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BBCF Mu Portrait.png

Health: 10,000
Combo Rate: 60%
Prejump: 4
Backdash Time 25 / Invul: 1-5
Movement Options

Double Jump, Air Dash, Dash type: Run
Balanced, Zoning


Mu-12 is the true form of Noel Vermillion after fusing with the True Azure through Terumi's ambitions to destroy the Master Unit Amaterasu, and erase the world from its existence. Due to his influence, she believes that the world is filled with nothing but lies. Mu-12 is a dynamic zoning character with high damage output and capable defensive tools.

Drive: Steins Gunner[edit]

Steins Gunner projects an energy node (Stein) to the targeted location. Steins have a "heating" period before they fire, and will cease heating if µ receives damage or blocks. However, once the stein has finished heating up, it will fire and cause most attacks to trade/lose. Steins can also be Charged by holding down the Drive button while projecting the Stein. Charged Steins take longer to heat up, but have much more powerful beams. Steins are also used for two of µ's special attacks and one of her supers; Totsuka, Kuninotokotachi and Yata no Kagami which will be detailed later.

An important note is that all Stein actions are cancel-able into Specials, Drives and Jumps and C-Class Normals on whiff. Mastering whiff-cancel timings and varying your options is very critical to succeeding with the character overall.

Overdrive: Steins Geiser[edit]

  • All steins shoot charged lasers.
  • All steins shoot immediately as soon as they finish "spawning".
  • Steins will shoot so long as Mu is not in hitstun or blockstun at the time the stein attempts to shoot, regardless of if she blocked or was hit by something between that time.
  • 236D deals more damage and has much less recovery.
  • 214D has an extra hitstun effect and does more damage.
  • 632146D fires one extra laser directly at the opponent per stein on screen and the first direct shot is fired much sooner.
  • 632146C increased damage.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Does solid damage on average.
  • Has a great backdash.
  • Has a decent DP to compliment her full kit of defensive tools, making her hard to lock down.
  • Prominent zoning game that allows for dominant neutral control.
  • Strong knockdown okizeme and mix up in the corner. Borderline setplay.
  • Many anti air options.
  • She can literally kill gods! What more could you want or need?
  • Can be difficult to play well to her full potential without knowledge of drive timings for improvised pressure and combos.
  • None of her normals provide frame advantage, thus she requires the use of her steins to keep the pressure up.
  • Some tools are indirect, or have vague applications in most match-ups.
  • Stein shots can sometimes interrupt your own pressure and combos. This can be mitigated with discipline but sometimes its largely out of your hands.
  • Knockdown game requires a fair bit of practice, there's a lot to learn!
  • Is tied for lowest health in the game with Ragna, Nu, Carl, Celica and Taokaka.
  • She's not edgy anymore.

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCS Mu 5A.png
Stabby stab~!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 5 7 0 B
  • Jump Cancelable
  • Throw Cancelable

A mostly typical standing jab. Whiffs on most characters' crouching hurtbox, hits Hakumen and Tager crouching and Kagura blocking if canceled into off another button. Excellent hitbox and active window with a minimal extended hitbox causes this move to clash quite often. µ's 5A is most effective as a fast ground-to-air poke, and as a normal to stagger her interior pressure, setting up throws and frame-traps. 2A in general is a slightly more effective tool to use in neutral against grounded opponents, but 5A's higher hitbox makes it the choice against airborne opponents.

BBCS Mu 5B.png
Mori's favorite Mu button to nerf for some reason.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 Mid 8 3 20 -9 B
  • Jump Cancelable

5B is almost exclusively a pressure and punish tool. The reason being that the recovery, hitbox and frame advantage for a standing B normal are all rather bad. Infact, 5B recovers only 2 frames faster than 5C! Pair this up with an unreliable hitbox and you have a button that generally isn't worth using in neutral. 5B's true strength is the number of options it has following it, and leading into it. 5B gatlings into nearly all of µ's other normals, and can be late chained out of at almost any time. It's also jump cancelable! Combining this with varied use of Special Cancels, Drive cancels and Jump cancels lead to this move despite its issues having an important place in pressure and mixup.

