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Vira commands an impressive mid-range game, using her powerful normal and Luminiera-charged attacks. Her skills are enhanced after using her Unique Action or Skybound Art to transform.
GBVS Vira Nameplate.png
GBVS Vira Portrait.png
High Recovery (30f)


  • Unrelenting force: An assortment of safe-on-block frametraps, high-low mixups, a special command grab, and a very potent pressure reset tool, making it hard to escape her grasp.
  • Threatening okizeme: Summoning Luminiera provides a delayed but powerful okizeme, with comboable high-low and throw mixups, and a lethal meaty which is plus on block.
  • Albion fencing: High range normals and the fast advancing Scarlet Oath let her play a strong neutral game, and easily maintain pressure even when being pushed out.
  • Lord of the skies: In her transformed state, Vira has some of the best air movement in the game, with a variety of options off Graceview, and access to the Air Dash.
  • Slow starter: Vira must use her Skybound Art, or land an extremely slow grab after establishing pressure before she can tansform into her Luminiera Form. Until she can get this, she loses out on a lot of powerful enhancements and is a much weaker character.
  • Hollow threats: Her strongest pressure reset, and her command grab, are both fairly slow, meaning she must rely on conditioning her opponent.
  • Watching their back: While Vira has a lot of left-right mixups, this is easily defeated by the Block button.
  • Zoning: While Luminiera offers an option against zoning, it will dissapear if Vira blocks or is hit. Luminiera 236236H can be used to deal with zoning instead, but it can be difficult to get two super meters in the same match.

Unique Mechanic: Luminiera Form

By landing 5U, or using Luminiera Merge, Vira will transform into her Luminiera Form, which grants the following effects:

  • Enhanced Specials: All of her specials gain new effects, reduced recovery, or change completely. Mainly, the enhancements increase her combo potential.
  • New Unique Action: Her usual 5U is replaced with a somersault that also grants her additional air mobility.
  • Unique Airdash: Once per jump, Vira can air dash forward, on an arc similar to a double jump.
  • Skybound Arts: Vira's Skybound Arts change after transforming. Most notably, she gains a fullscreen super, Punishment Ray.
This install lasts until the end of the round.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Mid 5 3 6 +2 +6
  • Always links into 2L, c.M and f.L.
  • Links into 2M and 2U on crouching, and f.M and c.H on counterhit.

One of Vira's main pressure normals. Excellent frame advantage and frame trap options afterwards make this a threatening button to challenge.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 6 3 12 0 +4
  • Links into c.L.
  • Links into itself and 2U on counterhit.

Frame trap and general pressure tool. Any close button will frame trap into c.M, which has some great linking options on counterhit. The activation range is also decently large which allows her to harass 6-frame characters.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1200 Mid 9 3 16 -3 +1
  • Great anti-air.
  • Links into itself on counterhit.

Vira's hardest-hitting punish starter.

Level Attribute

Auto Combo

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
350 Mid 9 3 15 -3 +1
350 Mid 12 3 18 -4 0
  • Fully true blockstrings off any normal. Cannot be delayed into a frametrap.
  • c.XX naturally frametraps into Scarlet Oath L.

Simple combo extender and hitconfirm tool.

On block, every hit can cancel into Darkane frametrap punishes, making it most useful for creating unpredictable pressure timings and challenge simple fuzzy blocking.

Version Level Attribute
c.XX 2
c.XXX 3



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Mid 6 6 10 -3 +1
  • Vira's 6-frame punish.
  • Combos into 214L, 214H and 236H for a knockdown.

Vira's fastest, but lowest reward whiff punish button.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 8 4 17 -6 -2
  • Longest range normal.

Safe neutral poke, good for controlling space. Does not properly frametrap into Darkane from max range.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 Mid 8 4 22 -9 -5
  • Vira's best counterpoke.

Noticeably less range than Vira's f.M, but has much more hitstun making it easier to confirm. It's also quite fast for an H button, making it a great whiff punisher on extended hurtboxes.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Low 6 3 6 +2 +6
  • Always links into c.M and f.L.
  • Links into 2M and 2U on crouching or counterhit.

Vira's other main pressure normal. Works well with her throw as it hits low.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 7 5 13 -3 +1
  • Very fast and very active.

Vira's safest poke overall due to its low total duration. Combos into both 214L and 236M for a knockdown. Beats rolls cleanly where f.M does not, but 2U is a better punish thanks to its knockdown and Vira's punishes while in Luminiera form.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 Mid 11 6 23 -12 -8
  • Strong, angled anti-air.

