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Found 5 results

  1. Different from past video threads, this will refer to the amazing blazblue video databases for Relius matches. However, if you see or make a combo video or tutorial. Reply to this thread and I'll be sure to add it to the post. Matches Blazblue Central Fiction: http://bb-keeponrockin.rhcloud.com/?character1=rl&version=CF (alt JP database) Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend: http://bb-keeponrockin.rhcloud.com/?character1=rl&version=CPEX (alt JP database) Combo Videos Tutorials
  2. The mad puppeteer and his wife is back with new moves in Central Fiction. Loketests are over and the game is now out in arcades. Loketest thread is >here< Let's discuss about the gameplay of Relius Clover.
  3. Where is X information about Relius? This thread is to point people in the right direction to where to find information depending on the game version. Unless a Q&A thread was created, questions about the character should be asked in the gameplay thread and we will be happy to answer. You can also message me if there is anything missing or comments about the subforum! [Discord] Discord is a very light message and voice application on which we discuss on various topics each in their own channels. Join us to discuss about Relius topics! The link to the invite is here: https://discord.gg/0nnb4SWS418cy4cz [CF] Relius Clover Video Thread Relius Clover Gameplay Discussion Relius wiki (Not yet complete) [CPEX] Relius Clover Video Thread Relius Clover Combo Thread Relius Clover Q&A Thread Relius Netplay, Critique, and Self-Improvement Thread Relius Clover Gameplay Discussion Relius Wiki [CP1.1] Intermediate Relius Clover Tutorial CP 1.1: Basic Set-ups and Combos
  4. BBCPEX Newer matches of BBCPEX matches are gathered at the current blazblue matches database. Here If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Relius appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available please list with it. Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of videos only. Dates in Red are PS3 Matches. Format: [mm/dd/yyyy] Relius Player (RE) vs. Hakumen (HK) Notable Players CPEX RYO Mokemoke Mabukapu Kyuu Matches Vs. Vs. Vs. [10/28/2014] TORI (RE) vs. RAN (AZ) [12/13/2014] Sasaki (RE) vs. Poko (AZ) [01/16/2015] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Akashi (AZ) [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. (AZ) Vs. [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. (BG) [12/13/2014] Sasaki (RE) vs. Ikegami (BG) [FT10] Vs. [10/12/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. 0 (BU) [11/28/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Benri (BU) [11/28/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Meri (BU) [11/28/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Uido (BU) [12/31/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Kurenai (BU) Vs. [10/12/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Dio (CA) [01/09/2015] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Mizuki (CA) [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. (CA) [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. (CA) Vs. [10/13/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Minami (CE) [10/13/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Minami (CE) [10/28/2014] TORI (RE) vs. Ruku (CE) [11/08/2014] Mokemoke(RE) vs. ronitta (CE) [11/18/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. (CE) Vs. [11/07/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Hayashi (KG) [12/05/2014] kirabi (RE) vs. Hayashi (KG) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. (KG) [12/31/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Hayashi (KG) Vs. [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (HK) [11/18/2014] (RE) vs. (HK) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. Poropiccho (HK) Vs. [10/09/2014] Mabukapu(RE) vs. Nameless(HZ) [10/09/2014] Mabukapu(RE) vs. Nameless(HZ) [11/14/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Mitsurugi (HZ) [11/14/2014] (RE) vs. Mitsurugi (HZ) [11/15/2014] (RE) vs. (HZ) [11/18/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Junia (HZ) [12/13/2014] Dodorio (RE) vs. Maru (HZ) [3 matches] [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. J Anson (HZ) [02/02/2014] Mokemoke (RE) vs. Shurinton (HZ) [33 minutes] Vs. [10/13/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Koichi (IZ) [11/03/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Koreru (IZ) [FT5] [11/08/2014] Mokemoke(RE) vs. koreru (IZ) [11/14/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Koreru (IZ) [11/28/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Kogane (IZ) [12/05/2014] kirabi (RE) vs. koreru (IZ) [12/13/2014] Sasaki (RE) vs. Maru (HZ) [12/31/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Absol (IZ) [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. (IZ) Vs. [10/09/2014] Mabukapu(RE) vs. Nameless(JI) [10/09/2014] Mabukapu(RE) vs. (JI) [10/13/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Hayashi (JI) [FT5] [10/13/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Tetsuwo (JI) [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (JI) [11/03/2014] (RE) vs. Fenrich (JI) [11/14/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. RIN (JI) [11/15/2014] (RE) vs. (JI) [11/28/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Ryuusei (JI) [01/05/2015] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Ryuusei (JI) [FT5] [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. (JI) Vs. [11/18/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. O ni i (KO) [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. Matoi (KO) Vs. [10/10/2014] (RE) vs. (LA) [11/15/2014] (RE) vs. (LA) [01/19/2015] (RE) vs. (LA) Vs. [11/28/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Osaka (LI) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. Noahring (LI) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. Kikuchiyo (LI) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. Kikuchiyo (LI) [12/30/2014] (RE) x 5 vs. Kobayashi (LI) Vs. [10/10/2014] Mori (RE) vs. Goro (MK) [10/12/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Goro (MK) [12/05/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Goro (MK) [12/31/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Matsu (MK) [01/09/2015] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Goro (MK) Vs. [10/13/2014] RYO (RE) vs. HH (MU) Vs. [11/08/2014] Mokemoke(RE) vs. gaki (NO) [12/13/2014] Sasaki (RE) vs. Aimai (NO) [12/29/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Kouya (NO) [FT5] [03/22/2015] Mokemoke (RE) vs. (NO) Vs. [11/07/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Yoshiki (NU) [11/14/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Eight (NU) [11/14/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Kiyoshiki (NU) [11/21/2014] TORI (RE) vs. Gentarou(NU) [12/05/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Yoshiki (NU) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. (NU) [03/22/2015] RYO (RE) vs. Minato Kagura (NU) [03/22/2015] Mokemoke (RE) vs.Minato Kagura (NU) Vs. [11/03/2014] (RE) vs. Yumekami (PL) [11/03/2014] (RE) vs. Yumekami (PL) [12/13/2014] Sasaki (RE) vs. Inu (PL) [FT5] Vs. [12/13/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Momoiro (RA) [03/22/2015] Mokemoke (RE) vs. N-Otoko (RC) Vs. [10/09/2014] Mabukapu(RE) vs. Rocha (RG) [10/13/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Toru (RG) [FT5] [10/28/2014] TORI (RE) vs. Sousuke (RG) [11/07/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. nanashi (RG) Vs. Vs. [10/10/2014] Mori (RE) vs. Sadi (TG) [11/04/2014] QCK (RE) vs. wafuta (TG) [11/04/2014] Setsuna (RE) vs. wafuta (TG) [11/07/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Yamashiro (TG) [11/08/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Grants (TG) [11/18/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Barell (TG) [06/25/2015] Hage (TG) VS Kuron (RE) FT5 Vs. [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (TA) [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (TA) [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (TA) [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (TA) [10/15/2014] (RE) vs. (TA) [12/13/2014] Sasaki (RE) vs. Shi (TA) [12/13/2014] Dodorio (RE) vs. Shi (TA) [12/08/2014] (RE) vs. (TA) [01/19/2015] Kyuu (RE) vs. (TA) Vs. [10/09/2014] Mabukapu(RE) vs. Rocha (TE) Vs. [10/13/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Konan (TS) [11/10/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Kuresu (TS) [FT5] [01/02/2015] Mabukapu (RE) vs. yurichan (TS) Vs. [10/10/2014] (RE) vs. (VK) [11/14/2014] (RE) vs. Jasu (VK) [11/15/2014] RYO (RE) vs. Uma No Hone (VK) [11/18/2014] Mabukapu (RE) vs. Yasuda (VK) Challenge Mode Combos - Combo Videos 2.0 [11/14/2014] BBCP2 Relius Clover Combos [04/25/2015] BBCPEX Relius Combo Movie by ashibi Stream Archives http://www.twitch.tv...996?t=11h39m50s - Mabukapu on Day 1
  5. This is more for players a little familiar with him already. To more experienced Relius players there may not be much here for you besides a few set-ups you might not have known. Eventually I'll make a video series to help explain concepts better, but for now this is my intermediate guide to Relius Clover please enjoy. General[collapse] Relius is a very solid character with all the tools needed to fight pretty much the entire cast. Very good buttons, solid movement options, a doll with extremely great space control, and a very oppressive offensive approach, make him a bit overwhelming to those not familiar with the match-up. The first step to learning Relius is to understand basic blazblue movement options. Understanding your different jump arcs, utilizing barrier, and air-dashes correctly to compliment your tools is important. If you already understand how to move with a blazblue character, the biggest hurdle for anyone learning Relius is learning how to use the doll in tandem in neutral. Although the doll attempts to follow Relius, if she is moved to a different spot on the screen and you do an action with her, she will perform the action in her current location. This is an important concept to understand, as most match-ups require you to use her to cover your