BBCS Mu 5C.png
Give 5c. Receive despair.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
860 Mid 12 3 22 -8 B

Immense normal, and one of the fastest for the amount of coverage, 5C is one of the better pokes in the game; a very deadly tool when implemented correctly. 5C is the go-to normal for combos, as the damage/proration ratio is very good. It leads to nice damage on normal hit in the corner, or counter-hit midscreen with meter. Because of the enormous hitbox, it's easy to confirm into 5C to pick up a full combo as soon as possible after landing a hit. 5C has an extended hurtbox that reaches just over half the length of its hitbox and discourages using 5C as an anti-air among other things, so ideally you'll want to space this as often as you can without inhibiting your options on hit.

BBCS Mu 2A.png
Stab at those weak human legs till they learn some respect!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 7 4 10 -2 F
  • Throw Cancelable

A typical crouching jab. Similar to 5A in terms of characteristics. Unlike 5A however, 2A is able to hit all characters crouching. The ability to cancel into a throw makes this move a dangerous pressure tool when used correctly, even with a -2 frame advantage. The key feature to the pressure ability of 2A is its ability to late-chain into itself and other moves. The late-chain into itself allows you to be a lot less predictable with your blockstrings, and can level up your pressure from a character whose pressure is only sub-par. Its ability to cancel into throw also allows for deeper mind games. A common example would be causing throw reject miss against the Throw Option Select, though other uses for its cancel into throw can be found.

BBCS Mu 2B.png
Secretly Mu's true best button. Don't tell anyone!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
560 Low 8 4 10 0 F

Overall, Mu's most effective and well rounded normal. Excellent hitbox, startup, recovery in almost every situation. With the character's ability to convert any hit near the corner into good damage, this normal is her most consistent origin of damage output. 2B shares most of 5B's strengths with almost none of its weaknesses, this includes 5B's ability to gattling into nearly anything else. It does lose the ability to jump cancel, but gains hitting low in its place. 2B excels at everything from poking to use as a cross-under normal, and its liberal application should never be underestimated. Due to the excellent hitbox and speedy startup, it will beat out tools that many characters rely on in neutral especially when paired with dashing momentum, while also being nearly impossible to whiff punish as well as even on block.

BBCS Mu 2C.png
Part the skies and rid them of non-believers~!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
880 Mid 14 3 27 -11 B
  • Jump Cancelable
  • 11-16 Head Invulnerability

One of Mu's anti-airs, while the hitbox is very big with more vertical range than any of her other options by quite alot, the invulnerability to air moves is rather average. Being her biggest anti air it is also naturally her most punishable on whiff so avoid getting predictable with this. Also very useful in ground blockstrings because if your opponent is expecting you to gatling into 5C, you can instead special cancel into a projectile (that varies according to the situation) to restart applying your pressure.

BBCS Mu 6A.png
Lean back on those weak air to grounds and let them fall into your armblades!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
700 Mid 11 6 17 -6 B
  • Jump Cancelable
  • 5-14 Head Invulnerability

Another of Mu's anti-airs, and probably the one you'll be using most frequently. Invulnerable to aerial attacks from frame 5 to 14. Forces aerial state on opponent on CH. Faster than 2C, and good horizontal range, but not very good vertically. It also recovers significantly faster than 2C so it's less susceptible to double jump baits. 6A also has some use in blockstrings because it has many gattling options.

BBCS Mu 6B.png
The front-flip of despair!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600*2 Mid, High 16 2 (4) 4 26 -13 B
  • 8-23 Foot Invulnerability
  • Fatal Counter

Mu's only overhead. It has very fast startup compared to other characters' overheads, but the catch is that only the second hit is an overhead. Thus you either need to space it out so that only the second hit will land, or spend meter to rapid cancel the first hit and hit them low with 2B. Steins can be used to cover the startup and prevent them from disrespecting you. The second hit of 6B is a ground bounce for which it sees much use in confirms.

BBCS Mu 6C.png
The disjointed spike of godslaying! Getting a fatal with this is a licence to delete that foolish human.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 All 18 6 42 -27 BP
  • Deadzone in front of Mu
  • Fatal Counter

6C's most practical use neutral-wise is to punish other characters using moves with slow recovery at a certain range from you. For example, Rachel summoning George XIII or Arakune F-Inverse without needing to block the side hitboxes first and thus grant him the ability to rapid cancel. This move will be seen in nearly every corner combo (And some midscreen ones for the corner carry). It will nearly always combo from 5C regardless of context (Crouching, ch, etc). Some characters will need 6C to be spaced slightly less due to smaller hurtboxes interacting with its dead zone (Particularly wallsplat hurtboxes in corners). 6C can be used in blockstrings as a frame trap or simply to push your opponent farther away and giving you even more blockstun to drive cancel or special cancel into something, but do not forget that this IS a frametrap and always will be without a very precisely timed stein so autopiloting into this is ill advised.

