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  • Replay Theater is a great resource to find high-level matchup footage.
  • High-level replays may also be found in-game (Main Menu > Collection > Replay > Search).
  • The Counterstrategy page will generally have some basic counterstrategy against each character in the game.
  • Please keep in mind that matchup charts are subjective and not all players may agree on them.

Anji Mito

Anji MitoStrange matchup but it should be even if not slightly in Jack-o's favor
  • Jack-O cannot punish a well spaced Fujin~P without spending meter
  • While confusing at first, Anji spinning servants or j.D is extremely advantageous for Jack-o as she will recover fast enough to force Anji to block after this interaction - intentionally making him parry a projectile is a one way ticket to your win condition
  • Kou(236S) can easily punish j.D if done at close range

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Round Start

Anji's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
2PGGST Anji Mito 2P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery10Advantage-2
6PGGST Anji Mito 6P.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery25Advantage-17
5KGGST Anji Mito 5K.pngGuardAllStartup8Recovery9Advantage-2
f.SGGST Anji Mito fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery21Advantage-9
charged 236HGGST Anji Mito 236H.pngGuardAllStartup16 [32]Recovery21Advantage-8 [-6]

Notable Interactions


The most important factor of neutral for this matchup is Anji's defining special move, spin. Because of jack-o's generally higher recovery attacks, Anji can get a throw punish or more off of spinning almost any attack in Jack-o's arsenal. However, through clever use of jack-o's zoning tools, Anji can be highly discouraged from attempting spin approaches. Spinning any attack not performed directly by jack-o (a projectile, a bounced minion, or a minion command) will activate the parry's recovery for Anji, but not freeze Jack-o in place for Anji to punish. This means that after spinning one of these attacks, Jack-o not only has enough time to be safe from Anji's next attack, but is actually so + that she can take her turn and start pressure herself. Anji can call out setting these situations up by using uncharged fujin to stop a minion set or kou to stop a j.d or aerial minion bounce. However, these options themself can be stopped by Jack-o's neutral pokes. Thus goes the neutral RPS in the Anji Jack-o matchup. However, Jack-o tends to come out slightly on top due to Anji's low speed making it very hard to use his special moves to stop the setups, and his short range, high recovery buttons make it very hard for him to clear out minions once they're there. Ultimately, playing a defensive / zoning oriented neutral tends to work very well against Anji.


Anji is a fairly typical character to run offense on. He lacks any meterless reversal and his abare tools are slower than most, meaning Jack-o's standard pressure routes can be used to great effect.

It is important to be aware of Kachoufuugetsu, Anji's parry super. Anji's parry super is unique in that it is immune to safejumps, and will hit you out of even a perfectly timed safejump setup. In exchange, it lacks any throw invulnerability. Much like other supers, Kachou can be spaced out with a meaty minion clap or bounce, but be sure to stand out of range of the dash attack he performs post activation. A good strategy for baiting Kachou this way is by being in the air, as it struggles to catch airborne opponents.

Performing air resets such as a jump back j.S minion bounce can be risky if Anji is close by, as he can counterhit you with Kou for massive damage. Alternatively, running away from Anji then jumping can be a strong reset method, as Anji's speed while performing a charged Kou can easily be outran by jack-o's backwards run stance.

Defense and Punishes

Responding to Fujin primarily by changing up fuzzy jump timings is an extremely powerful defensive strategy, as Anji does not get great reward without meter off of Nagiha, and fuzzy jump will beat all 3 other followups. In addition, changing your fuzzy jump timing makes it hard for Anji to time his nagiha to catch the jump as he now has to guess not only between what your defensive option is, but when it will happen over the duration of his rekka.

When blocking nagiha, punish with 2K > 2D as opposed to 5K > 2D. While 5k technically has longer range and the same startup, the first active hitbox of 2k goes farther than the first active hitbox of 5k, and combined with Anji's low stance during nagiha, 5k can occasionially fail to punish the attack.

Be aware that Anji's 2P > 6H blockstrings are NOT REAL, and can be mashed out of with 2P. This knowledge makes Anji's abare/counterpoke game much less threatening.

Asuka R

Round Start

Common Round Start Interaction Table
Asuka's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs




Axl Low

Axl LowAxl's zoning makes it extremely difficult to approach while having decent normals to contest pressure
  • This matchup has varying opinions
  • After a servant has been summoned in neutral double jump throw can keep you out of range of Rensen([4]6S)
  • His 2K makes stagger pressure difficult
  • It is difficult to end a blockstring safely without a servant nearby, as 5P and 2S can cover her retreating options easily
  • WIP

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Round Start

Axl's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
2PGGST Axl Low 2P.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery14Advantage-6
5PGGST Axl Low 5P.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery19Advantage-11 [-3]
6PGGST Axl Low 6P.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery22Advantage-13
f.SGGST Axl Low f.S.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery19Advantage-8
2HGGST Axl Low 2H.pngGuardLowStartup11Recovery26Advantage-18 [-8]
214SGGST Axl Low 214S.pngGuardAllStartup24Recovery21Advantage+3
214HGGST Axl Low 214H.pngGuardAllStartup14Recovery29Advantage-24
IADB j.SGGST Axl Low j.S.pngGuardHighStartup14Recovery18Advantage-

Notable Interactions



Defense and Punishes


BaikenMother of three versus mother of one.

Despite her moveset, Baiken struggles on defense

  • Hiiragi (236P) cannot parry servants nor Attack Command, and pressure frequently renders it ineffective.
  • Jack-O' needs an entirely new assortment of okizeme to handle Tether, Hiiragi, and the invincible Overdrive. But, they counter Baiken very effectively.
  • Baiken is extremely bad at anti-airing servants due to her low 5P.

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Round Start

Her best counterplay tends to whiff you simply sitting still, giving her very few good options.

Primary Threats: 2SGGST Baiken 2S.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery19Advantage-8, 6PGGST Baiken 6P.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery19Advantage-10 and Backdash

Round Start Matrix
Option Baiken's Round Start
2S 6P Backdash 236K 41236H 2H 2369S Block
Block Block Whiff Punish Neutral (+) Neutral (?) Block Block Whiff Punish Neutral
Backwalk Whiff Punish Whiff Punish Neutral (+) Neutral (?) Block Punished [3] Whiff Punish Neutral
f.S Trades Punished [3] Neutral (-12) Counters Counters Counters Counters Blocked
2D Trades (HKD) Counters Punished [3] Counters Counters Counters Punished [4] Blocked
Dash 5H Punished [3] Punished [3] Punishes Punished [4] Counters Trades Punished [4] Blocked
7j.D Neutral (?) Neutral (+) Neutral (?) Neutral (+) Neutral (+) Neutral (+) Punished [4] Blocked
Certain options win or lose if either player performs the action too slowly

Punished [3] represents a light punish while Punished [4] represents a heavy punish

Reasonably advantageous, Baiken is given few reliable tools to work with, due to Jack-O's speed and range with her basic options. While 2D covers any strong attacks, simply standing still will cause most to whiff and be punished, with backdashing being her only particularly safe option due to 2D whiffing, creating a dominant threat. By contrast, f.S is less rewarding, trading with 2S and is countered by 6P, in exchange for being safe against a backdash/block, making it overall less commital, especially as Baiken's 6P is much riskier than her backdash.

If Baiken wishes to callout Jack-O' being passive, she enters a smaller RPS. She can use 2S to enforce favorable RPS, but this will whiff Jack-O' walking back, which is only punihed by a risky 2H which is not even advantageous on blockWhile 2H theoretically leads into H Kabari, Jack-O' can actually respond to blocked 2H at this spacing trivially with 6P, only being barely tapped by Tatami Gaeshi and defeating Kabari, where Hiiragi becomes nessecary to actually be safe from this range.. H Kabari captures either of these, but is extremely exposed to all other round starts.

With very precise timing, a Dash 5H is able to catch and punish Baiken's backdash, but otherwise will only force her to block. Without this precise timing it is a very weak round start as her best options generally defeat it. Baiken can call it out with Tatami Gaeshi for a monstrous round start, but this is a very hard callout from her.

Notable Interactions

Neutral Positions

H KabariGGST Baiken 41236H.pngGuardAllStartup18Recovery19Advantage-3

Baikens main tool to start enforcing her scary RPS situations. At only -3 and normally not being in range of throw, makes this a very scary situation to be in when blocked. Depending on the spacing, Baiken can use 2S, Tatami, or backdash to control the space. When she has enough meter to RRC she will be more likely to commit to the followup which is -7 on block but safe when roman cancelled.

Throw Clash
S KabariGGST Baiken 41236S.pngGuardAllStartup29Recovery16Advantage+2

Plus on block but significant gap which can be punished. If blocked, Baiken is in a fantastic position but most often Baiken will check opponents with 5PGGST Baiken 5P.pngGuardAllStartup4Recovery10Advantage-2.

Tethered Trade


  • Cheer Servant On is nullified by Kenjyu. Baiken's Overdrive projectile, Kenjyu, hits extreme far, extremely fast, and hits the air. If you trigger Cheer Servant On in neutral you will immediately lose your turn and any nearby servants to this move. In most situations this can quickly lead to losing your buff, and simply exchange 50% Tension, while giving Baiken a slight lead. If you have the Tension lead, this can be a useful way to bait Baiken into wasting her Tension.


  • Hiiragi is very easy to work around: Baiken's Hiiragi is uniquely terrible against Jack-O', because servants, including their Attack Command, count for projectiles and do not trigger the parry. Furthermore, Jack-O's large spacing in several corner pressure routes generally makes Hiiragi unable to harm Jack-O', merely stun her. From almost any position Jack-O' has the option to launch a servant or Attack Command which will disregard the parry and hit. The parry also does nothing to challenge otherwise risky resets like 236P > 5P, and Jack-O's slower but more rewarding pressure routing (e.g. Dash c.S instead of 2D in the corner) will cause Hiiragi to mistime and fail. The only time it is particularly relevant is when Jack-O' attempts to land a strike on okizeme, but there is a huge range of Hiiragi-safe okizeme routes that are just as good.
  • Completely unique okizeme: Both Baiken's parry, Hiiragi, and her invincible Overdrive, Tsurane, are both checked with okizeme that can safely avoid both, but you are given better options if you do not need to account for Tsurane. Combined with Baiken's tether, you get a huge range of situations for different okizeme to handle Baiken's options. Many of these options are still very good, but the overwhelming number of routes can make this difficult. Generally speaking, the tether will break conventional okizeme, but enable new routes in its place.
  • Baiken is safe in 236K RPS: Though nothing particularly special, Baiken's callouts to Jack-O's options are surprisingly versatile, with rising j.S and reversal 2H covering every option. Running away loses to 2H unless very well-spaced (or at the max range of 2D), jumping in any direction loses to rising j.S and j.D, performing an unsafe attack with 236K > 236[P] > 236K will be punished by j.P even after the j.S whiffs, and Defend Command is countered by 2H. Even if her punish fails, Baiken is rarely at a major disadvantage due to the fast recovery of j.S, and a forward jump entirely whiffs 2H.
Because Baiken is heavily incentivised to use rising j.S, a good callout is 236K > 236[P] > hs.K, but this does of course get counter hit by 2H and costs Servant Gauge.
  • Difficult to anti-air servants: Baiken's 5P is extremely low (matching her 2P), this gives her possibly the hardest time challenging thrown servants of any character in the game, as the timing and spacng is quite strict—a lot of the time she simply cannot do it at all. This lowers her options to 6P which is extremely risky. This isn't helped that her cancels are not very strong, with Hiiragi only working if she can correctly call out when you will hit her quite precisely, and Tatami Gaeshi is not especially fast off 6P. Though, if she does land Counter Hit Tatami Gaeshi it hits hard.

Defense and Punishes

  • 6P counters close Kabari frametraps: Jack-O' is among the lucky few where off any of Baiken's moves, especially 2H, Jack-O' can use 6P to counter Baiken's Kabari. Either the Kabari is so close as to true blockstring, or the 6P will Counter Hit Baiken. This only works if Baiken is too close: if the 6P whiffs, Baiken can whiff cancel into her H follow-up to punish, so do be mindful of the spacing.


Round Start

Common Round Start Interaction Table
Bedman's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs





Favorability Goes Here

Short Summary Goes Here.

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Round Start

Bridget's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs

Notable Interactions



Defense and Punishes

Chipp Zanuff

  • 2S can cleanly beat his j.2K
  • 2K can low-profile his rekka overhead(Senshuu), also avoiding the subsequent pressure from a possible RRC
  • Shuriken(j.214P) can be surprisingly pesky either forcing you to block or destroying your minions mid-flight
  • WIP

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Round Start

Chipp's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
6PGGST Chipp Zanuff 6P.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery25Advantage-16
f.SGGST Chipp Zanuff fS.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery20Advantage-8
2SGGST Chipp Zanuff 2S.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery17Advantage-7
2DGGST Chipp Zanuff 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery19Advantage-7
IAD j.HGGST Chipp Zanuff j.H.pngGuardHighStartup8Recovery17Advantage+4~5 (IAD)

Notable Interactions



Defense and Punishes


FaustBoth sides will rush in or zone out depending on the servants and items. Nobody watching has a clue what's going on.
  • Her 6H can easily counter j.2K and Love(j.236P) performed at a distance
  • Her 2S can counter his overhead Scarecrow(214S) preventing him from continuing pressure with RRC
  • Defend command 214S can block bombs. It can also block meteors, but less reliably
  • WIP

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Round Start

Faust's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
2PGGST Faust 2P.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery11Advantage-3
6PGGST Faust 6P.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery32Advantage-21
5KGGST Faust 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery8Advantage-2
f.SGGST Faust fS.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery20Advantage-8
2HGGST Faust 2H.pngGuardLowStartup14Recovery29Advantage-12
j.2KGGST Faust j.2K.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery9 after LandingAdvantage-
  • Backwalk f.S: Counter to 2P. The timing is narrow, but can consistently punish Faust's most safe and reliable round start, by making it whiff and immediately punishing its recovery. It is fairly low reward, and can be heavily punished if called out, but can prevent Faust playing into an extremely safe round start.

Notable Interactions

  • Afro extends 6H range. (See also: 6H Range) While Jack-O's 6H can already hit Faust from very far away if he is standing, when wearing the Afro Faust can be hit standing from the absolute maximum range of 6H, making it extremely difficult to space against.



Defense and Punishes

  • Crouching Afro negates j.D: It is very common in okizeme and setplay when the opponent has an Afro for Faust to use rising j.D, as this is both a fast mixup, and even on block ignites the Afro. Jack-O's crouch lowers her head so much that Faust's rising j.D will in fact whiff the afro and fail to hit. If he does a falling or IAD j.D it becomes possible, but this is much slower and punishable by 2S.
  • 2S substitutes 6P with Afro: When wearing an Afro all 6Ps lose their upper-body invincibility, making them considerably bad as anti-airs. Jack-O's 2S however maintains its disjointed hitbox, giving Jack-O' a true disjointed anti-air even with the Afro, albeit still less versatile than 6P.


GiovannaWith blinding speed she will hound you down, but only if you're on your own.
  • j.D is extremely useful in this matchup
  • Summoning servants in neutral is difficult due to Gio's speed, normals, and specials
  • RPS is heavily in her favor

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Round Start

Don't be so hasty! Simply moving away is a good idea.

Primary Threats: 2DGGST Giovanna 2D 2 Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup17Recovery12Advantage-8, 5HGGST Giovanna 5H Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery19Advantage-5

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3, and Backdash

Round Start Matrix
 Option Giovanna's Round Start
2D 5H Backdash Block
2D Counters Trade (HKD) Punished Blocked
2K Punished Counters Neutral (-1) Whiif
Backdash Neutral (+20) Neutral (+13) Neutral (+1) Neutral
f.S Punished Countered Neutral (-14) Blocked

Extremely minimalist, with almost no good attacks worth speaking of, from either side. As usual, Jack-O's 2D defeats a slew of options, with no direct counterplay, forcing Giovanna to back off. In contrast, 2K will safely poke out most of Giovanna's attacks only being notably punished by Giovanna's 2D, which, like Jack-O's, has similarly good coverage, giving no other attacks worth considering for the RPS. Other attacks simply perform worse than 2K. The nuance is instead placed in movement, as Jack-O' benefits from distance and time to set up. Backdashing when Giovanna performs her slow 2D, Jack-O' is able to summon from an extremely advantageous spacing, and thanks to Jack-O's strong backdash, Giovanna lacks a simple punish to backdash, requiring a very tight microdash 5H. In turn, Giovanna may wait to respond to respond to Jack-O's movement, either to block and punish 2D, or approach after she whiffs 2K or backdashes away. This gives some value to f.S as a weaker poke to halt Giovanna immediately, pushing her back some distance, while threatening a 5H to open an RPS to set up for neutral.


Gio's speed, 5K, 5P, 236K, and 2D make it incredibly difficult and risky to setup servants in the matchup. Staying in the air and making use of j.D is one of the best options to give yourself the ability to setup servants. Being in the air can be a risk as j.D has an extended hurtbox and Gio's 623SGGST Giovanna Sol Nascente.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery21Advantage-15 can easily tag Jack-o in the air. After Jack-o air blocks Gio's 623S, Gio will be at advantage.


Giovanna stands so low down you cannot F-Shiki her.

Giovanna is defensively adapt, but otherwise very standard for pressuring. She has a very fast 4F 5P, and a low-profile 2K, but her abare tools are somewhat stubby, making it easier to out-space her attacks safely.

Completely uniquely Giovanna is so short Jack-O' cannot use her F-Shiki mixups on Giovanna. No matter how low to the ground she is, a rising j.P will whiff Giovanna standing. This somewhat slightly limits mixup potential, but is not a key element of Jack-O's pressure. In addition, Jack-O's IAD j.P will whiff Giovanna standing, and Throw Servant will whiff over Giovanna unless very far, making it harder to use in pressure, especially in the corner where it takes longer to land on Giovanna even if she stands.

