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BBCF Kokonoe Portrait.png

Health: 10,500

Combo Rate: 60%

Jump Startup: 4

Backdash Time 25 / Invul: 1~7

Movement Options
Gravitrons, Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash type: Run
Space control, Traps


A genius scientist part of the organization “Sector Seven” that opposes the Librarium, and is the creator of Tager. She led an operation to rescue Hakumen, who had fallen through dimensions. While the two tolerate each other, in order to monitor Hakumen’s unexpected actions, she dispatches Tager. She continues her research to defeat Yuuki Terumi.

Drive: Graviton[edit]

Kokonoe's Drive summons a Graviton onto the field. The instant the Graviton appears it'll start attracting the opponent and objects towards it from a distance. Objects accelerate towards the graviton from a further range than characters. Similar to Tager's magnetism, grounded opponents cannot be lifted off the ground by the graviton and experience greater resistance to motion from it compared to when they're airbone. Kokonoe herself is not normally affected by the Graviton, although some moves use its location to change their properties. The most notable change it causes is to Kokonoe's Ennetsu Flame Cage (214A/B/C), which gains the ability to change its trajectory. When a Graviton is summoned it'll gradually drain Kokonoe's Graviton Gauge until it's withdrawn from the field by either running out of Graviton Gauge, Activating (236D), Withdrawing (214D), or staying on the field for a specific duration. Only one Graviton can be on the field at a time.

BBCP Kokonoe Graviton Gauge.png

The first two icons represent the Banishing Ray (22A/B) and Flame Cage (214A/B/C) stocks. You can only have one of each move out on the field at a time. You start the match with both icons lit up. When the respective move is visible on the screen the icon for it will turn grey. Once the move is no longer visible on the screen the icon will light back up, and you can use the move again.

The third icon and the number next to it refer to your stock of Gravitons. You start the match off with 9 Gravitons and will use one up every time you summon one. Gravitons recover slowly over time, but using a Graviton will both put a cooldown on its regeneration and cause you to lose progress towards regenerating your next Graviton. Under normal circumstances the limit of gravitons isn't significant, it seems to exist to prevent permenant keep-away tactics and other delaying strategies.

Overdrive: Graviton Rage[edit]

The Graviton effect is strengthened, and they regenerate faster.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very high damage output
  • Amazing tools to setup mixups
  • Good variety of normal attack ranges
  • Huge vertical Anti-Air
  • Great chip damage options if a Graviton is summoned near the opponent
  • Very high mobility with a fast dash, and teleport
  • Lack of a good meterless defensive option
  • Very space dependent to set up traps
  • Slower-than-average normal attacks
  • Below-average health

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCP Kokonoe 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 3 11 -2 B

Standard jab. Doesn't have much range so it's usually only used in blockstrings.

BBCP Kokonoe 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 Mid 11 3 19 -5 B
  • Great for pressure
  • On Crouching opponents, it can be immediately linked into 2C for more damage

5B is a great tool for pressure because of all the possibilities you have on block. It's jump cancelable on block so you can go for a quick j.2C overhead from it if you have 50 meter to Rapid Cancel to convert it into a full combo or stay safe. Or you can jump cancel and do a falling j.B to attempt to reset pressure or retreat with an instant air backdash. Or you can just normal cancel it into 2B or 5C and go from there. Or you can take advantage of the fact 5B moves Kokonoe forward and you have so many options from it for the opponent to look out for to just reset pressure instead. With all these possibilities, 5B can be a powerful tool if you use it wisely

BBCP Kokonoe 5C.png
"That's a lotta damage!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 Mid 14 2 23 -6 BP
  • Staple ground combo ender in the corner
  • Great combo piece
  • Jump Cancellable on hit
  • Crumples the opponent on Counter Hit, causes wall bounce on aerial opponents on Counter Hit as well
  • You are guaranteed stupid damage if you land this as a CH

When you're in the corner or end a combo in the corner, 5C is a great ground combo ender because you can special cancel into either Banishing Ray or Flame Cage to have them out for oki.

