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General Tactics[edit]

Tager's general gameplan generally revolves around magnetising your opponent and then setting up unothodox mixups and traps to deal heavy damage but strongly avoid getting into situations where he's dealing with corner okizeme where he is very weak. The key is not to be predictable, every option Tager has a simple counter, but unlike most characters, this generally isn't just simply blocking.

Once you have them magnetised, your options to punish their actions become greatly enhanced. In some cases your combo damage also improves.


Tager doesn't generally do blockstrings, they're often short and try to mix in a throw at random points to keep your opponent guessing. Most of the time you'll be fishing for counterhits with 5D (Which is still valuable to land on block), ending short strings with 4D (setting up a tick throw)


Gadget finger oki is discussed at length on the overview page, however Gadget finger is actually somewhat weak as an Oki tool. If you don't need to stack extra magnetism, there are a few moves that can force emergency rolls which are easy to end combos with. These are usually Atomic Collider and Sledgehammer A. In both cases you can quickly tap gadget finger late so that it misses if they tech, but catches them anyway if they stay down, then you have time to do meaty attacks, simple poke blockstrings, or go into Voltic Charge to trap people mashing wakeup DP moves.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Learn the art of deliberately doing combos wrong in order to let your opponent mash out of it, think they can take advantage of your mistake, and then create a reset with an unblockable Atomic Collider or Wedge catapault.
  • Don't rely too much on using Sledgehammer as a command dash, it's unsafe on block and easily punishable with crouching moves. Try just walking instead.
  • Use j.C, j.2C and j.63214A to alter your air momentum to make yourself harder to predict in the air.
  • Don't be predictable! Human opponents will quickly learn where you like to perform certain actions and easily punish you for each one.
  • Learn how to do standing 360 spins. you can special cancel jump startup, so you can do 4268 B from a standing start and get Wedge catapault, for example.

Fighting Tager[edit]

  • Jump startup is invulnerable to ground throws of all kinds, there are very few ground throw setups you cannot just jump out of.
  • Jump landing however, is throw vulnerable, so do be careful that some safejump tactics don't always work.
  • Very aware of both Tager's heat gauge and his spark bolt availability. Both of these lead to nasty surprises if you aren't aware that Tager has these options!
  • Just like Tager is trying not to be predictable, try not to be predictable yourself, or you'll find yourself eating the same command throws each time.
    • This includes mashing techs trying to get out of combos, sometimes it's much better to play dead and avoid traps!

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