After Giovanna blocks 2D or 236K, her coverage is quite strong, and relatively high reward. From 236K, at close range Giovanna can catch Jack-O' running away with Sepultura, and Dash to cover more spacing. She can also call out Jack-O' jumping with a precise Sol Nascente, for much higher reward on anti-air. However, both options are too slow to challenge Recover Servant resets. Notably 236K > 214P > 2D trades evenly with reversal Sepultura. However, Giovanna is extremely good at handling on-block 2D. VentaniaGGST Giovanna Ventania.pngGuardAllStartup5+4Recovery49Advantage-37 will prevent both running away and jumping, even from significant distance, requiring Jack-O' either uses Recover Servant, or has 50% Meter for a Forever Elysion Driver to cover herself. In addition, at close range Giovanna's 5H counters a 2D > 214P > 2K, catches running away, and anti-airs a jump, making it quite difficult to evade Giovanna.

Defense and Punishes

Reversal 2K abare makes it hard to use specials like Sol Poente.

Jack-O' defends very well into Giovanna with her extremely versatile 2K abare, being one of the fastest, largest, and safest abares Giovanna will contend with as its low-profile uniquely interacts favourably against almost every special cancel Giovanna has, while being fast enough to challenge stagger pressure, and enough range to work late into blockstrings.

With Giovanna's most basic pressure string of c.S > 2S(2) > 5H, Giovanna will always remain in 2K range, and without the use of a frametrap, it will successfully challenge staggers from her normals except c.S, even punishing 2S. This is nothing too special, but reversal 2K will also strongly challenge other specials, giving it more versatility. Sol PoenteGGST Giovanna 214S 1.pngGuardAll, HighStartup{4} 27Recovery21Advantage-5 will always whiff reversal 2K, giving a full punish combo on its recovery. If cancelled from Attack Lv. 3 and 4Giovanna's c.S, 5H, and 2H normals, TrovaoGGST Giovanna Trovao.pngGuardAll [All (Guard Crush)]Startup27Recovery13Advantage+4 [+15] will whiff reversal 2K, again giving a full punish, assuming the 2K didn't already reach on startup for a Counter Hit. From lower attack levels spaced (e.g. 2S after Faultless Defense), Jack-O' can still safely block in time, however doing a delayed abare 2K (sometimes called 'fuzzy abare') will still cause Trovao to whiff and still punish Sol Poente. Sol NascenteGGST Giovanna Sol Nascente.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery21Advantage-15 will fail to hit reversal 2K at all unless very close (e.g. c.S > 2S > 623S if not pushed out by Faultless Defense), and may even be left punishable to an f.S, making it harder for Giovanna to gain high-value callouts. However, 2K does not largely alter the behaviour of SepulturaGGST Giovanna Sepultura.pngGuardAllStartup13Recovery20Advantage-4 or c.S, and will be caught by standard frametrapping, meaning it still is mostly a simple abare tool.

Contrary to popular belief, 6P is not a safe answer to Sepultura frametraps. It can auto-time frametrap from Giovanna's K normals and can be consistently timed to hit even Jack-O's remarkably fast-invuln 6P. It is more lenient abare than fast normals like 2P when challenging delayed Sepultura, and it behaves similar to 2K, countering both Trovao and Sol Poente, and causing Sol Nascente to whiff unless very close. But, this is more risky as the attack whiffs completely if Giovanna hasn't advanced into the attack, and it will not disrupt her if she recovers naturally from her attacks, making it easy for Giovanna to stagger pressure and whiff punish. If you instead Faultless Defense several attacks in a row, such as Dash c.S > 2S(2) > 5H, Sepultura will whiff, however she will be safe if she avoids the cancel.

If Giovanna performs c.S > Dash c.S stagger pressure precisely enough, it is only a 5F gap, trading favourably into Jack-O's 5P/2PGiovanna is +16 on this trade, easily able to reset her pressure.
. Throw does punish but is extremely high-risk. With Faultless Defense, the gap is opened enough to safely abare, however 2K can still lose to c.S > Dash Cancel > Throw, so it is usually preferrable to use 5P/2P if you wish to abare from c.S.

After blocking Sepultura, Giovanna is -4. Unless Sepultura whiffs, Giovanna will almost certainly remain in 2K range, quickly shutting down any RPS that could occur as her only counterplay would be to use her invincible Overdrive, VentaniaGGST Giovanna Ventania.pngGuardAllStartup5+4Recovery49Advantage-37. Using this advantage Jack-O' can potentially run up for a Throw, begin c.S pressure, or backdash back to neutral, while remaining safe from Ventania if spaced out, and using the threat of 2K to prevent Giovanna's aggression.

When blocking 6H, Giovanna's only meterless threat is 6HH. It is usually best to abare 2K, as this will punish 6H recovery, and can only barely be frametrapped by a very well-timed 6HH, even allowing a slight delay (fuzzy abare) and still punish 6H. If the 6HH whiffs over 2K, Giovanna's slow recovery can be punished with f.S > 5H. From 6HH, the pressure is much the same, except 2K is easier to punish, but Giovanna's final frametrap is completely unsafe on block. This is a very bad setplay for Giovanna, however, and isn't particularly worth preventing.

Unique Interactions

  • Giovanna's 2D ignores Defend Command.
    Unlike most attacks, Giovanna's 2D cannot hit a player a certain height above the ground, even if they extend a hurtbox down. This also applies to servants, meaning a servant in its idle position is unable to parry it with Defend Command, and will only parry 2D if the servant is very low to the ground. This makes Defend Command very easily disrupted by 2D in neutral.

Goldlewis Dickinson

Goldlewis DickinsonKeep a safe distance and force him into the corner, play to your advantages in neutral.
Very Favorable

Goldlewis has particular difficulty at distance, where Jack-O' has a great deal of control for the neutral, while Goldlewis lacks strong responses to classical zoning.

Held down by his atrocious movement, Goldlewis cannot simply blitz through zoning. While his very large Behmoth Typhoon usually controls space for him, Jack-O' is able to safely avoid these, and can even counter-poke from outside his range with the bizarre 6H, and his lack of fast or safe options gives Jack-O' ample time to summon and hold him back.

Goldlewis also suffers badly against Jack-O's pressure, due to his large body and slow attacks, making it especially easy to zone, pressure, and whittle down his bulk. But just as Goldlewis crumples under pressure, Jack-O' will not survive Goldlewis' own offense if given the chance, a single strong attack can be all it takes to lose the round.

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Round Start

Careful, if he lands a hit you're in for a world of hurt.

Primary Threats: 2KGGST Goldlewis Dickinson 2K Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup8Recovery11Advantage-2 and 6PGGST Goldlewis Dickinson 6P Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery27Advantage-19

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4, and Backwalk 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19

Round Start Matrix
 Option Goldlewis' Round Start
2K 6P 5H 5K Backjump
2D Punished Counters Counters Punished Whiff Punishable
5K Counters Punished Whiff Punished Counters Neutral
5H Punished Punished Counters Counters Whiff Punishable
2K Clash Counters Whiff Punished Whiff Punished Neutral
Backwalk 2D Blockable Punish Punished Punish Whiff Punishable

A decent, but dangerous round start. Generally, Jack-O's options are more versatile, with 5K and 2D enforcing a 50:50 between either 6P and 2K respectively. Introducing further options, like her 2K or a backwalk 2D forces Goldlewis to use 5H, which is similar to 6P but wide open to other attacks, and will not give him a hard knockdown against 5K, being much lower risk for Jack-O'. Goldlewis also lacks strong options to cover Jack-O' simply backing off. The flipside is Goldlewis' great reward, as most option he uses give a hard knockdown, leading into dangerous pressure immediately, and perhaps his biggest opportunity to completely steal the round.

Round Start Backwalk 2D

Backwalk (10~17F) > 2D
The backwalk 2D round start is performed by holding back and pressing 2D within an 8 Frame window of frames 10 ~ 17.

This timing will punish 6P while forcing Goldlewis to block after whiffing his 2K. It also defeats other popular moves, like 5K and f.S. As a traddeoff, it is counter hit by 5H, and is actually punishable if Goldlewis backdashes as it will whiff.

In theory, a backwalk of exactly 10F will punish 2K. However, this is so precise it is not practical to go for consistently, as being even 1F early will be counter hit by 5K.

Unconventionally, Goldlewis' backdash is basically useless, replaced instead by his backjump, able to avoid almost all attacks, and can punish 5H and 2D on-reaction using j.642H, and landing in time to punish the backwalk 2D. While this offers strong coverage, it has some drawbacks, namely it surrenders a lot of ground to Jack-O', even if she whiffs a move like 5K. Given how badly he loses neutral, Jack-O' essentially wins by default unless this scores a punish.


6H has miraculously gone from awful to oppressive. Yes, it really can hit from this far away if Goldlewis used any long-range attack.

A position of great advantage as Goldlewis' abysmal movement makes him easy to zone and he is dependent on his ability to approach. With the single slowest dash, he is unable to threaten strong dash approaches, making it hard to call out Defend Command. His huge size and awful jump height makes him very easy to anti-air, and he struggles to evade zoning with servants, and must break through the hard way.Even without servants, Jack-O's normals are not easily disrupted, and with his very weak backdash and slow walking, Goldlewis will struggle to make 5H/2D whiff without jumping, making it easier to force Goldlewis back and threaten attacks safely.

Without a servant, things are not entirely trivial. The incredible speed and range of 684H BTGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (684).pngGuardAll* (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 is very hard to challenge, only weak to its long recovery on whiff, and at mid-range his disjointed f.SGGST Goldlewis Dickinson f.S Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery23Advantage-12. Additionally, Goldlewis' instant j.DGGST Goldlewis Dickinson jD Hitbox.pngGuardHighStartup14Recovery14Advantage+13 (IAD) remains an amazing approach tool, being a fast overhead with good range, is plus on block, combos for a hard knockdown on hit, is difficult to whiff punish. This is probably the single biggest threat as it vaults over f.S, 5H, and even 5K. 6P remains your best general counterplay to it, however try to avoid responding early as a clash may occur on the early frames at far spacing. If he is much closer, 2S done a little earlier scores huge reward. It also is never safe against 6H, meaning this poke remains very difficult for Goldlewis to move into. Goldlewis' close-range pokes rely on crushing, with low crush 5K, 2S, and j.D, and disjointed f.S, he can call out strikes like Jack-O's f.S or 2D from a distance. However due to slow startup on most of his attacks, he lacks good options once Jack-O' is in her 5K range, which controls a lot more space as its late active frames will hit Goldlewis crouching, and easily outspaces his pokes. Despite this utility, it is usually better to retreat if possible, as the risks of RPS are in Goldlewis' favour for his enormous reward on hit, while Goldlewis lacks any strong control of neutral at far ranges.

Bizarrely, Jack-O's normally borderline-useless 6H has become one of her strongest assets. Goldlewis is hit the furthest away of any character, and with its huge disjoint it easily clashes with any Behemoth Typhoon, and Goldlewis' jump is simply too low evade it from far spacing, and his instant j.DGGST Goldlewis Dickinson jD Hitbox.pngGuardHighStartup14Recovery14Advantage+13 (IAD) is too tall to avoid the attack. Furthermore, during the startup of Goldlewis' 5H, 6H, SkyfishGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Skyfish.pngGuardAllStartup25Recovery75~134 TotalAdvantage-13, ThunderbirdGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Thunderbird.pngGuardAllStartup57Recovery34 TotalAdvantage-, any Behemoth TyphoonGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (684).pngGuardAll* (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5, and even Burn It Down his height is slightly extended, letting him be hit by the maximum range of Jack-O's 6H, giving her a true counter-poke to outrange any move he has. The only particular threat is a 624HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (624) Hitbox.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 or 684HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (684) Hitbox.pngGuardAll* (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 BT catching the extended hurtbox on startup, but this requires him to approach and be open to a whiff punish.

At a distance, Goldlewis is almost incapable of threatening Jack-O'. His Skyfish is reactable and full-screen punishableTo do this, make sure your jump has dash momentum, and delay the airdash slightly to get more distance.
Note that this hits Goldlewis before the earliest time he could cancel out of Skyfish, making it a true punish.
, and can be deflected using Defend Command. His Behemoth Typhoons and 6H are very slow on whiff, and easily interrupted by servants. Additionally, as his best long-range pokes are Attack Lv. 4 Specials, meaning hitting a servant at all will dramatically slow him down with no cancels available. Usually, Goldlewis opts to use Thunderbird due to its impressive neutral-dominating control, but this is flawed with Jack-O', as on-reaction Jack-O' has time to summon and Defend Command, using it twice to destroy a Lv. 3 Thunderbird entirely without costing Servant Gauge, and creating a massive shield Goldlewis cannot run past. There is, however, counterplay for Goldlewis, specifically dashing in with a 624H or 684H BT to hit behind the shield, but this can be interrupted by launching the servant into Goldlewis and combo into Defend Command with 236P > 5P* > 214S > 214S.


After 236K > 214P and 236K* > 236P, even if he reacts, Goldlewis must still guess if Jack-O' will 2K or 5K.

Goldlewis severely lacks strong tools to challenge Jack-O's offense. With his very slow 2KGGST Goldlewis Dickinson 2K Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup8Recovery11Advantage-2, stubby 2PGGST Goldlewis Dickinson 2P Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery6Advantage+3, and horribly slow 5PGGST Goldlewis Dickinson 5P Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery6Advantage+3, Goldlewis lacks any strong abare. Down With The SystemGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Down with the System Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup6+(135 Flash)+4Recovery46Advantage-33 has considerable range and auto-corrects against cross-up, making non-safejump mixups very unsafe. Howevever, its 10F startup makes it 1F easier to safejump. Critically, this makes Jack-O's post-wallbreak IAD j.S/j.H a safejump, and improves the leniency on other safejumps.

From a blocked 2D, Goldlewis' options are very strong. His 624H BTGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (624) Hitbox.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 covers jumping, running (either direction), and is fast enough to trade favourably against 2D > 214P > 2K, demanding you use 5P, giving him amazing coverage. His Down With The System also has fantastic range, easily defeating a backward dash unless well-spaced, requiring you have meter for an FED or use 214P. Unfortunately for him, the 236K RPS is very safe, as he lacks a move to to catch a backward dash except his 6H if blocked at a close-range, and has no moves that provide coverage of more than one option. It should also be apparent Goldlewis cannot chase Jack-O's backward dash, she has far too long to react to his approach. 236K > 214P > 2K also can easily outspace his 2K, even clashing at far distances (Goldlewis' 2K extends during active frames), requiring him to use 5KGGST Goldlewis Dickinson 5K Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery12Advantage-7 and opening him up to Jack-O's 5K, meaning even if he reacts to/predicts the Recover Servant, he must also predict the follow-up.

This also largely improves corner pressure. Because it is so easy to back off safely, you can often perform a reset with 236[P] > backward Dash > hs.6X, dealing with most of Goldlewis' responses if he attacks immediately. Additionally, 236K* > 236P > (5K or 2K) presents a similar threat where Goldlewis must either 6P or 5K/2K, enabling relatively easy access to summons mid-pressure.

Under the Servant Shoot pressure loop, Goldlewis is extremely poor at abare. While it is usually reserved as a way to generate resources on offense, Goldlewis barely has room to challenge. To abare the 236K& > 236[P] > 236K* at all, Goldlewis must either IB Jack-O' into 2P range, or FD/IBFD Jack-O' out so he can safely use 624HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (624) Hitbox.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 or 684HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (684) Hitbox.pngGuardAll* (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 BT in the gap, severely limiting his ability to react and respond to the pressure. Note that neither of challenge the situation created by 236K* > 236P as 2K will low-profile his 2P unless point-blank, giving him almost no safe coverage on a blocked 236K*. He does however have the ability to use his 2K to disrupt 236K* > hs.6X > 2D at close spacings, trading with the thrown servant, but ultimately creating a neutral RPS rather than being under pressure, and if the launched servant was close enough (giving Jack-O' less frame advantage), his 2D can potentially trade to his favour. It is important to control the spacing, as this is the determining factor in what Goldlewis can do against it.

Though niche, when standing Goldlewis is so tall that Throw Servant cannot get over him at any spacing, and servants bounching off the wall will hit him very early due to his height even when crouching, this functionally always makes it hit faster, but less advantaged on block. Be mindful you don't allow an abare from dashing up too long after Throw Servant.

Defense and Punishes

5K can abare from very far. Just be careful not to get frametrapped.

Though Jack-O' is made of paper, she handles Goldlewis' pressure decently well with her large 5P, 5K, and 2K abares and backdash working from more generous spacings. Goldlewis' pressure is fundamentally reliant on spacing, making it very diverse. From c.S, Goldlewis can safely frametrap into 268HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (268) Hitbox.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery18Advantage+3~14 and 862HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (862) Hitbox.pngGuardHigh (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery18Advantage+12, however neither allow Goldlewis to safely extend into another 268H or 862H without opening a gap to Jack-O's 5K, requiring he frametrap with 624HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (624) Hitbox.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 or 684HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (684) Hitbox.pngGuardAll* (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery21Advantage-5 BTs, which leave him disadvantaged; frametrap with a fast normal like f.S or 5K which will be left further spaced out unless he is allowed to dash back in, or j.D which from advantage will cause 5K to whiff and punish it, but at risk of a massive air Counter Hit. From normals like f.S and 5K, the overhead 862H remains unsafe to 5K, and the fast 268H is unsafe either to 5K from spacing or after Faultless Defense, or a 5P if he kara Dash Cancels at close-range. However, his 5K jump cancel maintains the j.D threat. Though less pertinent, after his most advantageous 842HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (842) Hitbox.pngGuardLow (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery18Advantage+16 and 486HGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Behemoth Typhoon (486) Hitbox.pngGuardHigh (Guard Crush)Startup12Recovery18Advantage+14~15 BTs, 2K can still counter 862H, giving Jack-O' uniquely accessible callouts to his mixups. Be mindful, however, Jack-O' does not have much health to sacrifice, and being frametrapped from any one of these callouts is extremely punishing, and there is more situations than can be discussed here.