approach. Although Relius has very good normals, Ignis compliments them extremely well, so understanding the spacing for both of their tools is a must. It's also crucial to note that Relius is a training mode character. Your strings and set-ups, when done correctly, are virtually unmashable, so it's important that they're done right. Relius players seem to fail in two locations more than any, the first being neutral with the doll, and the second being doll managemant. Understanding how much doll meter a set-up will cost, how much your combos will cost and making quick decisions to maximize damage & get the set-up you want/need-- is important to keep your offense scary. His combos are easy and straight forward with few adjustments being made from character to character, if any. Even though Relius has a lot of combo choices, there are many points during his combos where you can take a breath and decide what combo route you want; whether the situtation needs to save doll meter, go for a specific set-up, or an adjust in positioning. Ideally, the combo choice is made before you get the hit, as well as your next mix-up choice if you don't. It's important to plan ahead and keep your strings varied, so that you don't auto-pilot and become predictable. Relius has many ways to open people up, but once the opponent is familiar with his many mix-up options, just like any other character you'll have to condition a strong player to really get any results. Again, this guide focuses on combo choice and set-ups, eventually I'll make a general guide, or add it here, but we'll see. [/collapse] Combo Theory[collapse] When choosing a combo thanks to how pretty much all combos work for Relius you have ample time to assess the situation and choose what's best. This is largely due to his BnB 2C>6C>Gad Leis. Pretty much every midscreen combo is going to go into this string that's optimized. It's after the Gad Leis where you make your combo choice. There are several strings you'll see over and over off different confirms. I'll talk about the combo routes and why you would choose X over Y. -5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B: This is the stable bread and butter and for the most part this is your go to. It's easy, does good damage, and wastes the least about of time so your doll stays alive. j.214B knockdown is also pretty good, on a correct guess on wake-up you get a 3K damage punish on forward or backward roll. -5C>2C>236C>214A: This combo route is also very important. It provides the most corner carry so if you really want corner this is the combo you'll use. -5C(1)>j.B>j.C>>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B: This is the side-switch combo as well as has the longest combo time. Generally you'll need a decent starter to be able to preform it. The obvious uses for this combo are of course to switch sides with your opponent, or to waste time for ignis to recharge if she's unsummoned or dead. -3C: The only reason to go for a 3C ender is if you don't have enough doll meter to continue the combo further, and you choose this route to desummon. --- Corner combo selection is of course very different. Your combo in the corner should be decided based on what knockdown you want next. You want to maximize damage output while still saving enough doll meter for the set-up you want. The set-up you want will vary from character to character, and how much doll meter remains. I'll make a section later in talking about the different set-ups. The three combos you'll be using in general with doll out in the corner cost from 30% to 20% to 10% so choosing a combo in the corner to preserve ignis is very easy. [/Collapse] Midscreen Dolless[collapse] Short Starters Combos Damage Meter Gain Ignis Guage Notes The combos with numbers in () for the doll section show the difference in doll meter spent whether she is already out or not. Her special moves cost more doll meter if she isn't already summoned. -2A>5B>3C>236C>214B DMG: 1729 MG: 12-00=+12 DOLL: 1K -2A>2B>3C>236C>214B DMG: 1600 MG: 11-00=+11 DOLL: 1K -j.AxN>j.B>5B>5C>3C>236C>214B DMG: 1700 MG: 12-00=+12 DOLL: 1K -j.AxN>j.B>5B>6B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 1800 MG: 13-00=+13 DOLL: 1K -B+C>236C>214B DMG: 2156 MG: 15-00=+15 DOLL: 1K -jB+C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3017 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 1K Normal Starters -5B>5C>3C>236C>214B DMG: 2388 MG: 17-00=+17 DOLL: 1K -5B>5C>6C>214A>5B>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3402 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 4K Crouching only -5B>5C>3C>236C>214A>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3807 MG: 27-00=+27 DOLL: 2K If closer to corner 5B(CH)>6C>236C>214B DMG: 2180 MG: 15-00=+15 DOLL: 1K -6B>5A>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 1884 MG: 13-00=+13 DOLL: 1K -6B>5A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2489 MG: 17-00=+17 DOLL: 1K -6B>j.B>j.C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2906 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1K -6B>j.B>j.C>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B 