All of Vira's H buttons make for good anti-airs at different ranges. 2H is particularly good against opponents jumping right at her, where c.H is better for crossups and f.H is best for far jump-ins.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Low 7 5 21 -11 HKD
  • Leads straight into a 22L setup.
  • Great punish starter mid-screen.

Vira's sweep is fast enough that she can counter hit or crouch confirm into it. Whenever it is an option, it is usually the best overall because it grants Lumineria oki. It also combos into the same things that 2M does while dealing the same damage. The only downside of 2U is that its frame advantage is much worse than 2M and decreases combo limit.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 High/Air 5 Until L 0
  • Active until landing.

Strong air button overall and makes for a great air-to-air.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
600 High/Air 7 7 Until L
  • Hard to hit against most crouching opponents.

Vira's other main air-to-air option. Hits higher than j.L and is great for sniping opponents above Vira.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
800 High/Air 9 5 Until L
  • Hits far below Vira.

Vira's best jump-in normal in terms of raw damage.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 8 8 Until L
  • Hits behind Vira during startup.

Vira's crossup normal. Hits primarily below her and hits behind her early on.

Level Attribute

Unique Action

Blade of Light


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
0, 100×5 Ground Throw 30~39 3 30 HKD +52
  • After startup, continues to run forward until it connects or has whiffed entirely.
  • Upon connecting, transforms Vira into her Luminiera form.
  • Full Counter Hit recovery.
  • Can be comboed into with Summon Lumineria and Counter Hit c.H on grounded opponents.

A very slow command grab, made only slower by the distance she has to travel. The damage is very low for the risks it requires, but provides Vira her massively enhanced Luminiera Form, with new moves and major improvements to her moveset. If it is not possible to land this grab, it may be required to instead use her Skybound Art, Luminiera Merge.

The startup can be faked with a pause then a short dash, due to its similar running animation. However, it is telegraphed by her arm swing before she begins running.

Level Attribute
  • Upon reaching the opponent during startup, the grab has an additional 6 frames of startup which can be jumped
  • The total running duration is 24~33 frames.


5U during Lumineria Form

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
Grand 5U 600 Mid 10 7
5U~X 800 All 16 9 8 +2
5U~6 Total 11
5U~8 Total 44
5U~4 Total 39
5U~2 Total 25
  • Has higher attack level than most air normals, making it a decent anti-air.
  • There is a short delay before Vira can pick a follow-up.
  • 6U input also available, moving Vira forward a bit more than the 5U input, comboing from non-max f.L range.

Pressing 5U when Vira is powered up results in Graceful View, an anti-air that ends in a stance. During Graceful View, Vira has five options to pick from.

Falling Strike (5U~X)

Vira dives downwards with her sword. Will combo after 5U connects on grounded and airborne opponents.

Advance (5U~6)
  • Vira can use Advance 3 times in a row.

Vira dashes forwards a fixed distance in the air. After she stops, she can choose any follow-up.

Jump (5U~8)

Vira jumps forwards from wherever she is in Graceful View.

Retreat (5U~4)

Vira jumps backwards from wherever she is in Graceful View.

Land (5U~2)

Vira gracefully falls from Graceful View. She can use any air button on the way down, which can allow for a mixup between a falling button and a low or throw once she lands.

Version Level Attribute
Grand 5U

Grand 5U:


j.66 during Lumineria Form

  • Vira gets one airdash per jump.

While the movelist says this is an airdash and it shares its input with other Arc System Works games' airdashes, it behaves more like a double jump.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1500 Throw 7 3 31 HKD

Basic grounded throw that sets up an easy safejump. Vira can set a Lumineria, but she's generally too far to force an opponent to block it or push them into it.

Level Attribute
0, 4

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1500 Throw 5 5 Until L+6

Leaves the opponent much farther away than her forward throw, making a safejump impossible.

Level Attribute
0, 4

Overhead Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 High 26 6 17 -4 +1 4-31 Throw
9-31 Low
8-30 Airborne
  • High reward on counter hit.
  • Invulnerable to lows and throws, but not instantly.

More dangerous than average as Vira can get a combo with a well-timed Lumineria.