Unfortunately Jack-O' can do very little with her Forever Elysion Driver, as Goldlewis maintains a constant reversal-safe pressure reset with his j.D, and has a variety of okizeme utilising j.H and air BTs, in addition to the use of Lv. 3 Thunderbird which immediately makes okizeme reversal-safe. Thankfully Faultless Defense is an extremely valuable way to spend Tension, pushing Goldlewis to the end of his pressure much quicker while removing all chip damage and R.I.S.C. Gain, and opening strings to abare from close-range. This is especially worthwhile as Jack-O' generates a lot of Tension and does not need to rely upon it in this matchup for other reasons. In addition, Jack-O's backdash is particularly large and fast, making it easy to escape pressure after Faultless Defense blocking a couple Behemoth Typhoons, and with sizable range and speed of 5H/2D makes it easy to whiff punish or put Goldlewis under pressure.

If Goldlewis activates Burn It DownGGST Goldlewis Dickinson Burn It Down.pngGuardAllStartup13+(84 Flash)+79Recovery27 TotalAdvantage-, aside from doing himself a disservice, you can do a light punish from round start distance with 5H, and run forward to outrun the beam. The beam will track until it begins, so you should not run forward immediately. You always have time to perform 236[P] > hs.6X and still outrun the beam while pressuring Goldlewis back, or do the same with 236P to bounce/launch a servant using a Whiff Pick Up for different launch angles. If you must block, it is usually better to air block, as despite the higher R.I.S.C. Gain, it completely mitigates Goldlewis' high-low mixup potential until near the end, while leaving you in a comfortable grounded state at the end no matter how high you began. The beam itself also does virtually no R.I.S.C. Gain, and is not worth FD blocking.

If Jack-O' is hit by a Burst, Goldlewis can set up Thunderbird, or even frametrap with a Lv. 2 Skyfish after Gold Burst. This can make it quite troublesome for Goldlewis to burst out of pressure, especially as with Gold Burst he can prevent use of servants after Cheer S.

Unique Interactions

  • Defend Command defeats Thunderbird, but is flawed against Lv. 3 Thunderbird.
    Defend command's shield at Clash Level 3 means it can always destroy Thunderbird, giving Jack-O' more ways to challenge it. Bizarrely, because Thunderbird at Lv. 3 matches the shield's strength, and takes 3 hits to destroy, while the shield only parries twice, you actually need to use Defend Command twice to destroy it, or have 2 servants together. Additionally, if Goldlewis is simultaneously parried at the same time as deflecting all 3 hits of Thunderbird Lv. 3, the lingering explosion from Thunderbird will not be deflected, and can still hit Jack-O'.
  • Defend Command deflecting Thunderbird can parry Goldewis.
    Though it is typical Defend Command will parry even projectile attacks if the opponent is in contact with the shield, this occurs even if Goldlewis is not in recovery, including running with Thunderbird behind him. This is important, as it means Goldlewis cannot use Thunderbird to run past and Throw Jack-O' using Defend Command.
  • Defend Command negates Skyfish to a small extent.
    Like most projectiles, Defend Command can deflect Skyfish, and thanks to restoring its cost you can use it into itself repeatedly. However, due to limitations in how much a servant can deflect at one time, it may tak multiple servants to catch all projectiles. This requires at minimum:
    • Level 1: 1 servant performs Defend Command 2 times.
    • Level 2: 2 servants perform Defend Command 3 times.
    • Level 3: 2 servants perform Defend Command 4 times.
  • Jack-O's 6H is an oppressive neutral tool.
    While usually extremely niche at best, Goldlewis is Goldlewis is uniquely bad against Jack-O's 6H. Tied for the furthest hit when standing (tier 4) and tied for the furthest hit when dashing (tier 2), it controls a lot of space naturally. Additionally, Goldlewis is taller during many attacks including 6H, all Behemoth Typhoons, Skyfish, and Thunderbird, getting him Counter Hit from the maximum range of Jack-O's 6H, a distance even Goldlewis struggles to contest against. As a complete disjoint, it also easily clashes against any Behemoth Typhoon.
  • Jack-O's crouch evades fast air attacks.
    Goldlewis has use for a couple fast air-to-ground attacks, including j.H and j.D. Due to Jack-O's extremely low crouch, these will whiff Jack-O' crouching if he doesn't add a tiny extra delay. This is not hugely significant, but for crossup j.H okizeme it is slightly easier to react, and for j.D it demands Goldlewis be slightly slower to hit, giving more time to anti-air. Even if Goldlewis does delay j.D to catch crouching, it must be delayed even more to reliably catch 2K.
  • Goldlewis cannot catch up to Jack-O's Backward Dash.
    When Jack-O' holds a servant and does a Backward Dash, usually to avoid punish, her acceleration is made much lower, meaning anyone, even herself, can catch up quickly. Goldlewis, however, suffers from such an atrociously bad dash speed and acceleration that he will not only fail to catch up, but she will eventually outspeed him, making it extremely poor for him to chase on foot.

Happy Chaos

Happy ChaosThe gun is mightier than the child.
Very unfavorable

Chaos' Steady Aim can always safely react and poke Jack-O's Summon Servant advantageously, making it completely useless to summon in neutral.

This forces Jack-O' to get closer to challenge Steady Aim. However, Jack-O's neutral suffers greatly. Chaos' 2S counters almost her entire moveset, and outclasses her f.S. This forces Jack-O' into a very aggressive, close-range, footsies-based neutral with f.S and 2K. Jack-O's goal is to score any knockdown to get out of this.

Thankfully, Chaos lacks strong defensive tools, and has no invincibles. This means once Chaos is knocked down, Jack-O' can run the full extent of her pressure comparatively unimpeded. Make it count and do not let him out at all costs.

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Round Start

A backdash that even applies a debuff, fabulous.

Primary Threats: 2SGGST Happy Chaos 2S Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup11Recovery18Advantage-7 / 2DGGST Happy Chaos 2D Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery19Advantage-8, and CurseGGST Happy Chaos 236P.pngGuard-Startup-Recovery29 totalAdvantage- / Backdash

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, Dash 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6, and backwalk to Dash 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6 / 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19

Round Start Matrix
 Option Chaos's Round Start
2S 2D 236P Backdash 6S
2D Trade (HKD) Trade Whiff punished Whiff punished Counters
Dash 5H Punished Punished Counters Blockable Punished
Backwalk > Dash Punish Punish Interruptable Interruptable Blocked
f.S Trade Trade (HKD) Cursed (-4) Neutral (-15) Counters

A fairly simple round-start mostly in Jack-O's favour but easily results in neutral. 2S is easily his most versatile poke, trading with almost Jack-O's entire moveset, but importantly is countered by 2D for a huge punish. Chaos can swap this out for 2D, trading slightly to his favour with Jack-O's 2D and trading advantageusly with other moves, but opens itself to being defeated by 2K and 5K, and is extremely easy for him to whiff if Jack-O' doesn't run into it.

The uniquely difficult part is Chaos' Curse. This functions like a backdash, defeating both 5H and 2D with punish combos, while Curse debuff is functionally a huge win to get off so easily if Jack-O' whiffs safe pokes. The strongest counterplay is a dash in with 5H, but this can easily be poked out by his normals. However, if you backwalk a moment, you can make 2S and 2D whiff, block a 6S, and have time to dash back in for either a punish, or to threaten Chaos after Curse with 5H or 2D. Alternatively, Chaos can perform a regular backdash, making it safe to dash 5H, but gains nothing if Jack-O' whiffs a safe poke like 2K, besides backing off.

His other attacks don't do much, usually only calling out a single option for Jack-O' (e.g. delay 2K to specifically check 5H), and usually share weaknesses against either 2D or dash 5H. While Scapegoat appears like it might be good, it's extrmely bad, being punishable by 5H through the clone extremely late, and any hit on the clone cancels safely, while Chaos expends some of his health for no benefit.


Don't even try to summon until you've got him locked down.

Generally Neutral functions as a rushdown-zoner style, because there is no way to Summon Servant or zone productively. Summon too close and he can simply cover himself with ]H[ and 2S, and from further out there is no risk entering Steady AimGGST Happy Chaos 214S.pngGuard-Startup-RecoveryTotal 18Advantage-, thus making it impossible to use the servant, forcing Jack-O' to approach. Conversely, if you somehow can land a servant on Chaos you will win the neutral extremely quickly, but chances are you won't be getting this opportunity to begin with. Even reacting to his Focus or performing summon into Cheer S after a Gold Burst won't give you enough time.

Unfortunately, Chaos' 2SGGST Happy Chaos 2S Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup11Recovery18Advantage-7 is oppressive for footsies, with range comparable to f.S but faster, disjoint for crushing 2K and 2D, low-profiles under 5H, is virtually impossible to whiff punish on reaction, safe on block, and combos on hit. Needless to say this is a huge difficulty and tragically there is not much to be done about it. Combined with Chaos' ability to use Fire to cover whiffed attacks, you should treat neutral as an inherently bad position worth spending resources to get through. Jack-O's best counterplay primarily revolves around poking with f.S (barely out-ranging 2S on its late active frames), dash 2K for an uncommital poke, and dash 2D or 5H to force an approach or potentially punish whiffs.

Putting 2S aside, Chaos' 2KGGST Happy Chaos 2K Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery12Advantage-4 is no slouch and does compete with Jack-O's. 1 frame slower, and a little shorter, but very low profile, getting under f.S and 5H easily, while clashing with Jack-O's 2K. His Curse is also very problematic, getting extremely far back it can cause even dash 5H to whiff, with enough time to still whiff punish 5H and 2D, and easily 6P IADAn air dash performed from a standing position as quickly and as low to the ground as possible from a jump. Done by inputting 956 754, and depending on the game, using a dash macro right after a jump.s unless done long before you could react. To avoid over-commiting constantly, it is very good to poke with dash 2K to cover these, but avoid your dash approaches being checked by 2S, especially with FD brakes.

Some situational aspects change neutral. If Chaos has no Bullets or Concentration, he cannot use Fire at all. This makes Summon Servant usable, and hugely improves Jack-O's neutral as Chaos has very little counterplay (outside universal counterplay) to servant zoning without his gun. Be mindful, however, that 1 Reload is very fast and can still be done before you have an opportunity to set up a servant. If the Chaos is wasting resources, this might just win the neutral for you by default. Conversely, the Curse buff is catastrophically bad, making Steady Aim shoot extremely quickly, and allows Fire to reliably cover his whiffs.

As is standard with Chaos, jumps are unusual. Jump-ins still hold value to get over 2S and punish ScapegoatGGST Happy Chaos 236P.pngGuard-Startup-Recovery29 totalAdvantage-, but empty jumps open you up to Steady Aim (which even on Instant Block, a focused shot sends you extremely far) or make Curse unavoidable. However, if you see Curse at a distance, you will want to jump it, as while this gives Chaos a clear neutral advantage, he loses some ground and prevents his strong pressure.

Due to how bad neutral can be, even with the huge frame advantage of Gold Burst, it isn't nessecarily a good position for Jack-O', as she really can't stop Chaos from a distance and must still approach. If you wish to use Burst to your advantage, try to place Chaos as close to the corner as possible, to allow you to reset pressure directly or at least limit his options.


Of all things to deal with, a backdash fast enough to punish here didn't feel nessecary. Careful, this will hurt.

Mercifully, Chaos is poor on defense, with only his 2KGGST Happy Chaos 2K Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery12Advantage-4 being stand-out for its low profile. Chaos lacks any invincible moves, has a slower 2K, and deceptively stubby P and K normals, he doesn't bring much in general. With Chaos having no use for Tension besides YRC, you can sustain offense easily. However, while his tools are lacking, the risk-reward is not, as Chaos can perform extremely rewarding combos off even so much as a non-Counter Hit 2P, resetting into a huge advantage that forces Jack-O' back into a neutral she does not tolerate.

While Jack-O' normally wishes to avoid wallbreaks to hold the corner, it is never so nessecary as with Chaos. Reset combos into pressure and don't allow him reprieve. To that end, try to avoid high wall damaging movesDust Attack and Attack Command deal 700 Wall Damage as opposed to the standard 300.. Be considerate that Throw generates a staggering +1000 Wall Damage, and can cause wallbreaks almost instantly if they get hit shortly after. If you do wallbreak and have meter to spare, be sure to confirm into FED or use Drift BRC afterwards to close the gap.

Unlike most, Chaos has fairly bad cancels off servants, mostly limited to Curse or Scapegoat to back off. None of his specials attack Jack-O', making it very easy to approach with dash 2D. Furthermore, if Chaos must respect a servant, it quickly makes Fire unusuable as he cannot block while readying his gun. Again, Chaos has very little tools to specifically challenge servants.

Somewhat uniquely, if Chaos backdashes on 2D > 236K, even at mid-screen he can punish with 2S. This is not flawless, but it takes on a similar role to DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion.s at punishing 236K on read, except much safer and much more painful. Thankfully, Chaos' general options after a blocked 2D or 236K are mediocre. His movement speed is poor and his moves cover little space, even 2S will struggle to catch Jack-O' running away from 236K, and he lacks strong air-to-airs. While Chaos can use Fire to cover a whiffed 2S, even if you jump, it's liable to miss and doesn't get him much value. Instead, Chaos has a safer counterplay with Curse into either Steady Aim or reaction anti-air if Jack-O' jumped forward. This is surprisingly fast and will punish Jack-O' for backing off, but can be countered using 2D > 214P > (5K or f.S or 5H). Neither side needs to take particularly large risks, but Jack-O' is inevitably on the losing end as this usually resets into Chaos' zoning.

In pressure, Chaos is fairly rudimentary, except during the Servant Shoot pressure loop, which is mostly just weird. His best abares to 236K& > 236[P] > 236K*, 5K and 2S, are both spacing-dependent, with a major gap between those that cannot be abared at all. However, he is one of few who can hit Jack-O' after 236K* > hs.6X using 2S or 2D (however not Counter as she can recover in time to block), giving him more options to punish Jack-O' for building resources. Additionally, he can counter 236K& > 236[P] > 214K by using a 2K to low profile the servant and be +3, but it still isn't a guaranteed to punish as Jack-O' has further options after it.

Defense and Punishes

With Chaos' extremely easy access to airborne pressure, Forever Elysion Driver is risky at best.

Jack-O' isn't particularly bad against Chaos' pressure like some others, but she is sub-par in a few aspects. Most of your defense against Chaos is fairly universal, with the exclusion of Jack-O's invincible Overdrive being extremely poor. She is also a bit slower against zoning.

Standard routing like 5K > (6K or 6S or 2D) > ]H[ is as-expected: you can Throw punish the 6K, and you can 6P the 6S (Unlike other low-profile 2Ks, you cannot 2K under the 6S). 2D beats both, but is more heavily pushed back by Faultless Defense, demanding Chaos either use a bullet, be pushed out, or open a gap. While this sounds exploitable, this is hugely Chaos-favoured RPS, making it usually better to spend Tension on pushing Chaos out and RPS from there once he has to commit resources. If you cannot do this, you may have to gamble with your life. Unfortunately, Chaos also has the option to do jump cancels into either j.S or IAD j.D for overhead options while being entirely safe from Forever Elysion Driver.

In addition, Jack-O' cannot use Forever Elysion Driver to challenge j.2K (while 2S or 6P can be shut down by Fire), and it can be baited by Scapegoat and Curse safely. Conversely, despite appearance, Chaos' 2D is grounded and can be hit by FED, and like most crossups, Roll will not avoid it. Even worse, Scapegoat even body-blocks FED, shortening its range dramatically. Overall, Jack-O's Overdrive is easy to pressure against as Chaos can set up baits any time, and should be used sparingly.

If you block Chaos' Steady Aim as a Guard Crush, he can loop into another Guard Crush shot as a 5 frame gap from any distance without expending a bullet, or truly gapless if he uses a fast shot. For Jack-O' there is no character-specific gimmicks. Her only unique trait is her notably bad dash speed makes it take longer to get through the zoning than most. If you hard read he will approach to continue pressure with 2S, you can use a pre-emptive f.S as this outranges--but be extremely cautious as this will immediately lose to another shot and can even be punished if he did Focus into another Steady Aim shot while you are CursedDue to how fast he can cancel, the extremely long blockstun of Guard Crush shots, and how fast he can fire from Curse, there is only a 22F gap here, thus punishing the 32F duration of f.S. . If you wish to attack aggressively, such as Chaos using Focus nearby, 5H is your fastest and strongest option overall, particularly for the range it covers.

Chaos' corner pressure remains mostly standard, very little unique. Jack-O' lacks a meterless invincible reversal, and has no unique abares and punishes. Thanks to Jack-O's fast backdash, if you happen to backdash a shot from Steady Aim you will be +1 to +5 (assuming fastest reload cancel), making it guaranteed you will be advantaged to abare. Otherwise, rely on universal counterplay.

