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Weiss is a character that specializes in setups, having a tool for every situation. Whether it's using her long reaching rapier attacks to fight up close, firing ice shards to attack from afar, summoning ice pillars to block projectiles and limit the opponent's ground movements and using her semblance to do attacks that cover a lot of ground quickly or for some more tricky options, Weiss has a tool to fight comfortably in any situation.

At the same time, these tools all have very clear pros and cons. For example, her normals often have long reach but don't hit in a wide arc like Ruby's normals. As a result, a lot of Weiss' tools need to be selectively chosen to deal with a specific problem. To get the most out of Weiss' vast toolset, you'll need to train yourself to properly recognize situations and use the appropriate tool to handle it.

While her buttons can be oppressive, Weiss is highly susceptible to pushblock, having few options to get back in on the opponent without ending her turn or wasting resources. It can be difficult for her to maintain pressure without using committal options that can be stuffed out.

Weiss Schnee

BBTag Weiss Portrait.png
23F (1~7F Inv All)
Fastest Attack
4A (7F)
2A (7F)
A+D (14F)
236B+C (7F)
214B+C (15F)
  • Long-ranged normals
  • Great pressure tools
  • Good defensive tools
  • Proficient corner game
  • Land cancels allow her to extend combos, continue pressure, maintain momentum, and/or stay defensive
  • One of the few characters with a frame 4 reversal option(22C)
  • Can use Ice pillar to wall out specific characters and force an approach(22A/B)
  • Fantastic corner carry
  • Projectiles track but can miss easily
  • Steep learning curve; requires a good understanding of neutral and proper execution to play
  • Anti-air can be unreliable against specific approaches
  • Aside from glyph follow-ups and j.C (In specific matchups), has no real way of opening opponents guard without using risky options (IAD in, glyph, etc.)

Semblance: Glyphs

Weiss' semblance allows her to set magical glyphs around the stage by using Ice Shard. She can use the glyph by doing it by first doing Glyph Dash Strike or Snowfall, and then pressing (or holding down) 8A, 8B, or 8C once she is physically in contact with one. These glyphs placed on screen give Weiss additional options to follow-up her Glyph Dash Strike special with 3 specials that make use of the glyph, all with vastly different uses depending on the situation at hand.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 All 7 3 12 -1 B
  • Startup is one frame faster than 5A, and can OTG.
  • Autocombos into 5AA if 4 is held. Otherwise, it links into 5A/2A.
  • Jump cancellable on block.

Secondary poke tool. Unlike 5A, can hit some crouching opponents such as Makoto 2C and Kanji 2C. Can cancel into 2A on block, allowing for her to chain into her A normals (5A, 5AA) to prolong pressure and force the opponent to make a decision. It being a 7 frame option allows for her to contest stronger round starts (Mitsuru, Ragna) and hit low profiling moves (Yosuke, Linne).

Level P1 P2
2 100 75


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A 1500 All 8 3 19 -5 B
5AA 800, 1500 All 12 6(2)5 16 -4 H, B
5AAA 1700 All 14 3 23 -7 B
5AAAA 2000 All 25 3 Total: 65 -4 P1
  • Has decent horizontal reach.
  • Max range distance is about the same as match start positioning distance.
  • Jump cancellable on block.

5A is your primary poking tool that boasts good reach and fast startup. Pay attention in the range she's in when throwing this out 5A>5AA is viable now even from the tip of the rapier. Can rebeat into 2A for pressure resets at max range. Use this move frugally, as some characters can low profile it during roundstart/pressure and completely reverse the situation(Chie, Hyde).

  • Provides a dragdown effect. Stabilizes air confirms and allows her to chain into other normals without worry.

Moves Weiss closer to the opponent to mitigate pushback from blockstrings. Can chain into 2A, allowing for rebeat whiffs and pressure resets. Unsafe on pushblock, however, which makes it difficult to use in some matchups. Since it's travel distance changes based on how far you hit with 5A go nuts with this move.

  • Good in combos for corner carry.
  • Gives safejump before 6-second timer ends.
  • One of Weiss' main combo enders.

