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Gordeau is not recommended as a point character. Due to having slow moves and smaller hitboxes compared to 1.3 and before. He can be decent, but he requires a lot of help and setup to work as a point character with lockdown assists to help him out.

Gordeau's main goal is to bait the opponent into doing an unsafe move and then punish accordingly. His High-Low mixup game is very weak compared to others, so it is usually best to either go for meaty 2B up close or 5B to catch your opponent pressing a button at max range. During blockstrings, Gordeau can try for stagger 2A pressure or go for a delay 214A/C after a blocked 5A for oki or go for a tick throw.

His Defense is not the greatest as his DP while an amazing anti-air, it is very slow and if blocked can lead to Gordeau getting punished. However, his Turbulence (214BC) can be DHC'd out of if blocked, allowing his partner to go for sandwich setups or unblockable setups.


Gordeau is best as an anchor character. With strong utility moves such as 5P for lockdown on the opponent and 6P for catching some opponents, he excels on helping with combo extensions and sandwich setups. His resonance game is okay, however with no assist to help out lock the opponent down, Gordeau will be struggling to get the 5B confirm on hit due to how linear his gameplan is.

Recommended Partners

Gordeau Synergy Chart.png

Best Options

  • Ruby Rose - This red rat and Call of Duty squeaker from 2009 is one of Gordeau's best partners. Ruby allows for easy sandwich setups thanks to her DHC allowing for crossups and escaping the corner. Her Assists also allow Gordeau to continue pressure, and vice versa with Ruby benefitting greatly from 5P especially.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge - Ragna has good assist calls such as 6P which tracks where the opponent is and 5P which reaches almost fullscreen can allow presssure for Gordeau to go for mixups and allows Gordeau to approach.
  • Yu Narukami - Yu having great aerial buttons and mid-range attacks allows him to play safe, Gordeau can help cover for Swift Strike for Yu to continue pressuring the opponent. His 6P is also fast and can allow Gordeau to use it as cover to approach. Yu's j.C allows for easy sandwich setups too.
  • Chie Satonaka - Gordeau's 5P allows Chie to boost up to potentially get a TOD on anyone in the game. Chie also allows Gordeau to set up sandwiches while he is on Point thanks to her 6P.
  • Jubei - Jubei allows Gordeau to go for mixups thanks to how long Jubei's 5P lasts, Jubei also benefits nicely from Gordeau as Grim Reaper allows Jubei to do Shiranui and make it safe on block and possibly catch unsafe Cross Bursts and even lead into sandwich setups. Just like Yu's 6P, Gordeau can utilize Jubei's 6P as cover for approaching his opponent, albeit a bit slower but stays on screen longer.
  • Mitsuru Kirijo - Has access to some of the fastest High/Low games in BBTAG, which can be masked by Gordeau's Assists to help open the opponent's defense.
  • Azrael - Azrael allows for strong damage and sandwich setups thanks to having a Step Dash instead of an Auto Run. And having Gustav Buster as a pressuring tool allows Gordeau to come in and cause more havoc and pressure and potentially more sandwiches.

Additional Options

  • Susanoo - One of Gordeau's better partners. Susanoo has a fast fullscreen 6P which can snipe assist callouts, a high hitting 4P to lead into an Air Unblockable DP. Susanoo benefits well from Gordeau too, having access to great sandwich setups and unblockable setups with 214C after 5P/6P or 236B from a sandwich into Active Switch IAD Back j.A/B for an unblockable.

General Tactics

Gordeau's main gameplan is to bait the opponent and always go for oki for his combo enders.

All of Gordeau's normals are jump cancellable on hit, allowing Gordeau to bait out Cross Bursts and punish the opponent accordingly. Due to the size of his 5B hitbox horizontally, Gordeau can also throw out the move as a bait if it connects on block, allowing him to Reverse Beat into 2A to make the move safer on block.

His oki is excellent and thanks to all of his 214x moves having great oki options and all being safe jumps, it allows Gordeau to apply more pressure on the opponent, either make them block his pressure some more to then go for a 214x after a blockstring or a simple tick throw (Check the Okizeme section for more info). Gordeau also excels at sandwich setups, with the right partner, Gordeau can allow for sandwich opportunities and Negative Edge Grabs to allow more combos, oki setups, etc.

His Resonance game is okay, since he lacks a projectile, he will need to try and close the gap with 5B or bait the opponent. 236C is an excellent corner carry tool which can allow Gordeau to force the opponent into the corner to put on pressure. And if in Resonance, he can cancel it into Turbulence for oki, all his assimilation variations can also be cancelled into super during resonance making his mixup game a lot more threatening.


Gordeau has excellent oki off of most of his specials and normals though his supers are somewhat lacking in this regard. Most of them will lead to safe-jump oki and all of them can grant meaty oki. For the best oki, aim to end all his combos with either any version of Assimilation or Turbulence.

Choosing an Oki Route

1) Shade Harvest pulls opponents in and is jump cancelable on hit, giving Gordeau safe-jump oki. Can be done very late into a combo and can pull opponents out of the corner for cross-ups anywhere.