Also, 5C is a great combo piece when air juggling an opponent because its ability to blow an airborne opponent away fullscreen combined with either Broken Bunker or IAD j.B > j.C adds a lot of corner carry to your combos.

This is also your go to starter for Counter Hit combos as the P1 on this move is crazy, against moves that are horribly negative on block, this move will make sure that they feel the pain for doing something stupid when they eat a 7-9K combo.

BBCP Kokonoe 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 7 3 11 -2 F
  • Can be linked into itself along with 5A up to three times

Like many 2As, Kokonoe's 2A is great for pressure. In particular, it's great for catching no techs and in blockstrings where you don't want to commit too heavily to anything because your opponent has a burst to do Overdrive Raid.

It's also possibly Kokonoe's best ground poke. Decent range, quick starter up and recovery make it the best alternative to use compared to a lot of her other ground normals.

BBCP Kokonoe 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
400*2 Low 10 3(6)3 12 -1 F
  • Hits twice
  • Main low mixup option

Kokonoe's best option for opening people up low. It also has a bit more range than 2A so it's good in some instances to poke your way out of pressure or poke in neutral.

BBCP Kokonoe 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1080 Mid 19 3 15 +1 F
  • Causes the opponent to spin on hit
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit
  • Jump Cancellable on hit

Mostly used in specific grounded combo routes. In blockstrings, it can be used to safely put down Flame Cage or Banishing Rays thanks to it being +1 on block and the pushback it does on block and barrier. Be wary, its slow startup can lead to opponents DPing you before you even get the chance to hit them with 2C.

Fatal Counter can allow Kokonoe to loop 2C>5C on the opponent for corner carry.

BBCP Kokonoe 6A.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 660 Mid 13-22 4 21 -8 B
Charge 770 Mid 23 4 21 -8 B
  • Good anti-air
  • Can be Kara-Cancelled into throw
  • Charged version will launch grounded opponents on hit and has more hitstun while dealing more damage
  • On confirmed hit you can immediately chain into 6C>j.8D>j.236B or j.B>j.2C>j.2D

Kokonoe's anti-air. Has great vertical reach but not much horizontal reach though. Best used in situations where the opponent has to commit to their jump in.

BBCP Kokonoe 6B.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 500*2 High 25-42 2(11)2 26 -9 B
Charge 550, 272 High 43 2(15)2 14 +5 B
  • Good overhead
  • Can only be gatling'd into by 5A or 2A

Uncharged 6B is a great overhead to open opponents up with, especially when combined with Kokonoe's oki tools. The charged version of 6B is mostly only good for some combos.

BBCP Kokonoe 6C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1250 All 22 3 Until L+7 -2 B
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit
  • Will leave Kokonoe airborne on hit, meaning that she can either use her double jump as a safe jump on block or airdash away.

Mostly just used in air juggle combos but in some rare cases, the foot invuln on 6C is great for beating out opponents trying to mash out a crouching normal.

BBCP Kokonoe 3C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
460*2 Low 14 3(6)3 15 -1 F
  • Good ground poke
  • Sometimes a good low mixup
  • Good combo piece

3C has great horizontal reach and hits low, making it good for ground pokes. However, it's easy to jump over and punish so make sure to not use it too predictably and to always space it well to minimize chances of getting punished.

Alternatively, because of its reach and ability to open people up low, it's also good in blockstrings where you've been pushed out far enough for opponents to stand up thinking they can attempt to jump out or do something else. Also, 3C is great in combos because of its ability to vacuum and sweep the opponent. It does have a particularly large extended hurtbox as well, so use with caution.

BBCP Kokonoe jA.png
Ora ora ora ora ora ora
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
130, 85, 79 High/Air 7 3*6 12 - H
  • Great air to air normal

Kokonoe's j.A has a faster startup, a wide hitbox and is multi-hitting, making it for air to air battles and jump ins in some situations as well as making it fairly easy to hitconfirm into a full combo.