Level Attribute

Special Moves


236X or 5S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
236L 150×3, 250 Mid 18 1,3,3,4 17 -4
236M 150×4, 600 [150×4, 700] Mid 15 1,3,3,3(14)5 19 -9
236H 150×4, 600 [150×4, 700] Mid 16 1,2,3,3(9)5 22 -9 HKD
236[M] 150×4 Mid 15 1,3,3,3 21 -7
236[H] 150×4 Mid 16 1,2,3,3 16 -2
L Version
  • Naturally frametraps off every normal and auto-combo attack except c.L, c.H, and 2L.
  • Opponent air techs on hit.
  • Safe on block.

Makes for a good pressure tool as it's safe on block. Vira can force pokes to whiff at max range, allowing her to whiff punish and get a knockdown. 236L also acts as an easy frame trap from any of her poking normals, helping her condition opponents not to mash. Be careful throwing this out in neutral as the hurtboxes are horrendus.

M Version
  • Can frametrap off 5L and 2L.
  • Good knockdown on hit.
  • Can catch buttons between the stabs and final slash.
  • Can be held in Luminiera to perform a dash instead of the last hit.

Normal Vira's best combo ender for corner carry and risky complement to 236L. If her opponent has big buttons, she can risk a frame trap with 236M instead of trying to make said buttons whiff after 236L. Be careful with this though as 236M is -9 on block and advances Vira forwards. The held version gives Vira a meterless launch that combos into c.L anywhere. Be careful with this on block as it is still quite punishable.

H Version
  • Wallbounces in the corner.
  • Can catch buttons between the stabs and final slash.
  • Can be held in Luminiera to perform a dash instead of the last hit.

Corner combo extender and Vira's only real launching move. The held version is less useful than 236[M] because it costs a cooldown but it is much safer on block.

Version Level Attribute


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?

Red Beryl Sword

623X or 6S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
623L 1000 Mid 9 2 (2) 6 30 -23 KD +36 1~12 All
623M 800, 500 Mid 9 2 (2) 12 34 -27 KD +29 1~14 All
623H 800, 150×4 Mid 9 14 35 -28 HKD 1~23 All
Grand 623M 800, 1000 Mid 13 2(20)3 31 -6 HKD 1~14 All
Grand 623H 800, 150×4, 100 Mid 9 14 35 -28 HKD 1~23 All
  • 200 less damage on simple inputs (see Frame Data for more details).
  • Fully invincible on startup

Vira's non-Skybound invincible reversal. Like most, it is able to escape pressure easily and doubles as a strong anti-air, but can almost never combo, making it very low reward. On block and whiff it is extremely punishable and must be used with caution. Only hits forwards, making it incapable of attacking enemies directly above or behind Vira.

  • Air unblockable only on frames 9 ~ 10
  • 500 Damage if hit on frames 13 ~ 18.
  • Opponent Air Recovers if hit on frames 13 ~ 18

Basic invincible reversal. Lower recovery makes it safer on whiff, but is extremely poor for use as an anti-air.

  • First hit is air unblockable, second is not.
  • Unreasonably long active time.

Makes for a stronger anti-air and deals slightly more damage. It is much worse on whiff, and on block will be punishable in a higher airborne state, enabling larger combos on punish. Surprisingly has a decent amount of oki as a midscreen ender (if done from autocombo), significantly moreso in the corner.

Luminiera Medium

Might as well be a completely different move. Instead of jumping skyward, she brings down her battleaxe upon the enemy with incredible force.

  • Massive pushback, completely safe on block.
  • True frametraps between hits, but has no invulnerability on the second hit.
  • Small anti-air range, but completely air unblockable.
  • Deals only 600 damage if the first hit misses.

Barely an anti-air and slightly slower, but in exchange becomes the best wakeup reversal in the game. It deals very solid damage, gives a nearby hard knockdown for some basic okizeme, maintains the low cooldown, and on block it is entirely safe. This move absolutely dominates against pressure and is very difficult to challenge. The best counter-strategy on block is to wait until after the first hit, then either use an invincible move or perform a Dodge. However, Vira will be fully grounded, slightly reducing the combo potential compared to other versions of Red Beryl Sword.

This is also Luminiera Form Vira's best combo ending special move. Deals the most damage out of any of her special moves while also giving her a hard knockdown for further okizeme.

  • Completely air unblockable.
  • Extreme meter gain, useful to transform as quickly as possible
  • The only version able to combo, and only on an anti-air hit in the corner.
  • Grand: Additional 100 damage and cinematic pause if it hits on the first active frame, enabling better corner combo confirms.

