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General Tactics[edit]



Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Arakune[edit]

Arakune matches are won and lost in the neutral phase as it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to block an Arakune's curse mixups. Note that a skilled Arakune player will make it so that you cannot mash, Counter Assault, burst, or reversal to escape the onslaught of bugs. Take notice of each of the curse clouds and how they move so that you can avoid them. Be conscious of Arakune's ability to drop the spider on you and the ability to move abouterratically. So long as you don't get cursed, the match is in your favor...

Most of Arakune's combos involve throwing Drive bugs to get you into curse state. Bursting these combos may seem unsafe since the burst will not hit Arakune but they evade curse while Arakune cannot do much to punish them. Ideally, you will want to burst on the 2D bug due to it's massive recovery.

Arakune's F-Inverse (236236C) has a fast start up and an insane amount of active frames, making it deadly as a mid-pressure reversal. On wake up, it's hitbox is lacking so bait it accordingly.

If you do happen to get cursed, the best place to be is blocking in the air since his mixups are limited to only left/right at that point. If you are grounded, there are a number of things to watch out for to help with your guessing game listed below. Your goal here is to avoid getting opened up as long as possible to mitigate the damage Arakune will do. If the Arakune doesn't have meter and you blocked well, you might return to neutral with a fighting chance.

  • C bug (the big blue/pink one) guard crushes on block so you will want to be barriering for most of your time during curse pressure. This means that it is important to conserve barrier when out of curse.
  • If Arakune is in the air, it will likely be a left/right mixup between his various j.2X moves.
  • if Arakune is on the ground, it can be either a high/low mixup between 6A and his lows or a left/right with his teleports. It might be easy to block Arakune's grounded mixups outside of curse but the visual clutter of the bugs will make it much more difficult.

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