BBCS Mu 3C.png
The forbidden, jump cancelable sweep! Those humans won't act so tough once they lose their legs!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
820 Low 14 3 24 -10 F
  • Jump Cancelable

This move is mostly used as a block string ender or pressure reset with steins, because it can be cancelled into from most of Mu's normals, and is jump cancelable on block. It also hits low so it can be used for mixup from a blocked 5B/6A if you have already used 2B in your blockstring. This is especially useful in the corner, because you can get very decent meterless damage off of it. Can be used as a meterless combo ender in the corner, but is generally inferior to stein setups. Doesn't have many uses at neutral, but is good for punishing moves that are vulnerable only to lows (Tager's voltech charge, Tager's 6A, Litchi's Ittsuu), because on counterhit you get a full combo.

BBCS Mu jA.png
Stabby stab~! air edition!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 High/Air 8 2 10 - H

As her fastest air normal, µ's j.A is used mainly to make her jump-ins more plus on reverse chain, it can also be used to set up airthrow TRM via mixing up the j.A-j.C late chain and the j.A-j.BC chain. In air-to air poking situations, it finds little use in comparison to µ's airthrow or j.C's in terms of effective reward and applicability.

BBCS Mu jB.png
What even is this animation?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
580 High/Air 10 6 21 - H

j.B has a great hitbox, though the startup, more notably the recovery, make for it's failings as an air to air poke. Though it's a bit faster overall than J.C, it doesn't have the incredible coverage and reward. j.B's real strength is as a jumpin option, as it is the only air normal µ has that hits below her besides j.2C.

BBCS Mu jC.png
Teach the lesser life forms a lesson about air dominance with this!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
840 High/Air 12 6 18+4L - H

j.C has a very good hitbox with decent start up. Best used as a spaced out air-to-air move. This move shouldn't be used as a jump in as her hurtbox goes down more than the actual move hitbox. It works as a spaced out air-to-ground if you are in the air and your opponent is running towards you. Otherwise, this move will whiff on most characters when they are crouching. This move shouldn't be spammed unless you have put some distance between you and your opponent as this move has landing recovery. If you are able to land a counter hit with j.C, you can deal massive amounts of damage to your opponent and carry them to the corner.

BBCS Mu j2C.png
Its impossible to whiff this even if you tried.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
900 High/Air 14 6 18+4L - H

j.2C has a very good hitbox but has a somewhat slow start up. This is best used as an air-to-ground move but also works in some air-to-air situations. If people try to get in this is very good spaced as if your opponent tries to AA Mu, they would be under the assumption that this move won't come out most of the time. If the opponent's Anti-Air (AA) hitbox is taken into consideration, he or she would get counter hit due to the spacing and hitbox because of the huge horizontal hitbox.

Drive Moves[edit]

Ground Ds[edit]
Ground Ds
BBCP Mu bit.png
BBCP Mu groundD.png
A Godslayer in neutrals best friend!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 500 All 144 12 Total 41 - P1*
OD 850 All 76 40 Total 41 - P2*
  • Sets a stein in the indicated position
  • Steins sit in position for a short while before firing a half-screen laser to attack the opponent.
  • While in startup, steins will rotate as required to keep aim at your opponent, after firing they will maintain whatever facing they had when they fired.
  • Startup listed is for the stein's own attack. Mu herself only animates the move for the listed recovery time.
  • Any version can cancel into any other (Including charged versions), but only once per chain.
  • Stein Cancel Lockouts are as follows and apply to both whiff and jump cancels: 4d=14f, 5d=15f, 6d=16f, 2d=18f.

Ah yes, the steins. Without them Mu wouldn't be...well Mu. As mentioned above, steins shoot a laser after a predetermined amount of time following deployment. This laser travels roughly half a screen away from the steins position before disappearing. Afterwards the stein will remain on screen for use with 2 of her specials and one of her distortions. Up to 4 of them can be placed at once with any over that number deleting the oldest stein.

