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*Goes active on the superflash frame, meaning that your opponent cannot respond to the superflash if they're already in a valid grabbing position.  
*Goes active on the superflash frame, meaning that your opponent cannot respond to the superflash if they're already in a valid grabbing position.  
*Can be held to extend active frames, but Tager is not invulnerable during this time.
*Can be held to extend active frames, but Tager is not invulnerable during this time.
*Strongly attractive during its startup and active frames.
*Hilariously attractive during its startup before going weaker when held active frames.
*Catches standing or crouching enemies only.  
*Catches standing or crouching enemies only.  
*Moves forward and swaps sides after use, meaning it's impossible to corner someone with this.
*Moves forward and swaps sides after use, meaning it's impossible to corner someone with this.

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Iron Tager
BBCF Tager Portrait.png


Iron Tager is a Sector Seven professor who has been mechanically enhanced to perform field-work. Originally the leader of a Sector Seven assault team sent to retrive Nirvana in the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi, Tager suffered a mortal wound during the mission, and due to being the only survivor, was forced to withdraw. He was revived as an enormous cyborg by Kokonoe, whom he pledged loyalty to afterward. After his revival, he bears a similar resemblance to a demon, which resulted in him dubbed as the "Red Devil of Sector Seven". He is feared by many, but in truth he is very calm and calculated, only engaging in violence when necessary.

In terms of gameplay, Tager is an archetypal Grappler who uses powerful unblockable grab moves and guard point moves to deal high damage combos. While lacking strong mobility to close in on his opponents, Tager has the ability to magnetise his opponents in order to pull them towards him instead, as well as opening up various combo options which lead to better damage.

Drive: Voltic Battler

Tager can magnetize opponents for a small duration by landing these attacks on hit or block. If the opponent is already magnetized and gets hit by a magnetism attack, the duration increases (max 1000F). The magnetism duration normally reduces at a rate of 1 point per frame, but if Tager's opponent is in hitstun, the rate halves to 1 point per 2 frames (when they perform a tech, the rate goes back to normal). Magnetism duration does not decrease during superflash or hitstop.

When the opponent is magnetized, certain attacks will pull in the opponent (Moves that attract aren't always moves that inflict magnetism and vice versa). Each move attracts differently, for different durations and may pull in airborne and grounded opponents differently (For example, Atomic Collider will strongly attract airborne opponents, but won't affect standing or crouching opponents at all). The forces are noted in the frame data. Typically attractive moves are start their attraction early on during startup and end during the active frames. Being pulled by magnetism doesn't directly affect that player's ability to perform moves since it doesn't directly cause any kind of hitstun, however it can mess up spacing and force players to land earlier or later than normal, causing some unpredictable and sometimes amusing effects.

In all cases, players performing distortion drives and executing throws that have successfully connected are completely unaffected by magnetism.

Players have momentum when being attracted by Tager's magnetism, meaning that even after the attractive force stops, players will be still in motion from it. Grounded players will experience friction from the ground and come to a stop relatively quickly, however in the air the velocity added can stack up to a very high value and in any direction, only resetting once they touch the ground. This can lead to some strange results, such as opponents being flung into the air at high speed, airdashing to cancel their momentum slightly and then going back to their fling velocity once the airdash ends. Tager's magnetism cannot force enemies into an airborne state if they're currently grounded, enemies doing any kind of ground tech also cannot be pulled vertically, even though emergency techs are considered airborne and can be pulled sideways surprisingly fast

In addition to magnetism, Tager has an extra gauge: the Electricity Meter. This gauge fills up at 1 point per frame (freezes during hitstop and superflash) and has a maximum of 1000 points. When the gauge is full, Tager can use the Spark Bolt attack.

Overdrive: Voltic Field

  • Magnetized opponents are constantly pulled towards Tager,
  • All normal drive moves all gain projectile guardpoints (As well as attribute specific guardpoints depending on the move)
  • Spark Bolt Gauge fills up four times as fast
  • All moves that apply magnetism apply the maximum amount on hit or block
  • Genesic Emerald Tager Buster increases damage and adds 1000F of magnetism on hit
  • Magna Tech wheel does a third spin before doing the final punch
  • Terra Break deals more damage, wallbounces fully and knocks down hard.

Unlike most other overdrives, Tager's focuses more on taking advantage during neutral, with much stronger methods of applying and keeping magnetism. This isn't to say that it doesn't boost his combo damage, but this is limited to just what the overdrive cancel allows and greatly enhanced distortion drives, rather than boosted normals.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Highest health total in the game
  • Really good close range game
  • Huge comeback potential
  • High meter gain on magnetized opponents
  • High level pokes for easy confirms
  • Fairly large hitbox moves
  • Backdash has many invincible frames, useful for getting out of nasty situations
  • Very effective at punishes and can do so where most characters cannot
  • Possesses the fastest projectile in the game
  • Big hurtbox, allowing for easy fuzzy/unblockable setups
  • Lack of mobility (Although his basic walk is much faster than average)
  • Has trouble against zoners
  • Spark Bolt not always accessible
  • Gameplay revolves around corner and magnetized opponents
  • Requires knowledge and a lot of patience to win at high levels
  • Magnetized foes can sometimes work against you, pulling foes in to confirm an attack they might have whiffed otherwise

Normal Moves

BBCS Tager 5A.png
The jab of science.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Tager's fastest grounded normal
  • More range than most jabs
  • One of the exceptionally few 5As in the game hits both standing and crouching opponents, making it an extremely reliable jab.
  • Cannot self cancel
  • Decent combo starter
  • Good for tick throws
  • One of the few normals that Tager can jump cancel, so you can use it to bait bursts. 5A > j.5A is possible early in a combo, allowing some air combos.

BBCS Tager 5B.png
Now with color. And jump cancel.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Standing low
  • One of Tager's few Jump cancels
  • After doing 5B > 2B > 5B you cannot cancel into 2B again.
  • Fundemental part of the low/throw mixup, but beware of normals that avoid both.

