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Damage Scaling[edit]

As you combo the opponent, you will notice that each attack does less damage than they would individually. This is due to damage scaling, otherwise known as damage proration. To determine how much damage each hit in a combo will deal, there is a formula:

Damage = (Base Damage of the attack) *(Character Combo Rate) * (P1 of the first hit) * (P2 of all the preceeding hits in a combo) * (any special prorations)
Characters Combo Rate
Rachel, Taokaka, Lambda 85%
Mu, Makoto, Platinum, Valkenhayn,

Ragna, Jin, Noel, Litchi, Carl, Arakune

Tsubaki, Hazama 70%
Hakumen 60%
Tager 40%
Proration Type Description Applies To Affects Recover/Untech Time
P1 Applied only when the first hit of a combo Next attack onwards yes
P2 Applied to every hit of a combo Next attack onwards yes
Same Move Proration (aka Repeat Proration) Only some moves have Repeat Proration.

Applied when the same move is used 2+ times in a combo

Next attack onwards yes
Bonus Only some moves have Bonus Proration. Proration value of greater that 100%.

Using the move 2+ in a combo will not add bonus proration.

Next attack onwards yes
Combo Rating Applied 2nd hit onward. Varies with each character 2nd hit onwards no
Guard Crush Applied to attacks taken while guard crushed All no
Special Only some moves have Special Proration (such as Hakumen in Mugen). See character frame data for details. All no
Negatie Penalty Applied to combos when opponent is in Negative Penalty State All no
Danger Applied to combos when opponent is in Danger State All no

Some attacks ignore this damage scaling. For example all throw do their full damage and ignore any damage scaling. Most Distortion Drives do at least 20% of their damage. See the Minimum Damage section for details.

Example: Calculating Lambda Combo Damage <toggledisplay> Act Parser: Zwei > 5D > 5D > Act Parser: Zwei > 5D

Attack Base Damage P1 P2 Repeat Formula Actual Damage
#1 Zwei 1500 80% 94% - - 1500
#2 5D 480 - 89% - Combo Rating * (P1 from #1) * (P2 from #1) 306
#3 5D > D 200 - 94% - Combo Rating * (P1 from #1) * (P2 from #1, #2) 113
#4 Zwei 1500 - 94% 75% Combo Rating * (P1 from #1) * (P2 from #1 - #3) * Repeat 600
#5 5D 480 - - - Combo Rating * (P1 from #1) * (P2 from #1 - #4) * Repeat 180

Final Combo Damage: 2699 </toggledisplay>

How Damage Scaling Affects Tech Time
Proration Ground Air
32% ≤ P < 37% 0F -2F
27% ≤ P < 32% 0F -3F
22% ≤ P < 27% -2F -4F
18% ≤ P < 22% -3F -5F
14% ≤ P < 18% -4F -6F
10% ≤ P < 14% -5F -8F
7% ≤ P < 10% -7F -10F
4% ≤ P < 7% -10F -13F
2% ≤ P < 4% -14F -17F
< 2% auto tech auto tech

As a combo continues, the proration applied to affects how much hitstun the opponent recieves. Hitstun duration is affected solely by four types of proration: Start Proration (P1), Proration Multiplier (P2), Same Move Proration, and Bonus Proration. When the combined calculated proration value of these goes below 37% (on the ground) or 27% (in the air), the hit-stun duration begin to drop. This means that when you add attacks that have lenient proration into your combo, not only will you net more damage, it'll be easier to lengthen the combo with more attacks.

Minimum Damage[edit]

Most Distortion Drives (supers) in BlazBlue will always do 20% of the damage of attack at minimum regardless of damage scaling. This means that using supers at the end of combos is a good way to tack on some extra damage whereas in the previous version of BlazBlue, it would be a waste of Heat since the super would do very, very little damage and the Heat would be better saved for later use.

Note that this does not apply to time-based supers like Ragna's Blood Kain or Taokaka's Almost Becoming Two

In addition, throws always do 100% of their original damage regardless of how much damage scaling has occured beforehand (assuming the opponent does not break your throw).

Minimum damage is not affected by Character Combo Rate, Move-Specific Changes, Negative Penalty State, or Danger State prorations.

Chip Damage[edit]

Special and Super attacks in BlazBlue (and most other fighting games) do small amounts of damage even if they are blocked.

Most Special and Super attacks do 5% of their base damage on block. This chip damage can be prevented by using Barrier Guard. Additionally, there are certain moves that are defined to do more or less chip damage (see move notes for details). Ragna's drive (Soul Eater) does chip damage which is ALSO absorbed by Ragna and converted into health. Soul Eater can be prevented with Barrier Guard.

Danger State / Negative Penalty[edit]

Danger State


When in the Danger State, the word DANGER will appear overlayed on your health bar, and you take more damage: the first hit of a combo does 1.5x more damage; all subsequent hits deal 1.2x more damage. Throws still only do their base damage.

Ragna in Negative Penalty

Negative Penalty
When in Negative Penalty, your character will have a bunch of vertical red lines around you and you will take more damage just like Danger State: the first hit of a combo does 1.5x more damage; all subsequent hits deal 1.2x more damage. Throws still only do their base damage.
Negative Penalty happens when you perform too many "Defeinsive Actions" in a row without performing any "Offensive Actions". Performing Backsteps, walking backwards, air dashing backwards all count as Defensive Actions. Running towards the opponent, attacking the opponent, etc. cout as Offensive Actions. Your character will flash red and the screen will show the text "Negative Warning" before you actually get Negative Penalty, so use that as a sign to stop turtling!

Note that you can have both Danger State and Negative Penalty at the same time! This means that you can take 125% more damage if you have both effects at the same time! Be careful!

Poison and Life Drain[edit]

Ragna showing off the two "Life Drain" effects

Bang's Poison Nail slowly drains the opponent's life until either the maximum amount of life has been dealt (800 damage) or the opponent hits Bang. Poison can also never kill the opponent. Bang's Poison Nail is currently the only attack that deals poison status in the entire game.

Ragna's Blood Kain drains his life until his Blood Kain meter is depleted. Ragna can also not die from this life drain effect.