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Rachel Alucard
BBCF Rachel Portrait.png

Health: 11,000
Combo Rate: 60%
Prejump: 4
Backdash Time 23 / Invul: 1-7
Movement Options

Wind, Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash type: Run
Zoning, Trapping


Head of the infamous Alucard vampire family, Rachel has spent countless years watching as the world repeated the same 100 years over and over. However, the world has finally broken free of the bonds that held it for so long, and Rachel is determined to put an end to Terumi with her own hands.

In the BlazBlue universe, Rachel is an extremely powerful individual, controlling wind and lightning. While she will rarely directly interfere with the events that surround Kagutsuchi, her primary goal is as an observer, and gently (or less so) nudges the pieces into their places. She has several servants under her command; Nago, a cat familiar, and Gii, a bat familiar, which serve as her weapons, furniture, and anger relief. Her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, is also notable for being a werewolf, as well as one of the Six Heroes.

Amusingly, Rachel herself never actually blocks or gets hit when in battle, the spritework always shows Nago (when being hit) or Gii (When blocking) taking the hit instead, so her health bar is probably better described as Nago's health bar.

Drive: Sylpheed[edit]

Rachel's Drive lets her summon wind in eight different directions. Wind affects all of Rachel's projectiles, movement, and her opponent's position during combos. The number of wind stocks available is indicated by a gauge at the bottom of the screen, above her meter bar, and each gust consumes one stock on a total of four available. The Sylpheed Gauge regenerates at a decent rate while Rachel is on the ground and much more slowly while Rachel is in the air. Her wind will also rapidly increase if she stays completely still for a few seconds, though she can still attack and receive this bonus burst of wind. Since wind is used for various actions such as movement, mix-up, zoning and combos, it plays a core part in Rachel's game plan and thus requires careful and judicious management.

Overdrive: Elfried[edit]

  • Sylpheed gauge recovers faster.
  • Distortion Drives gain additional animations and properties:
    • Baden Baden Lily raw and minimum damage increased on body and poles.
    • Baden Baden Lily poles do bonus prorate.
    • Tempest Dahlia summons additional projectiles.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great control over neutral; excellent zoning tools
  • Very good pressure and pressure resets
  • Scary mix-up game
  • Very strong okizeme
  • Excellent anti-air options
  • VERY high skill ceiling
  • Poor defensive options on wake-up
  • Some difficult match-ups
  • Extremely reliant on wind
  • Thrives on momentum
  • High skill floor
  • Married

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCS Rachel 5A.png
Auto 2-hit normal. Decent for pressure.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*2 All 6 2(6)3 11 -2 B

Two hit jab that hits crouchers. Slow on whiff. Can gatling/special/jump cancel the first or second hit. 5A is primarily used to extend blockstrings or combos, but can also be used as part of her 50/50 mix up.

BBCS Rachel 5B.png
Good poke with high reward. Key move in Rachel's mix up and combos.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 Mid 8 6 15 -7 BP

5B Covers a decent amount of space which makes it decent in short-ranged poking. It's also one of Rachel's two primary starters for punish combos. It hits all the way to the ground, which make it useful for OTGing and hitting low-profile characters. Its projectile property is both a plus and a minus. This normal is a strike projectile, meaning that projectile invuln moves will NOT go through it. 5B can only gatling into 2B once, requiring you to jump or stop your current blockstring in order to go low again. 5B is a level 2 move, so 5B jc j.2D j.A is NOT gapless on IB.

BBCS Rachel 5C.png
Fatal Counter. Mostly used as combo filler/DP punish.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
850 Mid 13 8 22 -13 B
  • Fatal Counter
  • Causes spin on CH

5C is typically used in combos, but is also an excellent starter for a punish combo. Wind is commonly used during 5C to make combos more consistent.

BBCS Rachel 5CC.png
Great corner combo ender. Offers strong okizeme options in the corner.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
850 Mid 9 8 24 -11 B
  • Blows back on hit
  • Wallsticks in the corner

Typically used in mid-screen combos to knock the opponent away for either an opportunity to setup or to send someone into the corner. In corner combos it causes wall stick, allowing Rachel to extend the combo. This is commonly seen in Rachel's 5CC loops. Can also be used as an ender which offers strong okizeme options.