BBCP Kokonoe jB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500*2 High/Air 10 4(3)4 11 - H

Sometimes a good air to air normal. While it lacks j.A's great hitbox, it is a better starter for combos. When combined with a low to the ground air dash, it can be a pretty good jump in as well. It's also good sometimes in attempting to reset pressure from a 5B jump cancel. You'll want to really pick and choose when you do this though because again j.B is lacking in vertical reach and is easily beaten by anti-airs and in some cases, quick picks

BBCP Kokonoe jC.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
750 All 13 3 27 - HP
  • Good air corner combo ender
  • Wall bounces on hit
  • Will cause crumple with Counter Hit just like 5C on grounded opponents

Mostly just used for combos. In particular, it's good in the corner as an ender for some air combo routes that'll allow you to setup Flame Cage oki guided by a Graviton.

Also, in some situations j.C can be a great poke to punishing opponents who chase after from the air you while you're instant air backdashing. If you manage to catch them airdashing while pressing buttons, you can immediately summon j.9D into Activate and then do Dash 5B>6A>6C>5B>5C>3C(1)>236A for a corner carry combo.

BBCP Kokonoe j2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 High/Air 17 4 17+9L - H
  • Sometimes good for a quick, rewarding overhead
  • Sometimes good for a poke
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit

j.2C is mainly used as a quick overhead, either on wakeup or jump canceling a normal. In order to convert it into a full combo there are a few options.

  1. Rapid Cancel and do falling j.B.
  2. Have a Graviton setup and activate it to give you enough time to land and pick up the combo.
  3. Use it during Banishing Ray oki, which will put the opponent in more than enough hitstun to let you land and pick up the combo.
  4. Utilize j2C > j5D > jA routes (character specific, and somewhat difficult to execute consistently).

Ideally, you want to use this move if you have something to back yourself up with as Kokonoe has forced landing recovery whenever she uses j.2C (She can special cancel j.2C on block, but the only specials she can use in the air are Flame Cage and Solid Wheel which are ineffective, and summoning a Graviton after j.2C leaves a gap that the opponent can use to anti-air Kokonoe). Flame Cage and Banishing Rays B can give Kokonoe enough time to do j.2C>5A on block while if she has a Graviton out, she can do j.2C>j.236D to push the opponent away from her midscreen.

If Kokonoe lands this as an air to air move or if she's close enough to the ground, she can actually link into it with 5A for a combo. j.2C>j.214214A also works too since it's very lenient with the timing (just make sure that you're close to the opponent if you do land it).

Drive Moves[edit]

Summon Graviton[edit]
Summon Graviton
Direction + D
BBCP Kokonoe 5D.png
*Click Image for Enlargement
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - 15 300 32T - -
  • Summons a Graviton in the desired location, pulling opponents towards it.
  • Consumes one Graviton stock
  • Remains active for 240 frames
  • Will replace existing Gravitons
  • Disappears if its time expires, is activated with 236D, deactivated with 214D, if Kokonoe uses Black Hole, or if the opponent lands a clean hit on Kokonoe

The location in which the Graviton is summoned depends on the direction held and the respective visible screen area. If there is no directional input, Kokonoe summons the Graviton directly in front of her.

Activate Graviton[edit]
Activate Graviton
236D, air OK
BBCP Kokonoe 236D.png
Just a little push
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 600 All 11 - 23T - -
Overdrive 900 All 11 - 23T - -
  • Activates the placed Graviton, quickly pushing the opponent away or striking them
  • Consumes one Graviton Stock

Primarily used as a means of controlling space, as it forces the opponent away from the Graviton at a high speed. However, this move only strikes the opponent if they are in hitstun, and as such, cannot be used as a starter.

In Central Fiction 2.0, Kokonoe can now activate a Graviton while doing a special move. This will allow Kokonoe to open up new routes, convert off of any stray Gravitons, or use them to quickly push someone into a trap. The timings for when Kokonoe can do Special Move~D are listed below:

  • Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21" 236A/[A]: When Kokonoe makes contact with the opponent.
  • Armament No.9 "Aerial Powerdrive: Solid Wheel v3.37" 236B: While Kokonoe is spinning around.
  • Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32" 236C: While the ice gun is active.
  • Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43" Activate 214A/B/C: As soon as Kokonoe launches the fireball.
  • Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10" 22A/B: Once Kokonoe plants the lightning rod down.
  • Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24" 22C: While Kokonoe is teleporting.

