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Makoto Nanaya
Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.


(Bread and Butter) Please learn those first. Gotta have dmg and more importantly attempt at keeping oki.

Day 1 combo

Video Example

  • (2AAA >) 5AAA > 5BBB > super (214[B+C] or 236[B+C]) OR (9jc.AB > 9jc.AB >) A+D~[A]
7012/8045 dmg

Don't fret about the dp input, it's just a way to tell you that you want to press A+D, wait a bit, press and hold A again.

Your goal with this combo is to either cash out (super) or get a combo that leads into a situation you control (for starter, prevent them from using 5A/5B on wakeup and punish them for it). Funny thing is for 214[B+C] distortion/super, you can hold all the way and all three parts come out maxed out.

You have no meaty option to pressure your opponent after 214B+C super when the opponents techs backwards midscreen (well there exists some but they are very committal, let's not worry about that).

With dp ender, you get to chase back tech with run-up 5A meaty or chase forward tech with backdash meaty 5A (or throw since you are very close and can grab the opponent mashing a normal on wake-up).

Auto-tech chase

Video Example

(although jA is used here, j.B is guaranteed not to accidentally combo on some big character)

5AAA > 5BBB > 9 high jump cancel > j.AABC > j.B whiff > airdash macro (A+B) > jA 12f safejump

6615 dmg
  • you get a 12f safejump (and safejump heart because her dp is as bad as Makoto (meaning it has no anti-air like hitbox on startup))
  • you auto chase their tech midscreen so you don't have to worry about losing oki and having to force your way through neutral on a coin flip
  • you can call assist for free if you time it right to have smth more than your safejump
  • you can confirm into this combo from jC > jAA or whatever starter you have
  • if jA hits, mash the A button to confirm into another combo

If the opponent is a new player, he may not understand why you keep reading his tech direction. You can probably steal a round only doing this before he starts to understands that he has to either commit to well timed 11f startup (or less) dp (if he has one or his char is not heart) or start blocking high. Fortunately today, blocking is not an option for some players and you can enjoy some wins.

Makoto can perform other combos that deal around 500 more dmg but don't necessarily have an intersting oki as this one. Don't let "500 less dmg" dissuade you from using this combo when watching other combos.

Note: works on Heart with ABC ender because Heart has a bad dp. Email Arcsys to let them know about Makoto dp syndrom so they fix Makoto and Heart dp.

Comet loop

  • (j.CAA/2B >) 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > super (214[B+C] or 236[B+C]) OR A+D~[A]

5BB > 236[A] not confirmed stable but 5AAA > 236[A] is much more safer. From 5A starter, you can do:

  • 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > super

Baby Happy birthday

When you hit 2 opponents, we call this a happy birthday. The following combos are guaranteed to not drop since not all Makoto specials can maintain a happy birthday, like 236[A].

  • (2AAA >) 5AAA > 5BBB > 236[B+C]
  • (2AAA >) 5AAA (> 5BB) > 214AAA > 4P (dependent on your partner, Yang 4P works well for instance) , 5AAA > 5BBB > 236[B+C]
  • (2AAA >) 5AAA (> 5BB) > 214AAC , 5AAA > 5BBB > 236[B+C]

2.0 combos

As a general guideline, you want to always do 5AAA and 5BBB for combos. Everytime a Makoto does 5AA > smth instead of 5AAA > smth, there's close to no reason to do that.

The usual structure is (bad starter > special ,) A's+B's > special , A's+B's > oki/super

5A is the ideal starter. But you want to be able to convert from any hits so let's dive into combos.

Anti-air conversion

Reminder that you don't need a launcher if you catch the opponent in the air and you juggle him with 5BB. This translate into the possibility of applying juggle 5BB oki instead of the enders presented in this section.

- 5B high AA

  • 5B > 9hjc.AABC
4150 dmg

You get jC auto tech chase from an anti-air which is nice. However, there's much more dmg'ing version

  • 5B > 9hjc.AAB > 9jc.AAB > A+D~[A]
5375 dmg

With this, you can a solo meterless route that leads into dp oki. You can't get super or another type of knockdown This conversion exists if the opponent is very high in the air and you can't use the next comet loop AA conversion instead.

