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Found 33 results

  1. DaiDensetsu

    Venom's library of ball formations

    Hello everyone, I'm writing a new topic about ball sets and formations hoping to help any venom player or anyone trying venom. I post a new topic because the purpose of this one is not neccesarily practical but its theoretical with some application. The aim is finding actions after setting certain balls. Actually many players will be limited to one or two balls and get discouraged trying new variations. Here, I'll try to cover each set and subset of formations. The main problem for the venom player after setting is taking time to decide what to do with this ball. With this library or guide I'll try to give ideas how to use each ball so you it will be easier to use and of course to have fun. Notes: 1- The possibilites are countless, I can't cover everthing but I'll try to list some uses so you get an idea about the usage. 2- As I mentioned above, not everything is practical and actually its theoretical. The goal is to cover every possibilty whether being practical or not. 3- You will find ball locations and how to hit or manipulate them. Nothing too technical and everything is abstract as possible. 4- You can use your own ideas, there is no limit to your innovation. 5- I'll use certain symbols to describe the set of balls and you can always return to the notations. Notation: {X} - a full formation set of X ball X - Only X ball generated A:X or A,B:X - a subset of {X} including the X ball. A/X or A,B/X or A,B,C/X - a subset of {X} excluding the X ball. Immediate: Immediate action after set. Delayed: Action after delay (stopping, dashing ...etc). SA: Stinger Aim CR: Carcass Raid DHM: Double Head Morbid MS: Mad struggle
  2. The First Battle has successfully come and gone. Our Second Skirmish will take place on Nov 18th. Five dollar venue fee, cash prizes. It will be taking place at ABU Games. We will be running GGXrd, Tekken 7, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. You can sign up for all three if you would like. It will be bring your own controller (someone will probably let you bum theirs for your matches if you need it). Setups are at a premium, so we are not enforcing a standardized type. I suggest bringing both a Playstation and PC ready controller if you have one. And on that note, if you can and are willing to provide a setup for any of the tournament events please get in touch with me. Casuals start at 12PM, and the tournament starts at 1PM. You can pre-register at https://smash.gg/tournament/spudsport-unlimited-kumite-second-skirmish Dany has volunteered to stream this one as well, so if you can't make it and want to watch then tune in to www.twitch.tv/danyumehara. If you missed our first event you can check out the VOD at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyph9JX3I6HM_OTJMLHjv-A. ABU Games address: 7211 W Colonial St, Boise, ID 83709-0908, United States If things go well during these this event we'll plan out more at roughly the same time each month. Be sure to check back later for an update on what is in store for this event after Nov 18th.
  3. There is a new gaming venue in SoCal right next to Cal State Northridge call Worlds Collide. A e-sports tournament group call Dreamcatcher Gaming will be helping running/streaming this event also I will be helping. This event will be a weekly Thursday nights 8pm-2am and tournament should start 9:30 pm for all games.The venue is nice have 10 benq monitors for tournament use and ps4s setups. There is a parking in the shopping plaza and street parking if the plaza gets to packed. There are plenty places to eat. Address: 18110 Nordhoff St Suite C, Northridge, CA 91325 Venue Fee: $5 ( Venue fee can be reduced to $4 if you provide a setup P.S. currently need more UNIST setups) Entry: All games free to enter Contact: (818)-678-9712 Website: http://worldscollidegaming.com/ Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamcatchergaming Bracket : http://challonge.com/users/nostalgic91 18110 No The current line up right now will be Guilty Gear XRD Rev2 (PS4) Blazblue Central Fiction (PS4) Under Night in Birth EXE Late ST (PS4) Will be providing other gaming setups for casual use which include Chaos Code NSOC, Nitroplus Blasterz, GG+R, CVS2, Fate Unlimited Codes, GG Isuka ps2 port with brooks ps4/ps3 converter to ps2, Arcade Supergun which has Neo Geo Board sometimes my friends can bring a VSAV Cps2 board or 3rd Strike cps3 board. In the future Gundam Versus and Dragon Ball Fighter Z, or other anime/poverty games can be added if there is interest.
  4. Zerizum