Unlike most 5AAAs in BBTag, she cannot chain this into other normals, only specials and super/astral inputs. On hit, this move sends the opponent sliding across the screen, making it very good for corner carry. Weiss can choose whether or not she wants to set up a glyph or safejump afterwards, making oki ambiguous.

  • Weiss summons an ice pillar on the opponent's position.
  • Cannot be cancelled into any other move.

5AAAA is the smart combo ender. Weiss's smart combo is one of the higher damaging ones at 4.1k. Only used for Cross Raid ender.

Version Level P1 P2
5A 3 100 80
5AA 2, 3 100 80
5AAA 4 100 85
5AAAA 4 100 85



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5B 1700 All 14 3 21 -5 B 4~16 H
5BB 1700 All 13 3 27 -11 B
  • Jump-cancelable on block.

The animation for 5B makes the range look deceptively short, but in truth it has almost as much range as 5A due to Weiss stepping forward. A primary anti-air tool for Weiss, you must use it cautiously as she can misstep out of her target's range and even leave herself wide open. Is most adept at covering specific jump-ins (IAD, neutral jump throw bait), but struggles against anything directly above her. Is easily whiff punishable.

  • Launches the enemy, making air combos possible. Primary combo tool for basic routing.
  • Jump-cancelable on block.

5BB opens up a lot of options for Weiss in combos with it's float properties on hit. Be mindful of your range when chaining 5B into this, because 5BB's hitbox is leaner than 5B's, making it whiff at max range or if the enemy is too high. One thing to note is that because it launches the opponent relatively low, it is better to start the air combo with j.B than j.A, as starting with j.A can potentially whiff due to it's hitbox. You can chain this into 2B, 2C, or 5C on block to keep the pressure going.

Version Level P1 P2
5B 4 90 85
5BB 4 100 75



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800+ High 26 3 1+17L -4 B
  • Because Weiss is airborne, most lows will miss.

Weiss' Crash Assault. On a 4A, 5A or 5B CH, she can convert into 5C, gaining free meter on a MARVELOUS! hit. She can get jabbed out of it easily due to the hop and flash startup, so try to use this move as sparingly as possible.

Level P1 P2
3 100 100


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 Low 7 3 13 -4 F
  • Chains into itself 3 times like most 2A, even on whiff.
  • Jump cancellable

Low poke with nice range; one of Weiss' greatest tools. During neutral you'll want to mix this with 4A against a grounded opponent to keep them from getting up, close and personal. One of Weiss' strongest pressuring tools, as it allows for potential TRM setups/tickthrows, frametraps, and even callouts.

Level P1 P2
1 90 70


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 Low 12 3 18 -4 F
  • Has a good range and hits low, making it useful for pokes and blockstrings.

Low poke with really good range. Mostly used either during blockstrings or extend combos. Not so much a move to consider while in neutral (especially if the enemy has super meter), as it hits really low and may leave her wide open if jumped over. Unsafe on pushblock.

Level P1 P2
3 90 80


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 Low 16 3 27 -11 F
  • Has the same range as 5A.
  • On-hit allows for safe Glyph setup.
  • Unsafe on pushblock.

Weiss leans forward and performs a wide sweeping slash. Slow startup, and a small hitbox. Do not use this on block, as it signifies the end of her turn. She can special cancel 2C, however there's no reason for the opponent to respect her when the move is so unsafe.

Level P1 P2
4 90 85


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.A 1000 High 9 7 20 H
j.AA 1500 High 11 3 28 H
  • Its horizontal reach makes it a good tool for air-to-air.
  • The hitbox extends all the way down to her knee so it is possible to hit crouching opponents.
  • Whiffs on crouch at max range.
  • Double-jump cancellable.

Weiss pokes outward across from her, strengthening her air game. Technically counts as an overhead and offers safejump potential, but it ultimately works best against characters aerially facing or slightly above her.

Can chain back into itself on block after j.AA, making it fantastic at dragging down opponents during upback attempts. It also makes Weiss one of the few characters who can reliably ladder down into a fuzzy regardless of most heights and convert into a strong mixup, forcing the opponent to pushblock and waste meter to avoid it.

  • Double-jump cancellable.

Hits downwards; it is, in essence, her j.5B. Only use this during blockstrings or a confirm.