A standard feature of Tager's mixup, 5B and 2B both serve as a useful low poke that can go into reasonable damage. While 2B boasts a much quicker recovery, reduced hurtbox and slightly more damage, 5B has a much wider selection of cancel options and a generally better hitbox, making it generally more useful if you know you're going for blockstrings or are just performing a combo.

BBCS Tager 5C.png
Chops! Very good starter as well.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Tager's best P1/P2 combination at 100/92 making it the best opener for DD combos.
  • Can combo into itself on air and ground counterhit.
  • Hitbox extends slightly beyond Tager's fingertips, although hits at this range tend not to give good combo opportunities.

A decent poke, an excellent starter if you land it up close and also a nice high damage combo filler, basically everything you want in a 5C with the exception that if often pushes the opponent away too far for comboing followups unless it's a counterhit. If you know a counterhit is guarenteed, follow it up with 6C to lead into some truly nasty damage.

BBCS Tager 2A.png
Kind of an anti air.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute

Like a worse 5A with fewer cancel options a lower profile, 2A sees some use as a ghetto anti air and a mashable button, since it can self cancel up to three times but 5A cannot self cancel at all. As an anti-air it's a bit weak since it requires a rather fast reaction to jump cancel into the followup combo, but it's still useful for disrupting your opponent's pressure nonetheless.

BBCS Tager 2B.png
The monkey kick that's surprisingly fast and safe.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • After doing 2B > 5B >2B you cannot cancel into 5B again for that string.

In previous iterations, 5B and 2B were pretty interchangable, however 2B's use has now moved from being a combo tool to being a very safe low poke when up close. It has a very nice frame advantage making it ideal for setting up Wedge catapault attempts, deliberate whiffs on techs and other shenanigans. 2B's relatively short range limits its use to just an oki tool in many cases since it's not easy or practical for Tager to close in unimpeded most of the time.

BBCS Tager 2C.png
Most manly launcher
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • High risk, high reward anti-air that can lead to some hilarious damage, but will mostly see use in combos, pretty much always following 6A.
  • Has head invulnerability, but is very short and just before the active time, often leading to trades, definitely not useful to stop low air attacks on wakeup.
  • Good vertical reach, but poor horizontal reach.
  • Won't hit most fully-downed opponents, but can hit them during floorslides and just as they hit the ground. For example 6B > 2C on an air hit won't work unless they were quite high up.
  • Good untechable time, can be used to perform various tricks with magnetism.

BBCF Tager 6A.png
Pose when delaying the move...
BBCS Tager 6A.png
...And release
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Hold button to delay.
  • Move is attractive to magnetised opponents throughout its startup and active frames, including if you delay the move.
  • Negative knockback, opponents are knocked towards you when it connects in any way.
  • Groundslides opponent on air hit, groundslide is longer if they were low to the ground at that time (Including fully downed).
  • Has Super Armor throughout the charge animation against Body, Head and Projectile attacks.
  • Large hitbox that encompasses the large spark around Tager's hand, overall reach similar to 5C.
  • Tager's only normal that can cancel into his command throws.

Tager's 6A is a very good multi-purpose tool. It brings the opponent closer to him, allowing him to start close range pressure and grab mixup. It also is a very good combo tool that removes the need to dash or jump cancel like other characters would need to. Usually in combos it gets used after a 5C, a link which eventually fails during long combos. Other times include after Sledgehammer B, Back throw and, with some timing, Spark bolt and j.D.

This move also has a strange property where the ground-sliding animation and untech time lasts MUCH longer when the opponent is hit by this at a low height. The untech time is long enough to allow combos of all kinds. The normal version will generally only combo into 2C, 6B and 236A but if you get the long-untech time version, 6A will combo into B sledge, 6C, and Crush Trigger as well, allowing a lot of combo possibilities.

Max Charge

Charging 6A simply extends the armor frames and attractive time allows you to delay the attack for a bit more damage. Charging fully is generally useless, except if you read that a hit is coming and you want to guard point through it. Charging 6A gives a bit more hitstun to confirm the hit with, but doesn't open up any more combo paths other than a very strict 6[A] CH > 360B which is basically impossible to confirm.

BBCS Tager 6B.png
BBCS Tager 6B 2.png
No longer an overhead, but faster and safer
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Stomp attack
  • Can cancel into itself once
  • Now forces crouching on standing hit allowing combos into, and out of, A sledge (And 5D on fatal combos)
  • Hard knockdown on air hit. Combos into A Sledge and Gadget finger but not 2C in this instance.
  • Has Foot invulnerabity on start-up, allowing you to counter low hitting pressure.
  • Moves Tager forward slightly

An important but overlooked move in Tager's arsenal outside of combos. Given that nothing else in Tager's arsenal has foot invulnerability and Tager has many guard point moves that fail against low attacks, you'll find a lot of players will try long reaching low pokes at neutral that this will beat out. Possible followups to this move change based on where they were when you hit them. If you hit your opponent in the air as high as this move allows, you can follow with 6C

BBCS Tager 6C.png
Slow long range overhead. SMASH!!!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Fatal Counter
  • Jump cancel not available on block.
  • Tager's only standing overhead, but basically useless as a mixup tool due to its massive tell and slow startup.
  • Floor bounces on any kind of hit, can be jump cancelled into various combos.
  • Massive hit damage and a bonus 10% proration the first time it's used in a combo, you'll want to work this into your combos as much as you can get away with.

Can be used as a poke at large distances, but it extends Tager's hurtbox forward thus it can can be stuffed and its hitbox doesn't extend as high as you might think, making it only really able to catch jumpouts. 5D is generally a much safer option. Inside combos however it's a very useful tool to boost damage, especially in the corner where you can loop it with 5D to pile on the damage and magnetism.

BBCS Tager 3C.png
I'mma trip you, and then I'mma make you fly!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Massive untech time, allowing Tager to hit his opponent and then lift them unto the air with a whiffed atomic collider to continue the combo.
  • Hitting with 3C at any point in the combo enables using Gadget finger for that combo, even if they never hit the floor.
  • Hard knockdown on counterhit, even if you fling them into the air first (They'll eventually air tech if you fling them for too long).
  • Quick enough to combo from any attack that will cancel into it.

