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BBCF Kokonoe Portrait.png
Health: 10,500

Combo Rate: 60%
Prejump: 4
Backdash Time 21 / Invul: 1-5
Movement Options

Gravitrons, Double Jump, Air Dash, Dash type: Run
Space Control, Traps, Versatile


A genius scientist part of the organization “Sector Seven” that opposes the Librarium, and is the creator of Tager. She led an operation to rescue Hakumen, who had fallen through dimensions. While the two tolerate each other, in order to monitor Hakumen’s unexpected actions, she dispatches Tager. She continues her research to defeat Yuuki Terumi.

Drive: Graviton[edit]

Kokonoe's Drive summons a Graviton onto the field. The instant the Graviton appears it'll start attracting the opponent and objects towards it from a distance. Objects accelerate towards the graviton from a further range than characters. Similar to Tager's magnetism, grounded opponents cannot be lifted off the ground by the graviton and experience greater resistance to motion from it compared to when they're airbone. Kokonoe herself is not normally affected by the Graviton, although some moves use its location to change their properties. The most notable change it causes is to Kokonoe's Ennetsu Flame Cage (214A/B/C), which gains the ability to change its trajectory. When a Graviton is summoned, it will stay on the field until either it expires after a specific duration, Kokonoe activates it with 236D/withdraws it with 214D, or the opponent manages to confirm a hit on Kokonoe. Only one Graviton can be on the field at a time.

BBCF Kokonoe Graviton Gauge.png

The first two icons represent the Banishing Ray (22A/B) and Flame Cage (214A/B/C) readiness since you can only have one of each move out on the field at a time. When the respective move is visible on the screen the icon for it will turn grey. Once the move is no longer visible on the screen the icon will light back up, and you can use the move again.

The third icon and the number next to it refer to your stock of Gravitons. You start the match off with 9 Gravitons and will use one up every time you summon one. Gravitons recover slowly over time, but using a Graviton will both put a cooldown on its regeneration and cause you to lose progress towards regenerating your next Graviton. Under normal circumstances the limit of gravitons isn't significant, it seems to exist to prevent permenant keep-away tactics and other delaying strategies.

Overdrive: Graviton Rage[edit]

Kokonoe's Overdrive will strengthen her Gravitons immensely:

  • The pull of her Gravitons will become much stronger than that of her normal ones (this will allow her to do something like 3C>5D>5B>5C>Solid Wheel which isn't possible with a normal Graviton). Her projectiles such as Flame Cage, Flaming Belobog, and Solid Wheel will be pulled in much quicker compared to regular Gravitons.
    • However the stronger pull will mess with most of Kokonoe's non-OD combos that use Gravitons so keep that in mind.
  • Her Gravitons will deal more damage than the base ones (they still require the opponent to be in hitstun).
  • The rate at which her Gravitons recharge will become much faster, also the recharge timer will not pause whenever she uses a Graviton in a combo (It will be slower than her standard overdrive recharge rate, but she will still get one or two back after doing a combo with them). This essentially allows Kokonoe to replenish her Graviton stock while dealing damage.
  • Kokonoe's Gravitons will stay out for much longer while in Overdrive (6 seconds compared to the 4 seconds that a normal Graviton will stay out for).


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Well rounded with a good deal of options and attacks for most situations.
  • Gravitons are a very open tool as they be used for just about anything, such as extending combos and pressure.
  • Excellent damage output both with and without resources, with her Golden Tager combos being able to kill opponents outright.
  • Huge vertical anti-air that can be delayed to bait out delayed airdashes.
  • Very high mobility with a fast dash and a teleport that tracks to your currently active Graviton.
  • Amazing tools to setup mixups and frametraps, along with devastating setplay in the corner.
  • Small hurtbox (especially when crouching), with multiple low profile and low to the ground moves.
  • Her combos are very freeform along with boasting amazing corner carry, with stray hits easily turning into combos.
  • Is the best girl in the entire BlazBlue series. FACT.
  • Gravitons can work against you if used carelessly, by moving the opponent out of combos or into your face.
  • Running out of Gravitons locks you out of most of your combos, setups, and one of your most important neutral tools.
  • Has less health than the average BBCF character, with 10,500HP compared to the standard 11,000.
  • Needs meter or Overdrive in order to escape pressure, meaning she suffers slightly on defense.
  • Very space dependent to set up traps and can be interrupted in the middle of her slower than average attacks.
  • Will turn you into a cyborg against your will for shits and giggles.

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCP Kokonoe 5A.png
Bringing cuffs to a fist fight
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 3 11 -2 B
  • Hits Crouching

Kokonoe's jab and her fastest normal. Despite not having much range, it can be a good combo starter as Kokonoe can still get the same oki from her B starters with 5A just for a little less damage.

