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Axl Low
GGXRD-R Axl Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x1.06

Guts Rating: 1

Weight: Medium

Stun Resistance: 60

Jump Startup: 4F

Backdash Time 16F / Invul: 1-8F

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Air Dash, Dash Type: Run


Axl originally lived in the 20th century, about 150 years before the events of main storyline. During this period, he fell in love with a girl named Megumi. He grew up in the slums and eventually found himself in the middle of a gang war. Thanks to his strength, he was able to put an end to the conflict in six months (with no casualties). It was sometime after this victory when Axl was forced to go through his first time slip into the 22nd century. Axl enters the Sacred Knights Tournament in hopes of finding a way to get back to his own era. He was apparently led to believe that the winner of the tournament could have a wish granted to them.
After the tournament, Axl has tried to find a way to return to the past while suffering from the random time-slips. He is also one the few people who knows Sol's real identity and calls him "Freddie". He even sought help from Faust, who unfortunately couldn't anything to his condition. Eventually he decides to find That Man and his servants, I-No in particular, to ask them for help.

In Guilty Gear Xrd, Axl confronts I-No yet again to tell her to bring him to That Man with important information from The Original. I-No brings Axl to The Backyard to meet That Man. Axl tells That Man the message, and then learns that he has no way out to escape.


Axl is the resident zoner of Xrd and while his chains may remind you of the limbs of a certain fire-breathing yoga master, he has the tools to rumble with opponents at any range instead of relying purely on keep-away tactics. If you can react to (and predict) opponent's jumps, Axl is more than capable of tagging them with his phenomenal anti-airs, some reaching more than half the screen (horizontally, diagonally or vertically). His ability to easily convert the anti-air hits into highly damaging combos with loads of corner carry is also second to none. If the opponent remains grounded, Axl's Rensengeki is an extremely potent keep-away tool that rips through opposing projectiles, has a built-in anti-air follow-up, and can be YRC'd into a lightning-fast projectile to control any approach with ease during the YRC slowdown.
Axl's main weakness is his lack of offensive momentum; although his frame trap game is decent, his mixups options on okizeme and blockstrings are much less oppressive than most of the cast, meaning he must often grind out his wins in the neutral game instead of riding a single hit to victory. In addition, most of his long-range pokes extend their hurtboxes dramatically, making Axl exceptionally vulnerable on the lengthy active and recovery frames. However, with a great low-profile 2K, a fully invincible DP, and 4-frame parries, Axl is far from helpless once the opponent gets in, so if hitting the opponent for 40% of their life off of a single anti-air sounds appealing, give this goofy time-traveler a try!


  • Long-reaching normals and specials that allow pressuring and damaging the opponent at any range
  • Strong anti-air game that leads to big damage and/or knockdown
  • Good average damage with low execution barrier
  • Great combo convertions with 50% meter; makes any fullscreen poke really hurt
  • Rensen YRC: a top class tool for quick neutral scrambles and oppressive pressure resets
  • Benten: a meterless DP that makes opponents think twice about their offensive patterns


  • Normals and specials are slow and situational; covering the wrong angle and/or range leaves you extremely vulnerable during full recovery
  • Poor mobility, especially in the air; escaping from the corner is difficult without meter or hard reads
  • No quick or self-canceling ground normals for easy punishing, mashing, hitconfirming, or burst baiting
  • Pressure is very reliant on plain frame traps and throws; the unorthodox mixup specials are slow and/or risky with small rewards
  • Needs mastering very different gameplans for various polarized matchups to play effectively at higher skill levels

Normal Moves

GGXRD Axl 5P.png
As if millions of I-No players suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid S YRP 7 6 19 -11

A long-reaching horizontal chain attack.

  • Best used as a pre-emptive anti-air against jumps and low airdashes; gatlings into 2S and 6K for combos on normal hit.
  • Obviously whiffs on crouching opponents, but also on many running characters and traveling special moves (eg. Ram's Daruo) so use carefully at neutral.
  • Counterhit can be comboed with Rensen or RRC'd into IAD approaches.
  • Tags many characters out of their projectiles and other setups from almost full screen.
  • Important tool against characters that like to jump a lot, have fullscreen projectiles and can not run under it (eg. I-No and Zato).
  • Like all long chain normals, the hurtbox travels along the hitbox; beware of big counterhits like falling j.D or Bandit Bringer.
GGXRD Axl 5K.png
Your fastest normal
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 Mid S YRP 6 3 12 -3

A standing kick that act's as Axl's jab.

