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BBTAG Aegis can create one of the most consistent high/low mixup situations in the game off of one hitconfirm compared to the rest of the cast. Usually involves airdash jA/empty airdash and Orgia Dash(either jA or 663 2A for low). Ideally, you'd want to not be using your orgia meter to be doing meaty jA/empty low, but spending the 1 bar is also the easiest way for developing the mixup compared to using specific enders.

Oki Options[edit]

Airdash jA(off of jC enders): high, deep air-to-ground, has options if blocked(jAA, orgia jA, jA 2A, etc), and is a safejump. Can't escape from dealing with the jA by forward teching.
Empty airdash 2A(off of jC enders): low, used mainly to call out fuzzy jump/block attempts, and can be called out by reversals. Like with airdash jA, opponent cannot front tech to avoid without putting themselves in a much more worse situation.
Orgia Dash(66) jA/2A: hard to react to without resorting to fuzzy block and can be a safejump(reversals will always call out the 2A option).
Orgia Dash(66) Brake: The brake itself isn't the special part about this option but rather the option to do double jump or back airdash if you still have an air action available to you. Back AD avoids a lot of Reversal Actions(usually because opponents try to pushblock without reacting to the jA being blocked) while double jump avoids shorter anti-air callouts(anything that isn't Wald 2B basically...)

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

Identify what part of the screen you are in. Are you in the corner? Midscreen? Is your opponent in the corner? Once you're able to figure that out, pick an ender based on how long the combo is(due in part of hitstun decay). Make sure to take a look at the "Primary Combo Enders" section of the Aegis wiki to understand what type of enders you can do. Most easiest to learn is j214A ender(You'll be learning the double mortar route eventually anyway.) while the most important one is the corner sj7 jB(1) jC -> airdash jA/2A.

Video Examples[edit]


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