- 5B standard AA

  • 5BBB > 9hjc.AABC
5258 dmg

stronger conversion from j.C auto tech chase that relies on the opponent not being so high

  • 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C
8706 dmg

Ideally, you convert immediately with comet loops since it's the most dmg she can get. That way you get to chose your oki and maybe end with super.

That's if you don't expect a happy birthday, otherwise, you want...

- 5B hbd AA

  • 5BB > 214AAB , 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAB , 5AAA > 5BBB > 236B+C
7479 dmg

This requires a juggle though, which may or may not happen if the opponent reaches the ground first. Only BBS can happy birthday as a distortion so use that in hbd situations.

Air-to-air conversion

I will not list all possible conversions. You can try to apply your okizeme from those conversion

- standard air combo

  • j.AAB > j.AAB > A+D~[A]

Skip A's if you are too high.

(CH) j.B/jA/BBS/214AA(A) into grounded combos

  • - CH j.B > 5AAA > 5BB >...

CH usually give enough hitstun to land and convert with 5AAA. Use 5BBB if you are not confident

CH BBS is extremly cursed but it may happen that if the opponent was behind your head and you hit him with CH BBS while facing the corner, you can convert with 5A.

(CH) 214AA(A) is accidental

- comet

  • 4AAA/5AAA > ...

It may happen the opponent crash into comet projectile

2C conversion

- solo conversion

  • 2C > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C
8892 dmg

This does the most dmg but the 5BB > 236[A] is unreliable on some character, which is why I advise to structure like this:

  • 2C > 214AAB , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C

- hbd conversion

  • 2C > 214AAB > 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAB , 5AAA > 5BBB > 236B+C
7571 dmg

214A > B/C conversion

214A > [B] links into 2A guaranteed.

214A > B/C combo have the following structure when optimized: A's > comet , A's > comet , A's+B's > oki/super

214A > [B] conversion

  • 214A > [B] , 2A > 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C
7828 dmg

This conversion is probably maxed out. You can chose for a less dmg'ing route that requires less brain space to remember such as A's+B's > special , A's+B's since that's her standard combo route for non-5A starters. You can't recall of all the dumb conversions possible so take the one ingrained in your fingers that won't drop.

Note: if 214A > [B] not done close, you can link into 5A instead of 2A. This results in conversion such as

  • 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C
8627 dmg

Note: extremly rare but if you have an air pickup with 214A > B counterhit, you may be able to convert if you've reached the corner with 4A/5A.

214A > C conversion

Because 214A > C , 5A link together, there isn't much thought to be had about what route you can go.

  • 214A > C , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C
8829 dmg

DP punish

After a dp, unless the opponent is Vatista (or Vatista is hit second in a happy birthday), you can start your combo with a counterhit. 5A CH > 214AC is a great starter if you are willing to spend 1 bar but deprive yourself from the meterbuild that comes with a dp punish combo. If you are not willing to go down that route, use a standard 5A conversion.

  • 5A CH > 214A > C , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BBB > 214B+C
10'298 dmg

PF(2) loop

Video example

  • this works midscreen, which might be the little more dmg you need to finish an opponent

Getting 2C oki

2C ender requires a high juggle so you can link 5BB > 2C. You have comet and early 5A or lander blow and 2B to achieve a high juggle and get 2C knockdown.

Video examples

- 5A starter

  • 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 2C
7177 dmg

It's not necessary to get two comet loops to get 2C ender, this is just optimization off 5A starter.

Linking 5A by pressing it early allows you to juggle higher, which is a requirement for linking 5BB > 2C

- bad starter

  • j.C > j.AA > 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 2C
5061 dmg

Another non-5A starter is 2C, which you convert with comet or lander blow.

What's important to note is that you don't push the combo past 1 lander blow/comet loop unlike with 5A starter.

