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Relius Clover
BBCF Relius Portrait.png

Health: 11,000
Combo Rate: 60%
Prejump: 4
Backdash Time 22 / Invul: 1-7
Movement Options

Double Jump, Air Dash, Dash type: Run
Frame Traps, Footsies, Pressure


Mad Scientists are common in all forms of media, but few are madder and more frightening than Relius. Working alongside Hazama and the Imperator, Relius sees all forms of biological life as merely objects, due to being able to literally look beyond their physical appearance and see their very soul. Relius turned his wife and daughter into subservient robot dolls, and was responsible for the creation of the Murakumo units.

Drive: Detonator[edit]

Summons and dismisses Ignis, giving Relius access to many tools to pressure and trap the opponent with. Similar to a Stand, for those familiar with Jojo's series.

  • Ignis is either present or not present at any given time, and Relius starts a round with her not present.
    • Ignis can be summoned with 5D, 2D and j.D and dismissed with 5D and j.D
    • If Ignis is not present when commanded to do a move, she will appear behind Relius first to do the move unless there is a specific location she teleports to for that move.
    • While ignis is present, she will normally float just behind Relius, including in the air, however Ignis will lag behind Relius' position slightly.
    • Ignis' state is indicated by her arm position, if she's holding her hands in front of her, she's in a grounded state, if had hands are by her sides, she's in her airborne state, note that this can be different to Relius' own state.
    • However when Ignis recovers from an attack on the opposite side of an opponent she will linger in that position for about 80F. This can be refreshed by using additional moves while in that state.
    • Ignis is normally untouchable, but she can be hit when in the start-up, actives, or recovery of an attack that is not 2D, 632146D, 236236D, or 214214D.
    • Normal Drive moves can be performed by Ignis while Relius is performing other actions, however special and distortion drives that use Ignis require Relius to perform his own gesture.
    • Unless the move teleports Ignis to a specific place, she will perform any move she is commanded to do in whatever position she happens to be in, changing facing towards her opponent if required.
    • Move inputs are always based on Relius' own facing. For example if Relius is facing right, pressing 6D will always make Ignis do the same attack regardless of her own facing.
  • Ignis has a gauge similar to Nirvana's, which is used up when using attacks.
    • The amount of guage used varies per move. If Ignis is also summoned by a move, it will consume even more of her gauge.
    • Her Gauge will also very slowly deplete whenever she is present.
    • Unlike Nirvana, Ignis taking damage does not deplete her gauge.
  • Ignis' gauge can only be regenerated when she is not present or has completely depleted, however, the rate varies depending on the situation
    • It is still possible to summon Ignis without a full bar, unless she has been incapacitated, (see below)
    • If she is dismissed with 5D or j.D, she will have a red bar and regenerate very rapidly
    • If Ignis is interrupted by being hit or if Relius is put in hitstun while she is summoned Ignis will be desummoned and given blue Ignis gauge as a penalty. No regeneration will happen while it is blue, but it will switch to red after some time
    • Progress toward erasing the blue bar is saved when Ignis is summoned with the blue bar, and the duration does not refresh, therefore Ignis will not accrue any additional penalty whatsoever for being force desummoned while she already has a Blue bar. For example: if Ignis has 20 frames of "non-regeneration" left before the blue bar expires and is summoned in only to be forced desummoned once more, she will still only have 20 frames of blue bar to recover from.
    • If Ignis does not have enough of her gauge left to perform a move, she will perform it anyway and her gauge will go to zero.
    • If Ignis gets completely depleted she becomes incapacitated for a set amount of time and her gauge will turn grey, filling up at the slowest rate. She cannot be interacted with or used at all until it refills, afterwards she will dismiss herself.

Overdrive: Maxim Dance[edit]

  • Increases Ignis Gauge recovery
  • Ignis can recover gauge even when she has blue bar status
  • Ignis recovers gauge while summoned and idle
  • Ignis cannot be disabled by using up her gauge while OD is active. If she is already disabled, she will reactivate with whatever gauge she had regenerated in that time.
  • All of Ignis' moves have their recovery cut in half
  • Each of Ignis' special moves and distortion drives recieves a buff in some way. However, they all cost their full unsummoned amount:
    • Val Lanto (214A) is faster, causes a longer slide with much greater hitstun. Always costs 20% IG
    • Val Lyra (214B) launches even on grounded hits and has more hitstun. Always costs 30% IG
    • Val Tus (214C) launches on grounded hits, last swipe shoots the opponent forward and has wall stick. Always costs 30% IG
    • Geara Kaas (236D) Ignis moves quicker. The move itself Has more hits that deal less base damage. Always costs 40% IG
    • Geara Nose (214D) bounces foe higher. Always costs 35% IG
    • Bel Lafino (j.214B) tracks to the opponent's location. Always costs 30% IG
    • Id Haas (~214A/~j.214A) causes a ground slide similar to Val Lanto. Always costs 20% IG
    • Id Naiads (~214B/~j.214B) gains an additional ending hit that bounces the foe. Always costs 40% IG
    • Id Zain (~214C/~j.214C) floats the opponent backwords in an untechable arc until they reach the ground. Always costs 40% IG.
    • Req Vinum (2363214C) does more damage, more hits, and restands in the crouching position.
    • Vol Tedo (632146D) does more damage
    • Duo Bios (236236D) does more damage, more hits, lasts longer and launches the opponent higher