Unique Interactions

  • Jack-O's 5H meterlessly punishes Scapegoat.
    Due to being an advancing multi-hit, if done close enough the 5H can proceed to punish Chaos even after the first hit was negated.
  • Fire ignores Defend Command.
    Despite being a literal gun, you cannot deflect the projectile in any way. It simply ignores the servant entirely, and it is impossible to 'parry' it. Defend Command is 100% useless against it.
  • Jack-O's j.D is reaction punishable.
    Even if the gun is not active, Chaos has enough time to ready the gun, allow it to focus slightly, and Fire, and the stalling of j.D will allow it hit. If the projectile isn't going to hit quickly, it is even possible to reaction punish with Deus Ex Machina.
  • Holding a servant prevents escape from Deux Ex Machina.
    After the animation, Deus Ex Machina hits on Frame 7, making it impossible for Jack-O' to safely drop a servant she is holding. In fact, attempting to do so gets Counter Hit for an additional 10% damage. This makes Deus Ex Machina naturally a very strong response to any use of holding a servant in neutral.
  • Cheer Servant On is unsafe.
    Against Chaos, Jack-O' has zero options to launch a servant after Cheer S before Chaos can shoot her with Steady Aim. Even if she hit Chaos with a Gold Burst to perform Gold Burst > 236[P] > 236236S, to be +6 advantaged, Chaos can still Steady Aim and shoot before a servant could hit him, trading so favorably he can still oki with a guard crushing Steady Aim shot or even combo with Deus Ex Machina. If Jack-O' is Cursed, he can shoot her before she even launches the servant.


I-NoSet up servants to cover every approach she has.

I-No struggles immensely with Jack-O's servants, as they offer a style of neutral coverage that I-No lacks significant counterplay to.

This matchup is a race to set up before I-No can blast through Jack-O's neutral. Defend Command is incredibly potent for stopping I-No, and Jack-O's zoning shuts down I-No's ranged tools, quickly turning the tide of battle to Jack-O's favour. However, Jack-O' has some issues covering herself without servants, as I-No's High/Low style of approaches gives Jack-O' no way to cover direct approaches safely, and I-No has some very large pokes that outclass Jack-O' from a distance.

Though her offense can be a little confusing at first, Jack-O' has some unique tools for disrupting her options, especially Sultry Performance and 2K.

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Round Start

Hoverdash is the sole reason I-No has a Round Start here.

Primary Threats: 2SGGST I-No 2S Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-11, Hoverdash j.SGGST I-No jS Hitbox.pngGuardHighStartup8Recovery20Advantage+6 (IHD), and Backdash

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4, and 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6

Round Start Matrix
 Option I-No's Round Start
2S Hoverdash j.S Backdash 6P 2H
2D Trade (HKD) Countered Whiff punished Counters Trade (HKD)
5K Countered AA Counter Neutral (-2) Countered Whiff (+10)
5H Trade (+6) AA Counter Whiff punished Countered Countered
2K Whiff punished Whiff punished Neutral (+0) Counters Whiff punished

A simple and favourable round-start. Jack-O's 2D covers virtually all of I-No's options. The only options it loses to is the usual backdash and I-No approaching with a Hoverdash. This works to Jack-O's favour, as I-No backdashing to neutral is advantageous for Jack-O' here. Conversely, Hoverdash j.S is weak, getting destroyed by 5H and 5K. If I-No is expecting you to counter her Hoverdash, her 2S works as a strong poke, as it is difficult to punish. Ironically, it loses most to 2D, as despite it trading, Jack-O' is so advantageous she can still dash up, summon, and safely oki herYou won't have time to okizeme against a Throw and will need to space it out a little. Hitting with 2K or 2D also keeps the servant's duration. , making for a better confirm than a backwalk 5H would give.

There's not much else worth using for I-No. Her f.S has zero coverage; her STBT SGGST I-No Stroke the Big Tree.pngGuardLowStartup16Recovery15Advantage-7 is functionally a worse 2S; Chemical LoveGGST I-No Chemical Love.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery22Advantage-9 is so slow it can still be throw punished after Jack-O' whiffs 2D and loses to all but Jack-O's f.S; and her 2D is borderline useless, except for getting more reward on specifically Jack-O's 2K. The only niche tool to consider is 5H and 2H, which Counter Hit Jack-O's 5H and punishes 2K, while being safe from 5K (both sides whiff). While 5H is more rewarding, 2H trades with with 2D for slightly more safety from Jack-O's big Counter Hit combos.


I-No simply can't get through the shield by force.

Neutral takes two completely distinct phases, before summoning, and after. This is because a servant poses a huge threat to I-No's entire neutral by merely being present. Defend Command shuts down almost any approach I-No can use, even STBT (though be mindful H can push Jack-O' out of the shield's range), and acts to catch disjoints, which is problematic for I-No as she cannot threaten a dash Throw. Furthermore, bouncing a servant can easily act to anti-air the hoverdash, making 5K* and 6P* particularly tricky to get through, and even the hitstop of a servant functionally adds more active frames to incidentally trade with STBT H even if it avoids the servant. Once a servant is established near Jack-O', it becomes much easier to summon more servants and begin a zoning game.

While I-No' is not especially bad at handling the zoning, with a good 5K for catching servants, decent speed on her hoverdash, and STBT low-profiling Attack Command, she suffers from very bad counter-zoning. Thrown or Launched servants clashing into Chemical LoveGGST I-No Chemical Love.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery22Advantage-9 stops it hitting entirely, and Antidepressent ScaleGGST I-No Antidepressant Scale.pngGuardAllStartup29RecoveryTotal 51Advantage-16 takes a while to release but is immediately broken by any servant. This means zoning usually forces I-No to approach, even despite a lack of good approach options.

However, the difficulty comes in summoning a servant. With f.SGGST I-No f.S Hitbox 3.pngGuardAllStartup13Recovery18Advantage-13, 2SGGST I-No 2S Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-11, and Chemical LoveGGST I-No Chemical Love Hitbox 5.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery22Advantage-9 she can easily disrupt Jack-O' setting up without significant threat from counterpokes. And, Jack-O's normals don't allow easy coverage of the low-profile STBT, only hit by 2K and 2D; and I-No's hoverdash movement, which will always avoid 2K and 2D. This forces Jack-O' to make a read on covering I-No's approaches or wait to react for STBT H. However, Jack-O' can low profile f.S using 2K or 2D, and I-No's lack of grounded dash means she can't threaten a dash 2K like Jack-O' can, giving Jack-O's 2K a lot of utility at close-range. The Hoverdash does however allow very fast airborne approaches that are plus on block, this makes Jack-O's 5K an excellent poke for its enormous anti-air reach, but this can be easily poked with her 2S.

I-No also comes equipped with a weird anti-Cheer S utility with MegalomaniaGGST I-No Megalomania 1.pngGuardGround Throw (All)Startup11+0(41)RecoveryAdvantageN/A (-18), as this will obliterate any buffed servants and force Jack-O' to block and deal some chip. However, it leaves I-No so minus that Jack-O' can just summon another servant, rendering it mostly pointless.


You cannot outrun Chemical Love. Luckily, this is the jackpot scenario if you call it out.

I-No has solid defensive tools, with a 5F 2P, a 6F low-profile 2K with decent range, high-hitting 5K with decent range, and a fast (9F) invincible Overdrive, and an ultra-low-profile Stroke The Big TreeGGST I-No Stroke the Big Tree.pngGuardLowStartup16Recovery15Advantage-7. Unfortunately, her unique hoverdash is a bit slow, which restricts some of her options against Jack-O's brand of pressure.

I-No has very bad special cancels off servants, with nothing worth using. STBT S is probably her best, except this still gets Counter Hit if Jack-O' approached with a dash 2D. To mitigate this, I-No's 5K hits very high, and opens Dash and Jump Cancels, which can help her evade and even punish 2D. While this does slightly increase hitstop, it hits from much further away, making it objectively better than her 5P. Contrary to what it might seem, I-No has no particular problems with servants defensively, her normal catch servants good enough, and her hoverdash can outrun servants behind her relatively well, but her movement can be restrictive for evading them.

When I-No blocks 2D or 236K, she has strong ground coverage, but problems in the air. Her 2S covers a lot of distance, easily catching running away, and is fast enough to trade with 2D > 214P > 2K. Her Chemical LoveGGST I-No Chemical Love.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery22Advantage-9 further enhances this as it can hit from any spacing (including after 5H), and even catches jumps from 2D > 236[P]. However, this opens I-No' up to enormous punishes with 214P or even 236P due to its long and fully Counter Hit recovery. To offset this coverage, I-No's complete lack of dash jumps makes her air coverage tricky. With a little spacing, 236K > 236[P] > IABD hs.D can avoid potentially any normal counterplay except Chemical Love, enforcing a need to use it despite its aforementioned risks.

Most pressure is fairly standard. However I-No is strong at disrupting the Servant Shoot pressure loop, making it difficult to be greedy with advantage for resources. 236K& > 236[P] > hs.K is countered by 6P (at closer range) and STBT S, whereas most lack a direct punish on Jack-O's Attack Command. Additionally, even after blocking a 236K*, I-No can directly poke with 2K to catch Jack-O's reset.

Defense and Punishes

It doesn't matter what I-No does after Sultry Performance, 5K covers everything.

Jack-O' is well-equipped for punishing all of I-No's unsafe moves, with some very good situational coverage and her backdash adds unique options. Unfortunately, Jack-O's invincible Overdrive is borderline useless in this matchup for a variety of reasons.

I-No's standard mixups of Hoverdash highs and 2K or 2S lows is not practical to reversal, as the highs are automatically safe from FED unless you delay it, and open yourself to a low. This makes it a fairly real 50:50 on I-No being safe from FED, rendering it mostly a hard callout. Furthermore, I-No's MegalomaniaGGST I-No Megalomania flash.pngGuardGround Throw (All)Startup11+0(41)RecoveryAdvantageN/A (-18) is completely Throw immune, even without a delay it will automatically heavily punish FED. This is compounded with her knockdowns and Wall Slumps leading into consistent safejumps, and her Hoverdash crossups are airborne, giving very little room to break out with meter.

Instead Jack-O' must play fairly standard against the pressure. I-No's Hoverdash functions as a plus-on-block overhead reset move, which can be quickly disrupted with 5P. From a blocked j.S/j.H I-No can overhead with j.D, but this can be 6P'd on a read, and punished if she doesn't cancel into Sultry PerformanceGGST I-No Sultry Performance 1.pngGuardAllStartup10 [37]RecoveryUntil Landing + 15Advantage-2~-4 [+4~+1], which is disadvantageous for her without meter for Air Ultimate FortissimoGGST I-No Ultimate Fortissimo.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup5+3RecoveryAdvantage+37. Or, she can drop into a 2K safely, but this gives very few safe options, since her only frametrapping sequence is 2K > 2D > 236S. However, she can reset into Hoverdash, or do a slow Tick Throw (for lack of a dash to close the gap) from her 2K if blocked close. Don't get the impression she has weak pressure however, all of the lows and overheads are fully unreactable and she has constant access to both, and both can lead into a simple pressure reset, usually demanding you make some kind of read to break out.

However, Jack-O' comes with a couple unique ways to break I-No's pressure. After a blocked Sultry Performance (K and S)GGST I-No Sultry Performance 2.pngGuardAllStartup10 [37]RecoveryUntil Landing + 15Advantage-3~ -4 [+2~ 0], 5K not only punishes her landing unless blocked at a very low height, but hits her out of any meterless follow-up she could perform. Her only safe option is to hop and air block, which gives Jack-O' a safe pressure with a Dash Cancel (2P is safe, but c.S can also be safe if I-No blocks high enough). Additionally, with Sultry Performance HGGST I-No Sultry Performance 2.pngGuardAllStartup10 [37]RecoveryUntil Landing + 15Advantage-3~ -4 [+2~ 0] it outright punishes the hop, giving her zero options to RPS with. Like most characters, if the K or S version hits Jack-O' high (hitting above the waist), Jack-O's c.S does the same thing for hugely higher reward. This changes if Sultry Performance is fully charged (indicated by a large red flash), but this is extremely slow, or if I-No has 50% Tension as she can kara into Air Ultimate FortissimoGGST I-No Ultimate Fortissimo.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup5+3RecoveryAdvantage+37 to frametrap and completely reset pressure, making it much more risky to pre-empt her unsafe moves if I-No has meter during her pressure.

After a blocked 2K mid-screen, thanks to Jack-O's fast backdash there is no way for I-No to punish Jack-O' without commiting to either a staggered attack of 2S, f.S, STBT H)GGST I-No Stroke the Big Tree.pngGuardLowStartup28Recovery16Advantage-2, or Chemical LoveGGST I-No Chemical Love.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery22Advantage-9 which can all be punished, or the fast STBT S)GGST I-No Stroke the Big Tree.pngGuardLowStartup16Recovery15Advantage-7 which is punishable on block. Jack-O' has time to block a fast hoverdash j.S or 5H, and I-No's 2D will whiff regardless of timing, denying access to easy frametraps.

Jack-O' also excels at punishing moves. Stroke The Big Tree SGGST I-No Stroke the Big Tree.pngGuardLowStartup16Recovery15Advantage-7 is easily 5K/2K punishable for strong reward, and has to be spaced to avoid it. Even outside of punish range, 5K's extending hitbox covers the RPS well. Furthermore, I-No has no meterless callout to stop 2K after Stroke The Big Tree HGGST I-No Stroke the Big Tree.pngGuardLowStartup28Recovery16Advantage-2. Her Chemical LoveGGST I-No Chemical Love.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery22Advantage-9 whiffs crouching and dashing, and Jack-O' can whiff punish from remarkably far away with a 5H or 2D, which Counter Hits for a full combo (though you may need to change routing if it's very far). The most unusual to punish is Ultimate FortissimoGGST I-No Ultimate Fortissimo-2.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup7+2Recovery13Advantage+26, the optimal punish is a c.S but you must time it early, as I-No floats slightly above the hit if you do not perform it quickly. You can also use 2H for an easy punish, however this will whiff at point-blank, unless you Faultless Defense block first, in which case it side switches.

Unique Interactions

  • 5H low-profiles Chemical Love.
    Weirdly, the standing 5H barely gets under Chemical Love instantly. Combined with dashes going underneath Chemical Love, Jack-O' can use dash 5H completely unimpeded by this strong poke.
  • Servants halt Antidepressant Scale.
    Usually, a multi-hitting projectile clashing with a bounced servant loses only 1 hit and continues. However, I-No's projectile stops immediately in place upon collision with any servant, even an idle one. This makes it extremely easy to counter-zone I-No since her projectile is so easily walled off. If the servant is Thrown or Launched, it will clash through the Antidepressant Scale completely.
  • STBT can push Jack-O' away from Defend Command.
    Usually 236P > 214S can deflect approaches, including STBT. However, during startup the attack can push Jack-O' backwards, doing so will move the attack out of range of the shield. This is possible with the S version very close, but is extremely common with the H version due to its enormous range. This can be worked around by dashing forward a little before using Defend CommandExample:, but this will slow down how quickly you can ready the shield.
  • Megalomania cannot be hit by FED.
    I-No's Overdrive Command Grab, Megalomania, is throw immune Frame 1 and long after the projectiles come out. This means you cannot use FED on read for her command grab nor does I-No need to change the timing for it. However, because FED is invincible on startup, it will avoid Megalomania's cinematic grab, dealing overall less damage, but still a very large amount.
  • Low-profilable f.S.
    Unlike the majority of f.S attacks, Jack-O's 2K and 2D actually low-profile it entirely, making it significantly weaker for poking these attacks.


Jack-OThe one mirror match that actually happens in canon.

Insert non-formatted text here

  • Oldest Servant wins
  • Defend Command guard crush kills servants
  • Zoning favors the initiator
  • Jack-O' is fairly bad at handling her own corner pressure loops

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Round Start

One is a genius, the other's insane. Which one are you?

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, Backdash

Round Start Matrix
 Option Opponent's Round Start
2D 6P Backdash f.S Delay 2K
2D Trade Counter Whiff punished Counter Punished
6P Countered Clash Neutral (-17) Counter Punished
Backdash Whiff punish Neutral (+17) Neutral Neutral (+15) Neutral (+1 ~ -1)
f.S Countered Countered Neutral (-15) Trade Whiff punished
Delay 2K Punish Punish Neutral (+1 ~ -1) Whiff punish Clash

A perfectly even fight, which means everything good to use is just as good against you. Jack-O's 2D is an incredibly dominant attack, as Jack-O' has no simple counters, and must backdash. 2K is, surprisingly, barely too fast, and will whiff before it can interrupt 2D. Putting aside 2D, most of Jack-O's moves are pretty unproductive to herself, f.S, 5H, 2K, and 5K all challenge virtually nothing, even between those options, usually whiffing or trading to not much effect, barring 5K defeating 5H. 6P is surprisingly viable, as it defeats almost all other normals besides 2D, but this slow to recover. As a result, it can usually be better to simply back off with a backdash or jump back with a j.D. Note that among those two, backdash is faster, getting a summon first and thus winning the servant battle.

If you wish to try your luck with high-execution tech, a fractionally delayed 2K emulates the speed it once had to surprisingly potent coverage.

Vs. Jack-O': Round Start Delay 2K

Wait (1~3F) > 2K
The delayed 2K round start is performed by waiting 1 to 3 frames before inputting 2K, being active just before a round start 2D would become active.

Done correctly, this counters 2D, 6P, 5H, f.S, and even an immediate 2K. Done fast enough, it can even hold a 1 frame advantage over Backdash, and still win the servant battle, making it objectively her strongest round start, but the timing is very unforgiving, as buffering 2K is very weak.


First to summon will keep their servant on a trade (Left summoned first here)

Unlike many mirror matchups, Jack-O' is capable of gaining momentum in neutral, and due to interactions of servants, it is almost always a position with one Jack-O' advantaged over the other. The central gimmick, completely unique to this matchup alone, is that a servant will 'out-clash' other servants if they were summoned first (irrespective of actual remaining duration), resulting in it bouncing off another launched servant, unharmed. This is referred to as 'servant priority'. This occurs even against Thrown and Launched servants. This means that the Jack-O' with any initiative to summon first has an autoamtic advantage in zoning, as a trade goes to their advantage.

In zoning, even at a relatively close range, 236[P] > hs.6X will generally hit before any 236P Bounce/Launch. However, even with servant priority, Throw Servant is very open to the opponent dashing in with 5H/2D. Conversely, aiming lower with 6P, 5P, or similar can be countered even from extreme frame disadvantage using a sequence like 236[P] > Jump > hs.D > j.H*, to get over the servant while launching their own.

