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BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT 2 CHANGES (whining/trolling/disputes)

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This thread is meant to let your opinion about the BBCS2 character buffs/nerfs out without having to worry about being temp banned and what not. This thread is strictly about just letting out some steam, so please post all useful information in Henaki's BBCSII thread.



+ 6A is way easier to use, invincibility feels really long.
- Throw damage nerf? Forward throw, j2C, jB, 2D, 5C, volante, j2C allecan, 5C, jB, jC, 2D does about 2500
- Cantata's startup is slower
-Nirvana's gauge has no change to consumption. However Nirvana seems to lose a lot more gauge when hit by opponents and takes a lot more time to recover once broke. Red effect on Nirvana when she gets hit.
o Nirvana's gauge consumption speed is not that bad (altough if she dies it takes indeed some time for her to regenerate)
o Jump feels somewhat unconfortable?+ Easier to continue combo after 2hit 8D
o Basic solo Carl air combo now : anything into cantabile, C, jB, j2C, jB, jC, jB, allegretto
o JC knocks down, but the opponent falls at about the same speed as Carl.
o B vivace same
o Bounce after j2C is really high, so high that even after j2C being guarded Tager was able to catch Carl with atomic collider.
o jB fatal counter is indeed gone but jB counter is now close to being air untechable. Carl can pick the opponent up if he lands first or continue offense hitting with nirvana's 3D.
? Since there are few occasions to land 3C counter it can't be used much (an above poster however said that 3C > cantata still works). It's basically useful for pseudo unblockables with nirvana's 2D.

+ j.B is looking as dangerous as it was in CT.
+ You can do "5B > 2B" and 5B > 6A", it looks like 6A is a really fun move to use now.
+ Neutral throw's freeze time is longer now.
o "Throw > 6C > j.C > j.2C > dj.2C > 214C (214D > 6C > 214C also works)" deals about 2100 damage.
o "Backthrow > 6C > j.C > j.2C > 214C" deals about 2000 damage.

+ j.C and j.2C's damage increased.
+ If you are hit while in Gravity's startup frames, the gauge does not disappear.
+ "Corner throw > 5C > 6C > Spike Chaser > 5C > 6C > 236C > 6A > 6C > 2DD > Aerial combo" is possible, deals around 3000 damage.
+ "236C > 5C > Gravity > 2DD > Crescent > 6A > 6C > 236C > Aerial combo" is possible.
+ Gravity is now a Fatal Counter.
+ "FC Gravity > 5C > 6C > 236C" is possible.
+ 5C[1](CH) > 236C alot easier to do now
+ 6B faster
+ 5DD/4DD > 236236D easier to do
+ Whiffed gravity doesn't use up whole gauge (2/3?)
+ j.DD > j.2DD works on every character
+ Faster air backdash
- 214D recovery slightly longer?
- Minimum TK Crescent Height is higher
- "236C > 5C > Gravity > 2DD > Crescent > 5D..." cannot be done anymore.
- Crescent Loop can be done for 3~4 reps max.
o From 5A anti air, you can deal about 2400 damage.
o 6C does not wallbound.
o 5C > 6C loop looks possible, but it may not be.
o 236A cross up range needs testing (2B > 236A seems to be optimal range for cross up, 3C > 236A seems to stop at the opponent so whiff 4B might still be viable)
o Max range 3C > 236D makes a good...meaty?
o 236B > RC > 5DD>236C's float is alot lower now, investigating potential combos
o RC Airgrab on Arakune no longer puts you on opposite side(same is assumed for Bang)

- Itsuu can not be followed-up from 2B[m], 2C[m], 3C[m] or 6D[m].
- 6A[m] no longer bounces the opponent.
o 4D[m] makes the opponent slide, 2B > 5B > j.B > j.B > j.C > j.B works. (Itssu is a move with the Staff, this is Staffles so it may be Ippatsu at the end)