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Having Ignis active gives him powerful various pressure options and overall mixups; can lead to disrespectful setups or tick throws.
  • Has a solid amount of damage from his combos with various ways to extend them.
  • Solid control in the neutral game which is furthered through Ignis' presence.
  • Forces his opponent to pay attention to two different characters at the same time. Making mixups harder to react to.
  • Is very resource dependent to keep momentum. When Ignis is recharging, he becomes much more vulnerable.
  • Without Ignis pressure, offensive potential and chances for extended damage are notably weaker.
  • Lack of meterless reversal outside of Exceed Accel; must often rely on defensive system mechanics when under pressure.
  • Requires awareness of many factors at the same time to optimise play.
  • Occasionally has to cut combos short to preserve Ignis.

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCS Relius 5A.png
Relius' fastest normal!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 6 3 9 ±0 B

Relius slaps his adversary.

A standard jab, small, low damage, but comes out quick. The height of Relius' jab allows it to be a situational anti-air, but the trade off is that it will whiff on crouching opponents and often be low profiled. It's animation is hard to differentiate from his throw start-up, so it's useful for tick throws. It confirms well into 2A, 5B, or 2C.

BBCS Relius 5B.png
Demi-God level poke. Rule the world with an iron fist!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 Mid 8 5 14 -2 B

As Relius turns a metal fist shoots out of his cape.

Still one of Relius' best tools in his arsenal. Fast, longest reach, and little recovery to boot. On top of that it is air unblockable. It can easily be confirmed on airhit into 2C for a full combo, but on ground hit it will either need to be confirmed into 3C, 6D, or 236C>Rapid to get a good reward. 5B is also capable of catching forward rolls, backward rolls, and even quick wake-up when used with good timing. It does extend Rel's hurtbox a bit but it's well worth it. In CF it got nerfed so that it only fully extends on frame 10 however. On the bright side, now that 6C>41236B works on grounded opponents, 5B>6C comboing on counter hit makes it an even stronger punish tool! 5B>6C will also work if the starter of the combo was a fatal, so it can make confirming out of moves like 214B or 41236B easy!

BBCS Relius 5C.png
Smaller horizontal range than 5B, take care not to whiff!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
500*2 Mid 12 3,3 18 -2 B

Relius crunches his foe betwixt two iron fists.

An easy move to confirm into, but its shorter range keeps it from being used much outside of combos. The hitbox on it extends from the ground to the "elbows" on the arms, and even behind Relius. It be used as a situational anti-air, or simply just to stall or space the opponent during blockstrings while Ignis regenerates. It combos into 6C on on counter hit, crouching hit, or if the combo started with a fatal. This especially useful now that 6C>41236B works on grounded opponents! It OTGs and can even be used to catch quick wake-up, delayed wake-up, and forward rolls. With it being easy to cancel into, ambiguously multi-hit, and with only one less frame of hitstun than 6C, it's a good move for cloaking desummons or using riskier things.

BBCS Relius 2A.png
This move is static on block. Take advantage of that.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300 All 7 3 9 0 F

Relius strikes the foe with his gloved hand.

A fairly standard crouching jab for it's hitbox and damage, although the fact that it is static (+-0) on block can lead to some interesting stagger pressure situations. Being able to cancel into 3C 5B and 2C gives you your choice of good punishes for your frame traps. Can be used as a situational anti-air as well.

BBCS Relius 2B.png
A slow but far reaching low.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
550 Low 11 5 15 -6 F

Relius guides a fist out of his cape to strike at his foe's legs.

A low with surprisingly long reach. It's commonly confirmed into 5B or 6D at max range. Like 5B it can be used to catch rolls, only 2B hits delay tech as well. Like 5B it will extend your hurtbox. In CF it extends to its full reach over three frames, becoming fully extended on frame 13. Can be used as a situational anti-air as well. CH 2B can confirm into 6C on crouching counter hit.

BBCS Relius 2C.png
Make them hate this move.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 Mid 12 7 25 -15 B

A large metal hand appears from behind the crouching Relius to launch the foe sky high.

This is Relius' primary anti-air. It makes up for smaller vertical reach with great horizontal reach, many active frames, and the ability to jump cancel on block. The counter hit launches the opponent very high. on airhit, 2C>j.[A] is the recommended method to confirm easily, if the 2C counter hit then the j.[A] will whiff and upon landing you will be able to confirm into 5B. It also has a ton of actives so it can be used to win some trades.