    GA Weekly XRD nights / tournaments

    The Lab Gaming Center is a locally owned hub for gamers of all kinds! Come join us every Wednesday for out weekly [FLCL] Fight League Championship League nights. This event is open to all with an emphasis on 2D fighters. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 usually draws the most people. Occasionally, we try to hold 1$ entry pop-up tournaments if we get enough attendance. Door Fee: FREE! Tournament Entry Fee (if applicable): 1$ The Lab Gaming Center 1956 Duluth Hwy Suite B111, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
  5. shtkn

    XRD Matchup Directory

    Select characters to search for threads. If no threads are found, please create the thread and post in here that a you made a matchup thread (provide link) so we can update this first post. vs Select Characters Note to moderators:
  6. SDC

    Baiken episode cutscenes

    It's been a long time, but I'm so excited about Baiken I thought you guys might be too. Sorry about the quality, this was a spur of the moment decision. The very beginning moght be cut, my phone didn't record quick enough! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  7. Hey guys I am planning to do seasonal Saturday anime/poverty games tournaments at my local venue Game Realms. The venue is a game store similar to game stop which has video game setup area in the back of the store for tournaments/events. The store allows me to run this tournament from 6pm-2am on March 18th 2017. For places to eat their is a subway, pizza place, burger joint, and 7-11 walking distance near the store. As of right now the current setup I have right now is 8 asus/benq monitors, 4 crts, two ps4s, two ps3s, two ps2s (please bring ps2s stick I currently own two lol), one copy of each game I will be running, and one laptop for MB lol. It will be helpful if anyone can bring setup which can reduce your venue fee by $2. For parking there plenty of spaces back of the store or you can park on street. Date: March 18th, 2017 tournament hour: 6pm-2am Address: 137 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502 Phone: (818) 841-1545 Hours: · 10AM–9PM Venue Fee:$8 Discount Venue Fee:$6 with a console setup with game Stream : Game Realms https://www.twitch.tv/game_realms (XRDR or BBCF and GG+R) & Numakie https://m.twitch.tv/numakie (XRDR orBBCF, MBAACC, Mystery game, CVS2) Challonge Brackets: http://challonge.com/users/nostalgic91 For the current line up we have: 7 30pm: Guilty Gear XRD Revelator (PS4/PS3) & Blazblue Central Fiction (PS4) 9 00pm: Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code 1.07 (PC) & Mystery Game Tournament (top 3 will get prizes) 10 00pm: Capcom VS SNK 2 (PS2) 10 30pm: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (PS3) For any questions you can contact me on Dustloop or my twitter @nostalgic_91 For contact information of the store Twitter: @Game_Realms Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/294366090978025/
  8. DaiDensetsu

    Dizzy info/guide

    Hello everyone, I'll try to help anyone wanting to play Dizzy. I noticed that many people are discouraged to try Dizzy and think she is weak because of certain aspects like oki and give up trying the character and improving. One of the most fun things in games in general and fighting games in particular is discovery, trying and overcoming hardships. So don't give up on improving and discovering the character and your abilities. Generally, Dizzy is very mobile but her normals and specials are slow. You need to position yourself and use summons for attacking and defending. If you don't like being on the defensive sometimes, then you may not like the gameplay of the character. However, after some patience and calculated planning, you may get good rewards. In my opinion, Dizzy is interesting . You have many tools to deal with different situations and two types of each tool (ice and fire) and I believe the potential of Dizzy is big. I hope this topic helps by giving insight about what you can do. Its not possible to list everything but I'll put the things I found. General notes: 1- Try to hit every normal at exact ranges to reduce the disadvantage. 2- Information here are general. Playstyle is your choice, you can be offensive or defensive ...etc 3- Summons/actions combinations will give different results. I'll try to cover the different scenarios/combinations. 4- I'll use special and convenient names for specials. 5- Summons from the same group cannot be launched together and there is little cool down on some moves so you need to know the timing. (exception is pillars RC) 6- Fire and ice has different properties, generally ice is faster, fire is slower but safer with more variety and damage. Naming and notations: Bubbles: j.236P and j.236K Wheels: 236P and 236K Pillars: 236S and 236HS Fishes: 214X or j.214X, X is any button from P to D Missiles: 421S, 421HS Flame Overdrive: 632146S Mirror Overdrive: 632146P Laser Overdrive: 64641236HS
  9. GBDojo