- throw

  • B+C , 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAB , 2B > 5AAA > 5BB > 2C
5230 dmg

Standing reset

The mix is 5C/236C which beats (or trade favorably) against 5f jabs. Layer 2 is IAD back to avoid mash dp or smth.

  • 5AAA > 5BB > mix
  • 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAC , 5AAA > 5BB

j.C loops

Video example

  • Character specific: Jin, Noel, Tager, Hakumen, Nu, Hazama, Izayoi, Azrael, Nine, Naoto K. Susano'o, Yu, Yosuke, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Blitztank
  • more dmg than standard standing reset combo route


Astral startup is increased if NOT charged (try 5BB > 222B+C if you are not convinced).

Prefered links are juggle 5BB > 222[B+C] or juggle 214AAB > 222[B+C]

Juggle 214AAB is weaker to hitstun decay (at 214AA > B) which is why those combos are shorter than the 5BB enders one. This causes 214AA > B confirms to have less time to regen meter for astral but damn the cancel window is better.

Clean confirms

  • 5AAA (> 5BB) > 236[A] , 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 222[B+C]
  • 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAB > 222[B+C]

2A mash confirms

  • 2AAA > 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 214AAB > 222[B+C]
  • 2AAA > 5AAA > 236[A] , 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAB > 222[B+C]
  • 2AAA > 5AAA > 5BB > 236[A] , 5AAA > 214AAB > 222[B+C]


Juggles are not required to link into astral

  • 5AAA > 222[B+C]
  • 5BB > 222[B+C]
  • 2C > 222[B+C]
  • 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAA > 222[B+C]

happy birthday air pickup into lander blow loops

Video example

air pickup 5AAA5BB > 214AAB , 5AAA > 214AAB , 5AAA5BBB > 236[B+C]

8493 dmg
  • This route actually still exists only if you pick up from the air.
  • This is the meterless optimized solo combo she can do. You will have to improvize from here to incorporate your assist
  • You may get it once a month, but if you are ready for the only meterless happy birthday combo where she can build ressources to get back assist and/or gain meter, then please use this route.

Makoto has no meterless tool to make a complete combo that fully makes use of the combo timer for happy birthdays. Pre 2.0, you could 5AAA > 5BB > 214AAB , 5AAA... BBS and dhc for lots of dmg because of old 5B launch property. But that's gone.

Throw allows you to directly loop lander blow without going through comet launcher. 2B was and still is one way to get a higher juggle.

Resonance combo theory


Infinite rush 2 meter

Video example

Note: the PF stalling in the video example doesn't exist anymore since 2.00, as well as the 5B launcher

5A(AA) > 214AAA xx 214B+C is 9k, you can waste more time for slightly more dmg but it's not really worth it.

PF loops

PF(2) can loop into itself as long as you have meter

BBS corner loops

5BBB > BBS > uncharged PF(1) > PF(2+3) is the most you get from an ender and you don't need resonance 214AAA xx BBS works too, or any high juggle pickup like 4AA > 5B


Video example (2nd combo)


can be done from 5BB > 214AAA as well

Corner steal with PF

Video example

Combo Theory

Some notes when using assists in your combos

dp punish routes

5AAA > 214AAA > assist into stuff

This is the most consistent and reliable starter she has.

  • 214AAA has good dmg and proration (should count as 2 specials (214AA > A followup but only count as 1 when prorating combos).
  • 5A is a reliable starter with best proration (100 P1)
  • at least try this starter before trying other starters since there's a really heavy chance it's your best starter

5AAA vs 5BBB

  • 5A > 5AA link is worse than 5B > 5BB (meaning there are times where 5BBB only can work)
  • but 5AAA is usually more dmg than 5BBB
  • that means early in the combo, you want to use 5AAA instead of 5BBB
  • when late in the combo, you want 5BBB so the opponent doensn't drop out of the combo
  • as long as you are in cross combo where no hitstun decay can hurt you and 5AAA isn't weak to it

CH 5A > 214A > C , 214AAA > assist

Video example

The execution is not easy but it's one of the best meter dump she has if you already have 5 bars to spend.