In close-quarters, continues to struggle with advancing low profiles, and 2D is no different. It low-profiles her entire kit while getting huge reward on counters. Her only safe pokes against 2D without servants is 2K, making it very precarious to be in 2D range. With servants, a short servant bounceAchieved by hitting servants with 5P, 2P, or 5K., Defend Command, or Attack Command all help to shut down these aggressive options, so long as Jack-O' is not too busy sending them further out. While blocking a 2D is okay, you will lose any prior set-up for blocking, and getting through the 236K frametrap and subsequent RPS with her sub-par options for low reward means it's probably better to force whiffs where possible. This leads into promoting more air mobility, as 2D naturally fails to any jump positions, especially with held servants. While Jack-O' has a large anti-airs with 6H, it is generally easier to use the opponent's air time as time to summon, and wrest control back on the neutral. If the opponent acts passive, that provides an opening to set up. But be mindful of j.D, being quite safe, and usually slightly advantaged if hitting far enough, resetting your servants and giving themselves servant priority.

When attacking servants, Jack-O' has bad cancels, this makes a lot of zoning quite nasty since she really hasn't got good options to work with when without a servant. Even Servant Shoot and 2P manages to only trade with a run in 2D, and that's on prediction. She can use Summon Servant Hold to retreat out of range, but with similar risk to her 236K RPS. Generally speaking, Jack-O' is not fond of heavily using 5P against thrown servants unless she is absolutely safe to do so. As a weird alternative, if she can 5K a servant she receives more options, including 2D, 6H, and jump cancels, while working from such a range the added hitstop has no detrimental effect.


RPS after 236K is quite good for the attacker, and they will always be the first to summon!

Pressure is fairly standard for the most part, Jack-O's own 2K is a very strong abare, with enormous range for its speed, low-profiling f.S, 5H, and even Attack Command. Alongside a strong 5F 2P makes strike-throw pressure harder to enforce. Delayed attacks can easily falter as a result.

Unlike some characters, Jack-O' is not especially well-equipped for applying airborne pressure to circumvent Forever Elysion Driver.The only particular use-case for airborne pressure requires an IASInstant Air Special
Conceptually includes Tiger KneePerforming a special as soon as possible after becoming airborne. Usually, but not always, involves an input trick.
For Example: 2369S for a j.236S input.
Attack Command, which cannot be done as a cancel, and usually sacrifices some advantage to do, making it quite costly on resources. The largest exception is Sandwich Pressure, using the IAS Attack Command for a cross-up or to set-up an F-Shiki mixup, both of which are completely safe from FED. Otherwise, there is not much to be taken advantage of with Forever Elysion Driver, except for its easier okizeme.

Contrary to popular belief you can still use universal safejumps against Forever Elysion Driver, just ensure you do not hold Faultless Defense during the delay in offense. Because FED is slower than most reversals (11F), it is in fact easier to safejump. It also cannot defeat airborne okizeme, meaning some meaty j.S/j.H will be safe. Notably, IAD j.S/j.H after a Super Wall-Break will be a true safejump.

One major advantage to Jack-O's conventional attacks and low movement is the strength of 236K RPS. In general, Jack-O's 5H is her strongest option for challenging 2D enders, as it catches jumps, running away, and outspeeds 2D > 214P > 2K. But this is spacing sensitive, even from 2D, and very commital to a whiff. Additionally, after 236K, jumping back is very hard to challenge, from close range Jack-O's best callouts are only universal options, either runninng underneath for a c.S or 2S, or dash jump for an Air Throw or j.K. But given Jack-O's slow movement and the short range of j.K, these can be spaced out to weaken the threat or make it harder to utilise. This is often made problematic as the attacker will have servant priority from their own summon, making it more difficult to challenge afterwards.

Defense and Punishes

Jack-O's defenses are nothing too special. Make sure you've read up on your own offense to understand the openings!

Of course, defending against Jack-O' should mostly involve applying what you understand about her offense in reverse. Understanding her Corner Pressure, Sandwich Pressure, and Okizeme are all essential to defense. However, there is a couple unique traits not usually covered that will be explained here.

If Jack-O' uses Forever Elysion Driver, you can hold jump and land a punish c.S. However, a well-timed backdash gives improved reward as she will be momentarily airborne, giving an air c.S punish for easier and stronger combos. Never press Faultless Defense when reading an FED, as you will be unable to escape the attack if you did so. To time the backdash, wait for when Jack-O' appears to be moving forward horizontal with the screen.

Jack-O's 5H is -6 only if she doesn't cancel. She is able to frametrap with a delayed 236K leading in the standard RPS, and is not practical to punish if she summons or performs Recover Servant. This makes it a very safe attack and pressure tool for her to use. After Recover Servant, f.S and 5H will usually reach and threaten the opponent relatively safely, but dangerously can be called out with a 2D. While you have advantage for servant priority, the spacing is very dangerous to the opponent attacking in any way. If their f.S is too spaced for 5H(1) to hit, you may 6P to abare. Otherwise, it is usually better to avoid 5H to begin with, using pokes like 2K.

Lastly, while the Servant Shoot pressure loop is not safe pressure, Jack-O's own abares are quite weak. 2K is the only reliable abare to 236K& > 236[P] > 236K* without needing enormous distance. While 6P will disrupt the servant from 236K& > 236[P] > hs.K, Jack-O's complete lack of useful cancels makes it basically useless. However, calling out 236K* > hs.6X > 2D is possible with a reversal 2D or even 2K of your own.

Unique Interactions

  • Oldest Servant wins.
    If two servants are launched, bounced, or thrown at each-other, regardless of their assigned Clash Level, the one that was summoned first will win. This is irrespective of their actual duration and is solely based on when it was summoned. This is a completely unique mechanic to the Jack-O' mirror match. Due to this ignoring clash level, a bounced servant (e.g. P*) trades fairly with a Launched or Thrown servant.
  • Defend Command does not harm servants.
    If a servant is bounced/launched/thrown at an opposing servant's shield, it will simply bounce off unharmed. This means Defend Command can often be disadvantageous against servant zoning, as it usually loses tempo and gains nothing.
  • Guard Crush removes servants.
    Being parried by Defend Command still classes as a 'hit', so the opposing Jack-O' will lose their servants.

Ky Kiske

  • Kys strong normals and projectiles can make the match difficult
  • WIP

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Round Start

Ky's amazing coverage with 2S and Stun Dipper can make it wise to play extremely safe and block.

Primary Threats: 2SGGST Ky 2S hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup11Recovery20Advantage-8, Stun DipperGGST Ky 236K hitbox.pngGuardLow, AllStartup7Recovery30Advantage-19 [-14], Backdash

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, Crouch Block, Backwalk

Round Start Matrix
 Option Ky's Round Start
2S 236K Backdash f.S
2D Trade (HKD) Punished Punished Counters
Crouch Block Block Punish Neutral Block
Backwalk Whiff Punish Punished Neutral Advantage
Delay 2K Counters Punish Neutral (-1~3) Whiff (+7~9)

Very centralised on Ky's 2S, as it challenges almost all of Jack-O's direct attacks, only barely losing to 2D by way of trading for a hard knockdown. Despite it trading, Jack-O' is so advantageous she can still dash up, summon, and safely oki KyYou won't have time to okizeme against a Throw and will need to space it out a little. Hitting with 2K or 2D also keeps the servant's duration. . Unfortunately, this is always risky to Ky backdashing, so it can be safer to backwalk and whiff punish, but moves like f.S are safe from this. Furthermore, Ky's Stun Dipper has incredible coverage, defeating 2D, and even outright punishing backwalks (the added spacing makes it confirm for knockdown) and backdashes, demanding a very intentioned crouch block. Puting aside difficulty getting a c.S punish due to Jack-O's poor dash, the risk is not as high for Ky as it is for other characters with Counter Hit 2D, making it a viable part of his round start.

One potential solution to improve the odds is a well-timed delayed 2K, defeating both 2S and Stun Dipper favourably. Unfortunately, the timing is quite tight.

Vs. Ky: Round Start Delay 2K

Wait (1~3F) > 2K
The delayed 2K round start is performed by waiting 1 to 3 frames before inputting 2K, being active just before Ky's round start 2S would become active. If you wait for 4F, you will trade with 2S, and not be directly punished.

Done correctly, this counters 2S, and if Ky uses Stun Dipper, you will be hit by the first attack, but can still block the second, making it functionally a counter to both. If Ky decides to use f.S, his attack will whiff, and if he backdashes away, Jack-O' will be safe on whiff.


Ky's Stun Edge can quickly disrupt setting-up at a distance.

Ky's general strength is all-around good attacks. Jack-O's f.S and 2K are larger than Ky's, however Ky's normals have low recovery, making them difficult to whiff punish, and he has much better movement speed. In addition, Ky has a fantastic defensive 2S low poke, which is long-range and disjointed, able to disrupt Jack-O's aggressive 2D and 5H, while having comparable range to his f.S, and outspeeding Jack-O's f.S. This is enhanced as Ky's Dire EclatGGST Ky Kiske 214S.pngGuardAllStartup14Recovery25Advantage-8 [-6] allows him to get enormous corner carry and hard knockdown okizeme off any hit, even a 2P, or knockdown with Stun DipperGGST Ky Kiske 236K 1.pngGuardLow, AllStartup7Recovery30Advantage-19 [-14] instead if very far away.

Though Stun EdgeGGST Ky Kiske 236S.pngGuardAllStartup13RecoveryTotal 46Advantage-14 loses to thrown and launched servants directly, from far-range it has complications. Bounced servants take more time to set-up, meaning servants launched with 6P* or similar functionally lose to Stun Edge. Additionaly, after blocking Stun Edge, Jack-O' cannot summon and use a servant on the ground before another Stun Edge hits, it either gets shot down or Jack-O' blocks. She instead needs to summon and then jump; to release, throw, or launch the servant forward. This usually gives Ky more options for approach if Jack-O' reads a second stun edge. Additionally, following-up Stun Edge with a Charged Stun EdgeGGST Ky Kiske 236H.pngGuardAllStartup39RecoveryTotal 62Advantage+22 [+25] is tricky, as Jack-O' does not have time to use 236P > 236K*, and will not be able to react for 236[P] > hs.6X to counter Ky, making it easy to be forced to block it or jump it, and give Ky a large advantage, unless running in to punish with a 2D and surrender attempts to set up.

Ky is also difficult to space-out in general. His strong movement speed and large advancing 6H can threaten a passive Jack-O'. His Foudre Arc makes a very large advancing threat, especially in Shock State. Done pre-emptively, it Counter Hits a rising j.D for huge reward, while even sometimes getting past Defend Command, and the usual threat of Stun Dipper with its huge range being very difficult to challenge. Even with servants established, Ky can disrupt Jack-O's zoning quite well with much the same tools.

Cheer S is very weak in neutral if Ky has 50% Tension, as he can respond with Sacred EdgeGGST Ky Kiske 236236P.pngGuardAll [All (Guard Crush)]Startup4+3RecoveryTotal 38Advantage+10 [+26] to immediately shut down any servants while gaining a high frame advantage and have less Tension Penalty than Jack-O' does.


Stun Dipper backed up by an RRC is one of the strongest abares that exist for disrupting Jack-O's pressure.

Ky has solid defenses against Jack-O'. With a 5F 2P that confirms for a hard knockdown, a solid 6F 2K, and a DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. with Vapor ThrustGGST Ky Kiske 623S.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery43Advantage-33 [-28] he is well-equipped for basic defense, which is largely improved when he has Tension, providing an RC to make Vapor Thrust safe on block, granting access to Ride The LightingGGST Ky Kiske 632146H.pngGuardAllStartup8+1Recovery99Advantage-82, and Stun Dipper RRC abare.

Stun Dipper is uniquely good at abare, to the extent of being functionally superior to Vapor Thrust in some scenarios. It defeats Tick Throws, low profiles gaps from f.S, 5H, and even Attack Command. During the Servant Shoot pressure loop, Stun Dipper RRC abares both Servant Shoot and Attack Command after 236K* > 236[P], while punishing a 236P reset, or even choosing to not cancel, requiring unique callouts such as to jump, run backwards, or use a Pick Up Whiff route, which is spacing sensitive, and Stun Dipper will still defeat any Throw attempt. Some okizeme is also uniquely bad against Stun Dipper RRC, for example a knockdown with 6P is unable to safely set up a servant as Stun Dipper will low-profile it, requiring unique adjustments like a 5P* or 5K* which does not hit Ky's wakeup position, nor set up for sandwich pressure. Though Stun Dipper RRC costs 50% Tension to use, unlike Ride The Lightning it only need spend it when it succeeds, countering Stun Dipper will not cost Ky anything, and blocking it on a read still leads to his advantage.

While Ky comes equipped with a DP, it is the weakest in the game, being significantly slower, having almost no horizontal range without the slower H version, and doesn't grant much value on hit. In fact, even at a point-blank 2D with dash momentum, you can still outrun it with a summon cancel. However, it is still a reversal that can disrupt even tight gaps in basic blockstrings. Interestingly, due to its slow speed, some unique safejump okizeme does work on Ky's Vapor Thrust, but not his Ride The Lightning.

Defense and Punishes

Ky's pressure is very simple. Just be sure you understand what happens once it's over! Keep an eye on that shock state.

Ky's offense is pretty simple, it is mostly structured around simple staggers and strike-throw off c.S and 5K, with weak resets and some RPS afterwards. Generally speaking the biggest strength of Ky's offense is his 2P, being 5F it works as a strong pressure, while comboing for a Hard Knockdown on any hitUsing the string 2P > 2P > 6P > 214S.

The biggest openings in Ky's offense are his pressure resets. The most simple is Foudre ArcGGST Ky Kiske 214K.pngGuardAllStartup24Recovery6Advantage-2~+6 [+5~+12]. Without Shock State or very far spacing, Ky is Throw punishable if you stand block. Regardless of spacing or shock state, you can also react with a 5P counter hit (not 6P), which combos by linking into a microdash c.S or a 5K dash cancel. An alternative, and very greedy way a Ky can reset pressure is using Charged Stun EdgeGGST Ky Kiske 236H.pngGuardAllStartup39RecoveryTotal 62Advantage+22 [+25]. It is best to react with 2D, even a late reaction from very far will low-profile the projectile and score a full Counter Hit punish.

Both Dire Eclat and Stun Edge are always safe ways for Ky to end his blockstrings. You can punish Dire Eclat with an Instant Block, otherwise it becomes an RPS, while Stun Edge is more disadvantaged but isn't open a punish. Shock State matters a lot for Dire Eclat's RPS. Without Shock State, 2D and 5H are versatile challenges to the RPS, both defeating Stun Dipper outright, and usually forces a backdash, while Jack-O' has the rare opportunity to call out backdashes with a dash 5H. With Shock State, Ky's 2S becomes very defensively strong. It will whiff if Jack-O' does not move, but it counters options like 2D and 5H, meaning it can be better to wait and whiff punish it. Surprisingly, Dragon Install makes very little difference for Dire Eclat interactions it is equivalent to a permanent Shock State.

Stun Dipper is punishable on block. You can land a c.S punish after blocking both hits of Stun Dipper, but will require a slightly precise microdash. In Shock State, you either need to Instant Block the second hit for the c.S punish, or your best punish is only 5K > 2D, massively reducing the value of a punish.

Unqiue Interactions

  • Stun Dipper ignores Defend Command.
    Unlike most attacks, Stun Dipper cannot hit a player a certain height above the ground, even if they extend a hurtbox down. This also applies to servants, meaning a servant in its idle position is unable to parry it with Defend Command, and will only parry Stun Dipper if the servant is very low to the ground. This makes Defend Command very easily disrupted by Stun Dipper in neutral.
  • Foudre Arc canhit past Defend Command.
    Usually 236P > 214S can deflect approaches. However, Foudre Arc its quite far forward after advancing substantial distance, sometimes capable of hitting Jack-O' behind the Defend Command shield by failing to hit the shield at all.
  • Launched and thrown servants fully destroy Charged Stun Edge.
    Due to the higher clash level of thrown and launched servants, they will entirely crush Stun Edge and Charged Stun Edge, regardless of number of hits.

Leo Whitefang

  • Some of Leo's crossups can be hit by FED
  • He has a hard time dealing with zoning once you get started
  • WIP

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Round Start

Beware the primal instincts of a man with Eisensturm. If it whiffs, you will surely be rewarded.

Primary Threats: 2KGGST Leo 2K Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery11Advantage-5, 2SGGST Leo 2S Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery13Advantage-2, and Eisensturm S/HGGST Leo 28S1 Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery42Advantage-52

Primary Options: 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, f.S, and delay f.S

Round Start Matrix
 Option Leo's Round Start
2K 2S Eisensturm S/H 2D f.S
2D Punished Trade (HKD) Punished Punished Counters
f.S Counters Punished Punished Counters Counters
Delay f.S Punish Punish Whiff Punish (CH) Punished Punished
Backdash Neutral (+5) Neutral (+7) Whiff Punish (CH) Whiff Punish Whiff Punish

A rather unusual roundstart, Leo's normals are not particularly strong, being mostly outspeed and poor on recovery. Jack-O's f.S defeats most normals, and even backdashing allows a small punishHitting f.S or 5H(1), but no chance for a knockdown against Leo's f.S due to its atrocious recovery. The strongest threat is therefore 2S, which does not counter, but only punishes. It trades with 2D, but despite the trade she can still dash up, summon, and safely oki LeoYou won't have time to okizeme against a Throw and will need to space it out a little. Hitting with 2K or 2D also keeps the servant's duration. , which means 2D also challenges most of Leo's normals, except his 2K and 2D, the latter of which being equally commital on whiff, and both being countered by f.S. The only particular advantage Leo has is his Eisensturm, the H version scores safe okizeme on Jack-O', and will defeat any direct attack Jack-O' has. However, it is extremely commital, due to its full Counter Hit recovery and being trivially punished after backdashing.