    Gwinnett Brawl: December 2016

    Gwinnett Brawl is home to one of the premier fighting game events in Metro Atlanta. We welcome those who wish to compete against others in several of the most popular fighting game titles released. All are invited to participate in the tournaments or spectate the highly entertaining matches in person or online via stream! Here you'll find information in regards to the tournaments we host, cost of entry, schedule, registration site, rule set, and more! ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK: https://smash.gg/gb37 Registration for each game closes 30 minutes before that game's bracket begins. (e.g. Melee teams registration ends at 1:30. SF5 registration ends at 5:30.) Whether you sign-up online or in person, you must finish registration half an hour before your tournament starts. LINE-UP AND SCHEDULE: 12:00 PM: set-up and on-site registration begins 2:00 PM: Melee teams, Pokken 2:30 PM: The King of Fighters XIV (PS4) 3:00 PM: Melee singles, Smash 4 teams 4:00 PM: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev (PS4) 5:00 PM: Smash 4 singles, Marvel 3 (360) 6:00 PM: Street Fighter V (PS4) WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING LATE SIGN-UPS VIA PHONE OR FACEBOOK. You MUST get to the venue before the tournament starts in order to register at the door. If you register online, we will put you in the bracket even if you're late, but if you do not arrive by the end of the 1st round of the tournament, then you will be kicked down to the losers bracket. If you do not arrive by the end of the 1st round of losers, then you will be disqualified from the tournament altogether. STREAMS: twitch.tv/gbdojo - GGXrd, UMvC3 twitch.tv/datafgc - KOF, SF5 twitch.tv/sixfortyfive - Pokken, SSB4 twitch.tv/typohousegames - SSBM FOLLOW US: twitter.com/gbdojo for live updates youtube.com/gwinnettbrawl for stream archives COST OF ENTRY: $7 venue fee per player (can be waived; see info below) $5 entry fee per player per game Example: If you want to play in Smash 4 singles ($5), Smash 4 teams ($5), and Street Fighter ($5), then the total cost for you would be $22. If your venue fee is waived (see below), then it would be $15. "LONGEST TRIP" REWARD: We will waive the $7 venue fee for the driver who makes the longest trip to the Gwinnett Brawl venue. At registration, present your driver's license and the shortest Google Maps trip route from your home to the venue (either on your phone or on a print-out, with the total mileage clearly visible). The trip length must be at least 100 miles long in order to be eligible for a venue fee waiver. BRINGING A SETUP: If we need additional setups for any of the tournament games and if you can bring one for us, then we'll waive your $7 venue fee. A full setup includes: display, console, game, plus anything else needed to run it (e.g. a Gamecube controller adapter for Smash 4, a memory card for Melee, etc). You should also have all tournament-legal gameplay content available (unlockables/DLC). Our preferred displays for tournament play are LOW-LATENCY 1080p LCD COMPUTER MONITORS with HDMI input. We will accept any such monitor that is rated 10ms or lower by DisplayLag (displaylag.com/display-database) or by other reputable sites using the same test method (Leo Bodnar device, average measurement). HDTVs tend to lag more than computer monitors and are unlikely to be accepted unless we can verify that they meet this threshold. We have a lag testing device that we can use if you wish to have your display tested. For Melee, you should bring an SD CRT instead of an HDTV or monitor. PAYOUT STRUCTURE: The prize pool for each game is taken from the entry fees for that game and split among the winners based on the number of entrants for that game. * If 2-5 entrants: Winner takes all * If 6-13 entrants: Top 2 split (2/3 for 1st; 1/3 for 2nd) * If 14-29 entrants: Top 3 split (4/7 for 1st; 2/7 for 2nd; 1/7 for 3rd) * If 30-63 entrants: Top 4 split (8/15 for 1st; 4/15 for 2nd; 2/15 for 3rd; 1/15 for 4th) * If 64-131 entrants: Top 6 split (1/2 for 1st; 1/4 for 2nd; 1/8 for 3rd; 1/16 for 4th; 1/32 for 5th) * If 132 or more entrants: Top 8 split (16/33 for 1st; 8/33 for 2nd; 4/33 for 3rd; 2/33 for 4th; 1/33 for 5th; 1/66 for 7th) FYI: In team tournaments, "1 team" = "1 entrant." TOURNAMENT FORMAT AND RULES: A double elimination bracket will be used for all games with 8 or more players. Round robin will be used for games with fewer than 8 players if we feel there are enough setups and time to run RR. Primary seeding will be done by skill/performance. Top seeds will be granted to recognized top players and the highest-placing players from previous Gwinnett Brawls. Secondary