While at the surface they might seem rather underwhelming, their true strength and a major aspect of playing Mu is the sheer number of things you can use both the laser shot itself for, the specials using them and the actions you can cancel into from a stein placement as well as the ability to cancel buttons into steins on both hit and block. Any of Mu's buttons can be canceled into a stein placement and she can cancel any stein placement into: Jump, Special/Super, and any C normal. The number and complexity of things you can do with steins could take an entire page to cover alone so play around with them yourself and you might just find one!

Charged Ground Ds[edit]
Charged Ground Ds
BBCP Mu bitCharged.png
BBCP Mu groundD.png
A Godslayer in neutrals CHARGED best friend!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
850 All 176 40 Total 54 - P2*

Same as above, except for the following differences:

  • The stein takes longer to fire, but now shoots a higher damage, fullscreen laser.
  • Mu animates for a slightly longer period of time thus pushing back the earliest frame you can cancel into something.
  • The longer startup also results in the stein adjusting its aim for a longer period.
  • This charged laser is what all steins placed in OD will fire without any of the penalties/differences mentioned above.

Air Ds[edit]
Air Ds
BBCP Mu bit.png
BBCS Mu airD.png
A Godslayer's more combo/setup oriented best friend!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal 500 All 151 12 Total 43 - P1*
OD 850 All 84 40 Total 43 - P2*

Air steins are the slightly more situational alternative to ground steins. Like ground steins these can be canceled into all of the same things including jump so long as you had not spent your air action already. Particular uses for these that can't be done by ground steins include using its ability to stop air momentum to bait anti-airs and whiff punish with J.2C and in combos for both the momentum and to squeeze in an extra J.2C though canceling a J.2C into an air stein.

Charged Air Ds[edit]
Charged Air Ds
BBCP Mu bitCharged.png
BBCS Mu airD.png
A Godslayer's more combo/setup oriented and CHARGED best friend!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
850 All 184 40 Total 59 - P2*

Same as air steins, but with all of the tradeoffs and differences mentioned in the charged ground stein section.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
BBCS Mu throw.png
Mu too strong. She can lift the entire cast by the neck one handed!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T

The Murakumo throw. Mu lifts the other character up and then stabs them with her petals, launching them upward for a followup. The animation and function are 100% identical on back throw with only the direction of the launch changing. Can be followed up with microdash 6A routes or 2C though the timing is rather strict on the latter.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCS Mu AThrow.png
"Stay down."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23+3L - T

Overall mostly the same as her ground throw besides its usage and the animation. Same followups work.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
BBCS Mu 5B.png
This can and will fail you at the worst possible moments.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 13 3 32 -16 B
  • Costs 50% Heat
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • 1-20 Full Invulnerability

While Counter Assaults (CA) are useful in getting out of pressure, Mu will want to be conscious of where her opponents will be after an attack is blocked since her Counter Assault does not have much range. Sharing the same animation as her 5B, it has a unique hitbox and frame data.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCP Mu CT.png
Crush their guard, and then their pitiful, inferior existence afterwards~!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 BP
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 BP

Thanks to steins giving her the ability to confirm it, Mu is able to get better overall reward off of her uncharged crush trigger than most of the cast and doesn't need the corner to do so. Also, the attack itself works similarly to a projectile in that Mu's hurtbox doesn't extend much.


Ama no Habaya - Arrows of Heaven [edit]
Ama no Habaya - Arrows of Heaven
236A (Air OK)
BBCS Mu ArrowsOfHeaven.png
Way cooler than Dizzy ice scythe ever was, or ever will be.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 360*3 All 13 Until Ofscreen Total 51 - P1*
Air 360*3 All 13 Until Ofscreen Total 51+3L - P1*

236A summons a lightning ball that is able to deal 3 hits to the opponent or absorb 3 projectiles (spark bolt not included). It is a very good zoning tool as the trajectory arcs upwards (Downwards if used in the air). It keeps characters like Ragna and Makoto at bay really well as it is hard for them to approach if it is in play. Though, it should be cautiously used if it is used against a character with high mobility such as Taokaka or Valkenhayn as they can jump over it with their movement options and still get in easily or Hakumen, whom using it against is largely just granting him a free void.

