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Found 1 result

  1. Veteru

    [CT] Hakumen Thread

    http://img360.imageshack.us/img360/5082/hakugs7.jpg http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/5886/sspx0660we7.jpg http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/sspx0660we7.jpg/1/w1280.png http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/1830/sspx0659mc6.jpg Thanks to Baod for the awesome HQ images!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For anyone who doesn't know, here are the instructions to unlock Haku-Men -- Note that you need access to the system operator menu. From the menue choose "Screen Adjustment". 1. hold start for more than 5 seconds (coin sound) 2. button 4, right, button 2 (coin sound) 3. start, left, start, up, right, button 1 (coin sound) 4. left, down, right, button 1, start (new challenger sound) 5. if you succeed you will automatically exit screen adjustment, and it'll ask you, SPECIAL CONTENTS SAVE OK? say yes note: in my area, our BB cabinet buttons are laid out as 4, 1, 2, 3. It's probably that way for all cabinets (basically button setting B) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Move List Normals: 5A: 5F startup, +3 on block 5B: 10F startup, +0 on block 5C: 14F startup, -12 on block 5D: 7F startup, 12 "active frames" (Can catch the opponent's attack for 12 frames), Unblockable 6A: 11F startup, +2 on block 6B: 13F startup, -9 on block 6C: 17F startup, -14 on block 6D: 1F startup, 7 "active frames" (Can catch the opponent's attack for 7 frames), Unblockable 2A: 6F startup, +1 on block 2B: 9F startup, +2 on block 2C: 13F startup, -18 on block 2D: 1F startup, 7 "active frames" (Can catch the opponent's attack for 7 frames), Unblockable 3C: 9F startup, -16 on block JA: 7F startup JB: 10F startup JC: 14F startup JD: 1F startup, 9 "active frames" (Can catch the opponent's attack for 9 frames), Unblockable J2C: 11F startup Damage chart removed: Will be replacing with a frame data chart (Damage/prorates included) as soon as we can get support added for the table. Drive Move: Zanshin: A type of counter. If performed at the right moment, your opponent's attack will be negated, and Hakumen will retaliate. Does not work against throws. If used against projectiles, the counter will catch the projectile and the retaliatory attack will come out, but unless the opponent is near Hakumen, the opponent will not be damaged. Here is the difference between the counters: 5D: Vulnerable at the start, but has the longest "active" period of all the counters. Catches overheads and mid attacks. If successful, tosses the opponent behind you, dealing 1700 damage and giving you 1 star of meter. 2D: Active immediately. Catches mid and low attacks. If successful, tosses the opponent behind you, dealing 1020 damage and giving you 1 star of meter. 6D: Active immediately, but has a very short period of time it can catch attacks. If successful Haku-Men pushes the opponent (who goes into a special "spiral" falling animation, similar to Rachel's 5C~C), dealing 0 damage and building 0 meter. He has plenty of time to dash forward and still be able to combo. Easiest counter to use "on reaction" to an incoming attack. JD: Active immediately. Catches any attack that can hit you while airborn. If successful, tosses the opponent above and behind Haku-Men, dealing 1610 damage and giving you 1 star of meter. They can air tech before it is possible for you to hit them under normal circumstances (Haven't checked to see if it is possible to Rapid Cancel this move. If so, followup may be possible). Specials: Note, the number in parenthesis is the number of levels (or stars) required from his unique meter. There are 8 levels total. Guren: 236A(1): Lunges forward and thrusts with the hilt of his sword. Wallbounces opponents if they were airborn or knocked down. Doesn't launch standing opponents. Renka: 214B(2): Does a double kick combo which launches the opponent on either hit. The first hit is a low attack. Zantetsu: 41236C(3): Massive overhead slash for the first hit (must be blocked high), followed by a sweeping slash (must be blocked low). Appears to be safe on block, even if the opponent instant blocks. Kishuu: 623A(1): A command dash of sorts. Reportedly has upper body invincibility. Covers more distance than his normal dash, and can be cancelled into as a combo extender. Enma: After Kishuu, press A(1): Cancels the command dash into an uppercut. Launches opponents on hit, and can be jump cancelled on hit or block. Hotaru: j214C(2): A shoryuken of sorts (read: invincible special), with the restriction that it can only be performed in the air. He does a single upward kick that launches the opponent on hit. Appears to be safe on block if tigerknee'd (motion: 2147B). Resets his jump options (but does not give you an additional airdash). 