seeding will be done by crew/region. If you are a member of a specific team/crew, then fill that in the "Prefix" field of your Smash.gg registration, or let us know your crew name when you sign up at the door. We will do our best to not match people from the same crew or city against each other in the first round. The remainder of the bracket will be seeded randomly. Competitors should not leave the tournament area without first asking permission from their bracket runners. You will be disqualified if you do not report to your matches in a timely manner. The winner of each match must report their victories to a bracket runner so that they can be recorded in the bracket. Please do what you can to keep the tournament moving along quickly. Keep button checks as brief as possible; they're not the place for you to show off your movement in Smash or to practice your TACs in Marvel. Once the tournament starts, do not play any casuals on the tournament stations until we clear a setup for casuals. We want to pack-up by midnight when possible and will not permit casuals or money matches to be played after this time at all. Do not bring setups for games that are not being played in the tournament without getting permission from us first. Unless we have extra room for it and you have paid the venue fee, we will ask you to remove any consoles or TVs that are running non-tournament games. UNIVERSAL GAME RULES: Game options are generally set to their default values unless otherwise specified below. Unless players can agree on the stage to play, stage selection is random (except for games which have their own stage rules, like Smash Bros). Most tournament matches are best 2-out-of-3 games per set (unless otherwise specified in individual game rules below). Winners final, losers final, and grand final are commonly run 3-out-of-5 games per set (if time permits). This can change on a per-tournament basis depending on how much time we have to run the event; check with your bracket runner if you are unsure of the set length. The winner of a game usually has to keep the same selections (character, assist, team, etc.) for the next game except in instances specified below. Glitches that halt gameplay entirely (e.g. anything that causes the game to freeze) and exploits that are only possible via hacking (e.g. Galactus and duplicate characters in UMvC3) are banned. Other glitches will be judged at the tournament organizers' discretion. A draw game counts as a win for both players, and the next game of the set (if required) must be played with identical settings (same characters, stage, etc). If a draw causes both players to reach set point, then an extra tiebreaker game will be played. Pausing a game in progress will allow your opponent to take the current round (in traditional fighters) or your current stock (in Smash). Exceptions will be made in instances of "inevitability" (e.g. pausing in the middle of a cinematic super attack that is guaranteed to KO the opponent anyway). All in-game button config options (e.g. 3-punches, one-button dash) are allowed. Turbo fire and other hardware-assisted mechanisms are forbidden. Wired controllers are strongly encouraged in order to avoid syncing issues and to keep the tournament running smoothly. Wireless controllers are permitted, but you risk disqualification if your controller causes any mishaps in another player's match. PS4 players should remember to delete all old controller pairings every time they sit down to play a match. Wii U players should remove their controller batteries when not in use. Cronus brand converters are banned. The legality of all other controllers, sticks, and converters will be decided at the tournament organizers' discretion. You are responsible for your own controller/stick/converter. We cannot provide them for you. For PS4 games: when you sit down for your match, it is YOUR responsibility to delete old controller pairings from the previous match(es). Make sure to delete all unused bluetooth devices from the system menu whenever you get ready to play a tournament match. If a non-competitor's controller disrupts your match, you and your opponent must ignore the disruption and continue playing as if there was no interference. If a disruption turns off the game entirely, then you must replay the game that was interrupted, using the same settings (characters, etc). SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE RULES: http://docs.google.com/document/d/1B8G-bChAMLr2xsPNjP13aZIG4mLD704RAlUNh378xEo Check this document for our current SSBM rule set. SUPER SMASH BROS. FOR WII U RULES: http://docs.google.com/document/d/1w1gZjt2xY7ARo1kA47h-rq-5b9p-IK7ROkg-sNt5wU0 Check this