6B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2870 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1K 6B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2650 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1K 6B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 2897 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1K -6A>236C>214B DMG: 1655 MG: 11-00=+11 DOLL: 1K -214A>IAD>J.B>j.C>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3069 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 4325 (5325) -214A>2B>5B>6D>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2930 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 4325 (5325) -214B>IAD>j.B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3298 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 3825 (5325) -214C>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3755 MG: 26-00=+26 DOLL: 3825 (5825) -2C(CH)>214A>2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3244 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 4325 (5325) -2C(CH)>214A>2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 3141 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 4325 (5325) -2C(CH)>214A>2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2837 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 3325 (4325) -2C(CH)>214A>2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>J.236C>2C>236C DMG: 3094 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 3325 (4325) If closer to corner -2C(CH)>214A>2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3249 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 4325 (5325) -2C(CH)>5D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3069 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 2325 -2C(CH)>5D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2937 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 2325 -2C(CH)>5D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2546 MG: 18-00=+18 DOLL: 1325 -2C(CH)>5D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>J.236C>2C>236C DMG: 2874 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1325 -2C(CH)>5D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3080 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 2325 3C(CH)>J.C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3363 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 1K 3C(CH)>J.C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 3142 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 1K 3C(CH)>J.C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3390 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 1K 6C(CH)>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3317 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 1K 6C(CH)>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2954 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 1K 6C(CH)>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3337 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 1K 6C(CH)>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3379 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3K (4K) 214A(CH)>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3035 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 4325 (5325) 214B(CH)>2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.CD>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3219 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 3825 (5325) Anti-air Short Starters -5A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2780 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1K -5A>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 1882 MG: 13-00=+13 DOLL: 1K Anti-air Normal Starters -2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 2938 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 1K -2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2915 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1K -2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2664 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1K -2C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2657 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 3K (4K) -2C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3343 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3K (4K) -2C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 3138 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 3K (4K) -2C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3355 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3K -4K) -2C(CH)>5D>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3050 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 1K -2C(CH)>5D>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2830 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1K -2C(CH)>5D>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3078 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 1K -214B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3320 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 2500 (4K) -214C(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3737 MG: 26-00=+26 DOLL: 2500 (4500) Air to Air Short