Version Level P1 P2
j.A 2 80 75
j.AA 3 80 80



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.B 1500 High 11 3 28 H
j.BB 1000 High 9 7 20 H
  • Can crossup
  • Your go-to jump-in normal

Like j.5AA, she hits downwards. Offering high/low unblockable potential with the right partner, this is the move you'll want to keep in mind more often, as it is the stronger overhead, crossup tool, and combo extender compared to j.5A. Its only weakness in that regard is that its air game is weaker.

Version Level P1 P2
j.B 3 80 80
j.BB 2 80 75



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 High 13 3 Until L+21L +1 Land Canceled, -23 at best otherwise H
  • Slightly propels Weiss up, making it difficult to use for jump-ins
  • Causes a hard knockdown on hit, making it essential for routing.
  • Is an IOH in six matchups: Ragna(during blockstun), Tager, Hakumen, Wald, Gordeau and Mika.

Once inputted, Weiss must commit to this move until she lands. However, with the power of 214A/214B landcanceling, you can omit this rule and act freely as desired. 17 frame overhead, and offers high/low potential in specific matchups. From this point, you can land-cancel (214~x A/B/C). Can solo confirm rising hit with land lancel 4A, and trades with 6 frame normals if blocked, making it +1 if land cancelled.

Learn to land cancel and dramatically expand your offense:

Level P1 P2
4 80 85

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 1000×2 Throw 7~30 3 23 T
  • Requires you to dash forward to be able to connect 5A from midscreen.
  • In corner can cancel into 236[A] glyph setup to make extended combo (and end again in a glyph setup).

Can convert into 214B>2A but only when the glyph turns black, so pay attention, or you'll whiff the 2A. An alternative, easier method is simply dash 6A into a confirm. Also, be careful when throwing into astral--if you input 222BC too soon, the astral will whiff. You'll need to take a brief beat before inputting. In the corner, you'll have to do throw>214[A]>222BC.

Level P1 P2
0, 3, 5 100 50
  • Mininum damage 2000

Snow Globe


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2100 Air Unblockable 14 3 48 -32 B 1~16 All

Weiss' DP. Hits all around her as well as in the air, but its range it short, so it doesn't reach that high up. Great for active switch bypassing, and can be used as an aerial unblockable setup. Like all other DPs, its very unsafe on block, so use this with care.

Level P1 P2
4 80 60
  • Minimum Damage 105


Ice Shard

236A/B (Chargeable)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236A 1500 All 60 Until Hit Total: 46 [Total: 35] P
236[A] Total: 35
236B 1500 All 60 Until Hit Total: 46 P
236[B] Total: 35
  • When charged, the Ice Shard won't come out and leave the Glyph on the screen instead to use for Glyph Dash Strike followups.
  • The Glyph is summoned a distance in front of Weiss.
  • Glyphs stay on screen even after partner switch, but disappear when used or when the corresponding Ice Shard skill is used.
  • There will be a delay before the projectile fires

Weiss summons a projectile that tracks the opponent. When holding down this move, Glyph Setup allows Weiss to create a black Glyph that stays in places and she recovers faster compared to Ice Shard input, allowing her to deceive her opponents mid-pressure and punish them in the case they attempt a counterattack. Setting glyphs is still unsafe against fast and long reaching moves though and is best used after a hard knockdown from 2C or with Assist coverage. Ice Shard is a great move to keep in mind after setting up an ice pillar. Try to mix up Ice Shard and Glyph setup during pressure to throw off your opponent and punish any challenges they may try to make.

236B summons the Glyph above Weiss, positioned slightly behind the A variation. Like 236A, the projectile tracks the opponent, and Weiss recovers faster if she holds it down and sets up a Glyph rather than an Ice Shard. This version is the one that you'll reserve for her Ice Shard as its a good tool for oki.

Version Level P1 P2
236A 3 80 80
236B 3 80 80


  • Minimum Damage 75


  • Minimum Damage 75


Glyph Dash Strike

214A/B (Chargeable)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A 1800 All 14~28 3 18 -4 B
214[A] Total: 32
214B 1800, 1200 All 22~36 3 <(12)12> 16 <24+0L> -2 B
214[B] Total: 40
  • Holding the button will make Weiss feint doing the Glyph Dash Strike. Feinting allows to end block-strings comparably safe while baiting out reactions.
  • Travels full screen now.