While Jack-O' has the advantage, she has another trick with a delayed f.S, to whiff punish both 2K and 2S, and delaying enough to even make Eisensturm whiff. Because Leo has so few moves to hit f.S range quickly, this usually demands a commital f.S or 2D, or for him to also delay one of his attacks, ultimately severely weakening his options.



Defense and Punishes

Unique Interactions


Round Start

May's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
6PGGST May 6P.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery18Advantage-7
5KGGST May 5K.pngGuardAllStartup8Recovery11Advantage-5
2SGGST May 2S.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery18Advantage-7
IADB j.HGGST May j.H.pngGuardHighStartup12Recovery15Advantage+9 (IAD)
DolphinGGST May Mr. Dolphin Horizontal.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery20 (24 OH)Advantage-3

Notable Interactions

  • Dolphins penetrate unarmoured Servants: Every version of May's Mr. Dolphin will go through servants, only barely slowing down when hitting them, allowing her to essentially attack through them. However, if a Servant is under the effects of Cheer Servant On S, May will instead immediately bounce off them and stop moving.



Defense and Punishes

Millia Rage

  • Jack-o should be using 2S frequently in neutral to make millia consider her options
  • Millia has a much better air game than jack-o so challenge her in the air is unadvised.
  • Millia's mixup is potent and due to Jack-o's low life makes it even stronger against Jack-o

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Round Start

Millia's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
6PGGST Millia Rage 6P.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery16Advantage-11 6HGGST Jack-O 6H.pngGuardAllStartup8,19Recovery14Advantage-6, 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 5PGGST Jack-O 5P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery8Advantage-2, 2PGGST Jack-O 2P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery9Advantage-3, 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4, f.SGGST Jack-O fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery17Advantage-9, 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6 6PGGST Jack-O 6P.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery20Advantage-12 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3
236SGGST Millia Rage Tandem Top Full.pngGuardAllStartup12RecoveryTotal 45Advantage-10 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4, f.SGGST Jack-O fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery17Advantage-9 2PGGST Jack-O 2P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery9Advantage-3, 5PGGST Jack-O 5P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery8Advantage-2 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3(block), 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19(+1 jack-o)
f.SGGST Millia Rage f.S.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery19Advantage-7 6PGGST Jack-O 6P.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery20Advantage-12, 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3, 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4 2PGGST Jack-O 2P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery9Advantage-3, 5PGGST Jack-O 5P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery8Advantage-2,f.SGGST Jack-O fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery17Advantage-9, 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6, 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 5PGGST Jack-O 5P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery8Advantage-2*, 6HGGST Jack-O 6H.pngGuardAllStartup8,19Recovery14Advantage-6
2SGGST Millia Rage 2S.pngGuardLowStartup11Recovery18Advantage-6 2PGGST Jack-O 2P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery9Advantage-3, 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4, f.SGGST Jack-O fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery17Advantage-9 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3,5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 5PGGST Jack-O 5P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery8Advantage-2, 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4
2DGGST Millia Rage 2D.pngGuardLowStartup12Recovery19Advantage-8 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3, 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, f.SGGST Jack-O fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery17Advantage-9 2PGGST Jack-O 2P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery9Advantage-3 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19*, 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6 5PGGST Jack-O 5P.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery8Advantage-2

* slightly late button press

Notable Interactions



Defense and Punishes


NagoriyukiHis Blood Gauge is your lifeline. Be grateful servants don't have blood
  • When Nagoriyuki's Blood Gauge is high, he has little to no answers to defeat Jack-O's zoning without entering Blood Rage.
  • When Nagoriyuki's Blood Gauge is low, zoning becomes incredibly hazardous and liable to be severely punished.
  • Round start is extremely Nagoriyuki favoured due to how oppressive his 623H is.
  • When Nagoriyuki has 50% Tension, Jack-O's 2D in neutral is a death sentence on block.

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Round Start

2D stops Nagoriyuki in his tracks, but be careful it doesn't get baited.

Primary Threats: ShizuriukiGGST Nagoriyuki Shizuriyuki1-Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery21Advantage-7, Fukyo BackGGST Nagoriyuki Fukyo.pngGuardN/AStartup-RecoveryTotal 16AdvantageN/A KamuriyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Kamuriyuki1-Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup14Recovery17Advantage-3, and Backdash

Primary Options: 2D, f.S, and Backwalk 5H

Round Start Matrix
 Option Nagoriyuki's Round Start
623H 623H~H Backdash 214K~dl 214H 214H 2K
2D Counters Punished Punished Counters Punished
f.S Trade (Punished) Neutral (-10) Punished Counters Punish
Backwalk 5H Punish Punished Punished Counters Punished Interruptable
Backdash Neutral (+16) Whiff Punish Neutral (+5) Whiff Punish Punished Neutral (+1)
Microdash 2K Counters Neutral (+1~3) Safe Counters Clash

Advantageous options, but at high risk. Nagoriyuki's ShizuriukiGGST Nagoriyuki Shizuriyuki1.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery21Advantage-7 will defeat most conventional options, with its enormous range, however it loses directly to 2D, which also defeats many other of Nagoriyuki's strong options. This can make Jack-O' reliant on a very aggressive option. If Nagoriyuki is playing safer by backdashing or poking with 2K, then f.S is very strong for its wide coverage of his attacks, and unlike other moves, will trade with 623H, giving Nagoriyuki a severely reduced comboNagoriyuki is able to pick up the combo with 623H Trade > f.S > f.SS > f.SSS, making it lower risk. His only option to defeat both 2D and f.S is a well-timed 214K~dl 214H, but doing so is extremely costly if Jack-O' backdashes or backwalks out of the way, both on blood and for leaving himself punishable.

Shizuriyuki is somewhat complicated. If Jack-O' walks back, the follow-up will force her to block. it can be, on a read, punished with a backwalk 5H, but only if Nagoriyuki does not follow-up. Conversely, the follow-up will be left very punishable if Jack-O' backdashed out of range, creating a bizarre 50:50 when moving defensively. Though backwalk 5H is probably not worth the risk given the value of 2D, it does also happen to directly counter Nagoriyuki's 214K~dl 214H, providing some unusual coverage for a very aggressive-focused Nagoriyuki.

In addition to standard round starts, a very precise microdash 2K works as a very strong, universal check to Nagoriyuki. Done correctly, this can defeat or trade evenly with almost any option Nagoriyuki has and is safe from his other callout techniques. The catch, it's very difficult to do correctly, and being even slightly off is very punishing.

Vs. Nagoriyuki: Round Start Microdash 2K
Very Hard

Dash (2~4F) > 2K
The microdash 2K round start is performed by inputting and holding Dash (can be buffered during Round Start) and pressing 2K within a 3 Frame window of frames 3 ~ 5.

This timing will punish Nagoriyuki's Shizuriyuki and Kamuriyuki, while outspeeding other common options like 2S, clashing with his own 2K, and being safe from potential whiff punishes. On hit, as it will be expected to Counter Hit, it will combo into 2D for a knockdown, but does not combo if Nagoriyuki only walked back.

Nagoriyuki can punish this only particularly with some very weak round starts, including a delayed 6K, or a 214K~214H with no delay, both with significant weaknsses.

Notable Interactions

  • Servants give cancels, but not blood. While this allows Nagoriyuki to perform some strong options such as f.S in neutral and Fukyo out, he cannot regain blood from them, and must still hit Jack-O' herself.
  • 2D RPS collapses to Wasureyuki. Normally Jack-O's 2D on block can cancel into 236K for a frametrap or a wide variety of escape routes and callouts with 236[P]. Unfortunately, Nagoriyuki's invincible Overdrive, Wasureyuki (632146S) defeats all of them. It defeats frametrapping, it is too big to run from, too tall to jump out of, too fast to block, and ignores Defend Command. Normally 2D > 236[P] > 632146P is an option that on-reaction punishes dangerous Overdrives, if Jack-O' has meter. Unfortunately, Nagoriyuki's will hit the previously held servant and has immunity during active frames, meaning it will invuln through FED entirely and still punish. The only viable solutions are to RRC or PRC the 2D on prediction (wasting 50% meter if you are wrong), or do not cancel 2D at all and cancel into FED on-reaction (leaving you -19 and extremely exposed), and neither is possible without 50% Tension.

RPS Positions

Shizuriyuki might be weakened, but now you have to contest with 2S at its optimal spacing.

Primary Threats: 2S, KamuriyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Kamuriyuki1.pngGuardLowStartup14Recovery17Advantage-3, and Backwalk

Primary Options: Backwalk, Backwalk 5HGGST Jack-O 5H.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6, f.SGGST Jack-O fS.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery17Advantage-9

Post-wallbreak Matrix
Jack-O's Option Nagoiyuki's Post-Wallbreak
2S 214H Backwalk 623H 6K 2H 66.BRC 632146S
Backwalk Opponent safe Block Neutral Situational Neutral Whiff punish RPS Whiff punish
f.S Punished [4] Counters Neutral Punished [5] Counters Counters Punished [4] Punished [4]
2D Punished [4] Counters Punished [4] Punished [5] Counters Counters Punished [3] Punished [4]
Walk 2D Punished [4] Punished [5] Punished [4] Counters Punished [4] Counters Punished [3] Punished [4]
Backwalk 5H Punishes Punished [5] Punished [4] Situational Punishes Punished [4] Punished [3] Punished [4]
66.BRC Counters Counters RPS Counters Counters Counters RPS Block
Drift BRC Punishes
Nagoiyuki's Option Punish Notes
5K 6P Assumes you BRC frame perfectly. Any slower and you can do a microdash c.S whiff punish.
2S 6H Counter Hit.
2H Microdash c.S Counter Hit. 6H if you wish to avoid microdashing.
6K c.S Counter Hit.
Kamuriyuki (214H) c.S Counter Hit.
Shizuriyuki (623H) Throw Must begin BRC with tight timing, otherwise block.
Wasureyuki (632146S) Block Cannot make it whiff. This move is extremely subtle on startup, be extra careful if you cannot identify the move.
Backdash 2D

Much safer than Round Start, with a lot more ways to simply return to neutral and a generally lower threat of combos, especially if Nagoriyuki's Blood Gauge is already high. Unfortunately, still centralized, as Nagoriyuki's 2S covers the range perfectly and even on whiff is not reaction punishable. Depending on the current game status, you may simply wish to back off, allow the neutral position to occur, and play from there. If the Nagoriyuki is belligerent in forcing the offense, you have solid counterplay with f.S or 2D, where 2D is more rewarding but whiffs if Nagoriyuki backs off. Similar to before, a backwalk 5H can work as a callout to his dominant option, and thankfully 2S lacks a whiff rekka making this more reliable, Depending on the meter situation, you can also take full advantage of Drift BRC with good timing, as this will challenge anything he does, he simply lacks a good counterplay to it besides entirely respecting the option.

As a layer 2 counter, an extremely short forward walk before the 2D will defeat all of Nagoriyuki's best non-primary options, but loses to all primary options. It is a strong callout, but entirely reliant on Nagoriyuki to expose himself to it, and is likely not worth the risk without heavy conditioning or awareness for the Nagoriyuki.

Corner Throw Clash

Work in progress


  • Zoning is not sustainable, but stalling is, the only time Jack-O' can be said to be safe is at 100% screen, but at this range she also lacks any meaningful options, and if Jack-O' sits too passively Nagoriyuki simply regains blood, and will start approaching. Jack-O' cannot rely on keepaway, his options are too fast and too dangerous, while Jack-O's reward on good reads will be pitiful. However, she can disrupt his options and abuse his blood gauge. ZarameyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Zarameyuki1.pngGuardAllStartup18~29RecoveryTotal 39Advantage+5 cannot combo against jumps and a good jump prevents his pressure while forcing him to waste over 44%Zarameyuki: 43.2 Blood
    Fukyo: 90 Blood
    Total blood: 133.2 / 300
    of his Blood Gauge. His Fukyo is easily caught by any bounced servantsGGST Jack-O Matchup Nagoriyuki TT1.gif, and all of his strong mid-range tools force him to begin pressure with significant blood spent. To force these, you will likely need to play into the mid to far-range, and use some zoning options to encourage aggression, but you do not need to make large commitments to make it expensive for him to abuse these options.
  • The air is lava.
    Space this correctly, or die. Don't forget the blood level.
    Further to the poor zoning, you also cannot waste your time in the air needlessly. Nagoriyuki's impressive anti-air tools are, while slow, a perfect fit for dealing with Jack-O's long range options such as j.D, launching servants with j.K and j.H, and air Throw Servant. Specifically his 2H covers the space Jack-O' normally likes to zone from. Getting any closer is not much better. Furthermore he has no particular concerns using 5P or 6P against airborne servants, due to his extremely good cancel options. Counter-intuitively, even Nagoriyuki's 5H can be an extremely powerful anti-air as when it hits a servant the active frames will defeat any jump-in except j.P, effectively lowering the range and strength of Jack-O's potential jump-ins. If you do wish to use jump options, it is vital to consider spacing from his 2H, which means careful attention to his Blood Level. Backjumping is also invaluable for backing off out of this range when you make these commitments.
  • When attacking servants, Nagoriyuki is slow but not disarmed.
    Don't be fooled, while his recovery will be absolutely enormous, by the time you airdash over he can already cancel.
    Off servants Nagoriyuki retains access to a fast disjoint and anti-air 623H, a command backdash 214K, an advancing low profile command dash 236K, a low-crushing 214H, and a full-screen projectile 236S making him entirely empowered to fight against all options you might use, alongside the natural 6K low crush gatling. However, almost all of these options cost blood, if Nagoriyuki does not wish to spend any blood, he will have no special cancels. In addition, many of Nagoruyki's best moves in neutral have an unusually high tendency to hit servants in neutral thanks to their huge range, such as f.S, 5H, and 2H, which are slowed extremely heavily, usually giving Jack-O' time to threaten with thrown servants or trivially whiff punish.
  • You're bringing children to a sword fight. While zoning is poor, the mid-range is bad too. Nagoriyuki's moveset generally outpace Jack-O's, even at Blood Level 1. This isn't helped that Jack-O's 2D low profiles nothing except 6P and 2H, giving her very few strong aggressive tools that could defeat 5H except airdashing in with j.P. This also makes summoning dangerous, as you will often be extremely punishable while setting up servants, and the price of being hit is the vast majority of your health, so be extremely cautious. However, once you do summon, it's a whole other process to get them to Nagoriyuki without being hit, where you can replace jump-ins with Throw Servant to get above most of his tools, and allow Jack-O's pressure to begin, but you will likely need to do this from outside 5H range, lest you get hit.
  • The shield is mightier than the sword. The lesser used Defend Command is very useful in neutral, not only can it parry Nagoriyuki from any range of 5H and 2H, it can disrupt every blood move, which can not only allow Jack-O' to approach from any range to avoid neutral interactions, but imposes the full blood cost, with none of the blood from you blocking it.
  • The blood gauge is your win condition, as mentioned throughout, the absolute saving grace of this matchup is the Blood Gauge. While his options in every situation is overwhelmingly strong, for every situation he doesn't have to commit he is having to spend a resource. When he is high blood, Nagoriyuki's options are pretty limited, as he lacks easy access to movement or strong cancels, this makes his defense against servants poor and only supported by his 5H, while Jack-O' has the capability to shut it down entirely on her approaches. When he reaches Blood Level 3 it is very realistic to push Nagoriyuki into the corner to begin pressure, while his abares simply do not threaten you as he cannot do a strong combo when the blood gauge is too high. This is also very easily exploitable by using Burst at a high blood level, pushing him towards the corner while too far to stop her setting this up from full-screen. This is what your gameplan relies upon, his options are strong, but if you can force him to waste the Blood Gauge needlessly he will eventually run out of options and be forced to surrender the neutral to Jack-O'.


This is just about the worst possible position you could be in...
  • Dangerous meterless 236K RPS: Nagoriyuki can check most routes using KimuriyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Kamuriyuki1.pngGuardLowStartup14Recovery17Advantage-3: if Jack-O' runs away it will punish, if she jumps (in any direction) he can on-reaction anti-air afterwards. Its only weak to summoning for Defend Command, and 214P can at least block in time. Defend Command can still fail to ZaremeyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Zarameyuki1.pngGuardAllStartup18~29RecoveryTotal 39Advantage+5 and 5H, both of which can catch running away (5H only at Blood Lv. 3) but fail to jumps. Thankfully, Nagoriyuki lacks a solid option to catch both Defend Command and jumps, giving you at worst two options he has to choose between.
  • Suicidal on metered 2D RPS:. Nagoriyuki's invincible Overdrive, WasureyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Wasureyuki1.pngGuardAllStartup7+(173 Flash)+2Recovery54Advantage-39 is oppressively strong after blocking a 2D. It defeats frametrapping, it is too big to run from, too tall to jump out of, too fast to block, and ignores Defend Command. Normally cancelling into 236[P] allows using Forever Elysion Driver on-reaction to punish dangerous Overdrives. Unfortunately, Nagoriyuki's will hit the servant, extending its invulnerability. The only counterplay is to RRC or PRC the 2D on prediction (wasting 50% meter if you are wrong), or do not cancel 2D at all and cancel into FED on-reaction (leaving you -19 and extremely exposed), and neither is possible without 50% Tension.
  • Servant Shoot is better with Tiger Knee: Nagoriyuki's ZaremeyukiGGST Nagoriyuki Zarameyuki1.pngGuardAllStartup18~29RecoveryTotal 39Advantage+5 can hit and punish servant launches from full-screen, even comboing if he Fukyos with it. However, if you perform a TK Servant Shoot you will barely go above the attack. This can add some risky execution but when used successfully this turns potentially being combo'd into okizeme, into a chance to punish Nagoriyuki while causing him to gain a staggering amount of Blood Gauge, and maintaining servant pressure from any distance. This largely raises the bar on calling out and approaching Jack-O', giving her some room to do other things safely.
  • Faultless Defense strengthens your corner pressure: Nagoriyuki's abares are range-limited, with his only particularly good long-range abare being 2S. If he pushes you out during Servant Shoot pressure loops, he will have virtually no options, even 2S gets countered or loses in a trade unless at a very specific spacing, giving him very few options to exploit Faultless Defense to his advantage. So long as you remain within range of 6H and Shizuriyuki you will have a fairly normal pressure setplay, with the only notable traits being how high reward a successful abare is.
  • Blood Rage Deactivation in pressure If you combo or pressure Blood Raged Nagoriyuki for long enough to empty his Blood Gauge, he will deactive Blood Rage on Frame 1 out of wakeup, blockstun, or hitstun, assuming he is not blocking instantly. This means he functionally gets an Option Select against any non-gapless mixups and frametraps. A lot of Jack-O's okizeme can force mixups that hit Frame 1, which will not be stopped by this ability. However, do not attempt to use a gap for a risky mixup like Throw, he can simply see it happen.
You can functionally 'waste' this by opening any frametrap in pressure, as Nagoriyuki wouldn't be able to abare. Unless, he has 50% Tension, at which point if you do open a gap you must immediately respect his reversal super. One tech here is to land a move to hit Frame 1~2, then immediately Roman Cancel. If it hit, you get an RRC to extend pressure, if he uses super, you will instantly PRC and be able to block and punish. Without access to a Roman Cancel, you may just need to respect this option.
Given how much trouble this might give you, it can be better to just confirm into a strong combo and let the reset happen, since your pressure is functionally weakened in this state, but this largely depends on how much you can afford to play neutral again.

