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BBCF Bullet Portrait.png

Health: 11,500
Combo Rate: 60%
Prejump: 5
Backdash Time 25 / Invul: 1-7
Forward Dash Time 20 / Invul: None
Movement Options

Lock-On, Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash type: Step
Rushdown/Grappler Hybrid, Situational (dependent on Heat Up level)


Bullet is a member of a mercenary force who appears to be against Sector Seven. Having been raised by mercenaries since she was young, she fights from one battlefield to another. Bullet has a candid attitude and she doesn't sweat small details. She is the type to always keep a promise to someone no matter what. She is slightly ignorant of the world around her due to her upbringing in an all-male environment. Aside from the battle knowledge she's acquired, she doesn't know much. She is always ready to fight and usually applies her knowledge of the battlefield to everything. She is also aggressive, but has a 'big sis' sort of appearance.

Drive: Lock-On[edit]

  • By holding down the D button, Bullet creates a growing orange circle around her. If the opponent is inside this circle, they are "locked on" with a special crosshair. By releasing the D button, Bullet launches herself at the opponent she locked on to with an attack (if she didn't lock on to them, she simply cancels the stance).
  • If Bullet lands a hit with her Drive, she gains one Heat Up level. She can have up to two (starting with none), with the first one denoted by an orange shade and the second one by a larger red one.
  • Heat Up levels last for 900 frames; the timer resets each time she gains another level. Gaining levels when you're already at Lv2 doesn't do anything but reset the timer.
  • Heat Up levels have many different effects on Bullet's moves. Some moves revert her to Lv0, usually leading into a combo that lets her regain at least one level.
  • If Bullet doesn't land a hit with her Drive after launching herself (by having the opponent dodge or stuff it), she will lose a Heat Up level instead.
  • By locking on to the enemy for long enough, the crosshair becomes red and makes a beeping noise. If Bullet attacks with her Drive in this "Red Lock" state, the properties of her moves change, dealing more damage, gaining full invulnerability and being more advantageous on block. The time required to get the Red Lock is reduced if Bullet has extra Heat Up levels.
  • In addition her basic drive moves, every drive move, most special moves and Serpentine assault has a followup "Engage" move that uses the D button (And some additional direction input) that adds additional damage and can also allow different followups. These engage moves require at least heat level 1 and deal significantly more damage during heat level 2.

Overdrive: Heat the Beat[edit]

  • After using Overdrive, Bullet immediately gains a single Heat Up level.
  • During Overdrive, Bullet does not lose any Heat Up levels, whether the opponent blocks your D attacks or you use the D follow-ups of special moves.
  • After leaving the Overdrive state, Bullet retains the Heat Up level she gained while entering it.
  • The Heat Up level timer freezes while in Overdrive, and resets after Bullet leaves the Overdrive state.

Bullet's Overdrive can be used in many different ways. You can use it for extremely damaging unburstable combos, even entering it mid-combo. You can use it at the beginning of the match to get yourself a guaranteed Heat Up level (for example, if you expect your opponent to outrun you). Lastly, you may use it as an impromptu reversal, perhaps even buffering 720A during its start-up animation.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has many different tools for any situation, including a projectile, a reversal move, and a command grab super
  • Strong pressure at close range with tight blockstrings, high/low mixups, command throws and frame traps
  • Capable of extremely strong combos that don't require Heat
  • Drive provides good mobility to stay on your opponent for the whole match
  • Easy to learn, with combos easy to execute
  • Above average health total
  • Her dashes are short and slow on Heat Up Lv0, making it difficult to close in on mobile characters
  • Even with the various ways of getting in, she depends on being close to the opponent, so zoners may be difficult to deal with
  • Her high-damage combos require Heat Up levels, which should be gained while you're at the disadvantage
  • Most of her grabs are blockable, limiting her mix-up to highs, lows, and an occasional cross-up
  • Performs poorly on the defensive, making it very important to block well

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCP Bullet 5A.png
Just another punch
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 3 10 -1 B
  • Just an average jab with a fast startup. 2A is marginally better because of its safe and because it's able to hit all crouchers, so use it if you can.
  • Can be used occasionally as an anti air
  • Combos from M.Capture in the corner
  • Gatlings into 6A or 2B for high/low mixup, and can be jump cancelled.