Starters -j.AxN>j.B>j.AxN>j.B>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 1500 MG: 10-00=+10 DOLL: 1K -j.AxN>j.B>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 1650 MG: 11-00=+11 DOLL: 1K If you catch air to air on IAD and low enough to the ground Air to Air Normal Starters -j.B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2740 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1K -j.B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2520 MG: 18-00=+18 DOLL: 1K -j.B(CH)>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 2768 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1K -j.B(CH)>5A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2360 MG: 16-00=+16 DOLL: 1K -j.B(CH)>5A>6B>j.B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 1755 MG: 12-00=+12 DOLL: 1K [/collapse] Midscreen Metered Dolless[collapse] Normal Starters -5B>3C>236C>RC>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3959 MG: 17-50=-33 DOLL: 1K -5B>5C>3C>632146D DMG: 2994 MG: 11-50=-39 DOLL: 1K -5B>5C>3C>236C>214A>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C>632146D DMG: 4842 MG: 27-50=-23 DOLL: 3K -5B(CH)>6C>236C>RC>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3326 MG: 14-50=-36 DOLL: 1K -3C(CH)>CT>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 4131 MG: 16-25=-9 DOLL: 1K -3C(CH)>CT>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C>632146D DMG: 4350 MG: 16-75=-59 DOLL: 1K -6C(CH)>CT>5B>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3945 MG: 15-25=-10 DOLL: 1K Throw Starters -B+C>632146D DMG: 2702 MG: 10-50=-40 DOLL: 1K -jB+C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C>632146D DMG: 3553 MG: 17-50=-33 DOLL: 1K 100 Meter Midscreen Dolless -5B>3C>236C>RC>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C>632146D DMG: 4232 MG: 14-100=-86 DOLL: 1K -5B>5C>3C>236C>214A>22C>RC>632146D -5B>3C>214214D -2C(AACH)>5D>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A>22C>RC>632146D DMG: 3982 MG: 21-100=-79 DOLL: 2K -3C(CH)>J.C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A>22C>RC>632146D DMG: 4294 MG: 23-100=-77 DOLL: 2K -2C(AACH)>2C>214214D [/collapse] Midscreen Doll only[collapse] Short Starters -2A>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>236C>214B DMG: 2324 MG: 16-00=+16 DOLL: 2325 -B+C>6D>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3076 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 2325 -B+C>6D>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2214 MG: 15-00=+15 DOLL: 1325 Normal Starters -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3428 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 2325 Can 5B>6D in order to dash into 3C range -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 3241 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 2325 -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2693 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1325 -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>J.236C>2C>236C DMG: 3155 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 1325 -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 3446 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 2325 -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>236C>214A>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3618 MG: 25-00=+25 DOLL: 3325 if too far to go for 6B>j.236C route but closer to corner -j.B>j.C>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2833 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 2325 -j.B>j.C>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2714 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 2325 -j.B>j.C>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2367 MG: 17-00=+17 DOLL: 1325 -j.B>j.C>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>J.236C>2C>236C DMG: 2659 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1325 -j.B>j.C>5B>3C>6D>2C>236C>214A>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3618 MG: 25-00=+25 DOLL: 3325 -2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 2940 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 2325 -2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2798 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 2325 -2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2380 MG: 17-00=+17 DOLL: 2325 -2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>J.236C>2C>236C DMG: 2734 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 2325 -2B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>6B>J.B>J.B>j.C>J.236C>j.214B DMG: 2954 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 2325 -2B>5B>3C>6D>2C>236C>214A>5B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3087 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 3325 -j.2D>j.B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3207 MG: 22-00=22 DOLL: 3325 -j.2D>j.B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 3074 MG: 22-00=22 DOLL: 3325 -j.2D>j.B>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2670 MG: 19-00=19 DOLL: 2325 -6A>6D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3024 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 3650 -6A>6D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A DMG: 2905 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 3650 -6A>6D>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>J.236C>2C>236C DMG: 2850 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 2650 Metered Midscreen Doll Only -j.B>j.C>6B>j.B>j.236C>RC>66j.D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C DMG: 2585 MG: 12-50=-38 DOLL: X This combo refills your doll meter to full -j.2D>j.B>6B>j.B>j.236C>RC>66j.D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C DMG: 2922 MG: 14-50=-36 DOLL: 1K -6A>6D>CT>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B DMG: 3667 MG: 14-25=-11 DOLL: 3650 -6A>6D>CT>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3197 MG: 11-25=-14 DOLL: 2650 -6A>6D>CT>5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C>632146D DMG: 4232 MG: 11-75=-64 DOLL: 3659 -5B>3C>6D>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A>22C>RC>632146D DMG: 4374 MG: 23-100=-77 DOLL: 3325 -B+C>6D>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C>214A>22C>RC>632146D DMG: 4005 MG: 21-100=-79 DOLL: 3325 [/collapse] Corner[collapse] Short Starters 2A>5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>4D>3C DMG: 3321 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 3K 2A>5B>3C>236C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 2941 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 2K 2A>5B>3C>236C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 2703 MG: 19-00=+19 DOLL: 1K -B+C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>4D>3C DMG: 3729 MG: 26-00=+26 DOLL: 3K -B+C>236C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3352 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 2K -B+C>236C>214A>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3116 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 1K Normal Starters -j.B>j.C>5B>6B>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5C>2C>236C DMG: 2593 MG: 18-00=+18 DOLL: -- -5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 4390 MG: 31-00=+31 DOLL: 3K 30% doll meter and highest damage off standard confirms -5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 4063 MG: 29-00=+29 DOLL: 2K 20% doll meter 5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3855 MG: 27-00=+27 DOLL: 1K 10% doll meter, may drop if too prorated/not low enough after gad leis -2B>5C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3689 MG: 26-00=+26 DOLL: 3K -2B>5C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3424 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 2K -2B>5C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3255 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 1K -j.B>j.C>5B>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3428 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3K -j.B>j.C>5B>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3195 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 2K -j.B>j.C>5B>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3048 MG: 21-00=+21 DOLL: 1K 3C is kind of hard to land -j.B>j.C>5B>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>22A DMG: 2863 MG: 20-00=+20 DOLL: 1K Much more consistent ender off this starter -6A>6D>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3676 MG: 26-00=+26 DOLL: 4325 -6A>6D>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3444 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3325 -6A>6D>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3294 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 2325 -j.C>j.2D>j.B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3620 MG: 25-00=+25 DOLL: 4K -j.C>j.2D>j.B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3406 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3K -j.C>j.2D>j.B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3271 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 2K -3C>6D>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3775 MG: 27-00=+27 DOLL: 4325 -3C>6D>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3553 MG: 25-00=+25 DOLL: 3325 -3C>6D>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3412 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 2325 -214C>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 4573 MG: 32-00=+32 DOLL: 4500 (6500) -214C>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 4288 MG: 30-00=+30 DOLL: 3500 (5500) -214C>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 4107 MG: 29-00=+29 DOLL: 2500 (4500) -236D+j.C>5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3639 MG: 26-00=+26 DOLL: 4500 (6500) -236D+j.C>5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3438 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 3500 (5500) -236D+j.C>5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3314 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 2500 (4500) -6C>214A>2C>236C>214>5C(1)>j.C>j.214B>j.B>2C>22A DMG: 4162 MG: 29-00=+29 DOLL: 4K (5K) Anti-Air Normal Starters 2C(CH)>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3817 MG: 27-00=+27 DOLL: 3K 2C(CH)>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3558 MG: 25-00=+25 