11F startup, invincible from frame 1-14. Tsubaki: j214B(3): Downward sword slash which knocks down opponents on hit. Can be used as an air combo ender, to knock down the opponent, or tigerkneed (2147C) as a quick overhead. Supers: Shippuu: 632146C(4): Huge downward sword slash which releases a projectile wave. You can charge this move and it becomes unblockable -- however, you aren't invincible while charging, and the opponent can just jump over it. If you predict their jump, you could try releasing it at the exact moment their jump startup occurs, but that's a guess that isn't in your favor. This move can still be cancelled into other specials, as long as it hits/is blocked. The projectile wave deals signifigantly less damage than the initial hit of the super, but luckily the sword slash has great range so typically it's the part that connects. I haven't been able to get both hits to connect, I think the sword slash hitting might prevent the projectile wave from doing so. Yukikaze: 236236D(4): Counter super, doesn't work against low attacks Mugen: 214214B(8) -- Puts you into a special mode, your bar drains rapidly, but during this time you can perform unlimited specials/supers, until your bar runs out. Gives you a 20% damage bonus on all moves. Possibly increases the damage of Shippu by more than 20%. Disables roman cancel until the super ends. Meter drain does not stop during your superflash or the opponents. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMBOS! (And Combo Theory) I'm sure this is the section you've all been waiting for! I'll be updating this over the next couple days. First, lets discuss his basic chains: 5A -> (5A or 2A) 2A -> (5A or 2A) JA -> JA (can link into JB vs. airborn opponents as well... at least I think it's a link) 6A -> 6B ...That's it! That's all of the chain combos you get, with Haku-Men. Please note, that for 5A, 2A, and JA, the timing to chain out of them is slightly delayed. You have to chain during the recovery frames of your move (Can't chain during the active frames (i.e. can't chain immediately on hit)). Slightly tricky, if you're used to normal chains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Basic meterless combos: On normal hit, 6A links into another 6A, 5a/2a/5b/2b if close enough, or into 3C at any range. Damage is low because 6A prorates your damage significantly. 6A -> 3C = 1232 6A -> 6A -> 3C = 1395 6A -> 6A -> 6A -> 3C = 1517 (Tager only, or requires CH for other characters) On counterhit (CH), 6A combos to jC, which basically lets you perform any combo you want afterwards. CH 6A also combos to dash -> 6A again (in case you want to waste time with a slow 6A x3 combo to let your meter refill) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slightly more advanced combos: 2Ax2 -> 214B(2 hits) -> slight delay 236A -> 6C -> (optional 632146C).Damage is 2157(3684 with super). Notes about the combo: It works midscreen on most characters, but against smaller ones (Carl, Arakune, ?Litchi?) the 236A will miss. 2Ax2 -> 214B(1 hit) -> 236A -> 6C -> (optional 632146C): Damage is 1937(3973 with super). Cost is 3(7) stars. Works against everyone. Cost is 3(7) stars. (6A, 5B, 5C, or 2C) -> 623A~A (Kishuu -> Enma) -> jump -> falling jC, land 2C, sj2C (-> extra j2C if cornered) -> airdash j2C (-> can link multiple j2C if in the corner) -> (optional 214C knockdown). Works against everyone, all hits not in parenthesis will connect midscreen. Cost is 2(5) stars. Counterhit 5C or 2C combo (Either attack works on counterhit, 2C works against crouching opponents on normal hit, 5C works against airborn or downed opponents on normal hit) 5C/2C -> 41236C -> 5C -> (if you have a lot of meter, add another 41236C -> 5C) -> end with [236A -> 6C if far from corner] or [236A -> 2C -> j2C -> airdash j2C if cornered] Neutral(Forward) Throw -> 236A -> 6C (-> optional 632146C) basic 1 star throw combo that works on everyone midscreen. Neutral(Forward) Throw -> 236A -> dash -> 5B -> j2C -> airdash -> meaty jC as the opponent techs Note: Does very similar damage to the above 6C combo, but leaves you with better positioning / more time to get back on top of the opponent as they stand up. At the low height j2C is performed at, the opponent can't air tech and is forced to early ground tech or be OTG relaunched by your jC. Neutral(Forward) Throw -> [236A -> 623A -> 5C]xN -> 236A -> 6C. If you are too close to the corner, the 6C will not have time to connect. You can follow up with 5C instead for a knockdown, 2C into an aircombo, or 5C 236A which will usually make the opponent bounce over your head if you were very close to them (Can link another 5C after this). After you reach a certain proximity to the corner you can leave out the 623A and just use 236A -> walk forward -> 5C (Forward or back)Throw opponent into the corner -> 214B -> 5B -> j2C -> falling jC -> 2C -> sj2C -> j2C -> airdash [j2C]xN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More to come as it's found!