214A > [B] loops

Video example

Very hard, mostly corner only and heavily dependant on what assists you have.

If you have worked out all other combo routes, try finding a loop with it since the proration+dmg on this special is worth a try to look for such a combo.

Yang 6P and Makoto have such a corner loop

4P loops

THIS SHOULDN'T BE IN THE GAME BUT MAKOTO DOESN'T EVEN EXISTS. Self-looping assist are smth ArcSys tried to remove in the 2.00 patch but Makoto got overlooked.

Only useful for two niche character: Liz and Yukiko

Video example Liz healing 3/4 of her health

Video example Yukiko 8 fire level gain

4P > CC > 5P

Some character need time to setup something like Chie power Charge combos, this works on all characters.


PF(2) loop > j.C

Pre 2.0 combos




5AA > 2B > 5BB[B] (lv2) > jA, jB > jA, jB > jA+D > [A] (lv 2)

Damage: 6367
  • 6367 dmg. Simple A starter.
  • if 5AAA 6729 dmg

5AAA > 5BB > 214A > A > B > 5A > 5BB > 214A > A > B > 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl2 > 214[B+C]Lvl2 > [A]Lvl2 > [A]Lvl2

Video Example
Damage: 8223
  • An Alternative combo route that'll allow you to combo into Distortion Skills or end your combo on the ground

2C > 214A > A > B > 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl2 > sjc j.A > j.B > djc j.A > j.B > j.A > j.A+D > [A] Lvl2

Video Example
Damage: 6021
  • A combo for when you beat a poke with 2C's body invincibility

Throw > 214B > j.B > delay 5A > 5BB[B] > jc j.AA > j.B > djc j.AA > j.B > j.A+D > [A]

Damage: 5113
  • Simple Throw Combo

Throw > delay 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl2 > jA > j.B > djc j.A > j.B > j.A+D > [A]

Damage: 5227
  • Simple Throw Combo
  • Try to catch the opponent as close to the ground as possible after the throw

Throw/Back Throw > 214A > A > B > 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl2 > sjc j.A > j.B > djc j.A > j.B > j.C > j.A+D > [A]Lvl2

Video Example
Damage: 4832
  • A throw combo that works for both forward and back.

Back Throw > 214A > A > C > 5AAA > 5BB[B] > jc j.AA > j.B > djc j.AA > j.B > j.A+D > [A]

Damage: 4967
Requires: 1 Skill Gauge

Back Throw > 236C > 5AAA > 5BB[B] > jc j.AA > j.B > djc j.AA > j.B > j.A+D > [A]

Damage: 5378
Requires: 1 Skill Gauge

236C > 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl2 > sjc j.A > j.B > djc j.A > j.B > j.C > j.A+D > [A]Lvl2

Video Example
Damage: 6621

5AAA > 5BB > 222B+C

Video Example
  • Basic Astral combo

With Assists

5AAA > 214A > A > A > 5P > dash 5AAA > 5B > jc j.AA > j.B > djc j.B > j.[A + D] > [A]Lvl2
5AAA > 214A > A > A > 5P > dash 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl2 > 214[B+C]Lvl2 > [A]Lvl2 > [A]Lvl2

Air Ender Example
Distortion Skill Ender Example
  • A simple combo that uses an assist for an extension for pretty good damage. Damage varies with character but generally, you should be looking at around 8000ish damage

5AAA > 5B > 236B > 5P > dash 5AAA > 5B > jc j.AA > j.B > djc j.B > j.[A + D] > [A]Lvl2

Video Example
  • Side Swap variation of the above combo. Use this when you're back is closer to the corner than you're front



Throw > 214A > [B] Lvl2 > 2A > 5AAA > 236A > [A] Lvl 2 > 5AAA > 5BB[B]Lvl 2 > jc j.AA > djc j.AA > j.A+D > [A]Lvl 2

Video Example
Damage: 5169

With Assists

Video Examples

These videos are made before 2.0 so be careful with 5BB > 214AAB loops combo routes.

Basic Makoto Combos by Meno

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