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BBCF Jubei Portrait.png

Health: 11,000
Combo Rate: 60%
Prejump: 4
Backdash Time 28 / Invul: 1-7
Movement Options

Double Jump, 1 Air Dash, Short Jump, Dash type: Run
High Mobility and aggression


Mitsuyoshi, also known as One-Eyed Twin Lotus, and more famously as Jūbei (both names being taken from the historical Yagyū 'Jūbei/Jūbē' Mitsuyoshi), is one of the Six Heroes, as well as Konoe's husband and Kokonoe's father. He battled the Black Beast alongside Hakumen, and is known as “the strongest being on the planet”;such was his fame that, through genetic engineering, he is also the progenitor of the Kaka race. He appears as a DLC playable character in BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Drive: Shiranui[edit]

  • Similar to Taokaka's drive, Jubei performs a fast dash at his opponent and slashes them on the way past. This attack will always place Jubei on the opposite side of his opponent on a successful hit.
  • Hitting with a drive marks his opponent with a black crosshair for a few seconds, known as the Shiranui Mark, causing his Distortion drives to teleport behind his opponent before starting the attack, and dealing bonus damage.

Upgraded Drive: Shiranui Hagane[edit]

  • After activating Fudō: Sharenjin, Jubei's drive is replaced with this upgraded version.
  • Pressing D in this state will put Jubei in a state where he hovers in place briefly.
  • Pressing a direction and one of the attack buttons in this state will lay out 4 waypoint markers in a pattern based on the direction and button you pressed. Jubei will then perform a teleport dash attack between each one in order.
  • Since it can cross up and offers excellent mobility, enabling this upgraded drive as soon as possible is a common tactic for Jubei players.
  • This install is a one-off trade per round: once activated, it cannot be deactivated and never expires. Experienced Jubei players should weigh the costs of giving up Jubei's default Drive, which has its own advantages.

Overdrive: Rakan: Gorinkō[edit]

  • Drive moves gain faster startup.
  • Single-use limit on installed Drive attacks removed for Overdrive duration.
  • Unupgraded drives trigger the second hit on block as well as hit, making them safe at neutral and adding the Shiranui Mark.
  • Improved damage to Distortion Drives in line with other characters.

Unique Ability: Being small[edit]

  • More than just a joke, Jubei's small size means that the game considers him to be in a crouching state even while standing for certain interactions.
  • This means all standing hits against him are considered crouching hits, thus incurring an additional three frames of hitstun. (universal change in CF2)
  • This does not affect his ability to block, Jubei must still block overhead and low attacks as normal.
  • Moves that are hard coded to miss crouching enemies, such as Taokaka's command throw Distortion Drive, can still hit if Jubei is standing.
  • Jubei's crouch does reduce his hurtbox size, but by only slightly compared to his standing hurtbox which is already small. The only indication that Jubei is crouching is that his stance is visually different.
  • Some some opponent's 5As may whiff if he is standing, doing 5A, crouching and/or doing 2A; therefore requiring those characters to use often slightly slower 2A or 5B attacks

Let's Dash! Under, Through, Into Short Hop, Command Quick Dash, and also Dash Momentum with Attacks and Super Jumps[edit]

  • Jubei's running animation places him exceptionally low to the ground, and can run underneath a surprising number of moves.
  • Whenever Jubei runs into his opponent, he will cancel into a hop move that swaps sides with his opponent. Holding 3 during a run will prevent this. The hops duration is 21 frames, frames 1-7 are invulnerable. Must run for 7 frames before available.
  • While risky, due how low to the ground his dash is and his ability to run through opponents, used wisely dashing forward can sometimes escape pressure and swap places with opponents in the corner. Make people regret jump cancels during pressure!
  • Additionally, Jubei can input 9 while performing any run to hop only a short distance off the ground, allowing easy instant overhead pressure with his j.A and pressure from jumping attacks.
  • Jubei has a 'quick dash' command dash that can be activated by back stepping then hitting forward in any direction.
  • Jubei can input anything during the quick dash except he cannot block normally. He can however, Barrier Block and it will maintain his momentum, sliding him forwarding to effectively and safely advance.
  • During Jubei's quick dash the following attacks also keep most of the forward momentum: 5A, 2A, 2B, 3C, 214B, or 214C. These attacks will slide or even launch Jubei across the screen while attacking.
  • Quick dash momentum can also greatly extend the range of his super jump. Jubei can even be tricky by super jumping backwards first, looking like a normal straight up jump, and then double jumping forward with that momentum.
  • Jubei also has two command air dash special moves (j.236D and j.214D) to help keep opponents guessing, retreat to safety, or force whiffed anti-airs. Though they are Counter Hit status while active.
  • These movement options all used together make Jubei an extremely mobile and slippery character in the right hands.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great mobility which can be further enhanced by Fudō: Sharenjin.
  • Amazing ability to whiff punish with drive attacks or quickly dashing
  • Toolkit includes a strong mixup game with various ways to open people up. Has access to ground and air crossups.
  • Short height during dash allows him to low profile certain attacks and many projectiles.
  • Solid stagger and mixup based pressure and okizeme.
  • Amazing corner carry potential in Fudō: Sharenjin mode. Can turn almost any hit into a corner to corner combo that leads to ball oki.
  • Boned a hot witch
  • Is always in crouching state, leaving him vulnerable to high damaging crouch-specific combos at all times.
  • Virtually all of Jubei's moves push him forwards, weakening his footsie game.
  • Poor defensive options, with no real reversals.
  • Damage is lackluster without install confirms or being in install state.
  • Heavily momentum based.
  • Without freedom to move, his normals are out ranged by most of the cast.

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCF Jubei 5A.png
Paw paw paw!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 2 13 -3 B
  • Gatlings: 6A, 6B, 2C, 6C
  • Hits crouching
  • Jump cancelable on hit and on block
  • Versus some characters, may low profile against opponent's 5As due to Jubei's small size

BBCF Jubei 5B.png
Quasi Anti-air move
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500 Mid 8 3 16 -2 B
  • Gatlings: 6A, 6B, 2B, 5C, 2C
  • Moves Jubei forward before doing the strike.
  • Jump cancelable on hit and on block

A decent short-ranged poke that moves Jubei slightly forward. While the horizontal reach looks lacking, because Jubei moves forward the range for it is actually fairly good considering it's fast and jump-cancelable.

Due to how slow and generally poor Jubei's anti-air options are, the ability of this to somewhat function as one is not something to brush off.

BBCF Jubei 5C.png
Two swords, two strikes
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
570*2 Mid 12 3(8)3 19 -3 B
  • Gatlings into 6A 6B 2C 3C
  • Jump cancelable on both hits
  • Moves Jubei forward

Jubei moves forward as he slashes down and then up. While the horizontal hitbox is not the best, the forward movement allows Jubei to comfortably gatling into 5C relatively far away.

The first slash reaches further than the second, making it so that from further ranges the first will connect while the second hit will whiff. This is particularly noteworthy as 5C is the only gatling option from max-range 5B that reliably connects.

BBCF Jubei 2A.png
Tail tail tail!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 7 3 13 -3 F
  • Gatlings into 6A 6B 2C 6C
  • If mashed 3 times, the third hit will only have two active frames

Generally preferred over 5A when Jubei has the advantage since it has longer range for one frame more startup. Bear in mind that this is a Foot attribute move even if it doesn't need to be blocked low, so certain moves will go right over it.

BBCF Jubei 2B.png
Stubbed the Black Beast's toe
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550 Low 9 3 12 +2 F
  • Mid range low poke that is plus on block, so it's great for blockstrings and pressure

Jubei's go-to poke for many situations. While it has good range, there are few options to confirm into from max range. If trying to take advantage of its plus frames however, it is better used close to the opponent as it pushes opponents back without moving Jubei forward.

With its speed and range, it can work as a nice poke to surprise opponents when used from command dash. As Jubei's crossup dash leaves him a fair distance away from his opponent, this is also one of the better options to go for.

BBCF Jubei 2C.png
For fans of Santoryu
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
660 Mid 12 6 17+16L - B
  • Causes float on hit
  • Jump cancelable on hit and on block
  • Head Invuln 10-15
  • Anti-air
  • Leaves Jubei airborne, allowing cancels into j.236D/j.214D

Jubei extends off one foot and slashes upwards with sword in mouth. For an anti-air, it is fairly slow, has a poor horizontal and vertical hitbox, and has heavily delayed head invulnerability. It is jump-cancelable on block which is useful if able to connect with it in the first place.

BBCF Jubei 6A.png
Talk to the hand
BBCF Jubei 6A Attack.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Catch - - - - 36 - -
Attack 1200 Mid 9 4 14 1 B
  • Guard Point Counter move. Catches moves that aren't throws, lows, overheads or projectiles.
  • On successful catch, follows up with an elbow smash that can be blocked. Crumples on grounded enemies, wall bounces airborne opponents.
  • If the follow up attack hits the opponent, Jubei instantly builds 22 Heat meter on normal hit, 24 on counter hit.
  • Since this parry is Guard Point, opponents may still Rapid Cancel to block the follow up attack. They may also jump cancel, but the follow up attack must be barrier blocked and may still catch them.
  • 50% P1 and Very Short starter makes this move lead to mediocre damage.

Similar to Hakumen's drive moves but with a much more limited set of moves it can actually catch. Use it to call out people autopiloting pokes and pressure strings. Definitely not a move to throw out randomly due to its short active time and the sheer number of moves that just go around it.

Though the follow up attack itself is +1 on block, you can still cancel to specials on block. Notably 632146C will be a frame trap for FCH to catch people who do not know you are safe and trying to 5A you, and it is also the most reliable combo starter. If the follow up attack happened to be instant blocked they would need a 6F 5A to trade, and the hit state on this attack will allow you to recover sooner. You can also hold it for a sneaky unblockable too if they do not mash. Special cancelling to 236B is a true block string into a low attack, that can also be converted into a combo off 6A if you have 50 heat to spend on 360A or a Rapid Cancel of your own.

BBCF Jubei 6B.png
I hope you know what you're doing when you press this
BBCF Jubei 6B Attack.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Catch - - - - 36 - -
Attack 800*2 Low, Mid 9 3(3)3 19 -3 F, B
  • Counter move. Only catches moves that must be blocked low.
  • Fatal Counter
  • 90% P1 - Leads to much better damage than 6A

Potentially much more rewarding than 6A but has an absurdly strict requirement on what moves it will actually trigger against (For instance, Susanoo's 2A won't trigger it since it doesn't need to be blocked low). Pretty much only useful for calling out specific long ranged or slow lows from certain characters who have them (Such as slide kick 3Cs), avoid using otherwise since you're just handing your opponent a free counter hit.

If you do catch a move, Jubei will perform a highly damaging two part followup that launches his opponent and can be jump cancelled to follow up with, leading to very good damage.

BBCF Jubei 6C.png
For fans of Yontoryu
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 High 25 3 18 -2 B
  • Fatal Counter
  • Bonus 110% proration
  • 7-27F Foot/Throw invulnerability
  • Forces crouching state on hit
  • Deals high hitstun

Jubei performs a small somersault and using his tail slashes down hard with his sword. An above average standing overhead despite the mediocre startup, given the lengthy low/throw invulnerability while still being safe on block and leading to decent damage if it lands. While it reaches fairly far horizontally, its vertical hitbox is, at best, inconsistent. 6C actually can hit opponents fairly high in the air, but it can also miss even when opponents clearly appear within its graphical range.

With its 110% bonus proration, you should always look for ways to fit this move into your combos, such as after 236B>360A in the corner and after OD cancels.

BBCF Jubei 3C.png
Great at snipping feet
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550*2 Mid, Low 13 3(11)3 21 -5 F
  • On hit, can be jump-canceled on both hits
  • First hit has decent vertical reach
  • Second hit is a low

Jubei quickly slashes upwards, takes a long step forward, and then takes a large swipe at the opponent's legs. Somewhat for combo-filler, somewhat for mixup. The first hit has decent vertical reach which is helpful in combos, but does not really cover areas that 2C cannot as an antiair. While the second hit is a low, the first is not so the opponent has ample time to block it.

The first slash has poor horizontal reach while the second, due to its far forward movement, actually reaches quite far. However, as there's no gatling options from 3C and the first hit has such poor range, there's not much practical use for it outside of filler or perhaps surprising the opponent with the reach from the second hit.

BBCF Jubei j.A.png
Look at those pads!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*2 High/Air 8 2(6)2 14 - H
  • Used for instant overheads
  • Fastest aerial with decent range and easy confirms
  • Jump-cancelable on block

Jubei alternates downward kicks with both of his feet. With its fast startup and immediate downwards hitbox, this is the go-to when attacking a grounded opponent from the air. With the speedy startup and spread active frames, j.A can easily be mashed into itself when performed high enough.

As jumping from dash provides Jubei a slightly more shallow jump arc, it can be used as an instant overhead on crouching opponents. Since crouching hurtboxes vary, when j.A is used as an instant overhead several characters will be hit by only the first hit of j.A (requiring 236A angled downwards to confirm off of) while on some both hits will completely whiff.

BBCF Jubei j.B.png
The calisthenics of a hero
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 High/Air, All 10 2(6)3 18 - H
  • Both hits can hit both sides
  • Good air-to-air
  • Jump-cancelable on block

Jubei kicks forward and quickly spins into an upwards kick. Used for air-to-air situations as it has a good horizontal hitbox and it's slightly faster than j.C. Both hits can crossup but because of their lacking downwards hitbox, precise spacing and timing is required.

Jubei's strongest air normal if in range for it as it has fast startup and good reach on both hits. While the first is already a solid air-to-air, the second reaches surprisingly high vertically and has about the same horizontal range as the first, allowing him to cover several angles. As both hits can hit both sides and are jump-cancelable, they make for a flexible, solid normal.

BBCF Jubei j.C.png
Sho Minazuki j.B is back!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
700*2 High/Air 13 2(9)2 14 - H
  • Decent air-to-air and air-to-ground
  • Jump-cancelable on block

Has good horizontal and downwards reach so it works well air-to-air and air-to-ground. Slower than both j.A and j.B so it is best used when the longer reach is needed. Does not reach directly under very well so use it late into your jump or use j.A for such situations.

BBCF Jubei j.2C.png
Back and face scratcher
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 High/Air 10 3 20 - H
  • Hits both sides
  • Fast air poke with decent range
  • Not jump-cancelable on block

Has a fairly wide hitbox that also hits in a straight line under Jubei. Can crossup or be used in air-to-air situations but as it cannot gatling into other aerials it's difficult to confirm into. On grounded opponents, comboing off of it when done around the peak of Jubei's jump is finnicky as it does not have very much hitstun and, if not done close, Jubei lacks moves with fast enough startup and range to confirm into.

While not the best for confirms, its speed matches j.B's and it has even more horizontal reach than j.C while also having a decent downwards hitbox, making it Jubei's best air poke in terms of range. However, as it cannot be jump-canceled on block and it is difficult to confirm off of higher in the air, it can be hard to do more than simply poke with it.

A good analogue to this move would be Hibiki's j.C as their function and hitbox is very similar. The biggest difference between the two however is in their active frames (3 versus 6). As a result of this and other differences, Hibiki's j.C is a strong general use tool while Jubei's j.2C is more of a situationally useful crossup and air poke due to its relatively fast startup and range.

