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Iron Tager
BBCF Tager Portrait.png

Health: 13,000

Combo Rate: 60%

Jump Startup: 6

Backdash Time 27 / Invul: 1-20

Movement Options
Magnetism, no Double Jump, no Airdash, no Run, J.C, moving the opponent instead.


Iron Tager is a Sector Seven professor who has been mechanically enhanced to perform field-work. Originally the leader of a Sector Seven assault team sent to retrive Nirvana in the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi, Tager suffered a mortal wound during the mission, and due to being the only survivor, was forced to withdraw. He was revived as an enormous cyborg by Kokonoe, whom he pledged loyalty to afterward. After his revival, he bears a similar resemblance to a demon, which resulted in him dubbed as the "Red Devil of Sector Seven". He is feared by many, but in truth he is very calm and calculated, only engaging in violence when necessary.

In terms of gameplay, Tager is an archetypal Grappler who uses powerful unblockable grab moves and guard point moves to deal high damage combos. While lacking strong mobility to close in on his opponents, Tager has the ability to magnetise his opponents in order to pull them towards him instead, as well as opening up various combo options which lead to better damage.

Drive: Voltic Battler

Tager can magnetize opponents for a small duration by landing these attacks on hit or block. If the opponent is already magnetized and gets hit by a magnetism attack, the duration increases (max 1000F). When the opponent is magnetized, certain attacks will pull in the opponent (Mores that attract aren't always moves that inflict magnetism and vice versa). The magnetism duration normally reduces at a rate of 1 point per frame, but if Tager's opponent is in hitstun, the rate halves to 1 point per 2 frames (when they perform a tech, the rate goes back to normal). Magnetism duration does not decrease during superflash or hitstop.

In addition to magnetism, Tager has an extra gauge: the Spark Bolt Gauge. This gauge fills up at 1 point per frame (freezes during hitstop and superflash) and has a maximum of 1000 points. When the gauge is full, Tager can use the Spark Bolt attack.

While grounded, the pull effect is fairly controllable and normally has a fairly low maximum speed it can pull in at (About walking pace) and the effect ends very shortly after the move pulling your opponent stops doing so. Tager's magnetism cannot force enemies into an airborne state if they're currently grounded, enemies doing any kind of ground tech also cannot be pulled vertically, even though emergency techs are considered airborne and can be pulled sideways surprisingly fast. However in the air the velocity added can stack up to a very high value and in any direction, only resetting once they touch the ground. This can lead to some strange results, such as opponents being flung, airdashing to cancel their momentum slightly and then going back to their fling velocity once the airdash ends. It can also mess up air moves and spacing.

In all cases, players performing distortion drives are completely unaffected by magnetism.

Overdrive: Voltic Field

  • Magnetized opponents are constantly pulled towards Tager,
  • All normal drive moves all gain projectile guardpoints (As well as attribute specific guardpoints depending on the move)
  • Spark Bolt Gauge fills up four times as fast
  • All moves that apply magnetism apply the maximum amount on hit or block.

Unlike most other overdrives, Tager's focuses more on taking advantage during neutral, with much stronger methods of applying and keeping magnetism. This isn't to say that it doesn't boost his combo damage, but this is limited to just what the overdrive cancel allows and greatly enhanced distortion drives, rather than boosted normals.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Highest health total in the game.
  • Really good close range game
  • High damage command grabs
  • High meter gain on magnetized opponents
  • High level pokes for easy confirms
  • Fairly large hitbox moves
  • Backdash has many invincible frames, useful for getting out of nasty situations
  • Very effective at punishes
  • Possesses the fastest projectile in the game
  • Big hurtbox, allowing for easy fuzzy/unblockable setups
  • Lack of mobility
  • Has trouble against zoners
  • Spark Bolt not always accessible
  • Gameplay revolves around corner and magnetized opponents
  • Requires knowledge and a lot of patience to win at high levels
  • Magnetized foes can sometimes work against you, pulling foes in to confirm an attack they might have whiffed otherwise

Normal Moves

BBCS Tager 5A.png
The jab of science.
400 All 7 3 11 +1 B

BBCS Tager 5B.png
Now with color. And jump cancel.
540 Low 10 3 14 0 F

BBCS Tager 5C.png
Chops! Very good starter as well.
1000 Mid 15 7 15 -3 B

BBCS Tager 2A.png
Kind of an anti air.
350 ALL 8 3 10 1 B

BBCS Tager 2B.png
The monkey kick that's surprisingly fast and safe.
580 Low 11 3 9 +5 F

BBCS Tager 2C.png
Most manly launcher
1100 Mid 15 2 37 -20 B

BBCF Tager 6A.png
Pose when delaying the move...
BBCS Tager 6A.png
...And release
800 Mid 19 7 37 -27 B 1000 Mid 52 7 37 -27 B

BBCS Tager 6B.png
BBCS Tager 6B 2.png
No longer an overhead, but faster and safer
620 Mid 16 2 18 -3 B

BBCS Tager 6C.png
Slow long range overhead. SMASH!!!
1500 High 28 2 33 -18 B

BBCS Tager 3C.png
I'mma trip you, and then I'mma make you fly!
810 Low 13 3 22 -8 F