BBCP Bullet 5B.png
The best non-Drive poke you got
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550 Mid 10 3 15 -1 B
  • Good poke
  • Good point to vary up your pressure or catch people trying to jump out of pressure
  • Jump-cancelable on block
  • Can be dash cancelled when in Heat 1 or 2 in CF 2.0

5B has decent range for a poke, so use it if you are just outside 2B range. It also gatlings into 6A or 2B for high/low mixup, and can be jump cancelled so it's a pretty good point to vary your pressure.

When in Heat 1 or 2, 5B becomes dash-cancelable giving her strong choices for pressure and mixup if the opponent is scared to mash.

As 5B gives a strong branching point for Bullet's pressure, being jump and dash cancelable, focusing on using it as a poke or canceling it in blockstrings should be a priority for opponents that are difficult to open up. While wary opponents can mash or anti-air her options after 5B, when conditioned to block her longer blockstrings, 5B makes her pressure and mixup more threatening.

BBCP Bullet 5C.png
Flamey punch brings satisfaction
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 Mid 16 6 12 -1 BP
  • Pushes Bullet forward, making it useful for frametraps
  • Forces FC on Counter Hit

One of Bullet's best starters, so use it for a high damage punish. In CF, it has given back it's ability to force Fatal Counter on Counter Hit so punishes will hurt a bit more than they did in CPEX. Leads into massive damage, and more than likely will get bursted immediately because of it.

5[C] has been removed in CF, making this the only version of 5C. However, even without the presence of 5[C], 5C can still be a good place to reset pressure sparingly by taking advantage of people expecting you to cancel into 2C, Flint Shooter or Charged Flint Shooter.

BBCP Bullet 2A.png
poke poke poke dash* poke poke
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 3 10 -1 F
  • Great in pressure or to catch people trying to roll, delay or no tech

Just an average jab with a fast startup. Marginally better than 5A because of the extra safety and because it's able to hit all crouchers, so use it if you can.

Gatlings into 6A or 2B for high/low mixup. You can also do a tick throw setup by doing 2a > delay microdash Throw or Cross Firewheel as an alternate mixup.

66 > 2a > 4ab after knockdown is an option select that hits or misses with 2a due to tech and then either barriers if they tech or confirms your pick up combo with 5b. Extremely useful for if your pressure is being disrespected. Also works well with the 2a serpentine setup, which looks extremely similar to this.

BBCP Bullet 2B.png
Best low normal and not that bad of a poke, too
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
520 Low 9 5 18 -6 F
  • Possibly best poke

Like 5B, but with a slightly shorter range and hits low. However, 2B might all around be better as a poke compared to 5B in neutral. 2B's hurtbox being closer to the ground puts her at less immediate risk of getting whiff punished by an opponent who decided to jump over the poke. Also because people tend to default to blocking stuff standing in neutral situations, 2B's low property can end up opening opponents up where 5B would have been blocked.

2B can't be jump cancelled, so gatling into 5B for that.

BBCP Bullet 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500, 600 Low 14 3 (9) 3 16 -2 F
  • Sometimes useful in mixup and pressure

Can be a surprise low or catch people trying to mash/jump out of Flint Shooter or charged Flint Shooter when delayed. Has poor frame advantage on block but in CF, the pushback on the second hit has been altered to put you at a safer distance after being blocked. You also have the option to special cancel both hits to vary your pressure. Still 2C should be used sparingly and definitely not in neutral. Amusingly enough, the first hit on air hit will lead into hard knockdown. You can cancel this into 236[A] and proceed with a short combo. Fun for miquelet counter hit combos but impractical otherwise.

Because 5D can no longer be comboed into normally, 2C has become a more common combo piece in heatless ground combos in order to get an After Burner ender instead. Going for this ender provides very slight frame advantage so your pressure can continue afterwards if you make the right read.

On Counter Hit, 2C can be comboed into 6D into any basic 6D combo, depending on your Heat Level when you initiated it.

