Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

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Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
GGXrd-R Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)
Aksys Games (North America)
PQube (Europe)

Release Dates:

Japan (Arcade): 8/25/2015
Japan (PS3/PS4): 5/26/2016
North America (PS3/PS4): 6/7/2016
Europe (PS3/PS4): 6/10/2016
Worldwide (Steam): 12/14/2016

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
Followed By: Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

This is a revision of the Xrd series that adds new characters to the roster as well as adjusts existing and mechanics. Surprisingly, Arc System Works has stated that returning characters will not be rebalanced.

All characters from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (including DLC characters) return for this installment.


GGXRD-R Axl Icon.png GGXRD-R Bedman Icon.png GGXRD-R Chipp Icon.png GGXRD-R Dizzy Icon.png GGXRD-R2 Elphelt Valentine Icon.png GGXRD-R Faust Icon.png GGXRD-R I-No Icon.png GGXRD-R Jack-O' Icon.png

GGXRD-R Jam Icon.png GGXRD-R Johnny Icon.png GGXRD-R Kum Icon.png GGXRD-R Ky Icon.png GGXRD-R Leo Icon.png GGXRD-R May Icon.png GGXRD-R Millia Icon.png

GGXRD-R Potemkin Icon.png GGXRD-R Ramlethal Icon.png GGXRD-R Raven Icon.png GGXRD-R Sin Icon.png GGXRD-R Slayer Icon.png GGXRD-R Sol Icon.png GGXRD-R Venom Icon.png GGXRD-R Zato-1 Icon.png

New Characters

  • Johnny is a returning character from Guilty Gear X and the XX series. He is the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates and uses Iaido for fast strikes at mid-range. Johnny also has a limited number of coins that he throws at the opponent that serves two purposes: to cancel the recovery of his attacks into continued offense, and to power up his Mist Finer specials for extended combos.
  • Jack-O' is a new character who wears a pumpkin-shaped mask and a jumpsuit with leg flares and is one of That Man's associates. She places ghosts on the ground to summon servants to attack the opponent. The opponent can hit the ghosts and servants, but Jack-O' can pick up and move the ghosts. Her play style was inspired by the Real Time Strategy game Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.
  • Jam Kuradoberi is a returning character from Guilty Gear X and the XX series. She is a master chef and probably spends more time in the kitchen than in the battlefield. However, when she does fight, she possesses extraordinary power by channeling her ki into devastating special attacks. Jam is a very offensive oriented character that wants to be up close and personal whenever possible.
  • Kum Haehyun (console paid DLC/formerly free for limited time) is a new character who is a martial arts master. Appearing as a large, strong old man, the real Haehyun is in fact a young woman. Her outward appearance is an artificial body, Jeonryeok Kum, piloted by Haehyun from within. Kum's special attacks have multiple follow-up attacks that the player can pick depending on the situation.
  • Raven (console unlockable, paid DLC/formerly free for limited time) is a returning character that made his playable debut in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-, and now makes his fighting game debut in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. An immortal and That Man's right-hand man, Raven is a masochist who has grown tired of his immortal life. In battle, Raven has long reaching attacks and a unique special that fills a gauge if he takes damage during it, increasing the power of his other attacks.
  • Dizzy (console paid DLC/formerly free for limited time) is a returning character from Guilty Gear X and the XX series. She is the half-Gear daughter of Justice, and is now wife to Ky Kiske and mother of Sin Kiske. Dizzy is a highly mobile character who summons various projectiles to control space. She can also use these projectiles for okizeme and mix-ups.

System Changes from SIGN to REVELATOR

Stylish Type
  • Introduces an extra button (Special, SP) for performing specials and Overdrives.
  • Connecting normals in sequence results in situational auto-combos and blockstrings.
  • Holding no direction in neutral blocks mids and highs automatically.
  • Stylish characters take 20% extra damage from attacks.
Throw Break
  • Occurs when two players attempt to normal throw each other at the same time.
Homing Dash (GGD.png > 6) overhauled
  • Now forces the opponent into a tumble with the character pursuing them, normals re-tumble for a while, then cause the opponent to plummet.
  • Normals can be cancelled into other normals freely for a short period of time, as with Homing Jump.
  • Opponent still wall sticks if they reach the corner.
  • Performing no homing action after GGD.png no longer causes wall stick in the corner.
Burst Overdrive
  • Augmented Overdrives that cost both 50% Tension and the entire Burst Gauge.
  • Only one Overdrive per character can be used as a Burst Overdrive, specifically their cinematic Overdrive.
  • Performed by doing the motion for the Overdrive and pressing GGD.png (ex: 632146GGH.png becomes 632146GGD.png).
  • Burst Overdrives have fully invulnerable start-up and deal 25% more damage than their regular counterparts.
  • Minimum damage is also increased, but the percentage varies on a case-by-case basis.
  • Some Burst Overdrives have additional benefits specific to the Overdrive in question.
  • Successfully landing a Burst Overdrive restores a third of your Burst Gauge.
Blitz Shield altered
  • A successful rejection now slightly refills the Burst Gauge.
  • Crouching Blitz Shield can now be performed by pressing 3 + GGH.png + any other attack button except GGD.png.
  • Crouching Blitz Shield no longer rejects mids.
Blitz Attack
  • Performed by holding GGH.png during a grounded Blitz Shield.
  • Can be charged by holding GGH.png longer and continues to reject while charging.
  • Upon glowing red, the charge will reject all rejectable moves until release, regardless if they're high, mid or low.
  • At max charge, the attack itself gains a greatly increased Attack Level and can no longer be rejected by a Blitz Reversal.
  • On ground hit, causes horizontal blowback with wall stick in the corner at partial charge, crumples at max charge (or on Counter Hit at partial charge)
  • On air hit, causes horizontal blowback with wall stick in the corner at partial charge, floats with wall stick in the corner at max charge (or on Counter Hit at partial charge)
  • Partial charge version has 55% initial proration, max charge version does not prorate.
  • Steals a small amount of the opponent's Burst Gauge on hit.

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Version Updates

On July 17, 2016, Arc System Works released Version 1.03 for consoles, featuring a rebalance for the whole cast. Version 1.04, a secondary update, was later released for consoles on September 30, 2016, featuring additional balance changes and Digital Figure Mode.

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