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Found 1 result

  1. koogy

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    In an effort to make GOOD knowledge easier to access, I'm creating this thread. The goal is for the first post to have all the information. Also, for kicks, I've decided that if we can find older tier posts, an archive of previous tiers through the games life would be interesting. Generally, top players use an S++ - F ranking system to determine who are the strongest characters. The reasons for higher rankings than other characters tends to be one or more of the following: - The ability for a character to deal damage from random hits effectively. - The average combo damage of a character. - A characters' ability to control space. - "Risk vs. Reward" being in rewards' favor heavily for mix-ups, or damage dealing. - A glitch, or property that gives them an advantage over other characters. - Having a Potemkin Buster. As a general disclaimer, tiers are not the end all of skill. The person playing the character and their ability with that character generally plays a greater role than tiers alone. Combining numerous lists with each other, and averaging top player opinions into a group, here are the most recent tiers. Previous lists will be slightly greyed out so they can still be read, but not prominent. Arcadia Pre-SBO Issue (April) 05/06/10 S: ED, TE A: MI B: MA, PO, JA, SL C: SO, KY, CH, FA, BA, AX, AN, VE, DI, IN, ZA, RO, AB, OS D: JO, BR Ogawa's Opinion; 11/01/08 S: Eddie A+: Testament, Jam, Slayer A: Millia, May, Baiken A-: Potemkin, Aba, Chipp, Sol, Venom, Robo-Ky, Order Sol B+: Axl, Anji, Dizzy, Faust, Ky, I-No, Zappa, Bridget B-: Johnny As originally printed in the May 2008 issue of Tougeki Damashi magazine: S:Eddie, Testament A: Potemkin, Baiken, Jam, Slayer B: May, Axl, Venom C: Sol, Ky, Millia, Faust, Anji, Dizzy, Zappa, Robo-Ky, ABA, Order-Sol D: Chipp, Johnny, I-No, Buri **Note: Horizontal ordering does not indicate higher or lower rankings within each tier. 6/01/07~7/22/07 S: Testament, Eddie, Slayer A: Baiken, Potemkin, Jam, May, Millia B: Axl, A.B.A, Zappa, Robo-Ky, Order-Sol, Faust, Venom C: Sol, Ky, Dizzy, Chipp, I-no D: Anji, Bridget, Johnny - CURRENT TIERS AS OF 6/25/07 as listed by top Japanese players. [credit to Zakuta Asura] Woshige's list: S. Testament, Eddie, Baiken, Potemkin A. Slayer, Jam, May B. Millia, Axl, Zappa, Robo-Ky C. Sol, Ky, Chipp, Order Sol, ABA, Faust, Venom, Dizzy, I-No D. Bridget, Johnny, Anji N-Otoko's list: S: Eddie > Testament >>> Baiken >> Slayer >>> Millia > Potemkin A: Jam >> Axl > ABA > Faust B: May, Robo-Ky, Zappa > Venom, Order Sol, Dizzy C: Sol, Ky, I-No, Chipp D: Bridget > Johnny >> Anji Koichi's list: Strong Characters: Eddie, Testament Stupid Characters: Potemkin, May, Slayer, ABA, Jam Good Characters: Baiken, Ky, Sol, Millia, Axl, Venom, Order Sol, Zappa Lesser Characters: Faust, Chipp, Dizzy, Robo-Ky, Anji CRAP CHARACTERS: I-No, Johnny, Bridget