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Celica A. Mercury
BBCF Celica Portrait.png

Health: 10,000

Combo Rate: 60%

Jump Startup: 4

Backdash Time 25 / Invul: 1-5

Movement Options: Double Jump, 1 Air Dash, Dash type: Run



Celica Ayatsuki Mercury is the younger sister of Konoe A. Mercury, and aunt of Kokonoe. She is one of the main protagonists in the Phase Shift novels and appeared as an NPC character in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma before becoming a playable character starting from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend onward.

Celica herself is not much of a combatant, and in combat Minerva does the vast majority of attacks and is also who gets struck and blocks when her opponents attack her. This is also reflected in Celica's healing animations, where she casts her healing magic on Minerva to restore her health.

Drive: Minerva[edit]

By pressing the D button, Celica can perform combo attacks with her robot partner, Minerva; the chain goes into a starter, an attack, and a finisher. Celica's Drive sees heavy use in combos. During Drive attacks, Celica can't block or move normally; consequently, when hit-confirming, knowing whether or not it's safe to confirm into a Drive string is crucial to playing Celica well. While most of her other normals also use Minerva to attack with, only her drive moves actually generate recovery cap, (see below).

Unlike Nirvana and Ignis, Minerva doesn't normally function as a separate entity to Celica. While they have their own separate sprites and hitboxes in most cases, they can be considered one character for most interactions since there are no instances where the two can be separated. Hitting Minerva's hurtboxes gives the same results as hitting Celica's, they share recovery times from their moves and cannot attack independantly at the same time.

Unique Ability: Recovery Capability[edit]

In BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Celica possess the ability called "Recovery Cap", which allows her to generate blue health. You gain Recovery Cap by using Drive attacks, or by guard-pointing the opponent's attacks with certain special moves, such as Marteau Flan, Lance Quinche or Hache Rotir. You can then either heal back this blue health by automatically going into a healing animation after using the third Drive followup in a combo, or by using Armure Sorbet. Alternatively, you can use the Recovery Cap to use the charged versions of Marteau Flan and Lance Quinche. Unlike in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, the charged versions of these moves can no longer be done without Recovery Cap and when they are used, they'll consume the blue health that has been generated. However, the charged versions of Marteau Flan and Lance Quinche have both been buffed to compensate for this.

If Celica is already at maximum health then no recovery cap can be generated, preventing her from using enhanced specials.

Overdrive: Rege Light[edit]

During Overdrive, Celica's HP is passively restored (this effect is halted while Celica is in hitstun) and will also passively gain blue health as well, while her Drive attacks become Distortion-cancellable. In addition:

  • Armure Sorbet restores more HP
  • Sabre Anglaise lasts longer and deals more hits
  • Casque Voulete does more damage.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Simple tools, combos, and gameplan. Extemely beginner-friendly character.
  • Able to heal herself during Overdrive and with Amure Sorbet, partially negating damage taken during rounds.
  • Reversal super is safe even on block.
  • Good tick-throw game with strong reward.
  • Multi-hitting normals make her pressure difficult to disrespect by jumping out, Fuzzy Jumping, etc.
  • Awkward hurtboxes on many normals, allowing opponents to easily CH Celica.
  • Tied for the lowest health.
  • Requires either missing health, meter, or the corner for more damaging combos.
  • While she has a variety of tools, she tends to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCP Celica 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*2 all 6 3(2)3 11 -2 B
  • Hits crouchers.
  • Great for tick throws.
  • Looks adorable.

BBCP Celica 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 Mid 10 5 16 -4 BD*
  • Good range.
  • Moves Minerva in front of Celica, boosting the range of follow up attacks. This makes it a nice tool in neutral for 5B>5C>214C.

BBCP Celica 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
900 Mid 13 6 17 -4 BD*
  • Long-reaching button with limited use in footsies, as it is outclassed by 5B in most cases.
  • Occasionally used as a poke against moves that would otherwise low-profile 5B.
  • Mostly seen as combo fodder to help extend Quiche backfire loops.

BBCP Celica 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*2 all 6 3(5)3 11 -2 F

Mostly good for pressure and tick throws, although 5A generally does better for those. Can be used to catch corner tech rolls and no tech. It doesn't really have any horizontal range so it isn't particularly good for mashing out of gaps in pressure.

BBCP Celica 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
350*2 Low 9 3,3 14 -3 FD*
  • Hits low and fast with good damage.
  • Good starter from a dash in.

BBCP Celica 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
850 Mid 14 3 17 -1 BD*
  • Great starter/ punishing tool up close
  • Fatal counters
  • Vacuums the opponent

2C is a great pressure tool for resetting pressure because of its ability to vacuum the opponent, but it is minus on block. The vacuum doesn't pull the opponent in too much though so you need to manage the pushback from your blockstring carefully to get the most out of this as a pressure reset.

BBCP Celica 6A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
510,550 High, Low 24 Until landing, 5 20 -6 H, F

At 24 frames start-up, -6 on block, no meterless cancel options, and mediocre conversions outside of the corner, 6A is not a great overhead. However, depending on the distance from your opponent, the first overhead hit can whiff, allowing the low to hit when the overhead otherwise would. With meter, 6A(1) > RC > into either j.B or IAD > j.B represents a good overhead starter for a mixup that's easy to confirm and leads to good damage.

BBCP Celica 6B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
700 Mid 12 3 23 -9 BD*
  • Celica's anti-air.
  • Frame 4 head invulnerability.

With a great hitbox and good cancel options, mostly notably jump cancellable on block, 6B is one of Celica's best tools.

BBCP Celica 6C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 Mid 21 3 20 -2 BD*
  • Combo tool that leads to amazing damage
  • Best utilized immediately after punishes on counter hit

6C is generally used as combo fodder; generally after hitting enhanced Flan or after 5C/2C during crouch confirm combos. It can very rarely be used in pressure as a frame trap, but is generally inferior in all cases compared to 2C.

BBCP Celica 3C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
750 Low 13 3 25 -11 FD*
  • Somewhat decent ranged sweep
  • Counter hit causes hard knockdown as with most sweeps, allowing for a follow up combo with great damage

BBCP Celica j.A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*2 High/Air 6 3(5)3 9 - H
  • Celica's fastest air button.
  • Notable in the fact that just like its siblings in 5A and 2A, it can be held down to continually whiff cancel into itself for a short period of time.
  • Best utilized in air-to-air situations.
  • On hit, can either go into j.B>j.C>j.D>land 214BHP for combo extension, or a short string ending with j.214A.

BBCP Celica j.B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
650 High/Air 9 6 16 - HD*
  • Most commonly used for air-to-ground jump-ins.
  • Can also be used for f-shiki (fuzzy guard) setups.

BBCP Celica j.C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550*2 High/Air 12 4,4 21 - HD*
  • Reaches far, good air-to-air.
  • Combo into djc>j.B>j.C>214A for small air-to-air damage.
  • Higher damage combos on Counter Hit.
  • Decent jump-in due to multi-hit.

Basically your air footsies tool. However, Celica's hurtbox expands farther than it seems, so you can sometimes get disadvantageous trades while trying to use it.

Drive Moves[edit]

All of Celica's drive moves feature a starter, an bridging attack and a common ender. While they are listed together based on input, it is possible to combine different drive chains together. For example you can combine 2D (Starter), 6D (Bridge) and 5D (Ender) in one chain. All parts of a drive chain can be cancelled in the next part on hit, block or whiff. The only exception is the healing move which will only activate if the Ender move hits.

BBCP Celica 5D.png
BBCP Celica D5D.png
BBCF Celica D5DD.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
5D (Starter) 800 Mid 11 3 33 -17 B
5D (Bridge) 280*5 Mid 7 3,4*4 32 -17 F
5D (Ender) 1500 Mid 13 4 32 -17 B
  • 5D (Starter) is fastest Drive attack, but deals less damage and has shorter reach than the other Drive starters. Has Fatal Counter properties, but is generally inferior to 2C as one.
  • 5D (Bridge) deals the most damage of the secondary Drive attacks, but generally causes a side switch so 6DD is preferred for corner carry unless used from the corner. Also has a small amount of projectile invuln.
  • 5D (Ender) is the universal Drive ender that Launches your opponent away and leads to Celica's automatic healing on hit, which can heal up to 15% of Celica's maximum health in blue health. Will always leave a gap if cancelled into on block.

Each Drive attack will build Recovery Cap on hit, starting at 100 HP for the first hit, 200 HP for the second and 300 HP for all subsequent Drive hits in that combo. As of CF2, Celica can no longer block during the recovery of her Drive moves, leaving each Drive highly unsafe on block and highly susceptible to reversals.

BBCP Celica 2D1.png
BBCP Celica D2D.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
2D (Starter) 750 Low 19 4 29 -17 F
2D (Bridge) 750 Low 9 2,3 31 -19 F
  • 2D (Starter) hits low and deals a little more damage than 5D. Sees very little use; 5D is more optimal for ground combos and 6D is more optimal for ending combos.
  • 2D (Bridge) also hits low but rarely sees use in combos outside of maximizing damage from 3C 6D and then cancelled into Casque. 2DD will always leave a gap if used on block. Can now be used along with Flan for a mixup, but is generally not recommended. It also has a strange hitbox that only hits behind her at first, so in most cases the startup of the move is actually 11.

BBCP Celica 6D.png
BBCP Celica D6D.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
6D (Starter) 850 Mid 22 3 33 -17 B
6D (Brdige) 600*2 Mid, all 7 2,7 29 -17 B
  • 6D (Starter) moves Celica forward and grants her a small period of foot invuln. Staple combo ender as it grants hard knockdown on air hit. Forces crouching on hit, but cannot be capitalized on without spending meter.
  • 6D (Bridge) is generally preferred over 5DD midscreen for corner carry. Usually used at the beginning of Griller loops.

j.D (Starter)
BBCP Celica j.D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600*2 all 23 Until L,2 34 -17 H
  • Leads into DD attacks on landing

This move can be used to delay air momentum to bait out anti-airs and is combo fodder for combos starting off anti-air 6B or stray air-to-air conversions.

Drive Heal
Automatic after Drive ender hits.
BBCF Celica Heal.png
"Don't overdo it, Minerva!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - 22 - 38 - -
  • Used to heal back up to 1500 Recovery Cap.
  • Long animation, but always safe to use since 5DDD will always knock them away a safe distance.

New in CF is this new automatic follow up after the new universal 3rd D attack in a chain. It'll heal any Recovery Cap you have accumulated. When used strategically, it's good for getting back a good chunk of your health. If you don't want to use up your Recovery Cap, you can special cancel the last D attack to avoid automatically canceling into this.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCP Celica ForwardThrow2.png
BBCP Celica ForwardThrow3.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0,1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T
  • Standard throw, pops the opponent up a bit on hit.
  • Generally followed up by 5B>6B>2C for a combo ending in j.214A, or 6B>5C>5D into Quiche backfire loops.

Back Throw[edit]
Back Throw
BBCP Celica BackThrow2.png
BBCP Celica BackThrow3.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0,1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T
  • Identical to Forward throw, only throws behind.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCP Celica AirThrow2.png
BBCP Celica AirThrow3.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500,1000 Throw 7 3 23+3 Landing - T
  • Air throw that wallbounces on hit.
  • Depending on screen position, can be followed up by 6C or j.D for combo extension.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
6AB (when blocking)
BBCP Celica 5D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 13 6 39 -26 B
  • Uses 5D's animation.
  • Has similar startup to other Counter Assaults, but is incredibly negative on block. It's probably better for you to try to DP out of a gap and RC if it doesn't hit than use this, but if a string is too tight, sometimes you have no choice but to use this.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCP Celica CrushTrigger.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
Charged 1000 Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B
  • Shorter range than most Crush Triggers, but leads into high damage in the corner.

Special Moves[edit]

Pic Confit
BBCP Celica Pic Confit.png
"Celica Kick!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 All 15 Until Landing 20 ~-6 H
  • Generally an air combo ender.
  • It's emergency techable when your opponent hits the ground, so the knockdown isn't great.
  • Safer on block and whiff in CF2, and now comboable on CH if Celica hits low enough to the ground.

Arc Griller[edit]
Arc Griller
BBCP Celica Arc Griller.png
"Bow Griller" (?)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
900 all 18 19 Total: 46 -6~+7 P1*
  • Typical fireball; strong for zoning but also knocks down.
  • Almost goes the full length of the screen, but stays in place for a short period of them at the end of its distance and then pops.
  • The pop also has an expanded hitbox.
  • Often used in combos that don't utilize blue health as well.
  • Has a different animation when cancelled into from 6C.
  • Common tool for ending drive chains if you don't want to cancel into healing, but don't want to use your recovery cap on a different special move.

Marteau Flan[edit]
Marteau Flan
BBCP Celica Marteau Flan.png
"Hammer Flan"
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Regular 900 High 25 5 24 -10 B
Enhanced 1200 High 25 5 16 -2 B
  • Slow overhead.
  • Guard point on head and body on frames 14-29, frames 10-26 and projectile on enhanced version.
  • Enhanced Flan is a combo staple that launches your opponent and leads to strong combos.
  • Both versions can be utilized to guard point through opponent's Counter Assaults.