Defense and Punishes

Even if you Burst Nagoriyuki receives the full Blood Gauge cost of his moves.
  • Waste his Blood Gauge to win: Nagoriyuki's offense is largely hinged on the Blood Gauge. It determines his damage output, his pressure extensions, and so forth. Given how dangerous his pressure is, your primary goal on defense is to force Nagoriyuki into wasting that Blood Gauge as much as possible. To this end, focus heavily on evading the command grab: react to his Fukyo, and fuzzy jump from common Tick Throw positions like 5K, 2K, f.SS, and 214H. Forward Fukyo always leaves him minus. The two variants share similar animations, the difference is reactable, though difficult, however he is unlikely to back fukyo unless he can abuse 5H which requires Blood Level 2.
Faultless Defense will not prevent the vast majority of his frametraps, but it will make it impossible to land a Command Grab without Fukyo. Consider this at higher blood levels, as this forces Nagoriyuki into very few good options. To be efficient, try to avoid using Faultless Defense if you expect the next move to be c.S or f.S, as these do not threaten a tick throw.
While you may need to abare out of pressure to present threats for Nagoriyuki to frametrap with specials, do not do this lightly, you gain very little on defense, and you stand to lose the game off a good hit confirm. Try to minimise the chances of being hit, rather than maximising your threat against him.
  • Blood Rage defense: Nagoriyuki's Blood Rage is still a threat. The general approach is to simply FD block until it is over, because even his very minus attacks like 5H will be so far you cannot threaten him, and he can perform frametraps off 2S despite its huge range and speed. At close range, the pressure is not as bad, he will constantly push himself out and f.SS has poor cancels, making it hard to present a mixup threat. A strong Nagoriyuki will heavily stagger, and may use these gaps to simply walk forward, which may give opportunities to attack. If you do attack, spacing is very important. Between 2S staggers, your best punish is usually 2D, unless at more spacing where 5H becomes the best option. At the edge of 2S range (where it will push itself out of range) your only real option is an IAD on the assumption of a delayed 5H.
If he has 50% meter be very aware of him jumping, as a rising j.H will be a fast overhead, which can combo off RRC. Without it, he's very minus on rising hits, making it pretty unthreatening.
  • Burst out of pressure and combos late: Universal to Nagoriyuki matchups, if you Burst after he already used his specials, he will still incur the full Blood Gauge cost after Burst. This makes it extremely important to delay your use of Burst to after his specials in combos (though preferably before large normals like 2H and f.SSS}). Doing this at the right time essentially gives Jack-O' full control of neutral automatically.
  • Punishing Blood Rage: If you block Blood Rage you are only +7. At point blank you can c.S into an optimal combo, but with any spacing the best you can get is 5K > 2D, making it your priority to apply pressure. Thankfully you can safejump mixup against his Zansetsu, which may simply end the round there.
  • Punishing Bloodsucking Universe: Though unclear visually, if you jump this move you have time to land and Counter Hit c.S, in the corner a good read is to jump forward to side switch combo. If you fuzzy jump quite late, you do not have time to land and must instead use CH j.S. Paired with his weight, this leads to extremely poor combos even on sideswitch, but it's the best you get. If you backjumped from midscreen, you should be able to land j.S from high up in the jump, though also at substantially reduced reward. Backdashing, as usual, gives you more than enough time to begin an optimal Counter Hit punish.


PotemkinWho would win, one giant man, or one hundred tiny children?
Very Favourable

Zone him with a relentless barrage, but if he gets in you lose

  • Must be patient and playing lame is the safest way to win
  • Staying airborne full screen is very strong and make sure to vary double jump and regular jump.
  • If pot does close the distance swapping to the other side of the screen is very easy with jack-o using hs.D > j.S/j.H air dash
  • WIP

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Round Start

5K is extremely good against Potemkin, just be careful he doesn't call it out with a 6P.

Primary Threats: 6PGGST Potemkin 6P Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery25Advantage-15, kara Back Mega FistGGST Potemkin Mega Fist Back Hitbox.pngGuardHighStartup25-27Recovery12Advantage-2, and kara Potemkin BusterGGST Potemkin Potemkin Buster 1 Hitbox.pngGuardGround ThrowStartup5Recovery37Advantage-

Primary Options: 5KGGST Jack-O 5K.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery10Advantage-4, 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19, and Backwalk

Round Start Matrix
 Option Potemkin's Round Start
6P 2P kara 214P kara 632146P Backdash
5K Punished Counters Counters Counters Neutral
2K Counters Counters Safe (can 6P) Punished Neutral
2D Counters Punished (-8) Punished (-1) Punished Punish
Backwalk Whiff Punish Advantage Block (+2) Whiff Punish Advantage

Starting off strong, Potemkin is caged in with an angry primate. Jack-O's 5K stops almost everything Potemkin has, with the sole exception for his 6P > 623H, and unfortunately for him that is Counter Hit by 2D, and whiff punishable if Jack-O' backed off. If Potemkin is calling out 2D, he can counter it with a kara Potemkin Buster, but this is extremely dangerous to whiff due to its Counter Hit recovery. Tragically, Potemkin cannot even backdash 2D, instead getting punished, not that Potemkin ever wants to go into a neutral position, as he functionally loses round start if that occurs. Putting aside 5K, he can also try to advance on Jack-O' while safely avoiding 2D with a kara Back Mega Fist. Again, tragically, even if he hits this attack and is +1 Frame Advantage, he has zero options to contest Jack-O's 2P right after, making it almost impossible to get any advantage without a hard callout on Jack-O's 5K or 2D, or hard callout her backwalk with a 2D.

This is especially problematic if the Potemkin is not very comfortable with the unforgiving timings of a round start kara. Without kara Potemkin Buster, his only good answer to 2D is a jump for a j.S or j.D punish, which unfortunately loses advantage to anything else, including being hit by 5K if they don't block almost immediately on getting airborne.

Ironically the biggest difficulty is simply getting advantage off a 5K. If you anti-air with 5K you can dash cancel for a full wallbreak/corner oki combo, however on a grounded hit you need to cancel into 2D for a knockdown, dash cancelling can be Throw punished. There is not enough time to hitconfirm, meaning it is likely to whiff 2D after an air 5K hit. However, you still maintain a basic f.S okizeme.


Potemkin must play the most honest grounded neutral in the entirety of Strive to approach Jack-O'.

Potemkin, being the resident Grappler that he is, has basically no neutral to speak of. Jack-O' is entirely free to back off and set-up in full view of him. Jack-O's mission is to mount enough pressure to either corner Potemkin, or cause him to fall for any knockdown before he can get Jack-O' to the corner. Potemkin's only viable approach tools are Forward Mega Fist, on read of Jack-O' backdashing away, or to literally just walk forward, and only walk forward.

Servant zoning is especially strong on Potemkin. Ironically, the higher attack levels of his P normals has come back to bite him with added hitstop, and idle servants need a 2P, which is abnormally slow. His cancels from servants are fine enough, 6K enables all of his karas, and moves like Slide Head make good challenges of 2D, but the slowness gives Jack-O' enough time to summon again pretty quickly. For lack of any other way though servants, Potemkin is often forced to go the long and slow way of clearing out servants and walking. If Potemkin uses his 6P, he is actually very exposed to a 2D punish, but it can be hard for him to not use it. Potemkin also has not many answers to throwing servants overhead with an Air Throw Servant, which immediately establishes pressure he cannot challenge without a risky gambit of Hammer FallGGST Potemkin Hammer Fall.pngGuardAllStartup18~62Recovery26Advantage-9, or some other callout.

Jack-O's air presense is extremely dominant. Sending a servant at a high elevation with j.H or j.236K can hit Potemkin's height while being out of 5P range, demanding he use his very slow 6P, or be immediately sandwiched. Sending servants at lower angles such as with j.K will disrupt his movement, and demand he take it out with 5P, giving Jack-O' some advantage to summon, jump in, or otherwise poke Potemkin. However, if Potemkin gets too close, Heat Knuckle will work from very far, and is the main reason you must avoid the corner, as this can no longer be avoided.

At a distance, Potemkin also holds the use of Slide Head to disrupt summons. If he pre-empts very well, he can Slide Head Jack-O's Summon Servant. However, due to its very slow startup, Jack-O' can usually Summon Servant (Hold), and immediately jump, to avoid this threat completely. This is also why it can be safer to zone from the air, as Potemkin has no callouts he can make. He is also left extremely punishable when doing this, so using it on pure read is extremely risky, either letting him be hit by a servant for free, or even giving Jack-O' a quick jump-in punish.

Because Potemkin's goal is to advance on Jack-O', it is invaluable to threaten pokes like 2D and 5H, hitting low and suddenly can pressure him to respect Jack-O' on the ground. While 5H can punish Slide Head, both usually lose to Hammer Fall. This is okay, however, as Hammer Fall is very unsafe, and Jack-O' can normally safely avoid it. It is worth remembering that 50% Tension enables an RRC off armour moves, to immediately punish combo Potemkin. Servants also account for additional hits, so bounces like 6P* can be safe from Hammer Fall.


It's not hard to corner Potemkin, and when you do, he really doesn't do well under pressure.

Potemkin's defenses are awful. While his 5P is 5F it cannot hit crouching opponents, this means advancing with moves like 2K and 2D are only subject to his frame 8 2P or frame 10 2K. You don't even need a frametrap to completely shut down abare. Potemkin Buster can hit Frame 5 (Frame 6+ if Kara), making for an extremely high reward abare. but this is not particularly fast, nor long range, and is very very unsafe if Potemkin whiffs it. Potemkin also lacks any invincible reversal, making it fairly trivial to trap him into dangerous pressure relentlessly.

The most difficult part of Potemkin's defenses is Backward Mega Fist, it gets airborne extremely fast and can be very difficult to challenge without tight frametraps. However, at midscreen it sends Potemkin towards the corner, helping Jack-O' to an extent. In the corner, it doesn't gain much pressure, even on hit, it only barely helps get an RPS, which Jack-O' can back out from while Potemkin remains cornered. It also loses to Jack-O' using Throw Servant, and some ways of using Summon Servant, making it naturally weak to pressure resets.

Vs. Potemkin: BMF-Safe Summon Servant

236P > 5K& or 236P > 2P& > 6P
The method used depends on distance. At close-range, summoning and launching a servant with 2P is a common reset method. Immediatelly cancelling into 6P will Counter Hit a reversal Backward Mega Fist, only requiring an extra Attack Command to reset with the new servant. Common close-range strings include c.S > 2H > 236K

At far range, 5K is a less safe option, as it can fail to reversal 6P, but by not cancelling it immediately, you trade favourably against Backward Mega Fist, being in a better position than before. This will not consistently work if summoning from a hitstop cancel, however, as the 5K will whiff before Backward Mega Fist is vulnerable.

Interestingly, Potemkin's F.D.B.GGST Potemkin FDB.pngGuardAllStartup18~36Recovery19Advantage-6 reflects Attack Command. However, it has no immunity for 3 frames, making it lose to tight frametraps regardless, and is therefore rarely able to do anything on defense without Jack-O' delaying Attack Command predictable. Due to its immunity only being to projectiles, following up with anything else, even 236P > 2K will defeat it.

RPS from 2D is unusual. If 2D is blocked close with dash momentum, Potemkin can punish a 236K with a reversal Throw, thanks to his extended Throw range. This is problematic, as his giant c.S range can punish any attempt to run away, jump, or even attack after Recover Servant, making it very dangerous if Potemkin blocks 2D so close. Further out, he lacks any suitable counterplay to 236K, and from there his only real answer to the RPS is his f.S for covering running away and jumping, but this loses to a Recover Servant reset, and gives almost no value on hit, making it quite safe for Jack-O'.

Defense and Punishes

Jack-O's fast and large 2P and 2K are very potent to defeat Potemkin's RPS.

Potemkin's offense is not very strong until he has a knockdown, at which point he has extremely potent pressure off his Garuda Impact. Thankfully, that aside, there's not much else Potemkin can threaten with.

Potemkin has some punishable attacks. Forward Mega Fist is -6, allowing a 2K > 2D punish, and Hammer Fall is 5K > 2D punishable.

Jack-O' is able to shut down RPS even from disadvantage. Potemkin needs a minimum +3 advantage to trade against Jack-O's 2P using his own 2P. Even at advantage, this frametrap threat is barely relevant as it gives absolutely no reward, even on Counter Hit. With some advantage and the right spacing, kara Potemkin Buster has a low-crush able to punish Jack-O's 2P and 2K, and is the only reason he can RPS at all. But if he's too close, then the 2P can disrupt Potemkin Buster anyway, and too far it will simply whiff, giving very select opportunities to use it, usually after Back Mega Fist. Importantly, Jack-O' has advantaged RPS from far 2P hit, Forward Mega Fist hit, and even kara Back Mega Fist hit at close range (e.g. round start punish)

After blocking Garuda ImpactGGST Potemkin Garuda Impact.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup28Recovery24Advantage+19, Potemkin is a staggering +19 with Guard Crush. If this hit meaty on okizeme, he is so plus you cannot challenge a second Garuda. On a non-meaty, Garuda > Garuda is a 9F gap and very reactable, meaning you can abare with 5K/2K, or jump over for a j.S, so it isn't safely loopable. If Potemkin has Tension, beware, jumping can be unblockable punished by Heavenly Potemkin BusterGGST Potemkin Heavenly Potemkin Buster.pngGuardAir ThrowStartup12+0Recovery16AdvantageN/A, but if he lacks meter, you should hold block regardless, in case he reads with Heat KnuckleGGST Potemkin Heat Knuckle 1.pngGuardAir Guard CrushStartup12Recovery18Advantage+10~+3. However, attemtping to jump at all carries some risk as Potemkin will frametrap with 6H or 2D. You can 6P the 6H, but there's nothing you can do against 2D, especially if it hits during the Guard Crush, before you can act. Additionally, due to the Guard Crush, a reversal 2K or other abare will still lose to Potemkin Buster, which must be jumped or backdashed. Backdashing is a lesser coverage against Potemkin Buster, being safe from HPB but sadly sent full screen by another Garuda and knocked down by Forward Mega Fist. In general, you will need to predict the Potemkin Buster, and rely on some fuzzy blocking to avoid early 2D hits.

One benefit against Potemkin is the reactability of Garuda Impact on okizeme, which cannot clash with FED. This usually forces Potemkin to okizeme from a further distance to be safe. Unfortunately, Potemkin has alternative solutions to Forever Elysion Driver, including an extremely advantageous j.H that is functionally a safejump, and the use of a delayed Potemkin Buster, delayed a minimum 4F is entirely immune to reversal FED, hitting Frame 9 or later, making it relatively easy to fuzzy against, but a strong challenge to FED.

When Potemkin activates Giganter KaiGGST Potemkin Giganter Kai.pngGuardAllStartup10+1Recovery17Advantage+100, there is very little way to avoid it. If Potemkin has a spare 50% Tension for a Heaveny Potemkin Buster, do not jump, it will be very hard if not impossible to bait out HPB to whiff as you probably need a double jump to even get over the Giganter Kai, it is better to simply run into the shield and begin blocking it ASAP, to avoid cornering yourself. If Potemkin lacks the HPB, you can double jump over the shield. Expect to block a Heat Knuckle, but this gives weaker pressure than the Giganter Kai, as Potemkin is only moderately advantaged, rather than the threat of Giganter Kai giving enormous safe advantage. Even corner-to-corner, do not backwalk away, as Giganter covers nearly 100% of the arena, and you will almost immediately get put into Danger state from the passiveness, losing all of your Tension Gain in the process.