  • Most common starter for pressure and combos since it's Axl's fastest normal and has good gatlings (eg. c.S, 2D, 3P, 2P, 5P, 2S).
  • Great mid-range poke because the range and hitbox is much better than average 5Ps and 2Ps, and the startup is much faster than average 6Ps and f.Ses.
  • Quite strong against low attacks (eg. average 2Ks) because the hurtbox doesn't extend on ground level.
  • While it has no invulns, it's quick enough to act as a last chance antiair, though you should really use 6P instead.
GGXRD Axl c.S.png
Useful for combos/blockstrings/what have you
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid SJ YRP 7 6 10 +1

Literally a close slash made with a sickle.

  • Long active frames, jump cancel, and good vertical hitbox.
  • Has all relevant gatling options from lows and overheads to frametraps and anti-air confirms, which makes it by far your most important normal in blockstrings and combos.
  • Usually canceled from 5K/2K with run momentum in pressure because without them it's hard to get close enough with Axl's slow run speed.
  • Good choice for throw OS since it's faster than 6P and has much better hitbox vertically (hitting both jumps and low-profiles); beware of accidental Rensen (block [4] into 6S+H).
  • Can be used to cover the vertical blindspot of 2S as an antiair, but the higher hitbox takes 9 frames to come out without any upperbody invulns, so you should really use airthrow instead.
GGXRD Axl f.S.png
Good for people running at you
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
33 Mid S YRP 9 3 22 -11

A mid-range poke with great range and good startup.

  • Staggers on counterhit, but on normal hit it's hard to combo because of the short hitstun and Rensen's travel time.
  • Extends your hurtbox forwards (like f.S of all characters) and the long recovery leaves you very vulnerable on whiff (eg. on round start, loses to forward jump-ins).
  • Gatlings only to 5H, 5D and 2S, so it's not the greatest option in blockstrings.
  • Huge cancel window which makes executing Rensen YRC very easy.
  • While the startup is relatively fast for its range, many character's have faster f.S and 2S with slightly smaller range so using it at round start is not the best option.
GGXRD Axl 5H.png
For frame traps, catching jumps, or letting your opponent know you screwed up a throw attempt
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
42 Mid S YRP 16 4 17 -2

Slow swing with surprisingly good range.

  • Most commonly done after c.S, where it either is or isn't a frametrap depending on block type (standing, crouching, IB/normal/FD).
  • Counter hit allows combos with 5D (hard to react cancel) or 5K (easy to react link). Air CH allows combos with 5P, 2S or even 6K.
  • Little bit of upper-body invincibility, but the feet and lower torso hurtboxes extend significantly forward.
  • First two active frames hit higher while latter two hit lower; some characters (eg. Pot, Chipp) can make 5H drop a combo from c.S because the first frames don't hit their hitstun hurtbox/animation that reels back.
GGXRD Axl 5D.png
Axl Low: FFIX King of Jump Rope
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 High - YRP 26 6 15 -4

The universal overhead with a slow and very visible startup.

  • Good range, short recovery (making it practically safe on block when spaced correctly) and loads of normals to gatling from.
  • Air counterhit often leads to combos with 5P.
  • Considering a normal hit leads to decent combos and a normal block pushes you to safe distance, the risk-reward is very good when compared to 6H, Raiei, and Rashousen.
  • Lower-body invuln between frames 17-25.
GGXRD Axl 6P.png
One of the game's weaker 6Ps
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid SJ YRP 9 3 16 -5

A backfist with specialized properties.

  • Good upper-body invulns with a hitbox that's great against IADs and other low-altitude horizontal approaches.
  • Counterhit launches the opponent for IAD j.H > j.D or Raiei combos which have great damage and corner carry.
  • Whiffs easily on many crouching hurtboxes (eg. May, Elphelt, Faust) and has gatling options inferior to c.S, so its uses in regular blockstrings are very limited.
GGXRD Axl 6K.png
Usually used more as a read than as a reaction anti-air
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22,18 Mid,Mid SJ YRP 11 5(2)8 15 -5

A slow diagonal anti-air with great range.

  • Hits twice, second hit vacuums, and it's jump cancelable from either hit.
  • Slow startup and your hurtbox traveling along the chain means you should use it as a jump read (as opposed to jump-in or IAD reaction).
  • Easy to confirm into combos; gatling into 2S at close range or (high) jump cancel into j.6P further away.
  • If the opponent FDs it in the air, you can gatling into 6H for pressure or jump cancel for movement options.
GGXRD Axl 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
46 High - YRP 23 9 9 +1

A leaping overhead with long startup and active frames.

