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Key Moves

Key Moves

Pressuring the Opponent:

Controlling the Ground:

Controlling the Air:


A combo notation guide can be found at the top of Sol's combo page as well as a more extensive list of combos. A detailed explanation can be found on the Notation page.

Close Range K Starter Ground ComboGreat way to mash out of pressure with 5K.
59-82 Damage (Depends on starter and whether or not the combo uses the follow-up to Bandit Revolver)
Very Easy

5K or 2K > 2D > 236K(K)
This combo is Sol's standard meterless conversion off a grounded K normal. It causes a soft knockdownA knockdown that puts the character into a state that may allow the character to get up off the ground earlier than a Hard Knockdown, giving the offender less options for continuing offense., which allows Sol to use f.S as a meaty attackHitting an opponent to cover the moment as they lose invincibility. The most common one is performing an attack early on okizeme to gain frame advantage and bait reversals. to start his pressure game described below.

The two K starters into 2D include 5K and 2K. 5K is usually used as a way to stop the opponent's offense due to its 3 frame start-up and long range. While 2K is usually used for frame traps after a blocked f.S.

This combo also works as a jump in starter from j.S for easy air to ground conversions.

If okizemeFrom Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. is more of a priority, then omit the follow-up to Bandit Revolver for enough advantage to perform a delayed meaty Fafnir.

Close Range BnBA staple combo that is simple yet effective. c.S Ground ComboA staple combo that grants amazing pressure on hit.
98-134 Damage (Depends on starter)

c.S > delay f.S > 5H > 236KK
This combo is one that all Sol players know and love, due to it being easy to hit confirmTo perform the first hit of a combo, and performing follow up attacks if the first hit successfully hits the opponent. off of a blocked c.S > f.S > 5H string, as if the 5H does not hit, he can cancel into Gun Flame on block for a way to disengage with his opponent. In addition, Sol’s f.S is plus on block, allowing for easy frame trapAn offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own.s with 5H.

This combo also works if you start from a mid range f.S hit, all you have to do is cut out the c.S and you will be able to do the exact same combo with no other executional changes.

This combo also gives an opportunity for a meaty after the Bandit Revolver with f.S, which starts Sol's pressureTo attack the opponent continuously and leave little room for counter attacks. game, this can create an opportunity for guaranteed offense. For more information on Sol's pressure game, click here.

Mid Range 6S Ground ComboVery good way to poke, stay safe, and convert into a knockdown.
79 Damage
Very Easy

6S > 236KK
This combo is amazing to use in neutralWhen neither player is in an advantageous position in terms of stage position. as a confirm due to 6S's long range, disjointed hitbox and decent amount of active frames, making it a a powerful tool for controlling space. It also gives similar okizeme to the combo described above. Do note that at longer ranges, you will be forced to skip the first hit of Bandit Revolver and instead mash your way to the second hit, possibly giving slightly worse okizeme.

You can also confirm into Gun Flame on block for a safe way to reset into neutral to try hitting 6S again.

Combo Cheat Sheet

All of the above BnBA staple combo that is simple yet effective. combos at a glance:

Combo Position Notes
5K or 2K > 2D > 236K(K) Anywhere K Button BnB
c.S > delay f.S > 5H > 236KK Anywhere c.S BnB
6S > 236KK Anywhere 6S Confirm


A far more detailed explanation of Sol's Pressure can be found on Sol's Strategy Page.

Sol's offensive is relatively freeform, focused primarily on using his powerful strike/throw mix-ups to make the opponent commit to jumps or mashing out of blockstrings. After initiating any blockstring, you have the options of either continuing the string or mixing in a throw. Your opponent has three main options: continuing to block, jumping or attacking. Choosing to finish the string with strikes will interrupt jumps or attacks, but gives up your turn against blocking opponents. Throwing will open them up if they block, but loses to jumping and attacking.

Example Blockstrings:

5K > 6S > (dl) 236P
c.S > (dl) f.S > (dl) 5H > (dl) 236P
6S > (dl) 236P
2K > 2D > (dl) 236P

Further Learning

Sol has a much deeper pool of combos that he is capable of doing most of which are based around H Volcanic Viper's Clean HitWhen certain attacks in Guilty Gear hit a very specific part of an opponent's hurtbox. These well-aimed attacks will cause some positive benefit for the attacker, like a higher launch or a wall bounce. property and routing into it as frequently as possible.

  • Sol's combo page explains in detail Sol's entire combo theory as well as listing a variety of more difficult, niche, or character specific combos that make Sol hit even harder.
  • Sol's strategy page explains how to enforce and convert into strike throw situations, as well as detailing Sol's safe jumpA very well-timed jump attack on a character who is rising from a knockdown. Your goal is to attack extremely close to when you land so that, if the character performs an invincible reversal attack, you will land and be able to block. The opponent is then forced to block your jumping attack, since reversaling doesn't work, which will give you some nice pressure and hopefully an opening.s and meatyHitting an opponent to cover the moment as they lose invincibility. The most common one is performing an attack early on okizeme to gain frame advantage and bait reversals. Fafnir setups.


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