2) Sweep works on a similar logic as Shade Harvest but it's a little harder to use late into combos. Still provides safe-jump oki.

3) Assimilation has many versions but all of them have essentially the same usage for oki. Can be done at the very end of long combos, steals enemy meter (possibly preventing wake-up supers or Reject Guard), and always grants safe-jump oki. This is Gordeau's best meterless combo ender and the most consistent.

4) Grim Reaper only provides oki in the corner and the exact frame advantage depends on both what version is used and what height the opponent was at when they got hit. The A and EX version can provide safe-jump oki even against grounded opponents but the B version needs them to be airborne to at least around Gordeau's head in height for the frame advantage to be enough for a safe-jump.

5) Mortal Glide - Divest is a weak oki option and his weakest meter using one by far. It only provides meaty oki in the corner and only if the non-enhanced version is used. At the very least it has high minimum damage and has meter steal to reduce the opponent's wake-up options.

6) Turbulence is Gordeau's best metered oki option and his strongest attack in terms of raw damage. The normal version gives good meaty oki while the enhanced version gives safe-jump oki, though this becomes less consistent in the corner due to the opponent's close proximity.


Gordeau's only two moves that are jump cancellable on block are both 5A and 2A, meaning that Gordeau will need to keep one of those buttons available if we wants to Reverse Beat into it to reset neutral or continue pressure. Gordeau's 5BB is a useful tool in a blockstring, as if the opponent Reject Guards the move, it still allows Gordeau to safely Reverse Beat into 2A to make himself safe from any reactions his opponent does, they can however delay the Reject Guard to bait Gordeau into doing an unsafe move such as 2C and punish, so it is usually best to wait and see if they Reject Guard before pressing 2A. However, if they do not Reject Guard, Gordeau can either go for 2C > 5A and then delay a 214A/C for pressure or oki, or attempt to go for a grab himself or simply Reverse Beat to reset neutral. 214C is useful after a blockstring to call out opponents trying to grab Gordeau thanks to having grab invulnerability.

Gordeau's only usable overheads are 5C and j.B. 5C is surprisingly safe on block being only -4, so as long as the opponent ISN'T YUMI CROUCHING, he can utilise 5C to end his blockstring pressure to then go for grab or 214x, however due to having longer start-up, it can be reacted to. Gordeau's poor high/low game means it's very difficult for Gordeau to open up his opponents during a blockstring, as he needs to rely on assists in order to get the hit confirm. Solo Gordeau will most likely never open up an opponent due to how slow his buttons are and linear his gameplan is.

Tips and Tricks

a lot of Gordeau's strings are quite unsafe so rebeating them to 2A is crucial if you don't want to get punished

2B as an anti air should be used sparingly, the recovery is too long making you very open on whiff

5BB(shade harvest) hitting at tip range will not combo to 2C and can only combo into 236x solo

only the first hit of Gordeau's DP is air unblockable

do not finish aerial combos with DP if the opponent has burst, TRUST ME

236B+C can be used to snipe out fireballs on reaction if it's in range

Fighting Gordeau

Gordeau Matchups.png

Thanks to Versions 1.5 and 2.0, Gordeau lost many of his tools which made him excellent in both the Vanilla Release and Version 1.3 of BBTAG.

Gordeau struggles against zoning pretty hard, meaning that characters like Vatista, Rachel, Nu-13, Hilda and Yumi can easily play a hit and run game and keep him at bay with their strong projectile games. Hilda outranges Gordeau with her own 5B, which albeit slower then Gordeau's reaches fullscreen and can force Gordeau to make mistakes or play her game instead. Yumi having access to 236A can deny Gordeau of his gameplan and easily chip him away while having an assist to back her up. Adachi having access to Ziodyne and Vorpal Blade can also snuff out Gordeau from fullscreen and prevent him from playing the game.

The loss of his vertical hitbox on his 5B severely weakened his neutral as well, so simple jump-ins can hit him and deny him of his shenanigans, this also hindered his hitconfirms off of a high hitting 2B, meaning it will consistently whiff. This also made Gordeau's 5B more inconsistent at different heights, making it harder to throw out on jump happy opponents. The same goes with Grim Reaper which no longer hits as high as it used to, meaning that players can simply double jump or super jump over him to escape his pressure and punish.

Faster characters and those that can run away make Gordeau's life a living hell, Yosuke can use Moonsault to play tricks and mindgames on Gordeau, whereas Hazama can stall in the air with his chains. Seth can place his orbs around the stage to force Gordeau to block so they can escape or to apply pressure themselves. Jubei's Shiranui can allow him to apply pressure to Gordeau and even snuff out any of his reversals or meaty options due to how slow Gordeau's buttons are. Ruby can simply stay away from Gordeau, throwing out Rifle Shots and teleports to escape his pressure.

Gordeau's linear playstyle and poor high-low game make it very difficult for Gordeau to open up players too, with only the 1st hit of 2B and 2C being lows, he also struggles with sandwiches himself as he has limited options. Also simply taking out Gordeau's partner makes him a sitting duck, as with no assist to back him up, he cannot contest zoners or put on pressure himself solo.



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