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GGXRD-R I-No Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x1.06

Guts Rating: 1

Weight: Light

Stun Resistance: 55

Jump Startup: 3F

Backdash Time 16F / Invul: 1-8F

Movement Options
  • Double Jump
  • 1 Airdash
  • Ground Hoverdash (Dashing puts I-No in the air)
  • Hoverdash -> Airdash (6696)
  • Hoverdash -> Vertical dash (663)


Badass, cruel and sexy. The time traveling rock star witch who seeks violence and the embarrassment of others. Serving "That Man", she continues to tease and harass Sol Badguy, who wants "That Man" six feet under. She is a force to be reckoned with and will murder anyone who gets in her way.

I-No is a bit tricky to use but overall has some great potential when mastered. Her biggest strength is in her mixup. Rather than the standard ground dash, she possesses a unique Morrigan-style hoverdash that leaves her airborne, allowing her to use her aerial moves without needing to jump. This allows her to create relentless, painfully difficult to block pressure using her quick rising overheads, deceptive lows, and delayed or fake overhead strings. On knockdown I-no becomes extremely threatening, as her Note and Vertical Chemical Love YRC can stuff many of the opponent's reversal attempts on wakeup, which combined with the natural safe-jumps provided by her hoverdash, allows her to freely rush in and start a mixup. This grants I-no some of the safest and most dangerous okizeme in the game, and with her impressive damage output (especially in the corner), she can very easily take rounds just off a single knockdown.

However, I-no possesses many weaknesses to offset her stellar setplay. The biggest one is probably in her neutral game. While her hoverdash is amazing for high/low mixup, it is incredibly prohibitive for movement. Combined with overall mediocre normals, and she can really struggle to get in against certain characters, or can be overwhelmed versus characters with far better normals up close. I-no is also one of the most meter hungry characters in the game; while her tension gain is above average, she's constantly spending meter on YRCs to help her get in and stay in. This means characters that are great at denying meter by forcing her to spend it on defensive options such as FD and reversal supers can also be problematic.


  • Powerful high/low mix-up options with her unique hover dash
  • Powerful high/low mix-up and cross-up options with the j.D FDC technique
  • Oppressive okizeme tools with the Note projectile and YRC'd Vertical Chemical Love
  • Reversal Super that's safe on block
  • Powerful Air Super that has 0 frames of startup after the super flash and has enough frame advantage to follow with a mixup if blocked
  • High mid-screen and corner damage without having the need to spend meter
  • High air-throw range and has an anti-air command throw


  • Below-average defense
  • Limited uses for her normal moves outside of close to mid-range situations; cannot truly counter poke
  • Her unique ground dash may bring up difficulties in escaping some situations in certain matchups
  • Situational anti air (5p, j.p, 6p, 6hs, VCL; depending on context)
  • Reversal Super goes active 2 frames after the flash so it is easy to bait and possible to punish on reaction
  • Has to make precise reads to use her tools effectively

Normal Moves

GGXRD Ino 5P.png
A flick of the wrist and you're dead baby
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid CSJ YRP 4 4 6 ±0

I-no's fastest normal. You can use this to AA when someone starts their jump in from further up to try to beat our awesome 6P. This is used in combos when c.S (frame 6) is too slow to catch someone or wont activate (f.S range) and 5K is too slow. Also good to use before a c.S in combos when baiting a burst. It's fast, but it can be crouched under so watch out.

GGXRD Ino 5K.png
Kickin' your can all over the place
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 Mid SJ YRP 7 7 12 -7

You can poke with this, but the hitbox isn't great. In older GGs this was used as a linker in HCL FRC dash combos, as well as in pressure to set up mixup with TK Dive and 2S. With 2S not hitting low, 2D not leading to very much without spending meter, and TK dive not being a starter anymore, you'll have to learn j.D FDC to make use of mixup out of this move. However, once learned your mixup options improve dramatically. Should also be used from time to time in block strings to avoid being too predictable, and you'll need to combo into it in some situations (such as a j.D FDC mixup out of block pressure) since I-No may push herself out too far to link into 6P against skinny characters like Venom, Zato, I-No, Millia. It's also good for catching back dashes since it has decent range and 7 active frames.