BBCS Relius 6A.png
The overhead of infamy.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 High 26 3 21 -7 B

A scorpion tip appendage comes out of Relius' neck region and strikes the foes head.

The scorpion tail overhead. Generally should not be used outside of combos without Ignis or 50% meter to back it up. This move now has 110% bonus proration for the first use in a combo. Forces crouching and has quite a bit of hitstun and blockstun. New to CP Extend, is 6A's hard knockdown, which is instrumental in setting up Relius' more potent oki or unblockables.

BBCS Relius 6B.png
Actually good now.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
690 Mid 10 3 22 -8 B

A hand appears from behind relius and punches the space directly upwards.

As of CF2 this move has been buffed with better start-up and proration, and longer hitstun, so that it can combo into 41236B midscreen if spaced right or TKj.236C in the corner for solo combos. It's interesting feature is that on hit it launches the opponent straight upward with little if any push backwards. It also has very little pushback on block so it can be used with 2D for some cheeky cross-ups.

BBCS Relius 6C.png
Delay longer to float lower.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1110 Mid 20 8 28 -17 B

A large metal hand appears from hammer-space and backhands the foe.

Primarily a combo tool, usually alongside Gad Leis, but sometimes it's a risky or expensive frame trap component or catch bad jump outs. Since it can combo on ground hit without any outside help it's a more reliable albeit slow punish too! With buffed damage and higher P2 we use this or Lauger as a launcher rather than 3C midscreen if we can help it. It's been a staple component of our With SMP gone from it and changed on Gad Leis, it can be looped midscreen, which lets us get 3000 or more damage even if 6C was the starter. On Fatal hit it can loop even more or else confirm into 214C in the corner for some better damage.

BBCS Relius 3C.png
Still good after all these years.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
700 Low 9 3 19 -5 F

Relius shows off his patented robo-karate-chop-action.

With 79P2 it's no longer our primary launcher. This move is mostly used for midscreen knockdown into desummon after 41236B. It is still Relius' quickest low and OTG however. On counter hit you can choose to desummon Ignis and pick up with 5C or 2C regardless of what you choose. A new bar of IG is a great asset in a fight so it's something one should weigh against 400+ damage you'll lose for not using 5B in its place in punish or frametrap situations. In CF this move floats closer to Relius, and on airhit it doesn't pop up quite as much, so 3C>214214D will not work at lower heights.

BBCS Relius jA.png
Who ordered the actives?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
160*3 All 7 3,3,3 9 - H

Relius calls forth a small array of gears to grind his foe.

Another of Relius' most powerful moves. Its quick, constant flow of actives lets it be used as an anti-air as well as an air to air can be confirmed into j.B or 5B. in CF it gained a hurtbox in front of Relius, but the move is still quite good.

BBCS Relius jB.png
Still catches rolls when you safejump!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600 High/Air 10 5 16 - H

Emerging from his cape, a large hard wraps from Relius' shoulder to his knee then vanishes.

CF j.B is still very good. It acts as a usable air to air and it still does its job as a cross-up. new to CF, it floats closer on normal hit and counter hit making it an easier confirm.

BBCS Relius jC.png
Not a divekick.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
800 High/Air 12 6 20 - H

Relius ejects a large saw-blade downward from his cape

A great air to ground move. Its hurtbox extends beyond its hitbox on all sides, but isn't often an issue. Can be early in a re-jump after 2C to stuff some anti-airs. Great damage/P2 so it's excellent combo fodder.

Drive/Ignis Moves[edit]

Note: All ignis moves that are prefixed with "j." refer to when Ignis herself is airborne, not necessarily Relius.

BBCS Relius 5D.png
Less IG used to summon, more for later.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 22 - -
  • Relius snaps, Ignis appears or disappears.
  • Dismissing ignis takes longer than summoning.

Gets Ignis out for cheap, and is the only way to put her away without penalty. Commonly used in blockstrings when the opponent is sleeping on their buttons, after 3C knockdown in a combo, or else from a distance where it cannot be punished. Often, and especially so in the corner, Id Lauger's follow-ups are the preferred way to summon Ignis during combos. There are combos with and without meter that allow for desummon as well.

BBCS Relius 2D.png
Don't go trying to use this to desummon.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 22 - -

Crouching, Relius calls forth Ignis.

It is, in all ways imaginable, a crouching variant of 5D. Reduced vertical hurtbox, slightly enlarged horizontal hurtbox, gives the opponent a crouch confirm opportunity if punished. When Ignis is summoned this move becomes Ignis' 2D and takes on a very different role.

BBCS Relius jD.png
Can also glide backwords for a safe retreat as you summon/desummon!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Summon - - - - 25 - -
Unsummon - - - - 24 - -

Relius snaps his finger in the air, beckoning or dismissing the wife.