Unique Interactions

  • Armor breaks to the many multi-hits. Armor absorbs only a single hit. Both 5H and j.H are multi-hit, any move that hits a servant is functionally a multi-hit, a launched servant into Attack Command is 2 hits, hitting more than one servant will deal multiple hits, and throwing a servant then following it up with a normal can defeat Hammer Fall. It is trivially easy for Potemkin's Hammer Fall and Slide Head to be defeated without needing to apply specific counterplay.
  • Forever Elysion Driver can punish Garuda Impact, unlike most supers. FED is not a strike (thus cannot clash) and has comparatively massive range, making it able to punish Garuda Impact even from its maximum range. Due to Garuda Impact being extremely reactable, Jack-O' can buffer FED off any wakeup and reaction punish Garuda Impact on okizeme.
  • Jack-O's j.D can be flicked on reaction. It is not particularly difficult for Potemkin to reflect j.D using his F.D.B. on-reaction. Depending on spacing this either shuts down her own zoning, giving him total control of the neutral, or it can directly punish and combo if she was too close. This move makes j.D far more risk than it is ever worth.
  • Attack Command can be flicked, though niche in application. If a servant is in front of Potemkin this can be used as a read to defeat Attack Command and take out the servant (the reflected attack instantly hits the servant), but this can be very risky to commit to as you expose Jack-O' to no particular threat even on a good read. If a servant is behind Potemkin and it triggers F.D.B., you actually shoot the attack forwards without it hitting the servant, allowing Potemkin to hit Jack-O' and shut down the zoning.

Ramlethal Valentine

Very unfavourable
  • Ramlethal's buttons, pressure, and damage means one mistake can cost you the round
  • MortobatoGGST Ramlethal Valentine Mortobato.pngGuardAllStartup7+2Recovery51Advantage-38 [-38] {-43} is a massive threat and can be hard to deal with after hitting a servant
  • Due to jack-o being weak without servants means it's much easier for Ramlethal to go uncontested in certain RPS situations
  • WIP

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Round Start

Ramlethal hasn't got much reason to engage with the round start, it is likely she will back off.

Primary Threats: f.SGGST Ramlethal Valentine fS Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery21Advantage-10 [-13], 2SGGST Ramlethal Valentine 2S Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-5 [-8], and 6PGGST Ramlethal Valentine 6P Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery18Advantage-9

Primary Options: 2KGGST Jack-O 2K.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-3 and 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19

Round Start Matrix
 Option Ramlethal's Round Start
f.S 2S 6P Backwalk f.S Backdash
2K Counters Punished Counters Punished Neutral
2D Counters Trade (HKD) Counters Counters Whiff punished
f.S Trade Trade Punished Punished Neutral
Backdash Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral

Surprisingly, a good round start. Despite the seemingly dominant control of Ramlethal's normals, her coverage of round start is extremely limited. One of her best options is f.S, but this trades into Jack-O's f.S and 5H, and loses to a variety of options. 2S can punish easy tools like 2K, but will whiff normally, and still doesn't defeat 2D, which Ramlethal can only particularly counter by backdashing. Even her 2K fails to stop it. Even weirder, even moves like f.S give very poor rewardRamlethal can confirm f.S CH > 623P with some additional advantage due to lingering Counter Hit slowdown. on Counter Hit at this spacing, making it pretty low risk for Jack-O' to simply poke at Ramlethal. As a result, it is pretty conventional for a Ramlethal to backdash, jump back, or backwalk to build space into a favourable neutral. This can be taken advantage of by summoning, but it can be risky to simply chase her as getting closer enables much stronger defensive pokes.


Ramlethal's 5H can quickly shut down attempts to summon.

Ramlethal's strength is in neutral, where she is able to easily shut down Jack-O' at a distance, while engaging in footsies with potent attacks with high damage potential, giving Jack-O' few safe options to regain an advantage.

At a mid-range footsies, Ramlethal heavily outclasses Jack-O'. Her f.S is much faster and much larger, and combined with Ramlethal's dash speed can quickly close gaps to exploit her 2SGGST Ramlethal Valentine 2S Hitbox.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-5 [-8] for its faster startup and disjointed hitbox. Unfortunately, 2K and 2D cannot low-profile Ramlethal's f.S and is easily counter-poked by 2S, Jack-O' benefits instead from getting close enough to use 5K and 2K, which are only barely outranged by Ramlethal's 2S, but largely outspeed her. And, Ramlethal's own K normals are fairly week, being much stubbier and struggle to hit for a knockdown.

From afar, Ramlethal's 5HGGST Ramlethal Valentine 5H Hitbox.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery28Advantage-12 [-13] is very strong at preventing Jack-O' summoning. It has enormous range when paired with Ramlethal's very strong dash speed, it doesn't get punished by a predictive 6P at far ranges, cannot be low-profiled, and Jack-O' has no particular way to punish it. Even a predictive jump-in can be unreliable as there is a timing where 5H wll Counter Hit j.S or j.H, and punishes j.P. Though Ramlethal cannot reactively punish a summon using this, it is difficult to find the time to summon and Defend Command before you are forced to block this attack anyway, and with no means to punish, Ramlethal can threaten this quite easily. While j.D can give an advantage in neutral, this is a dangerous strategy, Ramlethal can react with Bajoneto SGGST Ramlethal Valentine Bajoneto S.pngGuardAllStartup20RecoveryTotal 37Advantage+9 to launch full-screen easily (and doesn't lose her sword if she's too slow, it places next to her), and predictions with j.S can work from almost any range with strong reward, and unless the projectile is blocked very advantageously, it may still be too little to summon safely. To counter 5H pokes, it may be nessecary to dash in with a 6P to land the punish, or cause a whiff to give enough time to summon. Blocking 5H at mid-range can also leave Ramlethal minus enough to enable Jack-O' to use her own pokes like f.S or 2D, before she can attack again, this can provide an opening to approach safely.

With an active servant, Defend Command challenges most of Ramlethal's pokes even from extremely far away. Even when standing in the corner, Defend Command can be used to absorb the Bajoneto swords and the follow-up explosions, meaning Ramlethal cannot trivially pin Jack-O' into pressure. Unfortunately, Ramlethal's dash speed means she is also one of the best equipped to threaten a dash Throw to challenge Defend Command, but this opens her up to taking significantly greater risks than usual. Be mindful that reacting to Ramlethal hitting a servant with 5H doesn't give a safe punish. She can be punished with a jump-in, but if she cancels into ErarlumoGGST Ramlethal Valentine Erarlumo 1.pngGuardAllStartup16Recovery12Advantage-5 then she scores an Anti-Air Counter Hit for huge reward, and because Erarlumo can whiff-cancel into its follow-ups, it can be hard to properly whiff punish it. However, it is so slow to recover you can summon again to reset the situation.


Remember to use Recover Servant to avoid the perils of Mortobato, you don't have much other way to avoid it.

Ramlethal's defense is nothing too special, her defensive abare is very standard, and doesn't have any particularly strobng qualities in speed or range. Beneficially, her only 5F is her 5P, making it more difficult for her to abare against a Throw or delayed low (both 2K and 2D low-profile her 5P), but that's about it.

From a blocked 2D or 236K, if Ramlethal has 50% Tension her MortobatoGGST Ramlethal Valentine Mortobato.pngGuardAllStartup7+2Recovery51Advantage-38 [-38] {-43} makes a dangerous challenge for Jack-O', as it can defeat a frametrap, jumping away (unless very far after 236K), and running away, only losing to blocking with Recover Servant. If Jack-O' has 50% Tension, she can punish with FED after summoning, but if too far out when moving away she won't be able to punish, and thus cannot evade the attack.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to zone Ramlethal. Her DauroGGST Ramlethal Valentine Dauro.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery26Advantage-10 cancel off servants strongly counters approaches. Furthermore, the excellent movement speed and enormous range on normals makes it easy for her to slip through servants and use her enormous normals to poke Jack-O' immediately. If all else fails, her BajonetoGGST Ramlethal Valentine Bajoneto H.pngGuardAllStartup20RecoveryTotal 43Advantage+3 will almost certainly clear out servants, albeit this is very expensive for her to do. It is good to utilise servants with attacks, such as 6P* which safely challenges Ramlethal from a far distance while pressuring with a servant.

Defense and Punishes

Jack-O's fast backdash lets her safely avoid Erarlumo resets with the use of Faultless Defense. Just be careful of any sudden callouts.

Ramlethal has several punishable-on-block moves. DauroGGST Ramlethal Valentine Dauro.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery26Advantage-10 is c.S punishable, unless heavily spaced, in which case your best punish is 5K > 2D. Note it is not punishable to f.S at this spacing. Erarlumo 3GGST Ramlethal Valentine Erarlumo 3.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery38Advantage-25 and SabrobatoGGST Ramlethal Valentine Sabrubato S-less H-less.pngGuardAllStartup19Recovery42Advantage-27 [-27] {-32} are extremely unsafe, being trivially punishable with a dash into c.S or 2H. If Ramlethal uses CalvadosGGST Ramlethal Valentine Calvados.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup11+13Recovery17Advantage+16, you can airdash punishDo not attack from a low airdash, as you will simply be hit by the laser when you attack, instead jump slightly higher. With enough height, j.S > j.H will confirm. or double jump over the laserSlightly stagger the double jump to safely get over the laser. Timed well, if close enough you can c.S or 2K punish, but with less overall range than an airdash. .

Ramlethals Erarlumo pressure is very scary. You cannot react to most of her options, and must simply guess. For universal counterplay, a reversal 2P punishes Erarlumo 1, and 2K for Erarlumo 2. While you can fuzzy abare with a 2~3F delay to block an immediately Erarlumo 2 or 3 while punishing other options, Ramlethal can slightly delay to remove this option without opening a punishable gap. If you instant block either Erarlumo 1 or 2, this improves massively as you can Throw punish anything but a kara Sildo DetruoGGST Ramlethal Valentine Sildo Detruo.pngGuardAllStartup22Recovery17Advantage-2, which is severely countered by 2S or 5P on a read, largely stealing Ramlethal's momentum.

Specific to Jack-O' and others with a fast backdash, if you block Erarlumo 1 with Faultless Defense then immediately backdash after Erarlumo 1, you will evade both Erarlumo 2 and a reset Erarlumo 1. You will be unable to interrupt a whiff cancel into Erarlumo 3, but you can react and punish her after whiffing a reset, while not being at risk of frametraps. If the Ramlethal is prone to delaying Erarlumo 2 to prevent the aforementioned fuzzy techniques, you can even counter an Erarlumo 3, making punish safe. The counterplay for this is a Dauro, which awards a huge punish, but is extremely unsafe on block.

For general pressure, Ramlethal's Sildo Detruo can work as an FED-Safe pressure reset, but it is among one of the weakest, and the least problematic overall, as it is quite slow, and doesn't actually confirm into any combo if it does punish FED. This means FED is relatively functional in this matchup, unless extremely far away.

Jack-O' has no particularly strong answers to Ramlethal's corner pressure, and should rely on universal counterplay. From a c.S Ramlethal will often use Bajoneto H to enforce a Strike-Throw safely and reset ad infinitum. You can 6P this, but if Ramlethal confirms into Erarlumo or 6H you will be severely punished. After blocking Bajoneto H, Ramlethal can usually frametrap with a 5K unless she was too spaced out, enforcing her pressure. If Ramlethal is too far, such as having used f.S, or from heavy Faultless Defense, she cannot go back into c.S without opening an unsafe gap, and cannot frametrap Jack-O' with 5K, meaning Jack-O' can potentially jump out or run forward o escape. When resetting, Ramlethal can attack earlier, at the risk of falling even further out. Jack-O' can uniquely 6P a Bajoneto cancelled after 6H, giving more options, however this is not critically important.

Unique Interactions


Sin Kiske

Sin KiskeOne-Liner
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Round Start

Common Round Start Interaction Table
Sin's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs


Beak DriverGGST Sin Kiske 236H.pngGuardAllStartup16Recovery22Advantage-14 and Elk huntGGST Sin Kiske 236K 2.pngGuardLowStartup21Recovery15Advantage-8 alone can make setting servants up in neutral extremely risky.

Be wary as Elk huntGGST Sin Kiske 236K 2.pngGuardLowStartup21Recovery15Advantage-8 can low profile defend command.



Sol Badguy

  • can 2K under Bandit Revolver(236K)
  • Servant summon can be risky due to Night Raid Vortex(214S) so watch out if sol has 50 meter
  • WIP

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Round Start

Sol's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
6PGGST Sol Badguy 6P.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery20Advantage-11
f.SGGST Sol Badguy fS.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery13Advantage+2
2SGGST Sol Badguy 2S.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery15Advantage-7
6HGGST Sol Badguy 6H.pngGuardAllStartup9Recovery43Advantage-27
2DGGST Sol Badguy 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-4
Dash 623HGGST Sol Badguy 623X.pngGuardAllStartup13Recovery19+10 LandingAdvantage-26

Unique Interactions



Defense and Punishes


  • (Up to date for 1.18)
  • CrowGGST Testament 214P.pngGuardAllStartup21RecoveryTotal 39Advantage+1 won't hit Jack-O unless she is jumping, or combo'd by Testament. Use 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 to punish Testament for using any specials in neutral, even inbetween their block-strings.
  • Servant toss can beat Grave Reaper(GR)GGST Testament j236S.pngGuardAllStartup16~22Recovery27Advantage-4 and Crow, making it hard for Testament to win in fireball war situations. They may start relying on Arbiter SignGGST Testament 214H.pngGuardHighStartup28Recovery26Advantage-12 instead.
  • Testament has fairly slow buttons which makes it difficult for them to get out of Jack-o's corner pressure.
  • Abuse 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 to punish Testament's gaps in strings with, their slow startup on moves like GR, punish their possible backdashes when pressuring you, and force them into a favorable RPS situation each time. Alternative between cancelling with Shoot, and Summon to mess them up. Prefer jumping 2D > Shoot > Summon. If they start to j.S against this(their best option), use Defend CommandGGST Jack-O 214S.pngGuardStartup4RecoveryTotal 24Advantage+31 after jumping. Know that this loses hard to their grounded buttons.
  • 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 goes under GR(H)GGST Testament j236S.pngGuardAllStartup13~19Recovery21Advantage+2's projectile, and punishes Testament with a Counter Hit. Use it after blocking f.S if they start going got GR(H), and IAD over them if they cancel it into anything other than 6HGGST Testament 6H1.pngGuardAllStartup23Recovery32Advantage-19. If they use 6H, prefer full jumps > air dashes, and take your turn that way.
  • Testament's fireballs all lose to Minions you ShootGGST Jack-O 236K.pngGuardAllStartup15Recovery25Advantage-12. But watch out for Arbiter SignGGST Testament 214H.pngGuardHighStartup28Recovery26Advantage-12 and jump after summoning to avoid it.
  • In mid-range and when approaching from the ground, 6P wins against Testament's f.SGGST Testament fS.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery18Advantage-7. Otherwise, 2DGGST Jack-O 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-19 wins against about everything else they do but jumping.
  • prefer full jump > air dashes rather than IAD, as it still nets you great reward and mixups, baits their strong 6PGGST Testament 6P.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery15Advantage-7, and wins against their deadly 6HGGST Testament 6H1.pngGuardAllStartup23Recovery32Advantage-19. It can even win against GR(H)GGST Testament j236S.pngGuardAllStartup13~19Recovery21Advantage+2.
  • WIP

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Round Start

Testament's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
6PGGST Testament 6P.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery15Advantage-7
f.SGGST Testament fS.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery18Advantage-7
2SGGST Testament 2S.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery18Advantage-7
236SGGST Testament j236S.pngGuardAllStartup16~22Recovery27Advantage-4
j.236HGGST Testament j236S.pngGuardAllStartup13~19Recovery21Advantage+2
Walk Back

Notable Interactions



Defense and Punishes


  • Knowing when eddie pressure is real or not will save you
  • Zato does not have a double jump which can make him easy to anti air
  • low j.DGGST Jack-O jD.pngGuardAllStartup21RecoveryTotal 44Advantage- can be useful to kill eddie summons in neutral

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Round Start

Zato's Button Loses To Beats Trades Whiffs
2PGGST Zato-1 2P.pngGuardAllStartup6Recovery9Advantage-3
6PGGST Zato-1 6P.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery12Advantage-6
f.SGGST Zato-1 f.S.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery23Advantage-12
2SGGST Zato-1 2S.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery20Advantage-10
2DGGST Zato-1 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery17Advantage-9
Walk Back 5HGGST Zato-1 5H.pngGuardAllStartup13Recovery19Advantage-9

Extremely safe and but very passive, Zato-1 comes with a wide variety of moves of moves that do not challenge Jack-O' at all. Among her core kit, Jack-O's f.S and 2D already counter his moveset with great coverage, requiring no unique adaption. As a result his strongest tools are to simply backdash to whiff punish or call out aggressive options with 6P, giving Jack-O' a very favored risk-reward. Jack-O' also loses absolutely nothing from disengaging, whiff punishing his callouts or going into neutral safely, and Zato's best callout to this is to make you block 2S, which is barely a threat at all.

Primary Threats: 6PGGST Zato-1 6P.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery12Advantage-6 and Backdash

Round Start Matrix
Option Zato-1's Round Start
f.S 6P 2P 2S Backdash Block
f.S Punished [1] Punished [3] Punishes Trades (+1) Neutral (-13) Blocked
2D Counters Counters Punished [1] Trades (+56) Punished [3] Blocked
Dash 2D Punished [1] Punished [3] Punished [1] Punished [1] Punishes Blocked
Backwalk Whiff punish Whiff punish Neutral Safe (disadv.) Neutral Neutral

Notable Interactions

Zato sitting on opposeGGST Zato-1 Oppose Armor.pngGuardAllStartup74 {78}Recovery(Summon Vanishes) [36 Zato]Advantage- can make it difficult for jack-o to do much of anything when fullscreen. During this time, the Jack-o player must be mindful of the Eddie Gauge. As The Eddie Gauge gets closer to empty the more likely zato is going to perform an action. If Jack-o has a servant out, she can shoot the servant with 236K at Zato as soon as the gauge is near empty or if Zato performs an action with eddie.



Defense and Punishes

This page on fighting Zato-1 is a great place to start, especially for covering pierceGGST Zato-1 Pierce.pngGuardAllStartup21 [25]Recovery24Advantage- RPS.



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