/6Kote ~ 421D/623D[e] Short for Kote Gaeshi, Litchi's Dragon Punch motion when the staff is set down. The "6" or "4" lets you know which way you should move it when written down. RiichiA/B/C aka 63214A/B/C[e] - Litchi leaps on to the staff and performs one of 3 actions depending on which button you press. A- Jumps on top of the staff B- Jumps on to the staff and flicks it towards the opponent C- Jumps on to the staff but jumps off it after and towards the opponents IppatsuA~A/B/C/D - These are moves done simply by pressing one of the 4 attack buttons while litchi is on top of her staff:- A- does a kick to the opponents head flicking them upwards B-Does a 236C [e] kick off the staff C-Does a 236C [e] kick off the staff D- Litchi drops off the staff bouncing the opponent upwards Shinshin - 41236D[e] Whiles the staff is set down doing this move will cause the staff to spin like a buzzsaw in the direction of the opponent. 2D set > 41236D will make the staff run across the ground. 5D set > 41236D will make the staff go upwards and then towards the opponent in the air. Ryuisou (All Green)- 6428C Litchi summons a Green camp fire than launches opponent upwards (No invincibility on this Super) Kokushi (13 Orphans) - 632146D[e] Litchi turns her staff in to a human like puppet and attacks the opponent (not as good as its older versions but still has its uses) Chinroutou - 632146C Litchi does a puff ball move similar to Jam from Guilty Gear / Or Naruto's Rasengan (Yeah I said it...sorry). Once it hits, it does a super combo in to push back ender than hits them away from litchi and off the screen or in to the corner Daisharin(Overdrive) - A+B+C+D Will explain this in more detail below but in short its litchi's Second form in a way where she takes full control over her staffs movement. "Staff2" This refers to the second hit of the staff launch, on its return. Main thing to keep in mind when you see this in a combo is you aren't actually hitting a button here but simply waiting for the staff to hit them on the way back to you.) Information on Matenbou (Her D Drive) Matenbou (Her Staff...when do I use it and how does it work?) Litchi's Drive is a mode changing mechanic that allows her to switch between fighting with her staff, and placing it on the ground to fight barehanded. It allows the staff to be thrown out, where it goes one of two routes. This makes Litchi's combo's and playstyle very unique as she can combo off her staff when it is thrown out and even while it returns with or without counter hits. When Can I use it You can use the staff whenever litchi sets it on the floor or is not holding it Now in terms of the staffs design, throughout the blazblue game series she has been able to use the staff freely simply pressing D. Even if she pressed D and got hit by the opponent afterwards the staff would always return to her back no matter what BUT in "BBCP2" she got a slight change (A nerf many would say). So now,if the staff is not in your possession and you are hit whiles it is in motion, the staff will not return to you but instead stop in mid-air and fall down. This nerf means we have to be much more careful throwing the staff out unlike our old updates where we could throw it around and have access to Tsubame Gaeshi (Her Dragon Punch) once it returned to us as we smack the floor. Where is the staff going and Daisharin (Overdrive) The staff can be used in 2 different ways. 1) Whiles litchi has the staff on her back 2) Whiles in Overdrive 1)By setting the staff down whiles standing or crouching and pressing D to throw it. Important Notes: -Setting the staff with 2D, 6D j.D - Makes the staff fly towards the enemy and back (NOTE: only hits once IN BBCP2.0) -Setting the staff with 5D, 4D, 623D - Makes the staff fly up and over but towards the opponents position then circles the screen and returns. 2)By using her Overdrive (A+B+C+D) In Litchi's Overdrive also known as "The Great Wheel" Litchi's staff grows in size, constantly spins in circles, and begins to follow Litchi around the screen. During the course of Overdrive, the staff can be moved in all directions and you have full control over it. It can be controlled separately from Litchi at any point during Litchi's actions.(Other than when she's blocking, guard broken, or being hit) Important Notes: -While Overdrive is active, Litchi is always in staffless mode. -When Overdrive ends, Litchi automatically enters Staff Mode. -The staff is controlled by hitting any of the 8 directional buttons + D. The direction the staff attacks in is dependent on the directional input you choose. Except 5D, where the staff will just aim for the opponent. -Holding the Drive button will delay the staff launch for a short period of time. (it will spin until delay runs out) -After attacking with the staff, it will stay in place for a small amount of time before returning to Litchi. If another staff attack is done before it returns to Litchi, it will do it from it's current position, rather than returning to her. -Litchi is not able to use any of her staff related special moves during the course of Overdrive. (She is Fully Staffless) -Litchi can gatling into any normal up to two times per string, with exception of 6C ending all strings. -During Overdrive All Green (6428C) and All Terminals (632146C) deal additional hits and damage along with cooler attack animations.