The aerial variant of 5D, and a popular way to get Ignis out. j.D halts all momentum in the air and reduces Relius' jumping hurtbox, which allows Relius to dodge attacks bait anti-airs while summoning Ignis. j.D can also be used after an airdash to let Relius glide, all the while being able to barrier for a very safe approach. is 24F on desummon.

BBCS Relius Ignis 6D.png
Does everything.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
560 All 17 3 16 [11] - BD*

Ignis claws at the opponent.

Costs 13% Ignis Bar.

Arguably Ignis' best move. It's relatively cheap, can be used to reset pressure, poke, zone, frame trap, destroy projectiles, and can be used in TRM mix-up. It lets us confirm from most anything Relius manages to hit with, and is a staple in midscreen combos by becoming the linking component in XX>6D>6C>41236B. When Ignis is in sandwich mode Ignis pushes the opponent into its hitbox, so whiffs due to Ignis being too close are much less common. In OD 6D's Ignis recovery is shortened, although said recovery was never much of an issue.

BBCS Relius Ignis 2D.png
"Don't touch my waifu."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
620, 780 All 25 3 (12) 3 33 [15] - BD*

Ignis' ribbons eject and retract hook-like blades of purple energy.

Costs 20% Ignis Bar.

Sort of a bigger, stronger, and more expensive 6D. Has all the utility of 6D and then some, but costs an extra 7% Ignis bar. The blockstun granted by 2D can be used to set up cross-ups, empty jump grab/low/high, led ley gimmicks, among many other tricky maneuvers. It can also keep an opponent locked down after a blocked Lauger. 2D is a great way to punish those who attack the doll because it has the benefit of Ignis being completely armored, so no amount of hitting her will desummon her. 2D's float on air hit floats low and far toward Ignis, making for easy confirms, even from full screen.

BBCS Relius Ignis 4D.png
Is still an air unblockable even if Ignis is high up in the air herself.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
850 Mid 16 9 30 [13] - BD*

Ignis' hands morph into drills, which pierce the heavens.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar.

4D is a low commitment anti-air that hits high above Ignis wherever she currently is. 4D wall bounces, and it has a very upward angled hitbox, which means it becomes exponentially more powerful the closer Relius gets to the corner. It's big, it's fast, it's air unblockable, and it's has untech for days on counter hit or on wallbounce. Can be used to reset opponents who air tech in the corner, or can simply be used to stop opponents from jumping out. in combos 4D is used to set-up 6A while keeping Ignis low to the ground. It's worth noting that, though it doesn't look it, the wall bounce on 4D allows for Relius to cross-under and it can create interesting oki opportunities. In CF 4D lost SMP and gained 110% bonus prorate for the first use in a combo, making it an ideal follow-up to Lauger in the corner.

BBCS Relius Ignis j6D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
900 All 16 4 16 [8] - HD*

Ignis lunges forward, slashing as she goes.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar.

This move is a cheap way to mobilize Ignis and dominate space. Can also be used to clean up any projectiles while airborne. In CF, this move and its sisters launch the opponent much further forward on counter hit, towards Relius if she happens to be behind them. They are also are jump cancelable even on block! If Ignis is already nearby this move becomes insanely quick, 12 frames for a large attack that can occur fullscreen. With Ignis' natural ability to absorb projectiles this move is prerfect for interfering with opponents setting up far away from you. Similar to j.D, it can be used to halt momentum, initiate a glide from an airdash, and bait or dodge moves. When used from an airbackdash the effective space covered increases and when used with a forward airdash the effective range shrinks. j.6D can also be used to position Ignis forward from Relius.

BBCS Relius Ignis j2D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
900 All 18 3 16 [8] - HD*

Ignis descends on the foe, mincing the opponent with her claws.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar.

This move has all the uses and nuances of j.6D, but travels a little less horizontally. Additionally, it can be used to send Ignis lower, to set-up 50/50s, and to punish bad throw rejects or pokes. When accompanied by dash-jumps or airdashes it can be used for cross-ups as well.

BBCS Relius Ignis j8D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
900 All 15 3 16 [9] - HD*

Ignis ascends, clawing her way skyward.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar.

Can be used in some of the same ways as j.6D and j.2D, but most of the utility is lost due to its angle; it's mostly combo fodder. It can be used to put Ignis higher up, and can also be used to lock opponents back down at times when 4D won't connect. It's also the best way to initiate a glide from an airdash while keeping Ignis summoned without putting her in harms way.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Forward Throw[edit]
Forward Throw
BBCS Relius FThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T

A large hand emerges from Relius' cape to slam his foe against the ground.

Relius' can now follow-up his throws with 41236B now letting him get 2.5K~3K damage for very cheap! in the corner you can follow into 236C~214A or 236C>4D for more damage!

Back Throw[edit]
Back Throw
BBCS Relius BThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 - T

A large hand emerges from Relius cape and slams the foe against the ground as Relius turns.