A useful long ranged low poke that tager can use during footsies to fish for counterhits or just keep people honest when running in and also your go-to button for grounded combos when they've been pushed too far away for anything else. Hard to confirm into the optimum starter on hit due to the various different followups needed, but useful none theless. In combos it finds use due to its long untech time which works late into combos and also to cancel into sledgehammer

BBCS Tager jA.png
The best move nobody uses.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Useful air to air poke, much larger range than other air 5As
  • Combo filler needed when using 5A's jump cancel to make a combo.

A fantastic but often overlooked move, used to win air to air battles, particularly ones your opponent didn't expect when trying to jump-in towards you.

BBCS Tager jB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Can cross-up enemy
  • Useful tool for gimmicks
  • Floorbounces on counterhit against airborne opponents. Opponent is floorbounced higher if they were higher up to begin with, allowing you to use the same followups from various starting heights.
  • General purpose jump in attack with a huge active time.

The air normal that other characters wish they had. Generous active time and hitbox that leads to decent damage in most cases and pads out other combos. Sees use instead of Gadget finger in a number of cases as a meaty oki tool to keep your opponent closer than Gadget Finger allows. However do be aware that it has a pretty awful recovery on miss or block, so try not to use it unless you're sure it will at least connect so you can cancel it into j.C or j.A

BBCS Tager jC.png
"The indiscriminate headbutt. Good for closing in on the opponent."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Doesn't look like it has as much range as it really does due to the way Tager's body goes horizontal.
  • Adds a small amount of forwards momentum to Tager.
  • Has a tendency to clash in air footsies.
  • Long untech time on a counterhit, usually possible to land and pick up the combo.
  • Hitbox also covers most of Tager's arms, making it a reasonable jump-in move.
  • Quite decent recovery, advantageous in air to air situations.

An important part of Tager's somewhat ghetto air movement options, j.C's added forward momentum can be used to adjust his landing a little and allows his superjump to cover more ground if needed. It also significantly changes his air hitbox which can be beneficial at times.

BBCS Tager j2C.png
"The cries of anguish you will hear when this hits."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Fatal Counter
  • Ends all air momentum on startup, Tager falls straight down once the move goes active.
  • Has a fast startup version when used very close to the ground.

The fatal counter move you will most likely actually get a counterhit with, j.2C is a useful punish tool for when you successfully jump out of ground pressure. You can also use it to delay your jump-in momentum to call out anti-air attacks, but you won't get a counterhit that way usually, on hitting a grounded opponent, you usually only have time for gadget finger, if at all, but you can rapid cancel the fall to eliminate the landing recovery and pick the combo up with 5B. It's still very risky however, since it's very punishable on block.

In combos this move is very frequently used after 6C to bring the opponent back down to earth. Ensure you hit them as with Tager as low as you can to give yourself time to recover and use 5B.

The quick start up version seems to be a bug that was deliberately left in the game where the game cancels much of the startup into the landing animation (which has some active frames). This quick version is useful for getting surprise fatal counters on jump ins, and is also quite safe. However its use is very limited due to the rather precise height you need to be to activate it. Bizarrely enough it's still an overhead when you do this.

Drive Moves

BBCS Tager 5D.png
The punch of science.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • A big poke used to get magnetism in neutral.
  • Causes the enemy to be magnetised for 300F (1000F during OD) and also attracts magnetised opponents during startup and active frames.
  • His only grounded drive that is special cancellable.
  • Hitbox encompasses Tager's entire arm and an area larger than his already large fist would suggest.
  • On grounded counterhit, opponent is staggered for quite some time. If they're not at max range, it's possible to link into Wedge Catapault for a massive damage combo.
  • On air hit, opponent is blown away and floorslides. Followups are only possible with spark bolt, unless you're near the corner, where you can use B sledge. Hitting your opponent into the corner while they're very high up with 5D allows 6C to be used as well. Otherwise you may as well just cancel into voltic charge for a quick boost.
  • Gains Body and Projectile guard point during overdrive.
  • Projectile guardpoint deletes projectiles rather than blocking them, so projectiles do not inflict hitstop or any on-block effects. Unblockable projectiles still cannot be blocked with this move however.
  • Technically unsafe on instant block, but the pushback will always take them out of range of fast jabs.

Tager's 5D is one of his more important tools. It is an all around useful normal, which can be used in combos, a long range big poke, counter hit fishing (trying to force a counter hit), sometimes also for frame traps and as a situational anti-air. However, overusing 5D too much will lead to painful CH combos against Tager because of its slow speed, so use but don't abuse. If used as a combo ender or on a random hit you cannot follow up, it's worth cancelling into voltic charge to get a free boost to your spark bolt meter.

BBCS Tager 2D.png
Be careful of using this move. Whiffing this move can result in unwanted situations.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Magnetises for 300F (1000F during OD) and is also attractive on magnetised opponents, effectively extends the range of this already long ranged move.
  • Fatal Counter, followup with 3C > 623C (whiff) or 5C > 6A to start the combo.
  • If Tager connects with this move on hit or block, recovery starts immediately, giving a consistent frame advantage regardless of how late it hits.
  • No cancels possible outside of Rapid cancels. Without a counterhit this move will be the end of any combo that uses it (And there aren't many that do)
  • Gains Foot and Projectile guard point during overdrive.
  • Projectile guardpoint deletes projectiles rather than blocking them, so projectiles do not inflict hitstop or any on-block effects. Unblockable projectiles still cannot be blocked with this move however.
  • Hitbox much smaller than it looks, encompassing basically just Tager's hand, extending to the floor.

The command dash that absolutely should not be spammed. 2D sees use in closing short gaps and ending some corner combos, but its use is limited to ocasionally punishing some moves at range, and also ducking under some moves that cannot hit lows to score a very highly damaging fatal counter. When using it in neutral, expect to land it on block since it is very telegraphed, however it does leave you at a slight advantage and very close to your opponent, a very nice place for Tager to be.