BBCS Rachel 2A.png
Good poke. Leaves you at neutral frame advantage.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 7 4 9 -1 F

A decent ranged and fast poke. Can chain into itself on whiff and has short recovery which makes it great for DP baiting and tick grabs. Because of Rachel's short crouching hitbox, it can also be used as a situational anti-air. When Rachel's opponent has a lot of moves that guard point or are invincible to projectiles, this is Rachel's go-to poke. Can also OTG characters, so it's a good tool for catching people attempting to late tech or roll.

BBCS Rachel 2B.png
Really good low. Gatlings from 5B.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550 Low 10 6 18 -10 FP

A fast low. Often used as part of Rachel's 5B 2B gatling strings. Like 5B, 2B is also a projectile so beware using it against characters that have moves that guard point or are invincible to projectiles. Also hits to the ground, but not used as much as 2A or 5B for OTGing.

BBCS Rachel 2C.png
Full body guard point for thirty frames. REALLY unsafe if whiffed or blocked.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1200 Low 23 13 42 -34 B
  • 5-35 GP
  • Cannot guard against throws and unblockable attacks

2C is used very situationally and is extremely risky. On one hand, it can be used to take advantage of characters who are reckless with their offense, but on the other hand, its long recovery will likely be punished with a fatal. Because of this, it's best to not use it carelessly and to have a backup plan like having 50 meter to RC it. 2C is also used in a small handful of combos due to its huge damage and excellent proration values (94% P2 with 110% bonus on the first use).

BBCS Rachel 6A.png
Main anti-air with Rachel.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
700 Mid 13 5 17 -5 B
  • Floats on ground hit
  • 7-12 Guard Point (Head)

Rachel's go-to anti-air. It has a great hitbox and can even hit behind Rachel. 6A is used a lot in combos to either launch the opponent, combo into BBL, or as a means to gatling into 4B to continue combos. 6A has a lot of untechable time on counter hit, allowing Rachel to perform a ground combo instead of an air combo. On normal hit, Rachel will likely have to spend wind with something like j.C 2D to bring the opponent to the ground.

BBCS Rachel 6B.png
Good poke in some matchups
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
700 Mid 11 3 15 -1 B
  • Causes a stagger effect on ground Counter Hit
  • Blows back and wallbounces on air Counter Hit

Rachel's longest poke. Great for bullying people who are reckless with approach, have slow moves or have comparable reach with their pokes. On CH, 6B only blows back and wall bounces on air Counter Hit. Converting counterhit 6B into a full combo at max range is tricky but in general, you convert grounded CH into a full combo by linking micro dash 6B > jc j.3DB > j.C > etc.

6B is jump cancellable so it can also be used to extend combos/pressure if you are too far to hit the opponent with 5B. For example, 6B jc j.3D delay j.A is a risky overhead that can allow Rachel to extend her pressure further.

BBCS Rachel 4B.png
Overhead. Slow, but can fatal counter.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
750 High 26 4 17 -2 B
  • Forces knock down on hit
  • Fatal Counters on Counter Hit

4B is most commonly used to drag the opponent back to the ground after 6A, allowing for Rachel to followup with either 5CC or a microdashed 5B 6A if used earlier in combos. Generally used when a Rachel player doesn't feel confident in doing the more optimal 6A 236A 663C(1) 214C route.

BBCS Rachel 6C.png
Rarely used outside of combo filler
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
83-711 All 13 3*N 13L +4 H
  • All successive hits after 1st hit will be multiplied by 1.11 from the last attack's damage value, max 464 (18 hits)
  • Forces standing on hit
  • Leaves Rachel airborne
  • Please don't use this in pressure

Rachel's only plus on block normal. On block she can gatling into j.2C or j.C, though j.C will whiff on crouching opponents. 6C will continue for as long as Rachel is in the air or until she cancels the move into another. The only real practical use for 6C is 6C(1) j.236C in the corner for corner combos.