Tsunugui - Origins [edit]
Tsunugui - Origins
623C (Air OK)
BBCS Mu Origins.png
Get those filthy humans off you with this diamond that also happens to be a meterless reversal!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 1200 All 14 8 37 -19 B
Air 1200 All 14 8 Until L+15 - H
  • 1-8 Full Invulnerably 9-21 Guardpoint (Ground)
  • 1-7 Full Invulnerably 8-14 Guardpoint (Air)

623C is Mu's idea of a reversal move. It gets invulnerability for the first 8 frames then it trades that for full body guard point until frame 21, making it one of the longer invulnerability times. It's hitbox covers all around Mu which makes it so you can't bait the DP by crossing her up. One downsides to this move are that it can be susceptible to certain safejumps and Option-Selects due to the 14F startup, and that it is not air unblockable (though not as significant a shortcoming). It also has very poor reach vertically and horizontally and Mu doesn't move at all when she uses it, meaning it can be basically useless against some more long ranged pokes and footsies.

Cancelling steins into the air and ground versions of this move can make your zoning game very difficult for your opponents to deal with. The air version can also be used as a crossup when combined with an instant air dash, very risky though, and requires meter or a setup to combo afterwards.

Furu no Tsurugi - Sword of Decimation [edit]
Furu no Tsurugi - Sword of Decimation
What is a god to a godslayer?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 [1500] Mid 17~39 [40] 7 22 -4 [-2] B
  • Chargeable
  • Fatal Counter

Uncharged: In pressure SoD primarily serves as an alternative to 6c. SoD is slightly faster than 6c and having frame advantage that is juuuust good enough to make it very hard for most of the cast to punish you outside of close range. In exchange you lose the ability to stein cancel said recovery. Its also exceptionally plus on RC with 2b becoming airtight should they block or lead to nice corner carry and a confirm should it hit. As for use in combos it ground slides making it great for extending combos near/in the corner. SoD is also a standard ender in many combos including mid screen with some of Mu's more zoning oriented matchups to send them away from you.

Charged: Purely a combo tool. The charged version gives you a wall bounce and a ton of untech time so its found in many corner routes. It should go without saying using this for much else is a bad idea as its both slow and little to no more safe than the uncharged version. Side note that this charged version is often written in combo notation as SoD2 or SOD2 as despite appearances there are no in-between levels of charge, just uncharged and max.

Ame no Totsuka - Totsuka Blade [edit]
Ame no Totsuka - Totsuka Blade
236D (Air OK)
BBCS Mu TotsukaBlade.png
The main reason some hate fighting Mu, and perhaps one reason YOU should love her!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
750 All 24 - Total 72 - P1*
  • Fires a laser at the stein marked 1, which then bounces it to stein #2 etc...
  • Once all steins have bounced the laser, the last stein bounces it towards your opponent's location.
  • Each stein disappears shortly after reflecting the laser.
  • Interrupts newly laid stiens still charging up their own shot.
  • If no stiens are set at all, This move animates as normal, but nothing is fired.
  • Does not disappear if Mu is attacked.

236D is a decent move move to use in neutral because it travels through all the steins and then heads towards Mu's opponent. It forces your opponent to block, even when they are hitting Mu after the laser comes out due to the laser aiming at Mu's opponent after it has passed through the last stein. The gaps between 236D and her strings are variable due to placement of steins and which attacks Mu uses to force her opponent to block which could lead to ambiguous mix ups/frame traps.

This move is best used when Mu is relatively far from her opponent or right as her opponent is knocked down to the ground so she has time to set up the laser as it has quite a bit of startup. The faster laser means less blockstun, and multiple steins are recommended when using this move, to guarantee at least some effectiveness. This does however give it new uses, especially when fighting zoners such as Rachel, to force them to block.

Kuninotokotachi - Tokotachi Blade
214D (Air OK)
BBCF Mu Kuninotokotachi.png
The Drones of Godslaying.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 [800, 700] All 30 - Total 39 - P1*
  • Launches all currently placed stiens in the direction they're currently facing (not necessarily towards the opponent). After coliding with anything or flying offscreen, they vanish.
  • Prevents newly laid stiens from firing.
  • Can still be used without stiens present, but is pointless to do so.
  • In OD, the steins will explode like her old 214d after making contact resulting in more hitstun, blockstun and damage.

