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General Tactics

Lancelot thrives after getting in through maintaining heavy pressure. A lot of these tools to maintain pressure are his fireball, especially the ex version, his teleport and his unique ability. Lancelot also has some exceptionally strong midscreen whiff punishes with Blade Impulse (66X). The EX version in particular becomes plus from a little more than half-screen, making him a threat from most distances. 2U is also an excellent anti-fireball tool, going under any fireball that doesn't fly low to the floor as well as some pokes.


  • c.M > 5L > f.M xx 214L

This sequence frametraps and leaves Lance 0 or +1 against some characters. You can pressure reset in this string at any point with f.M > 214L again or cancel into 22X. 5L will beat most far buttons but be ready to react to a clash in the event that you're too close. Spaced counterhit rekkas will combo into 7-frame buttons.
Note: eventually you will be spaced out far enough that 214L will whiff. In this case, use 214M instead as it still frametraps and can be 0 on block at max range.

  • 5L/2L > 5L/2L > 2M > 214L

Solid pressure string, combos and frametraps. Good to use to catch people trying to roll. It;s also good to use if you think your opponent is going to try to mash sweep like a maniac.

  • 66 2L > 2L > c.H(1)XX > 214L/M

Dash momentum only string, cancel the first 2L into the second to bait DPs and don't to frame trap. Both hits of c.H will connect on hit but not on block. Work on your hit confirms!

  • 2L/5L > 5L/c.M/c.H(XX) > 214L/M

Use c.M or c.H for a frame trap, and cancel into 2L/5L to beat DPs. If they're still blocking once you've transitioned to autocombo use 214M to frame trap and 214L to beat DPs.

Once your opponent begins respecting your frame traps, Lancelot has a variety of ways to set up throws:

  • 2L/5L > throw

Tick throw. Everyone can do this, but Lancelot is particularly good at it because of his dangerous frame traps and high walk speed. Once you've conditioned them to respect your initial 2L frame trap you can go for this.

  • XX > throw

The second hit of autocombo is -4 on block, but it almost always puts you in throw range. Try this if you've conditioned your opponent to block XX > 214M.

  • ... > 214L/M/H(~4H~4H) > throw

Southern Cross often puts you in range to throw your opponent from your close normals and autocombo. 214H is the fastest, but due to the extended cooldown you might want to try using 214L or 214M instead. Use if they've been respecting your rekka follow-up frame traps.

Lancelot's Southern Cross rekka is an important tool for pressure, along with its constant use in his combos. By mixing between 214L, 214L~4L, and rarely 214L~4L~4L, he can condition the opponent not to press buttons as rekkas create frametraps. Lancelot can also space the rekkas to hit later in their active frames, possibly making them plus enough for a pressure reset without any follow ups needed (this is harder but still possible after patch 1.31). They're safe on block until the final follow up, allowing for quick pressure resets. Once the opponent has been scared into blocking by counterhit combos from rekkas, you can start to mix in throws, 22X and 236X. Keep in mind, however, that 236X and 22X are both reactable, so don't abuse them too much.

If you're in a high pressure situation and just can't open up your opponent, you can use 5U~4U to reset back to neutral. It's completely safe if done from certain normals, such as c.H.


Lancelot has good tools for Okizeme that allow him to maintain heavy pressure after a knockdown. Two primary forms of oki Lancelot has after a knockdown or air flipout are his EX Fireball and Teleport. The EX Fireball can lock down the opponent to create setplay opportunities while the Teleport can create a mixup scenario.

Fireball/EX Fireball

The main way you're going to get this is after 66H midscreen or a Combo Limit flip-out. Normal fireballs allow you to get a low/throw mixup, and EX Fireball on wakeup effectively turns your soft knockdown into a hard knockdown and gives a safejump. Granted, they have to block it first. Check them with 2L to stop a 6G and go from there. The opponent can technically DP out when the hit the ground before they block the fireball, but if that happens they will get hit by the fireball anyway.

Keep in mind that most fireball setups can be avoided using 4G and Lancelot often doesn't have a real answer to it. Test your opponent's knowledge but don't go for setups that they know how to beat.