In overdrive, this move becomes much more interesting as it is the only meterless move Tager has with a foot guardpoint, allowing him to advance on characters who have long ranged Foot attribute moves that normally stuff Sledgehammer (Such as Kagura and Es).

BBCS Tager 4D.png
Nice blockstring ender because of its speed and frame advantage.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Magnetises for 180F (1000F during OD) and is attractive on magnetised opponents, but not greatly due to the rapid startup.
  • Low risk, Low reward defensive move. Fast startup, big hitbox and safe even on instant block, but can be low profiled.
  • Applies a shorter magnetism than all other drive moves.
  • No cancel options outside of rapid cancel, therefore followups are generally only possible on counterhit, and even then may not be possible. They do however they lead to surprisingly good damage due to a nice P1 and P2. Gives you just about enough time to follow with 3C > AC whiff on standing counter hit
  • Surprisingly high untechable time in the air, also doesn't knock opponents upwards much like most air hits do.
  • Gains Body and Projectile guard point during overdrive.
  • Projectile guardpoint deletes projectiles rather than blocking them, so projectiles do not inflict hitstop or any on-block effects. Unblockable projectiles still cannot be blocked with this move however.

Tager's only quick drive move, often used at the end of blockstrings and combos to add a bit of magnetism and recover with them still very close. Can be used in some cases as an alternative to Gadget finger to force a tech sooner than they usually expect and get a reset and sometime 4D can even be used mid combo if you can get it to hit while they're at Tager's head height, but it is very tricky.

Very makes for a very effect tick throw setup, but don't get too predictable else they'll jump in response to blocking or being hit with it, but that leads to its own mixup.

BBCS Tager jD.png
Hot damn that clap hurts.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • A slow move with huge untechable time. Causes opponent to be magnetized.
  • Magnetises for 300F (1000F during OD) and is attractive on magnetised opponents, can easily stuff up air spacing.
  • Often used in Fatal Counter combos, or after 6C for combos.
  • Hitbox much larger than Tager's arms, can catch people at surprising distances.
  • Gains Head and Projectile guard point during overdrive (for a longer time and earlier than other drives), allowing it to win most air to air situations with ease.
  • Projectile guardpoint deletes projectiles rather than blocking them, so projectiles do not inflict hitstop or any on-block effects. Unblockable projectiles still cannot be blocked with this move however.
  • Can be cancelled into from any air normal, but won't actually combo without a counterhit (or fatal with j.C)

Tager's j.D is a situational move that can be used to control airspace, but Tager is usually grounded throughout the match, so it's seldom used in this fashion. However, getting a low hitting counterhit on a grounded opponent gives you a huge amount of advantage, making it possible to followup with Wedge Catapault or 6C to create a very damaging combo. Air hits can also be followed up reasonably easily without even a counterhit. In addition, j.D is an amazing move for combos because it has a fantastic P2 and so much untechable time that Tager will usually be able to land and continue with a ground combo, even in slightly high hitstun reduction. During fatal counter combos, it combines with j.C to form an extremely damaging loop.

Universal Mechanics

Forward Throw
Forward Throw
BBCS Tager FThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Leads to higher damage, heat gain and is much safer on whiff than 360A, but has no startup invulnerability or magnetic attraction. Your best choice as punish tool if you haven't got much advantage to work with.
  • Special cancellable.

Leads to a good bit of damage with the right combo, but remember that you'll be using atomic collider further down the combo, swapping sides, so bare that in mind when picking which throw to use.

Back Throw
Back Throw
BBCS Tager BThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Similar to forward throw and with the same comparisons to 360A, however is not special cancellable. Your opponent isn't bounced away very far however, allowing you to follow up with 5B or, more ideally, a low sliding 6A > 6C.

Leads to almost identical damage to forward throw, so which one to pick is a matter of which one gives you the best position advantage. Remember that you will use atomic collider in the followup combo, swapping sides again.

Air Throw
Air Throw
BBCS Tager AThrow.png
Body slam
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Cancellable from j.A in a way that Air Driver is not. So usable in Throw Reject Miss setups.
  • Swaps sides.
  • Hard knockdown after a small bounce. Follow up by landing a lowest-possible j.2C, 5B... or j.C, 5C.
  • Has a longer reach than all other air throws.

Not exactly a useful move for Tager since he doesn't have many opportunities to get close mid air, or set up airthrow traps since Air Driver does these things much better. But it does at least recover much more quickly than Air Driver if you miss and does lead to slightly more damage.

Counter Assault
Counter Assault
BBCS Tager 6B.png
Turn the tables
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Quick stomp attack that knocks opponents towards the ground, but allows emergency tech rolls.
  • Slightly slower than other counter assaults, and has kinda bad range too

Sometimes the only way to end the endless pressure games you often face, particularly from low air dashes. Use it to disrupt the flow of your opponent and get back to neutral, where you often have the advantage. Unlike other Counter assaults, Tager's does not knock his opponent away, likely giving you close range okizeme instead.

Crush Trigger
Crush Trigger
BBCP Tager CrushTrigger.png
You got this when you botched the overdrive input didn't you?
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Gives a small floorbounce followed by a hard knockdown, essentally giving it a long knockdown time.
  • Useful in some combos, can be followed up with 5B, 3C, 6B and on some characters, 5C.
  • Not the most useful move for Tager at neutral since has much better ways of dealing with people who guard too much that cost no Meter.
  • Also not that useful during combos since Tager has other moves in most cases that lead to similar or better damage with no meter cost using 6C or B Sledgehammer.
  • That said, it is possible to throw enemies that are in the guard crush state, so this can be used sparingly as a way to attempt a throw without being punishable on block.
  • Basic CT combo route is 5c 6a 6bb CT, can follow with 5b 5c spark bolt for good damage