GGXRD Ino c.S.png
Great combo tool
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
34 Mid SJ YRP 6 2 12 ±0

Combo tool, used in some pressure strings because it's jump cancelable. You'll wish it activated from further away instead of f.S.

GGXRD Ino f.S.png
Hitbox is much smaller than the graphic
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid S YRP 13 8 15 -9

In most cases where you would combo into this, you can substitute 5H for more damage. Almost seems useless now that it has been reverted from the AC/+R function of being really slow to start up but really active and good for covering space, with significantly less recovery. Now you get stagger on CH, but they can mash out of the stagger in the same amount of time that the CH used to give, so it's a worthless buff against people that know the matchup and can mash out of stagger. The problem with this move is that at maximum range you can't combo into HCL unless you CH, and on CH you can't really get much more than that (knockdown) unless you spend meter. If they mash out of stagger they can recover quicker than you can dash in for a better punish, so the stagger is worth nearly nothing. They also gave it 2 more active frames, but we're not sure if they replaced recovery frames or were just added in. In most cases where you'd want to poke with this, 2S is a better option because it recovers slightly faster, has more range, and will actually combo into HCL on regular hit more consistently.

GGXRD Ino 5H.png
Do damage with this
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
38 Mid SJ YRP 13 4 18 -3

Good hitbox, though it's smaller than AC/+R. When spaced right, if you've conditioned the opponent to attack low to try to beat STBT, you can tag them with this for a counter hit. Otherwise, this is a staple combo tool. Patch 1.1 buffed STBT-H, so now that's an excellent move to combo into of when you score CH 5H in or near the corner. As such, the value of 5H (and 2H) as a poke has increased. Also, right around when this move goes active, I-No leaves the ground. You wont be able to dodge most sweeps, but you can dodge moves like Potemkin's Slidehead (on reaction) or Slayer's 2H (on prediction).

GGXRD Ino 2P.png
Blow him a kiss and you're mad
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10 Mid CS YRP 5 2 5 3

It's now +3 on block, up from +2. Used in tick throws, used in frame traps. You can gatling 2P > 2H to leave a 1-frame gap, and if they don't get counter hit by 2H, 2H is another frame trap. Gatling 2P > 5H from further away will leave a bigger gap, and you can also just let it recover fully for conventional frame traps with 2K, 6P, and other moves. Prorates 80% on hit.

GGXRD Ino 2K.png
Low combo starter
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
15 Low S YRP 5 2 8 ±0

A staple low combo starter. Prorates 75%. Low profiles and can dodge under moves like Bandit Bringer.

GGXRD Ino 2S.png
Long range poke
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid S YRP 9 2 17 -5

No longer hits low. Long range poke that you can usually combo into HCL for knockdown. Patch 1.1 increased the forward slide effect, so now you can link HCL from further away on most characters... unless they're crouching. Lots of recovery so take care when using it, but it's still less recovery than f.S. Unfortunately, hitting a crouching opponent near max range doesn't lead to any real reward without spending meter. You can cancel into Note or STBT, but you'll leave a gap that they can hang you for. They'll crouch under HCL, and 2D's nerfed range means you can't even knock down. 5H and 2H also have reduced range, and while you can combo into 5H at close range and link IAD j.K on tall characters, it's not as efficient as I-No's usual BnBs. 5D has enough range since it's actually bigger than 2S, but it's even slower than Note or STBT, and there's no real opportunity to mix up out of 2S since 2D (low) wont reach. Mashing could beat both STBT-S (low) and 5D (overhead) anyway. Anyone that knows the matchup wont be caught blocking low against 5D in this circumstance - if you use it here, you're trying to catch them going for a punish since you out-range many pokes.

2S is still a useful move if you have 50% to RC with. Now you have a move that can punish a whiff from almost 1/2 screen into a full combo with corner push, or big damage in the corner.

GGXRD Ino 2H.png
She really should treat her guitar better
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 Mid S YRP 11 2 11 6

Used to frame trap since it's +6 on block. Also has a good hitbox that you can use to fish for counter hits. I-No is low to the ground during this move so you can sometimes crouch under stuff. Hitbox is smaller than AC. Patch 1.1 seems to have removed the 80% prorate, so it's very comparable to 5H in function and utility now. 5H does 3 more damage and can be jump canceled, but 2H recovers faster which leaves it at +6 and puts I-No really close to the ground (I-No is lower to the ground during this move than 2S, and in AC this move was considered low profile).

GGXRD Ino j.P.png
Air to air with range and speed
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 High / Air CS YRP 5 5 12 -

Good when you need to jump at someone with a poke, or want to OS your air throw with your lowest recovery air normal. Combos into j.H on counter hit. Also used at the end of IAD pressure strings when you want to land into 5P or 2K, or mix up with j.D, or frame trap with delayed VCL YRC.

GGXRD Ino j.K.png
How does she hold it without a strap? Magnets.
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
13 High / Air S YRP 5 12 18 -

5 frame overhead that's used out of a hover dash for mixup. Has a decent hitbox for such a fast move, given that I-No's hitboxes aren't great. Prorates 90%. Trying to land on an opponent's active low hitbox with this move will often lead to I-No being counter hit. It seems that I-No connects with the ground and is considered landing before the hitbox on this move gets close to the floor, so sometimes this can lose to wakeup 6P even when meatied. For reference, when Bedman 'falls asleep' during his idle animation and turns into a regular bed, this move whiffs on him no matter how it's timed or positioned.

GGXRD Ino j.S.png
Starter that leads to damage
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
23 High / Air SJ YRP 8 6 23 -

Works as an air to air, works as an air to ground. Overhead with no proration that leads to big damage in the corner. Will lose out to most things, so try to stay covered by a note or HCL YRC. It seems that I-No connects with the ground and is considered landing before the hitbox on this move gets all the way to the floor. For reference, when Bedman 'falls asleep' during his idle animation and turns into a regular bed, this move whiffs on him no matter how it's timed or positioned.

GGXRD Ino j.H.png
Pete Townshend's favorite attack.
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 High / Air S YRP 12 6 Until Landing -

I-No sticks her leg down somewhat, so you can sometimes use this to land earlier than normal. In AC/+R you could j.H right out of the start of a hover dash to land immediately for very strong j.K/2K mixup, but with I-No's dash in Xrd you have to stop dashing and start to fall for a few frames. You can also go into j.H in airdash pressure to land early for 2K/throw mixup. Besides this, j.H does great damage and has a lot of range. It can work as an air to ground when spaced correctly.

GGXRD Ino j.D.png
Spread on Time
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High / Air SJ YRP 16 5 20 / 9 After Landing -

An overhead that alters I-No's air momentum; she'll fall when rising, and float when falling. Used at the end of air block strings before landing for mixup. Can jump cancel for combos or continued block pressure. 16 frames of startup means that any air string you use will leave a gap, so don't get predictable with this mixup or you'll get counter hit. Prorates 80%, but hits pretty hard itself and sets up meterless combos nicely when going into delayed VCL.

Can be faultless defense canceled on startup for the altered momentum effect. This is difficult to do if you have a Burst stocked, but you can jump cancel moves like 5K, c.S, j.S, and even j.D into j.D, then Faultless defense cancel to stay low to the ground for near-instant overheads, or to land and immediately attack low with 2K while they're reacting to your jump. You can also delay the j.D FDC slightly to jump over the opponent for a cross up. In Xrd, j.D FDC removes j.D's 9 frames of landing recovery, so go nuts.

GGXRD Ino 6P.png
Disrespect people's pokes and jump-ins with this
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid S YRP 9 3 21 -10

Improved to 1-11 frames invul above the knees. Damage buffed by a few points. Prorate is no longer forced. It's a good anti-air tool, a good ground-to-ground poke, and a staple launcher for combos. Just try not to whiff because it has a lot of recovery frames, and be aware that other players may try to sweep under this move if they know you'll use it. Knocks down on ground hit if you don't combo it into anything. For reference, if you space at max range you can actually safely bait some DPs (like S-VV and Artemis/Bentengari).

GGXRD Ino 6H.png
High risk low reward at neutral, but rocks as a throw OS
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20,45 Mid S YRP 5 4(12)8 17 -6

The first hit prorates 80%, but the second doesn't. Now causes blow back, and you can't dash cancel this move unless the first hit connects, though you can special cancel it. Really limits I-No's options when using the second hit to fish for an AA Counter Hit. It used to lead to meterless damage and corner push, which was great considering the risk when using this move. Now you push them out too far to get oki, and don't really get a combo. However, this move is still great when attempting to throw as the AA hitbox will catch people who jump away, and now that you can special cancel on block you have options if it's blocked on the ground. Also works in corner combos when you're going to optimize for damage and end with HCL ~ D knockdown. If the 2nd hit catches someone jumping away from your throw in the corner, you can VCL loop for huge damage.

GGXRD Ino 2D.png
Knock people down > use oki mixup
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Low S YRP 11 3 18 -7

Has significantly less range than before, which means it's really difficult to knock down from about max 5K range (with f.S and 2S having more range than that). Knocks down, but floats a little bit on hit, which is used in some HCL setups. This move is a low without proration, so there may be situations in which you'll take the risk on using this as a low and then spend meter (Desperation - its proration is not forced) to do big damage in the corner.

GGXRD Ino 5D.png
She'll make a super sonic man outta you!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 High - YRP 26 12 9 -7

A little faster than +R, though still slower than AC, and has more recovery. Also has a prorate on top of scaling RISC really hard. It's a grounded overhead, so that's a thing. The horizontal range is surprisingly good, but we have better high/low options. If you're going to use this it's best to take advantage of the range, so use it more like a zoning tool than a mixup tool. You can try to catch people running in under a note or something - in a situation like that, most players are likely to crouch block and get tagged by this. Otherwise, throw it in from time to time in the corner when you're at a distance. Worthless on air hit, so be cautious given the risk of using it. Very active, so you could meaty it on oki for shenanigans and use the unexpected frame advantage to score a counter hit. A universal 5D gimmick is to YRC late into startup and hit low or throw. Some buffs to other moves in 1.1 improved the damage you can get from this in the corner.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
GGXRD Ino GroundThrow.png
Tie your mother down
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,60 Ground Throw: 78750 - R 1 - - 54

It's a throw. Throw people from time to time because I-No likes the physical contact. It costs more meter to combo off of now, but the prorate is improved (80% from RC compared to 40% before). In the corner you can for between 143(PO) to 202(CH) damage and still get good oki! Without RCing into a combo it's still great because it causes knockdown and pushes a little bit toward the corner, so you can mix them up again. You can also combo off of this without spending meter if RISC is cranked up to about +64 (training mode % value), which is 14% past flashing.

Air Throw
Air Throw
GGXRD Ino AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,60 Air Throw: 201250 - R 1 - - -

Instant air throw that doesn't combo anymore. But it's instant and has great range. Causes knockdown so you can oki, throws them toward the corner.

Dead Angle Attack
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Ino 6P.png
Don't ****ING touch me!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All - - 11 3 25 -14

Costs 50% meter, prorates meter gain, shoves people off of you, can be used while blocking. Try not to let players sweep under this or block this. Also try not to forget this option exists just because we have good supers and there's this new Blitz Shield kid on the block that you can reversal with. Back in my day we blocked oki mixup and used Alpha Counters like real Scotsman!

Blitz Shield Charge Attack
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R I-No BlitzAttack.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 50 Mid - R (15-48)+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20
Max Charge 50 Mid - R 50+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20
  • List what the move is used for
  • List interesting properties in bullet points like invul, floating opponents on CH, etc.

Follow the Help:Writing_Character_Pages guidelines

Special Moves

Antidepressant Scale
Antidepressant Scale
214P (air OK)
GGXRD Ino AntidepressantScale.png
Do a mixup then a combo ending in knockdown then a note then do it again
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 12×n All - YRP 18 Until Corner Total 50 -12
Air 12×n All - YRP 15 Until Corner Until Landing -

Shoot notes at range to try to force the other player to block so you can get in. Also shoot notes on oki to try to scare the other player into blocking so you can run a mixup. You can control the note with up/down inputs to determine it's vertical position on the screen. Gains extra hits the longer it's on screen, up to a max of 5. Slightly builds RISC in this game. Sometimes you'll want to end combos with Pdive for knockdown to push yourself out far enough for note to hit 3+ times on oki, which means you approach behind your Note (less risk of wakeup reversal or backdash), and also helps your combo damage if your mixup is successful. If you knock the other player down with HLC ~ D, you may not have enough time to force them to block with note. In such a situation you'll either use another oki method, like VCL YRC, or will have to take a guess with your note to keep them blocking and get your mixup opportunity.

Be advised that the air version comes out faster, and has a slightly faster movement speed than the ground version of this move.

Stroke the Big Tree
Stroke the Big Tree
GGXRD Ino StrokeTheBigTree.png
A dig in the ribs...
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 40 Low - YRP 20 2 17 ±0
H 40 Low - YRP 28 2 14 3

S version staggers on ground hit and can be escaped easily (the opponent recovers at the same time I-No does). If they don't mash out of stagger fast enough though, you can use this opportunity to knock down or attempt a reset. On Counter Hit there's enough stun to usually link into something and guarantee knockdown, however, it's still possible to shake out faster than I-No can link certain follow ups. Used to lead to big meterless damage on CH, so this is a big nerf. If you're deep in the corner when you get a CH with this, you can 6P > 5H > IAD combo for unprorated damage, but if you're too far away when STBT-S gets a counter hit you'll still only get knockdown. The CPU absolutely LOVES spamming this move to no end, so use the opportunity to learn how to punish it.

H version knocks down on ground hit and is +3 on block. On counter hit launches ridiculously high mid screen, and you can set up full combos in the corner because it wall splats. It's a very risky move to use given the start up time, but you can low profile under a lot of moves with it. The low profile frames/hurtboxes were buffed in 1.10, and now that you can YRC at any time you can bait all sorts of stuff. STBT YRC into mixup is an effective tool, and the time slow allows you to chase people who jump in fear of throws with an air throw. If you YRC either version during the travel frames, I-no will retain the forward movement of the move in neutral, creating kara throw situations and clever movement techniques in the neutral game. With j.D FDC (you can hide the FD input during the YRC and go for the Stocked-Burst version) you have both an unreactable mixup tool and a way to stomp counter 2D attempts when you STBT-H at mid screen.

Sultry Performance
Sultry Performance
GGXRD Ino SultryPerformance.png
... and then a kick in the head!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
P 30 High / Air - YRP 14[67] Until Landing 15 -
K 30 High / Air - YRP 13[66] Until Landing 12 -
S 30 High / Air - YRP 13[66] Until Landing 14 -
H 20×3 or 5 All - YRP 10[63] 32(3 Hit) 10 After Landing -

Pdive - Travels at a 15 degree angle. Combo tool with plenty of untech time. Can be canceled into an airdash or into specific special moves (more dives or note) after frame 9. If it hits low enough I-No will land and can link into 5H.

Kdive - Travels at a 30 degree angle. Knocks down with plenty of untech time. Prorates 85%. Hits overhead but can't be used as a starter even with RC when it's a ground hit. Damage nerfed to 30 from 35(AC value). Patch 1.1 added a little extra bounce on CH that pushes the opponent closer toward the corner, and you can now combo from ground CH if you spend 50% to RC. Really expensive for a heavily prorated combo (85% + 80% forced from the RC) that you only get on CH, but at least it's there. Now causes a floor bounce when fully charged that you can combo off of. If the fully charged version scores a counter hit, you get the charged properties instead of the CH properties.

Sdive - Travels at a 45 degree angle. Knocks down, but wallbounces on air hit in the corner. Scales RISC by 19 points, prorates by 70%, and can't be used as a starter on a ground hit outside of the corner even with RC. Given the proration and harsh scaling, it's not recommended to RC on air hit for a combo anyway, unless it'll kill. Damage was reduced from 40(AC) to 30. Probably I-No's most nerfed move. Patch 1.1 now causes an extra little bounce on CH that pushes the opponent toward the corner, and if they're already in the corner you'll get the wallbounce. You can RC to combo off of a CH at mid screen, but since this is even more prorated than Kdive and scales harder than Kdive you're going to get crap damage. Now causes tumble when fully charged, and it lasts long enough that you could combo into STBT-H if your timing is spot on. Damage is still ass, but at least there's a reason to charge K and S dive. When a fully charged version scores a CH, you get the charged properties instead of the CH properties.

Hdive - Travels horizontally along the screen. Low damage, but multi hit. Can be used in character specific combos that emphasize meter gain over damage. Also has a use in neutral when you want to take a big risk from just the right distance away. If you catch them off guard and hit them you can sometimes combo, but at this spacing you wont get substantial damage. On CH with perfect spacing you can potentially combo into c.S for a more substantial combo. Usually though, you'll just get knockdown (or they'll tech). If they react too slow to AA you and block, you're safe if you spaced it just right. Great it certain matchups for dealing with certain tools, like SlideHead.

Chemical Love
Chemical Love
214K (air OK)~214S (Derivative follow-up)
GGXRD Ino ChemicalLoveK.png
Dynamite with a laser beam
GGXRD Ino ChemicalLoveK2.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 35 All - YRP 11 10 13+8 After Landing 3
Air 35 All - YRP 11 10 12 After Landing -
25 All - YRP 13 - 9 After Landing -

Reaches about 2/3 distance across the screen when the camera isn't fully backed out. Range seems worse than AC/+R, but with the simpler motion it's understandable. The hitbox takes longer to come out starting around max f.S range which can cause some combos to drop (you'll lose the knockdown from HCL). More untech time, so it's useable in some combos in the corner. Also pretty good when YRCd during neutral. The derivative follow up can only be used on hit/block. Knocking down with derivative gives less advantage time for oki than dive knockdown, so take care to use it when you have at least 25% so you can dash in and VCL YRC or use Note YRC for oki, or when it'll kill, or when there's no alternative that gives knockdown. Now it's airborne on frame 2 and the vertical hitbox on I-No's body was nerfed to pre +R status so it'll whiff on crouching opponents. Follow-up can be done with both ground and air versions. I-No's hurtbox also no longer allows her to dodge lows.

Chemical Love (Vertical)
Chemical Love (Vertical)
214S (air OK)
GGXRD Ino ChemicalLoveS.png
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 40 All - YRP 11 11 11+9 After Landing -4
Air 40 All - YRP 11 11 8 After Landing -

Hits pretty hard and has improved landing recovery. Used in corner loops for big damage. When used during active airdash frames, this move will cause I-No to fast fall, which improves follow up options. There's just enough time in I-No's air dash to link j.K > j.S > VCL and still fast fall. Airborne on frame 2, so you can't "ghetto reversal" against lows anymore.

When YRC'd, this VCL is one of the most oppressive oki tools in the game. 11 active frames means that if timed right, the majority of characters can't back dash out without getting hit. If they try to reversal out, you can use the super flash from the YRC to react and FD block as soon as game play resumes. If they commit to blocking, I-No is in the air and can land with an overhead or land and immediate low while they're in block stun for an unreactable mixup. If they reversal Blitz Shield and absorb the projectile, I-No can land and throw.

Disinfection Method
Sterilization Method
214H (air OK)
GGXRD Ino SterilizationMethod.png
Let me squeeze you till you've dried
GGXRD Ino SterilizationMethod2.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 0,60 Air Throw: 227500 - RP 18 4 Total 44+8 After Landing -
Air 0,60 Air Throw: 227500 - RP 6 6 8 After Landing -

It's an airthrow with the most range in the game. Unlike Heavenly Potemkin Buster, it's actually a throw and not an unblockable air-to-air attack, so you can throw bursts with it. Resets jump options on hit and has enough untech time to set up a combo. Forced prorate 60%. The ground version is just slow enough that if you hit a player and clairvoyantly go for the air throw knowing they'll burst, you wont grab them in time, but only if they blue burst on the first possible frame when getting hit. Patch 1.1 made it so that I-No stays lower to the ground, falls faster, is not in Counter-Hit state during recovery, gave it a few extra active frames, AND made it upper body invincible. It was already a useful move and it was mega buffed. Now it's a solid Anti-Air option. Ties into her incredibly powerful YRC OS. Make sure you work on your tech traps!


Longing Desperation
GGXRD Ino LongingDesperation1.png
GGXRD Ino LongingDesperation2.png
I want to break free!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50x3 Mid - YRP 7+2 20 10 +1

Frame 1~13 Strike Invul. Starts 2 frames after the flash so it's possible to reversal throw it right before it goes active if used at neutral (it's not throw invul), FD, or even in some cases beat it clean with an uppercut (Volcanic Viper) or some low profile moves (Grand Viper). However, throwing this super on reaction would be much harder when used as a reversal because of the restriction on throws when waking up. Safe on block. It can be used as a combo-finisher but Fortissimo is a better option for that. Goes through projectiles and untechable knockdown. 80% prorate means that it can be used as a combo starter, but ultimately Fortissimo is a better combo starter due to no proration if you get an opportunity to punish. If you have 50% meter when you run your corner oki, it's actually worthwhile to use 2D in place of 2K sometimes (since 2D doesn't prorate) and confirm into Desperation for full damage, then follow up with a full combo.

Ultimate Fortissimo
GGXRD Ino UltimateFortissimo1.png
GGXRD Ino UltimateFortissimo2.png
Screaming Orgasm. Hope you were already blocking.
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50X3 Mid - YRP 7+0 7 16 -

In AC/+R this was a strong contender for best super in the game. In Xrd some of this move's properties have changed. Recovery is now listed as 16 instead of "Until Landing", it's active for 2 fewer frames, and it doesn't look like the input freeze is still present. However, this move is still frame 0 after the flash, which means this move basically wins in any situation where the other player isn't invul at the time of the super flash. It's + on block (no longer sure by how much) so you get to run a mixup if they manage to block, and on hit it sets up a high-damage combo. Because the invul only lasts up to the active frame, Fortissimo will trade with or lose to most 6P attacks (the upper body invul) and will lose to other Reversals depending on timing and how much invul they have. It's pretty much guaranteed to lose to an uppercut, though it may beat other supers if it goes second. Don't forget that supers gain hellfire damage in Xrd, and beat Blitz Shield.

Instant Kill

in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Ino Megalomania.png
GGXRD Ino Megalomania2.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All - - 9+12[5+9] 6 30 -19
  • [ ] Indicates during Hell Fire
  • Uses the animation of her 5H.
  • Anime.

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-e
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