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Our intent first and foremost in making this game is to create something entirely new, rather than a continuation of previous games. This includes our direction with the music and designs as well. The reason for changing the character designs is that it makes it clear at a single glance that this is a new series within the Guilty Gear franchise. We aren't using previous titles as a base when thinking about changing the characters' moves. We are redefining each character from the ground up for this new game.
~ Daisuke Ishiwatari on Developer Blog 2

Frequently Asked Questions

My game is stuttering; what are the best settings for this game?

See low-end settings on misc. page for info.

Who should I play/how do I play X?

The ultimate answer is to play whoever you want! Every character can be viable with enough practice.

So should I start with a "beginner character"?

No, you should start and play with whoever you jive with and enjoy the most! Every fighting game is difficult, so you're better off picking someone you like rather than someone you might get bored with. A "beginner character" won't necessarliy help with the harder mechanics of the game nor help you with someone you actually want to play.

Okay, but who are the easiest characters?

This is always a question that veterans are hesitant to answer, because every character is difficult in the long run. If you want a character with simple execution upfront, Ky and Sol are recommended by most people to be the easiest at a beginner level.

How Balanced is this Game?

Good enough that you can get good and blow up anyone with any character.

Is this game difficult?

What should I focus on?


How different is this game from other ArcSys games?

Every ArcSys games are wildly different from each other, in short. You don't necessarily compare them for the sake of "game X is better than Y". Nevertheless if you are still curious, we have compiled the differences of some commonly compared games:

Guilty Gear Xrd

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R

Blazblue Series

How do I hit opponents and structure offense?

How do I stop getting hit?

How do I escape pressure (like Sol's "infinite" Far S)?


What's the recommended pad/stick layout?

Do I need the Dash/RC/Burst/FD macro?

  • Dash Macro is more or less mandatory, not only for movement where it allows for much faster and safer dashblocks and microdashes, but also for Drift RCs. Not binding a dash macro in an easily accessible location is a large handicap in this game. If you play on a leverless controller this is slightly less important as manual dashes are much quicker, but a dash macro is still highly recommended.
  • Roman Cancel (RC) Macro is optional. If you are able to comfortably press three attack buttons P/K/S/H simultaneously then you do not need an RC macro. However, as it is an input you generally want to do quickly and with precision, it is often best to have a macro if you have the spare room or buttons.
  • Burst Macro is optional. If you are able to comfortably press any attack button P/K/S/H + D simultaneously, then you do not need to have a Burst macro.
  • Faultless Defense (FD) Macro is optional, but nice to have if you experience certain issues. A common issue that arises with manual FD (any two attack buttons pressed simultaneously) is Kara FD. When you press two attack buttons close to, but not on the same frame, you will first get a normal which then gets cancelled into FD (within the first three frames). This can result in you being counterhit during an attempt to FD, which can be very frustrating. If you experience this issue regularly, consider using an FD macro.

Order of Importance of Macros: Dash > RC > Burst > FD



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