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Found 9 results

  1. [CF] Taokaka Gameplay Thread

    BlazBlue Central Fiction: Taokaka Gameplay Thread Any information you saw or discovered yourself about Tao's gameplay, share with us! ヽ(^‥^=ゞ)
  2. [CF] Taokaka Video Thread

    BlazBlue Central Fiction: Taokaka Video Thread Strictly for posting combo or gameplay videos of BBCF Taokaka! Start linking! (´。• ω •。`)
  3. [CF] Taokaka Combo Thread

    BlazBlue Central Fiction: Taokaka Combo Thread Starting the thread for BBCF Taokaka combos! Her combo routes have changed a lot since BBCP so please share your knowledge so other players can get better!! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
  4. Jin vs Taokaka

    Discuss the Jin vs Taokaka matchup here. Taokaka and Jin perspectives welcome!
  5. Hey everyone, it's Rob from Metaversal Studios. I wanted to start this thread to let you know that we've been developing BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ and it will be released in the near future, starting out on the App Store. We've been working closely with Arc System Works and Aksys Games to create a quality BlazBlue mobile game that feels both like a card battler and a fighting game. I'll be posting more updates as we get closer to release so please let us know if you have any questions or feedback! Cheers! -Rob BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ Pre-Launch Trailer Info Developer: Metaversal Studios / Alliance Digital Media Platform: iOS (iPad) Price: Free (with Purchasable Card Packs) Description BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ is an officially licensed digital card game based on Arc System Works / Aksys Games popular 2D fighting game series, BlazBlue. Capturing the epic intensity of both card battlers, and fighting games, players can choose from 9 uniquely customizable fighters and unleash devastating attacks online, in real-time, against opponents around the world.BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ will be launching on the App Store soon and will be available for download on the iPad. Features • Deep card-based gameplay that captures the epic intensity of BlazBlue. • A roster of 9 fan-favorite BlazBlue fighters; Azrael, Bang, Hakumen, Hazama, Jin, Noel, Ragna, Tager, and Taokaka. • Collect cards that include; attacks, defenses, counters, projectiles, specials and more. • Customizable card decks for creating the ultimate BlazBlue fighter. • Real-time online battles and leaderboards. • Official artwork and music from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma™ • Free to play, with the option to purchase card packs to collect even more fighting moves. • Post-launch content updates including additional iconic BlazBlue fighters.
  6. Nu-13 vs Taokaka

    Discuss the match up here, any relevant information discussed in old posts will get carried over here.
  7. Hakumen VS Tao

    Discuss the Tao Hakumen matchup here. Both sides are encouraged to help out.
  8. Azrael vs Taokaka

    Discuss the Azrael vs Tao matchup here Video Database: Azrael Frame Data: Tao Frame Data: