GGXRD-R/Jam Kuradoberi

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Jam Kuradoberi
GGXRD-R Jam Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x1.06

Guts Rating: 3

Weight: Light

Stun Resistance: 65

Jump Startup: 3F

Backdash Time 13F / Invul: 1-7F

Movement Options
Double jump, 1 airdash, Run type dash


Kung-fu master chef with horrible luck regarding her restaurants - she hunts dragons for ingredients and people for money. Being a rare wielder of KI she's one of the stronger humans in the GG universe and fights with her expert martial arts instead of weapons.

Her unique mechanic revolves around her ability to power up her kick specials, giving them different properties on hit. Similar to Sin she can cancel these kick specials into other kick specials - up to 3 times. They also gain different properties if done during airdashing, giving her a lot of flexibility in one button.


  • Fast grounded and air normals
  • Very fast and agile character with evasive movement options
  • Strong grab that leads to combos and a lot of damage with 50 tension
  • Carded specials always gives hard knockdowns no matter when or where they hit
  • Flexible pressure game that can build RISC very fast
  • Very good DP with card
  • Above average tension gain
  • Decent parry
  • Easy execution and gameplan
  • Ryuujin!


  • Very short range on her normals, making it difficult to beat other characters buttons and makes her combos prone to unnecessary drops
  • DP requires card to extend invincibility to active frames
  • Below average combo-damage without carded specials
  • 3f normal can be crouched by most of the cast making its usefulnes situational
  • Divekick can often be better on block than hit, especially bad on counter

Normal Moves

GGXRD Jam 5P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid CJS YRP 3 3 7 ±0

Quick startup make this move great for interrupting certain moves and as a combo filler. However, 5p does not hit all crouching characters so finding opportunities for this move will be less common. Decent AA at 3F and can punish certain attacks such as Slayer's Under Pressure.

  • Crouching characters that 5p will connect on are:
  •Potemkin, Bedman, Slayer(3rd 5p will whiff) and Kum
GGXRD Jam 5K.png
The god-button
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Low S YRP 4 4 6 +2

One of Jam's best pokes up close. Frame traps into itself and hits low. Excellent normal to start her pressure or to go in for a grab. Has 6f of hitstop instead of the regular 11f, making it harder to DAA out of pressure, and better to use for tick throws. Heavy initial hit proration however limits the damage from combos that are started with this normal.

  • Good for picking up airborne opponents about to hit the ground
  • Gatlings from and into 2S, into 6K and 6HS
GGXRD Jam cS.png
Elbow of justice
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid JS YRP 6 8 12 -6

Decent normal, but mostly sees any use at all in combos because of its very short range.

  • No initial proration, so good combo starter.
GGXRD Jam fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Mid JS YRP 6 5 11 -2

One of her best ranged normals with a good hitbox. Stuffs a lot of pokes if thrown out early and can confirm into more pressure or a combo.

  • On standing counter hit you can confirm into a combo by jump-cancel > airdash > jP making this a pretty good tool.
  • f.S into TK Ryujin is a usable hitconfirm on the majority of the cast. On shorter characters it becomes harder.
GGXRD Jam 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24*3 Mid S YRP 13 3(3)3(3)3 15 +1

Decent combo filler that does good damage. Sees little use as anything else.

  • Hits behind Jam so can be used preemptively against moves that cross up/teleport.
  • Last frames are very low profile so can evade certain reversals if done meaty enough.
  • Horrible on whiff, not a great move to use in neutral.
  • Cancels into and from 6K, giving her big damage and good pressure. 5H[1] 6K[2] is almost universally more damage when done in a combo.
  • Crazy risc-build on block / Drains so much meter on FD.
GGXRD Jam 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 High - YRP 25 4 40 -2

Jams dust-attack. Somewhat fast but easily blocked by skilled players.

  • "Traditional" dust can lead to high damage with a cranked guard bar, Side dust can lead to good mixups and reward in the corner.
  • Very very short range!
  • Surprisingly safe on block, so not the worst thing to do after a vacuumed 2H.
GGXRD Jam 6P.png
Fist in face
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18*2 Mid S YRP 9 3(6)3 12 +2

Unorthodox 6P. If used as AA you want to cancel the first hit into cS/fS and jump cancel that move into followup air combo. Sees some use in pressure as it's +2 on block and cancels into pretty much anything.