Swaps sides! The opponent is tossed higher, so some things are possible that aren't on forward throw like 41236B>2C or 236C~214B>2A. If you delay the 41236B midscreen it does all the things forward throw does though.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
BBCS Relius AThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0, 1500 Throw(120) 7 3 23+3L - T

A large metal hand appears from within Relius' cape and slams his foe to the floor.

Fairly standard BB airthrow, that is to say it's gigantic. Use it with the rest of your tools to anti-air opponents, especially if they have any hurtboxes sticking out. It can cancel into summon/desummon, which is useful for regenerating Ignis if you're high up enough. Generally followed up with j.C or 2C.

Counter Assault[edit]
Counter Assault
6A+B while blocking
BBCS Relius 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0 All 13 6 30 -17 B

Relius wants his turn now THX.

Along with Rapid Cancels, this is what your meter should primarily be spent on. With Relius' defense not being the greatest, and the versatility and potential gain to momentum offered by counter assault being great it's a valuable asset. On CH, 214A can meaty an opponent's neutral tech. There is a way to combo Counter Assault into 4D and onward, but counter assault combos don't fetch for much and cannot kill, so the gain for that is negligible.

Crush Trigger[edit]
Crush Trigger
BBCP Relius CrushTrigger.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B

Relius poses and summons a pool of arms, which combine into two giant hands, which in turn launch the opponent skyward.

New to CF is quick crush trigger! Relius gets especially favored by this tool because with Ignis on guardcrush it can be confirmed into 6D>6C>41236B even midscreen! No additional set-up required! The good news doesn't stop there even it's Static on block buffed from -8! On guardcrush quick CT can be confirmed into a throw for 3K or more. On hit it can still be confirmed into 6C>41236B. Quick CT still reduces the full amount of barrier as well! The downside is that CT no longer ignores character combo rate. In solo combos CT can also be used to knockdown from 6C and even set-up safejumps.

For more general information, see the section:


Id Lauger[edit]
Id Lauger
BBCS Relius IdLauger.png
BBCS Relius AirIdLauger.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ground 1000 All 16 6 36 -23 B
Air 1000 All 14 3 Until L+15 - H

Relius calls forth a giant fist to launch his foe.

Lauger is where a lot of Relius' damage comes from, outside of combos it doesn't really have a purpose except for punishing moves that cover themselves in actives (IE: Arakune's Spider Distortion.) What makes the move special is the follow-ups Ignis provides. In the corner, both 236C j.236C can be combo'd to and from with proper timing. 2C>TKj.236C will work with the air version, and 2C>236C>5B works on the grounded version if you make the 2C float the opponent over the first few actives of the 236C and onto the last active. Each has it's own SMP value, but in CF that doesn't affect combo time so there will be combos that use two or even three of each.

Id Haas[edit]
Id Haas
214A after Id Lauger
BBCS Relius IdHaas.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 All 37 9 18 [11] - HD*

Ignis appears next to the flung opponent, turns her ribbons into buzz saws, and tackles the foe, slamming them to the ground.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar, 20% in OD.

Used to knock the opponent away after lauger. Does slightly less damage than ~214B/~j.214B but does not put Ignis in sandwich mode. In CF Ignis now appears at the height Relius is currently at, and she does not cause the opponent to ground slide instead letting them emergency tech. when the opponent is air-hit by the move one now has to manually time the move to hit, preferably at the last active it can. Forgetting this can make 236C~214A whiff completely if the opponent was high up when 236C connected. The P2 has also been decreased so 4D is the more optimal move to continue from 236C with if 4D's bonus proration hasn't been used in the combo prior to 236C. The loss of vertical tracking can let you set up an inescapable Val Tus oki from 2C>6C>236C~214A midscreen if timed correctly. In the corner ~214A can be followed up with 5B, 3C, or 2C. In the corner, ~j.214A can follow up into 5B 3C or airdash j.B>j.C>j.236C>4D usually. In OD this move has a lot of untech and puts the opponent in a sliding state. You can use the OD version to desummon Ignis in the corner and follow up.

Id Naiads[edit]
Id Naiads
214B after Id Lauger
BBCS Relius IdNaiads.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
300*N All 37 Until L, 3
[Until L, 1]
33 [11] - HD*

Ignis appears above the flung opponent, turns her legs into drills, and pierces them all the way to the ground.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar, 40% in OD

The primary midscreen, go-to, knockdown tool in the air when you have the Ignis to burn. For oki, simply land, rush toward the opponent, and 5B>2C the moment you believe they'll roll or if you suspect a simple delay tech a 3C>236C~214B will work just as well. When used on the ground Ignis will end up in sandwich mode. Depending on the height of the opponent relative to Relius and the ground this move can combo into 5B or 2C for very damaging combos, thanks in part to its P2 only being applied once across all of its hits. In OD it always costs 40% IG, but it gains an additional hit that bounces the foe leading to easier combo extenders and distortion enders. ~214B and ~j.214B now have SMP in CF and they share it with one another AND their OD versions too unfortunately.