214A can be a decent poke in neutral or to punish whiffs.

  • Good for combos w/assists

214B travels full screen and has a second follow up hit where Weiss leaps upward with a rising slash. The second hit has a lot of untech time, making it a perfect spot to call an assist to extend your combo. When held down, 214B acts as a feint but slower, compared to 214A. You can use these feints combined with assists to deceive and throw off your opponent, especially with glyph setups, making Weiss' game more scarier to deal with.

Version Level P1 P2
214A 3 80 80
214B 3 80 80


  • Minimum Damage 90


  • Values in [] are for hold version
  • Only does followup attack (values in <>) on hit
  • Minimum Damage 90, 60 (150)




Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.214A 1500 All Until L+4 3 18 -4 F
j.214B 1700 All Until L+4 3 24 -10 F
  • Not an overhead.
  • Does not have an active hitbox in mid-air so be careful.

Weiss dives downward. On CH she can follow up. She can also use this move as an assist crossup tool before she hits the ground. Can be used as an air combo finisher after j.C, and can cancel into an Astral while in Resonance Blaze. It is advised not to use this unless its used to end a combo since she can easily be hit out of this attack.

  • Has a more horizontal trajectory than the A variant.

B version has slower startup, but deals more damage. Can follow up on counter hit, used as an assist crossup tool and can be used as an air combo finisher after jC.

Version Level P1 P2
j.214A 3 80 80
j.214B 3 80 80


  • Minimum Damage 75


  • Minimum Damage 85

Twisting Air Step

8A during select moves

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A/B &gt; 8A 1750 High 19 5 5+6L +3 H
j.214A/B &gt; 8A 1900 High 20 5 Until L+15L H
  • Accessible during any of Weiss's 214x and j.214x specials when near a Glyph.
  • Causes a hard knockdown on hit.
  • Overhead.

Weiss crosses up the opponent and hits them with a downward slash similar to j.C. Must be blocked high, so it has high/low unblockable setup potential. Since the move lifts her upward, if there is another glyph above her afterwards, she can immediately act off of that glyph right away. Can be followed up with 2A.

Version Level P1 P2
214A/B &gt; 8A 4 80 85
j.214A/B &gt; 8A 4 80 85

214A/B > 8A:

  • Minimum Damage 87

j.214A/B > 8A:

  • Minimum Damage 95

Piercing Air Step

8B during select moves

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A/B &gt; 8B 2200 All 34 6 12L +3~6 H 11~36 B
j.214A/B &gt; 8B 2350 All 22 Until L 17L H 1~Landing B
  • Accessible during any of Weiss's 214x or j.214x specials when near a Glyph
  • Not an overhead
  • Has invincibility against body attribute attacks

Weiss leaps back and dives down on the enemy, similar to her j.214x specials. Since Weiss creates space between her and the enemy, you'll use this move to bait out DPs, hard-hitting grounded attacks, or moves with poor recovery (such as Yukiko's 5A or Yosuke's 5B). Great starter on CH, though on normal hit you can follow up wit 2A just as well. The aerial version of this move has Weiss take a brief beat before lunging at the opponent. The window to input 8B is fairly large, which works well when combined with this move and its mid-invulnerable properties, so keep that in mind when utilizing it.

Version Level P1 P2
214A/B &gt; 8B 4 80 75
j.214A/B &gt; 8B 4 80 75

214A/B > 8B:

  • Minimum Damage 110

j.214A/B > 8B:

  • Minimum Damage 117


8C during select moves

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A/B &gt; 8C 1300×2 All 18 3(6)3 8+5L +3 H
j.214A/B &gt; 8C 1400×2 All 18 3(6)3 Until L+5L H
  • Accessible during any of Weiss's 214x and j.214x specials when near a Glyph.
  • Despite being a C special, it costs no meter.
  • Mainly used in combos

Safe on block. The aerial version has Weiss jump from screen to screen, so it's nice to consider if you want to get away from the opponent (and set up a 22B pillar afterwards). Since it's plus on block, it's a good way to continue your pressure, so its a good choice to use instead of Twisting Air Step.