Her strongest anti-air move, it completely shuts down jump-ins while leading into okizeme. The massive cooldown, especially with the simple input, is a detriment to Vira's defensive gameplay, dramatically worsening her ability to defend herself immediately after. Particularly good late into a round, where a single shift in the momentum or increased damage can easily win the round on its own, and further defense is not nessecary.

Version Level Attribute
Grand 623M
Grand 623H


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 14 (Technical) 10 (Easy)
  • Simple input damage: 800 (300 for late hit).


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 16 (Technical) 10 (Easy)
  • Simple input damage: 700, 400.


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 18 (Technical) 10 (Easy)
  • Simple input damage: 700, 150×2, 100×2.
  • The true active frames appears to be 2 (1) 4, 1 (1) 1 (1) 1 (1) 1, where the first two active periods both count for the first hit.

Grand 623M:

  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 16 (Technical) 10 (Easy)

Grand 623H:

  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 18 (Technical) 10 (Easy)

Scarlet Oath

214X or 4S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
214L 800 Mid 16 3 21 -5 KD
214M 1000 [1100] Mid 27 5 12 +2 KD
214H 500, 700 [500, 800] Mid, Mid 14 3(13)5 15 -1 HKD
  • Data inside "[]" represents values when Vira is in Luminiera Form.

Vira performs a fast dash across the screen and strikes towards the ground. Good for neutral pokes and advancing on the opponent while being safe on block.

  • Safe when blocked at max range.
  • Can be abused against 6-frame characters.

Vira's basic poke confirm tool, best ender for oki but trades corner carry. Fast and effective for catching people in neutral beyond her f.M range. Can also act as a frametrap off f.L to further enforce her pokes.

  • Advantageous on block
  • Grand: Visual pause on counterhit allowing grounded combos.

Vira's primary pressure reset. It is slow, and easily interrupted, but always places her within a good range to threaten frametraps with 2U and c.L, while easily reaching for Throw. Even with simple inputs its cooldown is short enough to allow freely using it in pressure.

Can also be used in neutral as an approach tool. On counter hits it scores huge combo potential, and on block begins pressure freely.

  • Ground bounces on hit.
  • Grand: Can combo into 5L in the corner.
  • Grand: Ground bounces on counterhit, being able to combo into c.M, 2M and 2U midscreen.

Even faster, safer, and more damaging than the Light variant for catching in neutral, but the heavy cooldown will eliminate the ability to reset pressure as easily. On hit, scores a better knockdown for setting up some okizeme, and can be used as a combo extender in the corner.

Version Level Attribute


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?

Summon Luminiera

22X or 2S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
22L 200×3 All 83 35 Total
22M 200×3 All 83 35 Total
22H 200×3 All 86 40 Total
  • Summons Luminiera to attack a fixed position on the screen after a short time.
  • Luminiera will disappear immediately if Vira blocks or is hit.

The primary tool for okizeme setplay. The extended hitstun allows Vira to combo off attacks more easily, including her Overhead, and is delayed enough to allow a normal Throw or her Blade of Light grab to land before it becomes active. However, because it disappears instantly when Vira is hit, it does not protect Vira from an opponent attacking out of pressure. (See more: Strategy: Okizeme)

In neutral, Luminiera can provide a ranged threat to either run in and begin pressure freely, or force the opponent into moving out of the way. However, it is very slow and open to punish.

  • Luminiera spawns 40% of the screen away.

Useful to set up after almost any knockdown cheaply. Due to its timing and position, it won't prevent jumping and backdashing on wakeup, which needs to be supported by fast okizeme. It is also spacing-sensitive, potentially whiffing (but catching backdashes) at very close positions.

Good in neutral as a pre-emptive catch to approaches, but is too slow to be effective at its actual range.

  • Luminiera spawns 70% of the screen away.

Spawns too far away to use for setups, only able to catch backdashes after a non-cinematic Affection Abyss (236236H).

A useful long-range tool for neutral.

  • Luminiera tracks to the opponent's position.
  • Travels a maximum 80% of the screen.
  • The only version that is useful in the corner, as the other two versions are summoned off-screen.
  • Grand: Additional damage and blockstun. Can combo better off slow recovering moves.

Good for any knockdown without concern for spacing, and able to threaten backdashes by following their position, at the cost of a heavy cooldown. Due to longer recovery it can make some okizeme more difficult or weaker to jump-outs, notably after a Throw where you cannot prevent a jump-out in time.