BBCS Rachel 3C.png
Low hit. Knockdown to safely place oki.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
400*3 Low 10 4*3 15 -2 F
  • Corner combo ender
  • Nice low mixup when combined with wind in some situations.
  • Can be held (3[C])
  • Vacuums on hit

3C is a common corner combo ender, allowing Rachel to place George, convert a rod into Lotus, or do 236B9D in the corner. Can be used to extend combos by comboing into George, Sword Iris, or launching them with 8D. 3C is Rachel's only low that does not have the strike projectile property. Rachel can also move a fair distance with 3C and wind.

In pressure, sometimes doing a winded 3C can be a good low option when Rachel has been pushed farther out to compliment her other overhead option for getting back in (jc j.2D > j.A). This will leave Rachel unpunishable, but will end her pressure should it be blocked. Linking a 2C after 3C on block is a risky frametrap, but works well if your opponent knows Rachel's pressure ends with 3C. Use this VERY sparingly or only when you have meter to RC the 2C.

BBCS Rachel 3C.png
Mix up tool. Can also be used to extend combos.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
400*7 Low 11 4*7 15 -2 F

If you hold C while performing 3C, it will extend and do additional hits.

BBCS Rachel jA.png
Instant overhead if used with 2D wind.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 High/Air 8 3 12 - H

A fast aerial jab that hits overhead. j.A is a key part of Rachel's 50/50 mix up from 5B/5A as she can force the opponent to guess whether she'll do j.A or 2B. Has short recovery, so can also be used for safejumps.

BBCS Rachel jB.png
Used like j.A but it's a bit slower. Pretty good air-to-air uses.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 All 9 6 12 - H

Rachel's main air to air normal. Slightly slower, but hits further than j.A which can make it easier to use in some situations. Does not hit overhead.

BBCS Rachel jC.png
Catch opponents in the air directly above you.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 All 8 6 20 - H
  • Can be held (j.[C])

Because of its huge hitbox, j.C is great for using against opponents directly above Rachel. On counter hit, j.C has a long amount of untechable time which allows Rachel to start a ground combo. j.C j.2D djc j.C can be used to drag the opponent to the ground without a counterhit.

BBCS Rachel jC 2.png
Can be used for mix up. Can also be used to stall for time.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 16L - -
  • Used in some air juggle routes to minimize wind usage
  • Can airdash after 10 frames

Rachel slowly floats to the ground. j.[C] can be canceled into other moves more quickly than j.C, allowing Rachel to continue combos she otherwise would not be able to continue with j.C.

BBCS Rachel j2C.png
Has 3 levels. Level 2 and Level 3 are used to extend combos.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Level 1 800 High/Air 13 till L 20L - H
Level 2 1200 All 13 till L 20L - H
Level 3 1800 All 13 till L 20L - H

j.2C will have different effects on hit depending on its level as an attack. The level is dependent on Rachel's momentum when she hits.

  • Level 1- Knock someone to the ground on air hit, overhead
  • Level 2- Ground bounce the opponent on air hit or ground hit, NOT an overhead
  • Level 3- Even bigger ground bounce on air hit or ground hit. Very untechable, forces Fatal Counter, 110% Bonus Proration, NOT an overhead

j.2C can be special canceled on hit, but not on block. Can cancel its ground recovery into a special or a normal on hit. On whiffs, Rachel will bounce, leaving her vulnerable. Level 3 is untechable, but due to the combo timer it becomes techable eight seconds into any combo. Using this attack in neutral is a death sentence since the hurtbox extends below the hitbox, making it easy to anti-air even with attacks that are not head invuln. Most of the time when you see this normal, it will be a botched j.236C input.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCS Rachel FThrow.png
Use with wind to follow-up with a combo.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • 100% minimum damage (1500)

Relatively short, but decent for tick grabs. Must use wind to combo off of it midscreen. Has wallbounce properties like 6B. 7D is used for the normal mid screen throw combo.

If any of Rachel's throws are teched or if Rachel techs a ground or air throw, both George and Lotus will disappear.