  • Can not be jump cancelled!
  • Was previously thought to lose upper body invu when it goes active due to a mistranslation of japanese frame data.
GGXRD Jam 6K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26,36 Mid JS YRP 6 4(6)12 20 -18

2-hit kick, does good damage but doesn't advance Jam so might cause combos to drop. First kick has almost no pushback, even on FD so it's excellent for her pressure-game and easier to combo into.

  • Forces stand on hit so has some unique uses in combos.
  • Only normal that combos to 6H on regular hit (2nd hit only).
  • Gatlings from and into 5H. Only the second hit will combo. On block, the opponent can IB the first hit and punish you if you attempt to cancel to 5H.
GGXRD Jam 6H.png
The Big Swing!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid S YRP 14 3 22 -6

Pretty useful move, while slow it avoids a lot of lows and has a very high attack-level, decent normal to cancel into 236+S-specials. Pretty unsafe on block so don't forget to cancel it. Good move to use in pressure with the threat of YRC along with a huge reward on counter hit.

  • On regular hit you can safely charge a MAX card.
  • Loses lower body invul when it becomes active, so will trade against lows. Cannot be used as a reversal since it's not invul until frame 4.
GGXRD Jam 2P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
6 Mid CS YRP 4 2 7 +3

Standard crouching jab.

GGXRD Jam 2K.png
Get low
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8 Low CS YRP 5 3 9 ±0

Very fast, long ranged low normal with good evasion and upper body invincibility, one of her better normals. Useful to use in matchups where 2D is too much of a commitment.

  • On CH it combos into 6H.
  • Chains into itself and can easily be confirmed into 2D for card charge.
  • Decent combo starter because of speed and invulnerability, in spite of high proration and low damage.
GGXRD Jam 2S.png
Stop pressing buttons!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Mid S YRP 6 5 9 ±0

Shorter range than in the older games, but a stronger hitbox to make up for it. Will CH most pokes in the game for stagger. Good for pressure and frame traps, can be cancelled until nearly the end of its recovery frames.

  • Staggers on CH, if opponent isn't ready to mash out of it you can dash up and get a full combo.
  • Interesting hitbox makes it a hard counter against lows.
GGXRD Jam 2H.png
Get over here!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28,20 Mid S YRP 11 8(6)4 13 ±0

Essential Jam combo tool. Sees a lot of uses.

  • On both block and hit it vacuums the opponent closer to Jam.
  • Makes it very easy to confirm combos on hit or block.
  • Can be normal- and special-cancelled from both hits making it hard for the opponent to know when you will do something out of it.
  • Used to combo into parry~PK for her stronger combos in specific situations.
  • Can be used as an AA in some situations, though not that reliable.

Useful on block, but note that if the first hit is IB'd, the opponent can punish you before the second hit. Mix up your blockstrings to ensure they're not confident enough to do this.

Examples on stuff you can do on block:

  • Cancel into parry without followups then throw.
  • Cancel to 2D into either 236S-stuff or JC into IAD-mixups.
  • Goes naturally into 5D from either first or second hit, though there's a pretty big gap.
  • Not cancel into anything as it's 0 on block, if opponent doesn't have anything faster than a 5F-move and didn't IB it, you can do 5K almost for free into more pressure stuff.
GGXRD Jam 2D.png
Get lower
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Low JS YRP 6 4 16 -6

Very fast and good sweep, very common combo ender as you cancel it into a safe card charge. Evasive!

  • Can be cancelled into jump, specials or supers.
  • From stray 2D hits you can OTG with 5KcSfS into 236S-stuff to keep the pressure going.
  • 2D into not-cancelled jump jH is a safejump in most circumstances.
  • Combos into IAD dp against most characters making this a great option on block and hit.
GGXRD Jam jP.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
11 High/Air CS YRP 6 4 16 -

A surprisingly slow airjab. One of few air-normals Jam has that attacks in a downward angle. Cancels into itself on whiff.