+ j.2C became a deadly move if the opponent gets hit by it (lol, that's how he called it), it's fine if the opponent blocks it, though.
+ Using 236A on oki is the same as CS1, however it feels like there's more time to mix-up after it.
+ It seems like you can get 5000 corner damage. With Particle Flare, that becomes 6300.
+ Particle Flare is really simple to combo with.
+ Midscreen: "214A~CCCCC > 214A~A/B". It was said that you can make a ambiguous mix-up with this using either A or B follow-up.
+ Corner: "5B > 5CC > 6B > 5D > 2C > 214B~D > 236A~D > 2C > 2D > j.D > 5CC > j.C > j.B > dj.CC > 623C~D" deals 4800 damage, gains 58 meter.
+ Corner: "2A > 5B > 5CC > 6B > 5D > 2C > 214B~D > 2C > 2D > j.D > 236A~D > 6A > j.B > dj.B > 623C~D" deals around 3800 damage.
+ Corona, Lightning Arrow and Shooting Star are all faster than before.
+ 214A~B looks as fast as Noel's Assault Through.
+ 214B/C~D's charging speed is surprisingly fast.
+ Makoto's 3C hit has a increased hitbox, she could go under Comet Cannon.
- j.2C can't be jump cancelled any longer.
- Makoto's hitbox when doing 3C is bigger, but she could go under Comet cannon.
- "3C > 2C > 2D > Comet Cannon" is possible on some characters, but not all of them.
- Comet Cannon's startup is slower.
- 5D > 2D > j.D > 236A~D can't be done.
- 2A feels a bit slower.
- Parry cancel gone (duh)
- You can't do "2B > 6A > 5B > 2B"
- You can't do "3C > 2C > 2D" anymore.
o After reaching its maxium height, Asteroid Vision B and C feels like deacelerating while falling down. (After that, something about Asteroid C being like j.2C, couldn't comprehend really well)
o 2B follow-up's timing after airthrow is looking a little slower.
o Perhaps Comet Cannon's hitbox is bigger now.
o "623C RC > 214C~D (LV3) > 236A~D (LV3) > 214B~D (LV3)" looks all faster than before. After Asteroid B, it seems like there is not enough time for you to use 236A~D again. (Corner only?)
o 2A looks like it's around 6F startup. (according to what Spark tested for us, it was 6F on startup already, so no change here)
o j.CC's hitbox has not changed at all.
o The hitstop reduction on her moves made her look more stylish.
o Her jump's "orbit" seems to have changed. Because of that, they way you use her j.CC seems to have changed a little.
o Corona Upper floats less now. (?)
o Like always, "6B > 214A~C~A" works on Tager and Hakumen.
o 5D has less disadvantage on block (?), all the other D moves remain the same.

+ 3C Now it's jump cancelable.
+ 2B > 2C has been added.
+ Ame no Habaya deals 5 hits, can be followed-up.
- Omohikane minimum damage decreased to around 1100.
- Throw follow-up combo dealing around 1800 instead of 2800.
・j.2C Looks like there's some recovery after she reaches ground.
o (Something about enemies falling faster after an air hit, please someone translate this for me.)
o Corner combo should be "6B > 63214C > 6A > j.2C loop"
o Her loop apparently remains the same.
o 2B can't be used for relaunch, but Furu no Tsurugi is fast so it can be used as follow-up.

+ "5A > 6A > 6C > Astral Heat" and "5D > 6A > 6C > Astral Heat" are possible.
+ If you RC her back throw, you should be able to follow it up with j.D
- Her 5A and 5B can't hit Makoto's 3C.
o Fenrir's damage with 18 successful hits is around 2700. The last hit's minimum damage should be 1000.
o Her throw's recovery has been increased? You can follow-u her throw with Haida, but the timing is a little weird.
o Bullet Rain > Fenrir deals around 3300.
o You can deal about 6100 damage off 4D FC in corner.

+ overall damage increased
+ j.A is an overhead again
+ 6B can be gatling'd into 5C or 3C
+ 6B is jump-cancellable on block and hit (needs definitive confirmation on block though, but looks legit)
- 5CC slides now instead of making the opponent twirl, so midscreen combos are much harder
o j.2C lvl 3 still forces fatal counter

+ 6A: Has upper body super armor with infinite(?) amount of hits. Loses to lows. Has higher pull in and charge up.
+ J.C>j.b works on hazama, litchi, valk, and hazama.
+ 360B damage increase?
+ ASledge buffed (either speed or distance).
- 6A loses jump cancel property.
o Charge is 214D
o 2C has not gatling besides into 3C
o GETB has changed magnetism properties (unsure).


+ 5D's charge speed is faster than before. It seems like he got 1.5 charge meter really fast.
+ 2D's initial charge speed is kinda slow, after that it gets faster.
+ Air throw can be followed up midscreen without gauge.
+ A/B/C "Sword" staggers on ground hit.
- The opponent techs faster when hit by 3C, so you have no other choice but use 3CC.
- Her ground throw cannot be cancelled; it blows the opponent off like you were hit by "Wind".
- While charging, you're in CH status.
- "C Light" does not break Primers.
o 6CC > "D Wind" is possible on corner.
o On midscreen, "D Wind" blows the opponent just like A/B/C, but can't be followed-up.
o "A Spear" has the same startup time from CS1 but since there isn't any invencibility anymore, people were hit out of it a lot. Can't be followed up even on CH.
o 6B looks faster, can't follow-up with 5C anymore.
o "Airthrow > 2CC > j.C > dj.CC > "A Light" > "C Wing"" deals around 2400 damage.
o "A/B/C Sword" on CH is just like CS1.

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Awful. Do your bitching in the character-specific threads.
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