It's a tempting option to use 720A off of due to the forward movement, long active frames and slight frame disadvantage, especially after conditioning your opponent to expect Flint Shooter or against particularly mashy opponents.

BBCP Bullet 6A.png
It's an overhead
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
750 High 24 3 19 -4 B
  • Good overhead
  • Common combo piece

Bullet's overhead. It can be canceled into after 5A, 2A, 5B, or a jump-in for mixup. However, 6A has lost its ability to gatling into 5C in CF. It can now gatling into 6B, 6C and 3C instead. On hit, you can still convert 6A into a combo by gatling into 3C directly now but a blocked 6A doesn't have as much options to salvage the situation and maintain pressure as before.

BBCP Bullet 6B.png
Pretty good as far as anti-airs go
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
650 Mid 12 3 21 -7 B
  • Good Anti-air in pressure
  • Launches opponent on hit
  • Head invuln 5-14F
  • Can be dash cancelled when in heat 1 or 2 in CF 2.0
  • Combos into 6D on CH

Bullet's anti-air. Due to its limited horizontal range, it tends to work best at preventing opponents from jumping back in to reset pressure when you're on the defensive.

In CF, 6B now launches opponents even without a counter hit and is useful in some midscreen combo routes to get a better j.D combo ender instead of a 2C > After Burner ender

BBCP Bullet 6C.png
Taste the Knee
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1200 All 22 6 14+8L -9 H
  • It has a large startup and limited options if blocked, so it's not very useful outside of combos.
  • Jump-cancelable on block
  • Fatal Counter

Due to the startup there are limited places for it to land, but when high hitstun is inflicted such as from wall splat 623C/41236C > 236D, (236A), 6A, or Heat Up lvl2 followups, it is very commonly used.

While it can combo into j.C > j.D, due to j.D's limited range j.C will often knock opponents far enough away for j.D to whiff. Because of the importance of building Heat Up, going from 6C > j.D directly is advised for consistency though it does make confirming into j.D harder.

It can be used as a way to continue pressure by jump canceling it, but 6C itself uses one of Bullet's available jumps so her options after it are limited and wary opponents will watch out for them. Though jump canceling 6C on block removes the risk of the move, as Bullet moves forward during its duration, the jump cancel timing can vary depending on when it actually connects to the opponent.

One safe, generally effective option out of 6C is to do jump back j.D, as if 6C hits j.D will combo as the opponent is knocked closer into the air, while if 6C is blocked, j.D will not reach the opponent as the lack of knock up leaves them too far away.

BBCP Bullet 3C.png
Sweep the leg
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
860 Low 21 3 21 -6 F
  • Good for low profiling some pokes
  • Fatal Counter

Typically used as a way for Bullet to beat pokes with greater range than hers because of its ability to low profile body attribute attacks, the distance it travels and how it can be easily converted into a full combo on Counter Hit. It can also just be useful as a surprise low in neutral though. In CF, it has been given the ability to Fatal Counter on Counter Hit for better punishes. It is however much slower than most sweeps and if your opponent has the same idea as you, you'll lose to whatever low poke they have.

BBCP Bullet jA.png
jump* poke poke poke
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 High/Air 7 3 9 - H
  • Good Air to Air up close

A fast air jab, but not great for combos. Jump up j.A can be a great way to deal with an air approach because it'll leave you less vulnerable on whiff compared to 6B and it'll hit opponents in that awkward area where most AAs will whiff.

BBCP Bullet jB.png
Kick 'em in the face
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
540 - 10 3 15 - H
  • An air-to-air kick with fair range.
  • Use if you need the range over speed.
  • Jump-cancellable on block

Bullet's best air-to-air normal due to its horizontal reach and speed. It is also jump-cancelable on block making it more useful for pressure than j.C.

On air counterhit the opponent floats slightly in the air and has a high amount of untechable time allowing for relatively easy confirms. For example, when j.B counterhits relatively low to the ground, Bullet can go for a double jump into further air options or fall to the ground and either continue with grounded options (microdash 6B is VERY good due to its vertical reach) or jump again into another j.B.