Note: Doing Special Move~D will consume one Graviton as if you did 236D and cannot be done during the following: Counter Assault, Crush Trigger, Throws, Distortions, EA, or Astral.

Retrieve Graviton[edit]
Retrieve Graviton
214D, air OK
BBCP Kokonoe 214D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - 16 - 32T - -
  • Disables the Graviton on the field
  • Does not consume a Graviton Stock

This move can be great if you're low on Gravitons and you don't want to waste the current one you have, since deactivating a Graviton will shorten the recharge time depending on how long it was out for.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCP Kokonoe ForwardThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T
  • Wall Bounces opponents
  • Will guarantee Kokonoe corner carry + oki depending on the Graviton's placement
  • Can lead to huge damage with Overdrive

Kokonoe's forward throw. Kokonoe can easily follow up with a Graviton placement after launching the opponent, or use Broken Bunker if she's near or at the corner.

Back Throw[edit]
Back Throw
BBCP Kokonoe BackThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T
  • Launches upwards

Kokonoe's back throw. You can follow up with 9D>236D>66>5B>6A>6C>5B>5C>3C(1)>236A for a decent carry.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCP Kokonoe AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23+3L - T
  • Wall Bounces

Kokonoe's air throw. Midscreen wise, you can use j.3D or j.9D into j.236B for a somewhat decent midair combo. In the corner, Kokonoe's air throw can be very useful against people who are trying to jump out of her Banishing Rays oki. You can either use j.9D and convert off of it with Solid Wheel, or you can do j.3D>j.B(1)>j.C>j.214A to setup for Flame Cage oki.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
6A+B (While Blocking)
BBCP Kokonoe 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 15 3 33 -17 B

Like most Counter Assaults, it can be a good way to get out of an opponent's pressure in dangerous situations. It doesn't have much horizontal or vertical reach though, so keep that in mind when you're deciding when to use it.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCP Kokonoe CT.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Mid 20 1 25 0 B
Charged 1000 Mid 30-61 1 25 0 B
  • Wall Bounces the opponent midscreen
  • Wall Splats the opponent in the corner

Mostly good for extending a few particular combos to squeeze out a bit more damage when you're in a tight situation and need to try and kill the opponent quickly. If you have an active Graviton behind you at midscreen, you can combo off Kokonoe's Crush Trigger with 5A into a fireball launch route or Bunker reps, allowing you to take the opponent to the corner or close to it if you managed to open them up with it.


Armament No.2[edit]
Armament No.2

"Broken Bunker Assault v2.21"

BBCP Kokonoe 236A.png
BBCP Kokonoe 236A 2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
No Charge 600*3 All 17-28 3 21 -5 B
Charged 600 All 17-28 3 21 -5 B
Delayed Attack 600 All 192 1 - - P1*
  • Alternate ground combo ender
  • Bunker bomb from the charged version can be good for oki
  • Bunker Bomb will explode three seconds after being placed on the opponent, but will disappear if Kokonoe is hit clean or on block, similar to Flame Cage

Typically just a combo tool but for ground combos that have gone on a bit too long or leave you just a little bit too far from the corner, it can also be used as a combo ender.

In pressure, if you have 50 meter and you absolutely don't want to let your opponent return to neutral, Broken Bunker > Rapid Cancel is great for closing the gap and restting pressure.

New in CF is the ability to do a charged version of Broken Bunker, which will leave the explosion on the opponent without detonating it. The explosive will detonate on its own after a set period of time instead. You can use the charged version to do Bunker Reps, which is using the bunker bomb's explosion to carry the opponent to the corner while constantly placing a new bunker bomb on them. The bunker bomb can be an exceptionally good tool for oki as it'll keep the opponent pinned down while they're blocking, allowing you to safely extend your blockstrings or to make certain moves safe (like j.2C for example).

Armament No. 9[edit]
Armament No. 9

"Aerial Powerdrive: Solid Wheel v3.37"

BBCF Kokonoe SolidWheel.png
Cat Cannon
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*14 All 19 6*13, 3 12 - H
  • Good combo tool
  • Tracks to an active Graviton if there is one on the field

Kokonoe's new special in CF. Usually this move is used as combo filler for Kokonoe's midair combos, but if you have a Graviton out that's close to the opponent, you can use it in a blockstring that will leave you +5 once Solid Wheel finishes.

Solid Wheel can also be used as an escape tool if you combine it with a Graviton as the activation will launch Kokonoe high into the sky. If you couple this with repeated j.Cs to stall your falling, then you have a move that's great for timer scamming your opponent for when you have the life lead.

Armament No.3[edit]
Armament No.3

"Absolute Zero v4.32"

BBCP Kokonoe 236C.png
BBCP Kokonoe 236C 2.png
Ice reset machine
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 All 26 62 12 -8 P
  • Deals massive chip and barrier damage
  • Can lead to some devastating ice resets with 50 meter
  • Will automatically go into Crime of Greed after the minigun if Kokonoe has 50 meter

Kokonoe pulls out an ice gun and freezes the opponent before firing a barrage of bullets at them with a minigun. If Kokonoe has 50 meter, then Crime of Greed will automatically trigger right after the minigun.

As a combo ender, you want to save this for when you have 50 meter to close out the round as the bullets can scale hard and don't really offer much advantage outside of pushing the opponent away from you midscreen. And despite the chip and barrier it does to your opponent's guard, it's ill advised to use it in blockstrings as barrier blocking will push you a good deal away from the opponent.

However, this tool becomes extremely scary if Kokonoe has 50 meter to Rapid Cancel the ice gun, to which Kokonoe gains a high/low/left/right from ice resets and all of them will lead to big damage. While this is mainly done in the corner, there are setups that exist that will allow for midscreen ice resets which can be just as deadly as the corner setups. With this, you be able to keep your opponent guessing every time, making this a powerful tool in Kokonoe's arsenal.

Armament No.4α[edit]
Armament No.4α

"Flame Cage v1.43" Activate
214A/B/C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 214A.png
The little ball that could
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 360*4 All 27 - Total 42 - P1*
Air 360*4 All 27 - Total 47+5L - P1*
Reflected Flame Cage 750 All - - - - P1*
  • Great neutral tool for covering an approach
  • Great oki tool
  • Can track towards or be pushed away from Gravitons
  • Appears orange when Kokonoe is player 1, Blue when she is player 2.
  • If a Graviton is summoned then the fireball will gain the ability to bounce off surfaces

A very key special in Kokonoe's toolset. Flame Cage is active for a very long time. If you can manage to create the space to get it out and use a Graviton to guide it where you need it, it can be a very powerful tool to cover an approach in neutral and lock them down for pressure.

It's also a very good oki tool. It can either be used to limit an opponent's wakeup options when you have a Graviton placed or let you reset pressure when you don't have a Graviton placed (The fireball will come down later if there's no Graviton guiding it). Both cases present the opportunity to go for a mixup.

Armament No.5[edit]
Armament No.5

"Banishing Rays v3.10"

BBCP Kokonoe 22A.png
BBCP Kokonoe 22A 2.png
oki, prevents people from getting in your face, trap, visually covers mixups, probably also made you breakfast
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
A 750 All 24 6 42T - P1*
  • Sometimes good for ending a blockstring
  • Activates immediately

The A version of Banishing Rays is mostly just used for some combo routes. However, in a few rare occasions, it can also be used to end a blockstring. Can be used as an anti-crossup device due to the hitbox extending vertically for the entire screen and is reasonably wide.

B Set - All 36 - 33T - -
B Detonate 450*6 All 22 2*6 - - P1*
  • Great neutral Tool
  • Great oki tool
  • Amazing combo filler
  • Will not activate unless an opponent is very close or after a long time of idling
  • Will only disappear if the opponent lands a clean hit on Kokonoe. Otherwise, Banishing Rays will still activate regardless if Kokonoe blocks an attack.

Another very key part of Kokonoe's toolset. If you can manage to create the space to get this out safely in neutral, B Banishing Rays will make it difficult for opponent's to approach Kokonoe. You can then take advantage of this to toss out Flame Cage and guide it to the opponent with a Graviton. It's also a very strong oki tool that'll both limit your opponents wakeup options and make it visually hard to see what mixup Kokonoe is going for.

Armament No.6[edit]
Armament No.6

"Planar Haze v1.24"

BBCP Kokonoe 22C.png
NOT a reversal
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 33T - -
  • Good left/right mixup tool
  • Will teleport to a Graviton if you have an active one on the screen
  • NOT a reversal

When combined with either Banishing Rays or Flame Cage oki, Planar Haze can be a great left/right mixup to open opponents up. It's also sometimes good in neutral to relocate to a Graviton you have placed, which will allow you to escape some situations.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Armament No.4β[edit]
Armament No.4β

"Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73"
214214A/B/C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 214214A.png
The big ball that can
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
A Strike 1250 All 5+5 3 33 -15 B
B Strike 1250 All 5+8 3 33 -15 B
C Strike 1250 All 5+11 3 33 -15 B
Ball Normal: 360*12
All - - - - P2*
Reflected Ball Normal: 1500
All - - - - P2*
  • Good reversal option
  • Great combo extender
  • Will track to or be pushed away by Gravitons
  • Appears orange when Kokonoe is player 1, Blue when she is player 2.

Now that Planar Haze is no longer 1f invuln, Flaming Belobog is Kokonoe's only character-specific reversal. Leads to a full combo on hit because of the amount of hitstun it has. For similar reasons, it can also be a good combo extender if you need one and have 50 meter.

Due to the P1 and combo timer nerf Super Fireball got in Central Fiction 2.0, Kokonoe will get less damage and time to combo off Super Fireball as a starter. Though the nerf will only come into play if she uses it as a reversal/starter, using it as a combo extender will still yield the same combos and damage as it always did.

Armament No.7[edit]
Armament No.7

"Jamming Dark v1.65"

BBCP Kokonoe 632146D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal: 0, 0, 1200
OD: 0, 0, 1800
Unblockable 52+1 157 263T - P*
  • Unblockable distortion drive
  • Summons a black hole portal about half a screen away from Kokonoe (or the edge of the screen if that is closer). On hit, deals damage and drops opponent from the top of the screen.
  • Overdrive version will have a stronger pull to it and will not go past the corner wall if Kokonoe does it.

Deals rather weak damage, but due to various setups it can be rendered basically unavoidable, turning it into a way to add good damage onto the end of certain combos. Be wary that certain characters have projectile invulnerability on some moves and can use that to escape the setups.

Armament No.8[edit]
Armament No.8

"Crime of Greed v1.00"
Automatic after 236C

BBCP Kokonoe 236C 3.png
Great damaging ender
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal: 500, 100*5
OD:500, 100*2, 500
- - - - - -
  • 100% Minimum Damage, Great round ender

Crime of Greed is typically used at the end of a combo to end a round because of how easy it is to combo into, as well as the good minimum damage it'll add to the combo.

Armament No.00[edit]
Armament No.00

"Dreadnought Destroyer"
64641236C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 2363214C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
3590-6114 (4034 mid-air) All 5+31+12 - 188T -63 P2*
  • Costs 100 Heat
  • Cannot be charged in midair

Kokonoe summons a giant Mecha-Tager to fire a beam that covers the entire screen. Can be charged up both by holding C during the super (which delays its activation) and by rotating the stick in a circular motion. Generally, Dreadnought Destroyer is often overlooked for Golden Tager because of its damage scaling compared to its Overdrive version. You can get the same amount of damage from ending a combo with Flaming Belobog>5D>Absolute Zero than setting up for Dreadnought Destroyer. However, if you really want to go for this move and you don't have Overdrive to do Golden Tager instead, a simple confirm into it would be 6A>6C>j.64641236C. Other than that, don't use this.

Armament No.01[edit]
Armament No.01

"Super Dreadnought Exterminator"
64641236C during overdrive, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe OD 2363214C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
4670-11826 (5526 mid-air) All 5+31+12 - 188T -63 P2*
  • Costs 100 Heat
  • Cannot be charged in midair

Kokonoe summons a giant Golden Mecha-Tager to fire a beam that covers the entire screen. Can be charged up both by holding C during the super (which delays its activation) and by rotating the stick in a circular motion. Despite the nerf in damage the move got in CF, you can bet that if you're going for a Golden Tager combo, it's guaranteed to wipe out any health your opponent had remaining if it successfully lands.

The damage of GT will depend on how long you spin the stick before it fires, the key to getting high damage with Golden Tager is to do slow full circles instead of fast, sloppy ones.

You can also shortcut the move by either doing 6A4641236C, or 236[D]4641236[C] as the game will count the 6 as part of Golden Tager's input. It'll take some practice getting used to, but once you master it, you'll be able to pull off Golden Tager combos consistently without much problem. Though if you're looking for a easy Golden Tager combo to practice, you can do Forward Throw>OD>5D>236[A]>5A>236D>22B>6A>64641236C for about 7.2K fully charged if you have less than 75% health for Overdrive.

Central Fiction 2.0 has actually made this move a lot more versatile thanks to the ability to activate during a special move, you can turn practically any normal Kokonoe manages to confirm with and turn it into a Golden Tager combo if you're creative enough. This also means that you can combo into GT at full health with the right starter which will deal massive damage to the opponent.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Armament No. 11

"Full Metal Heavy Weapon v2.05"
ABCD during Overdrive

BBCF Kokonoe FullMetalHeavyWeapon.png
武装No11「根絶フルメタルヘビーウエポン Ver2.05」
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 600, 60*29, 600 - Fast: 10
Slow: 20
3 34 -10 B
OD 600, 60*71, 1000 - Fast: 10
Slow: 20
3 34 -10 B
  • Does not cost Heat, but immediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow.

Kokonoe punches forward during startup. On hit, Kokonoe proceeds to bring the full artillery, to finally apply excessive electric shocks to the opponent. Puts Kokonoe in Active Flow if she hasn't already been in it already. In Central Fiction, Full Metal Heavy Weapon was rarely used as a combo ender because of its no minimum damage. Even with Active Flow, Kokonoe wasn't guaranteed much out of it unless she landed it as a reversal.

In Central Fiction 2.0 however, thanks to the new addition of minimum damage to all Exceed Assaults, this becomes a nice combo ender if you're looking for a way to end the round and you don't have the meter for a super. Reversal wise, Kokonoe's EA has surprisingly good horizontal range as it'll hit at near Round Starting position and will launch the opponent away from her depending on which version of her EA they were hit by (Regular EA will launch them to midscreen while Active Flow EA will bring them to near fullscreen). Has full invul but is not safe on block at point blank and cannot be rapid-canceled.

Astral Heat[edit]

Armament No.99

"Final Apocalypse" Ultimate Impact

BBCP Kokonoe 720D.png
Why does she have a command grab??
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
DESTROY - 10+0 12 18 - T
  • Command grab
  • Has no invincibility
  • You drop a goddamn asteroid on their heads
  • It's hype as hell

Kokonoe's impossible-to-combo Astral. Though it has no invincibility, its 0-frame startup after the super-flash means it can be used to catch unaware opponents that won't disrespect your approach. While she can't combo into Ultimate Impact, she can do various setups that will guarantee her landing the command grab on someone.

2A>720D can be one of the easiest ways to confirm into it either on hit or block since 2A gives you a lot of time to buffer the 720, it's especially effective in the corner since Kokonoe won't get pushed out as far compared to midscreen. The faster you do the 720, the less time they'll have to react to it.

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