GGXRD Jam jK.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
14 High/Air S YRP 5 8 11 -

Faster than jP but doesn't chain into itself. Mostly used as combo filler but is a decent air-to-air attack when used at the same level as your opponent.

  • Chains both into and from jP.
GGXRD Jam jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 High/Air JS YRP 5 5 9 -

Amazing air normal. Beats most jump-ins if done early enough. Leads to good damage with cards.

  • Her only air-normal that's jump-cancellable making it essential for combos.
  • Launches opponent upwards on hit.
  • Guaranteed 17f of untech on hit allowing you to do jS JC delay jS/jH to set up ryuujin followups.
  • Good airthrow OS normal.
GGXRD Jam jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 High/Air S YRP 5 10 16 -

Very fast jH normal. Pretty good damage on hit. A lot of active frames making Jam into a cannon ball. Important note: be ready to cancel into j2K when used after an IAD, as aware opponents will throw you after blocking as you land from this normal.

  • Any kind of movement altering options (IAD YRC / Ryuujin YRC) into jH is pretty decent.
  • On CH-hit it's possible to land, jump and followup with an air combo if you were close enough to the ground when it hit.
  • Hits all around Jam so can be used to crossup as well.
GGXRD Jam jD.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16,28 High/Air S YRP 7 3(6)6 16 + 4 After landing -

Air can-cans! Decent air-move. Like all j.Ds, has landing recovery.

  • Launches upwards on hit.
  • Potential for very strong combo followups in corner.
  • If second hit is CH it blows away and wallbounces. Potential for very strong followups or just max-charge a card.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
GGXRD-R Jam GroundThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20, 30 Ground Throw - R 1 1 - +18

Strong grab that leads to combos. Jam is a very scary rushdown character, so having a strong throw is huge.

Since the first hit only gives 90% forced prorate you can get very strong followups from RRC, giving you enough time to charge card and followup combo AFTER RRC slowdown, adding no extra proration. With character specific followups you can get around 200ish damage off this.

Example combo that works on everyone (requires a slight microdash before 6K on some):

  • Throw (1) RRC > 22S, 6K JC jKjS JC jH xx j236Kxxj623Kxxj214K dash cS2H(2)> Parry PP ~ 175ish damage
Air Throw
Air Throw
GGXRD-R Jam AirThrow.png
Get down!
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Air Throw - R 1 1 - -

Decent airthrow. Unlike her grounded throw you don't get massive damage off RRC. In corner you can get OTG followups.

Dead Angle Attack
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Jam fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All - - 10 9 20 -15

Standard DA-attack. Uses her fS-animation. Wallbounces.

Blitz Shield Charge Attack
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R Jam BlitzAttack.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 50 Mid - R (15-48)+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20
Max Charge 50 Mid - R 50+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20