Id Zain[edit]
Id Zain
214C after Id Lauger
BBCS Relius ValTus.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
1000 - 39 3 32 [23] - HD*

Ignis appears beside the flung foe, and slashes them, sending them spiraling back toward Relius.

Costs 20% Ignis gauge, 40% in OD

This move's changed a bit in CF. It costs more and is no longer useful in corner combos due to it's lackluster P2 of 72, however it allows for follow-ups midscreen into good damage on standing opponents even if Ignis hasn't been summoned yet! since Ignis bats the opponent back toward you, XX>236C~214C>66C>41236B allows you to pick the combo up. It also lets us sideswap when combined with 214A by doing XX>236C~214A>66C>214A>crossunder>662C>XX. The move is expensive but it does two jobs no other moves really can. In OD it can be used for desummon combos midscreen.

Led Ley[edit]
Led Ley
BBCS Relius LedLey.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
- - - - 35 - -

Relius twirls while flashing various shades of purple.

31F of invulnerability to all things but grabs, 4F of CH-able recovery, Relius' hurtbox doesn't interact with other boxes throughout the whole duration. This move can be used for many interesting things: it can avoid moves that give the opponent resources like Arakune's or Terumi's drives, or avoid moves that deal chip damage or other bad effects like Ragna or Tager's drives, it can avoid things like Nu's drives which when blocked commit you to a fruitless, avoidable, and lengthy exercise in blocking. If input as 2366A it can be given dash momentum which will at times let it avoid grab hitboxes or put a for in the corner in your stead. Ignis is free to 6D 4D or 2D during the whole thing so it can even be used to dodge and counter pokes. During Duo Bios Relius can even cross the opponent up by passing through them or feint passing through them for a similar effect. Be sure to experiment with this move.

Val Lanto[edit]
Val Lanto
BBCS Relius IdHaas.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ignis Deployed 1050 All 19 18 26 [8] - BD*
Ignis Withdrawn 1050 All 16 18 26 [8] - BD*

Ignis turns her ribbons into buzzsaws and tackles the foe.

Costs 10% Ignis Bar summoned, 20% when unsummoned, 30% in OD.

This move took some nice buffs in CF firstly the summoned and unsummoned version of it cost 10% less IG. The second buff this move took is the sliding hitstun, which lets it be followed up on counter hit, near the corner or if Ignis was behind the opponent. If used at a certain timing after 3C it will put the opponent in hard knockdown and it can be followed up with 66IAD>j.C midscreen no counter hit involved! In OD it can be used to desummon Ignis in the corner and then follow-up.

It's big, punishing, and it soaks up projectiles, but be careful throwing this move out carelessly, Ignis will get punished for it on block.

Val Lyra[edit]
Val Lyra
BBCS Relius ValLyra.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ignis Deployed 1200 All 35 3 54 [21] - BD*
Ignis Withdrawn

Ignis appears behind the foe and slashes at them with two large blades.

Costs 15% Ignis Bar if summoned, 30% if unsummoned or in OD

This move has become pretty dreadful, it can still be used for meaties, but all of its other functions are essentially nil as a result of the spectacular nerfs it got. it has larger start-up, larger recovery for both Ignis and Relius, and it even picked up a hurtbox on the blades so it doesn't have safety from mash anymore. Ironically, it can no longer mobilize Ignis correctly either because of the new stalking function she picked up in Extend. The unsummoned version has less start-up than the summoned version, so if an opponent isn't aware of that you can sometimes get a lucky hit in. It fatals now, and even fullscreen it isn't hard to follow that up into 5B>6C>41236B. In OD it launches higher and can combo into other specials.

Val Tus[edit]
Val Tus
BBCS Relius ValTus.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ignis Deployed 660*3 All 32~53 3 (6) 3 (15) 3 30 [21] - BD*
Ignis Withdrawn 660*3 All 22~43 3 (6) 3 (15) 3 30 [21] - BD*

Ignis arms grow blades as she dashes forward and slashes three times.

Costs 15% Ignis Bar when summoned, 30% when unsummoned or in OD.

Tus is still an amazing move. It is a very strong oki option, to be used after 4D, 3C, or, 6A or 22A after certain amounts of delay to catch rolls and get the foe blocking, and it leads into incredible damage and can confirm from full screen. Really if you have the time and need space covered there's not many better tools out there. In OD the third hit launches across the screen and will wallsplat if it reaches the corner.

Geara Kaas[edit]
Geara Kaas
BBCS Relius Geara Kaas.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ignis Deployed 0, 700*6
[0, 420*11]
Unblockable 42 2 42 [24] - TD*
Ignis Withdrawn 0, 700, 420*5
[0, 700, 420*10]
Unblockable 32 2 42 [24] - TD*

20%IG, 40% if unsummoned, 30% in OD.