The CF replacement for Mu's old 214d, Ame no Habakiri/Divine Wraith of the Heavens. While its functions overlap somewhat with Totsuka, it nevertheless is overall an improvement over Habakiri as it retains a use in combos while also becoming more useful in neutral as a lower recovery alternative to Totsuka. Also, this move has a deceptively high amount of hitstun especially on counter hit often allowing you to cross the screen for a small confirm and bring them to the corner.

Ikutachi - Sword of Infinity [edit]
Ikutachi - Sword of Infinity
BBCP Mu Ikutachi.png
Please abuse responsibly.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1100 High/Air 31 3 Until L - H

Mu does a rather fast and odd looking crossup attack that launches on hit. Mostly used in combos and for canceling into after a midscreen 6c for extra corner carry/better recovery. Is for some insane reason even/close to even on block, but its usually best to avoid using it in situations this would typically matter. Also has a gimmicky use on wakeup (Particularly in the corner) against people who get a tad too passive and tunnel vision on baiting your 2 actual reversals or do bad oki constantly, you WILL die if they just meaty you or react so consider attempting only if you are certain they won't do either.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Omohikane - Wisdom of the Divines[edit]
Omohikane - Wisdom of the Divines
BBCS Mu WisdomOfTheDivines.png
"If the world dies so will I!"
BBCS Mu WisdomOfTheDivines2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1200, 400*8
[1400, 250*24]
All 5+5 8 42 -24 B
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • 1-17 Full Invulnerability
  • 20% minimum damage (Normal: 800 Overdrive: 1360)
  • Hithox starts off very close to mu and grows every two active frames until it reaches full size.

Situational reversal. Combo ender when going for the kill. Below average minimum damage will often mean you'll need either to double super with yata or use OD to ensure this will kill.

Yata no Kagami - Blessed Mirror [edit]
Yata no Kagami - Blessed Mirror
632146D (Air OK)
BBCS Mu BlessedMirror.png
Get out of my screenspace filthy human!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 640 [760] All 5+33 Until Offscreen Total 52 - P2*
Air 640 [760] All 5+42 Until Offscreen Total Until L+5 - P2*
Extra Lasers 640 [760] All - Until Offscreen - - P2*
  • Fires one laser at each available stein, one directly at the opponent and, if in overdrive, one directly at your opponent for each stien you have. Each laser aimed at a stien will then be bounced from that stien towards your opponent, leading to a maximum of 9 hits overall, 13 in overdrive.
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • Each laser has 10% minimum damage (64)

Great to retake control of the screen in some ambiguous situations, and when several steins are on the screen. Do keep in mind your opponent's options as they can use the superflash to counter it, if they have the tools to do so. Also can be used as a combo ender in some instances depending on the placement of your stiens, or to add more unburstable damage in double super with omo when going for the kill.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Tsuchiikadzuchi - Pillar of Light
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Mu ExceedAccel.png
On the brink of despair, the spirit doth enter, Into the inferno of Hell
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600, 2430
{600, 525*10}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B
  • Does not cost Heat, but immediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Puts Mu into active flow if she has not been in it yet, or if she is in AF already it instead deals around twice as much damage.
  • Has full invulnerability f1.
  • Minimum damage= 303 or 636 in AF.

On startup, Mu lunges at her opponent with her blades using a combination of her 6A and 5C animations. If she hits, Mu will have her blades surround the opponent, for them to become an orb and drop to the ground, causing an explosion.

Astral Heat[edit]

Kamigoroshi no Tsurugi - Sword of the Godslayer
BBCS Mu SwordOfTheGodslayer.png
Blade of sin stained in blood, which calleth the end, Embraceth sin perpetual, and doth fall into the blue
BBP Mu SwordOfTheGodslayer2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 37000 All 8+9 4 50 -32 F
  • Costs 100% Heat
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • 8-25 Full Invulnerability

This astral is relatively practical by astral standards and is also blessed with the very easy input of 222d. Many standard Mu routes contain points you can swap out for this and just about any hit with or into a C normal will work so long as you aren't too far. You can also confirm into this after 6b (2) but you'll need to practice the timing abit. After landing it the animations cool factor was buffed in CP but also nerfed because it has 100% less critically important shots of Mu's back.

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