Special Moves

GGXRD Jam Hochifu.png
Parry attacks...
GGXRD Jam Zekkei.png
> P
GGXRD Jam Goushao.png
> P > P
GGXRD Jam Dowanga.png
> P > K
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - YRP 1 - - -
> P
40 Mid - YRP 4 6 30 -17
> P > P
35 Mid - YRP 15 6 24 -11
> P > K
25 - - YRP 27 2 20 -3
  • Hochifu - Jam's parry. This move has 2 versions depending on whether you use it in neutral or cancel it from a normal.
  • In neutral: Jam catches highs and mids for 1-8 frames. Jam is unable to block low and cannot jump. Jam is able cancel into other movement options and FD on frame 9.(Run, walk, backdashing etc.)
  • As a special cancel: Jam retains the same conditions as when in neutral with the exception of being able to perform movement actions or FD after frame 8. If the opponent is parried when jam cancels into Hochifu (such as a burst), the rules apply as if she had canceled normally.
  • You can cancel into P follow up if you catch a button Mid string. The follow up is 4 frame start up and has lots of hitstun. However it's easily punishable if blocked.
    • You can frame trap with the 2nd P follow up, the 2nd follow up is unsafe and leaves Jam in counter hit state during recovery.
    • You can go for the safer K follow up. However the K follow up has a larger gap in between. The K follow up does launch the opponent and true combos from the 1start follow up on counter hit. Generally a good rule is never let 46P be blocked.
  • If you have any tension at all you can FD OS the followup by doing 464+P+K. On whiff Jam will FD, if she parries a move the P-followup will hit. This makes it a decent AA with 1f startup, 8f actives and 0f recovery. Not that useful against multi-hitting moves unfortunately.
GGXRD Jam Youeikyaku.png
Jive kick
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16, 10*4 High/Air - YRP 10 Until Landing 6 After Landing +8
  • Youeikyaku - Jam's dive kick. It also serves as her go to overhead off of a jump cancelable normal.
  • It's also plus on block depending on its point of contact.(preferably below the waist of at the feet. On hit it leaves you at a slight frame advantage and occasionally enough to follow up with 5k or 2p. From higher up, you will have to RC in order to convert into a full combo.
  • If not properly spaced it's very easy to throw punish if multiple hits, either it's blocked, hit or even on CH.
  • Good to use after air confirms when you don't have a card to immediately return to the ground.
  • It's possible to link into 5k or 2p after Youeikyaku in some situations.
GGXRD Jam Bakushuu.png
Bakushuu (236S)
GGXRD Jam Mawarikomi.png
Mawarikomi (P)
GGXRD Jam Ashibarai.png
Hamonkyaku (K)
GGXRD Jam HyappoShinshou.png
Hyappo Shinshou (S)
GGXRD Jam SenriShinshou.png
Senri Shinshou (H)
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - Total: 46 -
> P
- - - Y - - Total: 25 -
> K
30 - - YRP 8 6 23 -15
Hyappo Shinshou
> S
50 Mid - YRP 17 3 15 +1
Senri Shinshou
> H
50 [44] Mid - YRP 23 [28] 1 [3] 13 +5 [+3]
  • Bakushuu - A Dash, it has follow-ups (special note: it can be used as a meterless way to avoid bursts while using normals on the ground as it inherently low profiles them with enough recovery to punish very well on its own)
  • Mawarikomi - Strike invul from ankles up. It's generally used to get in on your opponent while they're applying pressure from mid to full screen and it can be Roman cancelled. Aware opponents will throw you out of it, or use very low pokes to punish attempts to get in.
  • Hamonkyaku - A swift low kick, causes light stun on CH. You can use this to apply fuzzies because of the ability to follow up with Jam's special kicks. Because of how her kicks work, this move will count as one of your special move kicks, so you can only follow up with two other special kicks. You can cancel the move with a kick before it comes out to trick your opponent into guarding low because the pruple flash still comes out even when you cancel before impact. Common use of this is after 2HS but use it with other moves to give your strikes instant fuzzy situations. (Special note: in the corner landing this then Gekirin will not combo unless execution is perfect. An easier time would be to DP then Gekirin upon successful hit)
  • Hyappo Shinshou (puffball) - Good for stuffing air-to-ground maneuvers because of its large frontal hitbox. Solid blockstring ender and good on block, but aware opponents will punish the startup. Causes tumble state on CH.
  • Senri Shinshou (Heavy puffball) - Good for applying safe pressure. On block, it pushes your opponent back, on hit you get free otg situation. On CH you get wallsplat if you're close enough and tumble state if at mid screen. It crosses up if the dash for the move is extremely close to the opponent. The drawback is its especially long startup and lack of low profile, allowing it to be more easily stuffed, but it reaches the entire screen if timed correctly. So use this to close the gap after launching your opponent away with puffball or any other relevant situation. Good opponents will throw you out of this when attempting to cross up with it!
Asanagi no Kokyuu
Asanagi no Kokyuu
GGXRD Jam AsanagiNoKokyuu.png
Hold for MAX version
GGXRD Jam AsanagiIcons.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - Total: 56~77 -

Essential Jam-specific mechanic. Very dangerous to do raw because of a huge recovery.