  • Counterhit gives you a huge groundbounce for big combos; RRC on normal hit gives you a small ground combo into Rensen knockdown, or 5D into Dust combos for better damage.
  • Safest to do after 5H (smallest gap after block), but c.S and 3P are also good choices because people are expecting lows like 2D, 2H, and 2P after them.
  • Airborne between frames 11 and 31, so it can beat lows and prevent throws, though it loses to most throw OSes.
  • Hitting 6H meaty on wake-up gives you a big frame advantage but the earlier you time it, the easier it is to react with block and Blitz.
  • Linking to 5K on normal hit is possible on some characters since really short crouching hurtboxes allow meatier hits (eg. Chipp, Elphelt).
GGXRD Axl 2P.png
Also good for people running at you
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 Low S YRP 12 6 18 -10

A long horizontal chain that hits crouchers.

  • The best tool for long-range ground pressure when canceled into Rensen.
  • Combos into Rensen on counterhit or in close range; combos into Kairagi at any range on normal hit (much easier as a punish or CH confirm).
  • Stops runners with less risk than 2H when jumped over (less startup + active frames so CH state ends earlier), but doesn't hit low-profile moves like Grand Viper.
  • Gatlings into f.S and 6H, the latter and special cancels being useful for surprising mixups.
  • Like all long chain attacks, the hurtbox travels along the hitbox so only use at proper distances (3P being the better option for close range).
GGXRD Axl 2K.png
Hilariously goes under many things
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
9 Low S YRP 7 5 6 -1

A low kick with decent startup and range.

  • Great low-profile properties, proning under many normals and specials.
  • Leg hurtbox is actually longer than the hitbox, so it loses often against dashing low pokes; use 3P for defensive poking instead.
  • Best choice for a tick throw since it's the normal with shortest full recovery; complete with frametrap options 2H and late cancel c.S.
  • 70% proration and limited gatlings, so in pressure you're usually better off using 5K since most people are blocking low anyway.
  • Can be timed for a better frame advantage as meaty on wakeup, which allows OSing against backdashing and makes 2K, 5K a good frame trap.
  • Works marvelously as an empty jump low since it low-profiles under most throw OS normals, though it's easily guarded with high-low fuzzies.
GGXRD Axl 2S.png
Axl's expression here is the one you should make when anti-airing someone
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22,18 Mid SJ YRP 8 9,6 15 -5

Marvelous antiair normal with a fast start-up and really long vertical range.

  • Hits twice, second hit vacuums and has long untech time, and it's jump cancelable from either hit.
  • Start-up has upper-body invuln, but when it becomes active the hurtbox travels slightly behind the hitbox; if 2S trades, continue with a combo from 5P.
  • Reaching higher takes longer than 8F so it can whiff against fast IADs from close range unless you do it pre-emptively (which leaves you very vulnerable if they do nothing).
  • While great against higher jump-ins and delayed attacks like Kudakero, there are blindspots vertically above and horizontally in front; cover these angles with other options (respectively airthrow/c.S and 6P/5P/6K).
GGXRD Axl 2H.png
For the love of god please don't autopilot 2H > 6H
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22,18 Low,Mid - YRP 11 8,6 16 -4

A two-hit long-range low chain, second hit vacuums.

  • Reaches all the way to the ground to stop low-profile moves, but leaves you extremely vulnerable for any jump approaches (41 frames of full recovery).
  • Staggers on both hits, but doesn't last long enough for legit combos without RRC.
  • Cancels only into 6H and 5D (no special cancels either) which means you must be extremely unpredictable to get results in pressure.
  • Counter hit knocks down; do not cancel into the overheads since they'll hit OTG and let opponent recover.
  • If only the second hit counterhits (eg. the first hit whiffs on jump, kills Eddie, or takes away Hammerfall armor), you get a meterless launch for a big air combo from 5K > 5P.
GGXRD Axl 2D.png
Your average sweep, but with a sweet cancel window
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Low S YRP 8 10 12 -8

Sweep (ie. knocks down) with a good startup, decent range and loads of active frames (ie. long full recovery on whiff).