Gigantic Tager Driver
Gigantic Tager Driver
BBCS Tager Buster.png
Make your opponent feel stupid for getting grabbed by this.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Medium damage command grab, hits Standing or Crouching only.
  • Hold A to extend active frames.
  • Attractive to maganetised opponents during startup and active time (Including extended active time)
  • Cannot be special cancelled into, except from 6A.
  • Small invulnerability window on frames 3-6
  • Bad whiff recovery, Tager is in a Counterhit state in this time.
  • Despite its appearance, the hitbox for the move extends all of the way down to Tager's feet, preventing it from being low-profiled.
  • Tager is immune to external push forces during this move (Such as Wind or another Tager's magnetism)

Compared to previous versions of Tager, the Gigantic Tager Driver has been streamlined from two versions into just one. Consequently, this variation is about as fast as his old B version Driver with holding extending his active time, but has similar invulnerability and does the same damage as his classic A Driver. The 6 frame startup and short invulnerability means it can be used as a weak reversal and to win close range jab pressure, but be wary of being predictable as it is extremely punishable and vunlerable to jump cancels, frametraps and meaty attacks. As with all of Tager's meterless grabs, you'll want to follow this up with Gadget Finger, nothing else will work (There's no RC option either).

While it might seem as a Grappler that your gameplan should revolve around landing this move, it actually only leads to weak damage compared to Tager's other options. Typically you'll need to use this move to keep your opponent from doing bad blockstrings on the ground and also to win out point-blank jab contests when at near-neutral frame advantage, forcing your opponent to play less aggressively. Players playing against you will fear this move and you can use this to make them make other mistakes instead.

Wedge Catapult
Wedge Catapult
BBCF Tager WedgeCatapult1.png
Grab 'em and dab 'em
BBCF Tager WedgeCatapult2.png
To the wall with you!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Comand throw, catches grounded opponents only
  • Disables opponent's burst on hit
  • Attractive to magnetised opponents during startup.
  • Long startup but generous invulnerability between frames 6-30.
  • Cannnot reduce an enemy to less than 1hp
  • Cannot be special cancelled into, except from 6A.
  • Tager is in a counterhit state during recovery.
  • Combo throw, does not incur purple !! marks if used during blockstun or a combo and benefits from the 10% damage bonus on counterhits. Does not have 100% minimum damage.
  • Untech time lasts until the opponent hits the floor
  • Poor P1, but excellent P2.
  • Tager is immune to external push forces during this move (Such as Wind or another Tager's magnetism)
  • If Tager's back is near to a wall when he hits, then he will be pushed away from the wall towards the middle of the screen to allow followups.

Wedge Catapult is Tager's new command throw in CF, replacing the B version Tager Driver and leading to better overall damage with the appropriate combo. It sees most usage as a tool for calling out moves and even an anti-jump in due to the generous invulnerability window between frames 6-30. However it has a slow, 30 frame startup, and 30 frames of recovery, meaning that abusing it or whiffing it will lead to eating a painful punish.

Wedge Catapault, like Atomic Collider, doesn't purple throw mid-combo, meaning that you can use it as a combo tool in some situations (After a 5D standing Counterhit for example). As a starter, it allows for followup combos with 6c or a delayed 5c, though the overall damage from a combo with Wedge as the starter is somewhat low. The Catapult itself prevents the opponent from teching whilst they're spinning in midair, meaning that until they hit the ground there's no way to get away from the follow-up combo, or the follow-up, Impact Driver. Which route you go will depend largely on how much health they have left, with the combo giving more damage overall.

While it has an excellent P2, making it great for use in combos, be aware that the move requires a lot of time to fully perform, meaning that the remaining combo will be cut short due to hitstun decay.

Whilst it's not a great move to use on wakeup, you can use Wedge immediately after Gadget Finger to punish players who don't respect your grabs and remain grounded.

The moves this can be comboed into are as follows: Gadget Finger (needs Rapid cancel) 5D Counter hit j.D Counterhit (When performed very low to the ground) B Sledgehammer counterhit 6A Max Charge Counterhit

Impact Driver
Impact Driver
360B After wedge catapault
BBCF Tager ImpactDriver.png
Basically turns the move into 360A
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Burst-proof followup to Wedge Captapault
  • Deals 100% damage if Wedge catapault was the first hit of the combo. 50% minimum damage otherwise.
  • You can input the move at any time during Wedge catapault's recovery after the wallbounce and it will connect.
  • Opponent is returned to the same side they were on when Wedge catapault grabbed them
  • Can be cancelled into Gadget Finger during the final recovery frames.

The impact driver followup is seldom used due to other combos from Wedge Catapault causing more damage. However it is unburstable and will always connect at any point in a combo, so if you manage to get wedge catapault late in a combo (Pretty much only possible from a Gadget finger RC), or when your opponent is very low on life, you can use impact driver as a solid combo ender. Can only be followed up with gadget finger.

Air Gigantic Tager Driver
Air Driver
BBCF Tager Air Driver.png
How does he jump up after them when this move hits?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Hold button to extend active frames
  • Has no invulnerability like it's grounded equivalent, but it has a very long reach (outreaching most jumping jabs) so it doesn't tend to need it.
  • If the move is held at all, Tager is stationary in the air throughout the move and loses all air momentum. Otherwise he remains in the same jump arc.
  • Cannot be special cancelled into.
  • Attracts magnetised opponents during startup and active time, potentially dragging them across the entire screen, potentially punishing some air moves
  • Cannot hit grounded opponents, but will still pull them along the floor.

An interesting tool that can be used to surprise opponents at long distance, giving similar damage to a meterless raw AC combo and making them afraid to jump. Do be careful since, just like Atomic Collider, opponents using superjumps and airdashes can cause them to overshoot and get a free hit on you. If your opponent is magnetised you can use it after a throw reject (either way) to suck them back in for a rather american reset.

