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GNW-20000 Arche Gundam[edit]

Pilot: Ali al-Saachez

Cost: 2500

Durability: 640

Red Lock Range: 6.8 (Close-Range)

MA Mode: No

Equip Change: No

Dustloop Thread:

JP Wiki: Arche (EXVSFB)

Common Nicknames:


One of the new DLC units in the previous title, Arche Gundam's Ali al-Saachez continues his warmongering in Full Boost.

Arche is an almost entirely close-range, melee-centric suit, having only its low ammo-BR and GN Fangs for ranged options.

Changes from EXVS
  • BR→[BC] cancel routes added
  • [4/6BC] startup somewhat slowed


Ranged Name Ammo Damage Reload/Charge Down Value Notes
[A] Main GN Buster Sword Rifle Mode 3 65-137 4s 2.0 Can rapid fire up to 3 shots
[CSa] GN Fangs (Fusillade) -- 20-111 2.5s 0.3 x7 Laucnhes 7 Fangs that will surround the enemy and attack with beam shots
[AB] Sub GN Fang (BR) 12 20-98 1 ammo/4s 0.2 GN Fangs fire ranged beams at the target

Can rapid fire up to 6 shots

[AC] GN Fang (Dagger) 1 35-95 6s 0.5 x3 3 Fangs launch and directly crash into the target
[BC] Special Movement -- -- -- -- [5/8/2BC] Arche does a jumping flip

Cuts tracking

Can be rainbow stepped

[4/6BC] and [BC]~B are melee commands

Cannot be used in overheat



Name Total Damage Total Proration Total Down Notes
5BBBBB GN Buster Sword 232 33% 3.8
5BB~8B~A →Uppercut

→→GN Fangs







Special Down

Weak Stun

5BB~2B →Roundhouse 171 50% 5.2 Forced Down
6BB GN Beam Sabers 161 68% 2.7 2nd stage does up to 4 kicks
6BB~A →GNBS Rifle Mode 142  ??% >5.56 Forced Down
8B Stab→Knockaway 154 65% 3.7 Single stage 2hit attack
2B Taunt 132 78% 2.7 Melee counter

Half-spin Down

BD8BBB Rush Combo 181 41% 3.5
[BC]~B →Front Flip Slash 196 80% 3.0 10hit grind
[4/6BC] Uppercut 90 80% 1.7 Non-umeki launched Down

Startup does not cut tracking like [5/8/2BC] does

Cancel Routes[edit]

[A] BR → Sub, AC, BC

[AB] Sub → BR, BC

[AC] → BR, BC

Ranged Moveset Details[edit]

Melee Moveset Details[edit]

EX Burst[edit]

EX Attack[edit]

GN Buster Sword Assault


Burst Selection[edit]

Assault Blast: +17% Damage, +14% Defense

Blast Burst: +4% Damage, +23% Defense

Info and Tactics[edit]


Partner Considerations[edit]

Being at its core a suit that lives for sneak attacks, being only to extremely minimally able to contribute to a shooting war, your most desired team comp is one that allows you to act as a forward guard, causing havoc in the enemy's formation. However, because he doesn't have any attention-grabbing armaments, he cannot serve for directing attention to himself well.

3000 Cost[edit]

High overcost penalty, and there are very few options that allow Arche to really play its game well...

  • Turn-X: Performs best in mid-to-close range shooting battles. It also carries decent melee, can punish landings with CS, and most importantly, can force attention onto itself to give you a chance to get in your sneak attacks. It's imperative thought that Turn-X is the first to die because of the high overcost penalty in this comp. You will redeploy overcost at 128 HP, meaning you need to shift to supporting with your Fangs as best as possible, as going in close-range again can quickly become your end. Because Arche is not really built well for this rear support style, it's obviously also imperative that you and Turn-X do a sizeable amount of damage to the enemy by the time you die second, such that the match can be closed quickly.
  • Quanta: It's well known that Quanta is a close-range fighter, with a particular knack for hunting and quickly destroying low-cost partner suits. Because of these traits, it commands a large degree of double lock to again allow you to get in for sneak attacks. The drawback here is that you both are equally weak at fighting in a shooting war.

2500 Cost[edit]


  • Freedom: A high firepower, high mobility all-purpose suit.

2000 Cost[edit]

All around a bad composition for Arche.

1000 Cost[edit]

Typically according to Cost Theory 1k's are the best match to 2500's, but similar to the 3k problem, there are very few options that are going to be able to both direct attention onto themselves for you to make your sneak approaches, while also being able to extend their lifespan.

  • Zudah: Best attention-grabber among 1k's. However, keeping a formation is vital.


Standard Combos[edit]

  • Important: 5BB~8B does not cancel into BC. You must step cancel.
Input Damage Notes
[A] BR Starter
BR x3 136 Zunda

Rapid fire does same damage as BD between each shot.

BR→Sub→BR→Sub→BR 143 Timing requires a little practice in order to properly fire Sub instead of just rapid firing BR

Adds a little bit of damage to your Zunda, but also takes longer before you Down the opponent...

