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Found 13 results

  1. Zoular

    Revolution 2015 November 6-8

    Games List These are the tournament line up, entry is £5 per tournament with Aquapazza being the only exception. Friday Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match (PS3) - FREE Entry - Win Raffle Tickets! Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (PC) Saturday Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! (PS3) Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3) Guilty Gear Xrd Sign (PS3) Sunday Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (PS3) Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend (PS3) Raffle will also be on Sunday Venue Fee and Location Location: Bolney Meadow Community Center, 31 Bolney Street, Vauxhall London, SW8 1EZ England, UK Dates: 6-8th of November 2015 Advance Payment - If you know you are coming and you want to support by putting your name on the guaranteed list, prices are 1 day pass - £7.50 Yes we have a single day pass now. If you are sure you just want to come for a single day you can go for £7.50. That being said, anime tournaments do not happen often, especially in Europe, please try come for multiple! Weekend Pass - £20. This covers all 3 days On the day pass - Just randomly decided to turn up? £30 On the Door Weekend Entry (All 3 Days) £12 On the Door Single Day Entry Event Schedule There is an Image uploaded but here it is in Text Form. each individual tournament start and finish on the same day. Friday 1000 - Open 1200 - Aquapazza Groups 1330 - Melty Blood Groups 1600 - Aquapazza Top 4 1730 - Melty Blood Top 4 2130 - CLOSE Saturday 0930 - Open 1200 - AH3LM Groups 1300 - Dengeki Bunko Groups 1400 - Xrd Groups 1600 - AH3LM Top 4 1730 - Dengeki Bunko Top 4 1900 - Xrd Top 4 2130 - CLOSE Sunday 0930 - Open 1100 - UNIEL Groups 1200 - P4AU Groups 1300 - BBCP Groups 1500 - UNIEL Top 4 1630 - P4A Top 4 1800 - Raffle 1900 - BBCP Top 4 2100 - CLOSE Further Details For more information, you can tweet at @Frostybolty @Rayokarna or @Firei_UK Email nthgeninteractive@hotmail.co.uk Website NthGen Interactive Revolution 2015 Stream NthGen Media
  2. Source: Arc Revo 2015 Livestream Page
  3. In case you were slacking and need to know, the venue hotel is completely booked! However, there is still available space at the Wyndam Hotel and Red Roof Inn across the street. As is to be expected from a Big E tournament, Anime games are in full effect for the Main Lineup! SPONSORS: Team Sp00ky Eight Arc Aksys Games Atlus Dynamic Custom Beadworks MAIN TOURNAMENTS ($10 ENTRY FEE PER GAME): Ultra Street Fighter 4 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Guilty Gear Xrd Persona 4 Ultimax 2 Blazblue Chronophantasma Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late Super Smash Bros. Wii U – $1000 Pot Bonus! Super Smash Bros. Melee – $1000 Pot Bonus! Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Killer Instinct Pokemon OR/AS SIDE TOURNAMENTS: Injustice Mortal Kombat 9 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Soul Calibur 5 Splatoon Skullgirls King of Fighters 13 RULES: Check the main navigation bar for rules regarding your specific game. *CRONUS converters are banned* FEES: Pre-register online to save yourself money and the hassle of waiting in line before the tournament! Go to http://bigegaming.com/pre-registration to pre-register! Emergency On-site Registration Fee – $60 (Does not guarantee you seeding by location or otherwise!) Spectator Fee – $20 SCHEDULE: TBA STREAMS: TBA CONTACT: Eric “Big E” Small 267-231-8996 Eric2necphilly@yahoo.com More Big E Gaming: http://twitter.com/BigEGaming http://bigegaming.com/ http://bigegaming.challonge.com/
  4. mixedmethods

    P4AU Evo Prep: Learning the Shab MU.

    Shadow Labrys is a fairly rare match-up as well as a character who can demolish even the best players if they aren't prepared. What makes Shadow Labrys such a tricky opponent is how easily she can turn the slightest amount of respect into a set-up -- once Shadow Labrys forces you to block, it's simply a matter of a time before she places you in an ugly situation that leads to explosive damage. However, many options Shadow Labrys players use aren't airtight, but very few players are aware of their potential escape options. In order for all players to grow (including those of us who play Shadow Labrys), understanding how Shadow Labrys turns a simple pressure string into a command grab set-up and what you can do to stop her is crucial. No secrets are being kept hidden! All the information provided is offered in the hope that it inspires you to head to the lab, find answers to Shadow Labrys, and be ready for the match-up. As opponents become stronger at fighting Shadow Labrys, the stronger our Shadow Labrys players become, helping us all. You can find the guide here (Evernote). If you have any questions, ask away!
  5. The link to all of the information needed on the tournament is here. Also, you can check out the official Frosty Faustings website here as well. Stream: Anime games will be streamed by Nobody_EXE all weekend. Twitch.tv/nobodyexe Schedule: Game and stream schedule is located at: http://frostyfaustings.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/FFVII-SCHEDULE.pdf
  6. LegendaryRath

    Persona 4 Ultimax Defense Tutorial by LordKnight

    New players and old players can all learn something from LordKnight's P4U2 defense tutorial. He covers everything from the basics, such as instant blocking and guard canceling, to advanced techniques, including utilizing option selects. This is a must watch for anyone planning on taking Ultimax seriously! Basic defensive techniques and fundamentals are vital for every player to have, but they can only take someone so far. Top Japanese players have been using options selects in not just Persona, but also blazblue and guilty gear. Without understanding how option selects work and what their weaknesses are, it can seem impossible to open these players up. Do what you need to stand a chance, and watch the video! I guarantee you will learn something. For now, the tutorial can be found here within LK's twitch archive (skip to about 16:00). This post will be updated with new links when the tutorial is uploaded to youtube.
  7. shtkn

    Evo 2014 Results

    BB: http://evo2014.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/index.html Pools http://www.twitch.tv/jyosua/b/546958082 http://www.twitch.tv/jyosua/b/546949699 GG: http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool1 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool2 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool3 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool4 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_top8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA5juOj_y_E&list=UUBaoYuxURiIJBckzemA9nYw P4: http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool1 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool2 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool3 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool4 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_top8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHR0ZINiMS8&index=1&list=UUBaoYuxURiIJBckzemA9nYw
  8. mynus

    EVO 2014 Survival Guide by SRK

    The survival guide covers all from: Initial transportation options from the airport to the venue Printing your official EVO 2014 ticket Link to the official EVO 2014 mobile app Checking in to the Hotel as well as the tournament Concierge services available at the venue when you first arrive Personal Hygiene tips! Take a moment and be sure to check out all of the information in guide, as it is sure to come in handy. The guide can be accessed here: Evolution 2014 Survival Guide Good Luck to all competitors and enjoy your time at Evolution 2014!
  9. If you are interested in helping, please post up in the thread!