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Found 18 results

  1. Useful links: Most recent videos with the "bbcf" tag on Youtube and Nico Nico: "ハクメン (Haku-men)" tag on Nico Nico: Haku-men players ranking: BBCF Video database: Information: If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Haku-men appears in the video (using the '&t=xxx' format if necessary), and I'll update this post with that video. Dates are in written in MM/DD/YYYY format, by date. If no date is present, upload date will be used. Feedback is appreciated to improve the video thread. Feel free to report any mistake. Notable players: Camelia Chibaken Chin Ciel Film JUN Oka Poroppicho Tenchi Combo videos: Day 1 combos BBCF Hakumen Mugen changes Original Nico link Hakumen combos by Nikki Hakumen combos by Nikki (2) BBCF Neta Combo video "Russian Roulette" Original Nico link BBCF Haku-men combo video BBCF Hakumen Combos By Nikki Part 2 BBCF ハクメン 夢幻ネタコンボムービー「Clear Mind」 - Neta combo movie by Nikki Matches: Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. Hibiki: Vs. Izanami: Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. Naoto: Vs. Nine: Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Vs. : Back-up:
  2. This thread is for posting Central Fiction videos only. Any and all discussion should take place in the Video Discussion Thread. BBCP video links can be found here: Link Guidelines: To avoid unnecessary clutter, if someone posts 1 part of an event (e.g Tachikawa Random 3on3 Part 1), assume that they'll edit their post with the rest of the parts. This means don't quote and continue to add onto it because they will get to it especially if they are a regular uploader! When posting new videos, always put the source link to the video in your post. Netplay matches (when console releases) will go into it's own thread in the BBCF Online Play section, not here. Basically the same rules as Jourdal's previous Video threads
  3. BlazBlue Central Fiction: Taokaka Video Thread Strictly for posting combo or gameplay videos of BBCF Taokaka! Start linking! (´。• ω •。`)
  4. BlazBlue Central Fiction: Taokaka Combo Thread Starting the thread for BBCF Taokaka combos! Her combo routes have changed a lot since BBCP so please share your knowledge so other players can get better!! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
  5. Let's post video links here. Discussions should be done in a separate thread relevant to the subject (if you wanna discuss about combos shown in a video, then use the combo thread, etc).
  6. Kagura vs. Ragna Kagura vs. Ragna Kagura vs. Izanami Kagura vs. Lambda Kagura vs. Jin Kagura vs. Naoto Kagura vs. Izayoi Kagura vs. Azrael/Haku/Azrael/Makoto Kagura vs. Kagura Kagura vs. Azrael Kagura vs. Celica Kagura vs. Izanami/Hakumen/Lambda Kagura vs. Valkenhayn/Haku Kagura vs. Hakumen/Kagura/Lambda/Azrael Kagura vs. Hakumen/Lambda/Azrael Kagura vs. Hazama Kagura vs Azrael Kagura vs Hazama
  7. Gameplay thread is getting tough to find specific things in. Plus, we kinda need one of these. Sanma(SL) vs. Kazuki(MA)
  8. Post a videos of your matches for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on how to improve on gameplay. The more matches you post, the more help people can give on your gameplay and on matchups. Have on open mind when receiving suggestions, we're all only trying to help. Don't be shy. If you're having trouble, odds are someone else is having the same problem too.
  9. This is the BBCF Izanami Video Thread. Found a cool game-play video? Wanna share that awesome combo vid? Link it here and discuss!
  10. Given that a lot of links of the past thread don't work when clicking them, I (we) decided to do another one. The only problem is that I don't know where are the "thread images", so this is gonna be an ulgy and simple opening post. You can still use the links in the old thread if you paste them in another tab.