Back Throw[edit]
Back Throw
BBCS Rachel BThrow.png
Use with wind to follow-up with a combo.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T
  • 100% minimum damage (1500)

Identical to forward throw, save the direction it places the opponent.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCS Rachel AThrow.png
Follow-up with a downward directional wind if too high to combo normally.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(120) 7 3 23+3L - T
  • 100% minimum damage (1500)
  • Ground bounces

Decent sized grab. Despite it's animation, it reaches in front and above Rachel and not very far below. If Rachel's low enough to the ground, she can follow up with microdash 5B to do a ground combo. If she's higher up, she may need to use wind.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
BBCS Rachel 6B.png
Same animation as 6B, decent counter assault.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 13 4 33 -18 B
  • 1-20 All Invul
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown

Uses 6B animation. Since Rachel has few options for getting out of pressure, she uses this more often than some other characters.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCP Rachel CT.png
Good combo material.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown

Other than using it to guard crush people, Rachel's CT is also used to extend combos in a similar fashion as 4B. Charging the CT does nothing on hit.

Special Moves[edit]

Tiny Lobelia[edit]
Tiny Lobelia
236A/B/C air OK
BBCS Rachel TinyLobeliaA.png
Her standard zoning tool.
BBCS Rachel TinyLobeliaB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground A 850 All 11 - Total 47 -9 P1*
Ground B 850 All 20 - Total 52 -5 P1*
Ground C 850 All 20 - Total 52 -5 P1*
Air A 850 All 9 - Total 53+9L - P1*
Air B 850 All 22 - Total 53+9L - P1*
Air C 850 All 22 - Total 53+9L - P1*
  • A Lobelia (ground version only) has Same Move Prorate
  • When a Lobelia hits the corner, the active frames will refresh, allowing it to hit up to two times

Rachel launches a football-shaped seed that flies in an arc and is completely active unless cancelled out by another projectile or hits the ground. Ground A-C Lobelia travel from shortest distance to longest. In the air, this order is backwards with A air Lobelia travelling the farthest.

With both B and C Lobelia, Rachel will be able to take another action while the projectile is still airborne, allowing for her to place Lotus in creative places or throw out multiple Lobelias at once. This means that Rachel gains the ability to create a difficult to pass barrier for the opponent to advance as well as gives Rachel the opportunity to convert the Lobeila into Lotus mid flight.

Rachel can extend the distance or change the trajectory of Lobelia by using wind. When Lobelia hits the ground, they will plant a rod where they land. Only three rods can exist at a time and rods will disappear and be replaced by order of oldest to newest. The rods can then be activated with either Sword Iris, Baden Lily, or Lotus, disappearing after one of these actions is taken.

Lobelias do not float on hit. Air B and C Lobelia knock the opponent towards the ground while A air Lobelia will send them flying across the screen. Lobelias can bounce off the corner, which refreshes their active frames, allowing for easier setups into multiple rods for Baden Baden Lily. This means Lobelias hit twice when used right in the corner, making them crucial for combo extension or oki in the corner.

George the 13th[edit]
George the 13th
214A air OK
BBCS Rachel GeorgeXIII.png
Go my child, and hold down the neutral
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground Summon - - 25 540 49 - -
Air Summon - - 25 540 82 - -
Attack 250*6 All 27 2*6 - - P1*
  • Decent oki tool
  • Good for controlling ground space and convincing the opponent to move the way you want to
  • Good for covering an approach to start pressure on block
  • Startup occurs when George arrives at opponent's position
  • Floats on hit
  • No cooldown meter

While on screen, George will very slowly follow the opponent. If Rachel uses wind towards the opponent, George will slide forward. If Rachel uses wind away from the opponent, George will walk in place. George provides Rachel with ground control, forcing opponents to take a risk to deal with George or take to the air where Rachel can control the space with Lobelias/Lotus/Sword Iris or stop air approaches with 6A or j.C. If someone commits to killing George, Rachel can take that opportunity to punish them or just summon another one.