DOLL: 2K 2C(CH)>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3391 MG: 24-00=+24 DOLL: 1K j.B(CH)>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3507 MG: 25-00=+25 DOLL: 3K j.B(CH)>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 3248 MG: 23-00=+23 DOLL: 2K j.B(CH)>2C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>Gad Leis>3C DMG: 3081 MG: 22-00=+22 DOLL: 1K Air to Air Short Staters -J.AxN>j.B>j.AxN>j.B>j.236C>j.214A>j.C>2C>6C>4D>3C DMG: 1800 MG: 13-00=+13 DOLL: 2K Metered Corner -j.B>j.C>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>CT>3C DMG: 3157 MG: 20-25=-5 DOLL: 1K Ensures 3C knockdown on more prorated confirms -Anything N starter>236C>RC>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214B Doll Refill combo -Anything N starter>236C>RC>2C>6C>Gad Leis>6B>j.236C>3C Doll Refill with 3C knockdown -6A>6D>CT>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C DMG: 4319 MG: 17-25=-8 DOLL: 4325 -5B>236C>214A>CT>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C>632146D DMG: 6158 MG: 22-75=-53 DOLL: 4K -3C(CH)>j.C>2C>6C>CT>5C>j.B>j.C>j.236C>j.214A>j.C>5C>4D>3C DMG: 3943 MG: 19-25=-6 DOLL: 2K Dolless for the most part, also sweg -3C(CH)>CT>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.C>j.236C>j.214B>j.B>2C>6C>Gad Leis>5B>4D>3C>632146D DMG: 5946 MG: 20-75=-55 DOLL: 4K -5B>3C>236C>214A>5C(1)>j.B>j.C>j.236C>2C>6C>22A>4D>2363214C>6C>632146D DMG: 5231 MG: 26-100=-74 DOLL: 3K You can always dump meter after 3C in any of the previous combos but this combo just sets it up a little easier. It does slightly less damage though. [/collapse] Basic Set-ups and Strings[collapse] Naturally, these aren't your only options but more of a base that you can try to grow from. Once you have a grasp of these strings you can start to build your offense around them, and get creative. © = Continue: Which is just stating that you've opened up your options again to do whatever string you want, or even the same string. I recommend taking these strings to training mode, setting ignis to infinite and doing them over and over on a dummy on block all. This will help you get the strings down into muscle memory, as well as test if you're doing it right. If you're doing it right you should be getting guard bonus. Another sure fire way to see if you're doing it right, your strings should actually auto-combo on hit. 5B>3C>6D>j.B>© How to perform: after 3C, you are inputting 9D, then j.B just as you are about to land to the ground. This string is very tight, relatively unmashable. Using this string is for positioning, but also mix-up can come in at various points of the string. -6D>IADj.B>j.C> This works very well when the opponent is conditioned to respect. It definitely surprises people. -j.B>Dash-jump>j.2D>j.B> This string is very different. You're supposed to buffer the dash on the j.B and then depending on how long you dash you will end up on either side. Additionally there is a specific time you need to press the j.2D. Too early and it's not really a mix-up, too late and you can't get j.B to connect afterwards. I flicker barrier to help with timing. -6D>B+C Empty jump throw is a strong set-up, especially within tandom with delay IAD j.B>j.C. This also allows you to incorporate TRM mix-up into your game. -6D>2B>5B>3C Empty jump low is really mashable in this string, and if people are expecting the throw and they don't OS tech you'll get thrown out of it, but it's still a good option. 5B>3C>2D>© How to preform: You press 3D almost immediately after pressing 3C and then jump. This string is a bit more expensive, but without a reversal the mix-up is truly unmashable. One note, don't ever do it versus Haku-men -2D>IADj.B>j.C> -2D>2B>5B>3C> -2D>j.C> This string is to stop mashing for characters that can; Ragna, Noel, Jin, and others with some kind of reversal they could try to do here. You press j.C so it would hit them inbetween both hits of 2D. -2D>6A>236C> Corner only; this is a riskier mix-up because Ignis can not do another action so soon after performing 2D so you can't hit-confirm with 6D. Most of the time you can still protect yourself on block with 6D but you have to time it right. 3C>6D>j.B>3C© This string is good when your opponent is barrier blocking because it keeps you close. It's also the only string you can really do versus Haku-men because of 2D. This string will keep you safe from his counters besides Yuki-Kaze. It is also advisable to use this string primarily in the corner because it opens up your corner mix-up options. -j.B>9j.C>j.2D>j.B>3C> Corner only; this is a fuzzy guard set-up and the 50/50 to this is to just continue the string as normal. Relius's only truly unreactable mix-up tool. In order to do it you have to j.B deep enough that a rising j.C will hit their standing hurtbox, but not too deep that you land before you can double jump. It's also important to note that this string doesn't work on every character, or is very difficult on a few. [/collapse] Midscreen Knockdowns[collapse] j.214B j.214B knockdown is very good as not only do you get good damage out of it you have a reliable way to punish back-roll or forward roll and keep