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Found 1 result

  1. Original Post Translated Document Repost of translated document below Once again anything in italics are my own addons (@GREATFERNMAN) From: http://nage.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/08/13/183045 Hi, it's Nage. The topic of this report is "my GGXrd tier list". I will write about the details and important points of each character and what I think about it overall. I apologize as the preface will probably be long; after reading, I hope you will arrive at your own ideas. ■ Why I wrote this The biggest reason is that I wanted to try and see what would happen if I compiled my own thoughts (on all the characters). Conversely, one reason why I have not written about this yet was because I thought " I can't write all I want with Twitter's character limit. I want to use a picture and explain as well, and I don't l want to separate them into multiple tweets." These problems weren't an issue once I started my blog, and there was the added merit of "clearly establishing the fact that the information originated from me", so I wrote this. Also, really fun events like Arc Revo 2015, Toushin Gekitotsu and a-cho anniversary are coming up, so this could function as collection of information for people who don't play Guilty Gear but are watching it to reference, or as a way for people starting Guilty Gear to choose a character. In that manner, because of the various reasons... I am writing this. ■ Important Point When you get down to it, I'm a Faust player. I can't use every character, and this is just the opinion of one Faust player. This is just "me compiling my thoughts". I do not know every matchup in detail. However, I have watched strong players of each character, and have had many opportunities to play against said players; those is the foundation of my thoughts. ■ My Tier List It looks like this when compiled into a picture I thought of the grouping myself. There are also parts where I wrote more, so I apologize if it's hard to understand. ・Hard to use but the strongest characters: Millia, Zato →Elphelt, Faust and Sol are also considerably strong, but Millia and Zato's maximum potential control over the game is slightly higher in my opinion. It's not that they're by far the strongest. Because of their low defense and executional difficulty, the possibility of the momentum being snatched away because of one mistake is not low. They would have a high win rate over ten or twenty games, but in one or two games, it may be difficult ・Considerably strong: Elphelt, Faust, Sol →Elphelt's explosiveness in the corner is close to Millia and Zato's, but she has to get you to the corner from midscreen. She has strong hitboxes and an option to force the opponent to move (rifle), but she has to feel it out on her own, and she cannot prevent a 1v2 situation (she has to take risks). (Sorry I have no idea what Nage means by 1v2) Sol has excellent normals and specials, can turn the situation in his favor with an invincible move, and has explosiveness in the corner, but he has to work to get in. Faust has the strength of his suppressiveness, his mixup, pokes, and antiairs, but compared to the other four characters, he doesn't have as many opportunities to do that kind of damage. He also the "random factor". ・Sufficiently strong: many Bedman has his setplay and confusion of his 8 way dash from his float, and his defense is high. However, his hurtbox is big, and if he gets caught it's hard for him to get out. Ky has all the standard moves. His pokes, antiairs, and frame traps are excellent, and he can continue his offense with Dipper RC or Stunedge YRC. However, in this game where many characters are strong, it's hard to have to act without ever breaking your concentration. Ky is not deceptive. I wrote the above, but even when compared to characters like El, Sol and Faust, Ky is a good character. Sin's strength is the damage he gets from his pokes. He also can gain momentum with his backdash and dp. After doing big damage, the opponent has to deal with Sin's pokes and antiairs. Calorie gauge management, lack of strong jump-ins (he has an anti-antiair), and his trouble with small movements(more detailed space adjustment I think, not sure about this) seem difficult. May can engage in both zoning with her set projectiles, or the close ranged battle. Her backdash is also excellent at getting out. However, it seems easy for her to lose momentum even after establishing it. When she competes against other projectile characters by zoning she loses because of the rate at which she can shoot her projectiles, and she has to work hard to get in close; she seems to have tough situations. She covers this by having damage, setplay and strong jump-ins. With his corner okizeme, find me, teleport YRC, alpha blade, jump-ins, and supers, Chipp can dictate the pace of the match with his strong options. In spite of that, if the opponent gets him once it hurts, and he has many situations where he has trouble getting the knockdown midscreen. He also has to deal with whether or not the opponent will blitz more than other characters. Axl has strong pokes, and an invincible reversal for when the opponent gets in. He has strong moves to force the opponent to act in the mid to long range battle such as Rensen YRC and Haitaka(sparrowhawk stance). However, he has trouble opening up the opponent, Axl's pokes are strong, but he has to get close to open the opponent up with not-so-great options. He also has trouble following up after running away, and has a problem when the opponent forces him back. I-no's specialty is her explosiveness after she sets up an extremely hard to escape situation (her setplay). Even if the opponent doesn't get opened up, after I-no builds meter on her offense, she can continue her offense with her super or note/HCL YRC. However, I-no uses her meter in neutral to catch the opponent and she cannot continue her offense if she doesn't have meter, so she can be meter dependent. Her dash is a hover, so it's hard for her to adjust space. Venom's stronger neutral thanks to YRC, ability to push the opponent to the corner after a knockdown and setplay, ability to use the meter he built up in neutral even if the opponent gets out... these are his strengths at setting the pace of the match. However, no matter who the opponent is playing, Venom has to keep the game in neutral (furthermore, in a slugfest, Venom's strengths are hard to demonstrate), and in situations where he used his meter in neutral but then gets caught, he has trouble getting out. ・Characters that have destructive power off one attack: Leo, Ramlethal, Slayer, Potemkin Leo is the only character with a meterless reversal in this group, and he also has high damage, so he's a little stronger than the other three characters. His jump-ins and rushing move is strong, and he has many options to open up the opponent. He has two different projectiles to use, and has considerably strong pressure with his very active moves. He has trouble getting in, and while his mixup in stance is strong, he always has to take risks. I think that while the opponent cannot relax, Leo is limited by the fact that he too cannot relax. Ramlethal, Slayer and Potemkin each have their strengths (Ramlethal has high low setplay and the option to set or not set swords, Slayer has high damage, invincible jumps (presumably from bdc) and making the opponent whiff with dandy step, Potemkin has his high single hit damage and his decisive power in the corner), and they can use those to decide the match. However, compared to the other characters, I think that there are many situations where they get dominated in a matchup. Because of that, they have to take risks alot, and having a stable win rate is hard. Leo is close to them, so he seems like he's just hanging there (on the tier list picture) ■ Overall thoughts I think every character has strong points, and hard points that can become a challenge. They're all worth playing. ........ That was my tier list, that's about it. Thank you very much for reading up to now. Bye.