  11. Chip Damage and Games on Campus, is proud to present Manitoba's largest annual fighting game tournament! This is the one you've all been waiting for: all the games you love jammed into an action packed two day event at the University of Manitoba. This is a Bring Your Own Controller/Console event. Please feel free to bring your own setups, stations, or controllers. All ages welcome. Join us at the University of Manitoba, University Centre August 22nd and 23rd for That Summer Tournament X! THE GAMES AND SCHEDULE: ======================== Saturday: 1:00 pm - Under Night in Birth Exe Late 2:00 pm - Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- (Teams 2v2) 3:00 pm - Skullgirls Encore 4:00 pm - Ultra Street Fighter IV (Teams 2v2) 5:00 pm - Guilty Gear Accent Core XX +R 6:30 pm - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Teams 2v2 - Xbox 360) 7:00 pm - BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend (Teams 2v2) 7:00 pm - Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (Xbox 360) 8:00 pm - Mortal Kombat X (Teams 2v2) Sunday: 1:00 pm - King of Fighters XIII 2:00 pm - Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- 3:00 pm - Super Street Fighter II Turbo 4:00 pm - Ultra Street Fighter IV 4:00 pm - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 5:00 pm - Soulcalibur V 6:30 pm - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360) 7:00 pm - BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend 8:00 pm - Mortal Kombat X (PS4) Check out our Facebook event page for the most up to date details! ====================================== WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23, 2015. Tournaments start at 1:00 pm sharpy. Doors open at 12 noon. WHERE: University of Manitoba, Room 224 University Center HOW MUCH: $5 Registration. $10 Entry fee for each tournament. Spectating and casual play are free entry. If you have questions or comments, please leave us a message on Facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, feel free to email any questions or comments to PRIZES: Cash prizes with nothing taken from the pot entries. The pot is split among top 3 with a 70/20/10 ratio. TEAM TOURNAMENTS: A-cho Style Rules. Each player will face off with one of the opponents team members until all the members of a team are eliminated in a FT1 match. E.g. Team 1: A & B, Team 2: X & Y. A plays X, and B plays Y. If X and Y win their matches, they progress, but if X wins and B wins, X plays B and the victor's team goes through. Winner must stick with their character/team in the current set they're playing. (e.g. If X win and B win their matches, they cannot switch characters when they face each other). No additional character rules for team tournaments. Match format is FT1 all the way through to Grand Finals. CONSOLE: All tournaments are PS3 except for the following games: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting will be on Xbox 360. We will need volunteers for UMVC3 Xbox consoles. Mortal Kombat X is on PS4. RULES: Rules are standard for every game. Double elimination tournament brackets with best two out of three matches. Grand finals and Winners/Losers finals are three out of five. Winner keeps same character, loser may switch character. UMvC3 has the only exception of being 3/5 sets throughout the entire bracket. We follow the standard EVO rule set. This includes banned wireless controllers. This is a BRING YOUR OWN STICKS/CONTROLLER event. All games will be played on US Playstation 3 consoles unless otherwise noted. The console equipment will be labeled and registered to ensure its safety. However, please be careful with your sticks. Furthermore, if you know you’re attending and you do not have a stick to use, make sure you have a friend who can donate. For pad/PS2 stick players, we tend to have PS2 pads and/or converters around, but don't take this as confirmation of us having them there for you. Bring your own to be safe as opposed to being disqualified for not having a controller available at time to play. We cannot hold up the tournament for your convenience. See our full event rules here.
  12. Following the mod's request I am making the thread for idea's and speculation. Here is what is currently confirmed for Revelator: - Characters Coming in -Revelator- : Johnny, Jack-O (New Character) - Implementing a Beginner Mode ala BlazBlue's similar system - New Mechanic where you can spend your Burst to power up your OverDrive - New-ish stages, older stages getting slightly reworked - No release date or price for console port yet (copied from Layer) To open, do you guys think Jack-O will strictly be managing the pumpkins or do you think she will have a stance system with and without mask?
  13. The video clocks in at about 55 minutes so be sure to devote some time to watching it, as it is extremely well done. The audio is completely in Japanese but subtitles are hard-coded into the video. There is also a YouTube playlist without subtitles for those that don't mind and speak Japanese. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve with UNIEL be sure to check out the vid, share it, and let us know what you think in the comments! UNIEL Beginner's Workshop (Hardsubbed): Youtube Links (No Subtitles): Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: