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General Tactics[edit]


All this notes are not supposed to be set in stone ways to fight a matchup but they might guide you in The Jorney of improvement

Vs Izayoi

- barely ever try to jC her actually ja or jb is much safer bet chicken blocking is strong if she's on GA mode but if they notice it , they can try hitting your jump startup or low

-her antiair except the dp isnt very strong what I do is I try to approach her and be aggressive, try to make her gain as little stock as possible -you can do ground normal if she committing to DP AA, and when she try to zone on the ground w Crusade Seraphim you can jump over that nope, too fast you can 2D that if you read it or just let it whiff and you can get into a range of your normal and start pressure coz she has recovery -really watch out for fkin valkyrie astrea is fatal counter also air unblockable when you try to jump out and reaches anywhere on the screen so whenever you wanna jump out at any range if she in GA mode, always barrier even if you're full screen away also dont overcommit on normal, trans-am functions as mini od and can screw up your momentum her overhead is slow and not comboable to a lot of dmg on normal mode, it just make her gain stock tho

VS Azrael

-Be careful Azrael 6A might go thru OD>EA reversal and DP. -use 421ABC optionselect for possible dash crossup mixup -Gustav buster is safe except on IB. 6C also safe. -his poke are short, keep that in mind.

VS Bullet

-j2C is very strong, for both oki and poke. -don't abuse 2C, very bad against her -careful against her drive. -most of her normals are negative. IB and punish.

VS Izanami

If she has ribcage she can do Overhead/low / command grab. -for izanami pressure , you can DP OS her pressure after 5C you either block or instant block 5C and then try to DP out, if she does a true blockstring it wont come and if she does anything else then you're out space very carefully coz her 2b beat a lot of your ground normals, her AA also really good remember well that she cant block when her bits are out , also if she ribcages randomly just run away and let her run out of barrier still remember that you can still throw or yukikaze her with ribcage tho, fenrich does 5A > throw against izanami in ksb be aware also of her circle if she does her floating pressure when you're standing/crouching, if she does a jump normal when she's falling of course it'll be an overhead, most of the time it's really tight and save so don't really mash out if you're being pressured on the ground while she's floating close to the ground sometimes I OD yukikaze if she over-extend herself during corner pressure with ribcage, it keeps her cautious

VS Nine

-Careful of 50-50(not really if you can react to 20F overheads) mid range after blocking her block string. She can do kunzite or low with 3C. Pay attention to what her string is. -Try to predict her dash, if she does double dash it has slight more recovery, also possible to hit her when she's dashing. -a lot of her ground normal, you can jump over it if you read it, like usual, sometimes you might not get in in, but at least you might get better spacing. if she likes to double dash in the air or to the air you can low profile a lot of her air normal, if she does the j2X version it's much slower and you can do OS with 2A~C , piano it try practicing it in training mode there's also a twitter video about it a while back dont challenge her air to air except if you think you gonna pre-emptively hit her most of the time you gonna lose that if you think she gonna reset with rock, you can also chicken block, just remmeber if good player sees that, they gonna adjust with tryin to hit your jump startup w either 2C or 3C sooo keep that in mind. Rock is technically reactable and you can see or predict whether she will have it or not, just remember she only have godhand and rock as her true standing overhead Spark react to rock against @Coma in NWM , totally shutting him down.... s Nine anti air in general suck, she only have great normals that have anti air but technically only her special has head invul.... you can defin. abuse this to some degree also remember you can hit her purple ball and also I like to nullify her electric fireball with 5D or 2D , usually they dont expect that or just block it and stay in pressure, they always read that you gonna jump once they shoot fireball at you so dont jump because most likely they will do 6C and it will hit you really fast alssooooo one more thing against izanami, she has command throw which you have to be aware off so.... dont be too jumpy but occasionally chicken block if you think she gonna do it, usually a lot of players like to do it on your wake up too so up back barrier is not a bad options on wakeup against her

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Fighting Jin[edit]

A video that shows punishable gaps in Jin preassure


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