  • Really long cancel window that's useful for Rensen YRC, Rensen frametraps, and Raiei mixup.
  • Since opponent is airborne after the hit, some specials moves behave slightly different (than after c.S or 5H, for example):
    • Rensen and its down follow-up's knockdown timings are different (adjust safejump accordingly).
    • Rensen-up launches the opponent higher in the air.
    • Benten either hits or whiffs easier (depending on the character's aerial hurtbox) and launches the opponent higher in the air.
    • Kairagi does a one-hit wall-stick (or a fullscreen pushback if the wall isn't near enough); allows corner combos with good damage and great tension build (~33% at best).
GGXRD Axl 3P.png
Axl's favorite meaty normal
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 Low S YRP 11 4 8 +2

A slowish low poke with good range and recovery.

  • Counterhit launches the opponent; continue with f.S gatling or (5K link) into 2S for a big air combo.
  • Long sweep-like hitbox without a hurtbox inside it that reaches low-profile moves, so it's really useful for footsies.
  • Cancels from 5K and c.S and is plus on block, so it's really useful for pressure, too.
  • Has many gatling options for various purposes, so it's even useful for okizeme as a meaty low.
    • Lack of hurtbox makes it great for baiting DPs when spaced and timed correctly to avoid getting hit or clashing.
    • Whiffs on first frame airborne specials (eg. reversal Riot Stamp), so don't overuse it against certain characters.
GGXRD Axl j.P.png
Not a lot of range, but your fastest air option
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10 High / Air CS YRP 7 4 9 -

A weak air jab which happens to be Axl's only self-cancelable normal.

  • Mostly used for chaining together other air normals in combos and as a late airdash overhead.
  • Can be used to cancel the second hit of j.S to recover faster and make your falling hurtbox smaller in order to dodge projectiles like Gunflame and S Stun Edge.
  • Good for tickthrows as a safejump, though they lose to fuzzy 6P/throw OS.
GGXRD Axl j.K.png
Why the CH untech is so long no one can quite say
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 High / Air SJ YRP 8 8 12 -

A kick with long active frames and jump cancel.

  • Air counterhit has huge untech time and small float; start a combo with antiair normals or falling airdash j.D.
  • Decent air-to-air poke thanks to the startup, counterhit and decent hitbox.
  • Good jump-in on block because it gatlings to everything except j.H and itself.
GGXRD Axl j.S.png
Be mindful of the hurtbox on the chain
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16,12 High / Air, Mid / Air S YRP 11 8,8 9 -

A long diagonal two-hit chain.

  • Hits twice, second hit vacuums and is a mid.
  • Good approach tool with IAD against passive opponents; cancels into j.H and j.6P for tighter pressure or combos when landing close to opponent.
  • Hurtbox traveling along the chain means easy retaliation with antiairs; the small hitbox can also whiff against low-profile moves.
  • Timing the second hit as a meaty or whiff allows surprising mixups at wake-up.
GGXRD Axl j.H.png
Either a jump-in or combo filler
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
38 High / Air S YRP 10 12 9 -

A big chain swing with good damage and long active frames.

  • Best normal for hitting deep below Axl.
  • Cancels only into j.D which makes it more unsafe than j.K on a higher blocked hit.
  • Counterhit gives you more untech time, but not as much as j.K or j.D.
  • Early active frames can cross up, but the practical usage is almost non-existent.
GGXRD Axl j.D.png
You can use it for ghetto dustloops, too!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High / Air S YRP 10 2 22 / 5 Landing Recovery -

A big kick that's mostly limited to combos.

  • Launches the opponent with big float on both ground and air hits; wallsplats in the corner.
  • Huge untech time on both regular and counter hit, which makes it an important combo extension/conversion tool.
  • Landing recovery makes it very risky as a falling jump-in normal (punishable with throws or fast normals).
GGXRD Axl j.6P.png
For when you want a ranged poke in the air but j.S won't hit
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 Mid S YRP 7 6 14 -

A long horizontal chain poke.

  • Faster and more reliable than j.K for air-to-air situations, but the rewards are much smaller.
  • Good against characters that are too fast in the air for 5P and 2S (eg. Millia, May).
  • Good confirm from a falling j.S airhit; can be even linked into 5P for big combos if the opponent is close enough ground.
  • Extends 6K into air combos at range where 2S wouldn't connect.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
GGXRD Axl GroundThrow.png
Slam 'em to the ground
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,50 Ground Throw: 78750 - R 1 - - 71

A strong throw which leads to combos and/or a knockdown.