BBCS Tager jA.png
The best move nobody uses.
400 High/Air 7 3 9 - H

BBCS Tager jB.png
700 High/Air 10 16 20 - H

BBCS Tager jC.png
The indiscriminate headbutt. Good for closing in on the opponent.
1050 High/Air 13 5 12 - H

BBCS Tager j2C.png
The cries of anguish you will hear when this hits.
1200 High/Air 18 Until L+2 18 - H 1200 High/Air ? Until L+2 18 - H

Drive Moves

BBCS Tager 5D.png
The punch of science.
1100 All 23 7 20 -6 B

BBCS Tager 2D.png
Be careful of using this move. Whiffing this move can result in unwanted situations.
1200 All 26 10 18 +1 F

BBCS Tager 4D.png
Nice blockstring ender because of its speed and frame advantage.
800 ALL 13 4 14 -1 B

BBCS Tager jD.png
Hot damn that clap hurts.
1120 High/Air 23 4 28+7L - H

Universal Mechanics

Forward Throw
Forward Throw
BBCS Tager FThrow.png
0, 1500 Throw(140) 7 3 23 - T

Back Throw
Back Throw
BBCS Tager BThrow.png
0, 1500 Throw(140) 7 3 23 - T

Air Throw
Air Throw
BBCS Tager AThrow.png
Body slam
0, 1500 Throw(160) 7 3 23+3L - T

Counter Assault
Counter Assault
BBCS Tager 6B.png
Turn the tables
0 ALL 16 2 31 -14 B

Crush Trigger
Crush Trigger
BBCP Tager CrushTrigger.png
1000 Barrier 20 1 25 0 B 1000 Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B


Gigantic Tager Driver
Gigantic Tager Driver
BBCS Tager Buster.png
Make your opponent feels stupid for getting grabbed by this.
0, 2500 T 6 1-10 29 - T

Wedge Catapult
Wedge Catapult
BBCF Tager WedgeCatapult1.png
Grab 'em and dab 'em
BBCF Tager WedgeCatapult2.png
0, 1200 T 30 4 30 - T

Impact Driver
Impact Driver
360B After wedge catapault
BBCF Tager ImpactDriver.png
Basically turns the move into 360A
0, 1400 - - - - - T

Air Gigantic Tager Driver
Air Driver
BBCF Tager Air Driver.png
How does he jump up after them when this move hits?
2700 Throw 6 1-11 Until L+12 - T

Atomic Collider
Atomic Collider
BBCS Tager Collider.png
Make your opponent jump then snatch them out the air with this.
0, 2250 (1350) Unblockable 17 5-?? 19 - T

A Sledge
A Sledgehammer
BBCS Tager Sledge.png
Slap projectiles and your opponent silly with this sledge
1200 Mid 20 3 18 -4 B

B Sledge
B Sledgehammer
BBCS Tager Sledge.png
Good at closing the distance against zoners...sometimes
1300 Mid 35 4 20 -7 B 1500 Mid 56 4 20 -7 B

Additional Attack
236A after Sledge or Voltic charge guardpoint
BBCS Tager Hammer.png
1370 High 22 6 30 -17 B 1370 High 13 6 30 -17 B

Gadget Finger
Gadget Finger
22D on downed opponent
BBCS Tager Finger.png
Get Fingered.
100 Unblockable 7 8-47 16 +10 on hit -

Voltec Charge
Voltec Charge
BBCS Tager Charge.png
Guard point the world then hammer their skulls afterward
- - - - 39-113 - -

Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
41236D / 623D
BBCP Tager SparkBolt.png
The great equaliser.
1500 All 12 Until Offscreen Total 47 -1 P2*

Crimson Punisher
Crimson Punisher
BBCP Tager GrandPunish.png
Whoa! Air combo oki ender :O
800, 1500 All 15 3 13+3L - H

Distortion Drives

Magna Tech Wheel
Magna Tech Wheel
BBCS Tager MTW.png
BBCS Tager MTW 2.png
220*19, 1800 All, High/Air 7+12 4,2*18 (15) 3 72 -56 B 180*31, 1800 All, High/Air 7+12 4,2*30 (15) 3 72 -56 B

Terra Break
Terra Break
MTW -> 236236B
BBCS Tager TerraBreak.png
3600 All 9+46 9 35 -25 B 4200 All 9+46 9 35 -25 B

Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
BBCS Tager GETB.png
BBCS Tager GETB2.png
4620 Throw 5+0 2-?? 41 - T 5220 Throw 5+0 2-?? 41 - T

Exceed Accel

Charged Lightning
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Tager ChargeLightning.png
600, 0, 70*21, 1150 All Fast: 10
Slow: 20
3 34 -10 B 600, 0, 75*30, 3300 - Fast: 10
Slow: 20
3 34 - B

Astral Heat

King of Tager
BBCS Tager Astral.png
BBCS Tager Astral2.png
BBCS Tager Astral3.png
16000 Unblockable 5+16 4 76 - T

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