Another key use of George is to force an opponent to block him on the ground, which gives Rachel time to run different mix ups. George doesn't last very long, but can keep the opponent blocking long enough for Rachel to move closer or give her more time to set up her more important tools: Lobelias and/or Lotus.

Ivy Blossom[edit]
Ivy Blossom
214B air OK
BBCF Rachel IvyBlossom.png
Poisonous lunchbox!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground - - 61 - Total 32 - -
Air - - 61 - Total 30 - -
  • Key summon for Rachel's big damage corner combo routes
  • Bats won't kill
  • [] = Air version's values
  • Damage is unscaled
  • Damage can be avoided if the opponent uses barrier

Rachel twirls and places a coffin at her feet, which opens instantly upon touching the ground. It's important to note that this coffin is affected by wind before it touches the ground. Ivy has no hitbox, but instead deals 500 unscaled damage over time as long as the opponent remains in the cloud. Using wind causes them to fly in the direction of wind used and deal damage at a greatly increased rate, allowing Rachel to use multiple Ivies per combo. The winded bats will slowly drift back towards their source afterwards. Ivy is not active for very long and will disappear if Rachel is hit.

Ivy's most common use is in combos, especially after Baden Lily, though it is occasionally used midscreen and in neutral to reduce the opponent to one-touch-kill, though this is usually used in conjunction with lobelias, Lotus, and/or George.

Sword Iris[edit]
Sword Iris
214C air OK
BBCS Rachel SwordIris.png
Used to extend combos or to catch opponents on their approach.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 900 All 19 8 42T +2 P1*
Air 900 All 22 8 45+3LT +24 P1*
  • Frame advantage calculated off of shortest jump
  • Floats on hit
  • Will ignite both rods planted by Tiny Lobelia and bats attached via Barrel Lotus

When Rachel uses Tiny Lobelia, she plants various rods on the screen. These rods stay out until they are activated. As explained in the Tiny Lobelia notes, only three rods can be on the screen at any given time and if more Lobelia are thrown, the rods will be replaced from oldest to newest. When Rachel uses the Sword Iris command, a bolt of lighting will strike all the rods, creating a long vertical hitbox that extends to the top of the screen. Upon activation, all the rods on screen disappear and new ones must be set. When used appropriately, Sword Iris is very good for stopping approaches, especially from the air. It can also be used to extend combos or pressure. Because it floats on hit, Rachel can use it as a way to launch opponents without spending wind.

Beelze Lotus[edit]
Lotus Barrel
22A air OK
BBCP Rachel BeelzeLotus.png
Bet you thought you would get away with whiffing that, huh?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 per bat All - 54 36T - P1*
  • Best oki tool in the corner
  • Good at controlling space in neutral
  • Increases effect of wind when attached
  • Makes 5D wind home in on the opponent when attached
  • If not attached, will disappear if Rachel is hit
  • If attached stays on for about 7 seconds

Aside from activating rods with Sword Iris, Rachel also can turn her rods into Lotus. When activated, the existing rods turn into helicopter bats and home in on the opponent. The bats only travel a short distance. However, the distance/speed travelled can also be enhanced greatly by wind. Lotus do a small amount of damage on hit, but will attach on hit or block.

When Lotus are attached, they can also be activated into lightning with Sword Iris while tracking the opponent as well as when they are attached to the opponent, at which point they're essentially homing rods. This makes them extremely useful for punishing someone attempting to out-zone Rachel.

Lotus has both quick startup and little recovery. As a result, it's become a strong tool to use in neutral and as oki. In neutral, it's a low risk space control tool with relatively high reward. For oki, Lotus perform a similar provides a hitbox independent of Rachel, meaning Rachel can block while Lotus is active, allowing her to easily bait reversals and command respect on her knockdown.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Baden Baden Lily[edit]
Baden Baden Lily
632146C air OK
BBCS Rachel BadenBadenLily.png
Assert your dominance.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Attack 450*6 [350*12] All 13+4 2*6 [2*12] - +51 P2*
  • 15% minimum damage
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • Invincibility starts during superflash
  • Frame advantage for air versions calculated off of shortest jump
Rod 250*4 All - 2*4 - - P2*
  • Normal Rods have 15% minimum damage

Because Rachel's game is heavily dependent on corner carry, Baden Lily is primarily used in corner combos. Baden Lily hits all the way to the top and bottom of the screen, so if for some reason someone is above you or far below Rachel and hitting buttons for no reason, it's a potential option as a starter.