Hache Rotir[edit]
Hache Rotir
BBCP Celica Hache Rotir.png
"Mince Roast"
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Regular, No Charge 900 Mid 13~23 4 41 -24 B
Regular, Charged 1200 Mid 24 4 41 -24 B
Enhanced, No Charge 1500 Mid 13~23 4 41 -24 B
Enhanced, Charged 1800 Mid 24 4 41 -24 B
  • Celica's idea of a DP move. No full invulnerability, but has a frame 1 HBF guard point instead.
  • Any damage blocked by the guard point still deals its full damage, but Celica gains an equal amount of blue health. Blue health gained in this way will not be used by this move to convert it to the enhanced version.
  • Full guard point through active frames, but loses to throws and unblockables.
  • Regular Rotir will temporarily freeze Celica in place if she guardpoints an attack, slowing the attack. Enhanced Rotir will temporarily freeze the opponent in place instead.
  • Charged Rotir will give knockdown on hit, and Fatal Counter for a short combo on CH.

Lance Quiche[edit]
Lance Quiche
BBCP Celica Lance Quiche.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Regular 1000 All 15 12 29 -4 B
Enhanced 1200 All 15 12 29 -4 B
  • Regular Quiche is mainly used to end combos that are too far for other options (5B>5C>Quiche) and to go through projectiles that an opponent throws. You have to be early, as the projectile guard point does not start until frame 10, but effective usage of this can control your opponent's projectile usage in neutral.
  • Enhanced Quiche is mainly combo fodder, most notably for utilization of the backfire that comes out of Minerva. This can loop a few times depending on combo starter and lead to very good damage. Projectile guard point starts on frame 6 for this move and it moves a lot faster.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Armure Sorbet[edit]
Armure Sorbet
BBCP Celica Armure Sorbet.png
"Armoured Sorbet"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - 61+0 (regular), 42+0 (Overdrive) Until all blue health is healed 0 - -
  • Good for heal combos
  • Long startup before superflash, but begins healing during the superflash, in most cases it will be done before the super flash ends.

Armure Sorbet is mostly only good for Overdrive combos aimed specifically towards healing back as much health as possible. If you do the right combo from low enough health, it's possible to heal back about half your max HP, which is pretty useful. Since the super flash happens so late into the move, it has the fortunate properly of not telegraphing itself that heavily or spending heat until it's actually ready to go. Although you will want to be some distance away from your opponent before you use this.

Saber Anglaise[edit]
Saber Anglaise
BBCP Celica Saber Anglaise.png
"Custard Sword"
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Regular 150*19, 1000 All 1+21 - Total: 110 -16 P2*
Overdrive 200*19, 1250 All 1+21 - Total: 110 -16 P2*
  • Celica's least-used super.
  • Situations to use it are few and far between; one possible situation to use it in is if you want to get extra damage at the end of a combo by spending meter, but don't want to corner yourself with Casque.
  • Otherwise, Casque outclasses it in almost every other situation.

Casque Veloute[edit]
Casque Veloute
BBCP Celica Casque Veloute1.png
BBCP Celica Casque Veloute2.png
"Velvet Helmet"
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 100, 200*13, 2000 All 1+5 13 55 -51 B
Overdrive 500*3, 100*23, 3500 All 1+5 13 55 -51 B
  • Standard round finisher at the end of combos.
  • Very risky reversal, but goes fullscreen so it can be used to punish fireballs or other random whiffed moves.
  • Has 900 minimum damage and 1300 in Overdrive.
  • Side swaps as well; if you try to end a round with this super in the corner and fail, you'll put yourself in the corner. If your opponent blocks it, they can run to you during recovery and get a counter hit starter, so be very careful with it when attempting to use it in neutral or on wakeup.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Pue Vapeur
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Celica ExceedAccel.png
"Stinking Vapour"
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 600, 460*3, 1000 All 10 (fast), 20 (slow) 3 34 -10 B
Active Flow 600, 460*3, 630*6 All 10 (fast), 20 (slow) 3 34 -10 B
  • Does not cost Heat, but inmediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow.
  • 10% Minimum Damage

Celica commands Minerva to kick in front of her. If it connects, Minerva proceeds to perform a series of attacks on the opponent. Puts Celica in Active Flow if she hasn't already been in it already. Has full invul and is safe on block, but it cannot be rapid canceled.

Astral Heat[edit]

Atout Rillettes
BBCP Celica Atout Rillettes1.png
BBCP Celica Atout Rillettes2.png
BBCP Celica Atout Rillettes3.png
BBCP Celica Atout Rillettes4.png
"Quality Rillettes"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
20000 (DESTROY) All 7+12 12 59 -50 B
  • It's an Astral. Comboable from many of her Drive moves.

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