Version Level P1 P2
214A/B &gt; 8C 4 90 85
j.214A/B &gt; 8C 4 90 85

214A/B > 8C:

  • Minimum Damage 65×2 (130)

j.214A/B > 8C:

  • Minimum Damage 70×2 (140)

Ice Pillar


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
22A 13 132 Total: 39
22B 19 132 Total: 53
  • Stays on the screen for a while after appearing
  • Can not be moved through
  • Will stop 1 attack before breaking

Summons a chunk of ice. 22A allows her to 4A/5A more safely, as can hop over it afterwards regardless of hit or block. It is ideal to use this after pushblocking or after 2B or 2C. Cancels out most projectiles, like Tager's Spark Bolt and Ruby's 236A, but doesn't fully cancel out Hyde's 236A (which is a multi-hitting projectile). Note, because it places farther away than Ice Pillar B, using it after 2C or 2B will box the enemy in so if you want to create space for yourself then this move should not be used.

  • Can not be moved through
  • Slower and taller than A version
  • Will stop 2 attacks before breaking
  • Has armor against projectiles
  • Placed closer than Ice Pillar A

Summons a bigger chunk of ice. Has slower startup than 22A, but has a taller hurtbox and is much sturdier than 22A, albeit cannot be hopped over. Interesting to note is that specifically vs Hyde, it is an invaluable tool as 22B blockades him from hitting you during his incoming down attack. It can be used after 2B or 2C, but the only difference with this version is that it will keep the enemy away from her.

Version Level P1 P2


  • 13-24F can cancel into Ice Shard


  • 19-30F can cancel into Ice Shard

Extra Skills

EX Ice Shard

236C (Chargeable)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236C 1700×2 All 60 Until Hit Total: 46 P
236[C] Total: 35
  • Can be held down to set as Glyphs.

Summons two tracking projectiles behind the opponent. If held down, two glyphs are summoned behind the opponent instead and she recovers very fast.

Version Level P1 P2
236C 3 80 85×2


  • Minimum Damage 170×2 (340)


Glyph Dash Triple Strike


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1450×3 All 14~22 3(12)3(9)3 19+9L -24 B, H×2
  • Startup of and approximate range of A, but does a 2-hit followup similar to B on hit OR block
  • Combo tool
  • Wall bounces the enemy

Weiss dashes forward slashing with her rapier, slashes the opponent into the air, and then thrusts them away. Because it has an 214X input, she is able to access Glyph followup moves 8A/8B/8C at any time. Good for corner carry. Does have no feint version. Is highly situational and very unsafe on-block and on-whiff, making it mostly only useful for combo enders. As of v1.5 the recovery is reduced, allowing you to continue a combo after landing it, making for extreme corner carry in some situations.

Level P1 P2
4 80×3 75
  • Minimum Damage 145×3 (435)



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.214C 1500, 500×4 All Until L+4 3(15)2,2,2,2 29+6L -18 F, H×4
  • Rising followup attack makes it extremely unsafe on block
  • Same trajectory as B variant

Weiss dives down and thrusts her rapier upward upon landing. She's able to use 8A/8B/8C afterwards, ideally for aerial glyphs. Use this as an assist crossup tool, otherwise it's very unsafe on block and on whiff. On hit Weiss recovers fast enough to follow up with 4A/2A allowing for better extensions/enders when used mid-combo

Version Level P1 P2
j.214C 4 80 85


  • Minimum Damage 150, 50×4 (350)

Precision Parry


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
22C 55 4~39 Guard HBFP
22C Attack 1850 All 14 5 21 -7 B 1~39 All
  • Negates projectiles
  • Parry

Counterattacks if the opponent touches the shield. Also works on supers and astrals. Does not work on command grabs.

Weiss is invul for the full duration if the parry is triggered, however it will still recover at the same time, so be ready to block if you parry a long lasting super.

Projectiles will trigger the invuln but not the counterattack.

On activation, follow up with 5A or a faster move. On grounded catch it seems to be about +12, on aerial hit it's about +14, so you can go for 5B in that case. In most cases you will get a CH off this so feel free to confirm with the big moves. Will reach moves with long range, such as Gordeau 5B or Blake 5BB. Excellent reaction tool, but be careful not to heavily rely on this move, as you can get thrown out during its animation.