DP-safe fireball setups:

  • 2U > 236H

Works with most spacings of 2U. 236M is often unsafe and 236L will whiff often, so 236H is your most consistent setup here. Very easy to catch 4Gs and 6Gs due to Lancelot ending up point blank after 2U.

  • 66H > 236H

22M after will bait DPs, but you have to use 2U if you want to catch 6Gs. You can catch 4Gs from 22M with j.M, but it's hard.

  • 214H~4H~4H~4H~4H > dash > 236H

Space just outside their DP range and you should be able to catch 6Gs with 2M, and 4Gs will be caught naturally by the projectile.

  • Forward throw > 236H

Only safe from reversals slower than 9f, but still useful against a lot of character nonetheless. Catch 6Gs with 2M or 2L and 4Gs with c.H.

DP-unsafe fireball setups:

  • Forward throw > 236L

Extremely dirty setup that works against anyone that without a DP or the name Lowain. Although the fireball isn't quite meaty it'll beat mashing, in addition to leading to a c.H combo due to being +8 on hit. If they start respecting it, Lancelot can throw right after setting up the fireball.

Although it's not 'true' okizeme, you can safely set up a fireball after a 214L/214M knockdown, setting up a great situation in neutral for you.


Lancelot's air buttons give you the ability to do either 1 overhead (j.M), 2 overheads (j.H or in corner, j.M 6 Delta Leap j.M), or low (land > 2L). It's possible to superjump install this move with an 282X, which has the added benefit of allowing j.H to connect because superjumping lets you turn around midair.

Teleport safejumps:

  • 2U > 22L > j.M

Side swaps. Pushes opponent towards Lancelot so you can throw right after.

  • c.XXX > 66H > c.H(2)X > (214L~4L > c.H(2) > 214L~4L > c.M/2M) > 22L > j.H

Safejump from your corner BnB. Delay j.H if you don't do the rekka extension, or just do j.L. With the rekka extension, you'll be able to get both hits of j.H, but not otherwise.

  • 236236H > 22M > j.H

Not available from simple input.

Other safejumps

Thanks to Season 2 and its 9f DPs, now Lancelot never has to give his opponents their turn!

  • 236236H > j.L/j.H

Not available from simple input. j.L if you're not confident in your timing. Microwalk or superjump j.H if you want both hits. Only works in corner.

  • 66H > 5U~2U/8U > j.H

Midscreen, side swaps. More reliable than 236H oki.

  • 66H > 2L(whiff) > j.H

Midscreen, does not side swap. Also more reliable than 236H oki.

  • 214H~4H~4H~4H~4H > sj.H

You've burned rekka so you might as well get something out of it.

  • 2U > j.H

Neutral jump. Unfortunately does not work at max 2U spacing. I found out you could do this while writing this.

Matchup Information

General Information

Lancelot cannot throw fireballs if the opponent even has one, as most fireballs will beat his on reaction. Your goal is to work your way in by either going over fireballs with 22X or going under fireballs with 2U. Once you get in, enforce your rekka pressure and make them crack.

