Ky Kiske

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General Info

Ky is the deuteragonist of Guilty Gear, as well as the rival and foil to Sol Badguy. His gameplay differs somewhat between iterations of the franchise, but he is generally considered to be the closest character that Guilty Gear has to the shotoShort for "Shotokan" A character archetype defined by being similar in some way to Ryu from Street Fighter. Shotos usually have a horizontal fireball, an invulnerable reversal, and a forward moving special move. archetype. Some titles even expand on Ky's projectiles, either giving more pressure options him or place status effects on opponents.

In the story, Ky was a former member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights during the Crusades. While he has a strong sense of justice, it was very black and white at first, condemning evil such as Gears. Ky would eventually meet and fall in love with Dizzy, which in turn, changed his beliefs about the inherent evil of Gears. Since Overture, Ky has become co-kings with Leo Whitefang and Daryl, as well as having a son, Sin Kiske.

As of Guilty Gear -Strive-, Ky is revealed to be half-Gear, presumably due to Sin's missing eye replacing one of his eyes.