  • Throws the opponent behind Axl, which makes the back/forward tradeoff work backwards (eg. throw OS isn't very useful for corner pressure).
  • Midscreen throw combos for at least 100 damage and knockdown on all characters.
  • Corner throw combos for about 135 damage, knockdown, and much better Tension gain (thanks to multiple 2Ses and Bombers) on all characters.
Air Throw
Air Throw
GGXRD Axl AirThrow.png
Not much to say about it other than it does its job
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,60 Air Throw: 192500 - R 1 - - -

Pretty standard fare air throw which knocks down.

  • Like ground throw, tosses the opponent behind you making throw OS usability reversed; air throw OS normals also have worse hitboxes and only marginally faster startups than j.H.
  • Important antiair option against jump angles that 2S and 6P can not cover (eg. high-altitude airdash that goes above your head).
  • Allows Axl to cross-up on wake-up (Raiei, IAD j.H/j.D) when done against a corner.
  • RRC extension is not very good option for several reasons:
    • 65% forced proration limits the combo damage to about 130 which is really inefficient for 50% meter.
    • Different heights require correct starters, ie. airdash j.D (which requires delay to correct orientation) for high altitude, and 5K/5P for low altitude.
    • Air throw animation is so quick that succesfully confirming with RRC in time can be hard, especially in midscreen.
Dead Angle Attack
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Axl 6P.png
It WILL whiff often and it WILL make you sad
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All - - 9 2 17 -5

Kind of a lame DAA based on 6P animation.

  • Decent startup, but terrible hitbox which is easily low-profiled by crouching moves.
  • Stops projectile okizeme if you manage to hit the opponent, so it can be useful in some matchups.
Blitz Shield Charge Attack
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R Axl BlitzAttack.png
Puts you in a good position for Haitaka
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 50 Mid - R (15-48)+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20
Max Charge 50 Mid - R 50+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20

Not much to say about this other than the fact that you can link a 5P afterwards for a quick tech trap or a Haitaka setup.

Special Moves

Sickle Flash
Sickle Flash
GGXRD Axl SickleFlash.png
Your favorite special
GGXRD Axl MelodyChain.png
Your favorite counterhit
GGXRD Axl SpinningChainStrike.png
Your favorite combo ender
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Attack 20×3 Mid - YRP 12 12(3 Hit) 39 -15
Melody Chain
Sickle Flash > 8 or 9
35 Mid - YRP 1 12 35 -13
Spinning Chain Strike
Sickle Flash > 2 or 3
26×5 Low - YRP 7 [2(5)]×4,2 17 -5

Sickle Flash (or "Rensengeki", usually abbreviated "Rensen"), a long three-hit chain projectile, is the move that defines Axl as a character. It has a relatively quick startup, a hitbox that reaches all the way to the floor, projectile-absorbing up to three hits, and almost full screen range, which makes it a strong tool for stopping any ground approaches.

  • Knocks down on hit, though in longer combos (eg. antiair normals into TK Bomber, 5P > Rensen) the opponent may be able to recover before hitting ground.
  • Loses to pre-emptive IADs, especially IAD YRC which slows the time too much for the follow-ups to even come out. Also, mind the unsafe range against moves like Bandit Bringer and Megafist.
  • The hurtbox extends forward a lot, so for neutral footsies try to use it only after fast pokes like 5K or f.S when in close range.
  • Can be YRC'd for a great pressure and neutral tool which puts a grounded opponent in long blockstun and lets you react to jumpers with 6K.
  • Rensen hitting on later frames (ie. further away) gives you a better frame advantage; don't autopilot into up-followup unless you really want to push them back.
  • Because of the startup and travel time of the projectile, connecting a Rensen without a gap in blockstrings can be difficult; beware of moves like Pot's F.D.B, Slayer's teleport dash, and Chipp's Zansei Rouga.
  • Thanks to Xrd's lenient charge buffer, Rensen can be done after microdash (input being [4]66S) for additional horizontal reach, though it obviously makes the startup significantly longer.
  • Pushback doesn't work in corner since it's a projectile (ie. it only pushes the opponent away from yourself, not yourself away from the opponent); doing Rensen or any of its followups on block in corner is easily punished.

Melody Chain ("Kyokusageki") is mostly used to prevent opponents from jumping over a Rensen to get in, but can also put them in an unfavorable position to tech after a hit.