BBCP Kokonoe 5B.png
Don't get crouch confirmed by this
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 Mid 11 3 23 -5 B
  • Great for pressure
  • On Crouching opponents, it can be immediately linked into 2C for more damage
  • Technically loses the low hurtbox for a short while, allowing for some evasion

5B is a great tool for pressure because of all the possibilities you have on block. It's jump cancelable on block so you can go for a quick j.2C overhead from it if you have 50 meter to Rapid Cancel to convert it into a full combo or stay safe. Or you can jump cancel and do a falling j.B to attempt to reset pressure or retreat with an instant air backdash. Or you can just normal cancel it into 2B or 5C and go from there. Or you can take advantage of the fact 5B moves Kokonoe forward and you have so many options from it for the opponent to look out for to just reset pressure instead. With all these possibilities, 5B can be a powerful tool if you use it wisely.

BBCP Kokonoe 5C.png
"That's a lotta damage!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 Mid 14 2 23 -6 BP
  • Staple ground combo ender in the corner
  • Great combo piece
  • Jump Cancellable on hit
  • Crumples the opponent on Counter Hit, causes wall bounce on aerial opponents on Counter Hit as well
  • You are guaranteed stupid damage if you land this as a CH

When you're in the corner or end a combo in the corner, 5C is a great ground combo ender because you can special cancel into either Banishing Ray or Flame Cage for oki.

Also, 5C is a great combo piece when air juggling an opponent because its ability to blow an airborne opponent away fullscreen combined with either Broken Bunker or IAD j.B > j.C adds a lot of corner carry to your combos.

This is also your go to starter for Counter Hit combos as the P1 on this move is crazy, against moves that are horribly negative on block, this move will make sure that they feel the pain for doing something stupid when they eat a 7-9K combo.

BBCP Kokonoe 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 7 3 11 -2 F
  • Can be linked into itself along with 5A up to three times
  • Kokonoe's second fastest standing normal

Like many 2As, Kokonoe's 2A is great for pressure. In particular, it's great for catching no techs and in blockstrings where you don't want to commit too heavily to anything because your opponent has a burst to do Overdrive Raid.

It's also possibly Kokonoe's best ground poke. Decent range, quick start up and recovery make it the best alternative to use compared to a lot of her other ground normals. This move will usually be your alternative go to move for punishing moves for moves that are too far for 5A to punish, as her 5A/2A starter combos are interchangeable.

BBCP Kokonoe 2B.png
Wrench low
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
400 Low/Air 10 3 (6) 3 12 -1 F
  • Hits twice
  • Main low mixup option
  • Both hits will hit low

Now that Kokonoe's 2A is no longer a low, Kokonoe now has to rely on 2B to open people up using a low. It has a bit more range than 2A so it's good in some instances to poke your way out of pressure or poke in neutral. Additionally, both hits of 2B are cancellable, making it a staple part of Kokonoe's pressure as she can choose to cancel the first hit or let both hits rock.

BBCP Kokonoe 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1080 Mid 19 3 15 1 F
  • Causes the opponent to spin on hit
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit
  • Jump Cancellable on hit

Mostly used in specific grounded combo routes. In blockstrings, it can be used to safely put down Flame Cage or Banishing Rays thanks to it being +1 on block and the pushback it does on block and barrier. Be wary, its slow startup can lead to opponents DPing you before you even get the chance to hit them with 2C.

Fatal Counter can allow Kokonoe to loop 2C>5C on the opponent for corner carry.

BBCP Kokonoe 6A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
660 [770] Mid 13-23 4 21 -8 B
  • Good anti-air
  • Can be Kara-Cancelled into throw to give it better range
  • Charged version will launch grounded opponents on hit and has more hitstun while dealing more damage
  • On confirmed hit you can immediately chain into 6C>j.8D>j.236B or j.B>j.2C>j.2D

Kokonoe's anti-air. Has great vertical reach but not much horizontal reach though. Best used in situations where the opponent has to commit to their jump in. If you hold down the A button, you'll be able to delay her anti-air which can be useful against empty jumps and low air dashes as Kokonoe retains the head invincibility while charging.

BBCP Kokonoe 6B.png
Wrench overhead, netplay unblockable
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500*2 [550*2] High 25~43 2 (11) 2
[2 (15) 2]
26 [14] -9 [+5] B
  • Good overhead
  • Both hits of 6B will hit overhead
  • Second hit of 6B will force crouch on the opponent
  • Can only be gatling'd into by 5A or 2A
  • Fully charged 6B will cause a ground bounce on standing opponents. However, it also has a unique property where the first hit of 6[B] will cause a hard knockdown on aerial opponents

Kokonoe's only ground overhead. Uncharged 6B is a great overhead to open opponents up with, especially when combined with Kokonoe's oki tools. The charged version of 6B is mostly only good for some combos. Similar to Mu, you can Rapid Cancel the first hit of 6B into 2B, however unlike Mu, Kokonoe gets the benefit of having both hits of her 6B hitting high instead of just the second hit being a overhead.

BBCP Kokonoe 6C.png
good for calling out 2A mash
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1250 All 22 3 Until L+7 -2 B
  • Kokonoe's second and somewhat situational anti-air
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit
  • Will leave Kokonoe airborne on hit (i.e. using this move counts as Kokonoe using her jump), meaning that she can use her double jump as a safe jump on block.
  • Naturally combos into j.2C
  • Keeps Kokonoe's momentum if she does this during a run

Mostly just used in air juggle combos but in some cases, but is a great starter because of the multitude of options it brings to the table. It's foot invuln allows Kokonoe to beat out opponents who try to mash against it, it being jump cancellable on block gives Kokonoe a safe jump in pressure and the momentum it keeps after a run can allow Kokonoe to link back into 5A or 5B depending on the opponent's positioning (Fatal Counter ensures that Kokonoe can always link back into 5B).

Damage wise, it depends on whether or not Kokonoe chooses to go for a corner carry combo. If she does, then you're looking at about 3-3.3K worth of damage. If she opts to go for a damaging route, then that damage gets bumped up to around 4.5K meterless with its damage only getting higher with meter.

BBCP Kokonoe 3C.png
God button
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
460*2 Low, Mid 14 3 (6) 3 15 -1 F
  • Good ground poke
  • Sometimes a good low mixup
  • Good combo piece
  • First Hit of 3C hits low, second hit hits mid
  • The second hit of 3C will always trip the opponent
  • Counter Hit 3C will cause a hard knockdown

3C has great horizontal reach and hits low, making it good for ground pokes. However, it's easy to jump over and punish so make sure to not use it too predictably and to always space it well to minimize chances of getting punished.

Alternatively, because of its reach and ability to open people up low, it's also good in blockstrings where you've been pushed out far enough for opponents to stand up thinking they can attempt to jump out or do something else. Also, 3C is great in combos because of its ability to vacuum and sweep the opponent. It does have a particularly large extended hurtbox as well, so use with caution.

BBCP Kokonoe jA.png
Ora ora ora ora ora ora
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
220, 110*5 High/Air 7 3*6 12 - H
  • Great air to air normal
  • Hits 6 times with all of them being cancellable
  • One of the only two normals Kokonoe can't Drive Cancel on block, and the only button Koko can't Drive Cancel at all (i.e. she can't do j.A(1)>j.XD). However, she can still Activate and Deactivate if there's a Graviton out

Kokonoe's j.A has a faster startup, a wide hitbox and is multi-hitting, making it for air to air battles and jump ins in some situations as well as making it fairly easy to hitconfirm into a full combo.

BBCP Kokonoe jB.png
That other wrench overhead
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500*2 High/Air 10 4 (3) 4 11 - H
  • Hits twice
  • Both hits are highs

Sometimes a good air to air normal. While it lacks j.A's great hitbox, it is a better starter for combos. When combined with a low to the ground air dash, it can be a pretty good jump in as well. It's also good sometimes in attempting to reset pressure from a 5B jump cancel. You'll want to really pick and choose when you do this though because again j.B is lacking in vertical reach and is easily beaten by anti-airs and in some cases, quick picks

BBCP Kokonoe jC.png
Not an overhead
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
750 All 13 3 27 - HP
  • Good air corner combo ender
  • Wall bounces on hit
  • Will cause crumple with Counter Hit just like 5C on grounded opponents
  • Like with j.A, it can only be Drive Cancelled on hit, but can still cancel into 236D/214D if there's a Graviton already out
  • On hit or whiff, Kokonoe's air momentum is stalled and is pushed backwards

A good "Get off me" button when Kokonoe is being chased in the air, the large hitbox it has makes it threatening to challenge if Kokonoe is air backdashing. The reward she gets off of j.C gives her an air-to-air corner carry combo since j.C sends the opponent fullscreen. In all instances at midscreen, you will always follow-up an air to air j.C with j.9D. As an air-to-ground button however, it's basically 5C in the air but lacks in its ability to convert off of it. Your only option is j.2C but it only combos if you're close to the opponent and even then, you can't really do much unless you spend resources, do it in the corner, or land a Counter Hit j.C.

In blockstrings, j.C can either continue blockstrings or end them depending on whether or not Kokonoe has a Graviton out:

If Kokonoe does have a Graviton out, you can use Solid Wheel as a means to continue your pressure and get yourself back down to the ground safely. Using j.2C as a gatling would be safer here since you can simply activate the Graviton to push them away or use it as a means to do airdash j.B.

If Kokonoe doesn't have a Graviton out, your only option without meter is to do nothing since you can't Drive cancel this move on block. The massive pushback j.C has makes this move practically unpunishable unless the opponent instant blocks it up close, but even then it can still be hard to punish it properly. Cancelling it shortens the pushback and leaves Kokonoe open to a lot of punishes so be careful.

Like with it's grounded brother 5C, it's good in the corner as an ender for some air combo routes that'll allow you to setup Flame Cage oki guided by a Graviton.

A little trick to know: The stalled air momentum from j.C can be useful for Kokonoe to keep herself airborne high in the air if she tries to time out the opponent. The trick to it is that you fling yourself high into the air using 236D>236B and then mash j.C to stall for as long as possible. This works even better with meter as you can use Super Ball to cover your fall.

BBCP Kokonoe j2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 High/Air 17 4 17+9L - H
  • Sometimes good for a quick, rewarding overhead
  • Sometimes good for a poke
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit
  • Ground bounces on hit

j.2C is mainly used as a quick overhead, either on wakeup or jump canceling a normal. In order to convert it into a full combo there are a few options.

  1. Rapid Cancel and do falling j.B.
  2. Have a Graviton setup and activate it to give you enough time to land and pick up the combo.
  3. Use it during Banishing Ray oki, which will put the opponent in more than enough hitstun to let you land and pick up the combo.
  4. Utilize j2C > j5D > jA routes (character specific, and somewhat difficult to execute consistently).
  5. Overdrive Cancels into falling j.B(1)>j.2C which will allow Kokonoe to land and pick them up with 5B.

Ideally, you want to use this move if you have something to back yourself up with as j.2C suffers from forced landing recovery when used (Kokonoe can special cancel j.2C on block, but the only specials she can use in the air are Flame Cage and Solid Wheel which are ineffective, and summoning a Graviton after j.2C leaves a gap that the opponent can use to anti-air Kokonoe). Flame Cage and Banishing Rays B can give Kokonoe enough time to do j.2C>5A on block. If she has a Graviton on top of them at midscreen, she do j.2C>j.236D to push the opponent away from her.

If Kokonoe lands this as an air to air move or if she's close enough to the ground, she can link j.2C into 5A for a combo. j.2C>j.214214A also works too since the timing for it is very lenient (just make sure that you're close to the opponent).

Drive Moves[edit]

Kokonoe will always start out the round with 9 Gravitons in stock and they will replenish themselves whenever there isn't a active Graviton out on the field. If Kokonoe doesn't have any Gravitons left in reserve, then she cannot use her Drive moves until she gets back at least one Graviton.

Summon Graviton[edit]
Summon Graviton
Direction + D
BBCP Kokonoe 5D.png
*Click Image for Enlargement
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 32 - -
  • Summons a Graviton in the desired location, pulling opponents towards it.
  • Consumes one Graviton stock.
  • Remains active for 240 frames.
  • Gravitons are fully cancellable, meaning Kokonoe can go into pretty much everything in her arsenal.
  • Will replace existing Graviton if there's one out already.
  • Disappears if its time expires, is activated with 236D, deactivated with 214D, if Kokonoe uses Black Hole, or if the opponent lands a clean hit on Kokonoe.

The location in which the Graviton is summoned depends on the direction held and the respective visible screen area. If there is no directional input, Kokonoe summons the Graviton directly in front of her. Gravitons are used to mess with your opponent's spacing when they try to approach you, forcing them to try to keep themselves in which will result in more openings for Kokonoe to capitalize on.

They're also the main part of your combos and oki, as the full cancellability can let Kokonoe reverse beat back into her normals she's already used up. Giving her unique options on what routes she can do while setting up for pressure.

Activate Graviton[edit]
Activate Graviton
236D, air OK or During a Special Move~D
BBCP Kokonoe 236D.png
Just a little push
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 [900] - 14 - Total 23 - -
  • Activates the placed Graviton, quickly pushing the opponent away or striking them.
  • Consumes one Graviton Stock.
  • Like with Summon Graviton, Activate Graviton is fully cancellable.
  • D button can be held down to delay the activation which allows Kokonoe to act freely while doing so. Great for baiting out approaches and for doing combos. However, if she's hit while blocking and holding down the D button, then the activation will cancel out and the Graviton will disappear.
  • Can only be done if Kokonoe has a Graviton out and there's at least one Graviton left in reserve. If Kokonoe doesn't have any Gravitons left after summoning, then 236D will be unavailable for usage.
  • Once you activate a Graviton, you'll be put on a cooldown until the Graviton disappears.

Primarily used as a means of controlling space, as it forces the opponent away from the Graviton at a high speed. However, this move only strikes the opponent if they are in hitstun, and as such, cannot be used as a starter.

In Central Fiction 2.0, Kokonoe can now activate a Graviton while doing a special move. This will allow Kokonoe to open up new routes, convert off of any stray Gravitons, or use them to quickly push someone into a trap. The timings for when Kokonoe can do Special Move~D are listed below:

  • Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21" 236A/[A]: When Kokonoe makes contact with the opponent.
  • Armament No.9 "Aerial Powerdrive: Solid Wheel v3.37" 236B: While Kokonoe is spinning around.
  • Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32" 236C: While the ice gun is active.
  • Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43" Activate 214A/B/C: As soon as Kokonoe launches the fireball.
  • Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10" 22A/B: Once Kokonoe plants the lightning rod down.
  • Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24" 22C: While Kokonoe is teleporting.

Note: Doing Special Move~D will consume one Graviton as if you did 236D and cannot be done during the following: Counter Assault, Crush Trigger, Throws, Distortions, EA, or Astral.

Retrieve Graviton[edit]
Retrieve Graviton
214D, air OK
BBCP Kokonoe 214D.png
Bang wishes he had this
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 32 - -
  • Disables the Graviton on the field
  • Does not consume a Graviton Stock
  • Halves the recharge time for your next stock
  • Unlike 236D, you can summon a Graviton immediately after deactivating your current one.

This move can be great if you're low on Gravitons and you don't want to waste the current one you have, since deactivating a Graviton will shorten the recharge time between stocks.

Faster Recharge

While it isn't used much, by doing 236D>214D, your current Graviton will disappear quicker than it would when you do 236D by itself. The game will override the normal 5 second recharge time with the 2.5 second recharge time that 214D gives, allowing you to gain back a Graviton much sooner than anticipated. It's also possible to do this during a combo, most notably after an aerial activate such as with j.C or j.2C, which effectively allows Kokonoe to both deal damage and gain back a stock with little to no problem.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCP Kokonoe ForwardThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • Wall Bounces opponents
  • Will guarantee Kokonoe corner carry + oki depending on the Graviton's placement
  • Can lead to huge damage with Overdrive

Kokonoe's forward throw. Kokonoe can easily follow up with a Graviton placement after launching the opponent, or use Broken Bunker if she's near or at the corner.

Back Throw[edit]
Back Throw
BBCP Kokonoe BackThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • Launches upwards

Kokonoe's back throw. You can follow up with 9D>236D>66>5B>6A>6C>5B>5C>3C(1)>236A for a decent carry.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCP Kokonoe AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(120) 7 3 23+3L - T
  • Wall Bounces
  • Can be awkward to convert off of due to the angle Kokonoe launches them at midscreen

Kokonoe's air throw. Midscreen wise, you can use j.3D or j.9D into j.236B for a somewhat decent midair combo. In the corner, Kokonoe's air throw can be very useful against people who are trying to jump out of her Banishing Rays oki. You can either use j.9D and convert off of it with Solid Wheel, or you can do j.3D>j.B(1)>j.C>j.214A to setup for Flame Cage oki.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
6A+B (While Blocking)
BBCP Kokonoe 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 15 3 33 -17 T

Like most Counter Assaults, it can be a good way to get out of an opponent's pressure in dangerous situations. It doesn't have much horizontal or vertical reach though, so keep that in mind when you're deciding when to use it.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCP Kokonoe CT.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Charged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B
  • Wall Bounces the opponent midscreen
  • Wall Splats the opponent in the corner
  • Despite being a bat, this will NOT hit projectiles back at the opponent

Mostly good for extending a few particular combos to squeeze out a bit more damage when you're in a tight situation and need to try and kill the opponent quickly.

If you have an active Graviton on top of your opponent at midscreen, you can use a non-charged Crush Trigger to break your opponent's guard and pick them up with 5A for a corner carry combo, making Kokonoe one of the only few characters in the game that can combo off of a guard crushed opponent with a non-charged Crush Trigger at midscreen.


Armament No.2[edit]
Armament No.2

"Broken Bunker Assault v2.21"

BBCP Kokonoe 236A.png
BBCP Kokonoe 236A 2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 600*3 All 17-28 3 21 -5 B*2, P1*
Charged 600 All 17-28 3 21 -5 B
Delayed Attack 600 All 192 1 - - P1*
  • Alternate ground combo ender
  • Bunker bomb from the charged version can be good for oki
  • Bunker Bomb will explode three seconds after being placed on the opponent, but will disappear if Kokonoe is hit clean or on block, similar to Flame Cage
  • Landing 236[A] on a standing opponent will put them in a crumple state, where as landing it on an aerial opponent will cause them to ground bounce. Both can be followed up with 5A right after but grounded opponents will require you to land it as a Counter Hit or to Rapid Cancel Bunker to combo out of it

Typically just a combo tool but for ground combos that have gone on a bit too long or leave you just a little bit too far from the corner, it can also be used as a combo ender.

In pressure, if you have 50 meter and you absolutely don't want to let your opponent return to neutral, Broken Bunker > Rapid Cancel is great for closing the gap and resetting pressure.

New in CF is the ability to do a charged version of Broken Bunker, which will leave the explosion on the opponent without detonating it. The explosive will detonate on its own after a set period of time instead. You can use the charged version to do Bunker Reps, which is using the bunker bomb's explosion to carry the opponent to the corner while constantly placing a new bunker bomb on them. The bunker bomb can be an exceptionally good tool for oki as it'll keep the opponent pinned down while they're blocking, allowing you to safely extend your blockstrings or to make certain moves safe (like j.2C for example).

Armament No. 9[edit]
Armament No. 9

"Aerial Powerdrive: Solid Wheel v3.37"

BBCF Kokonoe SolidWheel.png
Cat Cannon
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*14 All 19 6*13,3 12 - H
  • Good combo tool
  • Tracks to an active Graviton if there is one on the field

Kokonoe's new special in CF. Usually this move is used as combo filler for Kokonoe's midair combos, but if you have a Graviton out that's close to the opponent, you can use it in a blockstring that will leave you +5 once Solid Wheel finishes.

Solid Wheel can also be used as an escape tool if you combine it with a Graviton as the activation will launch Kokonoe high into the sky. If you couple this with repeated j.Cs to stall your falling, then you have a move that's great for timer scamming your opponent for when you have the life lead.

Armament No.3[edit]
Armament No.3

"Absolute Zero v4.32"

BBCP Kokonoe 236C.png
BBCP Kokonoe 236C 2.png
Ice reset machine
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 600 All 26 3,2*31 12 - P
  • Deals massive chip and barrier damage
  • Can lead to some devastating ice resets with 50 meter
  • Will automatically go into Crime of Greed after the minigun if Kokonoe has 50 meter

Kokonoe pulls out an ice gun and freezes the opponent before firing a barrage of bullets at them with a minigun. If Kokonoe has 50 meter, then Crime of Greed will automatically trigger right after the minigun.

As a combo ender, you want to save this for when you have 50 meter to close out the round as the bullets can scale hard and don't really offer much advantage outside of pushing the opponent away from you midscreen. And despite the chip and barrier it does to your opponent's guard, it's ill advised to use it in blockstrings as barrier blocking will push you a good deal away from the opponent.

However, this tool becomes extremely scary if Kokonoe has 50 meter to Rapid Cancel the ice gun, to which Kokonoe gains a high/low/left/right crossup from ice resets and all of them will lead to big damage. While this is mainly done in the corner, there are setups that exist that will allow for midscreen ice resets which can be just as deadly as the corner setups. With this, you'll be able to keep your opponent guessing every time, making this a powerful tool in Kokonoe's arsenal.

Armament No.4α[edit]
Armament No.4α

"Flame Cage v1.43" Activate
214A/B/C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 214A.png
The little ball that could
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Summon - - 27 - Ground: Total 42
Air: Total 47+5L
- -
Ball 360*4 All - - - - P1*
Reflected Ball 750 - - - - - P1*
  • Great neutral tool for covering an approach
  • Great oki tool
  • Can track towards or be pushed away from Gravitons
  • Appears orange when Kokonoe is player 1, Blue when she is player 2.
  • If a Graviton is summoned then the fireball will gain the ability to bounce off surfaces
  • Can only have one fireball out at a time, if Kokonoe already has a fireball out (Be it Flame Cage or Super Fireball), then she cannot use it again until it disappears

A very key special in Kokonoe's toolset. Flame Cage is active for a very long time. If you can manage to create the space to get it out and use a Graviton to guide it where you need it, it can be a very powerful tool to cover an approach in neutral and lock them down for pressure.

  • A Version has it land in front of Kokonoe.
  • B Version has it land about 1/2 of a screen length.
  • C Version has it land almost an entire screen length away.

It's also a very good oki tool. It can either be used to limit an opponent's wakeup options when you have a Graviton placed or let you reset pressure when you don't have a Graviton placed (The fireball will come down later if there's no Graviton guiding it). Both cases present the opportunity to go for a mixup.

Armament No.5[edit]
Armament No.5

"Banishing Rays v3.10"

BBCP Kokonoe 22A.png
BBCP Kokonoe 22A 2.png
oki, prevents people from getting in your face, trap, visually covers mixups, probably also made you breakfast
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
A Set 860 All 24 6 Total 42 - P1*
  • Sometimes good for ending a blockstring
  • Activates immediately

The A version of Banishing Rays is mostly just used for some combo routes. However, in a few rare occasions, it can also be used to end a blockstring. Can be used as an anti-crossup device due to the hitbox extending vertically for the entire screen and is reasonably wide.

B Set - - - - Total 33 - -
B Detonate 450*6 All 22 2*6 - - P1*
  • Great neutral Tool
  • Great oki tool
  • Amazing combo filler
  • Will not activate unless an opponent is within its proximity or after a long time of idling
  • Will only disappear if the opponent lands a clean hit on Kokonoe. Otherwise, Banishing Rays will still activate regardless if Kokonoe blocks an attack, making it very good for punishing opponents while you're blocking
  • Like with Flame Cage, you can only use one Banishing Rays at a time (whether the A or B version was used doesn't matter). Once used, you'll have to wait awhile before you can use it again

Another very key part of Kokonoe's toolset. If you can manage to create the space to get this out safely in neutral, B Banishing Rays will make it difficult for opponent's to approach Kokonoe. You can then take advantage of this to toss out Flame Cage and guide it to the opponent with a Graviton. It's also a very strong oki tool that'll both limit your opponents wakeup options and make it visually hard to see what mixup Kokonoe is going for.

Armament No.6[edit]
Armament No.6

"Planar Haze v1.24"

BBCP Kokonoe 22C.png
Walking is overrated anyway
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 33 - -
  • Good left/right mixup tool
  • Will teleport to a Graviton if you have an active one on the screen. Otherwise, Kokonoe will teleport about one character distance before reappearing.
  • NOT a reversal but it can however, be used to bait out other reversals

When combined with either Banishing Rays or Flame Cage oki, Planar Haze can be a great left/right mixup to open opponents up. It's also sometimes good in neutral to relocate to a Graviton you have placed, which will allow you to escape some situations.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Armament No.4β[edit]
Armament No.4β

"Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73"
214214A/B/C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 214214A.png
The big ball that can
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
A Strike 1250 All 5+5 3 33 -15 B
B Strike 1250 All 5+8 3 33 -15 B
C Strike 1250 All 5+11 3 33 -15 B
Air Strike 1250 All 5+5 3 24+5L - H
Ball 360*12 [360*18] All - - - - P2*
Reflected Ball 1500 [2000] All - - - - P2*
  • Good reversal option
  • Great combo extender
  • Will track to or be pushed away by Gravitons
  • Appears orange when Kokonoe is player 1, Blue when she is player 2.

Now that Planar Haze is no longer 1f invuln, Flaming Belobog is Kokonoe's only character-specific reversal. Leads to a full combo on hit because of the amount of hitstun it has. For similar reasons, it can also be a good combo extender if you need one and have 50 meter.

Like with Flame Cage, Super Fireball will land a set distance depending on what button Kokonoe pressed and like with Flame Cage, Kokonoe can only have one out at a time.

  • A Version has it land in front of Kokonoe while keeping Kokonoe slightly in place.
  • B Version has it land about 1/2 of a screen length and will move Kokonoe about one character distance.
  • C Version has it land almost an entire screen length away and will move Kokonoe about two character distances.
  • Remains active even if Kokonoe takes damage.

The A version is generally the best of the three versions reversal wise and combo wise because it comes right down in front of Kokonoe and can be used to disrupt the opponent's combo on you, which will force them to either stop comboing you to block the fireball, or risk taking the hit which either way can allow you to escape pressure. However, the B and C versions can be good for catching opponents who were attempting to space out the A version. Please note that opponents can easily use moves that make them invulnerable or moves that push them out of the way to avoid Super Fireball (this applies more to the A version than it does to the B and C versions) so be careful when using Super Fireball.

Note: There's a weird glitch where if you land Super Fireball as a counter hit on an aerial opponent, it'll launch them higher into the air as seen in this [video].

Due to the P1 and combo timer nerf Super Fireball got in Central Fiction 2.0, Kokonoe will get less damage and time to combo off Super Fireball as a starter. Though the nerf will only come into play if she uses it as a reversal/starter, using it as a combo extender will still yield the same combos and damage as it always did.

Armament No.7[edit]
Armament No.7

"Jamming Dark v1.65"

BBCP Kokonoe 632146D.png
Let's be real. The only reason you got this move was because you messed up the astral input
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1200 [0, 1800] Unblockable 52+1 - - - -
  • Unblockable distortion drive
  • Summons a black hole portal about half a screen away from Kokonoe (or the edge of the screen if that is closer). On hit, the opponent is dropped from the top of the screen following a short delay.
  • Damage is dealt to the opponent upon impact with the floor, and this damage cannot kill the opponent (they are left with 1HP when it should kill).
  • As a starter, Black Hole has a bonus proration property that increases the damage dealt of all following moves in the combo. This bonus proration appears randomly, and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Kokonoe is fully invincible until the super flash appears.
  • Overdrive version has a stronger pull effect, and will not go off screen in the corner.
  • If this move whiffs, you will die.

Black Hole fundamentally functions as a reset tool, typically to guarantee a kill combo and end the round. Despite being unblockable, Black Hole sees little use in practice because of the numerous conditions required to connect it and difficulty spacing it effectively. For the same meter cost, you have access to the much simpler, stable and reliable Absolute Zero (ice) resets. Note that projectile invulnerable moves can negate blackhole entirely if done correctly (Nine omni dash for example).

To capitalize on the bonus proration of Black Hole, you must combo on the exact frame the opponent touches the ground. This presents difficulties due to the fact that the height from which the opponent drops is randomized between one of three options. If Black Hole whiffs, Kokonoe is incredibly vulnerable to the opponents punish of choice.

Due to the above, Black Hole is overall strongest in situations where you need to guarantee the reset, can set it up effectively and do not need the bonus proration to kill.

Armament No.8[edit]
Armament No.8

"Crime of Greed v1.00"
Automatic after 236C

BBCP Kokonoe 236C 3.png
Great damaging ender
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500, 100*5
[500, 100*2, 500]
- 1+3 15, 3*5 Total: 72 - -
  • 100% Minimum Damage, Great round ender

Crime of Greed is typically used at the end of a combo to end a round because of how easy it is to combo into, as well as the good minimum damage it'll add to the combo. For the OD version, you'll need to Overdrive cancel into it (For example, Kokonoe can do 3C(1)>ODC>3C(1)>236C on an airborne opponent which will work if she has less than 80% Health or do Super Fireball A>5D>Overdrive Cancel>236C when below 50% Health) if you want to get the extra damage since Absolute Zero's animation takes way too long to finish and Overdrive will more than likely end before you get to OD Crime of Greed.

Armament No.00[edit]
Armament No.00

"Dreadnought Destroyer"
64641236C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 2363214C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
See notes All 5+??+12 - - -63 P2*
  • Costs 100 Heat
  • Cannot be charged in midair
  • If Kokonoe is hit while she's charging, it'll cancel out the animation and will only consume 50 meter instead of 100

Kokonoe summons a giant Mecha-Tager to fire a beam that covers the entire screen. Can be charged up both by holding C during the super (which delays its activation) and by rotating the stick in a circular motion.

Generally, Dreadnought Destroyer is often overlooked for Golden Tager because of its damage scaling compared to its Overdrive version. You can get the same amount of damage from ending a combo with Flaming Belobog>5D>Absolute Zero than setting up for Dreadnought Destroyer. However, if you really want to go for this move and you don't have Overdrive to do Golden Tager instead, a simple confirm into it would be 6A>6C>j.64641236C. Other than that, don't use this.

Armament No.01[edit]
Armament No.01

"Super Dreadnought Exterminator"
64641236C during Overdrive, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe OD 2363214C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
see notes All 5+??+12 - - -63 P2*
  • Costs 100 Heat
  • Cannot be charged in midair
  • Kokonoe is fully invincible after the second super flash
  • The highest damaging super in both Kokonoe's arsenal and in the game
  • If Kokonoe is hit while she's charging, it'll cancel out the animation and will only consume 50 meter instead of 100
  • Has a nice gold paintjob

Kokonoe summons a giant Golden Mecha-Tager to fire a beam that covers the entire screen. Can be charged up both by holding C during the super (which delays its activation) and by rotating the stick in a circular motion.

Now THIS, is a good use of 100 meter right here. You wanna talk about complete and utter despair? Then this is the super you're looking for, Golden Tager has the power to obliterate your opponent's life lead no matter how big it is. To put it simply, this is Kokonoe's comeback Distortion.

There are two ways of comboing into Golden Tager that require you knowing how much time you'll get off of an Overdrive Cancel:

  • 6A>64641236C is the simpler ender of the two and can guarantee you 6-7K worth of damage (8K if Kokonoe uses certain starters). The amount of time you'll need for this ranges from 2:50sec (80% HP) to 3:25sec (50% HP)
  • 6A>5D>236[D]~64641236[C]~]D[~]C[ is the harder ender but in exchange for a higher learning curve, Kokonoe gains access to her highest damaging combos which usually lead to 8-10K worth of damage. In order to do these combos, you must be below 34% HP because these require the full four seconds off of the Overdrive Cancel (There do exist GT combos that involve 5D>236D>GT routes when Koko is at full health)

On top of being highly damaging, thanks to the Graviton buff she got in Central Fiction 2.0, Kokonoe can now combo into this move off of almost anything for a huge amount of damage, meaning that any random confirm can spell death to your opponent and Kokonoe no longer has to delay Gravitons to get these combos to work.

Keep in mind that in order to do these combos, Kokonoe must hold back using any meter and Overdrive, both are which very valuable resources to Kokonoe as she does not possess a meterless reversal. However, being able to completely delete health bars off of a random confirm and making your opponent wonder why does she have something like this is worth holding back those resources.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Armament No. 11

"Full Metal Heavy Weapon v2.05"
ABCD during Overdrive

BBCF Kokonoe FullMetalHeavyWeapon.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600, 60*29, 600
{600, 60*71, 1000}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B
  • Kokonoe's only other reversal.
  • Does not cost Heat, but immediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow.

Kokonoe punches forward during startup. On hit, Kokonoe proceeds to bring the full artillery, to finally apply excessive electric shocks to the opponent. Puts Kokonoe in Active Flow if she hasn't already been in it already. In Central Fiction, Full Metal Heavy Weapon was rarely used as a combo ender because of its no minimum damage. Even with Active Flow, Kokonoe wasn't guaranteed much out of it unless she landed it as a reversal.

In Central Fiction 2.0 however, thanks to the new addition of minimum damage to all Exceed Accels, this becomes a nice combo ender if you're looking for a way to end the round and you don't have the meter for a super. Reversal wise, Kokonoe's EA has surprisingly good horizontal range as it'll hit at near Round Starting position and will launch the opponent away from her depending on which version of her EA they were hit by (Regular EA will launch them to midscreen while Active Flow EA will bring them to near fullscreen). Has full invul but is not safe on block at point blank and cannot be rapid-canceled.

Astral Heat[edit]

Armament No.99

"Final Apocalypse" Ultimate Impact

BBCP Kokonoe 720D.png
Think Sword of Destruction but with even shittier range and no comboability.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
37100 Throw(90) 10+0 12 18 - T
  • Command grab
  • Has no invincibility
  • You drop a goddamn meteor on their heads
  • It's hype as hell

Kokonoe's impossible-to-combo Astral. Should she land the grab, Kokonoe will do a flurry of punches to the opponent before kicking them into a giant magnet and summoning a giant meteor to destroy them and most of the planet.

The range on this astral is very deceptive as it's more inside of the sleeve than right at the paw, meaning that you'll have to be practically on top of them in order to land this. However, with the combination of its 0-frame startup after the super-flash and the various setups Kokonoe can do for it, she can easily land this on unsuspecting opponents. Do keep in mind that this astral has absolutely no startup invincibility and can be teched if you land this while the opponent is still in hitstun/blockstun.

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