In Overdrive, stacked rods have bonus proration and a very high amount of minimum damage, making it worth it to spend extra wind to get as many rods stacked before activating it.

Tempest Dahlia[edit]
Tempest Dahlia
632146B air OK
BBCS Rachel TempestDahlia.png
Used for approach and wind regeneration.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Level 0 300*8 [300*12] all 10+?? - Total 81 +15 [+28] P2*
Level 1 300*10
[300*14, 400]
All 10+?? - Total 81 +20 [+40] P2*
Level 2 300*11, 400
[300*14 400]
All 10+?? - Total 81 +42 [+50] P2*
Level 3 (300*2, 400)*3, 500*3
[(300*2, 400*2)*3, 400*2, 500*3]
All 10+?? - Total 81 +48 [+68] P2*
Level 4 400*6, 500*3, 600*3
[400*6, 500*6, 600*6]
All 10+?? - Total 81 +58 [+76] P2*
  • Great for regenerating wind. Will regen 2 stocks by the end of the Distortion
  • Minimum damage for Normal versions Lv1: 380 Lv2: 550 Lv3: 590 Lv4: 860 Lv5: 720
  • Minimum damage for Overdrive versions Lv1: 590 Lv2: 740 Lv3: 1160 Lv4: 1290 Lv5: 1173
  • Frame advantage calculated when Rachel is in the corner and opponent is at point-blank range
  • Aerial versions have an additional 7F landing recovery
  • Attack levels per projectile: bat and cow = 3, pumpkin = 4, frog = 5
  • Blockstun per projectile: bat and cow = 16+11, pumpkin = 18+3, frog = 20+3
  • Rachel is Projectile invul 1-27F. Full invul on 10F

Tempest's objects start to arc and fall down to the ground shortly after passing by Rachel. However, Tempest's main use is its ability to regenerate 2 stocks of wind, making it great to get back wind when Rachel's running low. Best used with super jump back > 632146B. It creates an wall of objects that are difficult to pass. Should the opponent pass them, however, Rachel can still perform actions on falling. The projectiles can also be manipulated using wind, allowing Rachel to blow them downwards to cover herself.

Be VERY cautious when using this move on the ground, as some opponents with projectile invuln or full invuln charges will gladly take the opportunity to smack you out of Tempest, resulting in you losing neutral, not gaining wind, and losing 50 meter. Examples would be Tager's B Sledge, Ragna's Carnage Scissors, and Azrael's Black Hawk Stinger.

Exceed Accel[edit]

Gerbera Lute
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Rachel ExceedAccel.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600, 1000, 1400
[600, 1000, 4200]
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B
  • Does not cost Heat, but immediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow.

Ends the bonus effects of overdrive the moment you execute this move, but it takes so long to perform you're probably going to have full wind by the end of this move anyway. Grants hard knockdown approximately round start distance from Rachel, leaving the opponent at a less-than-ideal range.

Astral Heat[edit]

Clownish Calendula
BBCS Rachel ClownishCalendula.png
Can be combo'd into for guaranteed win.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
34200 all 1+10 40 26 -45 HBFP
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • 1-50 Guard Point against all attacks

One of the fastest, easiest Astrals to combo into in the game. It has guard point from frame 1, making it a decent reversal option. Rachel can combo into it from anything except 5C, 2A, and 5CC midscreen, which makes it easy to use to seal a game. Do note that even though it guard points for 50 fames, there is still only one active attack, so beware moves that will clash like DPs, other guard point moves, and super counters like Yukikaze and Hakumen's/Noel's Astral. It can also be RC'd off of since it's guard point, allowing the opponent to block before it becomes active.

External References[edit]

Rachel Discord Server


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