  • Counter hit gives full untech time until knockdown, which means a free combo followup with 6K or run c.S/6P.
  • When the opponent jumps over a Rensen, this creates an important 50:50 situation:
    • Opponent can bait your up follow-up with a doublejump and punish your huge whiff recovery after the fall. They can also use FD to be at no risk, but it obviously costs tension.
    • If you do nothing, you are vulnerable for the regular jump-in, but if they doublejumped, you'll recover in time for antiair stand-by against a very predictable trajectory (excluding some characters like Chipp, Millia, Kum).
  • Canceling into it from Rensen on hit allows the opponent to tech (ie. loses the knockdown of regular Rensen hit), but you can use 6K, 5P, 2S and 6P to try to catch them after a tech for a new combo.
  • Can be RRC'd for easy big damage combos; there is enough untech time to wait for the RC proration to cool off, which also works well for baiting bursts.
  • If a normal hit connects when the opponent is very close (ie. very meaty) as an antiair or in pointblank corner combos, you can link into 5P if they are not too high above.
  • Can be slightly delayed for creating more pushback in a blockstring or combo (also lowers combo height for the post RRC parts making a knockdown easier), though it's still easy to IB for -17 disadvantage.

Spinning Chain Strike ("Sensageki") provides a more damaging knockdown option in the corner, and even in midscreen for specific characters.

  • Although it's the only non-projectile form of Rensen, it's still easily punished by making it whiff with FD pushback, so use very cautiously on block.
  • Can be used to surprise opponents who refuse to keep blocking low on Rensen and it's follow-ups (eg. trying to hold up-back for a jump or forward for immediate closing in).
  • Good alternative for the final TK Bomber in corner combos, but connecting succesfully can be quite character specific because of different wieght and hurtbox combinations.
  • Amount of successful hits and the timing of knockdown varies greatly between different hurtbox types; the closer you are, the easier it is for all the hits to connect.
    • If the opponent is too far away, the later hits may hit OTG and allow the opponent to tech, Faust being a prime example who falls off and OTGs really easily.
Artemis Hunter
Artemis Hunter
GGXRD Axl ArtemisHunter.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
46 All - R 9 6 35 -27

Also known as "Benten Gari", or just Benten. A grounded DP with a strong vertical hitbox, but small damage and no knockdown on normal hit.

  • Full invuln on frames 1-11; great for interrupting pressure or sudden aerial approaches, but easily safejumped on wake-up because of the long startup.
  • Counterhit gives lot of untech time which usually knocks down for a good Haitaka setup, though aerially hit opponents can usually recover in air
  • Has less punishable recovery than most DPs, though it's still -27 so expect to get punished by better opponents with big combos (eg. dash c.S > stuff).
  • Decent RC combo launcher since it's a quick one-hit move (less scaling on damage, pushback, untech time) with loads of corner carry, though the short horizontal reach means it can easily whiff on some characters unless you use dash momentum or a very compact starter (eg. c.S > 2D > Benten).
Thunder Shadow Chain
Thunder Shadow Chain
GGXRD Axl ThunderShadowChain.png
Great for annoying people
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
45 High / Air - YRP 28 4 13+3 After Landing 1

Also known as "Raieisageki", or just Raiei. A leaping crossup attack that can dodge some things below.

  • Knocks down grounded opponents on normal hit; can be OTG'd afterwards (or linked into 5K if done meaty on last active frame).
  • Counterhit floats the opponent for a big meterless combo; can be RRC'd on normal hit for a similar combo.
  • Long startup means it's easy to IB (for -3) and especially to Blitz, so it's not very good as a mixup.
  • Moves Axl very quickly forward (airborne on frame 4); can be YRC'd to create a giant leap across the screen for a quick approach.
  • Combos after Rensen-up RC or Benten RC into 5P/c.S link for ridiculous corner carry and big damage.
  • Hits non-cross-up at about post-throw knockdown distance; it's bit easier with run momentum but still hard to use practically in neutral.
  • Can be used to escape the corner, but the long startup and no invulns means it's an extremely risky maneuver (easy air CH into a huge combo for the opponent).
  • On normal block (+1) you have several options to choose from:
    • 5K works well since it's basically 5F and has great hitbox, though it loses to faster normals in closer range (eg. 5Ps and Sol/Jam 5K).
    • 2K low-profiles under many 4F/5F standing normals (eg. 5Ps and Sol 5K), but loses to 5F 2Ks and quick 5Ks that hit low (eg. Ky, Jam).
    • Benten is fully invulnerable so it beats any poke attempts, but is easily punished on block.
    • Run into throw works against opponents who are afraid to push buttons, but obviously loses to any poke attempts.
    • Another Raiei goes quickly over the opponent's head so it can beat low pokes, but loses to quick mid/high pokes and doesn't hit if you were too close.
  • If opponent IB'd the Raiei, you are -3 so all options are notably worse (except Benten) and some characters can even directly punish you (eg. Potemkin Buster).
Spindle Spinner
Spindle Spinner
GGXRD Axl SpindleSpinner.png
GGXRD Axl SpindleSpinner2.png
It is proper etiquette to scream "YES!!" with Axl when this move lands, even if you're the one being hit.
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,80 Ground Throw YRP - 27 20 38 34

Also known as "Rashousen". A far reaching command-grab that pulls the opponent up to the ceiling and explodes them.

  • Easily avoided on reaction with jumping, especially from any further than point-blank (where it loses to smashing).
  • Very long startup and recovery, but very long active frames as well which can be used for catching bad double jump landings.
  • Can be YRC'd during the startup to bait jumps (which leads to nothing if they FD in air) or PRC'd during active frames to recover safely.
  • RRC method one: One-hit RC after the explosion which gives you a big air combo especially in corner.
  • RRC method two: "Zero-hit" RC after the chains loop around the opponent but before Axl zooms in and pulls them up: freezes the opponent for three seconds in a special state which has a stagger-like hurtbox (some being very short in height like May's) and prevents bursting. This gives you time to push the opponent into the corner and start a combo of your choice, preferably a j.D into Bomber loops for 200+ damage.
Heaven Can Wait
Heaven Can Wait
GGXRD Axl HeavenCanWait.png
U wot mate?
GGXRD Axl HeavenCanWait3.png
The bandana does more than just look good
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
P 0,80 - - RP - - Total 29 37
K 0,80 - - RP - - Total 29 60

Also known as "Tenhou Seki". A decent counter/parry for shutting down long range pokes or predictable approaches.

  • P version catches mids and highs for frames 4-19, knocks down.
  • K version catches lows for frames 4-19, recovers in time to link into 5K or 5P for a damaging combo before the knockdown.
  • Activates instantly on receiving any hit (even Overdrives) of the correct guard type, regardless of distance and invulnerabilities.
  • Both versions can be RC'd for a combo (70% forced proration), or YRC'd / PRC'd for a safer recovery.
  • Isn't practical as a wake-up reversal because of the vulnerable startup.
Axl Bomber
Axl Bomber
GGXRD Axl AxlBomber.png
Axl koompah!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 All - YRP 9 4 10 After Landing -

Axl's primary air combo ender.

  • Knocks down when used low enough from jump cancelable normals, also known as TK Bomber.
  • Loops into itself in corner, also known as Bomber loops
  • Recovery until landing means guaranteed punishment if you mess up the timing or misjudge the range during a combo.
  • A counterhit gives you a huge launch for a free combo, making it the best option for a flashing RISC confirm.
  • Can be YRC'd in two ways:
    • Very quick YRC stops any air momentum immediately, making TK Bomber YRC into jump normals a surprising overhead mixup option.
    • Regular loose YRC keeps the Bomber air momentum, effectively giving you an additional diagonal jump.
Sparrowhawk Stance
Sparrowhawk Stance
GGXRD Axl SparrowhawkStance.png
GGXRD Axl SparrowhawkStance2.png
The ultimate scrub killer
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Stance - - - YRP - - Maximum 188 -
Stance > P
40 All - YRP 41+7 16 29 -
Stance > K
32 All - YRP 41+7 17 24 -
Stance > S
24 All - YRP 41+11 17 29 -
End Stance
Stance > H
- - - YRP - - Total 28 -

Also known as "Haitaka no Kamae". Axl's fastest option for okizeme from the entire screen away.

  • Each chain followup can be canceled into all followups except for itself.
  • Up to six chains can be thrown out before you are forced to end the stance.
  • Each additional follow-up increases the chip damage, especially on the last three hits.

The mid and low follow-ups have a hurtbox that travels ahead of the hitbox and the mid follow-up's hurtbox stays next to opponent even during recovery, which means they can be interrupted and punished by normals and specials with fast startup and/or evasive properties (low-profile, invuln). In turn, Axl can delay and vary the follow-ups to make it harder for opponent to respond, but doing that gives them time to high jump and airdash above the high follow-up's reach. All of the followups (even the stance cancel) can be YRC'd, which makes the stance much safer with 25% Tension.

