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Team DAI Emerges! 3/31 Results

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#1 01 April 2012 - 02:12 AM

M.D. Orona
M.D. Orona

    Dat ROFLknife

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Not a bad turnout for a first tournament. The Gamer's Edge is happy to accommodate us anytime, so we will do more of these in the future.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (8 Entrants)


1: TD ($28.00) ~ Rachel
2: GC Haven ($8.00) ~ Tao
3: LoveBird ($4.00) ~ Litchi
4: Hellknight10 ~ Tager
5: TrueGunner ~ Noel
5: MD Orona ~ Noel
7: M.C. Dillinger ~ Hakumen
7: Heartfieldtalon ~ Hazama

Guilty Gear XX AC (5 Entrants -- Format was switched to Round Robins due to low turnout)


1: DaiAndOh ($20.00) ~ Venom
2: TD ($5.00) ~ A.B.A.
3: Heartfieldtalon ~ Sol / Chipp
4: Squared ~ Sol
5: Hellknight10 ~ Dizzy

Melty Blood: Actress Again (No entrants :()


#2 01 April 2012 - 02:24 AM

M.D. Orona
M.D. Orona

    Dat ROFLknife

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And now, shoutouts/thank you's.

First and foremost, I apologize again to Tsuuna, who came through and was ready to play, but LOLconsole wars made it far too difficult to actually integrate him into the bracket. I'm sorry dude. It's coo' though, you're gonna go win money at NextLevel during the next TSB tourney anyway. :kitty:

Personal thank you's to HK and Dai for actually helping my indecisive arse get this thing running sorta smoothly and helping me to cover all the bases.

Shoutouts to Haven/Gio's shirt.
Shoutouts to Gio getting hit by Noel's 3C from the wrong direction.
Shoutouts to The Impossible Game.
Shoutouts to that CRT we couldn't get to work.
Shoutouts to HK staying free to hunger.
Shoutouts to dat couch.
Shoutouts to that chocolate shop across the street that closed before I could get food. I wanted fudge dammit.
Shoutouts to HK's electric tape-related yomi.
Shoutouts to Dai playing GG shoeless. It makes me chuckle everytime. (Even if it does release his power limiters)
Shoutouts to shoutouts.

#3 01 April 2012 - 02:32 AM


    Team DAI Commander

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yo Team DAI be in there

shoutouts to Tager (fuck you Lambda!)
shoutouts to being free on BlazBlue
shoutouts to being free on Guilty Gear
shoutouts to the 2nd CRT, stay free
shoutouts to TrueGunnerShadow for finding the best billboard ever
shoutouts to the Team DAI flyer
shoutouts to everyone that came out, I hope to see you guys on the next Team DAI event
shoutouts to Gio getting 2nd, if he didn't he wouldn't have been able to get home (stay poverty <3)
shoutouts to Team DAI
shoutouts to shoutouts

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:LA: Team DAI :DI: |hellknight10.deviantart

...cuz hellknight is persuasive with his words. saying things like "you should join this tournament" n shit

#4 01 April 2012 - 10:02 AM



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Good stuff guys.
I couldn't make it since I stood in Brooklyn the night before. Gio how did you get there? 2 1/2 hour train ride?
Aren't there more L.I BB players??? Scumbags I say!

#5 01 April 2012 - 01:31 PM



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Shoutouts to not bringing enough money and having to make at least 2nd to get home.
Shoutouts to magnetism and Noel's 3C
Bill boards are the wave of the future
Shoutouts to lovebird being a cool guy but ultimately being in my way of going home.
Poor Tsuuna couldn't play. The sad life of pad warriors ;(

It was nice meeting everyone and I was glad I came ( gotta show that support).

Finally got an air throw on TD my life is complete. Nice to know I can take rounds really can see my improvement now better than ever. Going to invest in a lag less monitor so I when I come late I don't drop shit due to not adjusting to the

@ biscuits- I took the D to 59th transfer to the A got off at penns station and took the LIRR. Due to the timing I hopped the Babylon train to Jamaica and transferred to the valley stream. I was not paying for two tickets.
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I was mashing SOOOO hard last night it was amazing

#6 01 April 2012 - 03:09 PM


    Just a Shadow The Hedgehog Fan

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Its was nice to meet everyone that came to this event.
I had fun over there.

Shoutouts for me playing Noel like its netplay.
-- Eating Hakumen's D on wakeup and when I was mashing.
-- Eating Litchi's DP's like its McDonalds
-- Playing against a Tager :(
Shoutouts for me bringing a PS2 for nothing lol.
Shoutouts for that finding that billboard that made me lol.
Shoutouts for watching GG peoples playing GG and not joining GG :(
Shoutouts for no Melty :(
Shoutouts to meeting Hellknight, Orona, TD, and Lovebird in person. Its such a small world.
Shoutouts for catching the 11:45am Long Beach bound train taking me straight to Valley Stream.
Shoutouts for the video for getting to The Gamer's Edge.
Shoutouts for me and Gio for finding the Ticket Machine at the Valley Stream before the 7:46 train to Penn Station.
Shoutouts for my Blackberry for uploading that photo I took. (Look at HK's post.)
Last but not least.
Shoutouts to everyone in this event doing their thing.

Hopefully I can come to the next event/Causal session again.
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#7 01 April 2012 - 05:55 PM

BC Sama
BC Sama

    Silly man

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I'm Glad this went well. Sorry I couldn't make it. :(
I'm lucky and unlucky

#8 01 April 2012 - 06:24 PM



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ggs to you guys, nice hanging out with you all. the trip didnt even feel like 2 hours either lol. hopefully more people come out next time, and im definitely down for melty if unbanned archetype earth is in it
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Carry on, then.

#9 02 April 2012 - 03:47 AM


    Neutral had me like...

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I been had tournament wins! Won more with Venom than Axl at least :P

GGs guys. Thanks for Orona for the ride and everyone for coming out and making shit happen.

Team DAI!

DaiAndOh - All this time I thought you were that black(?) guy in your avatar.


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