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  2. Wisconsin, the "other" Hollywood.

    In case people visit this page, Madison still plays fighting games and there are a handful of anime players. We mostly use Facebook to organize but feel to ask here as well.
  3. Coming From Street Fighter to GGXXAC+R

    theres a lot of videos on YouTube covering this topic. theres a lot to cover. combos, mixups, blockstrings, jump options rc use, etc
  4. Nope, not for him. When I have time sure, right now I'm focusing on other things. Sure
  5. [CF] Ragna Combo Thread

    The Aerial Gauntlet Hades need to be done immediately, so yes, a Tiger Knee motion would be appropriate. As for the second combo, the combo parts all need to be done as quickly as possible. The problem is pushback. Landing Dead Spike (DC) > dash 5B depends on how far you start the combo, whether or not you have dash momentum when you start and how much pushback is in the opening few hits. For 5C, you need to be starting point blank and with dash momentum. 3C is a little more generous pushback-wise and deals the same damage, so it's preferable. Omitting either attack keeps you close enough to land the dash 5B from a much further starting position.
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  7. [CF] Ragna Combo Thread

    Another beginner question. Is the following part tiger knee in yellow? Don't know if i am suppose to tiger knee into 214B or jump then 214B. 5B > 5C > 214A >> 214D RC > dash 5B > 5C > jc j.214B >> delay 214D > 5B > 5C > hjc j.C > j.D > jc j.C > j.D > j.214C >> 214D Also, what is the timing for 236D dc dash 5B in the following combo? I cannot even connect once on this? My character don't seem to be catching up to the guy so I assume I am dc too late? 5B > 5C/3C > 2D > 236D > dc dash 5B > 5C > hjc j.B > j.C > jc j.C > j.D > j.214C >> 214D Please advise. Thanks
  8. Killing Bites (PS4/PSVita)

    The game is canceled for now.
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  10. [CF] Match Finder

    This thread still active? Could always use ass whoopings to help me get better. :D
  11. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Preorders for the Makoto figure by BellFine are now open. Release date is December 2017 Additionally, a recolor with her CF color number 8 (the Ragna reference) will be available exclusively from Surugaya (「BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION」より特別カラーのマコト=ナナヤが駿河屋限定カラーで登場!.html#article-details)
  12. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    In P4U the auto-combo system gave everyone a unique normal string (normals that could only be done in the auto-combo and no inputs exist to use them outside of it i.e. Narukami's 5AAA must be preformed by doing 5A > 5AA > 5AAA) that usually consisted of three attacks though some characters have more. Additional light attack inputs would result in a special attack (for Narukami it was his air light Raging Lion special) and after that a super if you had the meter for one (again for Narukami it was light Ziodyne). This auto combo could be used on it's own for those who don't know how to combo, but, unlike the auto-combo system of BB or even the recent Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite, this auto-combo could be used within other combos. Here is an example from P4AU with Narukami, with brackets showing where the auto combo is: (In corner) (Fatal Counter): Heavy Raging Lion > [5A > 5AA > 5AAA > Air Light Raging Lion] > 5A > 5C > 2C > Heavy Raging Lion > Cross Slash. I like the idea that the auto-combo is a tool for players of all skill levels rather than just a crutch for inexperienced players. Also, no walking? Will this hurt footsies and spacing with characters who need micro-adjustment (like my boi Hakumen)? What about characters who can't run in the first place (also like my boi Hakumen)?
  13. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    P4A and CF does have autocombos, however, in CF case, only in Stylish mode
  14. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Well, UNIEL does have auto-combos, but I haven't played P4A or BB:CF to compare one to another. How are P4A's and BB's different? One is not just spamming the same button?
  15. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    AFAIK, I've heard that the game will have autocombos and you don't walk, just dash, apparently (may be wrong about the second one)
  16. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    So is anyone in this forum going to the New York Comic Con? I'm sure we would all like to get some info on the game's mechanics as soon as possible and having someone with experience playing Arc System Works fighters would result in the most accurate analysis of how the game will play. I wonder which game's system mechanics will be most dominant. If I had to guess my money would be on blazblue seeing as it is in the title. I imagine it will use the four button layout of light, medium, heavy, and drive (or its equivalent). Personally, I hope P4A's auto-combo system returns here. It was way better implemented than BB's stylish system IMO. Did UNIEL have something similar?
  17. "The collision is inevitable. The impact will be unavoidable." Info so far... -2 on 2 battle system similar to the VS series, with its own unique mechanics, of course. -Characters announced from 4 different titles (Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st], RWBY) BB: , / P4A: , / UNIST: , / RWBY: Ruby Rose -No set release date or consoles to be out in yet, but the game will be playable/playtested in October 2017 at certain events across the globe (AKA the "First Impact"). -Trailers: 1 and 2.
  18. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    This year, no date yet.
  19. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    That's cool, thanks. Would you have a rough estimate of when will that be coming?
  20. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    That's a clear file, even if someone scan it, is not going to look good, your best bet is to wait for the artbook.
  21. Do you know if there's a Ken template from Arena Ultimax?
  22. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Passing by to say I could extract them all using winRAR.
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  24. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Then I guess I've done something wrong. How do you convert rar to zip on 7zip?
  25. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Maybe this is not the best place for asking, but here I go anyways. Would anyone happen to have this image in high quality with no watermark? [Spoiler might be NSFW] Thanks in advance.
  26. [VS] Video Thread

    Akihabara Try Tower 09.09.2017 - 2017/9/9エアタワヴァンパイアセイヴァー大会 Playspot Big One 2nd 12.09.2017 - 2017/9/12 ヴァンパイアセイヴァー火曜日 Koenji CUBE 13.09.2017 - 2017 0913高円寺CUBEヴァンパイアセイヴァーフリープレイ Playspot Big One 2nd 16.09.2017 - 9/16 店内対戦 ヴァンパイアセイヴァー [Game Realms] Vampire Savior Tournament #33 - 2v2 Teams - Sept. 1st 2017 JayOneTheSk8 vs Bonclyde FT10 (9-14-2016) Vampire Savior 2 Gamechariot 10.09.2017 - 17/09/10 ヴァンパイアセイヴァー2フリープレイ対戦会
  27. [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi "Battle Arena" 27.08.2017 - 20170827 クラブセガ新宿西口 GGXXACPR対戦会 Game Daytona Shiki 10.09.2017 - ゲームデイトナ志木 GGXXACPRランキングバトル 2017.9.10 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Stream (8/19/17) Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Stream (9/2/17)
  28. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    I download the latest 7zip archive and it works fine, thank you very much.
  29. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    *Patiently waits for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle extracted material* lmfao
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