The risks and rewards of the stance varies greatly between matchups, which is why most players only use it when

  • The opponent is almost dead (chip damage ignores Guts).
  • The opponent doesn't know how to interrupt or punish it.
  • The opponent's character has little to no means for avoiding, interrupting or punishing it.

As of Revelator 1.03, the sixth hit can no longer be manually canceled with H (which resulted in a shorter recovery) on both hit and whiff.


Sickle Storm
Sickle Storm
GGXRD Axl SickleStorm.png
For when you want to DP but you also want more fire
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50×2, 30×5 Mid - YRP 14+1 4,4(20)12 39 -11

Also known as "Byakue Renshou". Big flaming swing followed by a flaming thrust, latter part actually being a projectile.

  • Full invuln on frames 1-16, throw invuln on 17-18.
  • Big hitbox on first two hits makes it a decent reversal, especially in range where Benten would whiff (making it safe with RRC impossible).
  • Easy, big damage when used in close-range ground punishes at midscreen (eg. c.S > 5H > 2D > 2363214H).
  • Burst OD version delivers even more destruction: 62×2, 37×5 and increased minimum damage, the effect being most notable as a Bomber loop finisher.
  • Big pushback of the first two hits means that in corner, after 2D the second hit usually whiffs and the rest hits OTG, lowering the damage and allowing the opponent to tech during your recovery.
  • Punishable by blocking the first part and jumping/IADing over the second, though being too close or having a big aerial hurtbox (reducible with FD, j.P, and such) makes it risky.
Shark Strike
Shark Strike
GGXRD Axl SharkStrike.png
2H on steroids
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20,42 Mid, All - YRP 3+2 11(8)2 6 11

Also known as "Kairagi Yakou". A green lightning-fast two-hit strike that pulls the opponent in.

  • Extremely quick startup with almost fullscreen range without extending the hurtbox, but no invulns.
  • Second hit has a huge vacuum which allows extending any ground normal hit, including a max range 2P, into a real combo.
  • Staggers on hit which gives you plenty of time to position yourself (eg. dash closer or even IAD j.H > j.D).
  • First hit wallsticks an airborne opponent even quite far from corner; near corner 2D > Kairagi continues into Bomber loops for good damage and great Tension build.
  • You can throw the staggered opponent for a sideswitch or as a 100% burst-safe combo option (eg. Kairagi > throw > Rensen).
  • Big frame advantage on block so it can be used for pressure, but costs twice as much Tension as Rensen YRC and comes without the slowdown advantages.

Instant Kill

Amphora Conflagration
During IK Mode: 236236H
GGXRD Axl AmphoraConflagration1.png
GGXRD Axl AmphoraConflagration2.png
See ya
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal DESTROY All - - 9+15 5 32 -20
Conclusion Conditions Complete DESTROY All - - 5+12 5 32 -20

Also known as "Kanamari Rekka".
IK combo is a good choice if you fulfill the conditions since it's hard for Axl to finish an opponent with a single basic combo because his "less hits but big damage" style is heavily affected by Guts scaling, and it's hard for Axl to incorporate Overdrives in combos to finish with guaranteed minimum damage (all 7 hits of Sickle Storm for the big damage are hard to connect in longer combos, and Shark Strike is a combo extender that does only little damage by itself and adds forced proration).

  • Uses the animation of the first hit of his Sickle Storm; has about the same horizontal range as 5H (with better vertical range).
  • Good combo-options with 100%:
    • Melody Chain RC: The easiest 100% IK combo which is possible from almost any ground starter.
    • Spindle Spinner RC: Both RRC methods are burst-safe thanks to the throw state; zero-hit RRC even gives you loads of time for taunting.
    • Axl Bomber RC: Good method from air combos; TK Bomber loops can also fulfill the conditions during a corner combo (building enough meter and reducing life to needed levels).
    • Shark Strike: Can be linked into run, activation, throw, IK. Burst-safe and works on all characters against a corner, but also on many characters in midscreen.
    • Heaven Can Wait RC: Burst-safe thanks to the throw state, but obviously needs the opponent to make the first move.
  • Situational combo-options with 50%:
    • Corner Dust
    • Corner CH 5H > 5D
    • Meaty CH Melody Chain
    • CH 6H
    • CH Thunder Shadow Chain
    • Blitz'd jump attack (requires at least 62,5%)
    • DP Whiff punish (activation, throw, IK)
    • Situational j.D loops

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