BR>>5BBB→6BC 196
BR>>5BB~8B>Sub→6BC 189 You have to do a fuwastep (preferably a side-fuwastep) or the 6BC will not connect

High launched Down

Does 192 without the Sub, but Sub actually makes it a little easier to get the 6BC followup

BR>>5BB~8B>5BC~B 183 A little easier than the above, but less movement
BR→5BC~B 198 Simple, decently fast, and superior damage, but little movement
BR>>BD8B→6BC 173 Launched Down that consumes ~50% of your boost
BR→6BC→6BC 173 Easy to use with good cut resistance, but consumes ~60% of your boost
  • Sub can be used as a starter for really anything, doing just 0.2 Down and -8% proration. But even with that small amount of proration, the combos performed tend to be just slightly less damaging versions of melee combos that don't use Sub...
  • Also remember that because of how easily and quickly Sub rapid fires, it takes calculated use to not use too many fangs and drop the damage of the combo even lower.
Input Damage Notes
[AB] Sub Starter
Sub(1hit)→5BC~B>8BB 276 High damage, but without Sub it does 284
Sub(1hit)→6BC>5BBBBB 241 (254 without Sub)
[AC] Starter
AC(3hit)>>5BBBBB 233
AC(3hit)→6BC>5BBB 224
  • 5BB~8B performs slightly better than 5BBB so is used more. However, it's tricky to followup and requires using either a side-fuwastep or a back-step.
  • Using 5BB~2B is basically pointless. 5BB→BC at the end of a combo will usually also result in Downing the opponent, and will do so with a launched Down, with better damage, and with good cut resistance. The one drawback is it spends boost.
  • On that note, using →BC somewhere in the 5B string is almost always better than using the full 5 hits of the attack string.
Input Damage Notes
5B Starter
5BB>5BBB 233 Doesn't Down the target, but using the full 5B does only 234 damage
5BB>5BB~8B>6BC 239
5BB~8B~A>6BC 222
5BB~8B>BR→6BC 232 Cancel from BR ensures a perfect 6BC connection
5BB~8B>Sub(1hit)→6BC 220 Same principle as above, but can extend damage by 1 more attack

Adding a second 6BC for 240 damage (but huge boost consumption); 5B does 236 damage

5BB~8B>5BB~8B 239 Back-step most consistent
5BB~8B>5BB→6BC 242
5BB~8B>5BB~2B 232 Not as good as above combo
5BB~8B>5BC~B 248 Fast combo with good damage, but risk of being cut?

Uses ~45% of boost gauge

5BBB>5BB~8B 240
5BBB→5BC~B 255
5BBBB>6B~A 249
5BBBB>8BB 249 Not as good cut resistance as above combo?
5BBBB→6BC→6BC 257 Good damage, but a little inefficient.

Startup cut resistance is worrisome, and consumes ~60% of boost gauge

5BBBB→5BC~B 260 Only 3 more damage than above combo, but is 5B starter death combo
  • 6BB(1hit) is fast and nets you better damage than using just 6B, but the timing can be a little tight. If you get it wrong you'll likely wind up knocking the opponent into the ground
Input Damage Notes
4/6B Starter
6B>5BBBB→6BC 240 Better damage and cut resistance than →5BC~B

Using 5BBB→ does 225

6B>5BB~8B>Sub(1hit)→6BC 226 Only does 227 without Sub, and Sub makes the attack more consistent
6BB(1hit)>5BBB→6BC 249 Notice: 3 hits from 5B. Using 5BBBB→ only does 246
6BB(1hit)>5BB~8B>Sub(1hit)→6BC 238 Can use >BR instead of >Sub to Down opponent and do 232 damage
6BB(1hit)>6BB>6BC 260 Requires tight timing or a little bit of altitude to get the last hit before enemy grounds out.
  • 8B is really a poor starter. You can't followup the 8BB because it doesn't bounce the enemy, meaning you have to just do the grab and lift portion, then rainbow step into a different combo string. This startup leaves you considerably vulnerable, and only weakens your followup hits.
Input Damage Notes
8B Starter
8B>5BBBB→6BC 216
2B Starter
2BB>5BBBB→6BC  ???
BD8B Starter
BD8B>5BB~8B>Sub(1hit)→6BC 213 No Sub does 215

>BR instead of Sub Downs opponent for 211 damage

Also you can use final ~A Fang derivative for 212, and not use BR ammo. But leaves you vulnerable.

BD8B>5BBBB→6BC 218 5BBB→ does 215

Easier than above combo, but maybe less cut resistance?

BD8B→5BC~B 224 Best damage you can get out of BD melee

Fast, but worrisome cut risk

Doing BD8BB only brings the damage to 225

BD8BB>5BBB→BC 217 Probably not worth the negligible extra damage for the extra time the combo requires
BD8BB>BD8BB→6BC 205 Good cut resistance but uses ~60% of boost for low damage, so output is not good
BD8BB>6BC>6BC 213 Same note as above, with only slightly better damage.
[BC] Starter
5BC~B>>8BB 284 Normal mode death combo?

[5BC] is difficult to hit with raw. Movement is similar to 2B (counter)

6BC>AC→5BC~B 262 So-called "AC combo"
6BC>5BB~8B>Sub(1hit)→6BC 246 No Sub only brings damage to 247
6BC>5BBBB→6BC 256 Consumes ~66%? of boost
6BC→6BC→5BC~B 234 Great cut resistance at the start but must be careful at the end
6BC→6BC→6BC 216 Cut resistance is untouchable. However, low damage for ~60% of boost.

Also must remember it doesn't cut ranged tracking

EX Combos[edit]

Input Damage Notes
[ABC] EX 317/284 Damage Reference
[A] BR Starter
BR>> ???/???
5B Starter
5BBBB→6BC>EX 349/319
  • During EX the long knockaway of 6BB is basically removed such that you can side-step immediately into another attack now
Input Damage Notes
4/6B Starter
6BB>5BBBB→5BC 328?/???
[BC] Starter
6BC→6BC→6BC→5BC~B 275/244 Does 299/266 if you only use 2x 6BC's prior.
6BC→6BC→6BC→6BC 298/264 Consumes ~60% of boost in Blast Burst
6BC>EX 351/315

Unique Unit Responses[edit]

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