The Command throw, or more specifically the unblockable. Geara Kaas is actually not capable of purple throws and will instead simply combo. This move is quite slow, but it can catch people sleeping. This move is also costly, so it's definitely something one shouldn't put in heavy rotation. Like Id Naiads this move only prorates once, so not letting the rest of the moves hits play out is really a waste. The move can be used when Ignis is in the air. If she's close enough to the ground she'll sink to ground level and execute the command grab as normal, however if she's high up enough she'll do an airgrab version instead and restand the opponent! One can actually combo the air version from ~j.214A or ~214C/~j.214C in OD! It's also worth noting that the OD version of the move also travels faster. Used in some unblockable set-ups.

Geara Nose[edit]
Geara Nose
BBCS Relius GearaNose.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ignis Deployed 920 High/Air 31 9 30 [13] - HD*
Ignis Withdrawn 920 High/Air 68 9 30 [13] - HD*

With direction from Relius Ignis rises back into the air then pounces on the foe armed with drill attachments.

15% IG summoned, 30% unsummoned or in OD

The unblockable set-up move. Like Val Lanto and Val Tus it can cover a large amount of space, But this move also meaties the opponent high, letting you set up fshikis with j.B. If you send Ignis high into the air it can be used to make her travel proportionately far. Usual unblockable set-ups require the opponent to neutral tech in the corner, or else to have OD Vinum restand them. Usually used in concert with 2B to hit the opponent low and high simultaneously. Nose can also be implemented in some gimmicky IAD cross-ups on an opponent's neutral tech. In CF the unsummoned version of the move became much quicker and put standing opponents in crouching hitstun. This has its uses as a surprise overhead and can naturally be continued into 665C(1)>6C>41236B on hit.

Bel Lafino[edit]
Bel Lafino
BBCS Relius IdNaiads.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Ignis Deployed 280*N All 30 Until L, 3
[Until L, 1]
33 [11] - HD*
Ignis Withdrawn 280*N All 20 Until L, 3
[Until L, 1]
33 [11] - HD*

Relius halts air momentum and sends Ignis after his opponent under him.

Rather weak at baiting most anti-airs but it can cover your landing in some scenarios. It can be used to challenge some things like Valk w.5B or Koko 6A if you're feeling lucky. On ground hit one can follow up by using 5C or 2B. OD version adds a little twist as it tracks the opponent location, but does so poorly and only allows follow up on close CH so is actually worse. Unsummoned version sends Ignis down first.

Geara Lugia[edit]
Geara Lugia
BBCP Relius GearaLugia.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
22A 840 All 42 12 Total 58 +5 P1*
22B 840 - 34 12 Total 58 -3 P1*
22C 840 All 26 12 Total 58 -11 P1*

Relius turns an appearing lever to deploy a mechanical claw at distances relative to his position.

Geara Lugia has three different positions where it can appear depending on the input performed. In CF the A and B versions got their actives shifted to later into the move. The A version in particular has had its actives pushed so far back into the move that it can now be used as Oki! The move is capable of catching low level projectiles. All versions of this move have 12 active frames, and the later into those actives they are when they opponent blocks or gets hit, the more advantage they yield.

  • 22A is the closest to Relius and in addition to its aformentioned use in oki after 3C and 6A, it also sees use combo ender after 4D. Often times 4D will run out of untech and the addition of 22A can bring the opponent low enough for Relius to 3C them to guarantee the knockdown and tack on a little extra damage. Thanks to the shift to actives, it can be followed up by 5B even if it hits on the earliest frame! It even can go into things like 2C or 236C on later frames.
  • 22B appears not that far from 22A. It can make use as meaty after a Id Naiads knockdown along with 2D catching non-teching enemies. With the suspect start-up and recovery on the move and how easy it is to jump over, it is a more risky to use to intercept an approaching enemy.
  • 22C appears at the largest distance from Relius. Used as an Ignis-less poke fullscreen. Can disrupt opponents setting up or using projectiles carelessly fullscreen. One can also punish opponents poking at Ignis with this move.

Gad Leis[edit]
Gad Leis
BBCP Relius GadLeis.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
680*2 Mid 21 3 (6) 2 21 -4 B

Relius calls forth a gigantic swiss army knife to drag his foe back to him.

Gad Leis got a buff to its speed in CF, so in addition to it's usage as a combo tool it's a bit better at catching jump-outs and mash. Gad Leis Fatals on counter-hit, and can combo into 5B>6C pretty easily to convert from it. Gad Leis is no longer + on block however, so it's wise to have Ignis or meter to cover it. It's P2 isn't that stellar now, so it's something to avoid early in a combo if you're going for higher end damage. At midscreen the change to SMP lets us loop this move for IG optimal damage.

Distortion Drives[edit]

Req Vinum [edit]
Req Vinum
BBCS Relius ReqVinum.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal: 400, 200*6
OD: 400, 200*12
All 7+4 9 Total 62 -23 P2*

Relius summons a number of gears from the ground and creates a field that hits the opponent in place.