  • 22K charges Ryuujin, 22S charges Gekirin and 22H charges Kenroukaku.
  • Holding K/S/H charges the card to max level but takes more time.
  • Jam gains card before it recovers, meaning you can get hit out of it and still get card. This also means you can get card and YRC it to recover faster.
  • After 1.03 you gain card during max-charge as well so if you have to YRC or get hit out of it you still get a regular card. Also charges a lot faster in 1.03 making it more viable to max-charge.
GGXRD Jam Ryuujin.png
Dragon kick!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 55 [28] Mid [All] - YRP 17 [8] 6 [4] 30 + 11 After Landing -28 [-26]
Card 80 [65] Mid [All] - YRP 16 [8] 24 [22] 14 + 11 After Landing -30 [-28]
MAX 110 [100] Mid [All] - YRP 16 [8] 24 [22] 14 + 11 After Landing -30 [-28]

The Bruce Lee special! Great combo-tool, but air-version is much more useful.

GGXRD Jam Gekirin.png
Axe kick!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 35 [16] High/Air - YRP 19 [17] 13 3+10 After Landing
[Until Landing + 10]
-12 [-13]
Card 28*3 [22*3] High/Air - YRP 18 [12] 3,4,6 4+10 After Landing
[Until Landing + 10]
MAX 55 [45] High/Air - YRP 18 [12] 13 [10] Until Landing + 5 -4 [-5]

Standing overhead. Keeps momentum and can cross up, but unsafe and reactable without card so not as useful compared to the air-version.

  • If cancelled from 236S~K it comes out much faster, either if 236S~K whiffs or on hit. With max card this is a 12f overhead, hitting crouchers at f15 making it a really strong mixup. With pushback it's pretty hard to punish as well on block. This makes maxing this card worth it.
GGXRD Jam Kenroukaku.png
Dragon punch! (kick!)
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 11*4 [8*3] Mid [Mid/Air] - R 7 [5] 4(1)/4(1)/2(2)1(1)/9 ※1 20 + 6 After Landing
[15 + 12 After Landing]
-21 [-22]
Card 11*6 [8*6] Mid [Mid/Air] - R 7 [5] 2/2(1)/4(1)/2(2)1(1)/9 ※1 26 + 6 After Landing
[20 + 12 After Landing]
MAX 11*6,30 [8*6,30] Mid [Mid/Air] - R 7 [5] 3(1)2(1)/3(1)/4(2)/3(1)/4(2)/2(2)/1(1)/9 ※1 20 -15

If you don't have this carded it's not a true DP and will trade if used. It still has its uses on wakeup because of startup invincibility, possibly beating out some meaty moves, and on block you can cancel it into the other kick specials making it safer than the average DP.

  • As with other DP's in the game you can not YRC/PRC this move.
  • However on block you can cancel into axe-kick then YRC the axe-kick, making this a DP you can make safer with just 25 meter.
Air Ryuujin
Air Ryuujin
GGXRD Jam Ryuujin.png
Air dragon kick!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 50 [28] All - YRP 8 4 Until Landing + 11 -
Card 75 [65] All - YRP 8 22 Until Landing + 11 -
MAX 110 [100] All - YRP 8 22 Until Landing + 11 -

Useful combo-tool uncarded, with card it's basically a horizontal dragon-punch. Was hugely buffed in 1.03 giving the air-version true invincibility on startup until actives. Just having one card in this lets you beat pretty much anything in neutral when you TK it.

Since it's easier for Jam to max cards in 1.03 and this move is so great, if you max this you have won neutral. It beats everything.

Air Gekirin
Air Gekirin
GGXRD Jam Gekirin.png
Air axe-kick!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 30 [16] High/Air - YRP 16 [17] 13 Until Landing + 10 -
Card 24 [22*3] High/Air - YRP 15 [12] 13 [3,4,6] Until Landing + 10 -
MAX 50 [45] High/Air - YRP 15 [12] 13 Until Landing + 5 -

Air gekirin itself is mostly used as a combo filler/ender, but has uses in neutral / pressure when used from an airdash. Works like a downward overhead dropkick that lets you get a combo even without card. Drops her down really fast as well so superjump airdash gekirin is like dropping a bomb.