Drive Moves[edit]

BBCF Jubei 5D.png
You can't see heroes
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300, 880 Mid 18 10 30 -9 [+2] B
  • Second hit causes Shiranui Mark on hit or block, but will only activate if the first attack hits unless Jubei is in Overdrive.
  • Special-cancelable on hit once Jubei's sword gleams
  • Whiffs on airborne opponents
  • Despite looking like a teleport dash, Jubei still actually moves from the start point to the end point at a fixed speed

Jubei rushes past his opponent and then does an attack in passing. A good way to quickly side-switch on hit as well as on block if careful. Since the attack goes active after Jubei has moved and there is no invulnerability, he can be stuffed or even thrown as he moves past (he is considered grounded throughout this move). Your opponent will be unlikely to do this on reaction, but be wary of throwing it out around moves with lots of active frames.

Depending on if 5D hits or is blocked, the length that 5D travels varies. On hit, Jubei will travel a fixed distance from the opposite side of the opponent allowing for consistent followups, while on block he will travel a fixed distance from his original location. While negative on block, when used at a close or middling distance, Jubei will end up far enough away from his opponent that punishing him is impossible outside of specific fast, long-ranged options.

With meter 5D can serve as a way to close distance on a far grounded opponent or to continue pressure. When rapid-canceled, with precise timing Jubei can end up next to his opponent on either side which can be tricky to react to. However, due to its long active frames, immediate attacks are granted crossup protection. A lengthier mixup option such as 6C, dash j.A, dash crossup, etc. can be used to throw your opponent off balance but these do leave small openings.

BBCF Jubei jD.png
Whiff punish below you
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300, 880 All 16 Until L 33 - H
  • Dive attack that goes all of the way to the ground from any height.
  • Second hit causes Shiranui Mark on hit or block, but will only activate if the first attack hits unless Jubei is in Overdrive.
  • Special-cancelable on hit once Jubei's sword gleams
  • Despite looking like a teleport dash, Jubei still actually moves from the start point to the end point at a fixed speed

Travels at a fairly steep angle compared to j.6D, meaning it's unlikely to connect with your opponent unless they are close horizontally. On hit, Jubei will travel a fixed distance from the opposite side of the opponent allowing for consistent followups while on block he generally lands directly behind his opponent. As it is unsafe and always leaves Jubei right next to his opponent, this is a much better option when Jubei has meter.

With meter, Jubei has complete control over ending up in front or behind his opponent by either rapid-canceling immediately before or after he rushes through. When used relatively far horizontally, Jubei may land in front of opponent.

When following up on block with a rapid cancel, due to j.D's long active frames immediate attacks are granted crossup protection. A lengthier mixup option such as 6C, dash j.A, dash crossup, etc. can be used to throw your opponent off balance but these do leave small openings.

BBCF Jubei j.6D.png
Whiff punish if they even just breathe
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300, 880 All 16 Until L 33 - H
  • Second hit causes Shiranui Mark on hit or block, but will only activate if the first attack hits unless Jubei is in Overdrive.
  • Special-cancelable on hit once Jubei's sword gleams
  • Despite looking like a teleport dash, Jubei still actually moves from the start point to the end point at a fixed speed

Travels further horizontally than j.D, making it a fairly fast way to close in on your opponent. As it is unsafe and generally leaves Jubei right next to his opponent, this is a much better option when Jubei has meter. However, when used at an angle where it will rush through the opponent at around their head height, Jubei will land fairly far away. This allows Jubei to escape corners in certain situations and is similar to a poke that is easy to confirm into, with the cost (or reward) of positioning on block.

With meter, Jubei has some control over ending up in front or behind his opponent, generally by rapid-canceling immediately before or after he rushes through, but due to the many possible horizontal and vertical distances this can be used from, it is not always feasible to control which side he lands on.

When following up on block with a rapid cancel, due to j.6D's long active frames immediate attacks are granted crossup protection. A lengthier mixup option such as 6C, dash j.A, dash crossup, etc. can be used to throw your opponent off balance but these do leave small openings.

Upgraded Drive Moves[edit]

Shiranui: Hagane
D~X after Fudō: Sharenjin, Air OK
BBCF Jubei 5D2.png
BBCF Jubei 5D2PathAB.png
A and B paths
BBCF Jubei 5D2PathCD.png
C and D paths
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550*4 All 28 [20] 10,10,10,10 17 - D*

After using Fudō: Sharenjin, all drive moves are replaced with these for the remainder of the round. Each version lays down 4 waypoints on screen in a specific order and Jubei does a teleport dash attack between each one. If these hit his opponent, they will be sent flying in the same direction of the attack, causing each of the 4 attacks to combo together in most cases. To use, press D and then immediately press the specified direction and button to use the listed attack pattern.

  • Hold up/down when selecting a path and the path will angle in that direction
  • Grounded versions of this drive behave the same as the air versions except that ground versions can only be angled upwards.
  • Not pressing any button will result in Jubei using the standard 5D version instead.
  • Any hit from any version inflicts the Shiranui Mark.
  • Unless Jubei is in overdrive, he must touch the ground before being able to use his drive again.
  • If a waypoint laid by this move ends up off the sides of the screen, it will be placed at the edge of the screen at the same height it would normally be. Similarly if a waypoint would be placed under the floor, it is instead placed at ground level at the same horizontal position it would normally be.

In terms of actual usage, these drive moves see use inside combos to give good damage while affording a certain amount of control over where your opponent ends up, generally the D versions gets used the most for consistency. It's also one way to gain additional height in your air combo to maximise how much damage your distortion drive will do.

Outside of combos, the more fiddly A and B patterns are used to form a crossup, since both patterns look very similar but with their middle two waypoints swapped. A keen eyed opponent can see the order the waypoints appears and react accordingly, however.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCF Jubei GroundThrow.png
The claw wave goes this way
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0*2, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • Grounds the opponent

Grounds the opponent for a lengthy amount of time allowing Jubei to pick them off the ground with a variety of options.

Back Throw[edit]
Back Throw
BBCF Jubei BackThrow.png
Wait, no, this way's better
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 500, 1000 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • Grounds the opponent
  • Switches sides

Jubei uppercuts the opponent to the opposite side and grounds them for a lengthy amount of time, allowing him to pick them off the ground with a variety of options. Essentially the exact same as forward throw with the main difference being side-swap.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCF Jubei AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23+3L - T
  • Pretty standard air throw.
  • Brings opponent and Jubei to the ground before dealing damage, allowing for consistent followups.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
6A+B during blockstun
BBCF Jubei 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 13 3 30 -14 B
  • Can be useful to disrupt blockstrings and get 236C out before they realize they've lost momentum.
  • Similar to Jubei 5B, Jubei will move forward a step. An opponent baiting this by jump cancelling forward may land a bit far away or swap places into the corner.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCF Jubei Crush Trigger.png
Atleast it looks cool?
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B
  • Somewhat pointless for crushing guards given that 632146[C] exists which costs no heat and will even penetrate barrier guard. Jubei also has lots of other ways to crack open a defensive character.
  • While you are best served using your meter to activate install in most match ups, you may consider spending a quick level 1 charge of this in during corner 236B~236C oki pressure in the corner


Fissuring Slash[edit]
Fissuring Slash (Rekkōzan)
236A or 236236A (Air OK)
BBCF Jubei FissuringSlash.png
Fury Swipes hit 3 time(s)!
BBCF Jubei FissuringSlash2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
236A 600*2, 900 All 13 2(4)2(10)3 11+7L -4 B
236236A 600*4, 900 All 13 2(4)2(4)2(7)4(13)3 18+14L -16 B*4, H
j.236A 600*2, 900 All 13 2(4)2(10)3 Until L+7 - H
j.236236A 600*4, 900 All 13 2(4)2(4)2(7)4(13)3 Until L+14 - H
  • Quick horizontal forward moving Berserker Barrage style attack
  • Can direct the swipe up or down by holding any up or down direction during the attack
  • If the final hit of 236A is instant blocked, most of the cast will punish you.
  • 236A/j.236A is a series of 3 hit swipes, best for pushing to the corner, corner combos, or small conversions off j.A instant overhead
  • 236236A is a series of 5 swipes, with the last hit being in the air that spikes opponent down. A good combo finisher for more damage and meter. Can be used to set up mid-screen okizeme since the land close to Jubei
  • When in install, this move gets upgraded and changes drastically! Please see below section for the specifics on the Install Fissuring Slash)

Before you activate install, this move is mostly used in combos as it is very unsafe on block. Should you use this in pressure or neutral it can land some quick unexpected hits due to the size of the hit boxes. Learn to catch roll techs after ending combos with 236236A to keep the pressure up and build heat so you can install and use the better version of this move.

If it is not instant blocked, you take a risk and follow this with 6A to parry your opponent's answer back, but if they have a 6 frame startup 5A that hits Jubei, you better hope they don't know to use it or you'll be counter hit for your trouble!

Fissuring Slash Followup[edit]
Install Fissuring Slash (Rekkōzan) and Additional Attacks
236A then A for each Additional Attack (Air OK)
BBCF Jubei FissuringSlash.png
Tsuika Kōgeki is Japanese For Additional Attack
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
A 600 All 13 3 17 -3 B
AA 600 All 8 3 17 -3 B
AAA 600 All 8 3 17 -3 B
AAAA 600 All 8 3 20 -6 B
AAAAA 1200 All 9 3 23+9L -18 H
j.A 600 All 11 3 17 - H
j.AA 600 All 8 3 17 - H
j.AAA 600 All 8 3 17 - H
j.AAAA 600 All 8 3 20 - H
j.AAAAA 1200 All 9 3 Until L+9 - H
  • Can be used for a total of 5 attacks by pressing A 4 times after doing 236A (the 236A or j.236A are the first attack, then 4 more)
  • The first 4 attacks can be cancelled into various other follow ups: 5B / 4B / 6B / 5C / 646C
  • The first 4 attacks can also be special-canceled into j.236D/j.214D (even on the ground) by pressing 6D or 4D to cross through opponents, reset pressure, retreat, or avoid reversals
  • The first 4 attacks can be directed up or down by holding any up or down direction
  • The 5th and final attack, it does a big finisher swipe that blows opponent back. This attack wall bounces in the corner for easy conversions, but is highly punishable on block and cannot be followed up further.
  • Air version startup is comparable to jump normals and in some cases is your best air to air attack.

Jubei slashes forward rapidly, using anywhere from 1 to 4 small grounded swipes and, if he chooses, a 5th large swipe that he jumps into. During install, Fissuring Slash ("Rekkōzan") now grants Jubei great freedom compared to how it is before you activate Jubei's install. As Jubei can now vary the amount of Additional Attack slashes that occur during Fissuring Slash, choose between multiple followups that can create mix ups, or cancel to his command air dashes even while grounded to create space or do low to the ground cross ups. Jubei's pressure game here should not be underestimated and you can quickly smother an opponent with fast unpredictable pressure.

While the individual slashes are minus on block, Jubei can easily choose how many swipes to go for and can deter mashing with his other Fissuring Slash followups, conditioning opponents to fear his options from it. If the opponent respects these options and avoids mashing, Jubei can opt to stop doing followups off Install Fissuring Slash's Additional Attacks and then reset pressure entirely! Resetting back again into stagger normals, instant overheads, other mix up tools, throws, and/or looping into Fissuring Slash and Additional Attacks and other follow ups all over again.

Also the hit boxes on this attack are pretty good at covering Jubei due to how low to the ground he gets if you decide to try this attack in neutral. It's especially important to threaten this attack as an air to air due to the quick startup for a special move. Due to how fast it moves Jubei forward you might catch an opponent off guard trying to set themselves up in the air and not expecting you to suddenly be right on top of them. Also, the higher up you hit someone with the 5th attack, the more chance you can cause them to fly into the corner for the wall bounce, allowing you to land and link a 5B or dash 2B for an easy combo conversion!

Jubei can perform other special move followups on all but the 5th Additional Attack, so be wary about performing the final version.

As a final important use, this can be used to stall in the air by holding upward and doing all but 5th attack so you have no landing recovery.

Read the special move sections below for information on their "Fissuring Slash" versions

Launch (Fissuring Impact)
B after Fissuring Slash (Air OK)
BBCF Jubei FissuringImpact.png
Surfing up the claw wave
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 800 All 12 4 19+12L -18 H
Air 800 All 12 4 Until L+12 - H
  • Swipes the opponent upwards off the ground
  • Leaves Jubei in an airborne state
  • Available only in Immovable Object: Lotus
  • Not special cancelable with j.236D/j.214D

Jubei jumps while slashing upwards into the air. This move is only available when Immovable Object: Lotus has been activated and is somewhat like an air stance that allows Jubei to follow up afterwards with one of his special moves. Most are included except for 236C, j.236D/j.214D, and the starting slashes of 236A.

236B (shortcut 6B) is a particularly strong option after Launch as it is a frame trap that can yield a fatal counter. As Jubei's options after Launch do not offer much mixup potential and are all negative on block however, opponents comfortable with Jubei options afterwards might not feel pressured to mash after seeing it.

Form ONE: Shadow Wolf[edit]
Form ONE: Shadow Wolf
236B (6B during Fissuring Slash)
BBCF Jubei ShadowWolf.png
Grandpa says no mashing
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
236B 950 Low/Air 13 2 26 -9 F
236A > 6B 950 Low 13 2 22 -5 F
j.236A > 6B 950 Low Until L+5 2 22 -5 F
  • Low
  • Very respectable range
  • Fatal Counter with a very high damage reward
  • Used for setting up oki with 236C when ending a combo
  • Can cancel to Install Super on hit or block to either hit confirm into good damage or create a strong mixup

Jubei uses both of his swords to slash vertically and horizontally at his opponent's feet, knocking them down on hit. It is used often as an ender in combos to set up oki, as special canceling into 236C saves time that makes up for 236C's high startup.

Has the potential to fatal counter so it is an option to deter mashing, but when not in install Jubei is somewhat lacking grounded options that pressure opponents to mash in the first place. Still, if the opponent is particularly mash-heavy, or if you feel the opponent is trying to up back out of a long pressure string, delaying this at points they are expected to mash can yield high reward.

While a low, as Jubei's overhead options later in strings are a little lacking and 236B itself is unsafe - though very difficult to punish at further ranges - it is perhaps more suited to ensuring opponents respect Jubei's pressure than it is as a mixup tool.

When used from Fissuring Slash's and its Additional Attacks, it cannot be delayed long enough to frame trap opponents, but it can be used directly after Fissuring Slash into Launch for this purpose. From Fissuring Slash into Launch, between this and delayed 4B, Jubei has a high/low mixup that yields a combo with meter or counter hit.

Jubei is at least +13 after an immediate 236B>360A cancel, giving you true blockstrings after and ample opportunity to diversify your pressure by doing dash 2B, or dash j.A as a quick instant overhead.

Form TWO: Demon Fox[edit]
Form TWO: Demon Fox
214B (4B during Fissuring Slash) (Air OK)
BBCF Jubei DemonFox.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
214B 870 High/Air 25 3 9+10L - H
236A > 4B 870 High/Air 15 3 12+11L 4 H
  • Overhead
  • Generally only combos off counterhit or with meter
  • Decent ender for air combos
  • Jumps over lows

Jubei jumps into the air and slashes overhead in a backwards arc. Generally, without counterhit or a rapid cancel comboing off of this is not possible. However, on hit it can distortion cancel into 360A, allowing Jubei to both combo and power up off a safe opener. On block, going for 360A after leaves a 5 frame gap that many characters cannot exploit.

When used close and on a crouching opponent, Jubei can side-switch with the opponent. As this only works when opponents are crouching, this serves no purpose as a crossup but can be useful for positioning.

While j.214C is a better ender for air combos due to better frame advantage and damage, j.214B lands more reliably and avoids the possibility of side-switch.

During Fissuring Slash it is an effective tool to stop opponents from trying to mash out of your strings. When used from Launch it can be delayed long enough to frame trap opponents. When used from Fissuring Slash's Additional Attacks however, it must be immediately canceled into. From Launch, between this and 6B, Jubei has a high/low mixup that yields a combo with meter or counter hit.

Form THREE: Wild Lion[edit]
Form THREE: Wild Lion
214C (C during Fissuring Slash) (Air OK)
BBCF Jubei WildLion.png
Tactical and elegant strikes
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
214C 300*n, 600 All 16 6,3*n(8)4 24 -11 H*n, B
236A > C 300*n, 600 All 19 6,3*n(8)4 24 -11 H*n, B
  • Functions as a risky crossup
  • All hits are mid
  • Go-to ender for air combos
  • Leaves Jubei fairly airborne allowing him to go over lows
  • Gains increased horizontal distance when used after command dash

Jubei jumps in a forward arc, slashes in a flurry all around him and ends with a long slash once grounded. A risky special to use in neutral and pressure as it is very unsafe and leaves Jubei close to his opponent. Comboing off of it without meter is not possible so reward off it is not particularly high if the side-switch and/or mixup is not important.

j.214C is Jubei's go-to ender for air combos as it offers greater frame advantage, damage, and controlled side-switch. It is a little finnicky however as it is somewhat poor at hitting opponents above Jubei which can cause disastrous whiffs in unexpected situations. Whiffing (and side-switch) is generally avoidable by getting into the habit of super jumping into the preceding air chain as j.214C consistently hits when above or at an even level with opponents.

When done close to the opponent, Jubei's delayed attacks after his jump functions as a crossup. If done further away however, Jubei is more likely to stay on the same side. As all hits are mids and this move is extremely unsafe, this should be avoided.

A pretty good option when used off of Jubei's command dash. When performed this way, it travels in a much longer horizontal arc, making it a solid means of approach against zoners and others Jubei might have difficulty getting in on. As command dash has backdash startup built into it and lacks invincibility in itself, using 214C this way does require exploiting a lack of projectiles and active normals.

Form FOUR: Black Panther[edit]
Form FOUR: Black Panther
632146C (646C during Fissuring Slash)
BBCF Jubei BlackPanther.png
X marks the unblockable fatal
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
632146C 1100 [1600] All [Unblockable] 21
3 [1] 16+9L - B
236A > 646C 1100 [1600] All [Unblockable] 22 [48] 3 [1] 16+9L - B
j.236A > j.646C 1100 [1600] All [Unblockable] Until L+5
[Until L+26]
3 [1] 16+9L - B
  • Fatal Counters
  • Becomes unblockable if charged for 30 frames
  • Required counter hit, meter, or to just-frame unblockable release to combo with
  • Unblockable will guard break even if opponent barrier blocks

Jubei readies his swords behind his back in a cross and slashes rapidly as he front flips in place. With its lengthy startup and short horizontal range, this serves mostly as combo filler for his more damaging combos though it can be a hard, rewarding callout on delayed mashing as it rewards fatal counter.

Performing this move in low height air juggles, generally after 5C, 3C(1) or Launch, is the most common way to implement this move in combos. When grounded, comboing into it usually requires a crouching opponent, and using a N-starter into 5C>632146C or 5C(1)>632146C if you use an A-starter.

As the charged version has very long startup and fairly short range, it is unlikely to ever be useful during Jubei's pressure. This move does, however, have a just-frame release property; if you release the C button after charging approximately 30 frames (exactly when the ground shakes) the recovery of the charged version is lessened to that of the uncharged variant, allowing you meterless combos from an unblockable attack! It has uses in corner okizeme situations because of this, from the 236B>236C ender.

Divine Form[edit]
Divine Form
j.236D/j.214D (6D/4D during Fissuring Slash)
BBCF Jubei DivineForm.png
As free as a cat now
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Forward - - - - Total 23 - -
Backward - - - - Total 23 - -
j.236A > 6D - - - - Total 25+5L - -
j.236A > 4D - - - - Total 31+5L - -
  • Can be used off certain grounded options that put Jubei in the air
  • Can be special canceled into off any aerial hit and block
  • Does not count as one of Jubei's jumps
  • Leaves Jubei in counterhit state until finished
  • Can pass through opponents

Offers Jubei some precise horizontal mobility in the air. Can be used before or after a double jump though only one can be used per jump. Can also be used off of any air normals on hit or block, giving his jump-cancelable normals greater pressure options.

Does not grant invulnerability and leaves Jubei in counterhit until completed so j.236D should be used with some caution during pressure or in neutral. If j.236D crosses over the opponent, aerial attacks autocorrect for slow but sure crossups.

As moves like 2C and enhanced 236A leave Jubei airborne on block and hit, they can be reliably canceled for greater pressure (j.236D) or safety (j.214D).

When the opponent is completely cornered, if they respect Jubei's pressure j.236D becomes a stronger pressure option. When j.236D is done high into Jubei's jump arc (generally requiring a standing opponent) it will not crossup, while any lower and it will always crossup.

Rising Justice[edit]
Rising Justice
236C (Air OK)
BBCF Jubei RisingJustice.png
The little fireball that could
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 800 All 30 300 Total 53 0 P1*
Air 800 All 30 300 Total 61+3L - P1*
  • Fires a large projectile that bounces along the ground slowly at a fairly large height, slightly above the height Jubei was at when he launched it.
  • Lasts for 300F
  • Does not travel off the screen but instead just bounces in place against the wall.
  • Leaves Jubei in counterhit state during its lengthy startup
  • Disappears if Jubei is hit.

A key oki Tool for Jubei, used at the end of his combos to force a block so that he can use his powerful mixup tools to continue pressure and keep momentum going. Has a rather bad startup however so using it at neutral is only really helpful at long range to cover an approach, using this up close is often suicide.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Thousand Hands: Roaring Pillar[edit]
Thousand Hands: Roaring Pillar
BBCF Jubei RoaringPillar.png
X marks the punish
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 1000*2, 2000
[1000*2, 400*9]
All 12+1 12 39 -30 B
With Shiranui Mark 1250*2, 2000
[1250*2, 400*9]
All 12+1 12 39 -30 B
  • General purpose ground distortion to add more damage to combos and to do very long range punishes.
  • If opponent is marked, Jubei appears behind opponent before attacking, even if they're in the air, and deals slightly more damage. Useful for combos that leave your opponent too far to connect the attack normally.

Due to the superflash ocurring after Jubei teleporting, this should not be used as a way to do a crossup since they'll just block it. If the opponent commits to a move with lengthy startup this can work to punish them no matter the distance due to its reasonably quick startup and Shiranui mark making it always connect.

Twin Guardians: Mourning Shore[edit]
Twin Guardians: Mourning Shore
BBCF Jubei MourningShore.png
Bladed Calligraphy
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 1000, 200*n, 2500
[1000, 200*n, 800*5]
All 4+1 Until L 40 - H
With Shiranui Mark 1250, 200*n, 2500
[1250, 200*n, 800*5]
All 4+1 Until L 40 - H
  • Mid part of the attack loops continuously until reaching the ground, therefore the higher up you start this move, the more damage it will do.
  • If opponent is marked, Jubei teleports above and behind his opponent before attacking, ensuring it connects.
  • Completely invulnerable from the start until recovery, but very punishable on block.

Jubei's air combo ender of choice leading to decent damage, also can be used as a full screen punish if your opponent is marked and mucking around in the air because of its very fast startup, but this is very risky. Definitely not a move to just throw out at neutral.

Immovable Object: Lotus[edit]
Immovable Object: Lotus
BBCF Jubei Lotus.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - 3+0 - 1 - -
  • Disables Normal Drive and replaces it with the upgraded version for the rest of the round.
  • Modifies Fissuring slash in various ways (See above)
  • Absurdly short startup and recovery time, basically impossible for your opponent to stuff.
  • Possible to use in many combos due to its rapid startup and most moves being distortion cancellable. In that way you can use it as a quasi-overdrive cancel and continue the combo in much the same way.
  • Can use the activation in neutral or on the opponent's wakeup to pause the match, see what your opponent is doing and counter what the opponent may have committed to doing
  • Can only be activated once per round, so if you need it to make your combo work after using it once, you'll need to use a rapid cancel instead.
  • Due to how effective non-install 5D, j.5D and j.6D are versus some character match ups, it may not always be a good idea to activate this install.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Miroku: Spherical Illusion
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Jubei MirokuSphericalIllusion.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600, 1100*2
{600, 1100*2, 3000}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B
  • Does not cost Heat, but inmediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow.

On startup, Jubei performs a pommel strike on the opponent with his sword scabbard. If it hits, Jubei will slam his opponent into the wall and slash them with his swords and claws. Puts Jubei in Active Flow if he hasn't already been in it already. In Active Flow, Jubei does another powerful spinning slash with his claws. Has full invul and minimum damage, but is unsafe on block and cannot be rapid-cancelled. Basically the same as most Exceel Accels, just one of the better ones for corner carry.

Astral Heat[edit]

Asura: Thunderbird Rising
BBCF Jubei AH.png
BBCF Jubei AH3.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 4300*9, 9000, 20000 All 4+7 3 83 -67 B
  • Borrowing the power of his late brother's eye, Jubei paralyzes his opponent and reveals their true form before tearing them apart in a flurry of elegant swordplay and savage claw swipes with a ferocity befitting one known as "The Strongest Being on the Planet".

While the range on this move is quite short, being the immediate area around Jubei's sprite, it is surprisingly very easy to combo into due in part to how close all of Jubei's attacks keep him to the opponent.

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