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The tier lists on this page are subjective in nature, and are the products of their individual authors. You can only trust a tier list as much as you trust its author.
Tier lists reflect the understanding on relative character strength at the time that they are written. Metas can develop and characters can change after a tier list is made.
Tier lists usually do not account for character difficulty, but that can sometimes be a factor depending on the author.
Depending on your goals and how competitive you are, tier lists may or may not be entirely irrelevant.

Current Tier Lists

Gekiuma's 2023.1.4 Tier List

Gekiuma is a top Japanese player with a history as a high level BlazBlue player, where they went by the username Disa. They are known for their Testament. Their opinions are considered controversial.

Source: Twitter (2023-01-04)

Zando's 2023.1.7 Tier List

Zando is a high level, European player. They are known for their Ramlethal.

Source: Twitter (2023-01-07)
Unordered within tiers

Legacy Tier Lists

This section includes tier lists from previous versions of the game. They are included purely for archival purposes.
That means don't use these to start arguments on Twitter.

Eddventur3's v1.21 Tier List

Eddventur3 is a top-level Strive player. They are known for their Jack-O.
Their list is based on the competitive viability within the North American competitive metagame.

Source: Twitch

Tiger_Pop's v1.21 Tier List

Tiger_Pop is a competitive Strive player and a Happy Chaos main, placing 4th at VSF 2022.
Bridget is not included, and it is loosely ordered within tiers.

Source: Twitter (2022-09-06)

Akaraien's v1.21 Tier List

Akaraien is a competitive Strive player and a Giovanna main.
Tier list provided with not much further explanation behind the rankings. However Akaraien mentions that any character in the top two higher tiers can be played as a solo in tournament setting, and everyone else would need a secondary.

Source: Youtube (2022-08-28)

Lord Knight's v1.21 Tier List

Lord Knight is a competitive fighting game player and Millia main.
Rather than ordering the tier list in letter format, he ranks characters based on how well they will perform in tournament. He further explains his perspective in the video.

Source: YouTube (2022-08-17)

Hotashi's v1.16 List

Hotashi is a top level Strive player who won the game's EVO 2021 NA tournament, as well as a streamer and Elphelt apologist.

Source: YouTube.

TempestNYC's v1.16 List

TempestNYC is a top level competitive Guilty Gear Strive and BBTag player who placed 4th in ArcRevo 2021 (which was played in 2022).

Akaraien's v1.16 List

Akaraien is a competitive Strive player and streamer. They place in top 8 in regional tournaments such as SaltMine League.

This list was released 3 days after Testament's release. Unordered within tiers.

Akaraien's Tier Label Definitions

Can consistently win majors
Gets top 8 consistently, just worse than the top tiers
You should probably get a secondary
Unviable lol

Lord Knight's v1.14 List

Lord Knight is a competitive fighting game player who placed 4th in Evo 2021 Online - North America Division.

Source: youtube

Latif's v1.11 List

Latif is a competitive fighting game player.

Source: Eventhubs

Leffen's v1.10 List

Leffen is a top tier Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and Super Smash Brother Melee player who placed 1st in Evo 2021 Online - Western Europe Division.

Source: youtube

  • Ramlethal, Sol Badguy, and May are noted as tied for top of their tier.

Deb's v1.05 List

Deb is a top tier Guilty Gear Strive player who placed 7th in Evo 2021 Online - North America Division.

Source: youtube

Kizzie Kay's v1.09 List

Kizzie Key is a competitive fighting game play who competes or competed in multiple games at a high level, and is partnered with Panda Global.

Source: youtube

Hook Gang God's v1.05 List

Hook Gang God is a high level Dragon Ball Fighterz and Guilty Gear Strive player.

Source: youtube

GO1's v1.03 List

GO1 is a top tier Dragon Ball Fighterz player and high level competitor in Strive and Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code.

Source: Mildom

Kyamei's v1.03 List

Kyamei is a high level competitor in KOF14 and Guilty Gear Strive

Source: Mildom

Dogura's v1.03 List

Dogura is a high level fighting game player known in the Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball Fighterz communities.

Source: Mildom

Tier List Adjacent Data provides live statistics pulled directly from the leaderboard of the PC version of the game. This includes matchup charts based on the top 10% of players online. Data is updated in real time.


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