Can be disrespectfully used during combos as a purple throw or a tech trap to do an absurd amount of extra damage, but there's no way to do reliable Throw Reject Miss setups since you cannot cancel into this move from j.A

Atomic Collider
Atomic Collider
BBCS Tager Collider.png
Make your opponent jump then snatch them out the air with this.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Unblockable anti air grab, hold to extend startup and magnetic attraction, release to grab.
  • Cannot hit grounded opponents, regardless of hitboxes.
  • While being a throw, it does not incur purple !! marks if used in a combo and will benefit from the 10% bonus damage from counter hits. Does not have 100% minimum damage.
  • Base damage can never be inflicted due to the first hit casuing the second hit (where the damage actually happens) to always be scaled with the character combo rate.
  • Combo staple due to its huge damage. Also frequently used on a miss to flick opponents into the air after 3C.
  • Switches sides on hit.

Atomic collider is a move that will add good damage to any combo, however it is often not possible to follow up with anything other than Gadget Finger, meaning you'll generally want to add this in at the end of your combos. Very early on you can use 5A > jA > jB > jC > Crimson Punish, with an RC you can use 6C and on fatal counter 5A > 5C > 5D/6A will work early in the combo. Due to the side switch, be willing to use a different combo that does not use this move if you want to keep your opponent in the corner (And you likely do). Similarly, if you find your own back is against the wall, getting any combo to lead into atomic collider will turn the tables on them!

A Sledge
A Sledgehammer
BBCS Tager Sledge.png
Slap projectiles and your opponent silly with this sledge
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • General purpose short ranged special, guard point against all projectiles. Range is similar to 5C but without the extended hurtbox.
  • Projectile guardpoint deletes projectiles rather than blocking them, so projectiles do not inflict hitstop or any on-block effects. Unblockable projectiles still cannot be blocked with this move however.
  • Can only be followed up with Additional Attack on a standing non-counter hit. If your opponent is crouching (Use 6B to force crouch) or during a fatal counter combo, you can follow up with 5A > 3C...
  • Can only be followed up on an air hit if the opponent was off the ground, fully downed opponents can only be hit with gadget finger or Additional Attack.
  • The safest special cancel Tager has, still punishable on instant block though.

A special move that doesn't get used a lot at neutral due to other normals generally being better choices. While it has frame 1 projectile armour, it doesn't tend to get used much since most players don't use projectiles at such short range, There are a few exceptions however. It is also quite good damage if you can use it during combos, doing only slightly less than the B version.

Unusually for Tager however, this move has a very disjointed hurtbox during its active frames, so while it can still be stuffed just before then, it can be used as something of a safe poke.

B Sledge
B Sledgehammer
BBCS Tager Sledge.png
Good at closing the distance against zoners...sometimes
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Covers considerably more range than the A version, covers slightly more when fully charged.
  • Causes Crumple stun on grounded hit. On Counterhit gives a crumple stun similar to 5D's standing counterhit, allowing all manner of followups.
  • Causes a launching tumble on air hit or downed hit. Allows easy followups.
  • It autoguards projectiles during start-up and active frames and Head and Body attacks during start-up.
  • Projectile guardpoint deletes projectiles rather than blocking them, so projectiles do not inflict hitstop or any on-block effects. Unblockable projectiles still cannot be blocked with this move however.
  • Often used to close gaps and punch through reckless projectile spam, but it's far from ideal since it's your only real way to do this.
  • Used in corner combos after a 5D air hit.

Not necessarily the best way to close gaps as predictable Sledge use will usually be punished. Vary between using this, super jump Tager Plane and simply taking a nice stroll towards the opponent to keep them guessing. In combos it works as a great move due to its huge damage, decent scaling and can be followed with 6A > 6C fairly easily if you scoop them off the floor with it (Such as after a 3C counterhit or a 5D air hit into the corner).

Additional Attack
236A after Sledge or Voltic charge guardpoint
BBCS Tager Hammer.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
from Sledge
from Voltic
  • Same Guard point properties as B Sledgehammer.
  • Commonly named "Hammer" by players.
  • Combo ender in most cases, will always connect after either sledgehammer unless the combo has prorated severely.
  • Can be RC'd into 5B very easily allowing the combo to continue. 6C Can also be used, but the timing is much tighter.
  • Overhead, leading to a gimmicky mixup after a blocked sledgehammer, highly punishable if blocked and only possible to followup on a counterhit.
  • Counterhits lead to short short combos due to its short starter property. For example, AA CH, 5B > 5C > 6A will miss on the 6A. Use AA, 5B > 5C > AC, 22D instead.

Gadget Finger
Gadget Finger
22D on downed opponent
BBCS Tager Finger.png
Get Fingered.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Tager picks up the opponent from the floor, magnetises them (360F normally, 1000F during OD) and drops them back down, now further then previous versions. Used for okizeme, combos and timeouts.
  • Attractive to mangnetised opponents during startup and active frames.
  • Hold D to extend active frames.
  • Disables opponent's burst until they recover.
  • While it looks like it can only pick enemies off the floor, it is able to catch opponents in the airborne state (Which includes lying on the floor and jumping). The hitbox rises up enough enough to do combos where your opponent falls into an active gadget finger before they get a chance to tech as they reach the floor. For example 3C > 22D will connect.
  • Only usable if the combo you're doing has fully downed your opponent at least once (Floorbounces do not count).
    • These moves that force downed state are, 6B (Air hit only), 5D and 2D (Air hit only, only after floorslide begins), Crush Trigger, 360A, j.360C, impact driver, j.2C (non CH only), Air throw.
    • 3C and Atomic collider have a special property where your opponent is considered to have been downed in the combo the instant these attacks connect.
    • Any move where your opponent doesn't tech before going fully downed will also count, but will obviously be a blue combo.
  • Uniquely, The opponent is dropped in the air in a standing histun state, leading to some odd properties:
    • When the opponent touches the floor, they do not get any ukemi options, instead they recover just like if they'd been hit while standing.
    • The recovery from the move only begins once they touch the floor. So if they're magnetised and Tager uses an RC, he can fling the opponent around and they will be completely unable to tech until they reach the floor.
    • The recovery is affected as normal by combo length, fatal counter and, in the case of Jubei, crouching hitstun.
  • Now actually has enough advantage to followup with 5A on certain characters (Subject to hitboxes), and even more on Fatal.
  • 100% minimum damage. Fixed 5% heat gain.

Tager's Gadget Finger is as good as ever, and still used for a lot of things. The most obvious use is to use this as an okizeme tool. It's fast enough to combo after his "Driver" command throws, giving him easy pressure afterward, albeit one that can be disrespected with Overdrive, DP's and EA. However, with the right conditioning and setup, they won't dare to do so.

However, a smart player quickly notices that Gadget Finger allows much more than this option. For starters, it actually has infinite untech time due to it putting them in grounded hitstun in the air, which leads into two things : it allows the now infamous Timeout Tager loop (or "the circus"), or for new gimmicky combos.

The timeout is done by doing Gadget Finger, rapid-cancelling it and repeatedly doing whiffed Air Drivers (360C). This is much harder than it sounds, and must be done with great care to not launch the opponent too far away, or too high for another successful Driver whiff. If done correctly, with 100 meter, it can easily grant Tager a timeout win even when a lot of time is remaining in the match.

Even though GF drops farther back now, it actually had it's advantage after it increased, now allowing Tager to followup with 5A on characters like Arakune, Susanoo and another Tager. Fatal Counter allows GF > Spark Bolt on pretty much anyone, 5B on Tager, 5A > 3C on larger and wonky hitbox characters and even allows GF RC > 360B if the combo started with an FC. These combo paths however are more on the impractical side of the spectrum so it's better not to use them in serious gameplay.

Overall, with the new timeout and combos it gives, GF became a much more useful and threatening tool, while it's okizeme potential is left unchanged (it's harder to maintain it though due to the bigger distance between Tager and the enemy). Smart use of this move will pay off incredibly well, a 700-800 damage at the end of any combo via 360Bx2 isn't that bad either!

Voltic Charge
Voltec Charge
BBCS Tager Charge.png
Guard point the world then hammer their skulls afterward
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Stance move used to either charge up your spark bolt faster, or as a guard point trap.
  • Hold button to remain in stance for longer. After stance ends normally, extra charge is added to your spark bolt meter based on how long you were charging for.
  • Blocks Head, Body and Projectile atribute moves while held.
  • If your opponent activates the guardpoint, you can input Additional attack while still holding D to punish it. In this instance Voltic charge loses its bonus spark bolt gain.
  • A special move, therefore other moves can be cancelled into this to bait bursts and also a gimmicky way to make some moves "safe" on block.

Due to the slow nature of cancelling into additional attack, which also only has a standing and projectile guard, your opponent can notice they've hit your guard point and simply cancel their blockstring into a low hit and score and easy counter hit on you. Therefore this is inadvisble to use to trap grounded attacks unless you're doing a hard read on a reversal (which typically don't hit low). Useful against air jump ins however, but beware of crossup attacks, even if your opponent has completely crossed over by the time you start using 236A, Tager will not change facing and will therefore do the additional attack the wrong way.

Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
41236D / 623D
BBCP Tager SparkBolt.png
The great equaliser.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Magnetises for 480F (1000F during OD). Does not attract magnetised opponents, unlike other drive moves.
  • Requires a full Spark bolt guage to fire and consumes all of it on the first startup frame, therefore getting this move stuffed will cause you to lose the spark bolt.
  • Charges up in 1000 frames (16 2/3 seconds) normally.
  • Charges four times as fast during Overdrive (Charges in approximately 4 seconds).
  • Wall bounces on hit, allowing combos from any range.
  • Can be used to extend combos.
  • A level 2 projectile, Destroys most projectiles without being destroyed itself.
  • Absurdly fast startup and projectile speed.
  • The projectile is large enough to hit floorsliding opponents (Such as from 5D's air hit), but will miss fully downed opponents.
  • Tager's own chest has a hitbox at the start of the active frames, effectively removing the deadzone from where the sparkbolt spawns. If Tager hits with this chest hitbox, the projectile itself will not appear. The chest hitbox otherwise behaves identically to hitting with the bolt itself.

A key tool for Tager, since once you have it available you have the means to counter pretty much any whiffed poke and any big and slow long ranged move. Therefore don't throw it away recklessly! Hold onto it and use that looming threat to keep your opponent playing cautiously at range, allowing you to close in via other means. In combos its big untechable time, quick startup, long range magnetism and big damage makes it an extremely useful tool for extending combos that would otherwise fail due to hitstun reduction or just pushing the opponent out of range. It's particularly useful for turning random 5D hits into full combos since it will combo from air and ground hits with a generous amount of time to react to the hit.

Crimson Punisher
Crimson Punisher
BBCP Tager GrandPunish.png
Whoa! Air combo oki ender :O
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1st hit
  • Two stage attack, if the initial arm sweep hits, his opponent is hit straight down with a hard knockdown and Tager immediately follows up with a bellyflop on the stricken opponent.
  • Huge hitbox underneath Tager.
  • first hit Disables bursts on hit.
  • Can only be used once per jump.
  • During the initial arm sweep, Tager is launched slightly upwards and forwards and loses all previous jumping momentum, enabling it to easily hit enemies slightly above him due to air hits, but also makes hitting it on standing opponents very tricky. Also not an overhead.
  • Can be used as a ghetto double jump to perform crossups and bait out anti-air attacks.

Air combo finisher with big damage. Can be Rapid cancelled on either hit to continue the combo, although this is only worth doing early in the combo. There also exists some cases where the second hit will not actually connect, either due to the smack down attack being techable (only happens in some very long combos) or some external forces causing Tager's fall to miss (such as another Tager's magnetism before the attack hit).

