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General Tactics



Basic Okizeme

Generally, any combos done by Elphelt leads to a knockdown. Whenever you get one (unless you used 5Hx5 ender midscreen), you will want to activate the pineberry (236P) and toss it. The toss deal no damage but will hit the opponents as soon as it meets their hurtbox. In an okizeme situation, it's a guaranteed meaty that hits frame one. Because the pineberry doesn't disappear even on hit and last for a while, only a few characters can disrespect it and reversal you.

The longer the delay between when you toss it and when it hits the opponent, the more options you have. The most used options are either going for a mixup, shotgun pressure or an unblockable if you did the right setup OR used a RRC to hit them during the toss' blockstun with an unblockable shot in rifle stance.

Unblockable setups


Elphelt is one of the few characters in the game granted with an unblockable move. To be more specific, once Elphelt stays idle for a certain amount of frames in rifle stance, the rifle shot becomes unblockable (the scope becomes bigger and a few hearts appear). There is however a downside: -You CANNOT get the unblockable shot if the opponent is waking up making it impossible to use it as a meaty.

In order to for your opponent to get hit by it in okizeme situations, you will want to toss the pineberry, shoot them with the unblockable shot during the toss' blockstun/hitstun and have the explosion combo afterwards for a short air combo.

With a very specific setup found and popularized by Alioune, you can even do what is called the "unblockable loop". Which is a loop that always starts with an unblockable setup and allow you to set another one afterwards. What makes it great is the fact that the loop itself doesn't require any tension.

Before understanding how the loop works however, you will first have to know its cons.

  1. Despite the fact that the loop works on the whole cast, it is quite character specific and can be either relatively easy or very hard.
  2. The loop itself doesn't need to use any tension but the combo leading into it will generally require a RC.
  3. There are universal ways to stop it and they all require to use some kind of ressources. Some characters can avoid it without using any tension. Counters shown on youtube that consist of Instant Blocking the toss DOESN'T work. That's because the unblockable shot is done during the toss' blockstun whether you IB it or not.

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Sin, Ky,Elphelt, I-no, May, Axl, Potemkin, Millia, Slayer, Ramlethal, Chipp, Sol, Faust, Venom, Leo, Zato, Bedman(By Bananaken)

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