20% minimum damage

Invulnerable on startup so it can be used as a reversal, but it is unsafe on block. Active hitbox doesn't have much height so the opponent can bait the reversal with a safe jump. Req Vinum can be used midcombo midscreen to be able to unsummon and continue the combo for an Ignis regenerating combo. The OD version does more damage and restands the opponent allowing for an unblockable setup after it.

Vol Tedo[edit]
Vol Tedo
BBCS Relius VolTedo.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Normal: 1000, 3200
OD: 1000, 4300
All 7+4 3 Total 38 - BD*

Ignis is summoned behind Relius and Performs a large punch that, when hits, puts to opponent into a black ball and then blows them upwards.

20% minimum damage

Fast startup, good damage, and your main super to put onto the end of combos. Has invincible frames of during the frames ~8-22F. Ignis has super armor throughout the animation. The super has additional recovery on hit in Extend to the point where you only slightly have frame advantage if they emergency tech. If blocked, the further away the move was blocked from Ignis' origin point the less - it will be. (even becoming + in some very rare isolated incidences.) The move actually starts from where Ignis is if she's already summoned and far enough away, so tricks like corner 4D>632146D, CH j.6D>632146D or OD 214A>632146D are possible from fullscreen. All the same, this move is very rarely used outside of combos, although it can be used to punish some haphazard projectiles or other supers carelessly thrown out. Can be followed up on Rapid thanks to its upward trajectory.

Duo Bios[edit]
Duo Bios
BBCS Relius DuoBios.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
Relius - - - - Total 10+60 Normal: 113
OD: 170
Ignis 300*10, 1000 All 10+16 See notes 48 - BD*
Ignis OD 300*3, 150*16, 300*2, 300, 300, 1000 All 10+16 See notes 48 - BD*

Ignis is summoned to perform a series of punches for Relius.

20% min damage.

Fully armored and takes no damage from hits unlike Carl's similar distortion with Nirvana. It has quite a few uses, from creating a wall to trap a dying opponent behind at neutral, to locking an opponent down for mix-up to just hard countering a counter assault or standing burst. This move has changed from CP to Extend. CH 5C and CH 2C can combo into it on ground hit for some good, damaging, burst safe confirms. The first eight hits occur faster and no longer have gaps in them with which you can cross up an opponent. (This however doesn't let an opponent who's blocked the first hit disrespect the remaining 7. The final three hits still have gaps so cross-ups are possible.) If you find that you need to stretch that last bit of Ignis to finish an opponent, or if you just see that your for has run out of air options or put themselves in a situation where you can trade with this move and win, you may as well throw it out there. While the move is happening you can do high/low mix-ups for the first eight hits and cross-ups using jumps or led ley or frame traps/throws during the last three hits. It's worth noting that Ignis will not stop for anything short of Relius being hit by an EA or a couple cinematic distortions. Because of this it is possible to combo a green burst into the last hit of Bios into 3C>632146D to close a match out. Also keep in mind that as long as Relius is not in hitstun when the move ends Ignis will stay summoned even after this move is finished. Beware though because many characters can merely backdash, take a hit and then airtech to escape when they see the move. Characters with DPs can DP clash the move until it's over for safety as well. New to CF is the fact that the last three hits will combo without counter hit even if they're airborne!

Exceed Accel[edit]

Zera Varius
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Relius ExceedAccel.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
600, 300*5, 0, 960
{600, 300*5, 0, 2300}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B

Zera Varius is a high~really high damage reversal that consumes overdrive just like everyone elses' exceed accel. Suffice to say it's a really nice option to have. Varius has a long range even among EAs, but it lack vertical range, which means it can be jumped over and punished. Relius doesn't get any worthwhile oki from this. One can use 6D>2D to get oki on a neutral teching opponent if Ignis is out during Varias, however that's 33% IG for pretty poor oki. The moment Zera Varius hits, Ignis ceases benefitting from OD in any capacity, so watch her IG bar going into this move or she may die.

Astral Heat[edit]

Puppeteer's Altar
BBCS Relius PuppeteersAltar.png
BBCS Relius PuppeteersAltar2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute
0*3, 36000 All 6+14 4 87 -81 BD*

Ignis appears in front of Relius and captures the enemy.

This move is long reaching, invincible for Relius, but armored for Ignis, and punishable if blocked or whiffed. However, the astral is still very useful to Relius as it can be performed on most of his combos or any string into 2C, or 6C. When performed, if Ignis is hit by a physical attack the opponent will be occasionally be stuck to her until she finishes her animation, nullifying the safe qualities of certain set-ups. Be careful, as a rapid or a Cancel into an invincible or evasive move may save a stuck opponent. A couple solid ways to combo into astral is 6D>6C>214214D or XX>41236B>5B>2C>214214D.

External References[edit]

  • Japanese Name: レリウス=クローバー
  • Japanese Wiki:
  • Japanese BBS:
  • Arcade Profile Dan Rankings:


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