Version Level P1 P2
22C Attack 4 80 75


  • On Guard Point, hitstop for Weiss is 14F. Opponent hitstop is 29F

22C Attack:

  • Minimum Damage 185

Partner Skills


Glyph Dash Triple Strike

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000×2, 1500 All (18)+13~27 3 [(12)3(6)4] 36 [14+12L] -21 B
  • Wall bounces, Good for extending combos
  • Followup hits only come out on hit

Performs a quick slashing strike that is very safe on block. On hit, it offers a wallbounce that can be followed up. However, she cannot loop her 5P unless the enemy is in a certain height mid-air.

Level P1 P2
3 70 80
  • Minimum Damage 50×2, 75 (175)


Ice Shard

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 All (18)+51 Until Hit Total: 59 P
  • Tracking projectile

Weiss summons a projectile that tracks the opponent. Useful after a hard knockdown to "check" the opponent, and can shake the enemy off of you mid-confirm.

Level P1 P2
3 70 80
  • Minimum Damage 75


B Glyph Dash Strike

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1750 All (18)+20~22 12 22+12L -21 H
  • Very high launch on hit

Weiss does the rising strike portion of the B version of her Glyph Dash Strike. Hops over the enemy on whiff and sideswitches. On hit, knocks them very high into the air, allowing Weiss to active switch and continue, her partner to capitalize on the hit, or setup Cross Combo potential.

Level P1 P2
3 70 80
  • Minimum Damage 87

Distortion Skills

Glacial Torrent


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
[4400, 2700]
All 1+(43 Flash)+6 Until Hit Total: 76 -36 P2 1~9 All

Summons a wall of ice spikes. During resonance, it finishes with her summoning an ice sword to strike the opponent. Has some invul at the start. The further away, the higher the hitbox increases in height. An effective reactive tool to use when you find a gap in the enemy's blockstring and/or movements, and can even end matches with the precise call. A glitch occurs with the RB version of this move: if the opponent lunges towards you but then active switches before you 236BC, they will recover before the 2nd part comes out and they can punish you afterwards. Only use this move when you absolutely have to.

Level P1 P2
4 80 60
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 1232 [1232, 175 (1407)]

Snow Flurry


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000, 1250×4
[2000, 1250×4, 570×4]
All 1+(70 Flash)+14 9 33 -23 B 1~23 All
  • Despite its appearance, it does not go full screen
  • It ignores projectiles
  • During resonance, it finishes with a downward strike

This move only travels about 3/4s of the full screen, so don't use this move if they are completely fullscreen. In the corner, you can use this move to get out free should they jump. On block, it is unsafe, so be careful. It does very rarely hit on enemies in the air, so don't cancel into it from 5BB but use e.g. 5B2B instead. Can also whiff sometimes when enemy is in last quarter of it's range.

Level P1 P2
4, 3×4, 80 100 [100, 60]
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 700, 312×4 (1948) [700, 312×4, 57×4 (2176)]
  • [Plunging attack is considered a separate attack with P2: 60%]

Distortion Skill Duo

Glacial Torrent

P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 [2500] All 1+(93 Flash)+1 3 61 -23 B 1~4 All

Because of the fast speed of the attack depending on the super can be used as a combo extender. An excellent complimentary move to follow up supers like Yu's Ziodyne (236BC), Ruby's Petal Dance (214BC), Yukiko's Agidyne (236BC), and so on.

Level P1 P2
5 100 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 2000 [2500]

Astral Heat

White Night


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
All 1+(60 Flash)+10 21 34 -36 F 1~27 All
  • Weiss forms a large Glyph on the ground in front of her
  • Can be combo'ed into

Weiss traps her enemy into a large Glyph, bombarding them with various projectiles before gracefully disintegrating them with the sword of her Arma Gigas. Whiffs if the opponent is directly in front of Weiss or not within the hitbox of the giant grounded glyph. Her astral can be combo'ed into anywhere on the screen. There are only two routes you are allowed to confirm into this in the corner: 5A>5AA>5AAA>Astral, and Throw>214[A]>Astral. Every other case will cause the astral to whiff out of bounds.

Level P1 P2



Weiss Schnee
To edit frame data, edit values in BBTag/Weiss Schnee/Data.


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