document for our current SSB4 rule set. Smash 4 Redemption Bracket: Any player who enters Smash 4 Singles and goes 0-2 in bracket will be eligible to compete in an extra, free-to-enter Redemption Bracket to be played at the end of Smash 4 Singles. This bracket will be single elimination, randomly seeded, and winner-takes-all with a cash prize equal to the number of participants. The prize for the Redemption Bracket is taken from the main pot for the Smash 4 Singles bracket. (Ex: If the total pot for Smash 4 Singles is $600, and 20 players enter the Redemption Bracket, then the main Singles Bracket will have a $580 prize pool to be split between the top 6 players, and the Redemption Bracket will have a $20 prize for the winner of that bracket.) To enter the Redemption Bracket, you must go to the registration desk and sign-up for it after you go 0-2 in Singles; we will not enter you into the bracket unless you actually sign-up for it. Anyone who wins a Redemption Bracket at GB is unable to compete in another Redemption Bracket at GB until further notice (in order to prevent players from abusing the system and intentionally sandbagging in Singles so that they can win an easy Redemption Bracket). Redemption Bracket results at other tournaments have no bearing on who can compete in GB's Redemption Brackets. In the case that we're unable to complete the Redemption Bracket before the end of the event, then every remaining player in the bracket will split the prize pool evenly. POKKEN TOURNAMENT RULES: - LAN Mode - Skill = Off - Stadium Only - Loser of last match may change fighter Pokemon. - Both players may change assist sets and cheer type between matches. ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 RULES: - best 3-out-of-5 games per set for the entire tournament - Auto Super Jump = off - The winner of a game must select the same characters, assists, and team order at the selection screen for the next game, but he may change character order at the loading screen. - Banned stages: Daily Bugle STREET FIGHTER V RULES: PS3 legacy controllers are allowed. However, you must provide your own PS4 controller for syncing purposes, as we are not able to provide loaner controllers for you. You WILL be disqualified if you do not have your controller ready when your match is called. Kanzuki Beach may not be used unless both players agree.
  10. Post a videos of your matches for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on how to improve on gameplay. The more matches you post, the more help people can give on your gameplay and on matchups. Have on open mind when receiving suggestions, we're all only trying to help. Don't be shy. If you're having trouble, odds are someone else is having the same problem too.
  11. PS: In case you missed last week's exhibition of Karinchu vs Nakamura, it's now on youtube:
  12. be sure to subscribe to these channels if you haven't already!
  13. Do note that this offer is only for PS4 download version of the game on PSN, not disc! Be sure to thank Aksys for giving everyone a chance to start training ahead of the game's full release on June 7th.
  14. Handling European publishing will be PQube; the same group who handled Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma's Europe release, and the news cannot be more sweet for European fans of the series. Initially reported by Rice Digital; Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator will feature 6 new characters (2 left to be revealed), and many eyes are looking to series favorite Dizzy and antagonist Raven to make their playable debut. The title update will also offer the new "Stylish" mode control scheme - garnered towards beginner players with simplified controls; as well as significantly upgraded graphics, a revamped online lobby system, as well as an updated continuing story mode. There are tons of high level of Japanese Arcade matches available on various online media platforms, so in the interim until consumer release, be sure to check out our English and Japanese databases to view the action before it drops for the home market. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator will be available as a cross-platform play for both the PS3 and PS4 systems. Also, be sure to check out the absolutely stunning hi-res visuals for the upcoming game below in the picture gallery.
  15. Keep in mind that development is ongoing and there are bugs, most notably, projectiles and throws do not show hitboxes. Regardless, this is great to see! Thank Altimor when you get the chance!
  16. No mentions of preorder bonuses and special editions were announced, but we'll be sure to update when they give out more details!
  17. ANBU_Drakeios