BBCP Bullet jC.png
Basically does everything
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
810 High/Air 12 3 21 - H
  • Has range, and a sexy meaty hitbox, making it an ideal jump in.
  • Knocks them to the ground with untech time on counter hit. Can be picked up for a combo.
  • Jump cancelable only on hit.
  • Can be used to buffer 720A as it will not jump cancel on block.
  • On air counterhit, the opponent gets put into a hard knockdown state.

Drive Moves[edit]

BBCP Bullet 5D.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv 0 450, 900 All 30~?? 9 14 -5 H
Lv 1 and 2 600, 900 All 30~?? 9 14 -5 H
  • Holding 4D and not letting go will always keep Bullet from activating, even on a target in range

In CF, 5D's circle is huge, spanning about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the screen. The target's color is now determined by your Heat Level rather than time held and Heat Levels are no longer lost if blocked. However, it now has a longer startup.

When using drive on the ground against jumpy opponents, 5D is the most consistent option as it's relatively fast and has vertical tracking which 2D/6D lacks.

Because of its slower startup, it no longer can be used in most combos anymore and because of the changes to frame advantage and pushback on block from a blocked Drive attack, it's not very advisable to use it too often in neutral either. You'll still want to use 5D in neutral sparingly just to make sure your opponent hasn't forgotten that you have this option.

BBCP Bullet 5D.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv 0 450, 900 All 20~?? 9 14 - H
Lv 1 and 2 600, 900 All 20~?? 9 14 - H
  • Essential for combos, and can be special-cancelled now.
  • Holding 4D and not letting go will always keep Bullet from activating, even on a target in range
  • Holding the button will charge the ring, giving it a larger ring. If you wait for the target to turn red, you get extra damage and invincibility.
  • Higher Heat levels give more frame advantage on block.
  • Hitting back while holding will cancel it.
  • Chases the hell out of them if used for oki, and can beat reversals if you use the red ring. IAD over their head for a crossup.

BBCP Bullet 2D.png
A mix-up tool with a confusing animation
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv 0 800 Low/Air 42 3 18 0 F
Lv 1 1000 Low/Air 42 3 18 +4 F
Lv 2 1000 Low/Air 42 3 18 +4 F

While slow, the change to Bullet's grounded Drive circle makes this a decent ranged low option, especially because 6D and 2D are probabaly her best starters, and the only Drive attacks that are still + on block now.

As Bullet drives have high startup, wary opponents may react by jumping to avoid the 2D/6D mixup. As 2D's hitbox is very low to the ground it will whiff in such situations, so be mindful of how opponents react to drive as well as being predictable in drive usage.

BBCP Bullet 6D.png
A mix-up tool with a less confusing animation
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv 0 800 High/Air 38 7 14 0 H
Lv 1 1000 High/Air 38 7 14 +4 H
Lv 2 1000 High/Air 38 7 14 +4 H

While slow, the change to Bullet's grounded Drive circle makes this a decent ranged overhead option, especially because 6D and 2D are probabaly her best starters and the only Drive attacks still + on block now.

Used in corner combos when coming after Heat 2 Piercing Engage due to its high hitstun. Generally followed up into charged Flint Shooter.

As Bullet drives have high startup, wary opponents may react by jumping to avoid the 2D/6D mixup. 6D does not have vertical tracking, but if the opponent is low to the ground 6D is likely to connect as it moves in a jumping arc.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCP Bullet BC.png
Bounces them off the wall
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 T(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • Wallbounces Midscreen
  • Wallsplats in the corner

Both forward and back throw are good for combos, so use the one that brings them closer to the corner. In CF, her forward throw will now wallsplat in the corner and can be picked up with Miquelet Capture.

Backward Throw[edit]
Backward Throw
BBCP Bullet 4BC.png
Death by thighs
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1500 T(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • Both forward and back throw are good for combos. use the one that brings them closer to the corner.
  • Combos directly into instant kill.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCP Bullet jBC.png
Similar to the ground forward throw
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1500 T(120) 7 3 23+3L - T
  • A standard air throw, making it a handy air-to-air when they're close.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
6A+B during blockstun w/50%
BBCP Bullet 6B.png
Don't get yourself in situations when you have to use this
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 22 3 30 -14 B
  • It's got a bleh hitbox, but the startup is alright for what it is.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
A+B w/25% Heat
BBCP Bullet AB.png
There's never enough ways to crack the enemy open
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 BP
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 BP
  • That startup is huge! But can be used if they are respecting you hard.


Wadcutter Engage[edit]
Wadcutter Engage
D during a D normal
BBCP Bullet 5DD.png
Never a bad idea to use this in the corner
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv1: 800
Lv2: 2400
- - - - - -
  • One of the better engages for both midscreen and corner combos.

Flint Shooter[edit]
Flint Shooter
BBCP Bullet 236A.png
Not for, but against zoning
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv 0 700 All 19 Until Offscreen - -5 P1*
Lv 1 700, 350 All 19 Until Offscreen - -2 P1*
Lv 2 700, 350*2 All 19 Until Offscreen - 0 P1*
  • Gets additional hits with higher Heat levels. H1 Flint Shooter = 2 hits, H2 Flint Shooter = 3 hits.
  • Counterhit gives you an easy combo

In CF, Bullet's Flint Shooter will now always go full screen regardless of your current Heat level, making it always great for controlling space on the ground and covering an approach. If opponents try to jump over Flint Shooter, you can try and intercept them with jump up j.A , j.B, air throw or even scoop them out of the air by doing ground Snap Hands Fist if they're going to try and jump over it at the right angle for Snap Hands Fist to grab them.

Instead of going further at higher Heat levels, Flint Shooter will instead get an additional hit added to it with each Heat level in CF. These additional hits are very useful in many ways. When clashing with projectiles, it's possible that the first hits will cancel out an opponent's projectile and allow Flint Shooter keep going without being destroyed itself. Against dolls like Nirvana and Ignis, the multiple hits will eat away at more of their doll meter than the single hit used to.

Flint Shooter (Charged)[edit]
Flint Shooter (Charged)
BBCP Bullet 236A charged.png
A great combo tool. Now with neutral!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv 0 900 All 25 ?? Total 58 +3 P1*
Lv 1 700*2 All 25 ?? Total 58 +3 P1*
Lv 2 800*2 All 25 ?? Total 58 +3 P1*
  • Hits a little higher than the uncharged version
  • Goes farther with higher Heat levels
  • Gives you an easy combo on hit

The extra time in charging up 236[A] gives opponents a gap to mash out of, so be careful in its use when opponents have not been conditioned to block. When conditioned however, 236[A] is a good way to reset pressure in Bullet's favor and can score easily reactable counterhits if the opponent mistimes their mash.

Cutting Sheer[edit]
Cutting Sheer
BBCP Bullet 623B.png
Has a penchant for missing
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
400, 0, 1500 All 14 2 38 -23 B
  • Reversal
  • Combo Ender for shorter combos
  • Can convert to a combo on CH without using Drive Followup

Bullet's DP. You can use it as a reversal. It got a slight buff to its horizontal range in CF but it still has limited horizontal range so you need to be careful of people trying to outspace it. You mostly want to use it in situations such as the opponent trying to do 2A on your wakeup where they're pretty close to you.

In CF, Cutting Sheer no longer gives guaranteed untechable knockdown and in longer combos will cause opponents to air tech before hitting the ground. As a result, you won't be using Sheer as a combo ender as often.

Wary opponents may stand a step outside 623B's range and wait for her to whiff it, so be very mindful of its usage against players comfortable with Bullet. As Bullet stays locked in place and it can be hard for 623B to connect just to have a chance to rapid cancel it, it is a fairly easy reversal to bait and punish.

Explode Engage[edit]
Explode Engage
22D during Cutting Sheer
BBCP Bullet 22D.png
A rare sight to see, but a cool one
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv1: 1800, 50
Lv2: 3500, 50
- 4 12 3 - -
  • Used for midscreen H2 combos

Because of the changes to Flechette Engage making it hard to combo from in CF, Explode Engage has become the new Drive followup of choice to spent your H2 on midscreen.

As of CF 2.0, Flechette Engage is once again the midscreen H2 Drive followup of choice. Explode Engage still finds use in combos, such as spending H1 to combo into Rage Aggressor.

Miquelet Capture[edit]
Miquelet Capture
BBCP Bullet 41236C.png
Just don't use it as a command dash
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Miquelet 0, 1700 Unblockable 20~37 3 21 - T(180)
Brake - - - - 21 - -
  • Has projectile invuln.
  • Combo throw, never incurs purple !! marks but suffers from standard combo proration like any normal strike move.
  • Unblockable, but only hits standing or aerial opponents.
  • You can use it as a preemptive anti-air or to punish projectile zoning, but because it's highly punishable on whiff, use only when you are sure it'll work.
  • Useful for combos and corner carry

While Miquelet Capture has been a staple of Bullet's more optimal combos, it used to generally require a standing confirm and completely whiff on crouching opponents. While this is still the case, as of CF 2C sweeps the opponent high enough into the air to be followed up with Miquelet Capture making it significantly easier to combo into. Its projectile invulerability is useful in some matchups to catch characters who can poke with short to mid range projectiles.

Piercing Engage[edit]
Piercing Engage
236D during Miquelet Capture
BBCP Bullet 236D.png
This baby hurts
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv1: 1500
Lv2: 3350
- 18 3 29 - -
  • Great for H2 corner combos
  • Wallsticks in the corner

The Drive followup for capture. It's used in H2 corner combos to lead into big damage.

Snap Hands Fist[edit]
Snap Hands Fist
623C, air OK
BBCP Bullet 623C.png
Barely even an anti-air
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 0, 2200 T(250) 13 4 Until L+10 - T
Air 0, 2200 T(250) 12 2 27 - H
  • Great combo tool in the corner
  • Wallsplats when tossed into the corner

Snap Hands Fist is a great combo tool in the corner. It allows you to side swap with the opponent when you need to get him in the corner and the wallsplat allows you to keep the combo going. It's a very key special in allowing you to do a H2 combo that'll put you back in H2 at the end. As of 2.0, double snap combos are possible on most of the cast, leading into 6C> j.c > J.D > 623B for a safe jump setup, or Rage Aggressor for damage.

In CF, the trajectory on Snap Hands seems to have changed a bit. As a result, it's pretty easy to combo Rage Aggressor into it now when you need to close a round.

As of 2.0, Flechette Engage now leads into a full combo without Overdrive. However, on H1 Flechette will not lead into much damage. Regardless, it's a very risky AA to pull out unless the opponent is low on health or it's your best option and you know its going to connect. It will always follow 6C, if you need something quick. Oftentimes if you need to anti-air it's best to simply j.a or 6B instead.

Flechette Engage[edit]
Flechette Engage
623D during Snap Hands Fist
BBCP Bullet 623D.png
Catch and boom
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv1: 1900
Lv2: 4200
- 13 2 - - -
  • Good for some corner combos

In CF, Flechette Engage has been changed so that it will launch opponents pretty far midscreen. As a result, it's no longer the Drive followup to use for H2 midscreen combos. However, in Overdrive, it'll launch opponents the way it used to regularly in CPEX and you'll be able to convert it into a combo as you used to. It's also still good to use in certain corner combos where the extra launch isn't noticeable.

In CF 2.0 the behavior has been changed back to how it is in CPEX, so it is possible to combo after it midscreen without Overdrive again.

Cross Firewheel[edit]
Cross Firewheel
BBCF Bullet CrossfireWheel.png
Heel drop
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300, 700 T(100) 10 3 34 - T
  • Good Mixup tool

Bullet's new command grab special. It's a good, fast mixup tool to go for that can lead into good damage with Heat. If you don't use the Drive followup, the opponent will get knocked down in front of you for more pressure. Don't get too reckless with it though, as its recovery can be punished if the opponent jumps before it connects

If rapid canceled at the end, Bullet can easily pick the opponent up with 2B and gain the Heat which she was probably lacking to follow into Shot Shell Engage. If rapid cancelled at the beginning, one can 6D immediately afterwards for their heat followup of choice. Note that the timing on this is far more strict, and rapid cancelling at the end is much more consistent

Shot Shell Engage[edit]
Shot Shell Engage
63214D during Cross Firewheel
BBCF Bullet Shot Shell Engage.png
Drag your opponent through the dirt!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Lv1: 300, 1700
Lv2: 300, 2700
- 13 3 25 - -
  • Switches sides
  • Wallbounces anywhere for easy conversion

Cross's Drive followup. It's easily convertible anywhere, even at H1 so if you have Heat, so it's usually worth doing the Drive followup.

After Burner[edit]
After Burner
BBCP Bullet 214D.png
For when they try to make fun of your stubby dash
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - - - -
  • Used at the end of some combos to get a Heat level
  • Can be charged for 2 Heat levels, but it's pretty risky
  • Has some projectile invuln so it can be used fullscreen against projectiles

Used to give yourself a Heat level or just reset the duration on your current timer. In CF, its total duration has been reduced. Because 5D is no longer able to be used in ground combos as an ender, 2C > After Burner is now a common ground combo ender. The frame advantage is pretty poor though, so you'll want to be on the lookout for opponents trying to disrespect this ender by using a variety of wakeup options.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Rage Aggressor[edit]
Rage Aggressor
BBCP Bullet 2363214C.png
The ultimate combo ender.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Attack 400*3, 800*2, 300*7, 1200 All 1+11~23 3*3 10+19L -15 B
OD Followup 550*5 - 40 14 57 - B
  • Never use this outside of combos. It doesn't even have invuln. Really, don't try it.
  • However, during combos, go nuts.

Serpentine Assault[edit]
Serpentine Assault
BBCP Bullet 720A.png
And they said she's not a grappler.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
320*2, 1420 T(150) 5+0 5 42 - T
  • Some say using meter for a command grab is a waste and too risky. Give them the flamey-fist of doom.
  • Carries them to the corner.
  • Spin on wakeup, spin after a double jump, spin after an airdash, spin after blocked 2C, start a 5D over their head, cancel it, and spin...
  • One of the few Distortion Drives that doesn't improve with overdrive, but if you scroll down a bit...

If you switched from Tager, this is about as close as you can get to reliving a Genesic Emerald Tager Buster. With H2 and lots of spins, this super can snipe out a round. Note that this is an easily punishable super, however. If you're think your opponent doesn't respect you, you can yolo OD into this super. Outside of that, there are few setups that lead into this super. Here are some examples:

  • Buffer during 2A stagger
  • Buffer during 5B/6B dashcancel
  • Buffer during whiff Miquelet break after 5D

Frangible Engage[edit]
Frangible Engage
720D during Serpentine Assault
BBCP Bullet 720D.png
It's not over yet!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
250 - 1+0 1 - - -
  • You've already been spinning for a awhile, why stop now? You need a Heat level to use this but it doesn't do much damage on its own. It carries them midscreen however...
  • Also doesn't improve with Overdrive.
  • You can pick up a combo after this hit or keep spinning... spinning... spinning...

1080D during Frangible Engage
BBCP Bullet 1080D.png
Lights out!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
100*4, 1910
[100*10, 1910]
- 1+48 - - - -
  • After all that spinning you deserve a reward. More spinning! As long as you are at Heat level 2, you can pretend you are Tager. It does an exorbitant amount of damage, and can easily end the round.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Execution Maneuver
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Bullet ExcecutionManeuver.png
Dat corner carry
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600, 0, 300, 120*6, 1500
{600, 0, 300, 180*14, 2600}
ALL 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B
  • Does not cost Heat, but immediately ends Overdrive when used
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow
  • Active Flow version brings both Bullet and the opponent to the corner opposite where Bullet is facing

When used, Bullet will perform an uppercut. On hit, she slams down the opponent and drags them along the floor, then launches them away. Puts Bullet in Active Flow if she hasn't already been in it already. Has full invul and is relatively safe on block, but it has no minimal damage and cannot be rapid-canceled. Decent anti-air hitbox

Astral Heat[edit]

Hard Kill Bringer
BBCP Bullet AH.png
Actually not that hard to kill with
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
11000 ALL 4+21 3 31 -12 B

Bullet's Astral. Easily comboable from her back throw or wall splat Snap Hands Fist. Also comboable after 3C

While it can combo from Heat 2 Drive followups, due to their innate high damage opponents generally die before Astral has a chance to come out.

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