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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not updating this thread anymore. Make a new one if you want. THE NEW AND IMPROVED NYC/CF THREAD! For those of you that don't know, CF is located at 8 Mott St. NY, NY. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=8+mott+st+ny+ny&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=46.27475,76.992187&ie=UTF8&ll=40.7169,-73.998671&spn=0.01088,0.018797&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.714019,-73.998731&panoid=eHvq27ivIWmtl5ah78y8HA&cbp=1,93.28008511096004,,0,3.032043263229836 Suggestions for this thread are welcome. This is a general thread after all! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This time, let's have an actual player list. your name goes here in bold Character: Location: Do you go to CF?: Travel?: Other games played: Random info: NYC PLAYERS LIST ------------------------- Alzarath Character: Location: Brooklyn Do you go to CF?: Every Friday. Saturdays if there's a tournament of course. Travel?: Eventually. Other games played: MvC2, AHF. Wanna learn 3S/MB. Random info: Hella quiet. Like, you wouldn't know I was there unless you were staring dead at me. Anakron Character: Location: Brooklyn Do you go to CF?: Yes. Quite often. Travel?: Not really Other games played: everything, ST Random info: I run tourneys at CF for GG sometimes Braver Character: My mains , Subs: Location: Brooklyn Do you go to CF?: If i ever get a the chance, i go. and if there's a tournament, yes. Travel?: MTA train Other games played: MvC2(shitty), 3S(noob) Random info: Not so good on sticks but i'll still use them CABINET SMASHER Character(s): Do you go to CF?: Every now and then. Contact me, and I'll let you know if I can go. Travel?: Sure. Other games played: Until I get my new lappy, nothing, aside from very light 3s and CVS2 dabbling. DaiAndOh Character: Location: Brooklyn summertimes and some weekends. Hempstead, NY (Hofstra University) during Fall and Spring semester. Do you go to CF?: If there's a tournament or get together, or if I know at least people will be there to play. Travel?: If I can make it with Public Transportation during my freetime. Other games played: SSBM (no Brawl), UFS (Fighting game CCG) Random info: Since there'd be enough existing interest at least on campus, when I get back to school I'm going to try to get some weeklies/tournaments at Hofstra University. HARD BREAD aka Enshankya Character: Location: Brooklyn, school in NC Do you go to CF?:Every chance i possibly get...especially on Fridays and Sats(that will change when school starts) Travel?: when i have the funds... Other games played: 3S, Vamp Savior, any KOF... Random info: You'll know who i am...i'll be practically the only serious RoBo player in CF(short blk kid...overall cool guy), and, oh yeah....BREAD TASTES GOOD!!!!!! Henaki Character: Location: North NJ, occasionally queens. I visit the city fairly often tho. Do you go to CF?: Once in a blue moon/tourneys Travel?: If I ain't broke and you got a car... Other games played: 3s (tourney), other games I dick around in, mostly ST/CvS2 Killerwatt Character: Location: Brooklyn, work in Manhattan Do you go to CF?: Rarely, I can't play stick. The times I do go I mostly stay quiet and spectate. Travel?: Not really Other games played: 3S, CvSNK2, about to get into Melty Blood AC Random info: Friendly, easy to get along with. Very interested in getting into the competitve GG scene. Looking into ways we can get a strong community together here in NYC. MakotoScrub(a.k.a Fox) Character: Location: Queenz Do you go to CF?: Some Fridays/Saturdays Travel?: Once in a while Other games played: 3s, AH1/AH2, MBAC, SC3 and a bit of CvS2 Mr.Biscuits, Biscuits, Biscuitii Character: Location: Bronx Do you go to CF?: Only if there's a tourney at a convenient date. Travel?: Yes. Other games played: Brawl(hate it) and ST on GGPO from time to time. Random info: Scoops. NamelessCounter aka "... thats right fucking ..." Character(s): Location: N.J., M.A. or Toronto Ontario Do you go to CF?: Every time i travel to NYC from canada. Travel?: Sure. Other games played: 3s, aslong as its on a jap stick and not a peice of shit american dildo machine. Rome Character: Location:Brooklyn Do you go to CF?: Few times a week.If somebody posts what time they'll be at CF,I might be able to go half of the time.... Travel?: Only in NYC (not SI though). Other games played: 3S dabbling,only because CF always has people playing it.....but I suck. Random info: If you see black sneakers/Adidas and a North Face backpack,thats me.And I don't really talk much....... Snoots Character: Location: Manhattan mostly, although my apartment is in Queens Do you go to CF?: I only really go to CF when given a reason, been out of GG for a while just trying to get back into it. Travel?: I travel for Cons and Tourneys when I know about them Other games played: CvS2, Tekken, SF3rdStrike, I never say no to a good fighter Random info: The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache. Tinshi Character: Location: Brooklyn Do you go to CF?: Every other friday and saturdays when I get time and sundays after tournies. Travel?: Yes I do. Other games played: 3s, MB, Tekken, and ST...I barely ever play marvel but I know things. Random info: I am like the loud mouth of the 3s community literally... I am pretty loud.