    Jam Session Tournament

    We will be hosting an online GG Xrd on Nov. 7 starting at 3pm CST (1pm PST, 4pm EST). The tournament will be hosted by ANBU_Drakeios and is open to both PS3 and PS4 players. You can sign up and review the rules @ http://anbu.challonge.com/Jam. The tournament is currently capped at 16 players but that may be removed depending on the number of participants we get so even if the tournament is full please sign up. Prizes: Participating: 100 Fighter Points 3rd Place: 1000 Fighter Points 2nd Place: 2000 Fighter Points 1st Place: 3000 Fighter Points Bonuses: Anyone who wins a match on stream with an instant kill will get a 500 bonus points. [Each player can only get this bonus once.] Anyone who wins a match on stream with a double perfect will get a 500 bonus points. [Each player can only get this bonus once.] What are Fighter Points? Fighter Points is an in-site currency for ANBUFightClub.com. We give them out to anyone who participates in our clubs activities or interacts with our members. You can use the points to purchase a multitude of prizes off our Prize Wall ( http://anbufightclub.com/prize-wall/ ). This is our way of encouraging more activity in the online fighting game community. To learn more about Fighter Points go to: http://anbufightclub.com/fighter-points/ To see what all you can get for 3000 points or less click here: http://anbufightclub.com/prize-wall/?minCost=&maxCost=3000&custom=1&sort=1 -Drakeios
  18. ANBU_Drakeios

    GG XRD Live Stream

    Come join me, ANBU_Drakeios, and other ANBU club members for some Xrd action in 03 North America 2, District 9B (Pacific) # 1 [the lobby will be named ANBU]. I will be live streaming the matches and giving away Fighter Points to all participants, with a few bonuses going out to whoever perform certain feats on stream first (listed below). What are Fighter Points? Fighter Points is an in-site currency for ANBUFightClub.com. We give them out to anyone who participates in our clubs activities or interacts with our members. You can use the points to purchase a multitude of prizes off our Prize Wall (http://anbufightclub.com/prize-wall/). This is our way of encouraging more activity in the online fighting game community. Bonuses: 5 win streak - 50 points 10 win streak - 100 points 20 win streak - 200 points Instant Kill - 300 points Double Perfect - 300 points For more on Fighter Points watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKLX1i3AvAY Hope to see you all in the lobby. -Drakeios
  19. fogelstrom

    Scandinavian Round Robin

    Continuation of the work from Ruu and Efute from Japan. This time it's showcasing of EU and Scandinavian players. Note the time of the event is for GMT+2. http://www.twitch.tv/inputlag
  20. mossclaw


    My online tournament "BackYard" will be starting back up on September 18. All the info is on the flyer and at the challonge link challonge.com/backyard918. If you have any questions please just ask me ether here or send me a tweet at @mossclawrrrr
  21. until
    GGXrd Side Tourney stream at Qatar's Major Smash tournament H.E.A.T. by Soaring Falcon Tournaments. Attendees registered so far from Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, including 2 of KOF GCC's Top 3 GGXrd finalists (KMZ and Cerbers). Stream will be by Fahadouken @ http://www.twitch.TV/Fahadouken and will feature commentary by the one and only Fro.
  22. mossclaw

    The backyard online xrd tournament

    I will be picking back up with my weekly Guilty gear Xrd tournaments. If you would like to enter just sign up at http://challonge.com/TheBackyard1 and be there when check in time starts at 6 PM the tournament will start at 6:30 if you have no checked in you will not be playing. Normal tournament rules 2/3 until winners finals.