yourself safe on their wake-up. -66>6D>j.B This set-up is primarly used to punish back-roll and go straight into 2C>6C. However it also crosses up dp inputs if they neutral tech. If they delay tech well you can still meaty with whatever. Loses to forward roll -66>5B>2C You need to run in so that you're about a character space away and they haven't teched yet, immediately pressing 2C after 5B will get a very good punish on forward roll. You want to press it so that if 5B whiffs, 2C won't come out. If they delay tech the set-up you can still actually meaty with 5B or 6D because 5B has no recovery. Loses to back-roll and quick-getup on smaller hurtboxes. -66>2B>2C This will catch quick get up and works roughly the same as 5B>2C, but on whiff if they delay teched you have to meaty with 6D because 2B has a little more recovery. -j.66>j.C>2C>236C Pretty good if you're closer to the corner. Shuts down all wake-up options and pushes them straight into the corner for a 6D meaty, very cost efficient route. -6D>1A+B> If you think they're going to respect you can wait and meaty with 6D then approach. This won't catch any rolls. 3C Generally you'll see 3C knockdown if you don't have doll and need to summon, or you're midscreen and have to unsummon early during a combo. Sometimes good for positioning Summon- 5D>6D>j.B Good for side switch if you mashed out of the corner or something, also crosses up dps etc. -9>j.D>j.B Safe-Jumps and catches forward roll and no tech for a new combo or continuation of a combo. Loses to back-roll but it's very, very easy to chase with a dash 5B before they can really do anything, and they're closer to the corner. This works the same for summon and unsummon. -5D>2B>2C Again, this will actually beat any late get-up options besides delayed tech. If they instant tech you'll have to meaty with 6D if you still have doll out. If you did a long combo you can't get much off this so unadvised. -214C> You can do this set-up and it works well to side switch, but it's a little fickle at certain distances/timings because the opponent can sometimes roll under it, but not away. You get a IAD back, J.B, or empty jump low 2B off this mix-up and side switch. [/collapse] Corner Knockdown[Collapse] 4D>Back-Step -236D>j.C> If you activate 236D right after they bounce off the wall and they instantly neutral tech when they hit the ground j.C will unblockable them. If they have a reversal you can air back-dash after jumping forward instead and if they dp or whatever, it'll actually whiff the doll as well so they can't RC. This set-up loses to delay tech, but to beat delay tech, all you have to do is activate 236D once they hit the floor. -Backstep>214C> For the 214C set-up not to blue beat and for you to get all 3 hits you have to back-dash twice, and then wait for ignis to arrive next to relius, not in front of him, then activate it. You have to do it as SOON as she arrives next to you or it's not tight. This set-up is primarily used for characters who have some kind of reversal that pushes you back, or moves them forward; Kagura, Kokonoe, Rachel, Haku-men, and a few others. Off this set-up you can go for IADj.B>j.C> or empty jump 2B, as well as empty jump 6A. The catch being you can't confirm it with 6D so you have to do 236C which makes it a bit riskier, but good damage. -236236D> The blender, you get to be cute for like 5 seconds. When spaced correctly, they can't roll, generally you want to wait until just before or right when they tech to activate. 3C -214C> You have to wait for them to hit the ground after the 3C to get the set-up to not blue beat. It's also best if you're not directly in the corner when you land the 3C. Off this set-up you get the same mix-up as any 214C set-up. -6D>1A+B Taking a step-back to watch out for rolls and then dashing in with 6D covering you, you can meaty and then still block. 6D>1A+B> then you can kind of do whatever. Go straight into 3C pressure, overhead, wait throw, get creative. The set-up is good but not nearly as safe as 214C, but costs less. -9>j.D>j.B> Catches all rolls/quick-get up, and safe-jumps reversals. If they roll forward you can go into the side-switch combo. They can delay tech it which is the only real answer. You use this ender when you don't have enough doll meter for another set-up. 236C -6D>1A+B> -236D>j.C> Only if you are far back enough from the corner when you do 236C j.214B -j.B>9>j.B> 'Safe-jump' really hard to time it to properly safe-jump but will beat all non invuln mash and catch rolls/quick get up. -j.B>6D>1A+B> -j.B>8>j.C> For whatever reason it's easier to time and make a safe-jump it's also better for some chars like Kokonoe, or rachel, or any of those chars who have stuff that move them. 22A -214C Really shakey to do this, unless done right it's pretty easy to disrespect, you can't be directly in the corner. -6D>1A+B -5D>5B It's a way to desummon and it's still meaty too. [/collapse] I'll be adding more stuff here like character specific stuff and overdrive but I thought I'd finally get this thing I've been working on forever up on the forums. Feel free to ask questions or leave any comments below.