  • If you have at least one card in this it becomes a very common air combo ender as it lets you continue the combo on the ground or max-charge any card you like.
Air Kenroukaku
Air Kenroukaku
GGXRD Jam Kenroukaku.png
Air dp!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 12*3 [8*3] Mid/Air - R 5 4(1)4(1)/2(2)1(1)/9 ※1 Until Landing + 6
[Until Landing + 12]
Card 9*6 [8*6] Mid/Air - R 5 2/2(1)/4(1)/2(2)1(1)/9 ※1 Until Landing + 6
[Until Landing + 12]
MAX 9*6,30 [8*6,30] Mid/Air - R 5 3(1)2(1)/3(1)/4(2)/3(1)/4(2)/2(2)/1(1)/9 ※1 20 -

Usually used as a combo-filler but is a very strong mixup-tool if you have one card in this. Usually this move launches Jam upwards but if done during an airdash it halts her momentum and she falls downward, allowing a combo into juggle on hit.

  • Excellent crossup/non-crossup mixup if done properly. Can be hard to punish but is unsafe.
  • As OKI-tool after 2D > 22H it's pretty good as you can chose what side you do it on and because of its invulnerability it beats most wakeup reversals with few exceptions (Jacko)
  • Very rarely maxed as one card gives the same utility as max card.


Choukyaku Hou'Oushou
Choukyaku Hou'Oushou
GGXRD Jam ChoukyakuHou'Oushou1.png
Fury of the Phoenix
GGXRD Jam ChoukyakuHou'Oushou2.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20,7*16,40,80 Mid - YRP 7+演出123+0 21 27 -29
25,8*16,50,100 Mid - YRP 6+演出123+0 21 27 -29

Her true useful wakeup reversal super. Rushes forward and on hit will do the full animation.

  • Burst version is her most damaging super ender in long combos because of very high minium damage.
Bao Saishinshou
Bao Saishinshou
GGXRD Jam BaoSaishinshou.png
Grace of the Dragon Horse
GGXRD Jam Kaorinkuen.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Bao Saishinshou
60 Mid - YRP 0+5? 6 36 -23
> P
70, 60 Mid - RP 60 - Until Landing + 41
Until Landing + 23
Until Landing + 50

A very damaging but very hard to utilize combo ender super. While invulnerable on wakeup it's range is really small so it has very limited usefulness as a wakeup reversal.

First hit launches them and by pressing P again Jam lunges forward. If you mistime it and hit the wall she will crash into it and you won't get any followup damage. If you get a stray hit you will do additional damage, and on a clean hit it does massive damage.

  • No oki on hit, puts the opponent right next to you with slight advantage making this a less useful move if it's not going in for the kill.
GGXRD Jam Renhoukyaku.png
Super puffball
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16*13 All - YRP 20+1 2,4*11,2 9 +3

Also known as "best super in the game", this move has great range and hitbox and impossible to punish if blocked. With startup throw invincibility it's a great move to bait wakeup throws with or used as a counter to opponent supers if their startup isn't fast enough.

  • Loses throw invulnerability when it goes active so can be thrown if close enough.
  • You can YRC before superflash for 1-5 throw invu + 6-20f all invu for 25 meter.
  • Can be YRC'd AFTER the startup as well either on hit or block letting you either confirm the combo or go in for a free mixup. The projectile almost hides her 5D behind this.

Instant Kill

During IK Mode: 236236H
GGXRD Jam Gasenkotsu1.png
GGXRD Jam Gasenkotsu2.png
GGXRD Jam Gasenkotsu3.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All - - 9+12
4 36 -23
  • [ ] Indicates when match point for you, opponent in Hell Fire state, and you have 50% Tension
  • IK Mode Activation: P+K+S+H
  • Uses the animation of her Goushao.
  • Instantly destroys opponent
  • Common setup: 100% bar setup is grab rrc on first hit take a step back and activate and use instakill
  • Note: This only works when it is the last round in a game and the opponent is under 20% hp (flashing hp bar)

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