Good in neutral to make it much more difficult to position out of, and attack from almost full-screen as a weak zoning tool.

Version Level Attribute


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level ?

Skybound Art

Luminiera Merge

236236H or 236S

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 Mid 7+6 3 20 -12 HKD 1~15 All

Spend your Skybound Art to transform.

  • Minimum damage: Shortcut: 120, Technical: 250
  • Upon activation, Vira enters her Grand transformation.
  • Can hit slightly above and behind Vira.

Low damage and extremely short range, making it incredibly poor for a Skybound Art, but is your only way to access Vira's Grand transformation without landing Blade of Light (5U).

Even when blocked you still receive the transformation and it is not as punishable as other Skybound Arts. Additionally, it is also the only invincible move in her arsenal that can hit directly above and behind her, making it viable for challenging strong crossup okizeme.

Lastly, it is possible for Vira to combo after super, as her recovery is fairly short.

Level Attribute

Punishment Ray

236236H or 236S during Lumineria Form

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400, 200×14 Mid 8+6 Total 131 -18 ~ -30 HKD 1~16 All

A huge beam, doubling both as an invincible reversal and a zoning tool.

  • Replaces Vira's Skybound Art when in her Grand transformation.
  • Minimum damage: Shortcut: 480, Technical: 875
  • Lower frame disadvantage the more spaced it is.

An ironically less safe invincible reversal Skybound Art. It not only has less vertical reach and fails to hit behind her, but it's also much more punishable when blocked at close range.

To compensate, the move does astronomically more damage, and can work from any range. It is impossible to jump over on reaction, and the pushback is enough to make it very difficult to punish unless already close, making it decent for challenging slower pokes in neutral, without losing the round.

Level Attribute
  • On-Block values differs based on distance when activated

Super Skybound Art

Affection Abyss

236236U or 236S+U

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000×2, 1500
[1000×2, 2500]
All 8+5 3(9)3(9)6 42 -22 HKD +30
[HKD +44]
1~15 All

A savage flurry of strikes.

  • Quickly advances until a hit lands, travelling half-screen.

The move is slightly unreliable. While it will chase down an opponent to better punish whiffs, the attack can only hit directly in front and is very poor at hitting enemies above, making it usually much worse than Red Beryl Sword (623X) as a tool to challenge pressure.

May be the worse option against Luminiera Merge (236236H), depending on the current situation. Particularly, the more health Vira and the opponent has, the more valuable her transformation becomes, while the less the opponent has the more valuable Affection Abyss becomes.

Level Attribute
  • Data in [] represent data for cinematic clean hit

Iliad Vision

236236U or 236S+U during Lumineria Form

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
Total 4000
[Total 5000]
Mid 8+5 3(6)6(9)3(12)3(34)9 36 -26 HKD +18
[HKD +44]
1~15 All

A ceremoniously destructive attack.

  • Quickly advances until a hit lands, travelling full-screen.

Tied for highest damage in the game, making it a potent round ender.

While the cinematic clean hit has a surprisingly forgiving range and will easily chase down an opponent to punish whiffs, the attack can only hit directly in front and is very poor at hitting enemies above. If blocked, Vira can be hit before the final strike, as she no longer has any invuln.

Level Attribute
  • Data in [] represent data for cinematic clean hit
  • Full damage sequence is 1000, 500×2, 1000×2 [1000, 500×2, 50×20, 1500, 500]


Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Color 4
GBVS Vira Color 01.png
GBVS Vira Color 02.png
GBVS Vira Color 03.png
GBVS Vira Color 04.png
Color 5
Color 6
Color 7
Color 8
GBVS Vira Color 05.png
GBVS Vira Color 06.png
GBVS Vira Color 07.png
GBVS Vira Color 08.png
Color 9
Color 10
Color 11
Color 12
GBVS Vira Color 09.png
GBVS Vira Color 10.png
GBVS Vira Color 11.png
GBVS Vira Color 12.png
Color 13
Color 14
Color 15
Color 16
GBVS Vira Color 13.png
GBVS Vira Color 14.png
GBVS Vira Color 15.png
GBVS Vira Color 16.png
Color 17
Color 18
Color 19
Color EX
GBVS Vira Color 17.png
GBVS Vira Color 18.png
GBVS Vira Color 19.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 01.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 02.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 03.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 04.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 05.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 06.png
GBVS Vira Weapon 07.png


To edit frame data, edit values in GBVS/Vira/Data.

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