Distortion Drives

Magna Tech Wheel
Magna Tech Wheel
BBCS Tager MTW.png
BBCS Tager MTW 2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • 15% Minimum damage
  • General purpose Distortion to add good damage to your combo.
  • Hitbox basically encompasses all of Tager for all parts of the move.
  • Counterhit bonus damage applies to all hits of the move
  • Can be used as a reversal due to its guard point (Which guards against HBFP), much safer than 720 due to being able to hit airborne opponents. But ensure you have heat left to rapid cancel should you get blocked since you will eat the worst possible combo your opponent has available otherwise.
  • Combos nicely after 6B air hit, 6C, 2C (If magnetised) and somewhat awkwardly in other scenarios.
  • Final hit hits overhead, can be used as a gimmicky mixup on RC if you swap to a low hit. Bare in mind that a rapid cancel won't remove the massive hitstop on the final hit.
  • Only possible to follow up with Terra Break or Rapid cancel, Opponent otherwise can tech before Tager even recovers.

Tager's ever faithful big damage Distortion Drive. However due to the awkwardness of getting this move to actually combo without sacrificing hits like atomic collider, it's often better to use Rapid Cancels in most combos since they tend to give more damage. It is still useful as a wakeup reveral, but be aware that opponents hitting the guard point can Rapid Cancel in response to seeing the superflash and block, making it somewhat unreliable.

In Overdrive however, this move and its followup suddenly become disgustingly damaging. If you wish to use it in this way, use MTW as early as you can in the combo to maximise damage.

Terra Break
Terra Break
MTW -> 236236B
BBCS Tager TerraBreak.png
We like big numbers here
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Followup to Magna Tech Wheel to add even more damage.
  • Ideal timing is just before your opponent reaches the highest point of the bounce from the MTW. Don't mash the move otherwise it will come out far too early. The easiest way to do it is to continually roll the 236 motion and just press B at the right time.
  • Blows opponent away on hit and wallbounds.
  • Overdrive version causes wallbounce and hard knockdown that allows for folloup with various moves, the higher up they are when you hit them, the more time you will get.
  • If the preceding Magna-Tech Wheel was the Overdrive version, then Terra break will also be the Overdrive version, even if Overdrive has already ended.

Only really useful as an ender to long combos (which you generally won't need to use it for) or in overdrive. It's not advised if you landed MTW as the first hit of the combo, you will actually get more damage by using a rapid cancel to create a followup combo than by using Terra Break. Similarly, even though it has some invulnerability, do not attempt to use it if MTW gets blocked, use a rapid cancel instead!

If you manage to use it during overdrive however, it will deal more damage and wallbounces for even more followup hits (Including using exceed accel!). If this happens, try to get Terra Break to hit as early as you can (While not missing completely) since this will give you more time to use harder hitting followup moves.

Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
BBCS Tager GETB.png
"Start Praying!"
BBCS Tager GETB2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • A true reversal command throw with absurd range (especially with magnetism).
  • Awful recovery and Tager is in a counterhit state during this time.
  • Goes active on the superflash frame, meaning that your opponent cannot respond to the superflash if they're already in a valid grabbing position.
  • Can be held to extend active frames, but Tager is not invulnerable during this time.
  • Hilariously attractive during its startup before going weaker when held active frames.
  • Catches standing or crouching enemies only.
  • Moves forward and swaps sides after use, meaning it's impossible to corner someone with this.
  • No followups possible.
  • Overdrive version magnetises opponent for the maximum duration of 1000F in addition to dealing much more damage.

Tager's signature Distortion drive, sadly with less damage from previous iterations but can still be brought up considerably with overdrive and active flow damage boosts. Ideally used more as a reversal than a punish unless you really need your combo to be burst proof or your punish window isn't large enough for 5C to connect. This isn't a move to be thrown out lightly since anyone familiar with fighting against Tager will be keen to bait this move out with their own jump cancellable normals and other throw safe moves. Try to use it at more unpredictable times or in conjunction with Overdrive to see if they're vulnerable before committing your heat as well (You can easily buffer this move during overdrive startup). Remember to take advantage of the fact that it can pull in enemies from surprising distances before it goes active, for example, you can use it to catch Ragna using his 5B at full range if he is magnetised.

Sadly, unlike other Distortion drives, this move requires you to commit 50 Heat up front to even attempt it (There's no way to combo into it), and even if it hits, you have no way to follow it up with any other move and they are free to tech roll away. For this reason you generally want to use this as a round ender rather than a way to do big damage mid round.

Exceed Accel

Charged Lightning
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Tager ChargeLightning.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Expensive reversal and oddly gives no magnetism, but still very useful since Active flow Tager is pretty terrifying.
  • Launches opponent far away from Tager, unfortunately.
  • 10% minimum damage.
  • Ends the faster spark bolt gauge gain from overdrive the instant the move hits, so can't be used to pad out this gain.
  • Often not used if the overdrive superflash shows a 720 opportunity, since that will deal more damage, go active quicker and give magnetism, albeit costs meter.
  • Can go into this easily off of OD MTW > TB 6BB Exceed if you still have overdrive left.

Can be used with overdrive raids to escape pressure and take advantage back better than most characters can. Tager can use the overdrive super flash to buffer any move and can mix this move up with his throws and atomic collider to cover all possibilities.

During combos the damage this deals is fairly weak, so it's only really worth using if you're in active flow or need an unburstable finish since it leaves your opponents far away from you. It does combo off pretty much anything however.

Astral Heat

King of Tager
BBCS Tager Astral.png
BBCS Tager Astral2.png
BBCS Tager Astral3.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
  • Cannot be cancelled into from anything.
  • Startup is extendable by holding the button, attack will only happen after it is released.
  • Extremely attractive towards magnetised opponents, including during extended startup.
  • Kinda invulnerable, but not really. On fastest startup your opponent can poke you out on reaction to the superflash.
  • Can catch airborne, downed, standing and crouching enemies as long as they're inside the hitbox in front of Tager.
  • Unblockable attack, Looks like a command throw but cannot be throw rejected.
  • Combos easily after Spark Bolt, or even more easily after Wedge Catapult.
  • Awful whiff recovery, you basically die.

Not as easily comboable as other Astrals due to the long startup, but still quite usable as a hail mary due to the strong attraction and huge unblockable hitbox. Difficult to use on reaction however due to the long input that needs buffering. In most cases a 720 will work much better as it will always finish someone off in critical health.

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