Matchup Chart

Ferry 5:5 The hardest part of this matchup is working your way in, which usually consists of some combination of 22X, Jumping, and 2U. Her anti-air game is very strong with 623x up, but without it, there's a blind spot that neither c.M nor cover that you can abuse. Once you're in and have blocked EX Updog, you've functionally won. Her fastest buttons at the ranges were 214L is plus is f.L, which is 8 frames. You can crush that by doing what you would normally do after a plus rekka, namely f.M. Pressure her and look out for reversals.
Gran 5:5 You can 2U under his fireball and there isn't much he can do about it. Boot'll beat 2U, though, so don't just throw it out willy-nilly. Although his 2M is plus, you can 22L/M after it and cause his next normal to whiff, though special cancels will catch it.
Lancelot 5:5 66H will beat all of your buttons at a distance, so keep that in mind. You can disrespect most of your own safejumps and fireball setups with 22H. Since you don't have a DP, try running under 22H to make the air normal whiff. You won't always be able to punish but it's better than just taking it.
Percival 5:5 You can use back jump into a walldive to get out of his fireball pressure sometimes, otherwise you're limited to dodging his pokes or SSBA-ing out with 236236U[H]. Perci 214LL is minus on hit so if you get hit remember you can fM there anyway. 214HL is plus on hit so you can't mash there. Be careful about running behind fireballs to get in, his DP might've gotten nerfed, but it's far from unusable.
Katalina 5:5 Katalina out-footsies you pretty badly with her excellent far normals, but 2U beats both her non-DP specials.
Metera 5:5 You can slide under Metera's High Starry Sky fireballs, but not the low ones. It's also possible to use 5U to get past air fireballs. This is actually a decent place to use 22X, as her anti-airs outside of SBA are air-blockable. Once you get in, the only normal you really have to worry about is f.L, which is fast and hits low.
Ladiva 5:5 Ladiva's up-close normals are a little bit slower than yours, which lets you pressure her easily. Getting in is a little more difficult than you would think just because of f.M being really fast. As soon as you get in, don't let up because she will try to mash out a c.L or Jewel Resort Piledriver.
Charlotta 5:5 Charlotta's buttons are fast enough to contest yours up close, so if she gets in you pretty much get mauled. 66L will beat every version of ball while 2U will lose. Charlotta doesn't have great tools to deal with your fireballs, so abuse them as long as it's safe to. If you've noticed your opponent likes abusing 214M against you in pressure, you can watch cooldowns and mash fuzzy 22[H] (1[HS]) to CH it and get big damage.
Zeta 5:5 Jump or 22X the laser. You can't really do 236H from fullscreen because the laser will cut through it and still leave you with an 8-second cooldown. Rhapsody's follow-ups being manually activated means you can use c.H to beat instant follow-ups, making her only non-SBA reversal pretty unreliable against you. c.H will even beat it if she uses it on wakeup after forward throw > 236L. Keep it in mind as you pressure her. If she does 66L/M~4L/M or 66H~6H~4H against you on block you can punish with 66H and get a nice combo.
Vaseraga 5.5:4.5 Don't try to do cute 22L/M setups on him if he has Soul Forge up, he can use armoured 5U to beat all options. Knock him down and never, ever, ever, let him up.

It sounds like a cop out answer, but it's honestly the best way to play it. His buttons are slow, he has no reversal until super, and he's a big body. Get in, shove him in the corner, and bully him until he dies. On defense against his stance, you can 22M between his steps and get behind him (thanks S2) to put Vaseraga in an awful situation.

Lowain 6:4 Remember to cancel your normals into a dodge if he parries them. You can't outright punish but you're plus.
Beelzebub 5:5 It's possible to 2H Bub's M Divekick on reaction, but L and H are much harder. Most times you're better off just blocking. 2U and 22X are strong options to beat his vacuum in neutral, and if he charges fireballs on you in pressure you can go straight through them with SBA. If he has meter keep 214214H in mind as it'll catch most of your safejumps. If you predict it, you can do a late j.U to bait and beat it.
Narmaya 5.5:4.5 You can slide under a lot of her pokes with 2U or back off and throw an EX fireball and run behind it and react to what she does. Also if you stand just outside the range of any buttons that outrange yours you can smack their button with Lancelot's 2H and cancel into 66H for a full combo. If you throw a fireball out and Narmaya decides to use her 236X to beat it, you can, on reaction, punish her with 66H.
Djeeta 5:5 You can't slide under charged fireballs, but you can hit her for half her health if she DPs once. Her 2H is pretty weak against shallow jump-ins, so unless you're being air thrown consistently, you can use that information and use air approaches more liberally than with other characters.
Soriz 6:4 2U beats his 236X pretty easily and he can't really do anything against fireball in neutral. Keep your distance, what's he gonna do?
Zooey 5.5:4.5 If you dodge air lightning you can punish with 66L/H.
Belial 5:5 If he 5Us your fireball just keep dashing behind it and you'll be fine. 2U will beat his f.H if you both press at the same time. 2M is plus but you can 22L/M after it and avoid any follow-up that isn't fireball or 214X.
Cagliostro 6:4 c.M if you see low air teleports. Don't worry about air traps, 22H will just pass through them on its way up.
Yuel ?:? f.M and 236L are annoying, but you can slide under them. Yuel also doesn't do great with fireballs.

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