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So what'd I miss (BBCS)

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#1 21 October 2012 - 05:39 AM


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I've been away from fighters for a good and I stopped on BBCS a bit after the version 2 update. I'm finally back online now, so I'm wondering what's changed since I've been away.

I'm gonna say right now that I was, at best, on the level of upper noob. I "mained" Ragna and somewhat knew how to play some Hazama(only guys I bothered to beat score attack with). Only other thing I can say is that I could do up to the 9th challenge for Rags pre sys ver 1.03, but I know that things have really changed now looking at those knew challenges. So yeah, being rusty isn't the only problem I'll have.

Any friendly tips and stuffs to get this new guy up to speed?

#2 21 October 2012 - 02:52 PM


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Looks like you already know all the basics and fundamentals of the game and nothing has really changed from CS apart from minor adjustments to the way the game works (More push-back with IB and Barrier, etc).

Your in luck, Ragna has all the tools and is very strong in this version of the game; he is a great character to use when your just starting out. I recommend you hit the Ragna forums for all your Ragna goodness (Combos, General Strageries, Oddities, Match-ups, etc). Do not use Challenge mode as the focus for your combos. I may use it to get a feel for a character, but you shouldn't be thinking challenge is the best of the best and is your staple and only B'n'B. 9 times out of 10 there are better versions of the combo in the characterscombo thread here on Dustloop.

Say you learn a Ragna corner combo that does 3.4k in challenge mode, after about 50 tries, you get it. (YAY!) You then check the combo thread on Dustloop and find that this new variation does 3.9k. You now have to forgot all the hard work you put into that combo and try and complete the new combo.

The Beginner sub-forum here (That you posted in) is a great place to start reading and learning a lot more. There are lots of questions like this already and many answers as well, I suggest reading up on them.

Other then this, TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! Can't stress that enough.
That's really all the help I can atm, good luck!

is fapping to anime all day really so wrong? ;_;

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